Dota 2 6th September Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s patch has arrived bringing a large number of new League Passes from all over the world along with a number of behind the scenes updates and changes.

The new Scepter upgrade for Spirit Breaker will allow you to ride on his back.

Front End Changes


– Added Abaddon to the Workshop submission tools and website requirements.

– Added a button to add friends inside the game.
– Fixed bug where guild invites could never show up.
– Darkened background behind buff stack numbers for better legibility on bright icons.

– [Mac] Fixed problems with sounds cutting out or not playing for the first few minutes of a game.
– [Mac] Make Dock icon bounce when game is ready.
– [Mac] Play a ready sound when game is not focused and matchmaking has found a game.
– Make “Sound while alt-tab” setting work.
– Fix for missing lip syncing in hero portrait.
– Fix corrupted GUI after changing video settings.

– Fixed LOD1 on Ol’ Chopper Pudge hook
– updated cloth settings and skinning Crystal Maiden, Invoker, Lina, and Rubick

Visual Updates

We have a couple of visual updates in this week’s patch, a new stock particle effect for Spirit Breaker and an update to one of Rubick’s existing cosmetic items.

Rubick’s Visual Updates

Rubick’s Prestidigitator’s Source of Sorcery staff from his recently added Peculiar Prestidigitator Set has been updated with a new particle effect.






Spirit Breaker’s Visual Updates

Spirit Breaker has had his base particles updated and he now features an ambient head flame as well as an overall ambient flame. He has also had particle effect updates to two of his existing cosmetic items.



Ghost Orb of the Planeswalker new effect


Empowering Elements new effect


New League Passes

Since the previous patch we have had a number of new league passes added into the game, some of which come with new cosmetic items.

AEGIS Gaming League

“Four top Brazilian teams will participate in a LAN event in Campinas on September 14th and 15th for a prize of R$2,000.00.”


Defense of the Australians

“Defense of the Australians brings you its second Dota 2 Tournament for Spring 2013 with players from all around Melbourne, Australia coming together to compete.”


GEST August and September 2013

“The Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament will have the winners of 8 GMPGL qualifiers from South-East Asia compete against one another for a cash prize of $1500. The winners then compete against the top Chinese Teams for another $1500.”


MLG NA League and Full Sail LAN

“The MLG North American Online League will have the best teams in North America vie for a chance to compete for $15,000 at Full Sail University.”


NADota Elite League

“The most talented teams in North America compete for 8 weeks culminating in a 4-team double elimination all-star tournament. 50% of ticket profits go straight to the prize pool.”


RaidCall EMS One Fall 2013

“In the Fall 2013 season of the RaidCall EMS One, the world’s best teams compete for a massive prize fund of $39,000 US. After an online season, the eight best teams get to battle it out at the live event finals. Besides lots of matches, ticket holders also receive our official courier!”


Includes Nibbles the Wartoise

“A veteran of countless battles spanning untold centuries, Nibbles commands the respect and admiration of even the most hardened warrior.”


Standard Courier



Flying Courier



Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open

“The Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 puts two top teams from the qualifiers against professional teams across Asia for a total prize pool of 30,000RMB.”


SK Trophy

“Teams compete for $1,000 every other week.”


StarSeries Season 7

“The new season of the legendary SLTV StarSeries is here! Watch 120 matches and the Kiev Cybersport Arena LAN finals where teams will compete for a total prize pool of $22,500. Caster headliners – v1lat & TobiWan.”


It is also possible to acquire the ticket by purchasing the new Starladder “Resonant Vibrance Set” for Rubick which will upgrade depending on how many games you have watched.


Tier 1

Particle effect not pictured.


Tier 2

Particle effect not pictured.


Tier 3

Particle effect not pictured.



SteelSeries Euro Cup

“Steelseries Euro Cup is an open tournament where 2 of the top European teams compete for a prize pool of $1000.”


Telkom Do Gaming Championships

“The best of the best in South Africa meet up to decide who are the 2013 Telkom DGL Champions.”


For more info regarding South Africa’s biggest tournament you can check the official Reddit post here:

The National

“The top Russian Dota 2 teams compete for a grand prize of $2,500 and a sponsorship!”


TriniDota 2 League

“The top teams of Trinidad and Tobago compete to be crowned champions!”


New HUD Skin

The Iron Cage HUD Skin that we saw in the files from a few weeks ago is now available on the Dota 2 store.

Iron Cage HUD Skin






Loading Screen


UI Updates

We also have a couple of new UI features for the Dashboard UI.

Dashboard UI

One of the new features added to the dashboard is a notification for when a new item drops, this was added in a patch between this week’s and last week’s blog post.


Another new feature that was added in this patch is the ability to directly search and add friends via the dashboard which makes use of your Dota 2 account ID to allow you to quickly share your details with someone without having to go through Steam.


There is a a one click link to copy your ID to your clipboard.


There is now an “Add Friend” button directly on the player’s profile.


Back End Changes

Updated Strings

There is now a string for the “Lobby Leader” suggesting that the lobby UI will be updated in the near future to point out who the leader is.


The Workshop page now has a welcome header message.

    "dota_workshop_welcome_hed"    "Contribute to the future of Dota 2"
    "dota_workshop_welcome_descr_text"    "Create and submit new items, or review and rate what other people submit. Rate items highly and you just might see them become available in-game. If your item is accepted in the game, you'll receive a percentage of its sales. By submitting an item to the Steam Workshop, you agree to the legal agreement."

Strings for the new add friend system.

