Dota 2 28th August Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has deployed directly to the main Dota 2 client which introduces some more bug fixes, a new Player Perspective Directed mode and BEARS.

It's simple. You take the hat and turn it into a bloody BEAR.

Front End Changes


– Fixed recasting a higher level of Enfeeble only refreshing the existing duration without upgrade the stats
– Fixed Epicenter not slowing attack speed by 10

– Fixed Timbersaw’s body blade not rendering properly.
– You will no longer see other player’s -commands (like -ping).
– adjusted cloth settings for Witchdoctor and Lion

– Added experimental Player Perspective Directed mode. Turn on by selecting player perspective and setting dota_spectator_directed_player_perspective to 1.

– Add audio for cheese usage.
– Fix FoW interactions on QoP and AM blink.

– We now do not use Adobe Flash to play videos, but HTML5 video tags. This should fix a crash with Adobe Flash 11.7 on Mac.
– Add support for querying Gnome Settings for proxy settings for embedded webpages.
– Fixed crash-on-startup on Mac that could occur with certain game controllers.

– Fix for Korean IME chat bug where two ENTER presses were required after entering Korean characters.

– Fix for store banners showing up in the TODAY tab when the FIND MATCH button is clicked.

– Lockless Luckbox: Replaced Lone Druid item ‘Skull of Xahryx’ (head slot) with ‘Form of the Onyx Grove’ (true form).

Fantasy Team Rewards

Upon launching Dota 2 after this week’s patch you should receive your International Fantasy Challenge reward based on the the performance of your Fantasy Team during this year’s main event.


Seer’s Bounty

“From clouded visions come just rewards.”

Rewards a random Common item.

Diviner’s Bounty

“Through strong intuition have such potent rewards been found.”

Rewards a random Uncommon item.

Augur’s Bounty

“The virtues of wisdom yield precious rewards.”

Rewards a random Rare item.

Prophet’s Bounty

“By uncanny insight were such wondrous rewards revealed.”

Rewards a random Mythical item.

Fantasy Challenge Item Tag

Any item earned via these reward bounty boxes will be tagged with a special “The Compendium Fantasy Challenge 2013″ tag.


Cosmetic Item Updates

Have you ever wanted to see a hat turn into a bear? well today is your lucky day.

Lone Druid’s Items

Lone Druid’s “Skull of Xahryx” head slot item from the Lockless Luckbox has been replaced with a new true form item called “Form of the Onyx Grove”.

Skull of Xahryx – The Old Item


“As exile stretched and ages crept past, there came once a dark power upon the forest, intent on malice. Long did Sylla grapple with this force, until at last it was no more.”


Form of the Onyx Grove – The New Item


“Among the northern pine did Sylla discover the darkness of the Onyx Grove, where creatures both fierce and strange gather to quarrel. In time, the lone druid adapted his own form to join in the fray.”







Bear dribble.

Phantom Assassin’s Items

Phantom Assassin’s recently added Dark Wraith set has had a small tweak to the cape and shoulder piece in order to update the pattern surrounding the eye.

Old Style



New Style



Templar Assassin’s Items

Templar Assassin’s recently added Redmoon set has had its textures updated on the shoulder piece in order to remove a symbol in which people may have confused it for something else.

Old Style


New Style


The International 2013 Compendium Updates

As well as the Compendium Fantasy Team rewards being distributed we have also had the prediction scores calculated for the main event completing this year’s Compendium. Any one with 30 points or above has been rewarded with the option of giving themselves a pat on the back.

Alliance you let me down!

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

This batch of string updates are for the recently updated Compendium prediction results.

    "DOTA_TIP_MQ_PRED2_I"    "The winner(s) scored %s1 first bloods.n%s2 different heroes scored first bloods throughout all the matches."


    "DOTA_TIP_MQ_PRED14_I"    "Roshan was killed %s1 times in a single game.nThroughout all the matches, he was killed %s2 times."


    "DOTA_TIP_ME_PRED11_I"    "%s1 played %s2 heroes.n%s3 was the runner up, with %s4 heroes."


    "DOTA_TIP_ME_PRED12_I"    "%s1 only played %s2 heroes.n%s3 was the runner up, with only %s4 heroes."


This is a change in the heroes script file, last week’s blog post referenced an update to Storm Spirit’s scale. This value has since been updated and is now at a much smaller scale of 0.88 versus the larger 1.15 version that we saw last week’s post.

  // HERO: Storm Spirit
    "ModelScale"        "0.88"


Experimental Spectator Features

We have another new feature for spectators in this week’s patch, an experimental option to enable directed camera mode whilst watching from the player’s perspective.

