Dota 2 1st July Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived earlier due to the upcoming 4th of July celebrations. With this patch comes the much anticipated tutorial update which brings a number of new tutorials for new players to experience. As well as this we also have a new look for Lion, 6.78c parity and other hidden goodies.

All hell's broken loose, and I hold the pieces.

Front End Changes


– Enabled Mechanics II, Laning I, and Laning II.
– Added Limited Hero mode for playing with bots and matchmaking.

– Added panel for displaying and removing pending guild invitations.
– The International: Fixed not being able to request your ticket information by clicking on the ticket stub on the top bar.
– The International: Fixed bug that prevented the confirmation email to be sent after consuming an event ticket.

– Updated Lion’s head.
– Fixed a bug where character items could sometimes show up incorrectly to third parties if the data couldn’t be obtained from the owner. Most often seen on items like Pudge’s hook.
– Fixed refraction based effects showing up in some character previews where they should not.

– Fixed Death music bug.

– Implemented more lenient algorithm for communication bans that takes into account how many games are played.
– Reset communication ban lengths if a player has not been banned in two weeks.
– Reset all existing communication bans as part of the recent algorithm changes.

– Alchemist: Chemical Rage bonus HP reduced from 300/600/900 to 250/500/750
– Batrider: Flamebreak cooldown increased from 11 to 14
– Gyrocopter: Attack range reduced from 375 to 365
– Io: Tether movement bonus decreased from 20% to 17%
– Lifestealer: Rage cooldown increased from 15 to 17 seconds
– Treant Protector: Living Armor damage block instances from 7 to 4/5/6/7
– Team 2 now bans second instead of first in Ban Phase #2. (All other phases and orders are the same)

Ban Phase #1 No Changes [Team A/B/A/B]
Pick Phase #1 No Changes [Team A/B/B/A]
Ban Phase #2: Changed [From Team B/A/B/A to Team A/B/A/B]
Pick Phase #2: No Changes [Team B/A/B/A]
Ban Phase #3: No Changes [Team B/A]
Pick Phase #3: No Changes [Team B/A]

Tutorial Updates

We now have a total of seven different training missions, a big extension from the initial training mission we had prior to this.

The new tutorials introduce a range of concepts and cover a number of different areas to help new players understand Dota.

Tutorial List

The first tutorial is the existing Dragon Knight tutorial which introduces you to the concept of moving your hero, levelling your hero, using abilities, items and basic combat/last hitting.


The second tutorial is the Sniper vs Tidehunter mission which has been covered a lot over the past couple of months, it introduces range combat, AOE, the minimap, towers, couriers/stash and TP scrolls.


Similar to the first tutorial this is played on a completely new map specifically made for the tutorial, I won’t spoil it for you so there is only one screenshot for this map, GO PLAY IT!



After completing the first two tutorials the player is then shown an in game overview sequence of the actual Dota map layout, the bases, towers, barracks, lanes, Roshan, shopkeepers and Runes. This is done via the use of a voice over track playing over an automated demonstration.


Moving on from there players can then test their skills in a 1v1 mid matchup where they play as Sniper vs Axe with the goal of destroying the first middle tower.


The next stage of training opens up the limited hero pool in which selection is restricted to 20 heroes. The aim of this mission is to win a mid 1v1 matchup with 10 difference heroes and allows full access to the shop/items.


Moving on from the 1v1 mid matchups the player is then moved into a bot match skirmish where they remain restricted to the limit hero pool and require a total of five matches played in order to gain the reward from this mission.


Finally the tutorial ends with a limited hero match against real human players who have also progressed through the tutorial system in which they are recommended to play 10 different matches first before moving onto a normal game.


Tutorial Rewards

The initial tutorials reward the player with a Archronicus page for the new Archronicus book located on the World map which provides some detailed lore and insight into the history of Dota.


After the initial tutorials players then have a chance of unlocking some gear for Sniper with each stage unlocking a new part of the Gunslinger set.



Tutorial Mechanics

The tutorial maps utilise a number of new mechanics in order to improve the experience and keep new players on track.

In the first 1v1 mid matchup the player is restricted from leaving the middle lane with the use of barriers.


All of the tutorial systems make sure of the quest log system in order to allow new players to keep a constant check on what they should be doing and the ability to read back through previous dialog if needed.



The overview tutorial introduces a new aura that helps point out what the narrator is referring to.



In the initial set of bot and matches against human players the hero pool is set to a “Limited Hero Pool” which consists of 20 heroes in order to provide a smaller, easier to use hero set to gradually introduce players to the game.