    "DOTA_AddFriends_Search"    "Search"
    "DOTA_AddFriends_Cancel"    "Cancel"
    "DOTA_AddFriendButton"      "+ Add Friend"
    "DOTA_AddFriendTitle"      "ADD FRIEND"
    "DOTA_AddFriendYours"      "Copy your ID (#%s1)"

New strings for the upcoming backpack rework, suggests that we will be able to create filters to help browse the backpack.

    "DOTA_Backpack_Search"        "Search"

    "DOTA_Backpack_FilterDeleteConfirm"  "Are you sure you want to delete this filter?"
    "DOTA_Filter_Pattern"        "Pattern:"
    "DOTA_Filter_PatType"        "Type:"

    "DOTA_Filter_Rule_Name_Pattern"    "%s1 %s2 %s3 %s4"
    "DOTA_Filter_Invalid_Expression"  "Invalid regular expression: %s1"
    "DOTA_Filter_MaxFilters"      "Only 8 filters are supported. Please delete or edit an existing filter."
    "DOTA_Filter_MaxRules"        "Only 8 rules are supported. Please delete or edit an existing rule."

    // Filter Patterns
    "DOTA_Filter_Pattern_Matches"        "matches"
    "DOTA_Filter_Pattern_DoesNotMatch"      "does not match"
    // Filter Pattern Types
    "DOTA_Filter_PatternType_SubString"      "sub-string"
    "DOTA_Filter_PatternType_RegEx"        "regular expression"

    "DOTA_SortBackpack"  "Sort Backpack:"
    "DOTA_SortBackpack_Rarity" "Sort by Rarity"

    "DOTA_SortBackpack_Quality" "Sort by Quality"
    "DOTA_SortBackpack_Hero" "Sort by Hero"
    "DOTA_SortBackpack_Type" "Sort by Type"
    "DOTA_SortBackpack_Slot" "Sort by Slot"
    "DOTA_SortBackpack_Name" "Sort by Name"

The International aura effect name has been updated to just be referred to as the “Champion’s Aura” on both this year’s and last year’s couriers.

    "Attrib_Particle33"              "Champion's Aura"

Unreleased UI Updates

We also have a new section on the community UI for an unreleased Fantasy League system.

Fantasy League UI

The UI currently doesn’t have any panels or strings attached to it however we can see that there is possibly going to be pages for “Create/Join Fantasy Leagues”, “List Leagues”, “List Teams” and finally “List Players”.


This suggest that there may be plans to build and expand on the Fantasy league system that was used at this year’s International with the ability to take part in private leagues with your friends, communities, colleges etc. As well as more control over your team and players.

There is definitely some big potential here for it to link directly into the existing league pass system and self manage itself.


Backpack UI

With the addition of more new backpack filter strings it suggests that the reworked backpack could soon be ready for launch, below you can see a full list of strings that relate to the new system.

    "DOTA_Backpack_Search"        "Search"
    "DOTA_Backpack_All_Items"      "All Items"
    "DOTA_Backpack_EditFilter"      "Edit Filter"
    "DOTA_Backpack_Filters"        "Filters"
    "DOTA_Backpack_CreateFilter"    "Create Filter"
    "DOTA_Backpack_CreateFilter_Save"  "Save Filter"
    "DOTA_Backpack_CreateFilter_Close"  "Close"
    "DOTA_Backpack_CreateFilter_Delete"  "Delete Filter"
    "DOTA_Backpack_CreateFilter_Name"  "Filter Name:"
    "DOTA_Filter_Rarity"        "Rarity:"
    "DOTA_Filter_Quality"        "Quality:"
    "DOTA_Filter_Type"          "Type:"
    "DOTA_Filter_Hero"          "Hero:"
    "DOTA_Filter_ItemName"        "Item Name:"
    "DOTA_Filter_UnownedItems"      "Collector's View"
    "DOTA_Filter_NewFilter"        "New Filter"    
    "DOTA_Filter_Rules"          "Rules:"
    "DOTA_Filter_NewRule"        "New Rule"
    "DOTA_Filter_EditRule"        "Edit Rule"
    "DOTA_Filter_DeleteRule"      "Delete Rule"
    "DOTA_Backpack_ModifyRule"      "Modify Rule"
    "DOTA_Backpack_Sort"        "Sort"
    "DOTA_Backpack_Order"        "Display Order"
    "DOTA_Filter_Order"          "Order by:"
    "DOTA_Backpack_FilterDeleteConfirm"  "Are you sure you want to delete this filter?"
    // New Rule Dialog
    "DOTA_Filter_Type"          "Type:"
    "DOTA_Filter_Field"          "Field:"
    "DOTA_Filter_Op"          "Operator:"
    "DOTA_Filter_Pattern"        "Pattern:"
    "DOTA_Filter_PatType"        "Type:"
    "DOTA_Filter_Val"          "Value:"
    "DOTA_Filter_SaveRule"        "Save"
    "DOTA_Filter_CloseRule"        "Cancel"
    // Filter Rules
    "DOTA_Filter_Rule_Name"        "%s1 %s2 %s3"
    "DOTA_Filter_Rule_Name_OR"      " OR - %s1"
    "DOTA_Filter_Rule_Name_Pattern"    "%s1 %s2 %s3 %s4"
    "DOTA_Filter_Invalid_Expression"  "Invalid regular expression: %s1"
    "DOTA_Filter_MaxFilters"      "Only 8 filters are supported. Please delete or edit an existing filter."
    "DOTA_Filter_MaxRules"        "Only 8 rules are supported. Please delete or edit an existing rule."
    // Filter Types
    "DOTA_Filter_Type_None"        ""
    "DOTA_Filter_Type_And"        "(AND)"
    "DOTA_Filter_Type_Or"        "(OR)"
    // Filter Fields
    "DOTA_Filter_Field_Quality"      "Quality"
    "DOTA_Filter_Field_Rarity"      "Rarity"
    "DOTA_Filter_Field_Type"      "Type"
    "DOTA_Filter_Field_ItemName"    "Name"
    "DOTA_Filter_Field_ItemDesc"    "Description"

