Dota 2 – Introducing Familiar Woods

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The next project for the Dota 2 Workshop is now complete after working closely with Moerrrb I’m proud to present to you the Familiar Woods HUD Skin based on the lovable Shagbark courier that we introduced earlier this year.


Introducing The Familiar Woods HUD

“A trusted friend on a well-worn path.”

Available now on the Dota 2 Workshop:


Familiar Woods – Concept

Earlier this year I asked what you would be interested in seeing from us next on the Dota 2 Workshop and based off your feedback a large majority were very interested in the idea of a HUD skin made based on Shagbark the courier we released earlier this year. After working closely with Markus aka Moerrrb who is responsible for arguably the best HUD skins available in the game we were able to come up with a concept that was not only very fitting to the Dota 2’s art style but also Shagbark himself.

During the initial stages we knew we wanted to use Shagbark’s leaves as a starting point to decorate the HUD whilst also having Shagbark himself positioned somewhere within the HUD. Our first official mock up of the HUD took form and we knew we were on the right path in terms of the kind of colour pallet and style we wanted to achieve.


It was very important that the HUD came across as a natural fit and didn’t distract you away from the gameplay.


Moving on from the initial mock ups we produced some in game concepts to get an idea of how the leaves would looked overplayed across the top of the HUD.


The original inventory spacer was very plain compared to the finalised version and went through a number of iterations before we were happy with it.


The detail continued to increase throughout every area of the HUD until we were happy that we had something that we believed was good enough to call a finished product.

Familiar Woods – Finalised

In total we spent a good chunk of time on refining every area of the HUD to ensure that we would not encounter any issues with important information such as armour values, buffs or skill icons being blocked as well as making sure the HUD would work correctly on every resolution ratio Dota 2 supports.

The finalised version of the HUD is a big step forward from where we started with our original mock up and we are very happy with how things turned out. Every aspect of the HUD has been customised and tested for conflicts. Below you can see some close up shots of specific key areas.



Two Midas, one for each hand.


We have also prepared some very large screenshots (2560×1440) of the HUD in action (click to enlarge).



The attention to detail that Moerrrb has put into the HUD has allowed for a very professional finished product that is beautiful across the board.




The HUD also features a small selection of animated lighting of both sides, a small blue hue is applied on the spacer between the minimap and portrait.


And on the other side the spacer between the ability panel and inventory has a warm animated yellow glow applied to it.


The finished HUD is now available for you to vote on at the Dota 2 Workshop:

Familiar Woods v2 Updates

After receiving feedback from our initial submission we have made a number of tweaks to the Familiar Woods HUD that should please people.

Redesigned Spacer (Left)

The spacer on the left side of the HUD has been updated with a new redesign replacing the version that had Shagbark sitting in it.



Redesigned Top Bar

The top bar has been updated with a redesign to the background which now fits more within the style of the rest of the HUD, with the addition of some of the flowers in this area.


The top bar now features wooden panels which help the team names stand out when spectating a match.


We have also added a custom day/night clock that matches the rest of the HUD.


Full Screenshot v2

Click to enlarge.




The updated version of the HUD has been uploaded to the Dota 2 Workshop, you can vote on the HUD by visiting the Workshop page here:


– Cyborgmatt & Moerrrb


Closing Notes

I just wanted to finish this blog post off by saying a massive thanks to Moerrrb for his amazing work on the Shagbark HUD, he has done a fantastic job at bringing my idea to life. Also a special thanks to Anuxi, Danidem and T_Vidotto for their original work on Shagbark and input with the HUD. Along with another set of thanks to Jimo, Zoolooman and Ricardo for their feedback as well.

You guys can support him by following him on his Workshop page or by purchasing his HUD skins directly from the Dota 2 store (<3 Driftwood).

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    I really like that owl.

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    How about screenshots of the hud in all aspect ratios?

  • McMillan Me

    good but… hats…

    • Mike

      This matt self promoting has nothing to do with Valve or Dota 2 updates.

  • Michael Allen

    Will definitely buy if that Sharbark is removed… Love the earthy scheme.

