Dota 2 19th September Patch – Content Analysis

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      1. Front End Changes
        1. Changelog
        2. Neutral Creep Animation Updates
          1. Centaur Conquerer’s Animations
        3. Hero Model Updates
          1. Luna’s Model Updates
          2. Phantom Assassin’s Model Updates
        4. Hero Portrait & Spell Icon Updates
          1. Luna’s In Game Portrait
          2. Phantom Assassin’s Video Portrait
          3. Phantom Assassin’s Spell Icons
        5. Visual Updates
          1. Satyr Banisher’s Visuals
          2. Satyr Tormentor’s Visuals
          3. Vhoul Assassin’s Visuals
          4. Wildwing Ripper’s Visuals
        6. New League Passes
          1. CyberGamer Dota 2 Pro League
          2. Hero Dota: First Step
          3. Perfect World Dota Academy
        7. The Portal Bundle
          1. Glados Announcer
          2. Portal HUD
          3. Portal Ward
        8. New Custom Couriers
          1. Arnabus the Fairy Rabbit
        9. New Cosmetic Item Sets
          1. Razor’s Item Set
          2. Sven’s Item Set
          3. Bristleback’s Item Set
          4. Death Prophet’s Item Set
          5. Nature’s Prophet’s Item Set
          6. Skywrath Mage’s Item Set
          7. Earthshaker’s Item Set
        10. UI Updates
          1. Armoury UI
          2. Privacy Settings
          3. Player Profile UI
          4. Local Server Support
          5. Matchmaking Preferences UI
          6. New Gamemode – Captain’s Draft
          7. In Game UI
          8. In Game Guide UI
          9. Spectator UI
          10. Scaleform UI Performance
      2. Back End Changes
        1. Updated Strings
        2. Unreleased UI Updates
          1. Auto Draft Gamemode
          2. Fantasy Leagues
        3. Unused Animation Updates
          1. Rock Golem’s Animations
          2. Wildwing Ripper’s Animations
          3. Dire Siege Creep’s Animations
        4. Unreleased HUD Skins
          1. Underwater HUD Skin
        5. Unreleased Cosmetic Item Sets
          1. Abaddon’s Item Set
          2. Kunkka’s Item Set
          3. Nyx Assassin’s Item Set
        6. Unreleased Cosmetic Items
          1. Abaddon’s Items
          2. Anti-Mage’s Items
          3. Bloodseeker’s Items
          4. Broodmother’s Items
          5. Centaur Warrunner’s Items
          6. Juggernaut’s Items
          7. Lich’s Items
          8. Mirana’s Items
          9. Pudge’s Items
          10. Slardar’s Items
        7. Item Drop List Updates
          1. Common Item’s Drop List
          2. Uncommon Item’s Drop List
          3. Rare Item’s Drop List
          4. Mythical Item’s Drop List
          5. Legendary Item’s Drop List
          6. Arcana Item’s Drop List
        8. Sound Effect Updates
          1. Item Sound Effects
          2. Razor’s Ability Sound Effects
      3. Materials Update
          1. Ember Spirit’s Materials
          2. Wraith King’s Materials
      4. Predictions For The Next Hero
        1. Closing Note

This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived on the test client which introduces a large batch of new features such as local play, captain’s draft, an improved armoury and lots more in a special update labelled as the “First Blood!”. Full details can be found in the blog post below and overall information can be found on the first blood splash page:


Front End Changes


  • Neutral creeps now properly use cast times and animations
  • Upgraded Items can always be disassembled within 10 seconds of the combine (same rules as sell back)
  • Item purchases can be made at the secret shop if the courier is at that location without selecting the courier
  • Enabled Medusa in Captain’s Mode
  • Outworld Devourer: Fixed Astral Imprisonment not restoring the right amount of mana after the debuff is removed
  • Timbersaw: Fixed Timberchain not being interrupted by stuns
  • Pudge: Meat Hook now pulls the target to the initial hook position regardless of where Pudge is
  • Fixed being able to instantly toggle Armlet on and off
  • Spirit Breaker: Fixed Greater Bash not applying further knockback on units that were already getting knocked back
  • Clockwerk: Fixed Power Cogs night vision being too large
  • Lone Druid: Fixed Level 1/2 Spirit Bear having 1800 day vision instead of 1400
  • Fixed Shadow Blade revealing only when the attack hit the target rather than when it was launched
  • Control groups are now saved to the cloud, per hero, and will persist across games and disconnects. They are saved per hero
  • Added profile privacy option to prevent viewing of Steam/DOTA profiles
  • Added a button to choose to be captain in a Captains Mode or Captains Draft game
  • Alt-left clicking on an enemy icon in the top bar will send a chat message that the hero is missing
  • Limit the frequency we show map pings from muted players
  • Added Double Tap Self Cast Timeout, controllable with the dota_ability_self_cast_timeout convar
  • Darkened disabled heroes in Captains Mode and Captains Draft
  • Added three new matchmaking language preference options: Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Spectator health bars in the top bar are now red for the Dire
  • Added a button to add friends inside the game
  • Fixed spectator health bars in the top bar drawing over buyback and ultimate status
  • Enemy health bars are now red in the HUD when querying them
  • Fixed checkerboard flash on html panels
  • Renamed backpack to armory
  • Previewing couriers from the store or the armory opens a single preview window to display both versions of the courier
  • Taunts are previewable in the armory
  • Fixed many items not being previewable
  • Buff icons draw above the portrait frame to avoid being covered by custom HUD materials
  • Equipping a player slot item ( HUD, Ward, Courier ) from the armory now makes the player slots appear in the loadout panel
  • Fixed various buff tooltips ( Mekansm, Armlet, Urn, Ghost Scepter, Ethereal Blade, Veil, Buckler, Assault Cuirass )
  • Cleaned up some extra UI elements present in Dragon Scale HUD 4×3 aspect ratio
  • Fixed the taunt key not working if an action item ( like Coal ) was equipped
  • Fixed alt-pinging dropped recipes not printing the correct item name in chat
  • When a courier you ordered to the secret shop enters the shop radius, the shop sound is played even if the courier is not selected
  • Fixed a case where buying an item at the secret shop with a full inventory and while surrounded by trees could leave one component on the ground
  • Beginning soon, users will be suspended from Dota 2 for 30 days when external tools attached to Dota 2 are detected by the Valve Anti-Cheat system
  • Increased length of forgiveness threshold to reset the severity of communication bans to 3 weeks
  • The quality of the item drops you are eligible for is now tied to your Dota profile level. You can see your current drop level in your profile page
  • A quick-search bar has been added to the armory
  • Filters can now be created for the armory. These filters are stored in the Steam Cloud so that every machine you use will know your armory filter settings
  • An armory page now contains 60 items instead of 64. Armory sizes have been increased upwards slightly to account for this adjustment
  • Many items have been removed from the store. These can now be sold and bought on the Steam Community Market! Workshop contributors will receive a share of each resale of their items. The items that have been removed are not immortal: they may return to the store in future sales or events, or they may appear in the drop list from time to time
  • The item drop list has been greatly pared down and will now change over time. As new items are introduced old items will be removed (and will be accessible on the Steam Community Market). This should help keep the item drop list interesting over time
  • Entropic Shield and Entropic Axe are now a part of the Entropic set
  • Fixed an issue where players could end up in a continuous loop of “received uncompressed update from server”
  • Added UI texture streaming to reduce memory usage
  • Fixed a startup crash with corrupt customization files
  • Fixed a case where the game would return with a black screen after alt-tab
  • Updated Phantom Assassin’s head
  • New Centaur Conquerer War Stomp
  • New Satyr Tormentor blast
  • Minor tweaks to Wildwing Ripper Tornado
  • New Satyr Banisher projectile
  • Fixed visuals on Satyr Banisher purge
  • Improved Vhoul’s spear throw effect
  • Fixed LOD1 on Ol’ Chopper Pudge hook
  • updated cloth settings and skinning Crystal Maiden, Invoker, Lina, and Rubick
  • Fixed several bugs with portrait particles relating to death and dormancy for visibility in the portrait and kill cam
  • Fixed Io death effects
  • Moved all of Chaos Knight’s particles onto individual items, such as the mount, helmet, and others, as well as support for local attachments, so that new items can support different positions based on new mounts of helms
  • Revamped Doom’s weapon effect to better support community items
  • Fixed a bug where models that failed to combine would get double effects in the preview panel
  • Fixed Spirit Breakers missing effects
  • Moved Spirit Breaker’s effects into individual items to better support community items
  • Fixed Spirit Breaker’s knockback distance being too low
  • Add sound to Radiance debuff (only audible to target player)
  • Fix last hit sound for Alchemist and Lone Druid ults
  • Added a language filter to the in-game UI when selecting a hero build. Build authors will need to republish hero builds and choose a language when publishing in order for builds to be filterable by language
  • Fixed slow hero build loading times for users with a large number of subscribed or previously used hero builds
  • Local servers allows players on the same physical network to connect to a locally hosted game
  • By selecting “Create Local Lobby”, the leader of the lobby will become the host for a match by running a local server
  • Players can see Local lobbies available on their physical network by going to “FIND A LOBBY” and selecting the “LOCAL LOBBIES” tab
  • Local Lobbies follow the same rules as Private Lobbies.
  • Upon completion of the Local game, the replay will be stored on the lobby leader’s computer in replays/<match-id>.dem
  • This game mode randomly selects 8 str, 8 agi, and 8 int heroes that both teams can choose from
  • Each team’s captain bans 2 heroes (1/1/1/1) out of that list
  • Each team’s captain selects 5 heroes (1/2/2/2/2/1) out of the remaining list
  • There is a 150 second total time pool for each team to complete all of their bans and selections
  • Added Abaddon to the Workshop submission tools and website requirements
  • [Mac] Fixed problems with sounds cutting out or not playing for the first few minutes of a game
  • [Mac] Made the Dock icon bounce when a game is ready
  • [Mac] Play a ready sound when game is not focused and matchmaking has found a game
  • Make “Sound while alt-tab” setting work
  • Added a fix for missing lip sync in hero portraits
  • Fix corrupted GUI after changing video settings
  • Hero Library videos now play on Linux

Neutral Creep Animation Updates

We have a new animation for the Centaur Conquerer neutral creep.

Centaur Conquerer’s Animations

Centaur’s War Stomp animation has been updated and replaced with a new one.




Hero Model Updates

We have some updates to two of the existing heroes in this week’s patch, a new mount for Luna and a fresh face for Phantom Assassin.

Luna’s Model Updates

Luna now has a new version of her Nova mount in game.

Edit: This change has been reverted, it will most likely reappear at a later date.

Comparison Slider

SFM Model Viewer Shots



In Game Shots







Luna’s base model texture has also been updated so she is now a lighter shade of blue.

Phantom Assassin’s Model Updates

Comparison Slider

SFM Model Viewer Shots



In Game Shots


Hero Portrait & Spell Icon Updates

We also have a minor update to Luna’s in game portrait and a fresh Scaleform video portrait for Phantom Assassin’s new face.

Luna’s In Game Portrait

Luna’s in game portrait positioning has been updated and a new effect has been added.

New In Game Portrait


Old In Game Portrait


Phantom Assassin’s Video Portrait

New vs Old


Hero icon New vs Old

phantom_assassin phantom_assassin

Phantom Assassin’s Spell Icons

Phantom Assassin’s Blur spell icon has also been updated.

New vs Old

phantom_assassin_blur phantom_assassin_blur

Visual Updates

We have a number of visual updates in this patch to the neutral creeps.

Satyr Banisher’s Visuals

The Satyr Banisher has a new Purge effect and an updated auto attack effect.


Auto attack effect.




Satyr Tormentor’s Visuals

The Satyr’s Blast attack now has a new particle effect.


Vhoul Assassin’s Visuals

The Vhoul’s auto attack spear has been updated.


Wildwing Ripper’s Visuals

The Wildwing Ripper’s tornado effect has been slightly updated.


New League Passes

We have another batch of new league passes in this week’s patch.

CyberGamer Dota 2 Pro League

“The top professional Australian teams fight for a $4000 AUD prize pool.”


Hero Dota: First Step

“This tournament gives an opportunity for semi-pro and non-pro teams from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus to compete for the prize of $1,000 USD as well as prizes provided by sponsors and partners.”


Perfect World Dota Academy

“Featuring various kinds of instructive matches including guides to heroes, mechanics and tactics. Perfect World Dota Academy offers a perfect route for beginners to learn Dota. Also, the academy periodically broadcast exciting activities held by Perfect World. Entrance to this tutorial-competition show is completely free for Dota players of the world.”


The Portal Bundle

“The acerbic wit of Portal’s GLaDOS finally makes her Dota 2 announcer pack debut! The sarcastic A.I. will be only too happy to tell you when your barracks or towers have fallen. Included in the pack are the new Aperture Science Wardcores as well as the Portal HUD skin, both of which are only available through purchase of the Portal Pack.”


Glados Announcer

“Welcome to Dota. It’s like chess, for idiots.”




Portal HUD

“Hello, and welcome to the Aperture Science Cosmetic Data Enclosure.”




In Game Previews



Click for the full sized version.


Portal Ward

The portal ward features two different sets of animations one for the observer and one of the sentry, it also has it’s own particle effect.

Aperture Science Wardcore

“They can’t do it while you’re watching.”


Observer Ward


Sentry Ward


Particle Effects

Observer Effect


Sentry Effect


Destruction Effect


New Custom Couriers

Hopping in at number one is the new Arnabus Fairy Rabbit courier.

Arnabus the Fairy Rabbit

“Unlike other, less dependable lagomorphs, Arnabus shall never be late with your items. Depend on it!”


Ground Courier




Flying Courier



New Cosmetic Item Sets

We have a number of new cosmetic hero item sets in this week’s patch.

Razor’s Item Set




Sven’s Item Set




Bristleback’s Item Set




Death Prophet’s Item Set






Nature’s Prophet’s Item Set




Skywrath Mage’s Item Set




Earthshaker’s Item Set






UI Updates

We have a large batch of UI updates in this patch with the main one being a redesign of the backpack which will now be known as the Armoury.

Armoury UI

The backpack has been renamed and converted into a fully fledged armoury. The new Armoury UI has a number of new functions such as searching for items and creating custom display filters.

The display will default to all items, the new armoury also comes with some preset custom display filters.


Never lose a courier again with the default courier display filter.


One of the biggest additions is the new custom display filter option. From here you can set a number of rules and create a display filter to your liking.