    // Filter Operators
    "DOTA_Filter_Operator_Equal"        "is"
    "DOTA_Filter_Operator_NotEqual"        "is not"
    "DOTA_Filter_Operator_LessThanEqual"    "is or is less than"
    "DOTA_Filter_Operator_LessThan"        "is less than"
    "DOTA_Filter_Operator_GreaterThanEqual"    "is or is greater than"
    "DOTA_Filter_Operator_GreaterThan"      "is greater than"
    // Filter Patterns
    "DOTA_Filter_Pattern_Matches"        "matches"
    "DOTA_Filter_Pattern_DoesNotMatch"      "does not match"
    // Filter Pattern Types
    "DOTA_Filter_PatternType_SubString"      "sub-string"
    "DOTA_Filter_PatternType_RegEx"        "regular expression"
    "DOTA_DiscardPanelText"      "You received this item, but you don't have room for it in your backpack!nnPlease make room in your backpack or press discard to throw your new item away. You will not receive further item drops until you resolve this."


Going off the strings it appears that the new backpack will have a search function, the ability to make custom filters with properties such as quality, rarity, type, hero, name etc. The filter system will also support regular expression and you will be able save and load custom filters on the fly.

Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We have an additional unreleased cosmetic item for Tidehunter.

Tidehunter’s Items

Tidehunter’s Blink Dagger

The item is listed in the schema with a Genuine quality tag which suggests that the item will most likely be a tie in/promotion item unlocked with a product code.



Unreleased Treasure Chest

We also have the next series of treasure chest which should now be dropping in game, the loot list is currently unknown and the key will most likely be available in the next week or two.

Treasure of Rubiline Sheen

“Sculpted from the finest Rubiline of Riftshadow, the contents are unknown.”


Rubiline Sheen Key


Workshop Support

We also have a new addition to the Workshop import tool, it is now possible to create sets and items for Abaddon.

Abaddon Workshop Support

Abaddon has submission slots for the following: weapon, head, back, shoulder, mount.

You can view his technical requirements page here (when it goes live, soon™):


Other Changes

We also have some other minor updates behind the scenes.

Region Update

The Shanghai server cluster has now been taken offline in order to merge that user base in with the Perfect World players.

Ascendant Orb

“For those that built the foundation, sharing noble battle and honored companionship, the spark of gratitude flares eternal.”


We also have a new Orb in game, the “Ascentant Orb” which will be rewarded to the Perfect World players who started playing before the upcoming launch of Dota 2 in their region. Similar to the Bloodstones we received over here.

Cloth Physics

Over the past few patches we have had a number of updates to the cloth physics to heroes such as Lina, Crystal Maiden, Invoker, Rubick etc which have been updated in order to smooth their visual style in game and to prevent them for getting stuck/stiffening on the model. Overall it is just a case of improving the quality in this area to bring it in line with the rest of the game.

Predictions For The Next Hero

I know the community has been disappointed and frustrated by the lack of new heroes in the recent months which is why I feel it is best to keep you updated and tell you that Legion Commander is not really at a stage where she is ready for release and will most likely not be here for a little while yet. However in the mean time there is plenty of progress going on with other cool things that will hopefully be seen sometime soon which you guys should enjoy.

I know in the past we have had multi hero releases before but that often came with a large number of bugs with each new addition, those heroes also were not workshop ready and were missing a number of animations, dialogue lines or expression hookups etc. The multi hero updates were also made possible by months worth of prior work with some heroes being spread over a six month or longer period.

The workload required on the more recent batch of heroes has slowly been increasing over time with the addition of a wide range of new animations, the addition of being Workshop ready on release and having the correct breakdown in order to prevent having to remove the hero from the Workshop and halt progress on the community items like we have seen in the past along with just an overall higher quality model and texture work.

Again this is a small snippet of the extra requirements when working on a hero now and in the long run it makes much more sense to take more care when working on these new heroes and to try and prevent any more addition bugs entering the system. This doesn’t mean you won’t be getting new heroes, it just means the speed in that specific area will most likely slow down a little and instead we will see more focus on improving the overall game, fixing bugs and revisiting a number of the older heroes in the game who are long due updates in order to bring them in line with the rest of the hero pool.

It also means we will also get to look forward to some huge new additions such as custom game support and the wide scale of possibilities that will hopefully be doable in that system, those of you who did play Warcraft 3 and experienced their custom maps will have an idea of what I’m talking about.

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

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      No more hats, more heros, people are tired of hats give them hero and then the’ll start buying hats again ( or a new map will be nice, original dota had more than one map).
      A good patch will be 6 NEW HEROS IN ONE PATCH, THEN people will be satisfied Worried about bugs? Leave them for later as long as we get more new content we can deal with the bugs

      • Train_of_darkness

        trophies counts for 3 heros.

  • LetItBe

    Cyborgmatt from who did you quoted that text at predictions for the next hero?

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      compairing matts work with those lazy diks back at valve – if mat was working there we would have 2 heroes per week.