Directed Player Perspective

The new mode can be enabled by using the command below when you’re spectating a game via Dota TV and you have the camera mode set to player perspective.

dota_spectator_directed_player_perspective “1”

The camera will cycle through the heroes in game like the normal directed mode does however will be watching from the player perspective camera instead.

Directed Shoulder Cam

For those of you who like the idea of testing experitmental commands you can also give another command a try which adds a chance of the directed camera mode switching to an over the shoulder view. This command will only work when you have the directed camera mode enabled.

dota_spectator_shoulder_view 1

Example View


Both of these commands are still work in progress and are experimental/use at your own discretion.

HUD Skin Updates

We have a number of updates to existing HUD skins to fix some issues that have been occuring such as blocking certain aspects of the rest of the HUD.

Curiosity HUD

The curiosity HUD skin has been updated to prevent it from blocking the first buff displayed.




Diretide HUD

The Diretide HUD has had its portrait section also updated to prevent it from blocking the armour values.



Menace HUD

The 4:3 version of the rocks that are overlayed between the action panel and the inventory has been reduced in order to prevent it from blocking the level of your ultimate.


Updated Sound Files

We now have a sound effect for when Roshan’s Cheese is consumed. Nom nom nom.

In Game Sounds

“More cheese Gromit?”


Materials Update

We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes.

Particles Update

We have no new particle updates for the unreleased heroes.

Predictions For The Next Hero

A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.

  • Hodor

    No difference on the Templar photos..?

    • Zee

      On her left shoulder in the first picture it looks sort of like a swastika, In the second photo they break up one of the hooked lines.

      • Hodor

        Oh my goodness wow. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • MewkaKazami Oh boy this is such a bad sign, It’s always funny when people see it in Anime and such.

        • Mike

          The “anime” version of the swastika is part of the Buddhist religion and has been used since 5th century BC. This way before Hitler and his silly mustache.

          • Tobsche

            However, Valve can expect legal consequences here in Germany, since even Anti-Nazi symbols, showing a crossed “Hackenkreuz”, are not legal. No troll.

      • 2l33t4u

        it’s drawn backwards compared to the Nazi one, but whatever

        • Swasti-man

          that is ancient symbols, nazi used male one and this one is female one.

      • Swasti-man

        Ahaha i love how many swastika hater morons around. Hating on swastika is being worse than nazi.

    • Voker

      I dont know how much work is it, but he should add the model comparison thingy. That slide was smoooooth

  • CJWei

    Sad.. No new hero

  • Moroco

    Thanks for the post and btw

    P.B. WinterBottom Hero Confirmed XD

  • Blue

    God, I am so pissed about the bounties. I was hoping they’d be like the Immortal Reliquary, with a few unique items per tier. Instead we just mostly get trash commons and garbage rares. I had a pretty high scoring team, highest of anyone I have on Steam friends, with a score of 822 – 850 (I forget the actual number), and that only netted me a rare worth betting.

    Any insane people out there who jizz their pants at the sight of “International 2013?” Because I have some items with that written all over them, and I’ll trade them to you for things that don’t suck.

    Fuck, I usually like, or at least understand, Valve’s reasoning behind what they do, but this is just fucking lazy and stupid. I wish I hadn’t spent the money to get extra teams now :

    • HOSTIL

      So you spend your time and your money planning and managing teams in order to earn points hoping that you’ll get something at least nice in exchange for your effort and support for the community… then you open up your Seer’s Bounty. Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down.

      • Blue

        I think I would have preferred a Rick Roll, honestly.

        • :O

          hey i am willing to trade a few random rares for the tag

          • HOSTIL

            And why would you do that? If you know inside my Seer’s Bounty there’s a common item, why would you trade it for “a few rares”?

      • Trojan

        Are you retarded or what?

        You got smeevil,immortal item,battlepoint booster for 2 month,amazing IT3 games,taunts,HUD,interactive compedium,player stamping and you cry at fucking fantasy teams like its main part of that compedium.

        You get mythical for betting on best players and getting big score. In my opinion it is great, what did you expect?Some good item? You already got 1 immortal from compedium!

        “you spend your time and your money”
        Oh so 2-3 euro on more fantasy team and spending 20 minutes or more is really hard isnt it.

        IM DONE!

        • HOSTIL

          I can see you’re even madder than I am, though all I did was express my opinion, just like you did, so I’m not gonna try and contest what you said. I respect your opinion and feel sorry that you’re having such a bad day. And by the way, calling me a retard won’t make you smarter. Peace.

        • Blue

          You’re sort of missing a larger point: why, at the end of the race, did Valve just stop trying?

