Dota 2 – Alien Swarm SDK Model Viewer Guide


Edit: Dota 2 now has its own model viewer which I highly recommend you use instead of this one:

This guide is for the Alien Swarm SDK, if you have access to the Counter-Strike: Go Beta then you can use the more up to date CS: GO SDK by following the guide I have also written here.

Step One

Download GCFScape:

Step Two

Launch GCFScape and open the “dota 2 beta\dota\pak01_dir.vpk” file:

Step Three

Extract the “root” directory to somewhere on your hard drive and then rename it to “DOTA 2″ after the extraction is finished:

Step Four

Copy the “gameinfo.txt” and “scripts” folder into the newly created “DOTA 2″ folder, along side the files we extracted in step three:

Step Five

Install the “Alien Swarm SDK” from the Steam library tool list:

Step Six

Launch the “Alien Swarm SDK” and then open the “Edit Game Configurations”:

Step Seven

Click “Add” and a create a new entry for the newly created “DOTA 2″ directory:

Step Eight

Restart “Alien Swarm SDK” and select “DOTA 2″ from the drop down box:

Step Nine

Launch the “Model Viewer” making sure “DOTA 2″ is selected from the previous step:

Step Ten

In the “Model Viewer” press “File” and select “(Steam) Load Model”:

Step Eleven

You will now be in the model file structure, from here you can go into the different folders and load a *.mdl file:

Step Twelve

The model will now be loaded into the viewer, enjoy:

Model Viewer Controls