  • TheOld

    Really Valve, i have a mistery lag and still no new heroe, this is really annoying. What happened with you? Stop with the cosmetic items and the tournaments, and do something!! Damn

    Good info Cyborgmatt


    Maybe if people stopped bitching about the lack of new heroes and spent their time trying to learn the heroes we currently had it would be nice.

    • wowgenius

      not everyone here is a newfag like you, I’ve been playing DotA for 5-6 years and I know every single hero like the back of my hand, and I want my favorite heroes to be ported. Terrorblade and Techies.


        It might take some time for Terrorblade and Goblin Techies to be ported in. What I am trying to say is, people need to not be as impatient about the heroes being ported over, IT WILL take a long time to port every single hero over from DOTA 1, I would think about a year or so. I know that not everyone is a “newfag” but there are a TON of people who have never played heroes like Lycan/Puck/etc. before yet complain about heroes not being ported.

  • CJWei

    Well, I will forgive valve if they release all heroes before TI4.


      So Legion Commander, Phoenix, Earth Spirit, Pit Lord, Ember Spirit, Arc Warden, Techies, Soul Keeper, Winter Wyvern, and Orcale. All on top of content fixes, adding new items, adding more tournament tickets, and the new game modes. Yes, completely possible.

      • CrazedPorcupine

        Over the course of the next year? I’d say at least 4-5 more Heroes could be added.

        • (JOCKS LAUGHING)

          Difference of saying All Heroes and Four to Five.

    • Harry_Boiii

      That would be at least acceptable, yes.

  • bob

    Why not add a solo ladder of some type of rating.I think that’s what most people are complaining about. Dota2 feels very hollow and bidding after a while. No sense of accomplishment or any type of goals to be set.

    • bob

      Bidding was supposed to be boring. Dam phone auto correct.

  • Techies

    Oh look, Another Valve knight blog, I already decided to not spend any more money on Dota 2 but this blog just stamped my decision, Get ready for 1 hero every 3 months, it get’s slower every year, Might as well start looking for a new main game, Dota 2 is just an alternative where you play a game or two every week till the game actually gets COMPLETE and everyone get their favorite HEROES.

    • A dota fan

      the wc3 dota takes longer than 6 month just to release heroes and no body complain before. now, valve attracts idiot like u, instead of complaining, how bout u do something?

      • wasd

        Jesus christ, fucking russian pieces of shit spamming the word “IDIOT” all over fucking DOTA/DOTA related content GETS ON MY FUCKING NERVES


      • Techies

        I don’t have a problem with DotA heroes being released in over 3 months, I have a problem with Valve when they PORT heroes that ALREADY HAVE THEIR BASIC CORE CONCEPT READY and takes them over a month, plus, I didn’t only complain, I’m doing something, I’m no longer buying ANY item from the dota 2 store and I’m looking for another game to participate mainly in, Dota 2 is an alternative for me now.

  • Katanegama

    Just stop with these updates. Now I’m starting to hate these cosmetics, it’s getting on my nerves. We would only like to see any updates on new heroes in it, then that’ll be fine.

    • MickJ


    • Mighty Cookie

      You speak only for yourself, my friend, or if for more then yourself, than not for me. While of course I’d love to see new heroes released, it’s not like all they do is release more cosmetics.

      • enoughhats

        Actually, it is… all they have released is hats. It’s been 9 weeks since the last hero release. 9 Fucking weeks. Wake up, Valve drone.

  • gaem ded

    ded gaem

  • ShiningYoshi

    I don’t get why we can’t just get the new heroes bug free and not have the community items until later. We never did this earlier!
    I’m still waiting on the pure white toga for Zeus. Am I going to get it?

  • Doomroar

    So W2Ware is going to get officially merged into Dota2 finally?!!!
    also they could at least release them for the beta… but your promise of custom maps is incredible sweet! it is giving me diabetes!

  • Mike

    LOL! That joke about spirit breaker at the beginning is awesome. Scepter on SB will allow you to ride him? XD

  • FrnkareZ

    ded gaem why even make this post Kappa

  • RTS Dealer

    Nice to see SK trying to get back to the Dota 2 scene. (Would be interesting to see if they decide to make a team.)


    Yes, because everyone cares about hats.

  • gudo

    i hope they release Legion Commander this month.
    FFS! its been months since Abaddon came out.
    anyway, i’m hoping to see materials for the halloween event in next month’s patch analysis.

    • Harry_Boiii

      NO no no no no no no no no no no no nooooooooo

  • Avash

    Any Idea on when LAN support is gonna be Added? If DOTA 2 starts supporting custom games then I believe LAN support should be available.

  • gudo

    this is just really getting lame.
    from 1 hero release per month to 1 hero release per 2-3 months?
    seriously, Volvo wants us to stay playing until Dota 2 that’s why they want us to wait for the last hero release which is probably Techies in 2014, heck it might even be 2015.

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      teachies 2016. faking volvo.

    • No to the Hats

      i say DOTA2 is still in BETA, idk about you guys.

  • SadDayForDotaFans

    the game is realy ded now!

  • Bonpar

    I dont understand why people needs new hereos which will try 1 or 2 times. Valve’s communication isnt the best, but why cant we just enjoy the game?

  • Fake

    I think Techies will be realeased before some heroes such as Terrorblade and Pit Lord, since I these ones need to be reworked to be on Captain’s Mode.

