Dota 2 22nd August Patch – Content Analysis

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      1. Front End Changes
        1. Changelog
        2. Hero Animation Updates
          1. Alchemist’s Animation
          2. Huskar’s Animations
          3. Keeper of the Light’s Animations
          4. Ogre Magi’s Animations
        3. Phantom Assassin’s Animations
          1. Sniper’s Animations
        4. Hero Model Updates
          1. Storm Spirit’s Model
          2. Tinker’s Model
        5. Cosmetic Model Updates
          1. Dragon Knight’s Items
        6. Visual Updates
          1. Nature’s Prophet’s Visual Updates
          2. The International 2013 Couriers
        7. New Cosmetic Item Sets
          1. Bloodseeker’s Set
          2. Drow Ranger’s Set
          3. Morphling’s Set
          4. Nyx Assassin’s Set
          5. Ogre Magi’s Set
          6. Phantom Assasssin’s Set
          7. Pudge’s Set
          8. Queen of Pain’s Set
          9. Riki’s Set
          10. Rubick’s Set
          11. Slark’s Set
          12. Skeleton King’s Set
          13. Sniper’s Items
          14. Spectre’s Set
          15. Templar Assassin’s Set
          16. Custom Wards
        8. New Custom Couriers
          1. Waldi the Faithful
        9. New Custom HUD Skins
          1. Curiosity HUD
          2. Dragon Scale HUD
        10. New League Passes
          1. Insomnia49 Dota 2 Cup
          2. Netolic Pro League 3rd
        11. UI Updates
          1. Aegis of Champions
          2. Spectator UI
          3. Settings UI
          4. In Game UI
      2. Back End Changes
        1. Updated Strings
        2. Unreleased Cosmetic Items
          1. Abaddon’s Items
          2. Anti-Mage’s Items
          3. Bloodseeker’s Items
          4. Bristleback’s Items
          5. Centaur Warunner’s Items
          6. Earthshaker’s Items
          7. Juggernaut’s Items
          8. Kunkka’s Items
          9. Nightstalker’s Items
          10. Nyx Assassin’s Items
          11. Slardar’s Items
          12. Windrunner’s Items
        3. Unreleased Custom HUD Skins
          1. Iron Cage HUD
        4. Fantasy Team Rewards
          1. Seer’s Bounty
          2. Diviner’s Bounty
          3. Augur’s Bounty
          4. Prophet’s Bounty
        5. Unreleased Tutorial Maps
          1. Last Hit Tutorial
        6. Custom Gamemode Updates
          1. Holdout Gamemode
        7. Other Changes
          1. Roshan’s Animations
          2. Radiant Secret Shop
          3. All Star Team Logos
      3. Materials Update
      4. Particles Update
      5. Predictions For The Next Hero

After a short break to cover this year’s International event we are now back in action with a Dota 2 patch arriving bringing a large batch of new items, sets, HUDs and other hidden goodies.

They picked me! No one ever picks me.

Front End Changes


– Fixed players’ current gold being networked to enemy players.
– Fixed Spirit Breaker’s charge target being networked to enemy players.
– Picking up an armlet that is toggled on will only grant the buff if you own the armlet.
– Autocast abilities check target type rules consistently. This should prevent Clinkz’s searing arrows hitting wards, for example.
– Added Elder Titan, Abaddon, Centaur and Troll Warlord to Captain’s Mode.
– Fixed Neutral Thunderhide not using Slam when 3 enemies are nearby.
– Fixed Neutral Thunderhide’s Slam not slowing attack speed.
– Ancient Apparition: Frostbite debuff will prevent health gain from levelling up, extra strength or extra max hp.
– Slark: Fixed BKB not removing Pounce’s Leash.
– Treant Protector: Fixed Overgrowth affecting couriers.
– Troll Warlord: Fixed Illusions benefiting from Fervor.
– Troll Warlord: Fixed ranged form sometimes being able to bash.
– Weaver’s geminate ability no longer activates when attacking wards.
– Weaver’s Time Lapse and Disruptor’s Glimpse now can rewind things back to before Time Lapse or Glimpse were first skilled.

– Runes now draw in the minimap for spectators.
– Increased the penalty for not readying up from 45 seconds to 2 minutes.
– Spectator stats dropdown is unlocked while listening to broadcasters.
– Added a preference and cvar “dota_spectator_use_broadcaster_stats_panel” to allow spectators to have full control over the stats panels.
– Private (friend/guild) lobbies now display their game name so that those browsing lobbies can get more info on what the lobby is for.
– Changed drag-select of units to use the same hit detection as click-select. This fixes a number of issues where units would not get selected.
– Fixed bugs that were allowing edge panning to be enabled during drag-select.
– Reduced CPU usage of drag-select.
– Fixed some newline formatting errors in the combat log.
– Prevented guides for the previously-played hero from erroneously showing up at the start of the next game.
– Added AOE hover indicator for Death Pulse.