A filter rule will consist of either a Quality, Rarity, Type, Name or Description an operation and a value.


For example in order to create a filter to display my Immortal items, you would simply select rarity with the operation “is” and then the actual rarity, Immortal.


Give your filter a name and then hit the done editing button.


You will now have a new display filter made for quickly allowing you to find your Immortal items. Easy peezy!


Previewing couriers from the store or the armoury opens a single preview window to display both versions of the courier.


Privacy Settings

This patch has also introduced some more privacy settings, giving control over the ability to hide your Dota 2 and Steam profile from people you don’t know.


Any one who tries to view your Dota 2 or Steam profile from the UI links will be rejected with a “Private Profile” error message.


We also have some references to an unreleased Incognito mode in the strings.

    "DOTA_profilesettings_title"                  "Profile Settings"
    "DOTA_profilesettings_incognito"                "INCOGNITO MODE"
    "DOTA_profilesettings_incognito_desc"              "Toggling this setting will hide your Dota 2 Profile from other players as well as allow you to enter and use a different Profile Name. The setting will override any preferences you may have set for 'PROFILE PRIVACY' in Global Settings."
    "DOTA_profilesettings_incognito_name"              "Your new Incognito Profile Name"

Player Profile UI

With the drop system now being based on your Dota 2 profile’s level, you can now check to see what item rarity you are eligible to earn.


Local Server Support

We now have official support for local servers. The lobby leader who makes the game will be the host and thus will require a fairly beefy setup.


You can find the local lobbies from the new tab in the private games area.


Matchmaking Preferences UI

The matchmaking language preference settings dialogue has been updated with three new additional languages: Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.


New Gamemode – Captain’s Draft

Gather a team, choose a captain, and face off against your opponents in a test of wits to assemble a squad from a randomized pool of twenty-four heroes. Each team takes turns banning two of the available heroes from the match while picking and counter-picking to compose their lineup before charging into battle.


A new UI addition with this patch is the change of who gets captain, the game no longer randomly assigns a captain instead you can now choose to become captain by hitting the new captain button.


The captain for the team will have a crown over their portrait so you know who it is. The banning/picking stage won’t start until a captain has been picked on both sides.


The Captain’s Draft mode has it’s own special layout for the ban/pick stage.


In Game UI

You can now call MIA on a specific hero by alt clicking their hero portrait at the top of the UI.


Enemy health bars will now always be displayed as red when querying them in game.


Upgraded Items can always be disassembled within 10 seconds of the combine (same rules as sell back).


In Game Guide UI

There is now a new option to filter for a specific language when using the hero guide system.


Spectator UI

The health bars on the spectator UI will now be displayed as red for the Dire team at the top of the HUD.


Scaleform UI Performance

This patch also introduces a new Scaleform caching system that should help improve performance and fix the issue that was occurring on 32-bit versions of Windows where the client was running out of RAM.

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

More string updates for the unreleased last hit training tutorial.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_StartExplanation1"  "Time to focus on earning gold!  One way to do that is by getting the killing blow on the enemy.  If you're the one to <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>last hit</b></font> them you'll earn the bounty."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_StartExplanation2"  "The most important thing to do while last hitting is to stay safe behind your friendly creep line.nnYou'll want to avoid taking damage if you don't need to."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_StartExplanation3"  "Watch the health of the enemy creeps, and only hit them when their health is low.nnTry to get 15 last hits in the middle lane.nnDon't forget to buy some items!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_LastHits1"  "Deal the killing blow to enemy creeps.nStay safe behind your creeps, then strike at the right moment."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_LastHits2"  "Don't constantly attack.nnCancel your attacks by moving to stay safe and attack when the creep's health is low."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_LastHits3"  "You can also use <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%dota_stop%</b></font> to stop attacking."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_DenyExplanationSetup"  "Over here!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_DenyExplanation1"  "<font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Denying</b></font> your friendly creeps is a way you can keep your opponents from earning gold from their last hits.nnTo <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>deny</b></font> a creep, you need to deal the killing blow to a friendly creep."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_DenyExplanation2"  "You can <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>force attack</b></font> friendly creeps whose health is below half.nnTo do so, press <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%mc_attack%</b></font> to force attack, then <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>left-click</b></font> on the creep."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_DenyExplanation3"  "Just like before, focus on staying safe and hitting at the right moment.nnTry to deny 5 friendly creeps."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_Denies"    "Keep your opponent from getting gold and experience by killing friendly creeps.nnPress <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%mc_attack%</b></font> then <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>left-click</b></font> on a friendly creep with low health."

    "DOTA_LastHitTraining_Finished"    "You have finished last hit training!"
    "DOTA_LastHitChallenge_Finished"    "You have finished last hit practice. Keep practicing!"


The strings for the unreleased Fantasy League system are now in and we can see references to a number of new systems.

    "dota_community_fantasy"      "FANTASY"
    "dota_community_fantasy_createjoin"  "CREATE/JOIN LEAGUE"
    "dota_community_fantasy_league"    "LEAGUE INFO"
    "dota_community_fantasy_teams"    "TEAMS"
    "dota_community_fantasy_players"  "PLAYERS"

    "DOTA_FANTASY_CREATEJOIN"      "Create or Join a Fantasy League"
    "DOTA_FANTASY_LEAGUE"        "Fantasy League"
    "DOTA_FANTASY_TEAMS"        "Fantasy Teams"
    "DOTA_FANTASY_PLAYERS"        "Fantasy Players"

    "Fantasy_League_Create_Header"    "Create a New League"
    "Fantasy_League_Join_Header"    "Join an Existing League"

    "fantasy_league_name"        "League Name"
    "fantasy_league_commish"      "Commissioner"
    "fantasy_league_invite_type"    "League Type"
    "fantasy_league_join"        "Join League"
    "fantasy_league_create"        "Create League"
    "fantasy_league_create_name"    "Select a name for your new Fantasy League.  This name cannot be changed after the League is created!"
    "fantasy_league_create_select_league" "Select a Tournament that this Fantasy League is associated with.  Only matches that are played in this Tournament will be counted for Fantasy League."

    "fantasy_league_create_wait"    "Working..."
    "fantasy_league_join_wait"      "Working..."

    "fantasy_league_create_invalid"    "You are not currently able to create a fantasy league."
    "fantasy_league_join_invalid"    "You are not currently invited to join any fantasy leagues."

    "fantasy_league_run_by"        "run by"
    "fantasy_league_invite_type"    "Type"
    "fantasy_invite_guild"        "open to"

    "fantasy_league_standings"      "Standings"
    "fantasy_league_matchups"      "Matchups"
    "fantasy_league_messages"      "Messages"
    "fantasy_league_pending_trades"    "Open Trades"
    "fantasy_league_transactions"    "Transactions"

    "fantasy_league_edit_header"    "Fantasy League Settings"
    "fantasy_league_edit_edit"      "Edit"

    "Fantasy_League_Edit_Invites_Header"  "Edit Fantasy League Invitations"
    "fantasy_league_invite_guild"      "Guild Invitation"
    "fantasy_league_invite_guild_details"  "All members of the specified guild will be able to join this fantasy league, until all open slots are filled."

    "fantasy_league_invite_friends"      "Friend Invitations"
    "fantasy_league_invite_friends_details"  "Specify individual friends that you'd like to invite to the fantasy league."

    "fantasy_league_id"          "League ID #"
    "fantasy_league_max_teams"      "Max Teams"
    "fantasy_league_draft_time"      "Draft Time"
    "fantasy_league_season_length"    "Season Length"
    "fantasy_league_trade_veto_no_votes"  "Number of No Votes Required to Veto Trade"
    "fantasy_league_waiver_type"      "Waiver Type"
    "fantasy_league_roster_changes"    "Roster Changes"
    "fantasy_league_roles"        "Roster Roles"
    "fantasy_league_roster_role_1"    "Slot 1 Roles"
    "fantasy_league_roster_role_2"    "Slot 2 Roles"
    "fantasy_league_roster_role_3"    "Slot 3 Roles"
    "fantasy_league_roster_role_4"    "Slot 4 Roles"
    "fantasy_league_roster_role_5"    "Slot 5 Roles"
    "fantasy_league_roster_bench_slots"  "Number of Bench Slots"
    "fantasy_league_scoring"      "Scoring"
    "fantasy_league_scoring_carry"    "Carry"
    "fantasy_league_scoring_solo"    "Solo"
    "fantasy_league_scoring_support"  "Support"
    "fantasy_league_scoring_kills"    "Kills"
    "fantasy_league_scoring_deaths"    "Deaths"
    "fantasy_league_scoring_assists"  "Assists"
    "fantasy_league_scoring_last_hits"  "Last Hits"
    "fantasy_league_scoring_denies"    "Denies"
    "fantasy_league_scoring_gpm"    "Gold per Minute"
    "fantasy_league_scoring_xppm"    "XP per Minute"

    "fantasy_league_edit_roster_scoring"  "Roster & Scoring"
    "fantasy_league_edit_invites"    "League Invites"

    "fantasy_team_lineup"        "Lineup"
    "fantasy_team_scoring"        "Scoring"

    "fantasy_players_teams"        "Team Filter"
    "fantasy_players_roles"        "Role Filter"

    "fantasy_role_carry"        "Carry"
    "fantasy_role_solo"          "Solo"
    "fantasy_role_support"        "Support"

    "fantasy_drop_player"        "Drop Player"
    "fantasy_add_player"        "Add Player"

    "fantasy_details"          "Details"

    "fantasy_rank"            "Rank"
    "fantasy_team_name"          "Name"
    "fantasy_record"          "Record"
    "fantasy_winloss"          "Win/Loss"
    "fantasy_points"          "Points"
    "fantasy_points_for"        "Points For"
    "fantasy_points_against"      "Points Against"
    "fantasy_player"          "Player"
    "fantasy_swap"            "Swap"
    "fantasy_playing_today"        "Playing Today?"
    "fantasy_role"            "Role"

    "fantasy_kills"            "Kills"
    "fantasy_deaths"          "Deaths"
    "fantasy_assists"          "Assists"
    "fantasy_last_hits"          "LHs"
    "fantasy_denies"          "Denies"
    "fantasy_gpm"            "GPM"
    "fantasy_xppm"            "XPPM"
    "fantasy_total"            "Total"

    "fantasy_available"          "Available"

    "DOTA_FantasyLeagueCreate_Error_Header"  "Error Creating Fantasy League"
    "DOTA_FantasyLeagueCreate_NoName"    "You must specify a name for your Fantasy League."

Strings for the updates to the captains mode and draft modes.

    "DOTA_Captain_Select"            "BECOME CAPTAIN"
    "DOTA_OTHER_TEAM_PICKING_CAPTAIN"      "The other team is picking their Captain..."

    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Pick_Other" "PICKING #%d"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Ban"    "SELECT BAN #%d"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Ban_Other"    "BANNING #%d"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Complete"    "COMPLETE"

    "dota_cd_time_label"        "Time remaining for all picks"
    "dota_cm_time"        "Time"
    "dota_cm_bonus_time"        "Bonus Time"

Strings for the new local server feature.

    "DOTA_create_lan_lobby"                      "CREATE LOCAL LOBBY"
    "DOTA_ConfirmLANLobby_title"                "LOCAL LOBBY"
    "DOTA_ConfirmLANLobby_desc"                  "A Local game is hosted on your machine and is only accessible to other players on your local network. System requirements are higher for this machine."

    "dota_match_wait_for_host"                    "Waiting for host... [%s1]"

A number of updates to the item tag strings, the TI2 and TI3 couriers now have separate effect names and also the unusual courier colour codes should be fixed.

    "Attrib_Particle33"              "Champion's Aura 2012"
    "Attrib_Particle109"            "Champion's Aura 2013"

    "Attrib_SithilStash"          "Sithil's Summer Stash %s1"

    "Econ_Color_GC"                "<font color=#%s1>%s2, %s3, %s4</font>"
    "Econ_Color"                "%s1, %s2, %s3"

An unreleased “Incognito” mode is also referenced in the strings.

    "DOTA_profilesettings_title"                  "Profile Settings"
    "DOTA_profilesettings_incognito"                "INCOGNITO MODE"
    "DOTA_profilesettings_incognito_desc"              "Toggling this setting will hide your Dota 2 Profile from other players as well as allow you to enter and use a different Profile Name. The setting will override any preferences you may have set for 'PROFILE PRIVACY' in Global Settings."
    "DOTA_profilesettings_incognito_name"              "Your new Incognito Profile Name"

Captain’s Draft and it’s description.

    "game_mode_16"                        "CAPTAINS DRAFT"

    "game_mode_16_desc"                      "Each team is assigned a Captain, who bans and selects heroes from a limited pool."

An new unreleased gamemode, “Auto Draft” which attempts to give each team a balanced selection of heroes.

    "game_mode_17"                        "AUTO DRAFT"
    "game_mode_17_desc"                      "Each team is given 5 heroes that are automatically selected with an attempt to balance roles."

There will be an in game notification for when your profile reaches the level requirement for the next tier of item drops.

    "DOTA_Levelup_ItemDrop"    "ITEM DROP LEVEL UPGRADED"
    "DOTA_Levelup_ItemDrop2"  "Congratulations!nnYou're now able to find UNCOMMON items!"
    "DOTA_Levelup_ItemDrop3"  "Congratulations!nnYou're now able to find RARE items!nSome of these items contain custom animations for the Heroes that wear them."
    "DOTA_Levelup_ItemDrop4"  "Congratulations!nnYou're now able to find MYTHICAL items!nThese items often contain custom animations and spell effects for the Heroes that wear them."
    "DOTA_Levelup_ItemDrop5"  "Congratulations!nnYou're now able to find LEGENDARY items!nThese items are incredibly rare objects, often replacing entire couriers and hero mounts with new models and effects."
    "DOTA_Levelup_ItemDrop6"  "Congratulations!nnYou're now able to find ANCIENT items!"
    "DOTA_Levelup_ItemDrop7"  "Congratulations!nnYou're now able to find ARCANA items!nThese items are the rarest of all, capable of adding new models, sounds, spell effects, and HUD icons for a Hero."

    "DOTA_ItemDropLvl_Text"    "You are currently eligible to find %s1 items. Play more games to increase your level and find rarer items."
    "DOTA_ItemDropLvl_TextMax"  "Currently eligible to find %s1 items."

Preview lines for the Glados announcer and killing spree pack.