  • La_Vangaurd

    Thing not mentioned before: I agree with more (porting all existing heroes) but in addition to that I think they should focus on (instead of hats):
    * adding remaining ancient camp creeps
    * maybe some new changes done to the jungle
    * maybe some ideas about more juking spots in certain places
    * ideas about new ward places – but balanced ones – i d like to see the place u have in HoN near second top tower of Radiants (like a hill on the right) plus same to the mirror place in the juking woods near secret shop on the other side
    * changes dont to the map in general
    * new items
    * introduce vector aiming and full range display (aka what the phack is the range on dragon breath)

    • La_Vangaurd

      Oh totally forgot that:
      * improve tooltips for all the abilities
      * improve tooltips for all the status icons
      * mechanics – make direct and reasonable division what is and what is not purgable – tooltips – and freaking why!

  • Joe

    Fuck your cosmetics. I don’t even understand wtf they are doing over there, game has been in beta for over 2 years(?), and god knows how long they’ve been working on the game. I’m not so pissed about the unreleased heroes, but how the game can be out for so long and still have such a long list of bugs. I thought DotA 2 was supposed to put DotA on a platform that it could excel with, not take fucking years and years just to catch up..

  • Disappointed

    wtf, there are so many mobas out there! this is not dota 1 when there is no competition

  • LegitMe

    I think people really need to get used to the weekly update like this. This is a good decision for valve; Valve really need to think about future. We all know and hope for new heroes because there is dota1 existing hero uncreated in dota2. However, what would happen after all heroes released ? what else we would look forward ? That’s right — new map, new activities, new campaign battle for heroes (and they are not coming in a second, they are babies in pregnant mom that need to take care) !!

  • What’s up wuth u

    I’m reading this Blog for as long as DotA 2 is developed and srsly, the guys postign here (trolling or not) are just a fucking joke.

    Dont flame about cosmetics they have pretty much nothing to do with valve.
    How can u dare crying about the new content, if u want weekly shitupdates can u go pay Riot instead.
    And even if they are slow, they have a fucking live, you should be happy that Valvepeople have a nice Athmosphere to work in so let them do their job in a way the probarbly can enjoy it, where joy is thing you guys dotn even have here. For a overall better palce supoort what u like and stop talking epic ammounts of bullshit. TU ;D

  • Crazydave

    I say we all go to strike…. I wont play dota 2 until they relese new hero

  • Kraivo

    Techies, 2018

  • Shrivedh Singh

    I seriously think most of the complainers are trolls. Give me pudge/invoker/mirana wars and I’ll be happy. Hell, I bet that’ll keep the community busy for long enough that they won’t even complain about heroes for another month or two.

  • Ershin

    The thing that worries me about this minimal progress we appear to be seeing is that Valve only even works on shit for the game for like 8-9 months out of the year. the other 3-4 months are dedicated to doing shit for The International. and then the vacation following it. so it feels a bit sad that in the somewhat limited time they have to be churning out a bunch of progress towards their newly released game, they appear to be just resting on their laurels.

  • Koko

    i just want techies and terrorblade the old old heros and I’ll be happy even if the rest take 10 years ;( and WHERE THE FUCK IS DM, can’t be so fucking hard considering nothing is being done

  • Nos

    Dead game. Valve too lazy to work on something concrete. Next 20 patches will be “updated localization files”.

  • 14/88

    Does your pathetic apology mean that nowadays the Valve shitters are working exclusively on one hero? Because not so long ago it wasn’t like that and there were different people working on different heroes.

    The problem I have with all of that is the fact we were promised Tresdin long before this shitty game dropped its beta tag.
    The problem I have with all that is the fact as of today LE BASED VALVE guys are working only on one fucking hero at a time and that means that the fucking roster will be finished by the time we are already burnt out of the faggotry valve pulls out.

  • Ancore

    I just can´t see so many bugfixes that it will be worth of so many weeks of empty updates.

  • Pedrini

    Fuck lazy ass valve

  • aneper

    cyborgmatt = icefrog, ded gaem disband volvo pls worst pinoy doto kappa thank you

  • Harry_Boiii

    Ok look.

    The main problem here is that valve had PLENTY of time of working on RELEVANT content such as new heroes and bugfixes, but instead they made holidayevents that noone asked for in a game that at the time was closed beta. I see people every day ask for a new hero, techies here, techies there, and instead we got things like diretide and the greeveling, when there was still alot of work left on the ACTUAL GAME. And personaly i do not care for cosmetics or whatever, att all infact, sorry guys. I know that things take time developing a game, but it takes even more time if you make such things as the holidayevents, wich was in my eyes irrelevant beyond measure.

    My point being, valve, if anyone of you are reading this- when people found out that you were going to make Dota 2, they expected dota 2, not Diretide and not The greeveling either. The game involves heroes, and there are still some left, along with bugfixes ofc. And in my opinion, prioritize the hero being playable rather than the hero being able to wear a nice hat…

    I dont think youre a ded company and I dont think you should disband. Ifact, I like your work alot. I play dota 2 alot, and have played dota 1 for a long while now, since i was a little kid. I am not ignorant, I understand, as I said before, that making things such as a new hero or a bugfix consumes alot of time. But so does holidayevents…that noone wanted in the first place…in a game that was closed beta…with yet to be released content waiting to be released…

    Make the game- not things such as the holidayevents. And cosmetics can wait in my honest opinion. Thank you.


    • Ershin

      i agree with the parts about the holiday events. they spent months upon months developing that bullshit that nobody really even wanted to play, they forced themselves for the rewards. they were nowhere near as fun as the game. the bit about the cosmetics i dont entirely agree with though. most of that is being done by independent people doing it for fun/money. all Valve has to do is throw their work into a patch, thats not really taking away time from other progress.