          As you mentioned, they had done SUCH a good job; we got a courier, and then it got upgraded, and then we got immortal items, and items for the courier, and then more items for the courier for completing different parts of the compendium.

          So why, after all the pomp and circumstance, would you give people custom designed boxes filled with what is essentially trash, especially at the lower levels, and then set a ridiculously high bar for getting anything nice? I’m not asking for guaranteed immortals, or mythicals, and I don’t even care too much about the way the scores were divided up. What does bother me is that Valve didn’t really go the complete distance. The Compendium was supposed to increase player interaction with the pro scene, and it largely did that, but after a week and a half or so of waiting, we find out they literally just rebranded some regular items for us. Why did we have to wait for this shit? Why would I want to spend money on Fantasy Teams again? If they want me to do this again come next year, I know I’ll be skipping out on the Fantasy Team part. That could have been guaranteed money for them, probably from a lot of people, had they given items out that were worth a damn. People would WANT those sorts of items next time, and they wouldn’t forget about them.

          And that’s an issue. Fantasy teams are a HUGE component of other sports. Fantasy Football teams and Fantasy Basketball teams are MASSIVE draws for consumer engagement, and people LOVE them. I loved watching my teams compete. But when there’s a biiiiit of a bait and switch in how it rewards you, it doesn’t convince people to do it again.

          And that’s another problem: there wasn’t any transparency in this. It said you would win “an item,” and so far everything rewarded by The Compendium had been fairly unique. Reasonable lines of thinking suggest that the Bounties will give you a unique special item for taking the time, and perhaps spending extra money, to participate. What did we get instead? As far from unique as you can get while still being able to use the qualifier technically.

          The LEAST they could have done was put the Lockless Luckbox items in the higher tiers. But they didn’t. They just slapped a tag on whatever item the Random Number God pulled out of a hat, and called it good. And boy, was that disappointing to come home to.

          And that’s what all this is about, in a sentence: it wasn’t wrong, technically, but boy was it sure disappointing. And when you do things like The Compendium, which is a major community outreach tool, you don’t want to go out on “disappointing.”

          • QWERTY

            because at the end of ti13,all compendium sell were over,so valve couldn’t care less about community and the money they spend on compendiums and extra fantasy team,all valve caer is about getting money,and when they cant make anymore money from compendium why would they give you something nice for nothing:)

          • Blue

            Hope you aren’t angling for a marketing career later in life. Not with that sort of understanding of consumer relations and promotional events.

            Also, give me a break. I’m so sick of hearing the “VALVE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT US” BS. Valve got to be the owner of the number one digital distribution platform BECAUSE they cared about you, and D2 has seen the same love and care. The Bounties being underwhelming is mostly an anomaly in their handling of D2, not the norm. Which is why it was so surprising that it was sloppy, and all the more disappointing.

          • NineBreaker

            I usually don’t reply to these things, but I see you actually put the time and effort into writing something out with a half-decent argument.

            Seeing as all of this is opinion anyways, I will go ahead and express mine. The way I see it is that you and many other people just want and expected good shit. And when good shit didn’t come you were disappointed. But what is good shit actually? What if I said that there are people that like tags and feel like they ARE worth something? Wouldn’t you be down playing and disrespecting those players too? The biggest flaw that I see is that you don’t understand the worth of the boxes, so you just want something better, or even great. If you had bothered to check the market place the rare and mythical boxes have floated around $5 and $30 respectively. That means by fact people believe it is worth something.

            A second point you made was Fantasy sport in general. I’m not sure about you but I feel most fantasy teams are about progress and beating your friends, occasionally that means betting and what not. The bottom line, however, is that it isn’t about rewards. That’s an added bonus. The whole point of the fantasy challenge wasn’t strictly to reward players that pay with items worth more than it’s cost. If I just bought 5 teams and lined it up with random players and scored a single digit scored, I feel like I shouldn’t get anything at all, just like in other fantasy sports.

            And get real, rewarding high tiers with genuine mythical (lockless luck box) would be unfair and would destroy the market. Those, in general, are meant to be items that are actually bought.

            Your point: should’ve been better
            My point: good enough

          • Barry Lo

            you must have shitty foresight

    • exinos

      me too.
      i thought it would be a set of new items instead it just gives you random items depending on the Reliquary you get.
      at least i get a rare, better than nothing.

    • jamb

      you sound great in this post.

      • Blue

        Ah yes, the ever convincing “you sound like a huge fucking nerd when your post is read in a nasal voice” counter-argument.

        I have truly met my match.

      • jamb is a phaggot

        dont ever talk again
        cut your fucking voice box out, thanks

    • asd

      Fun Fact: A battle points boost costs 2x the Compendium’s price.