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_01"    "Welcome to Ota. The D is silent."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_02"    "Time to select from all these... things."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_03"    "Well, if you're ready--you're not, by the way--let's get started."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_04"    "Remember that pristine, unattacked ancient you used to have?"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_05"    "Roshan, who was just minding his own business, has been callously murdered..."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_06"    "I thought you were dead. I'll let everybody who was worried about you know-okay I'm done."

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_Killing_Spree_01"    "Quintuple homocide."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_Killing_Spree_02"    "I hope you're proud of yourself."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_Killing_Spree_03"    "You monster."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_Killing_Spree_04"    "Great teamwork, you vicious thugs."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_Killing_Spree_05"    "There's nobody left to kill. You killed them all."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Glados_Killing_Spree_06"    "Remember that team of living people you used to be alive in?"

Unreleased UI Updates

We have some more information regarding the unreleased Auto Draft and Fantasy League features.

Auto Draft Gamemode

The new unreleased “Auto Draft” gamemode can be forced to launch however you are not yet presented with any heroes to pick from.


Fantasy Leagues

With the addition of the new Fantasy League section in the community UI we now have a number of references in the strings in to how the leagues will work.


You start off by creating your own Fantasy League giving it a unique name that can’t be changed after the league has been created.

“Select a name for your new Fantasy League.  This name cannot be changed after the League is created!”

You are then given the option of selection which tournament you want to associate and base the league on, this will hook up to the existing league pass system when choosing what tournaments to pick from.

“Select a Tournament that this Fantasy League is associated with.  Only matches that are played in this Tournament will be counted for Fantasy League.”

You will be able to customise who the league is open to, for example locking a league down to friends only or guild only.

“Fantasy_League_Edit_Invites_Header” “Edit Fantasy League Invitations”
“fantasy_league_invite_guild” “Guild Invitation”
“fantasy_league_invite_guild_details” “All members of the specified guild will be able to join this fantasy league, until all open slots are filled.”

“fantasy_league_invite_friends” “Friend Invitations”
“fantasy_league_invite_friends_details” “Specify individual friends that you’d like to invite to the fantasy league.”

You will have a number of options when it comes to looking after your team including trading players, viewing previous transactions and leaving messsages on the board.

“fantasy_league_standings” “Standings”
“fantasy_league_matchups” “Matchups”
“fantasy_league_messages” “Messages”
“fantasy_league_pending_trades” “Open Trades”
“fantasy_league_transactions” “Transactions”

The league admin will be given a wide range of settings to customise including the actual scoring system, season length, draft time and number of bench slots.

“fantasy_league_id” “League ID #”
“fantasy_league_max_teams” “Max Teams”
“fantasy_league_draft_time” “Draft Time”
“fantasy_league_season_length” “Season Length”
“fantasy_league_trade_veto_no_votes” “Number of No Votes Required to Veto Trade”
“fantasy_league_waiver_type” “Waiver Type”
“fantasy_league_roster_changes” “Roster Changes”
“fantasy_league_roles” “Roster Roles”
“fantasy_league_roster_role_1″ “Slot 1 Roles”
“fantasy_league_roster_role_2″ “Slot 2 Roles”
“fantasy_league_roster_role_3″ “Slot 3 Roles”
“fantasy_league_roster_role_4″ “Slot 4 Roles”
“fantasy_league_roster_role_5″ “Slot 5 Roles”
“fantasy_league_roster_bench_slots” “Number of Bench Slots”
“fantasy_league_scoring” “Scoring”
“fantasy_league_scoring_carry” “Carry”
“fantasy_league_scoring_solo” “Solo”
“fantasy_league_scoring_support” “Support”
“fantasy_league_scoring_kills” “Kills”
“fantasy_league_scoring_deaths” “Deaths”
“fantasy_league_scoring_assists” “Assists”
“fantasy_league_scoring_last_hits” “Last Hits”
“fantasy_league_scoring_denies” “Denies”
“fantasy_league_scoring_gpm” “Gold per Minute”
“fantasy_league_scoring_xppm” “XP per Minute”

Unused Animation Updates

We also have a batch of new animations for some of the neutral hero models and a siege unit that are currently not being used in game. They are most likely in place for a future gamemode(s).

Rock Golem’s Animations

Fissure animation.


Wildwing Ripper’s Animations

Creature cast animation.


Dire Siege Creep’s Animations

Catapult animation.


Unreleased HUD Skins

We have a new unreleased Underwater HUD skin in this week’s patch.

Underwater HUD Skin




In Game Previews



Click for the full sized version.


Unreleased Cosmetic Item Sets

We also have some unreleased cosmetic item sets.

Abaddon’s Item Set



Kunkka’s Item Set



Nyx Assassin’s Item Set


Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We also have some single item unreleased cosmetics.

Abaddon’s Items

As part of the new “The Knights Who Say Ni” collection.



Anti-Mage’s Items



Bloodseeker’s Items


Broodmother’s Items



Centaur Warrunner’s Items



Juggernaut’s Items


Lich’s Items



Mirana’s Items



Pudge’s Items


Slardar’s Items



Item Drop List Updates

The item drop list has been greatly pared down and will now change over time. As new items are introduced old items will be removed (and will be accessible on the Steam Community Market). This should help keep the item drop list interesting over time.

Drop List Colour Key

“Item Remaining”

– “Item Removed”

+ “Item Added”

Common Item’s Drop List

– “Timestopper”

– “Trolltooth Necklace”

– “Pegleg of the Cursed Pirate”

– “Three-Fold Mien of the Boar God”

– “Seven-Sealed the Fur Bracer”

– “Twelve-Tusks the Cape of Boars”

– “Four-Fangs the Swordbreaker”

– “Pride of the Crew”

– “Royal Admiral’s Bicorne”

– “Tricorne of the Drowned”

– “Wavecrester”

– “Berserker’s Pauldron”

– “Berserker’s Helm”

– “Berserker’s Belt”

– “Coat of the Elder Grove”

– “Horns of the Forest Lord”

– “Lucky Tooth Necklace”

– “Captain’s Hook”

– “Tayrnhelm of the Swordmaster”

– “Girth of the Swordmaster”

– “Fluted Guard of the Swordmaster”

– “Grip of the Swordmaster”

– “Meranth Executioner’s Blade”

– “Staff of the Tusk-Bereft”

– “Tusked Bracers”

– “Sinorian Sphere Staff”

– “Twin Bull Adornment”

– “Pauldron of Al-Fusha”

– “Curled Root-Staff”

– “Flared Wooden Crest”

– “Doubly Braided Beard”

– “Beard of Cycles”

– “Diadem of the Goddess Enthroned”

– “Guard of the Deep Tribes”

– “Pine-Sage Sigil Stones”

– “Kraken Shell”

– “Grand Claive of the Unshamed”

– “Relic Blade of the Kuur-Ishiminari”

– “Habit of the Seeker”

– “Hlotl-Feather Gloves”

– “Hlotl-Tusk Headdress of the Seeker”

– “Hlotl-Feather Necklace”

– “Gloves of the Admirable Admiral”

– “Ceremonial Rapier”

– “Grand Curls of the Admirable Admiral”

– “Seafarer’s Shoes”

– “Back-Ache”

– “Excavator’s Treasure”

– “Naval Mine”

– “Swamp Fins”

– “Pillar of Strength”

– “Stone Loins”

– “Stone Guard”

– “Stone Helmet”

– “Helm of the Radiant Crusader”

– “Armor of the Radiant Crusader”

– “Bracers of the Radiant Crusader”

– “Sigil of the Radiant Crusader”

– “Hammer of the Radiant Crusader”

– “Cerebral Support”

– “Femur Thrasher”

– “Beast-Jaw Bludgeoner”

– “Dragonmaw”

– “Spectrolite Staff”

– “Sword of the Admirable Admiral”

– “Twinblade of the Veil”

– “Shuriken of the Hidden Hunter”

– “Harvester of the Hidden Hunter”

– “Cleaver of the Hidden Hunter”

– “Forgemaster’s Apron”

– “Forgemaster’s Armlet”

– “Forgemaster’s Mask”

– “Ice Burst Bow”

– “Nature’s Shortbow”

– “Ice Burst Bracers”

– “Ice Burst Greaves”

– “Creeper’s Cruel Painsaw”

– “Creeper’s Cruel Hook”

– “Creeper’s Cruel Shuriken”

– “Ghastly Scarf of the Corpse Maiden”

– “Spiral Staff”

– “Pincher Bow”

– “War Blade”

– “War Blade – Off-Hand”

– “Dreaded Dreads”

– “Shrunken Head Staff”

– “Wooden Fetish Mask”

– “Cape of the Burning Cabal”

– “Bracers of the Burning Cabal”

– “Crest of the Burning Cabal”

– “Stylish Wizard’s Topnot”

– “Demon Skull Staff”

– “Manifold Spear”

– “Edgebearer’s Helm”

– “Ringblade”

– “Eul’s Scepter of Divinity”

– “Radiant Crystal Bracer”

– “Radiant Crystal Crown”

– “Radiant Crystal Pauldrons”

– “Radiant Crystal Crests”

– “Force Staff”

– “Shuriken of the Reaper”

– “Bladed-Staff of the Reaper”

– “Makeshift Sword of the Reaper”

– “Helm of Claszureme”

– “Bloodmist Belt”

– “Bloodmist Helm”

– “Bloodmist Pauldrons”

– “Weighted Claive”

– “Iron Bear’s Belt”

– “Iron Bear’s Plates”

– “Iron Bear’s Cutter”

– “Iron Bear’s Skullcap”

– “Metal Horns”

– “Obsidian Blade Bracers”

– “Obsidian Blade Pauldron”

– “Spiked Bracers of the Ravager”

– “Sash of the Ravager”

– “Quills of the Ravager”

– “Master Assassin’s Shuriken”

– “Master Assassin’s Shoulders”

– “Master Assassin’s Mancatcher”

– “Master Assassin’s Grim Cutter”

– “Trap Jaw”

– “Chestplate of the Hierophant”

– “Heavy Pauldrons of the Hierophant”

– “Holy Words of the Hierophant”

– “Bracers of the Hierophant”

– “Bloodletter”

– “Bloodletter – Off-Hand”

– “Blade of Dead Kings”

– “Bonehunter Bracers”

– “Bonehunter Tuskguard”

– “Bonehunter Belt”

– “Epoch”

– “Armor of a Savage Age”

– “Bracer of a Savage Age”

– “Belt of a Savage Age”

– “Scarf of the Bone Scryer”

– “Head-Ache”

– “Legion’s Wrath”

– “Dero’s Staff of Sanity”

– “Ice Burst Cloak”

– “Frost Spikes”

– “Direstone Crests”

– “Headhunter”

– “Direstone Bracers”

– “Skeletal Claw of the Vandal”

– “Plate of the Summoned Lord”

– “Ceremonial Crawlers of Qaldin”

– “Direstone Crown”

– “Direstone Pauldrons”

– “Wraps of a Thousand Faces”

– “Revered Bracers”

– “Crests of Polymorphia”

– “Revered Wrap”

– “Kataginu of a Thousand Faces”

– “Feudal Mace of Chivalry”

– “Bracers of the Crystalline Queen”

– “Bracers of Polymorphia”

– “The Elder Shield”

– “Riftshadow Roamer’s Grabbin’ Wraps”

– “Omniscient’s Maul”

– “Revered Spear”

– “The Storm Rider’s Bracer”

– “Makeshift Hornwood Bow”

– “Bracers of the Drake”

– “Merciless Spear”

– “Cape of the Drake”

– “Traveler’s Jug”

– “Peregrine Lance”

– “Markswoman’s Cap”

– “Robe of the Archivist”

– “Lantern of the Archivist”

– “Armor of the Mage Slayer”

– “Bracers of the Archivist”

– “Royal Halberd”

– “Shield of the Drake”

– “Spade of the Gluttonous”

– “Tail Fins of the Slithereen Nobility”

– “Armlet of Renewed Faith”

– “Arctic Hunter’s Snack”

+ “Aqwanderer Neckbrace”

+ “Arc of the Northern Wind”

+ “Arctic Bracers of the North”

“Arctic Hunter’s Glove”

– “Feathered Naginata”

– “Sword of the Drake”

– “Verdant Coif”

– “Mistress of the Slithereen Nobility”

– “Cape of the Wind Leaf”

– “Crimson Wyvern Skirt”

– “Zaru’Kina Protector’s Cape”

– “Zaru’Kina Protector’s Pads”

– “Birot’s Crests of Dignity”

– “Crown of the Falling Comet”

– “Crests of the Falling Comet”

– “Scepter of the Sable Void”

– “Belt of the Golden Mane”

– “Decorative Armor of the Bone Scryer”

– “Gilded Falcon Quiver”

– “Bloodwood Reserve”

– “Bow of the Oyoloe”

+ “Arctic Hunter’s Snack”

+ “Armguard of the Steppe”

“Armored Exoskeleton Arms”

– “Armlets of the Falling Comet”

– “Gauntlet of the Golden Mane”

– “Skins of the Incubus”

– “Heart of the Inauspicious Abyss”

– “Torn Guard of the Vandal”

– “Dark Quiver of the Vandal”

– “Belt of Claszureme”

– “Bracers of Claszureme”

– “Shoulders of Claszureme”

– “Demon Spine Recurve Bow”

– “Jeweled Longbow”

– “Crimson Wyvern Bracers”

– “Mallet of Magnificence”

– “Bow of the Searing Soul”

– “Hammer of Light Inexorable”

– “Sylvan Guard’s Quiver”

– “Sylvan Guard’s Cuffs”

– “The Half Measure”

  “Armored Exoskeleton Legs”

– “Holy Spear of Images”

– “Bracers of the Dark Magic”

– “Shoulders of the Dark Magic”

– “Bracer of the Mage Slayer”

– “Skirt of the Mage Slayer”

– “Red Talon Belt”

– “Cloak of the Haruspex”

– “Dagger of Enduring Torment”

– “Bangles of the Wildwing’s Blessing”

– “Necklace of the Wildwing’s Blessing”

– “Beard of Weeping Scorn”

– “The Sharpshooter’s Pauldrons”

– “Ceremonial Claws of Qaldin”

– “Sigil of the Tahlin Watch”

– “Bracer of the Tahlin Watch”

– “Tribal Stone Vambrace”

– “Buckler of the Bramble Lord”

– “Runed Bracers of Apocalyptic Fire”

– “Demonhide Girdle of Apocalyptic Fire”

– “Royal Dagger of the Tahlin Watch”

– “Royal Dagger of the Tahlin Watch – Off-Hand”

– “Pauldrons of the Crypt Guardian”

– “Dark Ruin Mantle”