– Added Waldi courier, Ocula ward, 3 HUDs and 14 hero item sets to the store.
– Updated Sniper’s workshop model files with improved weighting, including corrected smd files.

– Fixed bad interactions with some looping sounds and FoW.
– Fixed Reincarnate stinger sometimes playing late when triggered in vision but out of hearing range.
– Fixed some item cast sounds that could be heard through FoW.
– Typing “tu” in chat no longer triggers hero “thank you” lines.

– Fixed crash when using certain spells / illusions on Intel HD4000. [Mac]
– Fixed intermittent crash when cmd-tabbing. [Mac]
– Fixed issues with older PulseAudio installations. [Linux]
– Improved stability when showing webpages.
– Allow setting language of audio and text separately, through Steam. (Text comes from Steam’s language, audio comes from the language set in Dota 2’s properties on Steam)
– Made Dota2 respond to window manager requests to close it.
– Fixes to make Dota2 work on a broader set of video cards on Linux
– Fixed key repeat to work in text entry windows.
– Fixed loading screens to show an image instead of a black screen
– Fixed a bug preventing multiple users from playing Dota2 (at different times) on a machine.
– Fixed sounds not working when a matchmaking game is ready to start. Added a desktop notification on Linux
– Added XBox 360 spectating controller support.
– Fixed crash on hero selection screen on Linux.
– Fixed a rendering bug when turning off Specular in advanced video settings.
– Fixed mouse offset bug and window size/aspect ratio issue when moving from full screen to windowed modes.

Hero Animation Updates

We have a batch of new animations for the existing heroes in this week’s patch.

Alchemist’s Animation

Alchemist now has a loadout animation.


Huskar’s Animations

Huskar now has a animations for his teleporting and victory stances as well as loadout and idle animations for his older Obsidian set that was added earlier in the year.

Teleport Stance


Keeper of the Light’s Animations

KOTL also now has a loadout animation.


Ogre Magi’s Animations

Ogre Magi has a few new general animations for his teleporting and victory stances as well as a custom ignite animation for his new Ancestral set.

Teleport Stance


Phantom Assassin’s Animations

PA has a new loadout and portrait animation for her new Dark Wraith set.


Sniper’s Animations

Sniper has received a large batch of new animations, he now has a loadout animation, portrait animations for the Instagib and Great Safari rifles and a set of loadout, idle and portrait animations for his Wolfhound rifle.


Hero Model Updates

We also have a couple of minor model updates in the patch as well.

Storm Spirit’s Model

The scale of Storm Spirit’s model has been increased which may suggest that his upcoming reworked model maybe slightly larger than the current size we are used to now.

Previous Scale (0.85)



New Scale (1.15)



Tinker’s Model

The model for Tinker’s March of the Machines has been updated increasing the quality of the model and total bone count which may suggest that as part of Tinker’s breakdown the MOM robots will also be changeable.

New MOM Model


Old MOM Model


Cosmetic Model Updates

As well as the hero models we also have some tweaks to one of the cosmetic items that was added in the previous patch.

Dragon Knight’s Items

The Crest of the Wyrm Lords shield for Dragon Knight from the lockless luckboxes has been updated with a new model and texture.

Old Shield



New Shield



Visual Updates

We also some minor visual updates to Nature’s Prophet’s Scythe of Vyse particle effect.

Nature’s Prophet’s Visual Updates

The positioning and particle effect for Nature’s Prophet’s Scythe of Vyse has been updated.


The International 2013 Couriers

The couriers from this year’s International have been updated to ensure that all of them have the TI3 Champion Aura effect.


New Cosmetic Item Sets

We have another big batch of new item sets that are now available in the Dota 2 store.

Bloodseeker’s Set



Drow Ranger’s Set


Morphling’s Set


Nyx Assassin’s Set


Ogre Magi’s Set


Phantom Assasssin’s Set


Pudge’s Set



Queen of Pain’s Set



Riki’s Set


Rubick’s Set


* Not pictured: Custom particle effect for the staff.

Slark’s Set



Skeleton King’s Set


Sniper’s Items



Spectre’s Set



Templar Assassin’s Set


Custom Wards

Ocula the Observer

“With an eye that big, there’s no hiding from Ocula!”


New Custom Couriers

We also have another new courier added to the store courtesy of the Workshop.

Waldi the Faithful

“Orphaned and abandoned on the fringes of the Nightsilver Woods, Waldi was rescued by a reclusive band of rangers and trained in the ways of war. Waldi is often underestimated by his foes, but his unassuming appearance belies his relentless tenacity and unfailing loyalty. He is a worthy courier and companion for the mightiest of warriors, a true dog of duty.”

Standard Courier



Flying Courier



New Custom HUD Skins

Along with the new items and courier we also have a couple of new HUD skins in this week’s patch.

Curiosity HUD






Loading Screen


Dragon Scale HUD





Loading Screen


New League Passes

We have two new league passes which will be added to the store in this week’s update.

