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A new esports brand joins GameSpot, Giant Bomb, GameFAQs and the rest of the CBS Interactive family.

Some of you may have seen the announcement last night that I will be joining a new team of awesome people at a site called onGamers, this new site is dedicated to covering eSports content across a  wide range of games.

At onGamers, we will inform, educate and entertain anyone who shares our passion for esports — the tournaments, the players, the competition, the personalities, the games, the community, the events, the dedication and everything in-between.

I had a lot of emails last night regarding the status of and what will happen in the future. In terms of my coverage I’m not stopping, it’s actually the opposite my coverage is going to be able to grow exponentially starting off with me covering the two games you already come to this site for specifically Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Any future content I post for these two titles will now be located over at the onGamers site.

The move to onGamers is basically me getting back to my original roots of producing editorial content along with the extra snippets you have come to expect from me such as the patch analysis, tutorials and tools that you enjoy using.

This blog will continue to exist as an archive for my past work which is almost two years worth of Dota 2 content along with the recent branch off into CS: GO. The site will also remain as a home for the numerous tools I provide such as the League ID list, unreleased hero status and more. Some content like the tutorials may move over to the onGamers site after undergoing an update/rewrite first however I will let you know of that when it happens.

In terms of my Workshop content and specifically Shagbark he isn’t going anywhere, in fact there are a couple of things that have been in the works for a while now that Shagbark fans are going to enjoy and will be announced at a later date.

Finally I would just like to say thank you to all of my readers who have been with me over the past couple of years, I hope that you will join me in the transition to the new site where my future content and more will be posted.

Thank You

– Matthew “Cyborgmatt” Bailey


  • Kane

    So… Your info will be on two sites?

    • Tyneic

      quoting: “you already come to this site for specifically Dota 2 and
      Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Any future content I post for these
      two titles will now be located over at the onGamers site.” The other stuff he’s posting will probably still be here but it’ll be more of a “private” blog and less of a patch analysis blog, I guess?

  • KolgazTV

    great times, time to move on

  • Daedalux

    Best of luck on your new journey! 😛

  • chondro

    Maybe u’ll gonna post links with new content here which will redirect us to onGamers?

    • Bob Loblaw

      Would like that as well.

  • internet-man

    Are there going to be livestreams of your update analysis. Those are great

    • Cyborgmatt

      Hi Tyneic, I’m still planning on streaming I’m just having issues with my connection/upload at the moment.

  • thL

    Hey Matt, good luck and all the best with your new partner (/employer?) ! Thanks for all the work you put into listing the changes for Dota2 and CS:GO patches and sorry that we’re disturbing, destructive, disappointing and disappointed pricks from time to time.

  • MrIIIyt


  • t00ey

    Cool I will def be checking out this new site.

  • Olpus Bonzo

    Good luck with your new job Cyborgmatt.

  • Is the Kappa gone :(

    Matt i know people ask this alot but will we be getting patch parties anymore? :/

    • Cyborgmatt

      I’m still planning on streaming I’m just having issues with my connection/upload at the moment.

  • André

    I’m with you man!

  • Clane

    God damn it Matt, you fucking deserve it, go rock their butts!
    In a more serious matter, congrats and I’m glad to see that you got some amazing progress on your job and everything

  • fukLoL

    LoL on 1st tab ? why even cover LoL? ongamers322disband0credibility

    • atata

      Isn’t that obvious? Riot is paying them.
      I mean, what doesn’t Riot pay to have lol being covered?

      • friendoffukLoL

        bunch of sellouts 322 disband shamfurr display commitsoduku Kappa

  • Leonardo Casagrande Rodrigues

    GLHF, Matt! You’re awesome!

  • RavenCify

    good luck matt we are with you & God save us from gamespot, the new site looks like mini gamespot.

  • Tease

    Sell out. :^)

  • Bleeble

    Congratulations, CBM, glad this is going places for you. Good luck!
    But I’m probably not going to follow you. Really not looking for another
    site with a myriad of content for a lot of games I don’t care for,
    features from other writers, so on. Or another place fighting
    desperately for eyeballs and trying to create a community and discussion
    platforms and a userbase. Another place to create an account for.

    simplicity of your blog here is the beauty of it. I could bring it up.
    See patch stuff, easy to find, easy to navigate, the info was either
    here, or it wasn’t. I didn’t have to navigate around other articles by
    other people.

