Dota 2 26th September Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s patch has deployed straight to the main client introducing the new Emerald Polycount Collection Chest along with a number of other changes.

Puncha Puncha Puncha!

Front End Changes

Hero Material Updates

We have some more tweaks to Phantom Assassin’s new face.

Phantom Assassin’s Materials

SFM Model Viewer Shot


Cosmetic Item Particle Updates

We also have a number of particle updates for existing cosmetic items.

Anti-Mage’s Particles

Anti-Mage has had his Arc Manta’s particle effect updated again.


Brewmaster’s Particles

Brewmaster’s Aghanim’s Basher weapon has a new particle effect in the files, it currently isn’t hooked up in game yet.


Nature’s Prophet’s Particles

Three of Nature’s Prophet’s staffs have been updated with particle effects.

Enchanted Manglewood Staff



Woodland Outcast Staff



Nature’s Grip Staff



Emerald Polycount Collection Chest


The contents of the Emerald Polycount chest has been added in this patch and the key is now available on the store.


Item Loot List

The potential cosmetic items that can found in this Treasure Chest are the following:

Centaur’s Items



Chaos Knight’s Items




Enchantress` Items



Kunkka’s Items




The Tidebringer effect will drop coins.


Necrolyte’s Items




Phantom Lancer’s Items



Pudge’s Items



Pugna’s Items





Slardar’s Items




Tidehunter’s Items



Tusk’s Items





Warlock’s Items




Unusual Couriers

The potential unusual couriers that can be unboxed from this new Treasure Chest and granted with the new unusual Polycount effect are the following:

  • Nimble Ben
  • Kupu the Metamorpher
  • Porcine Princess Penelope
  • The Llama Llama
  • Itsy
  • Snelfret the Snail
  • Captain Bamboo
  • Snowl
  • Mok
  • Blotto and Stick
  • Tinkbot
  • Alphid of Lecaciida
  • Waldi the Faithful
  • Arnabus the Fairy Rabbit
Unusual Effect




League Passes Updates

We have a couple of updates to the existing tickets with one of them getting a new courier bundle.

WPC-ACE Dota 2 League

The league pass image for the WPC-ACE League has been updated with some new art.


“The World E-Sports Professional Classic is a brand new international event supported by Shanghai Sports Federation and Jingrui Properties Group.”

Old Artwork


Baekho & Nexon Sponsorship League Bundle

The Nexon Sponsorship League ticket comes bundled with a new courier called Baekho.


“Starting in Sep 28th 2013, the Nexon Sponsorship League will span three seasons with a total of KRW 300 million(USD 270k) worth of sponsorship funding. Watch the top team matches of Season 1.”

Baekho Courier

“From the west, the White Tiger came, as the leaves grew golden in the Fall and the first touch of frost cut like steel through the mountain air. Strength and bravery are Baekho’s gifts, delivered with a growl alongside your items.”


Standard Courier



Flying Courier



League Passes Update #2 (27th September)

We have had a second update to the main client this week that has added a number of additional league passes into the game.

Megalodon Cup Season 1

“The Megalodon Cup features the top 8 teams from Brazil competing for a total prize of R$1,000!”

Rising Stars Dota League

“Rising Stars is a tournament featuring 16 total teams. 8 teams are invited (4 from Brazil and 4 from South America) and 8 more from a qualifier). The top 4 teams for 2 groups of 8 teams will compete for a total prize of $500.00!”

AMD Dota 2 Beginner’s Challenge

“Nexon presents the AMD Dota 2 Beginner’s Challenge league, a series of weekly online tournaments open for amateur teams in Korea. Each team competes weekly to win prizes sponsored by AMD! The event will begin on Oct 5, 2013 and run for three months including the grand finals at each month’s end.”

Fengyun Tournament

“This year’s Fengyun Tournament features grassroots teams competing against top Asian Dota 2 powerhouses for a prize pool of 100,000 RMB.”