– “Obsidian Blade Spear”

– “Crown of the Brood Queen”

– “Sleeves of the Solar Divine”

– “Arc of the Solar Divine”

– “The Commodore’s Bicorne”

– “The Commodore’s Curtains”

– “The Commodore’s Puffy Cuffs”

– “Armguards of the Penitent Nomad”

– “Shoulderguards of the Penitent Nomad”

– “Infernal Pauldrons of Apocalyptic Fire”

– “Etched Crescent of Yoskreth – Off-Hand”

– “Demon Blade of Apocalyptic Fire”

– “Etched Crescent of Yoskreth”

– “Belt of Yoskreth”

– “The Commodore’s Gaiters”

– “The Sharpshooter’s Bullet Bracers”

– “Assistant’s Blades of Scientific Inquiry”

– “Experimentalist’s Goggles”

– “Experimentalist’s Unstable Flask”

– “Fetish of the Father Spirits”

– “Rough Rider’s Tools”

– “Ember Tipped Manipulators”

– “Armor of Distant Sands”

– “Featherfall Quiver”

– “Staff of Inscrutable Zeal”

– “Tail of Twisted Wisdom”

– “Vines of Twisted Wisdom”

– “Armor of Omexe”

– “Bracers Omexe”

– “Belt of Omexe”

– “The Dead Winter Grasp”

– “Ancestors’ Vambrace”

– “Sanguine Moon Belt”

– “Empowered Skirt of the Gods”

– “Heavy Gauntlets of the World Runner”

– “Wraps of the Subtle Demon”

– “Mark of the Subtle Demon”

– “Ancestral Bracers of Karroch”

– “Ancestral Axes of Karroch”

– “Ancestral Belt of Karroch”

– “Wraps of the Drunken Warlord”

– “Mailed Skirt of the Drunken Warlord”

– “Bracers of Eldritch Ice”

– “Sleeves of the Ephemeral Haunt”

– “Horns of the Ephemeral Haunt”

– “Sacred Bones Chopper”

– “Sacred Bones Bracers”

– “Bone Ruin Excavator Pack”

+ “Battleseeker Belt”

+ “Belt of Retribution”

+ “Belt of the Blood Covenant”

  “Belt of the Conquering Tyrant”

+ “Belts from the Gloom”

+ “Bite of the Slithereen Knight – Off-Hand”

+ “Black Boots of the Voyager”

+ “Bladebreaker Armguards”

+ “Blades of Malicious Efflorescence”

+ “Bracer and Band of Ancestral Luck”

+ “Bracers of Forsaken Beauty”

+ “Bracers of Impending Transgressions”

 “Bracers of the Conquering Tyrant”

+ “Bracers of the Moon Rider”

+ “Braces of the Atniw”

“Braided Tail of the Conquering Tyrant”

– “Sea Dragon’s Crown”

– “Sea Dragon’s Armlet”

– “Penumbral Crest”

– “Vambraces of the Battle Caster”

+ “Button Down of the Voyager”

+ “Chained Beauty”

+ “Chained Spur”

+ “Chestpiece of the Eternal Light”

+ “Claddish Voyager’s Chestplate”

+ “Claddish Voyager’s Gloves”

+ “Claddish Voyager’s Second Chance”

+ “Claddish Voyager’s Treads”

“Claw of the Ancient Sovereign”

– “Young Alchemist’s Knot”

– “Ogre’s Caustic Steel Bracers”

– “Bracers of the Moon Rider”

+ “Cloak of the Boreal Watch”

+ “Cloak of the Dark Wraith”

+ “Dagger of Anguish”

+ “Dark Ruin Mantle”

+ “Deep Warden’s Darkray Cape”

+ “Deep Warden’s Seized Hood”

+ “Dreaded Bravo’s Scarf”

+ “Dreadknight Blade”

+ “Dress from the Gloom”

+ “Epaulettes of the Scorching Princess”

+ “Flamestitched Suitings Wrap and Molotov”

+ “Frostiron Raider Shield”

+ “Frostiron Sorceress Cape”

+ “Frostiron Sorceress Cuffs”

+ “Gauntlets of the Boreal Watch”

  “Gauntlets of the Crypt Guardian”

+ “Gemmed Bracers of the Priest Kings”

+ “Gemmed Pauldrons of the Priest Kings”

+ “Gift of the Sea Dorsal Wings”

+ “Girdle of the Dark Wraith”

+ “Gloves of Retribution”

+ “Green Sleeves of the Voyager”

+ “Guard of Anguish”

+ “Gunslinger’s Bracers”

+ “Gunslinger’s Cape”

+ “Gunslinger’s Hat”

+ “Gunslinger’s Rifle”

+ “Heirloom of the Charred Bloodline”

+ “Helm of the Red Conqueror”

+ “Hook of the Atniw”

+ “Initiate’s Cut”

+ “Jewel of the Forest Boots”

+ “Jewel of the Forest Gloves”

+ “Legplates of the Boreal Watch”

+ “Lost Hills Gauntlets”

+ “Mantle of Endless Havoc”

+ “Mantle of the Acolyte of Clasz”

+ “Mantle of the Blood Covenant”

+ “Might of the Slithereen Knight”

+ “Nails in the Mad Harvester”

+ “Nightwatcher’s Belt”

+ “Nightwatcher’s Bracers”

+ “Nightwatcher’s Mask”

+ “Nomad’s Guards”

+ “Ogre’s Caustic Steel Bracers”

+ “Old Ironsides Gauntlet”

+ “Old Ironsides Pauldrons”

+ “Pauldron of the Red Conqueror”

+ “Pauldrons of Impending Transgressions”

+ “Pauldrons of the Crypt Guardian”

+ “Pauldrons of the Northern Wind”

+ “Penumbral Crest”

+ “Prestidigitator’s Shiners”

+ “Preyfinders of the Predator”

+ “Quiver of the Northern Wind”

+ “Red Mist Reaper’s Belt”

+ “Red Mist Reaper’s Shawl”

+ “Redmoon Assassin’s Secret Headwear”

+ “Regalia of the Bonelord Gauntlet”

+ “Regalia of the Bonelord Shoulder”

+ “Robe of the Atniw”

+ “Robes of Malicious Efflorescence”

+ “Robes of the First Light”

+ “Roots of Sundering”

“Royal Cape of the Great Grey”

+ “Scarab Pendant of the Priest Kings”

+ “Shoulder of the Atniw”

+ “Shoulders of the North”

“Sigil Belt of the Great Grey”

+ “Sleeves of the Charred Bloodline”

+ “Sleeves of the Scorching Princess”

“Spellbinder’s Forgotten Greatstaff”

– “The Twisted Arc”

– “Bracers of Forsaken Beauty”

– “Frostiron Raider Shield”

– “Frostiron Sorceress Cape”

– “Frostiron Sorceress Cuffs”

+ “Spiral Staff of the First Light”

+ “Starlight Armguards”

+ “Starlight Finery”

+ “Starlight Quiver”

+ “Style of the Charred Bloodline”

“Summer’s Light”

“Summer’s Warmth”

– “Gemmed Pauldrons of the Priest Kings”

– “Gemmed Bracers of the Priest Kings”

– “Scarab Pendant of the Priest Kings”

– “Toxic Gaze”

– “Slayer’s Glare”

– “Nightmare Beacon”

– “Eyeball Fetish”

– “Staff of Faith”

– “Eye of the Ozkavosh”

– “Blueheart Spotter”

+ “Sweep of the Steppe”

+ “Tahlin Occult Shoulder Sigil”

+ “Tail of Sundering”

+ “Tassets of Impending Transgressions”

+ “Tassets of the Red Conqueror”

+ “The Gallows Understudy Gauntlets”

+ “The Gallows Understudy Mantle”

+ “The Ol’ Chopper’s Chains”

+ “The Ol’ Chopper’s Choppin’ Arm”

+ “The Ol’ Chopper’s Cleaver”

+ “The Twisted Arc”

+ “Thrashers of the Dreadful Abyss”

+ “Tribal Stone Vambrace”

+ “Vambraces of the Battle Caster”

+ “Whispering Dead Armor”

+ “Wraps of the Blood Covenant”

+ “Young Alchemist’s Knot”

Uncommon Item’s Drop List

– “Horn Mask”

– “Pangolin Shoulder Armor”

– “Grandfather’s Ribs”

– “Demon Blood Helm”

– “Demon Blood Armor”

– “Demon Blood Guard”

– “Luxuriant Chin-Foliage”

– “Horns of Noblesse”

– “Cape of Verdant Dreaming”

– “Runestaff of Verodicia”

– “Grand Crown of the Gigas”

– “Castor’s Spaulder”

– “Druidic Ritual Crest”

– “Stoic Mask of the High Plains”

– “Wolf Cape of the High Plains”

– “Aspect Wraps of the High Plains”

– “Long-Fang the Grey Blade”

– “Drape of Foliate Magery”

– “Modestly Braided Beard”

– “Octopus Hat”

– “Kimono of the Ebony Tower”

– “Bracers of the Ebony Tower”

– “Blade of the Dark Ancients”

– “Sword of the Seventy-Seven Seas”

+ “Aqwanderer Boots”

+ “Aqwanderer Bracers”

+ “Arctic Hunter’s Hood”

“Arctic Hunter’s Parka”

– “Champion of Emauracus”

– “Raw Hide”

– “Skeletal Catch”

– “Pirate Slayer’s Bracer”

– “Pirate Slayer’s Tricorn”

– “Bindings of the Rift”

– “Executioner’s Axe”

– “Executioner’s Cape”

– “Executioner’s Trophies”

– “Executioner’s Hood”

– “Rune Hammer”

– “Forgemaster’s Hammer”

– “The Cleaver of Might”

– “Hardened Hunter’s Bracer”

– “Hardened Hunter’s Armor”

– “Voidkeeper’s Visage”

– “Wicked Collar of the Corpse Maiden”

– “Hardened Hunter’s Mask”

– “Pirate Slayer’s Cutlass”

– “Pirate Slayer’s Black Flag”

– “Kingslayer Axe”

– “Back Hook”

– “Back Hook – Off-Hand”

– “Vile Carnival Hat”

– “Pangolin Carapace”

– “Pangolin Scarf”

– “Staff of the Old Doctor”

– “Cape of Arcane Artistry”

– “Death Mask of the Brave”

– “Elder Tusk of the Brave”

– “Bone Bracer of the Brave”

– “No-Guard the Courageous Edge”

– “Sacral Apparel”

– “Drum of Tales”

– “Mantle of Mysteries”

– “Wheel of Fortitude”

– “Armor of the Purist Champion”

– “Bracer of the Purist Champion”

– “Hammer of the Purist Champion”

– “Circlet of the Purist Champion”

– “Exquisite Doubled Axe of the Veil”

– “Ice Crystal Bow”

– “Qaldin Assassin’s Dagger”

– “Qaldin Assassin’s Slicer”

– “Qaldin Assassin’s Glaive”

– “Bloodmist Crescent Axe”

– “Bracers of Profound Perfection”

– “Crest of the Magus Magnus”

– “Shoulders of the Comet’s Tail”

– “Skull of the Ravager”

– “Master Assassin’s Tails”

– “Master Assassin’s Mask”

– “Reaver”

– “Hammer of Hope”

– “Shard of the Rift”

– “Bonehunter Slicer”

– “Bonehunter Slicer – Off-Hand”

– “Bonehunter Spineguard”

– “Helm of a Savage Age”

– “Funereal Dress of the Bone Scryer”

– “Rhuis Tuning-Fork”

– “Carved Grin of the Trickster”

– “Riftshadow Roamer’s Pluckin’ Fiddle”

– “The Spiritual Spirits”

– “Crescent Sickle of the Druid”

– “Poor Armor of the Druid”

– “Spine Sword”

– “Lucky Belly Belt”

– “Golden Walrus Whacker”

– “Cloak of the Dawn”

– “Shoulders of the Twelfth Day”

– “Vambraces of the Slain Dragon”

– “Sacrificial Shortblade”

– “Lash of the Summoned Lord”

– “Runic Bow of Corruption”

– “Sigil of the Summoned Lord”

– “Ceremonial Thorax of Qaldin”

– “Guard of the Crimson Cut-throat”

– “Snowdrop Hood”

– “Mantle of the Crystalline Queen”

– “Sash of Death’s Bride”

– “The Soul Reaper”

– “Crown of Polymorphia”

– “Barrel Quiver”

– “Pauldrons of Polymorphia”

– “Hammer of Enlightenment”

– “Runed Helm of Valor”

– “Mysterious Vagabond’s Wand”

– “Mysterious Vagabond’s Concoction”

– “Riftshadow Roamer’s Wearin’ Vest”

– “Mask of a Thousand Faces”

– “Bow of the Sun Vine”

– “Frost Shard Crown”

– “Frost Shard Pauldrons”

– “Furyblade”

– “Furyblade – Off-Hand”

– “Heavy Steel Axe”

– “Frost Shard Armlets”

– “Lantern of Death’s Last Light”

– “Infectious Amalgamate”

– “Snowdrop Mantle”

– “Snowdrop Mittens”

“Arctic Hunter’s Tusks”

– “The Storm Rider’s Sight”

– “Revered Shoulder”

– “The Storm Rider’s Deflector”

– “Arctic Hunter’s Hood”

– “Armor of the Drake”

– “Pads of the Crimson Cut-throat”

– “Staff of the Archivist”

– “Shroud of the Archivist”

– “Helmet of the Drake”

– “Demonbag of the Archivist”

– “Birot’s Bracers of Dignity”

– “Ornate Mantle of Renewed Faith”

– “Shuriken of the Crimson Cut-throat”

– “Heavy Steel Shoulder”

– “Spetum of the Disciplined”

– “Heavy Steel Belt”

– “Shoulderpads of the Falcon”

– “Warhammer of Renewed Faith”

– “Maiden of the Slithereen Nobility”

– “Twisted Lightbringer”

– “Crimson Wyvern Shield”

– “Zaru’Kina Protector’s Bow”

– “Proof of Courage”

– “Little Blink Dagger”

– “Winged Paladin’s Gauntlet”

– “Ruby Ring of Rak-noth Rak-nul”

– “Zaru’Kina Protector’s Hair”

– “Bloodwood Arc”

– “Gilded Falcon Bow”

– “Skullsplitter Axe”

– “Winged Paladin’s Armor”

– “Gilded Falcon Wings”

– “Shield of the Hidden Talent”

– “Crimson Wyvern Shoulders”

– “Bracers of the Hidden Talent”