Insomnia49 Dota 2 Cup

“The Insomnia49 Dota 2 tournament will take place at Insomnia49 in Telford, England. The best teams from Great Britain will compete for a share of £2,000 or more!”

No backpack image yet.

Netolic Pro League 3rd

“Netolic Pro League returns with a prize pool of $2000! The tournament will have eight qualified teams compete against eight invited teams!”

No backpack image yet.

UI Updates

We have a number of UI updates in this week’s patch.

Aegis of Champions

The fountain based Aegis has been updated and imprinted with the names of the players from Alliance, immortalising this year’s International winners.


Spectator UI

Dota TV will now display rune icons for the people and broadcasters that are spectating the game.

The Rune Icons


In Action


Settings UI

It is now possible to override the control of the stats dropdown via a new option under the game settings which will allow you to choose a custom stat dropdown instead of the one the broadcaster has selected.


In Game UI

Necyrolyte’s Death Pulse now displays an AOE range indicator when hovering over the spell.


Back End Changes

Updated Strings

We now have some quest strings for the last hit challenge tutorial along with some quest strings for the unreleased holdout custom gamemode.

    "DOTA_Quest_LastHits"        "Get <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Last Hits:</b></font> %quest_current_value% / %quest_target_value%"
    "DOTA_Quest_Denies"          "Get <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Denies:</b></font> %quest_current_value% / %quest_target_value%"

    "DOTA_Quest_Holdout_Round"      "Round %quest_round%: %quest_current_value% / %quest_target_value%"
    "DOTA_Quest_Holdout_PrepTime"    "Next Round: %quest_current_value% seconds"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_StartExplanation1"  "Now we're going to learn about last hitting, which is the most effective way to get gold.nTo last hit, you need to deal the killing blow to an enemy creep."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_StartExplanation2"  "The most important thing to do while last hitting is to stay safe behind your friendly creep line.nnYou can't last hit if your health is too low to survive."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_StartExplanation3"  "Watch the health of the enemy creeps, and only hit them when their health is low.nTry to get 15 last hits in the middle lane.nnDon't forget to buy items!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_LastHits1"  "Deal the killing blow to enemy creeps.nStay safe behind your creeps, then strike at the right moment."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_LastHits2"  "<b>Don't constantly attack!</b>nMove around to stay safe, then attack when the creep's health is low."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_LastHits3"  "You can also press <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%dota_stop%</b></font> to stop attacking."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_DenyExplanationSetup"  "Come over here!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_DenyExplanation1"  "Now we're going to learn about denying, which is a good way to keep your opponent from getting gold.nTo deny, you need to deal the killing blow to a friendly creep."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_DenyExplanation2"  "You can attack any friendly creep whose health is below half.nTo do so, press <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%mc_attack%</b></font> to force attack, then left-click on the creep."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_DenyExplanation3"  "Just like normal last hitting, focus on staying safe, and hitting at the right moment.nnTry to get 5 denies."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_LastHit_Denies"    "Keep your opponent from getting gold and experience by killing friendly creeps.nPress <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%mc_attack%</b></font> then left-click on a friendly creep with low health."

World map strings for the unreleased lasthit tutorial and practice map.

    // Tutorial Location 8
    "world_map_location_8"        "Last Hit Training"
    "world_map_location_sub_8"      "Learn more about how to last hit reliably."
    "world_map_location_desc_8"      "<i>The Hero who can acquire the most gold will almost certainly triumph.  It is important to understand how to acquire gold, and how to keep it from the pockets of your opponents.</i>"
    "world_map_location_gdesc_8"    "This tutorial will introduce you to: <ul><li>Combat: Last Hit Techniques</li><li>Combat: Denying Creeps</li></ul>"
    // Tutorial Location 9
    "world_map_location_9"        "Last Hit Practice"
    "world_map_location_sub_9"      "Practice last hitting against a bot."
    "world_map_location_desc_9"      "<i>The Hero who can acquire the most gold will almost certainly triumph.  Only through extensive practice can a Hero master the art of last hitting.</i>"
    "world_map_location_gdesc_9"    "This mode will help you practice: <ul><li>Combat: Fighting in a Lane</li><li>Combat: Last Hits</li><li>Combat: Denying Creeps</li></ul>"


New strings that are displayed as overhead text if you miss a last hit in the tutorial maps.

    "DOTA_LAST_HIT_EARLY"  "Early!"
    "DOTA_LAST_HIT_CLOSE"  "Close!"
    "DOTA_LAST_HIT_MISS"  "Miss!"

Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We also have some new and updated unreleased cosmetic items.

* There is no guarantee that any of these items are getting in or are finished. 

Abaddon’s Items

Wrath Helmet


Complete Feather Set


Anti-Mage’s Items




Bloodseeker’s Items


Bristleback’s Items





Centaur Warunner’s Items

Centaur’s Peace Keeper axe has been completely redesigned since the previous version we saw.