    I don’t mean offense, and I don’t mean to
    discourage you (not that one person’s comment should mean anything to
    you, of course). I just sort of wanted to express why I am a bit bummed
    by this announcement. It’s nothing but great things for you, though, and
    I’m glad you’ve managed to turn your hard work into something more
    large scale and ‘official.’

    • Bob Loblaw

      Exactly my thoughts. I wished that you will also post the Dota2 and CS:GO updates here on your blog.

    • Pitbull

      ^pretty much everything. I’m disappointed.

    • The Truth is Spoken

      I always knew Matt is shill of saurians, with his knowledge and skills it is before long that lizardmen seize control of most positions of power and enslave the entire human race. WE ARE DOOMED!

      • Grinx

        I’m an interaction designer and that website is aweful and hurts my eyes. I can’t find anything that I’m looking for there. Goodbye Cyborgmatt….

    • RaphaelDDL

      Bleeble said it all.

      Good luck there but I won’t follow.

      onGamers has dark layout, awful to read, things fighting for other content I don’t care. Their website lacks usability, I can’t see what it’s the most important thing, what is the relevance of anything. Yours is white, clean, easy to read, well maintained.

      There your posts also lacks the table of contents, the text color for removed/added drop has no difference, huge images, too much line-height on text.

      R.I.P. cyborgmatt useful blog and it’s two years of relevance thrown on the trash to join a lame website. but if gives you money, well, good luck.

    • bob

      Exactly my thoughts. I actually tried to find a post from him on their dota page, but their site is so damn awful I couldn’t do it too easily and wasn’t bothered enough to look for more than a few minutes of wading through content I don’t really want to look at.

      Good luck either way cbm

  • ambra

    prediction for the next hero?

  • Adeeb Raid Kaddure

    Gratz Cybrogmatt hope it all plays out well . 😀

  • meh

    you r a faget

  • ded

    ded blog

    onGaymer disband

  • Almao

    Good luck in your new proyect sir :)

  • lol_ded

    ded gaem

  • WightScorpion

    Hey man, good luck! You deserve it! :)

  • ilmarinen

    Congrats Matt! And remember: “FUCK SLASHER”

  • xXxS3pH!r0Th420xXx

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE

  • i love League of Legends

    where is updating for
    League of Legends

    • FroSt

      Fuck that crap…. pls dont do it, lol dont deserve updates from such a good guy as is Matt! :X

    • AntoxaGray

      Does it have hats?

  • Okoo

    onGaFLOODofLoLnews Lowskillcap esport gaming killing esport

  • BlogStatus

    ded blog

  • Cade

    Do we really need ANOTHER website? I know it’s neat and all, but I find that Gamefaqs, giant bomb, and the rest of the CBS interactive family covered it well. I couldn’t care less about this new website, as it has a whole new layout and login system I need to master. And where in the owrld do I find your patch analysis? All I see is “NaVI this,” “Evil Geniuses” that. Your blog was great, as it gave a great way to find your content in one fell swoop. Now you’ve sold out to this completely un-needed website and have decided to not upload your content here on your blog anymore. What ever happened to enduring pain for the sake of those who (plutonically) love you? I don’t hate you, and I’m most certainly proud of you. This whole idea of ANOTHER gaming site is just stupid. It seems that the only reason they’ll get views is that you’re their tagalong.

  • Mitko1239

    So long as this gets “fixed” 😀

  • bubba

    See ya…Wont be hearing from you probably will never visit the site. I liked the simplicity of this blog. .

  • ThisSucks

    So now we’ll have to search through crapload of esports news, that some of us aren’t actually interesting in, just to find the patch analyses? Unless ongamers are going to make a separate dota2 section just for the analyses, then this is a shitty change.

  • Mark’Oh!

    no RSS feed? makes me sad :(

    • Lukas


  • Michael

    Congrats Matt. Good luck with the new site

  • MajorPlupe

    Love the blog because i dont have to search for the info onGAmers is too big and i cba to look throught it. SOZ MATT BABEZ

  • Tom Stevens

    good luck, giant bomb are pretty chill people. Love me some Vinny & Jeff.