Click to enlarge:



One of the rewards for completing the initial tutorial maps is the Archronicus, a book containing the secrets of the Techies.



Hero Model Updates

Lion’s model has had his head reworked meaning he no longer looks like an earthworm.

Lion’s Model

Below you can find a comparison between his new and old head as well as some in game shots.

Lion’s Comparison Slider

Lion’s SFM Model Viewer Shots





Lion’s In Game Shots





Lion’s Base Model

Lion’s base model updated to reflect the changes.



Hero Icon & Portrait Updates

With the model changes to Lion this week and the changes made to Sniper in last week’s patch we have had some portrait updates.

Lion’s Minimap Icon

New vs Old

lion lion

Lion’s Portrait

New vs Old

npc_dota_hero_lion npc_dota_hero_lion

lion lion


Sniper’s Portrait

New vs Old

npc_dota_hero_sniper npc_dota_hero_sniper

sniper sniper


New Team Pennants

We have a couple of new team pennants that will be released to store in this week’s patch.

Alliance’s Pennant



Dignitas` Pennant



Updated Team Pennants

As well as the new additions to the Pennant family we also have some updates to EG’s Pennant.

Evil Geniuses



UI Updates

We have a number of UI updates in this week’s patch.

Dashboard UI

The “Learn” tab has been renamed to “Library”.


The “Quest” subtab has been renamed to “Training”.


This is also reflected in your friend’s list.


Guild UI

We now have a panel for displaying and removing pending guild invitations.


Back End Changes

Updated Strings

Tutorial strings updates.

    // Tutorials
    "training_progress"        "TRAINING PROGRESS"
    "mission_progress"        "Mission Progress"
    "training_percent_complete"    "%s1% COMPLETE"
    "tutorial_checklist_1"      "Mechanics 1"
    // Tutorial Location 2
    "world_map_location_2"      "Sharpeye, The Sniper"
    "world_map_location_sub_2"    "Tutorial: Mechanics 2"
    "world_map_location_desc_2"    "<i>A small form moves quietly along the trail, weapon in hand.  Among the Keen Folk, he is a legend, the greatest shootist there's ever been.  But it will take more than a sharp eye to survive the coming battle, and this Sniper from the highlands has much to learn if he’s to fulfill his destiny.</i>"
    "world_map_location_gdesc_2"  "This tutorial will introduce you to: <ul><li>Combat: Ranged</li><li>Abilities: Area of Effect</li><li>The Minimap</li><li>Towers</li><li>Couriers and the Stash</li><li>Items: Teleportation Scroll</li></ul>"    
    "tutorial_checklist_2"      "Mechanics 2"
//    "DOTA_Tutorial_Finished_Tutorial02"  "You've completed Mechanics 2."

    // Tutorial Location 3
    "world_map_location_3"        "Sharpeye Vs Mogul Khan"
    "world_map_location_sub_3"      "Tutorial: Lane Introduction"
    "world_map_location_desc_3"      "<i>Long is the road to victory, and harsh its travels.  Sniper will need to develop a keen understanding of the towers, and those who defend them, if he is to survive the great battle that is to come.</i>"
    "world_map_location_gdesc_3"    "This tutorial will introduce you to: <ul><li>Combat: Fighting in a Lane</li><li>Towers: Defend and Attack</li><li>Items: Starting Items</li></ul>"
    "tutorial_checklist_3"        "Middle Lane Introduction"
//    "DOTA_Tutorial_Finished_Tutorial03"  "You've completed Laning quest."

    // Tutorial Location 4
    "world_map_location_4"        "Know Thine Enemy"
    "world_map_location_sub_4"      "Middle Lane Practice"
    "world_map_location_desc_4"      "<i>Once per generation, the great forged wheel-books turn slowly in the wind and moan out tales of an age long forgotten. But now a strange wind blows, and the forged books sing like nothing heard before—a song of conflict and a looming conflagration, the prophesy of a war that will sweep down from hidden planes and engulf the world in its fire.</i>"
    "world_map_location_gdesc_4"    "This will introduce you to: <ul><li>Limited Hero Pool: Restricts hero selection to 20 heroes</li><li>Towers: Defend and attack all mid-lane towers</li><li>Items: All items unlocked</li></ul>"
    "tutorial_checklist_4"        "Middle Lane Practice Using 10 Different Heroes"
//    "DOTA_Tutorial_Finished_Tutorial04"  ""