Earthshaker’s Items


No model in the files yet.

Juggernaut’s Items

Juggernaut’s Flameblade has been completely redesigned from the previous versions we saw.


Kunkka’s Items

Work in progress Iron Side set.


Nightstalker’s Items



Nyx Assassin’s Items

Early work in progress shots of a new Nyx set.


Slardar’s Items



Windrunner’s Items


Unreleased Custom HUD Skins

We also have an extra unreleased HUD skin from this week’s patch.

Iron Cage HUD






Loading Screen


Fantasy Team Rewards

For those of you that took part in the Compendium Fantasy team for this year’s International will be awarded with an item chest depending on how successful your team was.

The contents of the boxes has yet to be revealed and will most likely be delivered in the next week or two.

Seer’s Bounty

“From clouded visions come just rewards.”

Diviner’s Bounty

“Through strong intuition have such potent rewards been found.”

Augur’s Bounty

“The virtues of wisdom yield precious rewards.”

Prophet’s Bounty

“By uncanny insight were such wondrous rewards revealed.”

Unreleased Tutorial Maps

We have some more updates the unreleased last hit challenge tutorials.

Last Hit Tutorial

The last hit tutorial now displays a “Miss” or “Early” message depending on when you are attempting to last hit a creep.



Custom Gamemode Updates

The holdout’s custom gamemode config file has disappeared, however we now have a custom store layout file and overview files suggesting that there will be two version of the Holdout gamemode played across different maps.

Holdout Gamemode

The new custom shop file suggests that certain items will be locked until a higher level has been achieved.

    "item"    "item_clarity"
    "item"    "item_tango"
    "item"    "item_flask"
    "item"    "item_smoke_of_deceit"
    "item"    "item_tpscroll"
    "item"    "item_dust"
    "item"    "item_courier"
    "item"    "item_flying_courier"
    "item"    "item_ward_observer"
    "item"    "item_ward_sentry"
    "item"    "item_bottle"              

    "item"    "item_branches"

    "item"    "item_gauntlets"
    "item"    "item_slippers"
    "item"    "item_mantle"  

    "item"    "item_circlet"

    "item"    "item_belt_of_strength"
    "item"    "item_boots_of_elves"
    "item"    "item_robe"

    "item"    "item_ogre_axe"
    "item"    "item_blade_of_alacrity"
    "item"    "item_staff_of_wizardry"

    "item"    "item_ultimate_orb"

    "item"    "item_ring_of_protection"
    "item"    "item_quelling_blade"
    "item"    "item_stout_shield"
    "item"    "item_blades_of_attack"
    "item"    "item_chainmail"
    "item"    "item_helm_of_iron_will"
    "item"    "item_broadsword"
    "item"    "item_quarterstaff"
    "item"    "item_claymore"        
    "item"    "item_javelin"
    "item"    "item_platemail"
    "item"    "item_mithril_hammer"  
    "item"    "item_magic_stick"
    "item"    "item_sobi_mask"
    "item"    "item_ring_of_regen"
    "item"    "item_boots"
    "item"    "item_gloves"
    "item"    "item_cloak"
    "item"    "item_gem"
    "item"    "item_lifesteal"
    "item"    "item_ghost"
    "item"    "item_talisman_of_evasion"
    "item"    "item_blink"    
    "item"    "item_shadow_amulet"        
  // Level 1 - Green Recipes
    "item"    "item_wraith_band"
    "item"    "item_null_talisman"
    "item"    "item_magic_wand"
    "item"    "item_bracer"
    "item"    "item_poor_mans_shield"
    "item"    "item_soul_ring"
    "item"    "item_phase_boots"
    "item"    "item_power_treads"
    "item"    "item_oblivion_staff"
    "item"    "item_pers"
    "item"    "item_hand_of_midas"
    "item"    "item_travel_boots"        

