Dota 6.79 Roshan Timer Explained

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This guide covers the new Roshan timer introduced with the 6.79 Dota update.


Dota 6.79 Roshan Timer Explained


With the introduction of Dota v6.79 we have had some core changes to Roshan’s respawn mechanic. As such the timer indicator used to display the Roshan respawn timer to the broadcasters and spectators has been updated to reflect the changes.

This guide covers the changes in details and shows how to make use of the new Roshan timer.

Roshan changes in 6.79

– Roshan will respawn at a random time between 8 and 11 minutes after death

Full 6.79 changelog:

Stage 1 Timer

After Roshan dies the Roshan pit will display the initial timer clock which consists of eight dots representing eight minutes worth of respawn time.


Each slice represents a full minute of in game time.


Eventually the clock will run down the full eight minutes and will start to initialise stage 2.

Stage 2 Timer

Once the first 8 minutes of Roshan’s respawn timer are done we will move onto Stage 2. This stage is the 3 minute randomised part of his respawn cycle.


The second timer has three different versions either a one dot, two dot or three dot version with each one representing the amount of added minutes. Any time that won’t be used in that circle will also be displayed as a dark red outline (covered later).


One Dot Timer

This timer will result in Roshan spawning at somewhere in between the the 8 to 9 minute mark.


In this specific example the timer is just under three quarters which means Roshan will respawn in approx 40-45 seconds after the initial 8 minute timer.


Two Dot Timer

This timer will result in Roshan spawning at somewhere in between the the 9 to 10 minute mark.


In this specific example the timer is almost two full minutes with only approximately a quarter of the second minute missing mean that Roshan would be respawning around 1 minutes 45 seconds after the initial 8 minute timer.


Three Dot Timer

This timer will result in Roshan spawning at somewhere in between the the 10 to 11 minute mark.


In this specific example the timer has a full two minutes worth of extra time and then approximately 3 quarters of the last minute missing which means Roshan would be respawning around 2 minutes and 15 seconds after the initial 8 minute timer.


Luckily You Don’t Have To Guess

Unlike the players the broadcasters/spectators will know the exact time picked for Roshan’s spawn not only via the fancy timer but also via the old standard indicators that popout at the side of the screen.


Unused Time

You will notice that the timers will also have sections broken off and displayed as a red line, this simply means that this is the amount of time that won’t be used by the stage 2 timer.

For example in this extra minute of spawn time approximately 25 seconds will not be used meaning Roshan will spawn at 8 minutes and 35 seconds after his death.


Closing Notes

This should cover the new Roshan timer in detail and will hopefully avoid any further confusion.

Steam Guide version:


Thanks for reading.

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