Electronic Sports Prime Dota 2 Cup

“Six invited teams and two qualifier teams face off for glory and $2,000 USD. Featuring Dignitas, Liquid,, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, and Menace!”

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

The Store Banner strings have been updated with a fresh set featuring the items from the new Polycount Treasure Chest.

    "StoreBanner_Header_Emerald_Polycount_Key"      "Emerald Polycount Key"
    "StoreBanner_Text_Emerald_Polycount_Key"      "Dreams made reality by the craftsmen of Polycount."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_EyeofNiuhi"      "Eye of Niuhi"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_EyeofNiuhi"      "One eye becomes many. Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_MeadowsMercy"      "Meadow's Mercy"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_MeadowsMercy"      "Death in a shady glen. Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_ShadowBrand"      "Shadow Brand"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_ShadowBrand"      "Branded to kill with chaos. Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_PlunderoftheHighSeas"      "Plunder of the High Seas"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_PlunderoftheHighSeas"      "Pillage with plunder! Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_KrakensBane"      "Kraken's Bane"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_KrakensBane"      "Seafarers will quake in their shoes! Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_GrievousGrapnel"      "Grievous Grapnel"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_GrievousGrapnel"      "Come and get it! Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_LamentsoftheDead"      "Laments of the Dead"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_LamentsoftheDead"      "All you'll need to harvest souls. Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_TridentoftheDeepOne"      "Trident of the Deep One"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_TridentoftheDeepOne"      "Three points to keep in mind. Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_StaffofInfernalChaos"      "Staff of Infernal Chaos"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_StaffofInfernalChaos"      "A tree grows in hell... Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_ShatteredAxeoftheVanquished"      "Shattered Axe of the Vanquished"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_ShatteredAxeoftheVanquished"      "You should see the other guy! Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_AshbornHorns"      "Ashborn Horns"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_AshbornHorns"      "It's Nether here nor there. Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."
    "StoreBanner_Header_EmeraldPolycount_FrozenSteinoftheBarBrawler"      "Frozen Stein of the Bar Brawler"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EmeraldPolycount_FrozenSteinoftheBarBrawler"      "Hoist 'em high! Found only in the Emerald Polycount Collection."

The new Nexon courier Baekho will have a games viewed attribute for the Nexon Sponsorship League.

    "Attrib_Nexon_Sponsorship_League"    "Nexon Sponsorship League"

Back End UI Changes

A minor UI update in this week’s patch.

Suspension Notification

We have a UI change to the chat Scaleform panel which will serve as the home for the suspension notification for those who trigger a VAC ban.


    "DOTA_Suspension_Title"                      "Dota 2 Account Suspended"
    "DOTA_Suspension_Desc"                      "You've been suspended from Dota 2 after external tools attached to Dota 2 were detected by the Valve Anti-Cheat system. This suspension will end on %s1."

Item Drop List Updates

We have so more updates to the item drop list.

Common Item Drops

-“Belt of the Conquering Tyrant”

-“Bracers of the Conquering Tyrant”

-“Bracers of the Moon Rider”

-“Braided Tail of the Conquering Tyrant”

-“Claw of the Ancient Sovereign”

-“Ogre’s Caustic Steel Bracers”

-“Penumbral Crest”

-“Vambraces of the Battle Caster”

-“Young Alchemist’s Knot”

Rare Item Drops

-“Bow of the Moon Rider”

-“Death Mask of the Conquering Tyrant”

-“Jewel of Futures Foretold”

-“Ogre’s Caustic Steel Blinders”

-“Pauldrons of the Battle Caster”

-“Penumbral Hood”

-“Penumbral Warblade”

-“Plates of the Battle Caster”

-“Sandworn Visage of the Ancient Sovereign”

-“Vestigial Wings of the Ancient Sovereign”

Mythical Item Drops

-“Andalmere the Litigon”

-“Bridle of the Fundamental”

Other Changes

We have some other minor changes introduced in this patch.