  // Level 2 - Blue Recipes
    "item"    "item_ring_of_basilius"
    "item"    "item_headdress"
    "item"    "item_buckler"
    "item"    "item_urn_of_shadows"
    "item"    "item_ring_of_aquila"  
    "item"    "item_tranquil_boots"
    "item"    "item_medallion_of_courage"
    "item"    "item_arcane_boots"
    "item"    "item_ancient_janggo"
    "item"    "item_vladmir"  
    "item"    "item_mekansm"          
    "item"    "item_pipe"      
    "item"    "item_force_staff"
    "item"    "item_necronomicon"
    "item"    "item_cyclone"
    "item"    "item_dagon"
    "item"    "item_veil_of_discord"    
    "item"    "item_rod_of_atos"
    "item"    "item_ultimate_scepter"
    "item"    "item_orchid"  
    "item"    "item_refresher"
    "item"    "item_sheepstick"
  // Level 3 - Purple Recipes  
    "item"    "item_hood_of_defiance"
    "item"    "item_blade_mail"
    "item"    "item_vanguard"
    "item"    "item_soul_booster"
    "item"    "item_black_king_bar"
    "item"    "item_shivas_guard"
    "item"    "item_manta"
    "item"    "item_bloodstone"
    "item"    "item_sphere"
    "item"    "item_assault"
    "item"    "item_heart"        
    "item"    "item_lesser_crit"  
    "item"    "item_armlet"
    "item"    "item_basher"  
    "item"    "item_invis_sword"
    "item"    "item_bfury"
    "item"    "item_ethereal_blade"
    "item"    "item_radiance"
    "item"    "item_monkey_king_bar"   
    "item"    "item_greater_crit"
    "item"    "item_butterfly"
    "item"    "item_rapier"
    "item"    "item_abyssal_blade"  
  // Level 4 - Orange / Orb / Artifacts        
     "item"    "item_helm_of_the_dominator"
     "item"    "item_mask_of_madness"
    "item"    "item_sange"
     "item"    "item_yasha"
     "item"    "item_maelstrom"
     "item"    "item_diffusal_blade"      
     "item"    "item_desolator"
     "item"    "item_heavens_halberd"
     "item"    "item_sange_and_yasha"
     "item"    "item_mjollnir"
     "item"    "item_skadi" 
     "item"    "item_satanic"    

    "item"    "item_tpscroll"
    "item"    "item_magic_stick"
    "item"    "item_stout_shield"
    "item"    "item_sobi_mask"
    "item"    "item_ring_of_regen"
    "item"    "item_orb_of_venom"
    "item"    "item_boots"
    "item"    "item_cloak"
    "item"    "item_ring_of_health"
    "item"    "item_lifesteal"
    "item"    "item_helm_of_iron_will"
    "item"    "item_energy_booster"

    "item"    "item_slippers"
    "item"    "item_quelling_blade"
    "item"    "item_boots_of_elves"
    "item"    "item_belt_of_strength"
    "item"    "item_robe"
    "item"    "item_blades_of_attack"
    "item"    "item_gloves"
    "item"    "item_chainmail"
    "item"    "item_quarterstaff"
    "item"    "item_talisman_of_evasion"
    "item"    "item_ultimate_orb"
    "item"    "item_blink"
    "item"    "item_orb_of_venom"
    "item"    "item_ring_of_health"
    "item"    "item_void_stone"
    "item"    "item_energy_booster"
    "item"    "item_vitality_booster"
    "item"    "item_point_booster"
    "item"    "item_hyperstone"
    "item"    "item_demon_edge"
    "item"    "item_mystic_staff"
    "item"    "item_reaver"
    "item"    "item_eagle"
    "item"    "item_relic"

Other Changes

We also have a couple of other behind the scenes changes that need covering.

Roshan’s Animations

Roshan a new animation labelled “sr_roshan_firebreath” where he crouches down and plays out an animation where he releases a firebreath particle effect.


Radiant Secret Shop

We also have a new model for a second version of the Radiant secret shop.


All Star Team Logos

The logos for the All Star teams were also added between now and the previous patch which you may have missed.

Radiant Logos

all_star_radiant all_star_team_logo_radiant

Dire Logos

all_star_team_banner_dire all_star_team_logo_dire

Materials Update

We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes.

Particles Update

We have no new particle updates for the unreleased heroes.

Predictions For The Next Hero

Patience you must have, my young Padawans

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      Incoming angry feminists.

      • Anonymous

        shutup its empowering

    • PelleParafin

      And Kunkka will wear a woman on his head soon.

      • kral

        Woman will wear Kunkka on her head?

  • AncoRe

    that all star team logos are so EPIC !!

  • Fare


  • spoderman

    whre the fuck is the fantasy reward? still dont get that shit

  • Firenze

    Is Skeleton King’s new Bone Lord set has the new attack animation like you mentioned in the patch long before this ?

  • [A]SSASSINO007

    i think the next hero is Legion commander look at the pic it is duel isn’t it ?

    • Techies

      The duel gif was posted for the in 4-5 blog updates already.

    • Anon

      No one is at the moment working with legion commander at Valve. Can take a while before we see the next hero.

    • FoxCharge

      Yeah, Legion Commander is most likely next. HOWEVER, there are no dialogue strings for her yet. IIRC, no hero has EVER been released without the dialogue strings having been in the test client for at least a week. It’s really the only sureproof indicator that the hero is almost finished.

      Look at Bristleback, for instance. His release was a bit of a surprise because we hadn’t seen any sort of texture updates for him in a really long time. However, his dialogue strings popped up one week, and the next week (or two weeks later, can’t remember), BOOM. He’s out, and looking way different than any textures or concepts Valve had ever leaked.

      tl;dr: When we see dialogue strings for LC, she’s pretty much guaranteed to come out a week or two later. Until then, don’t get your hopes up.

