Dota 2 13th September – Item Schema Update

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This week we had a small patch deploy directly to the main client in order to add a number of new league passes, one of which comes bundled with a new courier and HUD. We also had an item schema update later in the week which exposed some more new content.


Front End Changes

New League Passes

A number of new league passes were included in the update that shipped earlier in the week that haven’t been referenced in a blog post yet. The 2013 NEST and ACE tickets have yet to appear on the Dota 2 store and the Weplay ticket comes bundled with a new HUD plus courier.

2013 National Electronic Sports Tournament

“The National Electronic Sports Tournament (NEST) is hosted by the Center of National Sports and Chinese Sports Newspaper Agency. It is sponsored by the Hangzhou Wahaha Group CO.,LTD.”

Nexon Sponsorship League

“The Nexon Sponsorship League is the first of its kind and will feature the best teams vying for a chance to be sponsored by Nexon. Starting in Sept 2013, the NSL will span three seasons with a total of KRW 300 million($267,153 USD) worth of sponsorship funding.”

WPC-ACE Dota 2 League

“The World E-Sports Professional Classic is a brand new international event supported by Shanghai Sports Federation and Jingrui Properties Group.”

WePlay.TV Dota 2 League – Season 2

“WePlay.TV is back for Season 2! This Fall, twenty of Western Dota’s finest will compete for $25,000 in cash prizes with commentary in 6+ languages, including English commentary by Beyond the Summit. Comes with exclusive Woodchopper courier and WePlay.TV HUD in-game skin.”

Includes a custom HUD skin and courier.

Dim Forest

“What lies forgotten among the leaves and logs?”





Full Version

Click to enlarge.



“Most would say a log’s a log, but when you live downstream from an enchanted forest a log can be so much more!”

SFM Model Viewer Shots





Back End Changes

Unreleased Treasure Chests

The schema update from this week included a new special unreleased treasure chest featuring another batch of items from the talented folks over at Polycount.

Emerald Polycount Collection

“All of the items within were crafted by artists of the Polycount community.  You can view the process by which these items were designed, as well as learn to create your own items at”

Treasure of Rubiline Sheen

The key for the Rubiline Sheen treasure chest and references to a custom Ruby particle effect were also mentioned in the schema update.

References to a Ruby Trail for the unusual courier effect that will be used for this series of chest.

      "resource"    "particles/econ/courier/courier_trail_ruby.pcf"
      "system"    "courier_trail_ruby"
      "attach_type"    "absorigin_follow"
      "attach_entity"    "parent"

Unreleased Cosmetic Items

Also included in the schema update was a number of new unreleased cosmetic items for a number of different heroes. No models are in the files yet as there wasn’t a second client update.

Abaddon’s Items


“Forged in the Font of Avernus, and filled with a dark thirst.”


Anti-Mage’s Items

Arc of Manta

“A blade incised with runes that sow confusion and discord among the enemy.”


Chaos Knight’s Items

End of Order

“Be grateful that you cannot gaze upon the seething chaos that churns beneath this helm.”

This item will include a custom origin points for his particle effects.

      "system"    "chaos_knight_ambient_helmet_end_of_order"
      "attach_type"    "customorigin"
      "attach_entity"    "self"
          "control_point_index"    "7"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_human_eye_r"
          "control_point_index"    "8"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_human_eye_l"
          "control_point_index"    "9"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_human_eye_r2"
          "control_point_index"    "10"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_human_eye_r3"
          "control_point_index"    "11"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_human_eye_l2"
          "control_point_index"    "12"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_human_eye_l3"
          "control_point_index"    "13"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_human_eye_c"

Doom’s Items

Last Judgment

“When Doom passes Judgment, there is never any doubt as to its validity.”


Juggernaut’s Items


“Juggernaut never weeps for what he has lost. Implacable, he purges his grief in pursuit of honor.”


Nature’s Prophet Items

Enchanted Manglewood Staff

“A limb hewn from the gnarliest tree in the Manglewood Forest.”


Phantom Lancer’s Items

Diffusal Lance

“One lance is especially prized by all of Azwraith’s phantoms.”