Scaleform Font Config

The Scaleform Font config has a new additional font which is a Simplified Chinese font (Microsoft YaHei).


  "tchinese" [$WIN32]
    // using system fonts
    "fontlib"  ""
    // * each exported font name must contain two keys
    // * "font" which is the name of the font as defined in the fontlib swf
    // * "style"  which should be one of "normal" "bold" "italic" or "bolditalic"
      "font" "Microsoft YaHei"
      "style" "Regular"
      "font" "Microsoft YaHei"
      "style" "Regular"
      "font" "Microsoft YaHei"
      "style" "Regular"
      "font" "Microsoft YaHei"
      "style" "Regular"

Soundscapes Update

The soundscapes for a number of the Dire areas have had their base loop and pit loop sound effect volume increase.

  "dsp"  "1"
  "fadetime" ".7"

    "volume"  ".15"
    "pitch"    "100"
    "wave"    "ambient/soundscapes/dire_base_loop_01.wav"
    "volume"  "1"
    "pitch"    "100"
    "wave"    "ambient/soundscapes/dire_spawn_loop_01.wav"
    "origin"  "6995.042969, 6946.560547, 759.680054;"
    "soundlevel"   "SNDLVL_84dB"

    "name" "dire.random.shakers"
    "volume" ".6"



Particles Update

Jakiro’s Particles


We have a number of new particle effects for Jakiro’s unreleased Ice Melt taunt.






Predictions For The Next Hero

To be continued...

  • Saad Salam

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      • Balanoglossus

        Terrorblade is Magina’s brother, he would never be like that.

      • Gull

        Xin will most likely be before Terrorblade, considering that Wraith King is Skeleton King for Chinese

        • Kamchatka

          “It is believed in depths that Kings are not born, but made.” <— meaning that Terrorblade is ACTUALLY Wraith King (for copyright purposes, much like Outworld Devourer)

      • BallsackBludgeoner

        And if you look closely at the bottom part,

        “And a long long changlog.”

    • sanat
      • Daniel Rodrigues

        this is true or fake?

        • wolffire2023

          it’s fake i know this because wraith king isn’t a new hero or a hero at all actually it’s suppose to be the new dire tide boss. which tells me this image is fake because it’s calling him a hero when he isn’t.

        • wolffire2023

          not to mention valve isn’t lazy like this guy and they would actually write the whole change log not just “and a long changelog”

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  • Mickey Nguyen

    is this really all the content for 350 mb update

    • Mrleblanc101 [3900+ post]

      much much code optimization and bug fixing… what did you expect ?!

      • Mickey Nguyen

        the bug fix already content in first blood patch

        • Mrleblanc101 [3900+ post]

          gjg genius… they make bug fix in every single update ! 100mb new content, 200mb of bug fix… the game is not actually 300mb bigger ! the new content make the game bigger but the bug fixing only replace old code so the game is roughly the same size as it was

          • Mickey Nguyen

            so if they do where is the change log like blood patch has?

          • Mrleblanc101 [3900+ post]

            are you rrt*rded ?! cyborgmatt explain the changes in the game ! he never say/explain the bug fix…. just go see the complete changelog on the dota 2 website………..

          • Mickey Nguyen

            ohm sure u are smart guy or u can give me the exactly changelog link from dota 2 website pls

          • Mrleblanc101 [3900+ post]

            the changelog has not been uploaded yet to the website (
            they only upload it for stable release and this is only a test release ! dotawiki doesn’t have the complete changelog yet

          • Mickey Nguyen

            wow this is to big

            – Fixed recasting a higher level of Enfeeble only refreshing the existing duration without upgrade the stats
            – Fixed Epicenter not slowing attack speed by 10

            – Fixed Timbersaw’s body blade not rendering properly.
            – You will no longer see other player’s -commands (like -ping).
            – adjusted cloth settings for Witchdoctor and Lion

            – Added experimental Player Perspective Directed mode. Turn on by selecting player perspective and setting dota_spectator_directed_player_perspective to 1.