    • Cougar Hunter

      I think most of us already know by now that legion commander is next to be released. The big question now is “WHEN?”.

  • ranter

    No new unreleased hero status,lame.
    Cmon cyborgmatt,where the real dirt,where the old updates analysis where you search the unreleased hero stuff.You can do better than this.

    • Bleako

      You’re an idiot. If he doesn’t add any new unreleased hero stuff it’s because there are none in the game files.

  • Nipping

    Is there anyway we can test the last hit tutorial?

    • Anonymous

      dota_tutorial_start lasthit

  • ARs

    0-300 1 STAR
    301-600 2 STAR
    601-800 3 STAR
    801-1000 ABOVE 4 STAR ??


    • Okoo

      hope so.

      • Tataie

        What the hell do you hope so for? The most people fantasy points are 800+. There is noone with 0-300 so if there will be few of them that means their items will worth way more just because there will be only few on the market. Stop being stupid and use your brain ffs. The chests will be rewarded to us depending on the percentages. For example highest 10% fantasy teams will get Prophet’s, highest 20% out of 90% will get Augur’s and so on.

        • Okoo

          Chill little monkey, indeed there is ppl with 0-300. Some ppl just DIDNT set their fantasy team ( = 0 pts) and some ppl also picked 5 Quantic members. So “Stop being stupid and use your brain ffs”

          • Tataie

            i keep my point “you’re stupid” the percentage item distrubution is way smarter and better but keep thinking with your 1 IQ brain

          • Okoo

            =,((( mimimimimimi

          • mm1ron

            why are you so butt hurt lmao , he just said “hope so” and you reply with 7 lines of how pathetic you are, i bet you’re a trader who value useless items more than having a life

          • Tataie

            actually i’m not a trader at all so again +1 retard here his name is mm1ron

        • DO

          Someone woke up with a stick up his ass. Why so aggressive?

  • Nigel

    Nightstalker needs a helmet! :(

  • asdf

    ded gaem

    • MickJ


  • [A] ss2

    Anyone think the old dk shiled is better than the new one? or just me O_o

    • Me4onyX


    • moy

      new one has particle effects coming off the ruby crystal.. so it looks really great now.

  • Fidanza

    I hope they fixed bug with strange weapons.

    • Mack

      According to r/dota2 it’s still not fixed. They are going the change the strange items system.

      • Provoker

        SK set is broken right? I have my shoulder piece floating unconnected and the sword just laying on the ground lol

  • Moustachedgoose

    Prediction gif is a duel.

    LC confirmed.

    • -NDR- No Drow Ranger

      been confirmed for a while. His skills are in the game. If you played LoD in a custom map, you can use his fucking skills if you wanted to.

      3 sentence explanation, LC confirmed

  • Techies

    another fucking hat patch with no work on heroes
    get a fucking grip Valve wtf..

    • doto2

      The game is free to play, they need money to continue :v , and also get a earnings from the game xd

      • WTF?

        MONEY ? MONEY? they got more than 4mil$ from just a fucking compendium and who knows how much from other sets and the insane amount of fucking keys people buy?

        • qwer

          Are you high man? The compendium didn’t reach 3mil and I’m pretty sure it went for the prize pool.

          • Lol

            You clearly didn’t pay attention to how the compendium worked. Only 1/4 of the raised proceeds went to the international prize pool. Take 1.2m (started at 1.6 & ended at 2.8) & multiply that by 4 & you get 4.8m. Valve made 3.6m off of the compendium.

          • Minh Le

            and renting 1 day at the hall, money for the event, inviting, hotel, rooms, set up, paying extra security fees. Believe me, they don’t make much out of compendium nor The International 3. The touranment works as a form of public relationship and promoting the game.

          • Littlemisterretard

            But he is correct. 2,5dollar went to the price pool the rest was profit for valve.

        • Jonii

          I find it kinda funny that people always seem to assume that hosting TI3 is completely without cost for Valve. Hosting TI3 probably cost them somewhere between $5M-$10M, maybe even more, which basically means Valve didn’t get a single penny profit from that tournament. I don’t hold it against them if they want to get some profit from the game every once in a while, even if it means, *gasp*, that we need to wait a few weeks more for a new hero.

          • anonymous

            They paid for the whole thing with compendium/ticket/merch sales. Valve is a for profit company, they wouldn’t bother doing it if there wasn’t money to be made.

        • Torje Hetty

          Already paid over 6k Euros Since the shop arrived :3

        • lol

          They aren’t a charity. They are a corporation. A business. Stop smelling your own ass.

        • Nekros

          I guarentee you Valve made a loss on the International regardless of the compendiums they sold.

    • tttttttttttttt

      “muh hats”

      There are lots of bug fixes, stop your whining. It takes time to produce a quality hero. Last year the community cried to get Centaur released, then when Valve added him everyone were “omg wtf valve why is cent so bad D:”.

    • Alex

      dude… if u want heroes go play league.. u’ll get a new one every 2 moths.
      I just got abbadon, stop whining.