      I think the most annoying thing to me right now is we havent seen a single shred of progress towards Legion Commander in like 3 months. before that there was about 2 months of work being done on her. i cant wrap my mind around it. this hero better be a bit of incredible if it is taking this long. it better be the most amazing looking hero of all time.

      One can only hope that there is a ton of shit happening on a bunch of heroes at once that they just arent putting into their patches for Matt to find. maybe they dont want us to know what they have complete so they can surprise us with one big hero dump or some shit

    • Magnus Ahlström

      Well the game is free to play. Valve makes money from the cosmetics. So for valve to fiance making the game they need to be able to sell cosmetics. So if you wan’t more heroes more servers, then you need to get the cosmetics. Its all about buisness.

      About the holiday events yes no one was counting on them. But it sure was fun that something happand. And shame on valve for doing something that they will enjoy?? and so did many players aswell.

      Parhaps they where still working on other heroes aswell (might be different teams doing stuff, and it was “extras” that did the holiday event, well I don’t know parhaps you do?)

      I would also like to give a BIG THANKS!! to valve for making a good game, and take all the time you need to get it good before you relise it, better to make it well and take longer!.

      • Harry_Boiii

        Yes , I understand that valve makes money from the cosmetics, and they need the money to make the game, I got that part. But to be frank…it’s getting a little bit out of hand.

        And about the holidayevents- wether people liked it or not is irrelevant, my point being that they shouldnt have happened in the first place. Ofc I am glad for those people who managed to enjoy them, but still- it doesnt really matter here.

        • Magnus Ahlström

          Your point is that YOU think they should make a “complete” game first. And I say if they do fun stuff in the middle of the process I am okay with that since I think its fun and a part of a “complete” game. Thats why it matters here.

          About getting out of hand, I don’t know how many items are made by valve now, I think most are from users that are talanted att creating items and they make a lot of money from it. As long as the hero is easy to recognice and sticks to its “lore” then I am fine with it. You don’t have to buy everything if you don’t like it you know :)

          • Harry_Boiii

            All I have to say to that is this:

            The problem I have with the holidayevents is not that I thought they were boring, irrelevant pieces of shit. The problem here is that dota is an existing game here, with pre-existing content, that valve should put all their efforts in making, otherwise they are not making THE GAME, are they? The holidayevents are NOT dota, as Imentioned before, therfore they should not have been made. Hell, I could have thought them to be the best things on the fucking planet, but in the long run it doesn’t matter, because their job…is…to…make…Dota!

            And about the cosmetics, don’t you think theres enough heroes, where it is possible to make cosmetics to? Don’t you think that it is a better idea to release the goddamn hero, and after a while, when it is absolutely needed, THEN make it possible for people to make cosmetics to it? Are they really that desperate???

            I don’t know it just doesn’t make any sence…

          • The Voice of Reason

            Lol, that is exactly my point. They are making DOTA 2, so get heroes from DOTA made. Or call it Heroes of Legends or World of Cosmetics then. Its not dota untill the heroes is there.

      • Harry_Boiii

        Also, remember how we got FREE items because of the holidayevents? You know, the thing that valve makes money from so that they can make the game…

        Get it? No, neither do I…

        • Magnus Ahlström

          and remember how they stop giving away free items after?. I understand it, if they give items for free ppl get hooked. Thats why you get items on every lvl aswell I guess. And why some items can only come from specific places, as in chests etc.

  • jkhjkh

    Wc3 maps where phenomenal, will be waiting for dota 2 custom maps.

  • Sir Wankalot

    fuck you volvo

  • wasd

    I see there’s many people that came up with this before I did, but still:

    TECHIES 2015, not kidding.

  • PelleParafin

    Cyborgmatt paid by Valve to write that apologist essay at the end?

  • skraal

    Thats very good and all, but we r still sad because we got no heroes in many months. So the last hero will be released liie, 1year after the previous? fuck this..

  • Jackman

    Cosmetics! Bloody Useless! Gameplay is needed to be focused on now.

    • Jackman

      But Valve needs to take time for it to happen so we can’t blame them and do you know how hard it is to fix bugs in games.

  • Phil


  • KingRaven

    When will you fix matchmaking? Shouldn’t it be a priority to have an algorithm that doesn’t turn every other game into a stomp rather than add new hats?

  • Svetlana

    Cyborgmatt, will all promotional items from tickets become genuine tags soon?
    Or is this intended?

  • TraderRager

    You can’t fix bugs for heroes who haven’t been added…

  • AxtoN

    At least we got information about this shit , thanks Matt

  • DrKramshaw

    Thanks for the update Matt and I appreciate your comment about new hero releases… I think the community (myself included) is going a bit stir crazy focusing on them. We do have a great game, but we also like new toys…

    “Over the past few patches we have had a number of updates to the cloth
    physics to heroes such as Lina….to prevent them for getting stuck/stiffening on the model.”

    Unfortunately the recent update actually made Lina’s skirt entirely fixed :( Not entirely sure what it was like before since I don’t play her, but yeah.

  • nobodylikesme

    ded gaem

  • asdasd

    mini games? Axe heroes siege? hihi

  • Dood

    Ascendant Orb — A useless item that looks shiny.

    More particles on sets — Most people don’t buy item sets all the time, so why do they keep doing it.
    Useless crap like that is the reason why heroes are down to 1 per 1-2 months.

  • aaaaaaaaaa

    cyborgmatt is a fat piece of shit like his idol gabe newell

    • Barry Lo

      nobody feed this troll okay? don’t even vote down or anything. don’t make eye contact.