– “Helm of the Hidden Talent”

– “Glaive of the Hidden Talent”

– “Blade of the Slithereen Exile”

– “Spear of the Golden Mane”

– “Shoulder of the Golden Mane”

– “Winged Paladin’s Helm”

– “Spear of the Herald”

– “Shroud of the Shattered Sect”

– “Shredder of the Vandal”

– “Great Grey Owl Bow”

– “Sparrowhawk Hood”

– “Demon Guise of the Vandal”

– “Sparrowhawk Wings”

– “Crimson Wyvern Sword”

– “Sylvan Guard’s Boots”

– “Sparrowhawk Quiver”

– “Tail of the Eleven Curses”

– “Horns of the Eleven Curses”

– “Sylvan Guard’s Bow”

– “Sylvan Guard’s Cape”

– “Bracer of the Eleven Curses”

– “Sylvan Guard’s Hair”

– “Wings of the Eleven Curses”

– “Belt of the Eleven Curses”

+ “Armor from the Gloom”

+ “Armor of the Twisted Arc”

“Armored Exoskeleton Back”

– “Shoulder of the Eleven Curses”

– “Thyrsus of the Inauspicious Abyss”

– “Loner’s Vanity”

– “Nightsilver Bracers”

– “Cape of the Dark Magic”

– “Collar of the Mage Slayer”

– “Red Talon Guard”

– “Red Talon Axes”

– “Red Talon Bracers”

– “Claw of the Haruspex”

– “Gilded Mark of the Haruspex”

– “Sacrificial Blade of the Haruspex”

– “Chain of Enduring Torment”

– “Tiara of Enduring Torment”

– “Scarf of the Deadly Nightshade”

– “Garb of the Deadly Nightshade”

– “Councilor’s Staff”

– “Councilor’s Shawl”

– “Councilor’s Robe”

– “Ancestral Headdress”

– “Ancestral Arm Wrap”

– “Ancestral Dress”

– “Reliquary of Rotting Doom”

– “Pretiosa of Putrescense”

– “Nightsilver Quiver”

– “Nightsilver Raiments”

– “Nightsilver Regalia”

– “Sash of the Third Insight”

– “The Sharpshooter’s Cloak”

– “Mask of the Tahlin Watch”

– “Tribal Stone Edge”

– “Tribal Stone Horns”

– “Egg of the Stormcrow”

– “Cloak of the Stormcrow”

– “Tail of the Stormcrow”

– “Ceremonial Stinger of Qaldin”

– “Belt of the Bramble Lord”

– “Spaulder of the Bramble Lord”

– “Blade of the Slithereen Exile – Off-Hand”

– “Assistant’s Cutter”

– “The Hunter’s Helm”

– “Cape of the Great Safari”

– “Bracers of the Seasoned Hunter”

– “Sharpeye’s Momentos”

– “Ember Edge”

– “Boneslayer”

– “Mask of Dark Ferocity”

– “Ignited Scepter”

– “Steel Horns of Apocalyptic Fire”

– “Bow of the Crypt Guardian”

– “Dark Ruin Helm”

– “Dark Ruin Gaze”

– “Obsidian Blade Dagger”

– “Bladed Abdomen of the Brood Queen”

– “Blessings of the Solar Divine”

– “Spellbreaker of Yoskreth”

– “Locuthi Barding of the Penitent Nomad”

– “Commanding Rod of the Penitent Nomad”

– “Sash of Yoskreth”

– “Tail Plates of Apocalyptic Fire”

– “Bracers of Yoskreth”

– “Spear of the Wildwing’s Blessing”

– “Wingbelt of the Wildwing’s Blessing”

– “The Commodore’s Facings”

– “The Commodore’s Sash”

– “Claws of the Hidden Hive”

– “Assistant’s Muscle Pump”

– “Ritual Skirt of the Father Spirits”

– “Rough Rider’s Slipshod Slicker”

– “Ember Tipped Antennae”

– “Yasha the Quickblade”

– “Sange the Backseeker”

– “Mask of Distant Sands”

– “Long Blade of Distant Sands”

– “Short Blade of Distant Sands”

– “Featherfall Spaulders”

– “Cloak of Inscrutable Zeal”

– “Mask of Inscrutable Zeal”

– “Armor of Twisted Wisdom”

– “Tail of Omexe”

– “Spine of Omexe”

– “The Dead Winter Mantle”

– “Ancestors’ Edge”

– “Ancestors’ Belt”

– “Sanguine Moon Shoulder”

– “Sanguine Moon Weapons”

– “Empowered Staff of the Gods”

– “Empowered Hood of the Gods”

– “Heavy Belt of the World Runner”

– “Blade of the Subtle Demon”

– “Blade of the Subtle Demon – Off-Hand”

– “Veil of the Subtle Demon”

– “Ancestral Hair of Karroch”

– “Ancestral Vest of Karroch”

– “Battlejug of the the Drunken Warlord”

– “Guard of the Drunken Warlord”

– “Bindings of Eldritch Ice”

– “Glacier of Eldritch Ice”

– “Dress of the Ephemeral Haunt”

– “Akakiryu of a Thousand Faces”

– “Sacred Bones Shoulder”

– “Sacred Bones Spear”

– “Key to the Bone Ruins”

– “Skull of the Bone Ruins”

– “Brutal Crescent of the Conquering Tyrant”

– “Sea Dragon’s Basher”

– “Spiked Pauldrons of the Conquering Tyrant”

“Barding of the Conquering Tyrant”

– “Penumbral Shawl”

– “Penumbral Cloak”

– “Cut of the Battle Caster”

– “Stinger of the Ancient Sovereign”

– “Crawlers of the Ancient Sovereign”

– “Young Alchemist’s Protection”

– “Ogre’s Caustic Steel Choppers”

– “Fluted Guard of the Moon Rider”

– “Lion Drape of the Moon Rider”

– “Tail of the Moon Rider”

– “Lion Quiver of the Moon Rider”

– “Staff of Wind and Sand”

– “The 22 Keys of Anzar-Anzuli’i”

– “Tinek the Unmastered”

– “Helm of the Nimble Edge”

– “Leaf of the Nimble Edge”

– “Girdle of the Nimble Edge”

– “Demon Quiver of the Crypt Guardian”

+ “Bardings of the First Light”

“Battle Claws of the Great Grey”

– “Housemark of the Great Grey”

– “Comb of the Great Grey”

– “Spellbinder’s Catalytic Mantle”

– “Armor of the Twisted Arc”

– “Bracers of the Twisted Arc”

+ “Battleseeker Arms”

+ “Battleseeker Shoulders”

+ “Belt of Ancestral Luck”

+ “Belt of the Eternal Light”

+ “Blade of Endless Havoc”

+ “Blade of the Dark Wraith”

+ “Bladebreaker Dagger”

+ “Bladebreaker Dagger – Off-Hand”

+ “Bladebreaker Spaulders”

+ “Blades of the Predator”

“Blouse of Forsaken Beauty”

+ “Blue Stone Shoulder of the Voyager”

+ “Bow of the Crypt Guardian”

+ “Bracers of Malicious Efflorescence”

+ “Bracers of the Twisted Arc”

+ “Breastplate of the Slithereen Knight”

+ “Brutal Crescent of the Conquering Tyrant”

+ “Chained Guard”

+ “Chopper of the Mad Harvester”

“Circlet of Forsaken Beauty”

– “Frostiron Raider Helm”

+ “Claddish Voyager’s Elegant Pauldron”

+ “Claddish Voyager’s First Chance”

+ “Claddish Voyager’s True North”

+ “Cloak of the Northern Wind”

+ “Comb of the Great Grey”

+ “Cowl of the Blood Covenant”

+ “Crawlers of the Ancient Sovereign”

+ “Cut of the Atniw”

+ “Cut of the Battle Caster”

+ “Dark Ruin Gaze”

+ “Dark Ruin Helm”

+ “Deep Vault Guardian Armplates”

+ “Deep Vault Guardian Headfin”

+ “Deep Vault Guardian Spine”

+ “Deep Warden’s Conch Pauldron”

+ “Deep Warden’s Tooth Bracer”

+ “Demon Quiver of the Crypt Guardian”

+ “Dragon Forged Armor”

+ “Dragon Forged Staff”

+ “Dragon Forged Stare”

+ “Dragon Forged Wings”

+ “Dreaded Bravo’s Cape”

+ “Dreaded Bravo’s Guise”

+ “Dreadknight Cloak”

+ “Dreadknight Gauntlet”

+ “Dress of the Scorching Princess”

+ “Encasement of the Eternal Light”

+ “Firebreather of the Voyager”

+ “Flamestitched Suitings Bandana”

+ “Flamestitched Suitings Cape”

+ “Fluted Guard of the Moon Rider”

+ “Frostbitten Cloak of the North”

“Frostiron Raider Axe”

+ “Frostiron Raider Helm”

“Frostiron Raider Tusks”

“Frostiron Raider Wrap”

“Frostiron Sorceress Pads”

“Frostiron Sorceress Staff”

+ “Gauntlets of the Acolyte of Clasz”

+ “Gift of the Sea Arms”

+ “Gift of the Sea Shoulders”

+ “Girdle of the Nimble Edge”

+ “Girdpiece of the Acolyte of Clasz”

+ “Gladys the Light-Bearing Mule”

+ “Guard of the Dark Wraith”

+ “Helm of Impending Transgressions”

+ “Helm of Retribution”

+ “Helm of the Nimble Edge”

+ “Helm of the Slithereen Knight”

+ “Helm of the Steppe”

+ “Hook of the Mad Harvester”

+ “Housemark of the Great Grey”

+ “Ice Capped Hood of the North”

+ “Jewel of the Forest Cape”

+ “Jewel of the Forest Pauldrons”

+ “Jewel of the Forest Scarf”

+ “Leaf of the Nimble Edge”

+ “Lion Drape of the Moon Rider”

+ “Lion Quiver of the Moon Rider”

+ “Longbow of the Boreal Watch”

+ “Lost Hills Bow”

+ “Lost Hills Helm”

+ “Lost Hills Shield”

+ “Mantle of Ancestral Luck”

+ “Masks of Ancestral Luck”

+ “Maze of Anguish”

+ “Mind Piercer of the Predator”

+ “Nightwatcher’s Guard”

+ “Nomad’s Barbed Edge”

+ “Nomad’s Edge – Off-Hand”

+ “Nomad’s Shelter”

+ “Ogre’s Caustic Steel Choppers”

+ “Pads of the Blood Covenant”

+ “Pauldrons of Retribution”

+ “Pauldrons of the Boreal Watch”

+ “Penumbral Cloak”

+ “Penumbral Shawl”

+ “Plate of the Steppe”

+ “Plates of Sundering”

+ “Plume of the Eternal Light”

+ “Prestidigitator’s Oculus”

+ “Quiver of the Boreal Watch”

+ “Rachel the Morde-bat”

+ “Red Mist Reaper’s Mask”

+ “Red Mist Reaper’s Tattoos”

+ “Redmoon Assassin’s Secret Armor”

+ “Regalia of the Bonelord Cape”

+ “Regalia of the Bonelord Crown”

+ “Regalia of the Bonelord Sword”

+ “Restraint of the Mad Harvester”

+ “Ruling Staff of the Priest Kings”

+ “Sacred Orb Helm”

+ “Sacred Orb Venom Claws”

+ “Shield of Endless Havoc”

+ “Spellbinder’s Catalytic Mantle”

+ “Spiked Pauldrons of the Conquering Tyrant”

+ “Spines of the Dreadful Abyss”

+ “Staff of Retribution”

+ “Staff of Wind and Sand”

+ “Starlight Band”

+ “Starlight Bow”

+ “Starlight Dress”

+ “Stinger of the Ancient Sovereign”

“Summer’s Bounty”

“Summer’s Mirth”

– “Ruling Staff of the Priest Kings”

+ “Sword of Impending Transgressions”

+ “Tahlin Occult Dagger”

+ “Tahlin Occult Dagger – Off-Hand”

+ “Tahlin Occult Hood”

+ “Tail of Impending Transgressions”

+ “Tail of the Moon Rider”

+ “Tail of the Slithereen Knight”

+ “Tendrils of the Dreadful Abyss”

+ “The 22 Keys of Anzar-Anzuli’i”

+ “The Gallows Understudy Back”

+ “The Gallows Understudy Hood”

+ “The Gallows Understudy Skirt”

+ “The Ol’ Chopper’s Dinner Bringer”

+ “The Ol’ Chopper’s Meat Jacket”

+ “Tinek the Unmastered”

+ “Tribal Stone Edge”

+ “Tribal Stone Horns”

+ “Whispering Dead Mantle”

+ “Wings of Malicious Efflorescence”

+ “Young Alchemist’s Protection”

Rare Item’s Drop List

– “Runed Ailettes”

– “Rattlebite”

– “Dress of the Corpse Maiden”

– “Wuldastron the Twin-Blade of Giants”

– “Defender of the Ivory Isles”

– “Visage of the Ivory Isles”

– “Cuffs of Oak and Yew”

+ “A Dire Gaze”

+ “Aqwanderer Carapace”

+ “Aqwanderer Crown”

“Arctic Hunter’s Ice Axe”

– “Healing Ward of the Kuur-Ishiminari”

– “Staff of the Eagle”

– “Excavator’s Decorated Treasure”

– “Aspect Mask of Fulminant Rage”

– “Cold Case Bow”

– “Chronite Armor”

– “Chronite Bracers”

– “Chronite Scepter”

– “Trident of the Sea Stalker”

– “Horns of the Bone Scryer”

– “Tribal Totem Mask”

– “Hammer of Holy Words”

– “Veil of Fables”

– “Hammer Time”

– “Deathwielder”

– “Ancient Mask of Intimidation”

– “Grand Blade of the Demigod”

– “Sylnashar the Winged Axe”

– “Shoulders of the Slain Dragon”

– “Elemental Ice Infusion”

– “Demon Claive”

– “Hood of Endless Intellect”

– “Ruling Sword”

– “Obsidian Blade Warhelm”

– “Hood of the Hierophant”

– “Nightmare Blade”

– “Glaive of the Mage Slayer – Off-Hand”

– “Helm of the Slain Dragon”

– “Bonehunter Skullguard”

– “Crown of the Comet’s Tail”

– “Shoulder of the Noble”

– “Mask of the Many-Sighted”

– “Champion’s Belly Belt”

– “Saberhorn’s Helm”

– “Staff of the Crystalline Queen”

– “Mask of the Crimson Cut-throat”