This item will include a custom origin points for his particle effects.

      "system"    "phantom_lancer_diffusal_lance"
      "attach_type"    "customorigin"
      "attach_entity"    "parent"
          "control_point_index"    "0"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_weapon"

Silencer’s Items

Star of Silence

“Forged of the ore at a dead star’s heart, in a corner of the universe that has never known sound.”


Sven’s Items

Luminous Edge

“Much like Sven himself, a blade with a code of its own, which cares not what other swords may be doing.”

Templar Assassin’s Items

Style of the Occult Protector

“A fashion for those who vow to protect the mysteries.”


Warlock’s Items

Obsidian Golem

“A very cool golem may be forged in fire.”


Windrunner’s Items

Mistral Braid

“The wind that gently tousles her locks, gives unmatched flight to Windrunner’s arrows.”


Other Changes

We also have another minor change behind the scenes to Chaos Knight’s particle layout.

Chaos Knight’s Particle Layout

This week you may have noticed that after the item schema update was pushed that you were experiencing particle errors in game with Chaos Knight . This is due to the fact that in the next update his particles will be broken down into different parts of his model. Similar to how Spirit Breaker was in last week’s patch.

His new particle layout will consist of a number of different areas such as an overall ambient effect and effects for his horse, tail, feet and helmet.

      "system"    "chaos_knight_horse_ambient"
      "attach_type"    "absorigin_follow"
      "attach_entity"    "self"
          "control_point_index"    "1"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_horse_eye_r"
          "control_point_index"    "2"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_horse_eye_l"
          "control_point_index"    "4"
          "attach_type"    "absorigin_follow"
      "system"    "chaos_knight_ambient_tail"
      "attach_type"    "customorigin"
      "attach_entity"    "self"
          "control_point_index"    "0"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_tail"
          "control_point_index"    "1"
          "attach_type"    "absorigin_follow"
      "system"    "chaos_knight_ambient_helmet"
      "attach_type"    "customorigin"
      "attach_entity"    "self"
          "control_point_index"    "0"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_human_eye_r"
          "control_point_index"    "1"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_human_eye_l"
      "system"    "chaos_knight_feet_effects"
      "attach_type"    "absorigin_follow"
      "attach_entity"    "parent"
      "system"    "chaos_knight_horse_ambient_parent"
      "attach_type"    "customorigin"
      "attach_entity"    "parent"
          "control_point_index"    "0"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_tail"
          "control_point_index"    "1"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_horse_eye_l"
          "control_point_index"    "2"
          "attach_type"    "point_follow"
          "attachment"    "attach_horse_eye_r"

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      You’re the fucking reason this community is cancer, shut the fuck up

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        No. This community is a cancer because valve is giving us a reason to get sick. Why idiots like you can’t understand that fucking gamers are like kids waiting for candy? If you don’t get this get STOP FUCKING WRITING SHIT

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          Well, clearly the person who wrote that is not a kid waiting for candy.

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        ok. really. we need more sven swords

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      Quantity over quality. Never thought Valve would become just like Activision.

      • Place holder

        and these stupid steam profile levels/card drop system as well

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        You’re so original.

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      Don’t forget Jugg masks! Can never have too many Jugg masks.

      • Duke Kingman

        That one is only one i like beside default one, tho.

    • rabananananabana

      also we need more juggernaut masks and axes for Axe.

    • meh

      you cry now if you want. Valve won’t do anything to please you instantly.

    • Insanity.Remedy

      Making cosmetic items requires hardwork. Using 3D applications which has to be manually done, so I can say that there’s no doubt every items can be valued. However, in behalf of community who buys the cosmestics Valve must not make or publish not-so-good items to make it fair between both parties. Meaning-you pay for quality cosmetic item for right price.

    • mathhews

      If u want Night Stalker items so much, submit one to the workshop, it’s simple!

      • Ben

        You can’t. That’s why people are pissed off. A lot of the heroes don’t have items, not because people haven’t made any, but because the heroes do not appear in the drop-down menu in the workshop section on the dota client. There is literally no way to upload items for these heroes. Nothing can be done until Valve sorts shit out. So no, it’s not really that simple 😛

    • Name

      You can make your own items to add in the game through the workshop. Go and make them!.