    // Tutorial Location 5
    "world_map_location_5"        "Training Skirmishes"
    "world_map_location_sub_5"      "Play vs. Bots"
    "world_map_location_desc_5"      "<i>As the moon stones glow and wheel-books wail, the barrier between the planes wears thin.  Out of this tattered fabric of reality, strange forces are revealed. Myths and legends, flesh and blood; all yearn for the chance to train for the coming battle.</i>"
    "world_map_location_gdesc_5"    "This will introduce you to: <ul><li>Playing a full match of Dota 2 vs. bots</li><li>Limited Hero Pool: Restricts hero selection to 20 heroes</li></ul>"
    "tutorial_checklist_5"        "5 Practice Matches Versus Bots"
//    "DOTA_Tutorial_Finished_Tutorial05"  ""

    // Tutorial Location 6
    "world_map_location_6"        "The War Begins"
    "world_map_location_sub_6"      "Play vs. Humans"
    "world_map_location_desc_6"      "<i>It is a contest of wills and wits, strength and courage, reflexes and strategy.  Shards of the Mad Moon glow bright in a shattered sky, while below battle lines are drawn.  Somewhere in the distance, the great horn sounds.  The steel clangs.  And so it begins.</i>"
    "world_map_location_gdesc_6"    "This will introduce you to: <ul><li>A full match of Dota 2 with other players</li><li>Limited Hero Pool: Restricts hero selection to 20 heroes</li></ul>"
    "tutorial_checklist_6"        "10 Limited Hero Pool Matches"
//    "DOTA_Tutorial_Finished_Tutorial06"  ""

    // Tutorial Location 7
    "world_map_location_7"        "Dota Overview"
    "world_map_location_sub_7"      "A quick study of the game in action."
    "world_map_location_desc_7"      "You'll also be exposed to key goals of the game, and get an idea of what battle will look like."
    "world_map_location_gdesc_7"    "This Introduction to Dota 2 will familiarize you with the location of map landmarks such as: <ul><li>Bases</li><li>Towers</li><li>Barracks</li><li>Lanes</li><li>Roshan and the Aegis</li><li>The Shopkeepers</li><li>Runes</li></ul>"

Archronicus strings.

    // The Archronicus - Mad Moon 
    "DOTA_Archronicus_MadMoon_Page1" "WHEN A WORLD was still a cooling blob, it captured an eerie companion—a glowing crystalline sphere that came to be known in lore as the Mad Moon. This small orb was full of violent radiance—a visual reminder of conflict in the heavens, bright enough to compete with the sun in daylight."
    "DOTA_Archronicus_MadMoon_Page2"  "But the Mad Moon was no inert rock. It was more truly a prison, in which two warring ancient intelligences had been captured and flung into exile aeons before, once the vast Primordials that underlay creation had tired of their endless strife. The punishment for these Ancients was to be locked together in one form, forever falling through infinity...and thus it went until our unfortunate world captured that wanderer. 
    For ages, primitive societies rose and fell beneath its weird glare; creatures of varying intelligence and sophistication gazed up in wonder and curiosity, to whatever extent their sentience allowed. Meanwhile, orbital stress and tidal forces allowed the Mad Moon's inhabitants to begin exploit what were at first the slightest of weaknesses, as they set to work prying open their prison. The cracks spread slowly, from the tiniest fractures, until at last there were millions of fissures, vast and aglow with weird energies."
    "DOTA_Archronicus_MadMoon_Page3" "On one apocalyptic night, the moon finally shattered, torn apart from within. Most of the moonstuff was flung into space or consumed as it hit the atmosphere. A few rare fragments fell to earth, either as fused molten lumps or as jagged crystals. The shards lay where they had fallen, and gradually the land around them recovered. As the survivors of the prehistoric cataclysm recuperated, flourished and developed civilizations, the Mad Moon became less a memory than a dream, with the night of its destruction woven into their myths."
    "DOTA_Archronicus_MadMoon_Page4" "The fallen shards of primal matter had fractured into their original composites: Radiant and Dire. In its pure form, each type of stone gave off a peculiar energy. For those who settled around the sites, they found themselves feeding on this unearthly power until they had not only harnessed the energy but made themselves dependent on it. They built shrines around the Ancients and revered them, ironically, as godlike entities that had fallen to earth.
The Ancients, both Radiant and Dire, provided many benefits: kinetic energy, mana, protection, even resurrection. But the emanations changed everything in their influence. Around the Radiant, the effects were bright and colorful, evoking lightness and charm. Around the Dire, a sinister radioactive glow, a visual seepage indicative of poison and decay. Neither force was neutral; they were both perfect complements and total contradictions that could never be at peace.
As each stone's cultural influence spread, it eventually came in conflict with the societies of its rival. Interference between the Ancients was cause for war, as the presence of one caused a corresponding fall-off in the energy of the other. Each stone could only be restored to full power with the destruction of its Foe-stone. And so the enthralled creatures rallied to protect their land by destroying the neighboring Ancient, and from far and wide the Heroes heard the call to battle and came to join, hardly realizing that in some sense both sides were the same."