– “Cape of the Crystalline Queen”

– “Edge of the Slain Dragon”

– “Brooch of Death’s Bride”

– “Ghost Orb of the Planeswalker”

– “Heirloom of the Temple Priestess”

– “Hakama of a Thousand Faces”

– “Saberhorn’s Pauldron”

– “Saberhorn’s Belt”

– “Saberhorn’s Heavy Chopper”

– “Mysterious Vagabond’s Pack”

– “Mysterious Vagabond’s Hat”

– “Bow of the Crystal Caves”

– “Riftshadow Roamer’s Fryin’ Pan”

– “Riftshadow Roamer’s Fine n’ Fancy”

– “Snowdrop Tassels”

– “Snowdrop Staff”

– “Mancatcher of the Crimson Cut-throat”

– “Stormthrasher”

– “Aegis of the Storm”

– “Blade of the Crimson Cut-throat”

– “Grand Mantle of the Archivist”

– “The Stinger”

– “Headdress of the Slithereen Nobility”

– “Spinal Slicer – Off-Hand”

– “Spinal Slicer”

– “Dress of the Slithereen Nobility”

– “Cape of Thunderwrath’s Calling”

– “Helm of Thunderwrath’s Calling”

– “Assistant’s Respirator”

– “Hammer of Thunderwrath’s Calling”

– “Armor of Thunderwrath’s Calling”

– “Crimson Wyvern Helm”

– “Hellish Gemstaff”

– “Birot’s Helm of Dignity”

– “Tiara of the Crystalline Queen”

– “Bindings of the Summoned Lord”

– “Gazing Eye of the Demon Witch”

– “Gilded Falcon Cloak”

– “Gilded Falcon Helm”

– “Robe of the Hidden Talent”

– “Shoulders of the Hidden Talent”

– “Helm of the Slithereen Exile”

– “Armor of the Slithereen Exile”

– “Winged Paladin’s Glorious Cape”

– “Winged Paladin’s Defiance”

– “Wings of the Inauspicious Abyss”

– “Sparrowhawk Bow”

– “Sparrowhawk Cape”

– “Fishing Halberd”

– “Sword of the Eleven Curses”

– “Sylvan Guard’s Dress Armor”

– “Auspex of the Inauspicious Abyss”

– “Hair of the Dark Magic”

– “Red Talon Hood”

– “Glaive of the Mage Slayer”

– “Mask of the Mage Slayer”

– “Torment Unbound”

– “Headpiece of the Deadly Nightshade”

– “Ancestral Cloak”

– “Ancestral Medicine Stick”

– “Nightsilver Locks”

– “Nightsilver Bow”

– “Brooch of the Third Insight”

– “The Sharpshooter’s Stache”

– “The Killstealer”

– “Slim Blade of the Tahlin Watch”

– “Tribal Stone Pauldron”

– “Beak of the Stormcrow”

– “Sigil of the Stormcrow”

– “Lance of the Bramble Lord”

– “Steel Wings of Apocalyptic Fire”

– “Rifle of the Great Safari”

– “Direstone Liferipper”

– “Bloodstained Britches”

+ “Ataxia”

+ “Axe of the Red Conqueror”

+ “Battleseeker Helmet”

+ “Belt of the Twisted Arc”

+ “Blade of the Blood Covenant”

+ “Blade of the Blood Covenant – Off-Hand”

+ “Bladebreaker Brush”

+ “Bladebreaker Hood”

+ “Blindfold from the Gloom”

+ “Bow of Forsaken Beauty”

+ “Bow of the Moon Rider”

+ “Chained Wings”

+ “Circlet of the Northern Wind”

+ “Claddish Voyager’s Helm”

+ “Cloak of the Nimble Edge”

+ “Compass Edge of the Voyager”

+ “Cowl of the Boreal Watch”

“Dark Ruin Crusher”

– “Legs of the Brood Queen”

– “Flares of the Solar Divine”

– “The Commodore’s Kraken Slayer”

– “Fashion of Yoskreth”

– “Ceremonial Pshent of Qaldin”

– “Turban of the Penitent Nomad”

– “Headdress of the Wildwing’s Blessing”

– “Horn of the Hidden Hive”

– “Shell of the Hidden Hive”

– “Experimentalist’s Laboratory Essentials”

– “Headdress of the Father Spirits”

– “Great Pipe of the Father Spirits”

– “Rough Rider’s Muggin’ Mask”

– “Ember Tipped Carapace”

– “Ember Tipped Striders”

– “Councilor’s Mask”

– “Shuriken of Distant Sands”

– “Featherfall Locks”

– “Featherfall Cloak”

– “Horns of Twisted Wisdom”

– “Helmet of Omexe”

– “Flail of Omexe”

– “The Dead Winter Sash”

– “Ancestors’ Pauldron”

– “Sanguine Moon Armor”

– “Empowered Barding of the Gods”

– “Heavy Helm of the World Runner”

– “Heavy Pauldrons of the World Runner”

– “Whip of the Subtle Demon”

– “Words of the Drunken Warlord”

– “Mantle of Eldritch Ice”

– “Blade of the Ephemeral Haunt”

– “Wings of the Ephemeral Haunt”

– “Sacred Bones Helmet”

– “Bandana of the Bone Ruin Bandits”

“Death Mask of the Conquering Tyrant”

– “Sea Dragon’s Fins”

– “Penumbral Warblade”

– “Penumbral Hood”

+ “Deep Vault Guardian Trident”

+ “Deep Warden’s Prized Scimitar”

+ “Dreadknight Crown”

+ “Dreadknight Pauldron”

+ “Ernest Do of the Voyager”

+ “Familiar of the Great Grey”

+ “Flaming Scepter of Ancestral Luck”

+ “Frostiron Raider Fist”

+ “Frostiron Sorceress Brooch”

+ “Gemmed Mitre of the Priest Kings”

+ “Gift of the Sea Fin”

+ “Gift of the Sea Head”

+ “Gown of the Charred Bloodline”

+ “Halberd of the Steppe”

+ “Headwraps of the Acolyte of Clasz”

+ “Helm of the Dark Wraith”

+ “Helm of the Twisted Arc”

+ “Helmet of Endless Havoc”

+ “Horns of Malicious Efflorescence”

+ “Horns of the Crypt Guardian”

+ “Jewel of Futures Foretold”

+ “Jewel of the Forest Bow”

+ “Lost Hills Shoulder”

+ “Morcant”

+ “Ocula the Observer”

+ “Ogre’s Caustic Steel Blinders”

+ “Pauldron of the Nimble Edge”

“Pauldrons of the Battle Caster”

+ “Penumbral Hood”

+ “Penumbral Warblade”

“Plates of the Battle Caster”

+ “Prestidigitator’s Wraps”

+ “Rack of Sundering”

+ “Red Mist Reaper’s Scythe”

+ “Redmoon Assassin’s Secret Wraps”

+ “Rope of the Mad Harvester”

+ “Sacred Orb Carapace”

“Sandworn Visage of the Ancient Sovereign”

– “Vestigial Wings of the Ancient Sovereign”

– “Ogre’s Caustic Steel Blinders”

– “Bow of the Moon Rider”

– “Jewel of Futures Foretold”

– “Cloak of the Nimble Edge”

– “Pauldron of the Nimble Edge”

– “Horns of the Crypt Guardian”

– “Spellbinder’s Tattered Cloak”

+ “Shade of Anguish”

+ “Shadowshard”

+ “Shadowshard – Off-Hand”

+ “Sigil of the Steppe”

+ “Spaulder of the Steppe”

+ “Spell Surveyor”

“Spellbinder’s Mask of Shaping”

– “Belt of the Twisted Arc”

– “Helm of the Twisted Arc”

– “Familiar of the Great Grey”

– “Bow of Forsaken Beauty”

– “Sweep of Forsaken Beauty”

– “Frostiron Raider Fist”

– “Frostiron Sorceress Brooch”

+ “Spellbinder’s Tattered Cloak”

+ “Spines of the Predator”

+ “Spirit of the Atniw”

“Summer’s Charm”

+ “Sweep of Forsaken Beauty”

+ “Tails of the Scorching Princess”

+ “Teeth of the Eternal Light”

+ “The Gallows Understudy Blade”

+ “The Gallows Understudy Blade – Off-Hand”

+ “The Ol’ Chopper’s Grizzled Face”

“Thrice-Gemmed Barding of Sanurok”

– “Gemmed Mitre of the Priest Kings”

– “Mega-Kills: Juggernaut”

– “Mega-Kills: Nature’s Prophet”

– “Mega-Kills: The Pirate Cap’n”

– “Mega-Kills: Storm Spirit”

– “Mega-Kills: Axe”

– “Announcer: Death Prophet”

+ “Time-Mace of the Acolyte of Clasz”

+ “Tribal Stone Pauldron”

+ “Vestigial Wings of the Ancient Sovereign”

+ “Whispering Dead Mask”

+ “Wings of Impending Transgressions”

+ “Wings of Retribution”

+ “Wise Cap of the First Light”

+ “Wizardry Staff of the North”

+ “Wolfhound Rifle”

Mythical Item’s Drop List

– “The Blood Chaser”

– “Fireborn Odachi”

– “Call of the Dendrochron”

– “Squiddles”

– “Flail of the Great Elder”

– “Vice of the West”

– “Corpsemaker”

– “Lyralei’s Breeze”

– “Armored Exoskeleton Wings”

– “Ishul-Shog the Watcher”

– “Scythe of Twin Deaths”

– “Mask of the Third Insight”

– “Hellstrider”

– “Spirit of Calm”

– “Bertha the Morde-bat”

– “Featherfall Bow”

– “The Oculus Ephemeral”

– “The Dead Winter Soul”

– “Sanguine Moon Patch”

– “Roehrin the Pale Stallion”

+ “Alphid of Lecaciida”

“Andalmere the Litigon”

+ “Announcer: Defense Grid”

+ “Announcer: Pyrion Flax”

+ “Armored Exoskeleton Wings”

“Bridle of the Fundamental”

– “Sanurok the Ever Able”

– “Announcer: Dr. Kleiner”

– “Enduring War Dog”

– “Fearless Badger”

– “Announcer: Juggernaut”

– “Announcer: Nature’s Prophet”

– “Tickled Tegu”

– “Mighty Boar”

– “Morok’s Mechanical Mediary”

– “Announcer: Storm Spirit”

– “Announcer: The Pirate Cap’n”

– “Announcer: Axe”

– “Prismatic Drake”

– “Announcer: Bastion”

– “Mega-Kills: Bastion”

– “Announcer: Tuskar”

– “Porcine Princess Penelope”

– “Snowl”

– “Captain Bamboo”

– “Snelfret the Snail”

– “The Llama Llama”

– “Kupu the Metamorpher”

+ “Deathripper”

+ “Form of the Atniw”

+ “Hellstrider”

+ “Mask of the Mad Harvester”

+ “Mega-Kills: Defense Grid”

“Mega-Kills: Pyrion Flax”

+ “Prestidigitator’s Source of Sorcery”

+ “Sanurok the Ever Able”


+ “Wights from the Gloom”

Legendary Item’s Drop List

– “Stryff the Owlion”

– “Rampant the Scaled Hunter”

– “Bessy the Batmeleon”

– “Rotten Stache”

+ “Blotto and Stick”

“Form of the Great Grey”

– “Speed Demon”

– “Skip the Delivery Frog”

– “Baby Roshan”

– “Cluckles the Brave”

– “Nimble Ben”


+ “Mok”

+ “Waldi the Faithful”

Arcana Item’s Drop List

“Fiery Soul of the Slayer”

Sound Effect Updates

Some minor sound effect updates in this week’s patch, a sound effect for the Radiance and some new ability sound effects for Razor.

Item Sound Effects

The Radiance now has its own loop sound effect.


Razor’s Ability Sound Effects

Razor now has a cast and looping storm sound effects.



Materials Update

We have the first set of material files for the unreleased hero Ember Spirit.

Ember Spirit’s Materials


Wraith King’s Materials

We also have a shape layout material for an unknown hero referred to as the “Wraith King”.


Predictions For The Next Hero

If you have high quality Dueling GIFs please send them to me via the contact form.

Closing Note

The First Blood update for Dota 2 delivers us to a new era of client updates for the Dota 2 series, although the overall pace that updates are released has slowed down it now allows for more significant, large-scale updates of new features, content and more which allows people time to adjust to the game so it’s not changing quite as quickly.

In terms of this specific update one of the most notable features here would be the addition of proper LAN support, something a large number of companies are even scared to go near or discuss with their user base. Valve continues to move the game into a better direction with every patch and focus on the areas that will help this game become one of the largest eSports titles in the world.

  • Sigourney Weaver

    First. Great review!

    • Luffydude

      Yea.. the only thing to complain is why they’ve made those private profiles??? So that people can’t complain about matchmaking in the forums with a <100 wins guy or someone that fed 1-10 in their last 5 gams??? volvo plos..

      • pidzson

        I don’t really know if this is bad – think about the professionals. Ever seen their streams, how many unwanted friend request they had? Also a tweet from dendi today: I guess it explains the other side of the coin. I’m pretty sure we will get used to it.

        • Luffydude

          “goodbye haters”?? that’s the other side of the coin?? So haters can’t watch his past games on the client yet they are still visible on Dotabuff.. or did he meant haters on pubs who can just watch his stream to confirm who he is? how does this even benefit him? It doesn’t even make sense…

        • Z

          I think it’s more to just make the game “Anonymous”. Everyone starts each match as equals afterwards, No going after someone just because they are a professional player/streamer or, Even just someone with a poor winrate; You just play the game, who the people on your/the enemies team doesn’t matter. You’ll only be able to judge them on what they’re currently doing in game, Instead of their history.

          The change is optional, So anyone who doesn’t like it, Doesn’t need to use it.

          • HaTK

            I usually like watching some professional player’s replays (pub games)… Now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to watch them.

    • GrumpyArab

      Have they abandoned strange weapons for good?

  • disqus_ffqJs1tGrI


  • Tuskar

    Thank u

  • Cabbage

    I want that Kunkka hat

  • RedDeadHerring

    LoL too many weeks without LC, running out of gifs

  • Peruvian_Assassin

    Wraith King = New Boss for Diretide!!!!!

  • Asad Ali Shah

    Ember Spirit :o, yay

  • Songoku

    Running out of dueling gifs heh ?

  • Denis Gajdacs

    Epic Update :)

  • Raizo Ozunu

    PA become ASIAN girl (y)

    • Frohman

      Actually, her eyes look bigger.