  • Random

    I don’t have a TI3 courier, neither do I care about people who wasted tens of keys to get one. But giving the unusual aura to the couriers obtained from the TI3 event in Seattle is plain bullshit since it is 100% chance of obtainal VS. 1% chance of obtainal from chests. Principles do matter.

    • Mute

      It’s not you had to buy the TI3 ticket+spend50$ on merchandise to get the capsules which have the promotional courier code.

      • Random

        If you buy ticket to some football tournament will they give you sneakers cuz you bought ticket? No. If you spend 50$ on merchandise in store will they give you gold goblet? no. People wasted over 100$ to get courier and people that bought some shirt in seatle and ticket gets free courier, luckless luckbox and bonus items like Chaos knight set, Puck wings, Natures Prophet treants, scythe of wyse or Juggernaut sword or whatever. Is that fair, no!

        • daretoslack

          It’s a reward for supporting esports and attending the event. It’s entirely fair and entirely explicit and everyone paying attention knew it was going to happen because it’s what happened last year. TI3 was an amazing time and I’ve got a lot of cool hats to remember it by. Matt was a nice guy, btw. I’d like to thank him for holding down the autograph table and making sure everything ran smoothly.

          Also, they’ll give you sneakers for attending an event if it is explicitly advertised that you’ll be receiving sneakers for attending the event. Ditto for bonuses with purchases in stores. It’s not even an uncommon thing.

          • Random

            So where was it advertised that you would get a courier with an effect identical to the extremely rare couriers obtainable from chests?

        • FoxCharge

          No, it is absolutely fair. People who bought apparel get everything that was advertised to come with the apparel. What is there to be mad about?

          • Provoker

            He’s just butthurt he couldn’t go.

        • Random

          Really? You felt the need to impersonate me? Good job..

    • 2

      I think valve need to add something to couriers from chest like reworked effect and stuff

    • syber14

      dude te ones bought at TI3 event still dont get the effect….the unusual ones from the chests jus got a name for their effect with tis update…chill 😀

    • Digger

      “Pandaren can’t u stop crying and just think a bit…? People with TI3 no opened couriers went to the international. That’s mean : they paid their trip to Seattle, paid the ticket to watch the international and also paid 50 euros for the dota cards and more with merchandising… With this money, they could have bough a loooooooot of keys and get much more courier inside chests.
      If you’re a trader, you’ve to be smart : me for example, i know that last year they did the same for TI2 couriers, so the moment i’ve unboxed trapjaw, i did trade it for 2 TB before it went down”

      Was my answer for someone, i didn’t want to write everything back but the logic is there :)

  • greedgamer

    Dat ass!

  • Shifted

    Volvo trolling hard with some of those items. If those are gonna be in the fantasy team rewards i sure hope not to get abaddon’s helmet or slardar’s weapon…

    • Provoker

      Dat Bucket Head

  • rahm

    Nice sharing the update, rubick, ward and sladar weapon are cool :)

  • Some guy

    The Kunkka set looks decent, apart from that horrible hat…

  • Arklucas

    You know nothing: BS’s hat resembles to the DotA’s BS hat, but if they made it with Blizzard will demand everything again.

  • Pandaren

    The ti3 effect for non-chest-opened couriers is a disaster! That basically destroyed the rarity of all the unusual ti3 couriers from chest. I wish you could retract your move, whoever made this decision,

    • Mute

      Yh those poor greedy bastard Traders who can’t make a profit out of their stupid courier anymore right?

      • Tataie

        I bet you didn’t spent 1E on steam market. You know why? Because you’re poor, retarded and jelous on people who actually can afford to gamble and spend money for cosmetics. And also i bet you would take every profit if you could make any so stfu and stop acting like Robin Hood.

        • Pandaren

          I am not a trader for money. I bought the magic-carpet courier with ti3 effectS for 208 euros in community market. At that time, normal ones without effects are about half the price, now suddenly the normal ones are exactly the same as the unusual ones with effects. I don’t care about the silly 100 euros, I like the courier and I am willing to pay however much it costs. But this is pissing me off, because valve doesn’t take buyers’ benefit into consideration. Ergo, I will no longer support dota2 shop, and just play the game as it is.

          • Roberto

            Yeah! You show them! You keep playing their completely free game!

            We all need to take a stand against this tyranny and continue to play this free game!


          • Denise

            Yeah, how dare the people that spent hundreds of dollars just to get to the international and spend even more money on merchandise get something! How dare they! Seriously, take a step back and think about what you just said. If you ACTUALLY DO just like the courier, regardless of the price, then good! Get the courier and use it! If other people having the same courier as you upsets you this badly, go spend 10k on a golden Roshan, ya big baby.