            – Add audio for cheese usage.
            – Fix FoW interactions on QoP and AM blink.

            it has to take 350 mb =))

          • Mrleblanc101 [3900+ post]

            you’re even more st*pid then i though… that’s the september 6th changelog ! like said, valve only upload changelog of stale release and not testing release ! also this does not include the bigfix but only the front end changes…. here is the complete one: http://dota2.gamepedia(.)com/September_06,_2013_Patch

  • volvo idioto

    fuck this shit.. stop releasing new chest and start making new hero! we are playing dota, not playing with your fucking chests.

    • RAMBO!

      people like you don’t have the rights to say what valve have to do.
      you can’t create a hero in a snap. you have to model, code, and lots of works to do. without this chest/keys/cosmemetics. where would valve take money. Just thank the people who pays for the game!

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    Half-Life 3 Confirmed.

  • capawesome

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  • Guinsoo

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  • cvsvdfvdfvf

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    1 hero in 4 months
    thousands of bug fixes
    dead game

  • DubEET

    polycount items are so bad, no one will buy that shit.

    Also, 350 mb for this? I’m calling it, dead in 1 year, tops.

    • AirbornStudios

      You don’t have to buy anything, so why so angry? let the people who want to buy communitymade items buy them and just play your clean original dota :)

    • slxdegrees

      Dead game. HAHAHAH you’re aware that DotA has been around since 2003 right.

      • mastertrole2013

        Dota =/= Dota 2.

        Please check your facts before trolling and embarrasing yourself in public. Conclusion: Dota 2 is a dead game. Im going to install League of legends

        • Gussygoose

          League of Legends? Bad Graphics. An obvious DoTA clone. Not from Icefrog. I rather play the one from Icefrog himself..

  • Dook

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  • Horis

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  • Miguel Love

    Nice,please more HATZ updates,tell them just to keep adding new hats and especialy not to fix hatz we already have ingame,that is very important to tell them.Just more hatz !!

  • Mary Trollins

    It’s only been about two and a half months since the last hero release, Abaddon. I’m pretty patient, but even now I’m kind of tired of nothing but chests and cosmetics and a pretty useless PA update. Looks too cutesie in my opinion. If there is going to be new items, at least make some for heroes who have none. The game won’t be dead like most of these people are whining about, but players will be irritated.

    • AirbornStudios

      there are just many, many heros which are not modable yet, this is the major reason why people in the workshop always pick the same “few” heroes. Some need to get updated, others might change entirely, so making everyone modable might result in a lot of rework, or throwing away community made items.

      • Mary Trollins

        I’m aware a few aren’t able to be modded yet. I guess some of my favorite heroes are the ones that aren’t, so items for the other ones over and over just makes me sad. I hope they fix this soon so the workshop can pump them out. I still have my fingers crossed for a double-hero release…eventually.

      • fREDlig

        AirbornStudios: Get out! You don’t belong here! This is where we whine about new items and giggle at nicknames like Volvo. Reasonable intelligent people please stay away!

    • equsix

      it’s getting boring.
      if Volvo still doesn’t release any hero in October then it is a dead game indeed.
      it’s just too tiring to see cosmetic items and no hero release.
      stupid VOLVO not completing the hero roster until 2014 or maybe 2015.

      • Mary Trollins

        It won’t be dead. Many people play and enjoy it without the new heroes.

      • Catkillerfive

        Please note that there are still made compleatly new heroes for DotA to this date. Nerif the oracle and the Earth Spirit is just a recent example. Go to the playdota forum and take a look yourself.

      • Z

        I really don’t understand people like you. What if Valve just released all the heroes missing right now? You’d be entertained for a day, Maybe a week and, Then the game would be basically “Dead” again and, this time you /know/ that there’s not going to be another hero coming. Is that really better in your opinion?