      • a

        Bigger, but in an anime way.

    • Asian Lover

      Are you criticizing the fact that she looks 99.9999999% better with the new face? If you said that she looks worse, I have bad news for you. You might actually be a homosexual male. (no discrimination intended. I am merely stating a fact that you may not realize yourself.)

      P.S. Asian girs are flipping hot.

      Signed, A 100% bona fide straight asian guy

      • Jonathan

        Well, I’m not a bit homosexual, and I find the new face unreal and plain stupid. If I wanted designs like that I’ll go play LOL. I like her face, looks real, with details that makes her authentic. Now is just shitty anime stereotype.

      • Z

        She obviously looks more attractive, Yes, But it wasn’t a necessary change is my only problem with it; It sort of ruins the uniqueness of the female characters to have them all slowly look the same.

  • Frohman

    I like the old Phantom Assasin.

  • Esc

    I like the new Phantom Assassin.

    • Voker

      I srsly hate when Valve does this, i find perfectly fine a hero’s model or face, then i read it’ll be changed and im like WHY VOLVO WHY. Then i look at the old face and im like… holy fuck that was ugly..

      • Frohman

        Zeus should be remaked.

        • Fafafa

          There are a bunch of heroes which should be reworked. Lesh, SF, Veno(make him look less like a larva pls), just to name a few.

          • FoxCharge

            I’m personally pumped for the Viper and Clockwerk updates!

          • bader

            what updates?



          • Ren

            Less larva, more nymph!

          • Ku_an_g

            We need to get more of that Hydralisk feeling back, not just in the walking animation but also coloration and stuff like that

          • sdf

            Not really.

          • Veno is my waifu

            Veno is cute the way he is. :<

        • Jacos

          Zeus is fucking sexy.

      • Mike

        She had such luscious lips.

    • Stiko

      Absolutely; Phantom Assassin’s model was completely broken. Now it is completely fine, just like Zeus, Slardar or Abaddon’s high quality models.

    • axio

      Agreed. She looked and spoke like she had downs before and now she’ll just talk like it. I still fucking hate her. Stupid ass design.

      • ofuy

        Just stop. The talking is completely fine. Some heroes are supposed to have weird accents. Some heroes are supposed to look ugly. BY THEIR LORE. I mean, I like the PA change, but if it never happened, honestly I wouldn’t have noticed. Some reworked models have just outright ruined the heroes (like those donkey ears on Earthshaker or that Stephen Fry face on Sniper).
        Also, some other models that are demanded to change a lot are honestly just underrated by oldfags. For the hudredth time, to make it clear again: YOU CANNOT HAVE ALL OLD MODELS BACK. It’s just not going to happen. Just chill and enjoy what you’ve got. It’s still a gigantic deal of work. Designing brand new models also consumes much more work than recreating what they used to be.

        • nige111

          Lion McSpikyhead…

          • bleh

            …is actually nice looking

          • nige111

            Haha, good one.

          • nige111_Hater

            Sounds like you weren’t around when his head was awful

    • nico

      i actually like her white eyes

      • melofa


  • Frohman

    Lina mount looks like a black pig if you ask me.

  • Riot

    no hero ded gaem play lol

  • Frohman

    Wraith King looks like Skeleton King.

  • aya

    so who’s wraith king?

    • wwwww

      It’s the chinese skeleton king.

  • Matty

    that pudge hood looks pretty lame imo

    • Frohman

      Its the Hood of Defiance (Magic resistance, remember? eh?)

      • func_door

        he’s cosplaying invoker

        • Nopeful

          pro cosplayer

          • nico

            True story
            (bloodseeker became Ursa/Lone Druid)

          • bln

            Dawg, old school bloodseeker, stfu !

          • Nopeful

            let’s talk about worst bucket ever

        • Guest

          best mask

          • Noob

            nooooooooooooooooooo wtf why they change pudge hook??????? damn it valve…..

        • OOOWWWW


  • Mitsubishi

    Volvo has time to make random NPCs but not heroes, ded gaem

    On another note pretty freaking nice patch, volvo reband.

    • Frohman

      I’m the only one here that is tired of this comments?

      • FlyingR

        No yer not. Worse part is that those people who say it ironically are starting to sound so ironic that the irony 360s itself and it just sounds like the people who were mocked at the first place.

  • Lingo56

    Ember spirit looks really cool! Like storm spirit but red!

  • Pyro

    At this rate Phoenix will be released after the documental… still great patch, so full of stuff.

  • Raven Woods

    GlaDOS AP is awesome as!

  • Night

    Keep those Unreleased cosmetics unreleased forever. They are all shit, maybe except for Abbadon set.

    • Frohman

      Go to badlands Pyro, you are drunk

  • Anderson Lima

    Bloodseeker’s new item set looks like Udyr…

  • Bloodtrust

    That sure is a giant faggot earth shaker is carrying on his back

  • tripol

    finally LAN is coming on Monday

  • huehue

    RIP pudge chen hook

  • Voker

    That Kunkka’s hat and Slardar’s weapon… Valve, pls don’t

    • Devin Cofer

      Kunkka’s hat is a tad silly. Slardar’s weapon looks like he ripped it off a ship he destroyed, works fine.

    • Araaglas

      Hat is shit, but that weapon is gorgeous.

    • Razvanell

      They will add it as an very rare immortal which will drop from buying a 50$ ugly shirt

  • Xelcior

    Are we just going to ignore how Fountain Hooks aren’t possible due to the Pudge updates?

  • Kappa

    All fluff dead game fuck you valve

  • W Cyborgmatt

    ARMOURY > armory

    British English is the only true English! Great Matt!

    • Guest

      And if you actually knew anything about English at an academic level you’d know that the “U” you’re suggesting is utterly pointless and derived from the French roots of the language. But if you wanna be a pansy and try to assert a false sense of dominance then go ahead.

      • Nope

        Yes, the fact that English is derived from so many different languages, each giving the language words and structures that have made it so beautiful is utterly pointless. But if you want to be an Ameritard and get all annoyed about speaking another countries language then go ahead. Which is ironic considering you’re complaining about that exact same thing in a way. Also, false sense of dominance? Nope, you’re the ones who took our language as your own and started spelling things wrongly, because they are spelled wrong you know, it’s unfortunately just become a mass trait.

        • swag

          “Nope” is appropriated from American culture, please check your linguistic knowledge privilege.

          • Center Centre

            The only true american culture is the pre-columbian culture, and “America” isn’t limited to the United States.

            Anyway, maybe “Nope” is an american guy that is simply honest on the origin of English language.

          • Nope


      • sekai


        • USA not America but fakeEurope

          Learn History, murka-boy.

          • sekai

            1) I was replying to guest and
            2) I’m not even american.

      • Guest


      • Cyborgmatt still rules!

        Many words in English are also derived by Latin, because before the Anglo-Saxons domination there were the Roman-ruled Britons that talked in Latin. But nevertheless American English is still a corrupted version of British English, not a different language.

  • Mickey Nguyen

    damn that nyx set is finally came to unreleased

  • John Doe

    NOVA?! How could they fucked her up so much D:
    Also, purple shade on Luna and old portrait looked better.

    • Michael Cohen

      Agree with both the purple and the mount. Hoping the new one is just a cosmetic that someone goofed and made default.

      I like the panther…

    • NOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      +1 , What the hell is this bulls*** , Luna has always had a panther..I don’t know how any true DOTA fan could change such a thing. why Volvo WHY! its like giving KOTL a donkey or POTM a dog :(

      • Joke Triple

        1) It’s been reverted, so it’s probably some kind of cosmetic like Mirana’s Owlion.
        2) Iirc, KOTL does actually have a donkey cosmetic in the game, lol..

      • relocate_is_murder

        A panther is not an animal for itself, but rather a term for the family of large cats. A lion is a panthera leo, thus, every lion is a panther, but not every panther is a lion.

        • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

          lions are faking lions and panthers are faking black big cats.
          End of conversation.

          • edfhb

            Panther is a mutant leopard. It’s like albino, except the other way. No end of conversation in sight.

        • novanovanova

          i think a panther is a species.. not just the general panthera family.. might be panthera panther

          • Mighty Cookie

            It actually isn’t. We learned about this in Biology, a panther is just a leopard with a genetic mutation resulting in essentially a big spot that covers the entire body. Genetically, they are leopards.

    • nico

      old luna portrait looks nicer too

      luna :( luna~ :(

  • [A]mutoG_

    flameguard set not going immortal? 😀

  • Nikuliai

    Nice patch!
    tons of shit on different areas, just as we all (non retard people) like it, and even if it weren’t like that, it’s all worth it with the (re)introduction of the lan hosted games and the classic CD mode :B

    Thanks Matt for sharing this :)

  • klemen

    don’t send him any giffs! That way he’ll have to say to valve they have to release teh hero. cm: im out of giffs guys we have to release him now :) VOLVO: ok matt -.-

  • ranter

    1.Big improvement on the game
    2. Finally,we got better item drop system
    3.I hope the portal pack is free for those who owns both portal games.
    4.Finally,some dirt on unreleased hero.

    • pidzson

      Oh god that 3.) I sooo wish that was true.

  • Jimmydorry

    Ded gaem, volvo disband, riot plz fix…. oh wait new hats NVM all good.

    • bunnyfreakz

      Getting real tired with your shit

      • jimmydorry

        Don’t take my shit then, if it leaves you tired.

        • Michael Cohen

          With is equally correct.

          • Stiko

            Fed up WITH

            Tired OF

          • Michael Cohen

            I am tired OF this hat.
            I am tired WITH these hats

            Shit is both a plural and singluar.

            Look at this shit. single item
            Look at this shit. multiple items

            Therefore both WITH and OF are correct.

            Don’t mess with us teachers when it comes to grammar fights.

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      nice comment jimmy you are right, dont listen the fagots.

  • Nguyễn Trần Chinh

    Still waiting for Night Stalker’s Sets/items… -_-

    • ranter

      & still waiting to add Night Stalker to workshop requierments

  • js

    please…that sladar weapon and kunkka hat? seriously?

  • Nova’sTrainer

    Valve removed the ability of Pudge to execute fountain hook. But please, don’t change Nova. Nova is no Nova if Nova is a lion. Nova should be the same as always! Plz Volvo!

  • blackdemon5

    Finally a nice update, gj valve :)

  • Passerby

    Not bad, but matchmaking still needs to be improved

  • Joke Triple

    I love what they did with Luna’s portrait with the whole moonlight glow and whatnot, but the change from the panther to a lion and the blue tone doesn’t really look good on her imo. A texture update for her panther to just be more high res would be cool though.

    • relocate_is_murder

      Nova has always been a lion. A lion is a panther.

      • John Doe

        Panthera is just a black leopard or jaguar. Read some books, kid.

        • Jon Schmoe

          lol ^ “Panthera is a genus of the family Felidae (cats), which contains four well-known living species: the tiger, the lion, the jaguar, and the leopard. The genus comprises about half of the Pantherinae subfamily, the big cats. The word “panther”, while technically referring to all members of the genus, is commonly used to specifically designate the black panther, a melanistic jaguar or leopard, and the Florida panther, a subspecies of cougar (Puma concolor coryi).” There. Now stop measuring you Geek-peens and get along…

          • Darklycan52

            Nice and retarded at the same time i can’t take a discussion seriously when people just copy paste facts from wikipedia.

          • Kova

            He basically did what she told the other guy to do (read a book; wikipedia = encyclopedia; assuming he read what he wrote) so in essence, he won the argument.

          • Darklycan52

            Wikipedia isn’t reading a book, you’re not researching, you’re probably still not in university to consider wikipedia as a reliable source of information and/or consider it as researching.

          • Yun

            If you actually read wikipedia, you’d have known that most of their articles have references for the books the author used to base his writing

          • Darklycan52

            Yeah and you’re going to blindly believe what a website says because it has references (which most people do not even care to confirm).
            I’m sorry dude but wikipedia isn’t researching, it’s like letting your little brother do your homework.

  • CptSplash

    why did they fucking turned my PA into some anime shit?

    • Stiko

      “your” PA
      Get a life you scrub.

    • asdf

      y u have something on my PA waifu?

  • Techies

    Call me when they start working on Techies

  • Beau_Zhani

    I think, on next upgrate we’ll get to see new hero. Maybe even two of them.

  • Beau_Zhani

    And I also think that Wraith King could be Arc Warden because of his ulti. But Wraith King could be Soul Keeper too because of his first spell.

  • Mr iPeople

    That portal ward animation has better animation than most heroes

  • ShiningYoshi

    Huh. I don’t see any “Ded Game Volvo” comments anywhere!

  • Imran Adzman

    LAN mode. Does this mean we don’t need an Internet connection as long as we have the same local network to play Dota 2?

    • fdsa


    • babble

      im guess that u will have to set your steam into offline mode and that requires internet connection for a short time

  • Miodrag Karalejic

    May we know when will the Serbian Weekly Dota Cup be released?

  • Hawkie

    “It terms of this specific update one of the most notable features here would be the addition of proper LAN support, something a large number of companies are even scared to go near or discuss with their user base.”

    Why would companies be afraid of LAN support? :/

    • Leo

      LAN usually means more piracy, e.g. in case of counter strike. But then Dota 2 is a free to play game, so i don’t see much worries there and hence a LAN mode :)

    • babble

      its easy to hijack multiplayer if game supports lan… just look at wc3… u can priate the game and play not on battlenet (which require original cd key) but instead on 3rd party platforms like garena, dotalicious or iccup or darer or rgc… Same goes for other games with lan suppport, counter strike, unreal tournament, starcraft, quake etc…
      This is the reason why starcraft2 or diablo3 don’t support lan. (dialbo 3 even went step ahead and holds scripts on blizzard servers just like WoW so u can’t even play single player campaign on pirated copy)

  • Unknown

    Mirana w/ her new items looks like Daenerys Stormborn <3

  • Alex Vasin


  • creedstarmantis

    why take the fountain hooks away??!!!??don’t….it’s one of the most funniest and signature acts of dota…don’t take it away….just because people are dumb enough not to survive this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the signature thing of dota….come on man….

    • Qwilfish

      How are fountain hooks a signature feature of dota?

      When you play is the only thing you do all game fountain hooking people?

  • klmen1702

    llollol i like how pple are like grannys any change and they are like “oh no a change i hate it even if its better any change is bad change.”
    lions new face, wisp and silencer color was the same and you got use to it you will get use to this to just accept it

  • BallsackBludgeoner

    volvo…aliev gaem?