          • Trafflgibbl

            Did you guys ever consider that the International was to some extent an “american privilege”?
            I mean, sure, europeans could have gone aswell but it would’ve cost them way WAY more money.
            So i indeed do think it’s unfair that people who went to the international got all this stuff, because attanding the International wasnt even a possibility for most people.
            I for example would’ve gladly gone but it wasnt really possible for me to just afford a trip to america and back (germany)

          • Mike

            It’s Valve’s game and Valve’s event they can do as they please.

        • abalis1

          Lol this Tataie guy so fucking mad :)) the only guys I’ve seen spending so much money for a freaking unusual couriers are the ones that suck at gameplay so they will amaze teammates with their couriers for the first few minutes. It’s pathetic you can’t buy skill with power. You girls should customize your barbies srsly :)) this game is too much for you

          • Pandaren

            Upon till now, I have been very supportive of DOTA2 shop, I buy sets that I find well designed, even though the cosmetics doesn’t affect the game, having items for the heroes you like shows commitment to the game. supporting the developer so the game could get better and better. But right now, I felt I have been scammed by VALVE, it’s so off putting that I will never ever buy anything from the shop!

        • Mute

          I can feel your butthurt trader tears till here. QQ more that your TI3 courier lost value and you cant get 3 more keys for it.

    • daretoslack

      Prices on the marketplace remain at approximately their pre-TI3 card couriers becoming unusual prices. So try again.

    • Digger

      Pandaren can’t u stop crying and just think a bit…? People with TI3 no opened couriers went to the international. That’s mean : they paid their trip to Seattle, paid the ticket to watch the international and also paid 50 euros for the dota cards and more with merchandising… With this money, they could have bough a loooooooot of keys and get much more courier inside chests.
      If you’re a trader, you’ve to be smart : me for example, i know that last year they did the same for TI2 couriers, so the moment i’ve unboxed trapjaw, i did trade it for 2 TB before it went down

  • Lintok

    All items with untagged/tagged version became tagged?

  • Slardar
  • onion

    so many ugly cosmetics

  • Someone

    I remember the good old times when the content analysis actually contained changes instead of 99% cosmetic crap.

  • feeclitziu

    dead game

  • Voker

    Luke vs Darth Vader means a 1v1, therefore LegionComander? I’m a Genius…. God im so high

  • rageguy

    I don’t give a shit about items since I got robbed and valve doesn’t do shit to help me. I just want a new hero now.

  • Blue

    Sladar weapon…

  • DrFrank

    Waldi. Flying Sausage.

    valve pls :cat:

  • Andrew Bussey

    Blade of the Dark Wraith is far more flat than I expected. It is more paper-thin than her Twinblade of the Veil for example, and I felt that it should actually be a bit thicker than that weapon, not thinner.

  • Alejandro Tarazona Pariamachi

    Dat mike wazowski ward!

  • CptTrolololo

    I think no-effect couriers were worth more than the effect ones, so Volvo just fucked some people over…

  • awefawe

    so is the new hero darth vader or luke skywalker?

  • Katanegama

    Too creative can be too absurd.

  • DeerHunter

    There is far better Bloodseeker Animal helm up on the workshop at . I hope the bear head is a joke.

    • Ady Solomon
      • HellSpawn

        The legacy set is a set that incorporates all the old features (fur shoulders, fur skirt, long fur short nosed face bear/wolf hybrid face- almost werewolf like, and a tri clawed weapons) of Stygwyr. The new one does not.

        The new set has a defined wolf head and unique weapons not in Dota 1 or 2. The bracer may be too similar but so are about 75% of the heroes included in Dota2 now. The only difference in some heroes are which hands they hold the weapon in. I mean Axe in Dota2 almost a carbon copy of in Dota1. I mean his shoulder pads, skin color and hair do are identical.

        This forum gives some great looks at Dota1 vs Dota2 designs.

  • Shadecraze

    New upcoming Storm Spirit model? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • ded gam is ded

    ded gam

  • Ded gam is ded

    I see dead gaems

  • yow

    nyx and NS =))

    and where is the DP set?? =((

  • lalabol

    runes for spectators and Death Pulse indicator are only viable things
    everything else is just useless shit
    jusu like every patch we have

  • Denise

    I sure hope Linda Morris is going to be the voice of LC.

  • Jhuan

    Why is the rubick weapon Mythical?

    • Provoker

      because drop rate is lower than rare?

      • Lone Druid

        *ba dum tss*

  • Ferdinal Ciu Basco

    hello all..
    i want ask, i have got new dragon hud.. but my loading screen not changed..
    how to make it changed like on post here?

  • WTF

    Strange items still not fixed.

  • tom

    guys loads of items models get add to the game and lots don’t become usable so calm down

  • Bob Dole

    i love hats

  • shufly16

    i think nicholas cage did beat kunkka to it

  • asd

    Valve listens to us ^^! reading comments on last patches and seeing the updates Ty valve Ty

  • Yes

    Fun Fact : Sailors used to pin their bludgeoned wives to the bows of their ships for good luck.