  • Okoo

    omg, these ugly cosmetic.. this glaive.. wtf valve … this courier is awfull and ridiculous.

    • Vince

      well said!

    • John

      That HUD with tv is the ugliest shit put in this game so far, and I’m disappointed that it was allowed.

      • Okoo

        i agree totally… worst shit added into the game since the “ice bow” for Drow… it’s a shame for a company like Valve

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    • reality

      Have you seen the couriers from dota 1?

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    rip in peace justin beaver

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      did you just say Rest in peace in peace?

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          Also English existed long before the USA did genius

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      Fantastic bastard

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    That motorcycle courier and the TV on the HUD skin don’t belong in Dota 2 !

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      That cockriding courier and the stupid TV on the HUD skin don’t belong in Dota 2 !

      • asdasdumbo

        Neither does the Deathripper courier

  • GrumpyArab

    Fuck new items.

  • angrybird

    seems like valve stopped working for dota2 . shittiest matchmaking system and not a single hero released for so long… come on valve come on we trused you..

    • Bleako

      “we” =/= everyone

      • King Joeseph the Godfaced

        Yea, i knew its ded gaem in the first place. Never trusted this cheesy chest-fuckers.

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    Not even gonna bother with the cosmetics shit.

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    Meh, no need to be upset, the updates have been mostly cosmetic, The next patch MUST have new stuff, I am pretty sure

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    We don’t need cosmetics, we need NEW HEROES!!!!

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      we need bug fixes.

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    Techies in the image!!! (Remote Mines)

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      they are just playing with your feelings

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    Nice hidden tease with the Techies

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      near trashbag

  • sick_theris

    Well, at least the new items added don’t suck much like they usually do. Except that fucking ugly hud. My god, what were they even thinking?

  • Andi

    …I think the windrunner hair is cute. But yeah seriously. The Hud sucks.

    • ranter

      But atleast Matt made the HUD better with TECHIES!!!

    • andismalldick

      ..I think the windrunner hair sucks. But yeah seriously. The Hud sucks.

  • bobman

    This next week is it, this next patch will decide if I keep playing dota or move on to other games.

    Your move valvte

    • Stamen

      I hope you quit. One less entitled shithead in the community.

      • ms

        Lol, u re talking shit, how long can we wait for another heroes or even for fuckin ranking? I agree with bobman, i dont need 999 level on my account and get trash shitty items (money counter), for money from compendium they should work faster. And i m sick of thath stupidy items

        • Okoo

          Chill guys…. Valve is working on a special feature, as cyborgmatt said in his last blog. (Custom games probably) That’s why we dont get our new hero(es) they are a bit delayed. But, if it really is custom games .. i can wait! =) but… yes valve add too many shitty cosmetic on dota… it’s a shame. Especially this courier / HUD the beaver riding a wooden cock

          • Arroyo

            I’m personally not upset with the fact that they are just adding cosmetics, I’m just kind of dissapointed they overlook a lot of other good submissions in the workshop and choose not to add them in. Single items are great and all but there are plenty of sets that deserve the attention after all the hard work people put into it.

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      Fixed it for you

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      So is you’re english. Never use it again.

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    That’s techies in the hud preview! lvl 25 with 1765 hp :)

    • Jebus

      Didn’t believe you at first but it’s right!
      In the second preview-pic where it shows the bottom right corner of the HUD you can see his Ult “Remote Mines”

      • Alex

        also you can see his portrait in full enlarged hud preview

  • illuminatus

    Look at the SS where he is showcasing the HUD skin. Is that “remote mines” i see or is Matt jus trollin.

  • Ku_an_g

    Some wild Techies appeared in one of the HUD screen shots

  • ranter

    TECHIES,Yes,they are real.
    comedy icon to detonate,comedy model: Spacecraft with wheels.All signs shows,techies will be release soon.

  • ranter

    Comedy icon for ultimate skill.
    Comedy model:pink space craft with wheels.
    Hero portrait on top.
    All signs to:THE TECHIES ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Techies??