  • KVP

    lol at that nazi sign

    • Quangace


      • Raven Woods

        It is not exclusive Nazi symbol, in fact it is swastika which symbolises the higher being. Nazi bastardised it.

  • Arhkon

    No loot list? You mean every single rare that has been put into game is the possible loot?

    • Cyborgmatt

      Pretty much.

      • Gussygoose

        GO! CYBORGMATT!! I liked all of your patch analysis. detail and gorgeous.

  • Guest


  • Raizo Ozunu

    Xahryx BECOME 36 KEY JUST T__T

  • ded gaem

    Another week of doto 2 in the graveyard.

  • ARs

    got an odachi from the bounty =.= sold it for 5 keys..
    was wondering will they add the ti3 green swril on the sword…
    as a reference of the aura around the boxes ?? any idea??

    • ARs

      anyway theres is still mythical announcer drops from it..
      so imagine the announcer with green swirl…. lol
      ahhh i guess i just hoping too much on valve 😀

    • AntoxaGray

      5 keys? You get rip-offed.

      Check price of green box on market

      • ARs

        no idea man, i dont think odachi with tagged can be like halfprice of the kantusa? that is crazy

        • AntoxaGray

          Not the odachi, but the prophet’s box

  • Guest

    I was sooo close to getting that mythical chest, 792 points fml. I guess this sand king head is cool too though.

    • Kalle på kollo

      I had 830 and didnt get it so were you really THAT close?

      • ch

        And i had 849 and still got Augurs. So that Prophet thing must be higher.

        • Fredchen777

          afaik, 850 was the score you needed to have for lvl 4 chest…

  • Cristian


  • RoxicSience

    Alphid of Lecaciida from box with 882 fantasy points <3

    • AntoxaGray


      In needed 25 points for mythical box

    • 2l33t4u

      I got the alphid too! 862 pts

    • Shifted

      What was the amount of points needed for mythical? 850?
      I’d go nuts if it were 800, my team scored 797.

  • Techies

    Fuck this shit, Valve you pathetic ungrateful bastards, Next time you make 3.6million dollars of a fucking digital book give the fans something in return, Good luck passing 100k prizepool for the next international.

    • pidzson

      May I point out that you got a few things with your compendium:
      – a legendary unusual courier with tons of unlocks and unique forms
      – immortal items with also unique animations – AND THEY UPGRADED 2 OF THEM BECAUSE WE FUCKING ASKED FOR IT
      – a HUD skin
      – 6 taunts
      – one random item, value based on your predictions
      – 80+ collectible cards, which gave you upgrades to your unusual courier

      Who is the pathetic ungrateful bastard now buddy?

      • Roger

        Not to mention the battle bonus which leads to many levelups and more items!

      • Grav3man

        Yes, but that does not require that much time to create Those were simple items, that can be created in almost 24 hours by 3-4 people who know what they are doing. Only 5 immortals in the reliquary!? WTF… Not to say 2 of them were waaay superior than the other 3. All bonuses were nice, yes but they could and should have been much better. Especially this final one!

        In fact, they should have just given us the final goal of the compendium, even though we hadn’t reached it ourselves, just for the sake of it! I think It would have been much better; it would have felt like a bigger reward, not just a random item with a TI3 tag… But I guess we’ll just have to deal with it.

        • pidzson

          Dude. All I can say is apply to a job at volvo, and make it better next year.

        • Raize

          How could anyone think the compendium was worse value than ANYTHING else in the Dota2 shop? If you’d buy them in the steam shop, the immortal item, courier or the battle bonus would each cost more than the price of the compendium itself.

          In my opinion they made it way too good. Either tone it down next year, or scale the rest of the shop up to the same ballpark.

    • AntoxaGray

      What are you complaining about? Price of all prizes and bonuses 2x-2.5x more than cost of Compendium.

    • IAmStaka

      haters gonna hate

  • Forebilden

    wtf, i got the rare crate, i had Loda, EGM, Dendi, admiralbulldog and puppey -.-

  • Matt Blethen

    so i got a Ta Comb and it has the fantasy team tag but it also came with the diretide tag was this a bug or intentional?

    • Kyle Schultz

      I imagine its intentional. The items that were released during DireTide had that tag. You likely just got one of those items, and it added the Fantasy team tag because you got it through the challenge

      • Matt Blethen

        Yeah, i can see it. Its just strange seeing it when i didnt get it from the diretide event itself. but as im looking at others im guessing you are correct.