  • chriS

    is there a HQ of that pic (hitchhiking naix + bara)

  • Techies

    I feel sorry for IceFrog, No matter how good Dota 2 is and no matter how superior it is over LoL, Dota 2 will never get ahead of LoL because this fucking company called Valve doesn’t give Dota 2 the time and work it deserves.

  • adada

    It’s over, Vulvu is finished

  • Not a noob

    Predictions For The Next Hero – cyborgmatt = Icefrog.

  • nevernevernevermore

    i hope they fix the shop bug.. too annoying

  • Elyetis

    not wanting to begin a war on valve or anything, but “the speed in that specific area will most likely slow down a little” seems quite an understatement given the last 5 month.

  • John Carter

    This is getting ridiculous, no new heroes STILL?

    Back to League, you can have your shitty couriers.

  • Rotick

    dat damage control at the end lol

  • K1ra

    I honestly prefer having 2 heroes a week even if they’re buggy. Those bugs aren’t a freakin’ big deal anyways: if they’re great bugs, they can be easily fixed, if they’re minor bugs, no1 cares if they don’t get into CM!!!

    • Harry_Boiii

      Amen to that brother!

  • Andronix

    I once knew a company that slowed their hero releases with the same purpose, it is called S2Games, now their game is crap. dunno if it’s related, i just wrote it here. hi ents

  • Harry_Boiii

    I am seriously concerned about the “other cool things”-part. Remember last time valve worked on “other cool things”? Those “COOL things” ended up being the infamous holidayevents.

    Valve, stop it. Make the game- not “COOL things”…

  • A

    So how many people actually give a damn about workshop support on realease for heroes? I certainly do not!

    • Harry_Boiii

      AMEN to THAT brother!

  • Someone

    I’m honestly starting to think that Valve is switching resources to other projects, because they got what they wanted from DOTA 2. I don’t think they’re going to abandon it, but this explanation of slower updates makes much more sense to me than “we’re working on bug fixes”. There are about 3 to 5 gameplay bugs fixed per update and none of them were about the matchmaking system. That is not as much work as making 3-4 heroes at the same time, which is what they did before updates became nothing, but cosmetics.


    If they are so busy with the bug fixes, why do I see many people d/c at the same time (from different teams). It has happened a lot with me. And no they don’t rage quit, because they either never reconnect or reconnect almost at the same moment. D/c’s and crashes are much more frequent recently. Damn, whole servers have been going down lately. It didn’t happen to me as much, but I saw it with other players. I can’t confirm this, but I heard the Russian server is suffering the most from it.

  • DeepSpaceBass

    Jesus christ that shit at the end. You’re a fucking Valvedrone, Matt.

  • Yuuki

    What a lot of bullshit. You don’t need to get butthurt defending valve’s lazyness about not interested of updating anything related to new hero since legion’s commander last patch on june 19.

  • zxc

    Matt aren’t you sick of these unappreciative kids who are always saying dead game?

    • Techies


  • TimoN

    Хоть текстурами бы порадовали. Жадины !

  • Totalsito

    Add the self host :(

  • danny

    Cyborgmatt just want to know if you will add bat rider genuine mount Effects in the next update cause compare to other genuine items his very normal… i hope you answer my Question.

    • Barry Lo

      um… i don’t think he works at valve. He doesn’t do what you think he does.

  • faggotretard


    • Techies

      custom maps

  • Ricardo Ayurai

    sry volve but is not an excuse, in same time other companies can create entire games nd u have trouble with simple heroes?

  • Direclaw

    Then they should release the heroes with a shitload of bugs, no fancy animations, and not ready for workshop, because no one gives a fuck about any of those things. This game is about heroes, not hats.

    They are taking 6 times longer to release each hero THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. They clearly abandoned the game and sent the team to work on another project. The team is probably developing half life 3 or something.

  • Direclaw
  • rainfallis

    Please people. Stop complaining. It’s not like valve is sitting on their asses masturbating (or maybe they are..). Be more appreciative that icefrog and valve worked together to produce a superb game that is free to play. Be grateful that they are actually listening to people’s opinions, and hence why I am very thankful that they are looking into implementing custom game features. I missed the good old uther party, sheep tag, tree tag, pudge/mirana/sf wars, pass the bomb, maze of porn… run kitty run, tower defense and many more.

    • Techies

      Did your chin touch valve’s balls yet?

      • Srour.

        i love you Techies.

  • kvzpower

    LC will be added right after hl3 release

  • امیرحسین

    خیلی ممنون مت. زحمت زیادی برای دوتابازان میکشی.
    Translated: Thanks, Matt. You’re doing a lot for our dota community,

  • LightBulb of House

    Welp Diablo 3 here I come

  • budwing

    It’s not nice you know about some things and don’t share them. I found out myself that custom maps are coming a few weeks ago. See
    It seems you are purposefully hiding things. Why?

    • L3ros

      Did you even read the damn thing?

      He mentions it at the end.

      • budwing

        Did you even read my post? The linked forum post is from 8/24. Also he only mentions it in the hero prediction, absolutely no details, like custom game modes, difficulties.

  • L3ros

    I don’t care about the new hero, I just want them to get rid of the russians.

  • Sleepy

    they could have done this after releasing legion commander instead of giving more crappy cosmetics items….very disappointed!!!

  • Tired of idiots

    The last thing I want to see in dota2 is the damn Techies… what I want to see is sth done about match making and getting teamed up with idiots and teaming up with very lower lvl players … and please make sth that stop two idiots report you and you go to LP !!!
    Oh yeah, above all: keep the damn russians (russian speaking) in the russia server, why they are in west europe sever ruining the damn game ???