    New hud is showing techies skills?

    • ranter

      Yes,by looking up in dota 2 wiki,it’s the image where the items are.

  • Guest

    Look at the HUD preview 2nd picture(not the 1 with the tv)
    What is that 4th spell?
    some stick guy blowing fire? Wonder what kind of hero is that 😕

    • bleck

      it’s techies your darn dumble head.

  • car

    Teachies in the HUD image = Half Life 3 Confirmed!!

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  • Sad player

    Most update for item , for making money , nothing for game or new hero . Sad …

  • Nekena.

    You’re hiding the goods about Techies! Secret agent, I knew you were Ice Frog.

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    • Y2K


  • 2l33t4u

    with the exception of the golem these are pretty meh

  • Some dude

    The game is free

  • Firecum Peter

    Metapod shaped juggernaut mask?

  • JohnnyBNoobe

    This patch really disappoints me. Last week’s patch was not good but this one sucks balls. Please Volvo, stop touching yourselves, and make something useful before TI4.

  • ADDS

    I ACTUALLY REMEBER LOOKING FORWORD TO READING THIS & ENJOYING IT in all seriousness why can’t valve see this game will die eventually why did this shit company take dota a perfect game and kill it under the fans noses are they blind retarded or cruel?

  • adadaweae


  • rikisbrokenmask

    fixed Riki mask yet

  • Nixon

    They are feeding us techies “leaks” so that we would forget bout the bad-looking items they are releasing. Well played, well played…

  • Dutchflamee

    valve is going huge on this can’t you see the effort spend on these awesome looking items ASKDAKSEASE?SAE?!

  • Dutchieflame

    I never thought i’d see a cockriding courier in dota2.

    this is beyond my imagination really

  • FrankerZ

    1 hero in 4 months. Literally a dead game. Fuck Valve. See you fags in LoL.

    • Nope

      If every moron like yourself would go to lol , dota 2 community would be so great. God speed friend.

  • yolo

    it’s a beta. stop being so entitled. Ti3 just ended. Ti4 is about to start and teams need a stable hero pool.

    • adadaweae

      -B-B-B-BUT I-I-I-I-ITS A B-B-B-B-BB-ETA!
      Dude Dota2 already passed the beta phase months ago

    • yolosuckscock

      B-B-B-B-BUT I-I-I-I-ITS A B-B-B-B-BB-ETA! !! !

      Dude ! …. B!+ch please

    • fug

      >TI4 about to start
      Preparing for next year’s International a year in advance?
      Yep, that’s def. what they’re doing.

    • oh irony

      learn2irony u 3

  • Dood

    Matt, if you’re going to ‘leak’ techies, at least do a better job. The in-game shading over the icon is not there.
    Lurn 2 CS7

    Also, thought I’d not be saying this, but tell them lazy bums to hurry up and release Legion Commander! My team’s Carry is on a Meepo strike until she gets released ._.

    • FroSt


  • Doctor Doom

    It’s really sad how much the community gets angry over this sort of thing. Valve really wants to make the techies good, so they are spending time on them. They only release low-quality updates like this to stop you guys from bitching about how DoTA 2 is a “dead game” or some shit.

  • DrKramshaw

    Appreciate you blowing the cover on techies…

    That HUD is disgusting, though. A TV. Really?

  • Techies

    Oh wow.. So much overall game improvements.. The game will be a lot more fun and enjoyable now, and I really like all those custom games work Valve has been working on, Looks like custom games will come sooner than we expect it, This patch was not just hats and cosmetics only 😀

  • jojoleb

    need item for clockwerk. my fav hero. pls tell volvo. need item. ded geam

  • -s

    Those are the shittiest items ever. Why the heck do they keep approving items which are already designed in game eg manta and diffusal(as well as the others from previous patch)? I mean, come on, other artist designed from scratch doesn’t make it into game where else those who stole the concepts which are already in game gets chosen? There isn’t any creativity IMO. Think about it Valve, this isn’t fair. You don’t call those ppl artists.