    NOOOOOOO!!!!! NOOOOOOOOVAAAAAAA. ;((((((((((((((



  • sh_wade

    Meanwhile at Valve’s HQ:

    “Dude, Mortred isnt unattractive enough, and i just got transfered from TF2 crew and i find your lack of ridiculous hats disturbing”

  • Mårten Lennebo

    Fucking awesome. Dat Razor set! And Nyx.

  • boxbox

    The underwater HUD is just awesome. Notice the bottom right side where u can actually see that the artist has understood the HUD.

  • Max

    “Item purchases can be made at the secret shop if the courier is at that location without selecting the courier”

    Best Fix this update!

  • Ded?GAME!

    That Closing note scares me “Don’t expect weekly updates ever again, you will not only get less updates, you will get like one thing of note each month at most! lol but splash page guys!”

  • Krone

    Prepare your inventory, rares coming! :)

  • radoslav

    Mb make fucking techies ?

  • artemcun

    Wraith King textures looks like Skeleton King textures, isn’t?

    • Jin

      actually, the chinese games can’t have skeletons and blood.
      well, he is SKELETON king, so he needs new texture.

      • Skeleton King

        poor chinese :v

  • Troll

    lol, still no techies
    GG volvo only hats, dota ded gaem

    • Alin

      Fast go to LoL , they have techies there. Dota 2 community is badddd for you . Thanks.

  • 123

    maybe luna seit will be a new arcana item ?

  • MrKlaus

    Nooooo, not the NOVAAA!

  • Doomroar

    Luna looks more sexy in purple, and that Nyx set looks fucking badass great work there Volvo!!

  • mirana
  • Ku_an_g

    Yes! We’re finally getting some new hero materials, so Valve has been busy at work

  • asd

    I don’t care if Luna’s cat wasn’t the kind of cat they wanted i just want a new Hero.The Glados pack and the UI changes were good but if your gonna change a model change slardar’s or just give me a new hero ..

    • sfdg

      Slardar model is fine. What makes me worried is this upcoming Auto Draft thing. Wouldn’t like my team to get Necrolyte as a carry to match the enemy’s Anti-Mage. Likewise, wouldn’t like each and every single match to be exact copy of each other with carry matchup always being stuck on PL/AM/Void/N’aix or something like that.

      • Smartnik

        There’s a simple solution to this possible issue: Just don’t play this mode.

  • DrKramshaw

    A lot of the quality of life fixes are nice, without being world shattering.

    Basing item drop rarity on account level is a clear statement of intent as far as smurf accounts go. If you smurf you’re gonna get furion beards forever. So do you care enough about stomping newbies with new accounts to never get nice items? I’m sure a lot of people don’t care about those hats and won’t change their behaviour, but I hope some will.

    On the other hand I look at that change as somewhat dispiriting for new players. When I was new, within 50 games I recieved an Odachi as a drop and it was genuinely a nice moment. Now no new players will ever get things like that. That’s kind of sad.

    The further obsfuscation of the dota profile in-game (and now the Steam profile too – so no more reporting spam bots on Steam…) is also kind of sad. I feel like Valve are working at cross purposes. They want to be friendly to newcomers, but by allowing players to hide their experience they are stigmatising their lack of it – and also making it much easier for would-be smurfs.

  • Nopeful
  • Smartnik

    Those item sets look great. This has to be the first time I liked every single one of the new sets. Glad to see Hetalia’s Gift return, too.

  • Long Klowy

    so now i can create a new league of lesbians right?

  • ragnarogk

    And here is the answer for thouse asking why they are delaying the new heroes, its normal with all of this changes and diretide in the next corner.

  • syskill

    Calling it now: Wraith King = Terrorblade (as Elder Titan = Tauren Chieftan)

    • wat

      make perfect sense

    • ranter

      can you answer more specific?

  • Woh Chun How

    Nooova is that you? Q__Q

  • Tim

    Pudge: Meat Hook now pulls the target to the initial hook position regardless of where Pudge is
    Does that mean no chen + pudge combo?

    • Kappa

      Yes, it does.

      in DotA 1 it is somewhat more “balanced” considering it is alot harder to actually land a hook in dota 1 than it is in dota 2

  • sasha grey

    haaa those comments reminds me of the good old days where people didnt flame the patch or techies or daed gaem volvo ! best patch this year imo yet. lan play will definitely boost number of small tournaments ! Well done volvo ! well done !

  • Rafa


  • blitz_arc

    i read from changelog in dota2 page that we pudge hook can no longer happen. poor dendi.

  • novanovanova

    NOOOOOVAAAA!! NOOOOO.. Lion looks a bit passive..

  • mad mad g

    fuk the new luna mount
    why do volv feel the need to fuck up my waifu

  • Lázaro

    Gj man =]

  • Razor
    • IAmStaka

      What’s the name of teh song?

  • Joke Triple

    The white part in the new PA’s face kind of ruins it. It looks like she powdered her face too much before going out into battle. Would be better as one green color like her old face.

    • DrKramshaw

      I see what you mean, but PA is technically dead so I think it just makes her look ghoulish. Maybe it’s slightly too exaggerated, but it probably shows up more in screenshots and won’t be too noticable in motion.

  • FearZ

    Next hero is Legion Commander.
    I’m so happy that they are releasing new heroes that didn’t exist in DotA.

    • Blunker

      LC is not new.

    • BallsackBludgeoner

      Not sure if trolling or stopped playing DotA when Legion Commander first came out. Either way, I don’t think there’ll ever come a point where DotA 2 would have it’s own heroes not available in DotA 1. You might think DotA 1 is ded but they actually just added two NEW heroes over there, Earth Spirit (yep, all Pandas are finally here) and Oracle.

  • Milos

    THIS NYX SET IS BEST SO FAR, Add it PLease! Woww

  • Douglaz Machado

    I’m SURE that pudge hood will make stache’s price drop D: so awesome hahaha….and i’m instantly buying these Portal stuff. really great idea =D And hey valve, thanks for finally adding Local Gaming.

  • adadaweae

    Well that Razor set looks pretty cool
    still ded gaem

  • adadaweae

    Wraith King is probably a Halloween hero

  • ded gamer

    dead gam is ded

  • Fraggy

    how about a Samurai X/ Rurouni Kenshin GIF next time for a duel?

  • Sovereing2027

    WHY?? NOOOOVA??!

  • IAmStaka

    daed gaem is ded

    • Genuine

      no. ded gaem is being revived

  • Genuine


  • Misiek

    Okay, the new PA? Seriously horrible. Almost as bad as that Enchantress model that they reverted into a more moderate version.

  • Eck

    Prediction for the Next Hero–> Luke Skywalker “dueling” Darth Vader–> LEGION COMMANDER CONFIRMED.

    • Matindas Prasetyo

      you must be new here

  • Dotoman

    So now that we have million Mirana cosmetics, will we get ANY Luna items soon?

  • Ex Ar

    This patch brings almost nothing new except more cosmetic and graphic changes. Its not large scale, its not significant and its not exactly a step in any direction at all.

    I do like new PA face though and yes – Nova looks like a male lion now.

    • Joke Triple

      >Reworked and improved backpack
      >Materials added for another new hero
      >lan support added
      >reworked drop system
      >materials for what’s believed to be another future hero/enemy
      >new game mode
      >fixes to game changnig bugs and a fix to the famous fountain hook
      >loads of ui changes

      Yep, nothing significant at all. Lemme guess what would be significant to you though… An update that brings nothing but one new hero, right?

      • Elyetis

        For many ppl significant must mean something which affect them greatly. Other than the new game mode I doubt the other things listed will hardly have any impact on most players.

  • Droom

    I think Wraith King Refers to a Set for Skeleton King, maybe for the Chinese Versiion with no Skeletons or Blood

    • Genuine

      no its skin for a new unit, possibly a diretide related thing

      • ranter

        Because the sword structure is simmilar of skeleton king sword & only skin haves.

  • Shadecraze

    Do we know what levels can get which rarity items yet? I had a starting profile but my solo queue was fucked up with noobs and shit after playing for a long time about 900 games with 58 level, I was still in the Normal bracket so I opened up a new account now I have about 300 games and 27 level on that but I’m on High matchmaking.. So if 27 level gets bad items, I have to get bad items to play in high matchmaking, but if not, normal matchmaking for good items? >_< God dammit

    • ranter

      atleast better than the old system:You had a GG with your favorite hero with 27:0:40 K/D/A & won the match,then GABE trolled you with chest drop.

  • Sas Bence

    my bro is lvl60+ AND IM 35 BUT i STARTED FIRST to nplay dota and i’m only lvl 35… he plays against medium bots….

  • Mike

    So took PA from a bad-ass black chick to a prissy south cali white chick. Might as well have the voice actor changed as well. Also we should change the accent to accommodate this.

    • Techies


  • Vuk Ignjic

    Regarding the item drop system. Does it actually affect your chance of getting items of higher rarity if you’re higher level, or is your eligibility towards item quality the only thing that changes through levels?

    • Marko

      That’s what I was discussing with a friend yesterday :)
      My guess is that it will ALSO grant you the POSSIBILITY to drop a rare/mythical wtv and not the 100% certain drop of ONLY rare tier items when you reach the threshold.

      What that means….nothing has changed for me accept the fact that level 120 probably does not gain me access to myts/legendary/arcana/ancient items. And that sucks much more balls than before when my chance was at least 1/6500000 (players) to get one of those. Although I didn’t :))

  • lupilino

    “Pudge: meat hook now pulls the target to the initial hook position regardless where pudge is” this means no more fountain hooks?

    • Genuine


  • JesusChrist

    Met Dragger Pudge Hooks bug – never be solved. Thanks for this

  • Jake

    That Bunny Courier looks like it came out of League of Legends…. GET BACK IN THERE!!!

  • Nomnomnom

    Umn … anyone got a clue if you can use the LAN mode while being offline? Or do i need to connect and it just gets rid of the lag?

  • shufly16

    the glados voice, was the best idea valve ever had since half life 3

  • Arc Warden pls volvo

    Wraith King MAY be oracle? Soul keeper? ARC WARDEN????(pls)
    I like abaddon’s bucket, but HOLY FUCK is that Luna hair UGLY

    • Arc Warden pls volvo

      Also, I like pudges hood, too.

  • Arc Warden

    dat sven is some legend of zelda shit. LOVE IT.

  • Puma Conservation Fund

    hate lunas lion, but barding is ok

  • tasadar

    No!why put the item based on the levels now…I played dota 2 moslty with my brothers account cause he got it first and we reached it to 114 but now tha he is leaving i have to play Dota2 on my account wichh is onlu 1 level :'(. It wold take me ages to take it back to a decent level

  • Manon DeFlorette

    All female heroes should look sexy and beautiful. I hope they redesign Medusa because she is obviously beautiful, not until she unleashes her ulti. Kindly, fix her Valve and the rest of others if needed! Thanks!

    • Jin

      read her lore. she threw her beauty for power.

  • Luna Moonfang

    All this time for this cheap Earthshaker set!
    Nova is not pleased.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Hello, “Luna Moonfang”.

      I had noticed you on “Wii U Daily”.

  • Valvevolvo

    It seems they not just make a “low-violence” mod for the chinese content, they also remake the other heroes to look like anime characters as well, but unfortunately they do it for our games, not just for the chinese dota :S

    Seriously the new PA looks like shes a bloodied assassin? dammit the old face and portraits just show that: Even Barney Stinson wouldnt try to date this woman. (no, dont post Challenge Accepted messages under Barney name)

    Razor became a father and a sith lord, and most importantly Nova just went under a gender and race changing surgery…

    I hope at least this “Wraith King” wont be a simple diertide boss, but a FREAKIN’, ABSOLUTELY NEW HERO!

  • Wraith King

    Wraith King is clearly Zet, the Arc Warden. Besides, one of his skills is called spark wraith.

  • AirStyle

    Nice !

  • Rohan

    where is the update. its 23rd and no update yet. WTH!!

  • Anonymous

    All of the “Economy” changes are pure and utter bullshit. Now you probably won’t be eligible for rares until level 30 and mythical until level 50 or some bs. “Many items will not drop any more”, but oh surprise they can be bought on the Steam greed market, and on d2lounge they will skyrocket to at least 1 key each (you just know how traders are). This is extremely shameless money-grubbing by Valve, as if they didn’t already make enough from cosmetics. At least only the newest sets used to be expensive and hard to trade for, now everything will be. Fuck this. And fuck your hired economist, Valve. Exactly the type of person who drives customers away with endless greed.

  • RaphaelDDL

    Abaddon would do a great Black Knight (Monty Phyton “this is but a scratch”) cosplay.

  • disqus_Je8Ztuj0m7

    Some actual content in a patch? Great! See Valve it wasn’t that hard. I truly hope we won’t return to those weeks of empty updates.

  • Cookie

    Nice update! (: although im not all excited to rearrange 800+ items that was sorted by sets.. please add function to move multiple items in armory at once

  • Miodrag Karalejic

    May we Serbian people know when will our ticket be availble in store, our torunament starts this week, and we completed everything we had with valve.

  • JTR

    Item Sound Effects
    The Radiance now has its own loop sound effect.

    what the fuck is this shit?!

  • Sultan Mahmud

    That announcer…….just suck.. but the HUD….just the best…

  • Rodrigo

    NEED TECHIES!!!!!!!!


    new bloodseeker mask

  • xer

    So the items with red and “-” are removed from the loot list?? and added and the remaining was few :)

  • RafekK

    R.I.P. in peace Luna’s ass. [*]

  • Noob

    Why did they change it???????????/ damn it valve!!!!!!!!!!! no more chen + pudge hooks……na vi is gonna cry…

  • Noob

    why is luna’s mount a lion??

  • mariul

    Nice cosmetic items ( bb, mirana, dp, sven, razor ) but bs and aba are awfull.

  • Pedro Gomes

    its just me or wraith king materials could be skeleton king for merging with china (or china only)….if we look well there is a cape and the gray thing looks a lot like the default SK’s blade

  • BOBO

    RIP fountain hook

  • OYIE

    who the fuck is wraith king? remodeled skeleton king?

  • Billiam268

    not sure if its this update or a more recent one (or something :S) but it seems that since this update whenever I try to play in matchmaking I lag really badly at about 1fps, not sure if the update just made dota require more power or what but yeah :/ – theres a small steam community discussion thread on this which has more details here –

  • Dunno

    Valve go back to the blue lion model, please.

  • Wraith King guys here’s what the finish product might look like huh

  • Bingung Jeneng

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