        • ptm

          I really don’t understand people like YOU. They are NOT new heroes. They are valve’s promise since the start of it all: to deliver the same dota.

          • Z

            I never said they were new, I said missing; As in not in the game currently but coming eventually. I don’t recall Valve agreeing to some kind of deadline that all the heroes needed to be imported by so, I’m not seeing any sort of broken promises here.
            You’re just impatient, And apparently need to get better reading comprehension skills.

        • Truthbringer

          What will be? We will have FULL COMPLETE dota we waiting for, the one that have ALL heroes from dota 1, ALL that SHOULD be there in the first place. We dont want for hero updates because they are new and exciting, we want them to complete dota 2.

      • MickJ

        I need you to not be such a nancy ass faggot.

    • dajiang

      Too cutesie? PA looks human and more feminine now. It’ll piss off all the uppity feminist white girls, so that’s a plus

      • mastertrole2013

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    300mb of hats… Vulva can’t even allocate resources and focus on rolling out heroes…

  • Michael Botha

    Who needs new heroes when we got items, amirite?

    • Mikuri

      new hats won’t always be that good.
      actually it’s getting boring now since they can’t even release Legion Commander or any hero.
      fuck Valve and their plans for completing the hero roster until 2014.

      • 11genesis

        Im pretty sure that vlave is doing their best to satisfy all of the community, when the new heroes are released they dont want it to be broken. And valve isnt the one that decides when it comes out it icefrog. You guys complain waaaay too much. The game wont be dead bevause a new hero isnt released, all the heroes will be released eventually, you guys are just so impatient, cant wait for anything. People actually enjoy the release of new items and cosmetics (me not included). Just be patient and it will come sooner or later, The game wont be dead without it, there is still a lot of fun with the + -100 heroes that are released.

        • Techies

          Shut the fuck up drone.

          • disqus_f54gXCE0CD

            don’t be a bitch, you are just as much a drone as he is!

        • Gussygoose

          I agree with you. Those “hats” are made by the community, valve just adding it on request. Valve could just spamming stupid new heroes if they want, just like LoL, but they pursue quality over quantity.

  • klemen1702

    mmmm more items for heroes that have plenty mmm cant wait to buy them all and than never use them mmm just need them all mmm yea i dont need a new hero or anything just items for heroes that have plenty JESUS VALVE im pretty patient but hell wtf give us something already :(

  • LOL best game ever

    1 more month of no new hero and i call ded gem

  • lol

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  • Andoks Manok PH

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  • Gamezoned1

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  • Typhox

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    • Techies

      Phoenix is a chicken? What the fuck are you saying? It’s a fucking DUEL and it’s been a DUEL for 2 months now

      • Typhox

        lol I was just joking. But Phoenix was often called KFC in DotA 1

  • Praisebeicefrog

    Legion Commander next week can’t wait!

  • Catkillerfive

    I really hate it when people don’t realise that Valve take little to no efford making the cosmetic items since we (The community) do it for them. There is a reason why there is something called Steam Workshop xD
    I’m sure most of the Valve Staff is working hard on remaking all the original heroes and porting them to DotA 2.
    but then again, the recent announcment of SteamOS and the speculations that HL2E3/HL3 is at out doorstem then… yeah.

  • Techies

    It’s been a month since I’ve convinced my self and a whole bunch of friends to stop buying from the Dota 2 store, That’s at least $500, Not a single dollar till Valve earn their paycheck from this game.