  • DriesnMajoor

    So I got a The International 2 tagged item that is also tagged with The International Fantasy Challenge 2013… interesting

  • 5forNIL

    Predictions For The Next Hero … Duel… i see

  • IAmStaka

    i don’t see a difference between the old and new TA armor piece

    • ggs86

      卐 on her left shoulder

      • IAmStaka

        lol, i was searching for a penis or something xD

  • Gabe

    Ded Game

    • IAmStaka

      No! DED GAEM!

  • Balian

    And no fix on Pudge new set hook?
    I can’t understand how they can release PAYED content without testing it before and how can they let 1 week pass without fixing it!

    • Skuzzy

      u sound mad bro

  • DrKramshaw

    Here’s a console command to help with the shoulder cam view that I saw:

    “dota_director_shoulder_view_chance x”

    Default value is 10.

  • Drodo

    seriously: Who cares if an item got “Fantasy Challenge 2013″ tag on it? Why would Valve think that its somehow more worth than the normal item? It’s just text or am I wrong?

    I dont get this whole tag shit.

    • Barry Lo

      Lol nobody said that it’s worth more than normal item. Worth is what you give it. If you think that everything Valve made has to worth some “keys” then you’ll be very disappointed… in life… forever.

  • Fuck.Vulvo

    Where the FUCK IS THE NEW HERO?

    Where the FUCK is TECHIES?

    Where the FUCK are the ensnare manta bug fixes?


    • anonymous

      might be legion commander. that GIF is a duel.

    • Mrleblanc101

      next hero is legion commander…. it’s not out yet because it was the internaltionnal 2013 and they didn’t wanted to make unbalanced match ! also techies is the last hero to be added to the game and it will come mid 2014

      • FLShift

        doesnt make sense, legion commander wouldnt have been in CM anyways, they were just busy Preparing the international.

    • Cy

      Valve already said they aren’t adding Techies into Dota 2.

  • Jackman

    More cosmetic less heroes, I expect the next update to be either a new hero or heroes or more cosmetics.

  • KappaKing

    Beary nice, indeed.

  • Strom

    Alliance may have let you down, but did kill roshan before the creeps spawned in game 262509769. Can be seen from this screenshot

    • asd

      Wait .. how did Enigma spawned his things?

      • 603

        furion treant

    • buruburu

      nice bm aura+stats :))

      • Jin

        stats come from branches

  • albator7

    I hope this patch stop my auto-disconnet freeze that I have. It freezes like every 8 minutes for 6 sec!

    • FroSt

      You have it too? I though its only mine problem -_- YEAH VALVE SHOULD FIX THAT!

  • PelleParafin

    The rate that we’re getting new hero releases now that it’s out of beta is terrifying.

  • Vikrant

    Any chances of fixing the dragon HUD? When someone else uses it in game, the default gold doesn’t vanish making the current gold overlap it o.o

  • Alexys Moya Sanchez


  • Fakky

    Predictions For The Next Hero

  • Anon

    Always glad to see how hard Valve is working to bring all the fucking original heroes to the game ¬¬

  • John

    Awww man, I was really hoping for Legion Commander today :(

  • Nigga stole my bike

    Lots of juicy content in this patch


  • Jeremy

    i had 840 points and i get Diviner’s Bounty, f*ck this ;(

  • PelleParafin

    Meanwhile Alch has one attack animation. :^)

    • jamb is a phaggot

      he attack so fast mid game you cant even see it, no problem

  • ded gaem is ded

    dis gaem is deder then ever

  • I_love_kanji_aka_swastika


  • ASDF

    lol. The next hero is obviously legion commander, with all the gif about duels.

    • Techies

      Even an idiot would know that the next hero is LC, the question is when..

  • king cann

    cyborg matt in your oppinion does the armlet for ck need tweaking? i think it would look alot better on the opposite arm as at the moment the left arm looks crazy i keep expecting a hawk or eagle to land on it seeing as its just randomly sticking out to the side for no apparent reason

  • Genuine

    The prediction stands for legion commander btw, its a duel

  • #fuvalve

    fuckin retarded fantasy bounty ever….

  • Nuarharuha

    Prediction for the next hero; Legion commander??

    • Techies

      For the past 2-3 months? Yeah the prediction was LC

  • retard

    theres a bug with a pudge hook called meat dragger

  • simz.GG

    i just concern one thing


    haven’t got this problem? just wait bro, sooner or later, it will haunted you to the world of low prior
    just encountered this problem after last 8mb patch, i look up at the forum, somebody got it on april

  • Jay

    Please be careful with this modus guys. They wanna hack your stream account. Never share your e-mail and steam credentials. Have a good day.

  • Techies

    Fucking dead as usual I see