  • -s

    Those are the shittiest items ever. Why the heck do they keep approving items which are already designed in game eg manta and diffusal(as well as the others from previous patch)? I mean, come on, other artist designed from scratch doesn’t make it into game where else those who stole the concepts which are already in game gets chosen? There isn’t any creativity IMO. Think about it Valve, this isn’t fair. You don’t call those ppl artists.

  • Razor


  • Stefan

    FFS You don’t see remote mine comedy icon in the new hud’s 3rd picture?

  • to,o

    please make item for TINKER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ranter

      1st,they need to make tinker available on D2WSR(dota 2 workshop requirements)

  • Jura

    This is it. TI3 chest was the last one to open. They don’t even try to pick good items for chests anymore.

    • Alex

      Like anyone opens chests for hero equipment… only for couriers bro, and the market will get flooded with these items in pursue for Trail of the Rubywhatsoever couriers….

  • Azurost

    Juggy’s mask & Lyralei’s hair are in my must-have list 😀

  • xsol

    It is Not valve wasting time making cosmetic items… these are mostly created by the community and/or other groups, and it surely wouldn’t take massive amounts of time and work to take these community creations and put them in the game..

    although I agree that their choice of cosmetics to introduce is rather odd recently – too much love for windrunner and sven…

    • psht

      and if ya don’t like the HUD or whatever, then don’t use it and don’t buy it! Simple. Jeez some people..

      • Jura

        And If some people use shitty cosmetics, I’m forced to see them. You know there’s no such a option to use default models.

        • Bumy

          What about people that wear clothes you deem ugly in real life?

          • Jura

            We call them hipsters and we hate them. Valve is a bunch of hipsters.

          • FroSt


        • Nekros

          if u really hate them then u could replace all your cosmetic items in your dota 2 folders with the default weapon sets.

  • Alex Dumitru

    No items for Axe ? We need moar Axe axes.

    • FroSt

      Dont say that or in next patch will be plenty of them xDDD

  • Denis Gajdacs

    Hmm maybe new hero this week :)

  • lolvo

    i cried a little after seeing that Beaver Courier. Ugly as fuck, super low poly and yet in the game.

  • todorov69

    4 heroes / year…. kinda much -.-
    fucking valve… get your fat asses back to work!

  • zaiizaii

    anyone notice that Dim Forest second preview skill?
    Techies coming soon!?

  • Youguyz

    You fucks keep comaplaining for new heroes when you barely even use all of them.

    >implying you use elder titan
    >implying you use abbaddon
    >implying you use heroes with 3 or more active spells
    >implying bara

    Fuck you. You think its easy to produce heroes? You cant even have sex and make babies because you cry all the time you fuckers.

    • blkic3

      Maybe because some of our favorite heroes are the ones that’s unreleased, i would be happy if they released terrorblade that is all.

  • thepchater1337

    ► Relax, you’re doing fine.

  • Chepix’z Equilibrium

    now i didnt care bout cosmetics
    i wont spend more dollars on dota2shop
    starting dorm TI3 chest what volvo’s provide on each update just shitty cosmetics and new bug

  • Barry Lo

    release new items. don’t fix old cosmetics…. RIP Regalia of Bonelord

  • Vi

    everyone hates the hud and the beaver

    seems gonna be immortal item like alpine set did :v

  • Mysterion

    we do not want more items, we want heroes, that moves the game, not this political mercenary …

  • RLBH

    Valve make dota 2 free, they even provide the goddamn servers for us to play. Whatever Valve do to this game, I won’t complain. Otherwise you’re just patethic

  • Helvetica

    3rd picture of the Dim Forrest HUD!
    Remote mine skill.

    4th Picture!
    Hero Icon is TECHIES. the pink canon is the Test model.

  • Agner Oliveira

    O efeito do captão bamboo realmente será o rubiline ?

  • Dave

    Finally a Juggernaut mask I like. I feared it would never happen.

    Also, don’t troll us with those techies pictures 😀 I’m already afraid of the time he will arrive in-game 😛

  • Jayr

    Daed Gaem

  • Sandro Dantas

    C’mon. I don’t like reclaim, but I’ve not seeing a new hero for months.

  • jerry


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