  • iiffat

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE

    • Dadawq

      It’s coming next update. Calm your tits

  • Tomislav Mladenov

    Matt, will you make a link for your posts here on this page?
    Something like a filter on the new site,that will only show your posts, and have a link to it here?

  • Max August

    Congratulations, that’s a fantastic move Cyborgmatt! I was worried that the whole Dota2 “diretide” backlash would make you recoil from our community, but hearing this has made me very happy and excited to see what happens next!
    I know that you were myself and my friend’s go-to blog for Dota2 news, so now that you’re partnering and able to do more, that’s quite exciting.
    Good luck in the future!

  • DocClayderman

    Thanks for all the stuff you did here, and good luck! Can you please link to where your your new content will be done?

  • Dino

    Wonderful news Matt! Looking forward to great posts in the OnGamers page.

  • Offended

    GG saiborgmutt ded site

    New site offends me with LoL contents.

  • 3DGuy

    sell out

  • ded

    ded matt ded gaem

  • roger

    Too annoying site, so this will be the end of me reading content analysis -.-‘

  • Rafael Fernandes

    <3 Matt! Keep up the good work!

  • r109

    gg no re

  • Nuarharuha

    congrats matt

  • Novogrod

    As long as you don’t start breaking down LoL patches, I think we’ll all survive.

    • Cyborgmatt

      That’s not my cup of tea, don’t worry.

      • Koto

        would be nice if onGamers have a sub-category under dota2 “patch and release notes” to sort out what this site viewers wants to see from the rest of the news on the site, which most ppl from here dont care about.

        Thanks a lot for your work man

  • TollTheRavens

    I’d prefer a blog over going to a new site, but I understand this must be a good opportunity for you. Good luck, and thanks for all the work so far.

  • Helios

    Ngh.. Can you at least give us a link to your specific section? I don’t want to dig through a pile of articles or whatnot just to read some patch notes.

  • DrKramshaw

    Thanks for all the work on this site over the years, and good luck with your future endeavours! I hope the dota patch update stream will still be alive and kicking!

  • Mysterion

    we need ”new” heros in dota 2, legion, techies, pitlord, phoenix, Xin, nerif…

  • amberkun

    good luck !!

  • ZTac

    How much Windjammers coverage can we expect?

  • jack

    how canb you join a site that supports leage of legends? sorry im done with you :-/

  • cyborgy

    this means there’ll be no more 1000 repeated comments of “dead game volvo”

  • sonofadick

    no more hats content here and hats hatin’ here. wp cyborg :)

  • Ciryon


  • AntoxaGray

    No RSS? No ability to subscribe only to your news? Annoying design: white text on dark background which make eyes bleed?

    That’s bad news.

  • Bland

    Yeah I’d say “Great job” and “Kudos” but there was nothing stopping you from posting your content on both that website and this one, you’ve just sold out.
    Thanks for the advertisement.

  • Helpax

    I’ll miss this blog. So many memories here.
    Good Luck and Have Fun Matt.

  • pepepe

    thanks for the diretide!!

  • mark
  • Артём Иванов

    つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Thank you Volvo!

  • Артём Иванов

    つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Thank you Volvo! DIRETIDE Given

  • Volvo


  • Zac

    well this kinda sucks

  • Math

    Looks great and it got all the things we learn to love in this blog
    good luck

  • dudue

    ༼ ᕤ◕◡◕ ༽ᕤ PUNCH CYBORMATT

  • LairenyX


  • Mat

    Post weekly links here redirecting to your stuff on that website. So we can at least still follow you easily. Otherwise as many commented, people will stop following. Myself included. I ain’t no cyborg but I’m Mat, I know what’s best for you.

  • Ariana

    It’s an extremely stupid change, but whatever makes you happy CBM. I just wanted to see Patch Analyses not a whole bunch of other stupid crap I couldn’t care less about. I tried to follow but I have to dig through several competitive bullshit just to find out there were no recent analyses.