  • Danil

    another 300 mb hat patch so i cant play in the 1 hour freetime i have today.
    GJ VOLVO dota ded gaem…

  • Jade Z

    What if all the 300mb+ updates patched in heroes but Volvo managed to hide them deep inside the client without letting us random them by coincidence and will release like 5 heroes on christmas…

  • musti

    hope i see lc or teachis

  • Enix

    Just wondering if will they be updating the LAN mode to be able to launch in offline mode? Because the current LAN mode still requires you to connect to the internet as you can’t create lobby/ find lobby in offline mode which seems to defeat the purpose of LAN mode

    • Catkillerfive

      The purpose of LAN mode (In DotA 2 as I’ve understood it) is that people can play with eachother with a very minimal delay without the reliance of the servers like EU west.
      I’m playing on EU-West and I have 80-100 ping (Used to be less before Ti3) when I normaly have 40-50 playing on servers from the Netherlands (EU-West Steamplay servers are in Luxemburg, I’d also like to mention that 1000 ping=1 Sec delay). If you have lan you can have up to 0 delay.
      I also want to mention that if you are connected to DotA 2 networks and then turn of your routher or disconnect your internet then you can still play offline with bots. I haven’t tested it yet but you should also be abkle to play LAN aswel. Try looking up the Q&A on DotA 2 LAN.

  • MadJackal

    just horrible. 300mbs of shit. new chests? really?

  • Bertran

    Yeah I have to agree, think of the time out into making these really average hard and imagine if they had used that time to make some content. Viper and co would all have had there models updated by now. Saddens me.

    • Bertran


  • Shrivedh Singh

    I don’t have a problem with a hat update, but for it to be 300mb and not contain new stuff for different heroes, seriously Valve. Pugna is the only new hero to get a cosmetic here, and it’s a set of horns…wow.

  • oskylover

    Ok, this is the first time i feel absolutely no urge or desire to open these chest. I pretty much alot of people are in the same boat. terrible terrible items , bad courier. i feel sorry for the people who design them

  • Douglaz Machado

    For sure we need more hooks, PL spears, kunkka swords and necro staffs. There are not enough yet for them. What about releasing bug fixs, new heroes or at least itens for heroes that doesnt got itens yet and are really popular like LS, Luna, Timber and others? I think there are ENOUGH-MORE-THAN-ANYONE-WANT cosmetics for doom, axe, PL, pudge, necro and others….ffs

    • fake

      ITENS ?? ITENS ???? Kappa

  • Bearing

    I guess that fat guy in giff is gaben, and chicken(matt) is mad beacuse no new heroes?

  • dickpoop

    no new hero no dota for me. Not going to waste time on playing all the old dated heroes all the time..

    • Joke Triple

      So you will come and play the new hero exclusively when it’s released and then stop playing again. You seem like someone who shouldn’t even be playing games.

  • Markus Tillgren

    So does the new Baekho courier evolve or something? Or why does it count views?

  • Truthteller
    • Moustachedgoose

      That’s a fake.

      • Dravelula

        even if its fake… that should teach valve what exactly we want

  • Dravelula

    dead game… btw, mb new hero patch will bring back a ton of noobs and i dont want that

    • Joke Triple

      You’re retarded. any major new content to any sort of game would bring “noobs…” Even terraria’s patch is going to rake in a ton of new players. The main reason why developers add new content to a game is to get new players and keep the old ones interested.

      • Dravelula

        get a life, punk.

    • Reshiram

      What is this garbage. Someone explain to me this awful mindset.

      • Dravelula

        NOOB detected! stay home NOOB! dont come to my gamez cos i will cum on your face!

  • VVA

    next hero will be Legion Commander! DUEL!

  • daedgaem

    Dead game. Quit last week and started playing LoL. Say what you want about the game, but at least Riot updates it and releases new content frequently.

    • disqus_f54gXCE0CD

      and frequently have to fix something they broke trying to fix it…

      Its a vicious cycle.

    • Reshiram

      Somehow I feel like this is just the same dude posting over and over how he is migrating to LoL as if anyone is going to care.

  • NarTVipeR

    there’s no changes but cosmetics at all.



  • Xelcior

    Giant Chicken is code for Phoenix. Phoenix confirmed for next hero.