    • lala

      dont forget the brazilians too

  • Guest

    WHAT is with these patches?No bug fixes,no progress on heroes,nothing.Just tournament tickets,CHESTS,and cosmetic items.They don’t even make the cosmetic items…I wonder what Valve actually DOES?

  • Guest

    Do you know whats the best way to fix bad reputation in

    Fix matchmaking.

  • JulianC

    Do you know whats the best way to fix bad reputation in

    improve matchmaking.

  • OmgWhere’stheHeroes?

    do people honestly care that heroes will come workshop ready? seriously? cmon… How can you honestly call a game “released” when a batch of heroes from the ORIGINAL dota aren’t even released yet?

  • Wolf

    I don’t believe this. Probably, no one will read this at all, but having all heroes with cosmetic items is not so important to the players. We’d rather have all heroes to pick from ingame than having less heroes that are able to look shinier. Add heroes first, make them shine and shout later. We just want to play DotA

  • Peepee

    Why complain here, on a countent analasys page, rather than on valves community about the patches, update priority, etc? People are silly

  • Martin Melka

    Personally, I don’t care if heroes are not present in Workshop. It’s just cosmetic. The game is not about ZOMG HATS (hey TF2), it’s about the gameplay itself. So, less particles, less SHINY!!, less cosmetics and more dynamics, yay?…

  • adada

    Just port Techies and i am happy

  • Toto

    I wish as community dev, the possibility for making new heroes instead only cosmetics..

    • adadaidiot

      Yeah! The devs that code the game TOTALLY waste their time making cosmetics instead of the fucking artists devs that are in charge of that! Also the comunity doesnt produce any cosmetics!
      /sarcasm off

      • Elyetis

        you should /learn_to_read on

        • adadaidiot

          /dumbass you dont make sense on/off/fuckyou

  • Vorphalack

    o hope techies will come in the next hero update….. i can`t fucking play that shitty wc3 to pick techies… i`m waiting week by week since 2 years :(

  • hats

    So the reason were NOT going to get the hero’s we miss and love comes down to “hats”… “[H] keys [W] pudgehok!sendmesssgae!” ~ Dota 2.

  • preshlen

    first time of 2 years playing dota i can prudly say – valve are becoming douches…

  • Eck

    Cyborgmatt, it’s alright that valve is taking their time creating these new maps and new heroes but can you please update the unrelease hero status so we know that they are actually working on it…also i just wanna see what’s going on with Legion Commander ya know?

  • suka

    Fuck Volvo, dead game , all players go on strike don’t play dota 2 until they release new hero . FUCK YOU VULVA

  • angry mob

    Fuck Volvo, dead game , all players go on strike don’t play dota 2 until they release new hero . FUCK YOU VULVA. SUKA IDI NAHUY PIDARAS

  • outraged

    Fuck Volvo, dead game , all players go on strike don’t play dota 2 until they release new hero. CYBORGMATT IS A VOLVO WHORE,

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  • CYborgmattMUstDIE6

    blog , fucking shit, and go suck gabe newels cock , you fat cuckold. DEAD GAME….. YOU WANT?’t MORE MONEY YOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT

  • Valvefails

    Why don’t they complete the core game before working on stupid shit like fantasy leagues? It’s cool to give new features and things, but how the fuck are we going to talk about custom game support when Valve can’t even get the core game done. We only got about 12 more heroes to be added, time to step up and get it done and then worry about these other features. They’ll keep making excuses though because making heroes makes them no money.

  • Meh

    Too much complain from the noobs. Why not play LOL. They release heroes every month i guess.

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    So when did Cyborgmatt get hired to be Valve’s PR man? We all know Valve is actually pulling a fast one on the community so they don’t have to work on the game and just rake in the cash.

    They have the community make the hats, they have the community test the bugs, and all they have to do is finish the fucking game and host the servers. They’ve already failed 50% of their job and the other 50% ranges from good to trash.

  • Anonymous

    Cyborgmatt, you fuck, you aren’t part of Valve. Just because you got a shitty courier in-game and can dissect patches doesn’t mean you’re a Valve employee. You’re making excuses for Valve like they own you, and you fucking know they’re just trying to milk the game at this point. You mention that they’re working on the heroes and that they need to patch the old heroes, but we haven’t had ANY bug fixes or hero progress, nothing, just more hats. Every fucking patch is hats, and you’re excusing Valve because you think you’re a Valve employee, indebted to Valve. This last four months, we have had TWO heroes. and they both look like trash compared to the rest. ET is just a design clusterfuck, like they couldn’t figure out what direction to take his design, and he lacks personality.. And Abaddon’s design is very uninspired, ontop of having no character, like ET. Not only this, but at release, he had a lot of clipping with his sword. Last year, we had 16 characters in 4 months, all of them had their own personalities, good designs, and minimal bugs came with them, and we had plenty of bug fixes. But now, it’s very clear where Valve’s focus has gone. There are currently over 750 bugs known, and 100 are gamebreaking (i.e., Towers have the wrong BAT, Melee heroes being able to ignore range under certain circumstances, Neg armor is calculated incorrectly, Astral Imprisonment not returning the mana it burns on cast, etc.) which Valve cannot be bothered to fix because they’re making hats. This is the laziness you are covering up for, Cyborgmatt, and there is no real excuse.

    • Harry_Boiii


      Could’nt have said it better myself. Cheers!

  • john

    Please tell me they are going to make a Troll vs elfs map in dota 2!!That would be amazing.