    How annoying. It’s understandable, but it causes inconvenience to everyone who just wants to view the Patch Analyses.

    tl;dr ded blog new site retarded ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  • Volvo

    RIP this blog had so much fun here.

  • Von

    It’s cool that you are moving on, good for you!

    But I have concerns about that… ongamers thing… I just went there and tried to find your previous post there manually. The website is a bloody mess to navigate without even a search field… and… no rss? Seriously?

  • LegitMe

    good luck in the future matt — will continue following you.

  • BallsackBludgeoner

    This could’ve not happen at a more inconvenient time. With the major update coming that’s inclusive of the two new spirits and a storm spirit revamp + diretide!!!, I just hope the update patch would be here and on the new site. ‘Cause if not, I’d be quite bummed.

    Either way, proud of you Cyborgmatt.

  • JoJo

    fuck you cyborg! you aint real!

  • Doctor Doto

    GG Mate! Our History finish here. I’ll miss u.

  • ChongQing-HotPot

    Congratulations! You are a great guy! I enjoy and like your posts and bookmarked some. Thank you for helping us in these years! Good luck!

  • Staublessn

    Matt, I’m super happy you’ve found a new avenue, and I hope it’s prosperous; but after perusing the new site for a few, I find it horribly cluttered and unappealing, so I certainly don’t see myself following your content further on its new home. Hope everything works out, gg.

  • Poor Choice

    cyborg lost his soul; abandon him

  • Taco

    The new website sucks ass. R.I.P. blog

  • Iván Otero

    This blog is better looking than that onGamers shit with crap design.

  • asdasd

    First of all , i want to thanks Valve for keeping remove kebab face and 2 swords Ember Spirit , THANKS!

    Now its a huge trademark for pitlord/abys lord. Having one of this is fairly enough! Dual side Lance : , or his huge ASS with small wings(famous wc3:Joke) . Having one of this more than enough. PleaSe Valve make it happen. COngratz on Three Spirits

  • Anon

    “In terms of my coverage I’m not stopping”

    Yes you are. From november 19th to 22 we had four patches, I was curious about the new models and other stuff but you didn’t write shit on that new website of yours.

  • Jim

    u should at least link the analyse articles here, dont like the other page

    • Dimitri

      keep ur blog alive boy

  • kent

    fucking fat boy, this cyborg…

  • Gabe Newell



  • Nob o. dee

    R.I.P. patch analysis.

  • GuestMaster

    I guess the cyborgmatt days for me are over as well. This site was so easy to follow and i’d be excited to check it every week. Now its on another site thats cluttered with info that I dont care about and not only that, I cant even find your updates! I give up, sorry. RIP blog

  • taha baig

    Don’t put this stuff on ongamers
    change your decision now

  • Blindfool

    No more content analysis for a while… RIP CyborgMatt…

  • Antonio Tierno

    Bye! Cyborgmatt and this Blog.The new site is not interested

  • JoJo

    fuck off cyborg! im outta here! for ever!

  • disband

    haven’t seen a content patch analysis for a while….wtf matt?

  • Nomsta

    Matt. You said that the patch content analysis is coming out tonight yesterday. It’s 17:00 here and 10:00 in America. I have checked today like a thousand times and there’s still nothing. Good that you post stupid shit about the Walking Dead instead of doing something for your fans, that are waiting the entire weekend just for one goddamn thing.. Is it that fucking hard to get off your fat ass and do something? You were away for the entire week!Anyway, the new site is bullshit, people who actually joined this site are ONLY there because of you. Noone cares about everything else! It was WAY better on this site because there were just your posts that everyone liked and no stupid shit about things that everyone knows.

  • StinkyFerret

    Been missing your patch breakdowns since you moved to Ongamers Matt, I did follow you to that site but I’ll be honest all the tournament coverage and the team strife covered there isn’t really my sort of thing. What happened to the detailed analysis of each update and personal touch we’re so used to from you?

    Genuinely hoping to see more of you there soon. :)

  • JoJo

    need a new simple blog. anyone know one?

  • cyborg abandoned us

    ded blog

  • BallsackBludgeoner

    Came back to check whether maybe you’d still post tid bits here. Boy, am I dissapointed.