  • zingy

    Y’all niggas complain too much. Get out of the basement and get some fresh air

  • aria

    No offline mode local lobbies ? is it going to be implemented or not ? 😀

  • JTR

    i dont really care if there are new heroes or not but what i really disslike are the fucking bugs. damn fix them before cosmetics…

    also i dont think the game gets borring. i and a lot of my friends will still lay it but the bugs are just annoying…

  • Respect other Players

    Everybody with the dead game, shit i love to play this game without the new heroes , personally i played dota 1 since they first map on in war3 and i never , repeat never played techies and legion or pit lord a few times to the release of these new heroes in dota 2 will evolve my fun level with 0 grade on the fucks given scale. But that;s not the problem , the problem is that people cry that they want these heroes , yet after they are released the number of people that actually play them is shit , course they will play them a few games that right back to the right clickers with 4 passives. I mean i play 3-4 games a day after work , almost each day , the number of games in the last 2 weeks in which titan/abbadon/medusa = 0 , so fuck the new heroes and the spirit breaker is picked 99% of the games , naix 98% , you know diversity , so the new heroes i will test , but will not change the general perspective of the game ,and i am sure that the 4 russian player that will be on my team (although i use eu server /usa servers and english language selected) will not care. Hero cosmetic wise , i want a shit set for some heroes i use the credit card and i buy shit , don t like the cosmetics don t get it , anyway a lot of users will sell their very soul for a key so buy that super nice bugged pudge hook ,so they can suck even more , i mean it’s 101 economy , supply and demand , if people buy and use the sets they make more. But the most important thing , check comments here or similar threads , max 1000 people cry about heroes and cosmetics , but the game tells us that there are 6.5 million unique player , where the fuck are the the rest 6.49 players that aren’t crying about new heroes , well they are enjoying the game or they are giving 0 fucks . Well that’s about it , thanks matt for the great patch reviews as always , guys don t write shit after me , i never , ever read opinions after my commens because i simply don t give a fuck , so please don t waste you re time cursing/hating me. The wife made pasta and i swear to god that is 1/2 dishes that actually tastes like actual food so i’m out. Cheers,

    • capawesome


    • Gussygoose

      Awesomely polished for the trolls here. 10/10

  • abuzer kadayf

    330 mb patch with no new hero. Puck you guys!

  • machiatos

    prediction of next hero.. duel?? cmooon its too lame now to make it mysterious

  • Blake

    300+ mb for this kind of pathetic patch ?!?
    What is this bullshit?!?!

  • Emperor606
    Does anyone know when this set will be released and price of it
    thank you
    (ps if there is workshop link please post)

  • zer09

    Legion Commander 😀

  • Woh Chun How

    pa went next lvl ugly in sets

  • Mattata

    Did you use to play dotacash? i think i remember you!

  • James2253

    350 MB Update and only cosmetics items 😀

  • Skraal

    Enough of this, shit matchmaking, no new heroes, volvo doesn’t care.

    Back to LoL after a bad experience with dota.

  • lel


  • santa
  • santa


    • Nixon

      LOOK AT THE SMILE ON LC 100% legit and not fake!

  • For The Next Hero

    Terrorblade is new name

    The Wraith King

  • Reshiram

    “Andalmere the Litigon”? I guess just calling it a Liger would’ve been too easy. 😛

  • For The Next Hero

    i’m so excited legion is out this week

  • For The Next Hero

    much better if legion got

  • LC

    Legion Commander with a voice of female commander shepard from Maas Effect will be nice..imo

    • LC

      Mass Effect*

  • ROY

    329,5 MB patch. (2+9) – (3+5) = 11 – 8 = 3.
    Half-Life 3 TRADEMARKED= Half-Life 3 CONFIRMED

  • Minotaurone

    there is no dota without heroes :(

  • FaustY2K

    I dont get the last joke, the “chiken” hero.

    • Techies

      It’s a fucking fight, a 1on1 fight, a fucking duel.

  • LairenyX