    • ninjaholic

      Play in a 16:10 ratio resolution (like 1680 x 1050) you’ll barely see Shagbark at all.

  • Lance Gray

    The shagbark beside the portrait might distract people when playing. It has too much detail in it, one might think he’s selected the courier instead of the hero. This is especially true if the player’s team has a shagbark courier and the animated portraits are turned off.

    An etched face or something can be used as replacement for a less distracting HUD.

    • HUD idea

      I would like to see the shagbark be etched as well; perhaps they could be painted look like spirit animals on a totem?

      • Mike

        Or have his face etched into the bark of some wood?

    • A Dood

      If you get a HUD element and a Selection Portrait mixed up, something’s wrong.

  • Miguel Love

    Amazing !

  • For The Next Hero

    Much like Legion Commander, who is also voiced by Merle Dandridge, the gender of Winter Wyvern was changed from male to female with the transition from DotA to Dota 2 for unspecified reasons.

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      How do you know that….?


        Merle Dandridges IMDb lists her as a voice actor for Tresdin/Auroth.


    • derp

      I hope that Wynter Wyvern is actually a ferocious dragon, prettied up because she’s female. I hope she doesn’t turn into PA, and assasin from the runway.

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    Nice HUD
    even nicer if they put “riki was ‘ere” :)

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    Omg more hats. When are you gonna release a new hero?

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    shagbark is perfect, ignore the haters.

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    i don’t like the sharkbark there. but other then that it looks great

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    Yes, we are all aware of the shagbark courier.

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    I love Shagbark but I it doesn’t fit there. Would be better if it was an smaller version somewhere else

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    Don’t like the shagbark there. Is kind of unnecessary like the TV in that other hud that ruined it, and if you have a shagbark courier then there would be 2 shagbarks on the hud.. :l

    Also shagbark only looks nice with prophet. If he was removed from the hud, the hud would be fitting for people like treant protector/timbersaw too.

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      actually i love the tv in the other hud
      idk whats is wrong with people ._.

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    ditch the shagbark on the side and you’ve got a sale

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    I’d buy it in a heartbeat if it didn’t have shagbarks face next to the hero portrait.

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    The shagbark in the hud itself makes it too busy. It could have been the other bird in his antlers instead and been a lot less busy looking.

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    it’s total shit nice job

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    +1 1remove shagbark from hudand its a fine ass hud. 9/10 would buy

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    Looks great, lovely art… I kind of have to agree about the presence of Shagbark on the HUD. For me personally it’s a bit too much – fantastic courier but I’d rather just have some incidental detail in that space such as leaves or bushes or leafsweepers or whatever :)

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    I think this is just very cool and the best HUD so far from them all. Don’t get distracted by what other people say!

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    Will probably buy as long as Sharbark is removed completely.

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    This is actually a HUD from which u don’t get an epileptic attack :)) GG

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    The shagbark is really a little too much.replace

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    I just thought about something. If your such a big Natures fan in Dota Cyborgmatt, why haven’t you gotten started on an epic Natures Prophet set yet?

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    In the 3th photo NP have the name “Slark”…


    Personally i like this HUD and i don’t think Shagbark should be removed. But If people are complaining about him, well, maybe you could make him look less visible, kinda merging with background

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    Not to be negative or come off as a troll, but that Shagbark courier is so gay. I’m not saying that as a put down, it’s just a simple fact. Rainbow colors, chihuahua dog with horns and little birds in nests carrying it around…come on, this is not something befitting Dota 2 any more than Alpine gay Texas ranger Ursa set. I have nothing against gay people, let’s be clear on this. But Dota 2 should have some standards….right? Gay people have the Pride parade for making a statement, do you need to make a Pride parade out of Dota 2 as well? I completely agree with people who want to see it removed, it’s more of a trollish backstab at Prophet and his gay relationship with trees according to silly Dota 2 casters like Tobi, Capitalist (who I think is genuinely gay btw; not that I have anything against that), etc.

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    Why is everyone complaining about the existence of Shagbark when this is a Shagbark themed HUD? It just makes no sence.

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  • DotaMaster

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