The last hit challenge now has a High Score tracker.

    // Last Hit Challenge
    "LHC_LastHits"    "Last Hits:"
    "LHC_HighScore"    "High Score:"
    "LHC_LastHitStreak"  "Last Hit Streak:"
    "LHC_Multikill"    "Multikill:"
    "LHC_Denies"      "Denies:"

Strings for the Guild UI updates.

    "guild_view_invites"      "View Invites"
    "guild_invite_list"        "Pending Guild Invites"
    "guild_invitee"          "Invitee"
    "guild_inviter"          "Inviter"
    "guild_invite_date"        "Date Invited"

    "DOTA_GuildRemoveInviteResponse_Failure_Header"        "Error"
    "DOTA_GuildRemoveInviteResponse_Failure"          "Failed to remove invitation.  Please try again."

The learn tab and quest tab renames.

    "dota_dashboard_category_learn"                  "LIBRARY"

    "dota_lobby_quests"                    "TRAINING"

The Rich Presence string for when your friend is on a training mission.

    "DOTA_RP_QUEST"            "On A Training Mission"

The Fantasy pages will you allow you to set a team name and purchase extra team sheets.

    // Fantasy pages
    "DOTA_TIP_F_SpecifyTeamName"  "Enter Team Name Here"

The Beyond The Summit El Gato courier that was released last week will have a new style option for changing the Owl to Silver.

    "Elgato_BTS_Style0"                      "Blue Owl"
    "Elgato_BTS_Style1"                      "Silver Owl"

There are now references to Earthshaker’s loadout slots which suggest he may be broken down soon.

    Earthshaker's Totem
    Earthshaker's Bracers
    Earthshaker's Belt

Compendium Updates

We have some more updates behind the scenes for the Compendium’s player/team card system.

Player Cards

We have a number of new player card photos in order to fix the cards that currently don’t have a photo for the player.

brax era fata flyfunn1k

h4nn1 ice korokkuroky ky.xy

n0tail netohayo pas


Mousesports has updated their team logo with their latest updated style.

New Logo


Old Logo


Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We have a couple new single cosmetic items one for Juggernaut and one for Pudge. We also have a new set for Nightstalker. *

* There is no guarantee that any of these items are getting in or are finished. 

Juggernaut’s Items

Flaming Blade (Effect still missing).


Nightstalker’s Items

Nighthunter Set





Pudge’s Items

Hood of Defiance





Unreleased Tutorial Maps

We have some updates to the last hit challenge map.

Last Hit Challenge

The last hit challenge map now keeps track of your high score.



The towers are also permanently glyphed now.


A new addition to the challenge is also an aura effect now that surrounds creeps that are in the damage range of last hitting, which is very useful for the new players.



Courier Updates

There are now references to the BTS El Gato courier getting a second Silver style.

El Gato


Updated Sound Files

We have some new music for the tutorial world map and some narrator lines for one of the tutorial missions.

New Music


Tutorial Sound Effects

The tutorial maps now have a sound effect for when a speech bubble pops up.


Tutorial Narrator Lines

These are the lines used in the automated overview of Dota tutorial mission.












Material Updates

We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes in this week’s patch.

Particles Updates

We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes in this week’s patch.

Predictions For The Next Hero

Happy 4th of July

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    Always delivers Kappa

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    “Still recouping from 4th of July, can’t release Abbadon.” August 1st

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    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      ”still thinking those 4 july 2013 holidays…. cant release abadon yet”
      -1 august 2016-

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    Nightstalker? You mean Nyx Doom Stalker?



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    • Fred

      It’s meant to look like WC3 Balanar.

      • N o D

        He looks like Terrorblade

      • Bland

        So THAT abomination made it into the game but the best Bloodseeker set reproducing DotA1’s look to ever be put on the workshop didn’t?
        Valve – Turning good games into clown fests

        Also, why the fuck is it purple then? Balanar in DotA 2 is BLUE make the fucking set BLUE.

        This is around the time when “So much stuff to choose from!” turns into “So much shit to sift through.”
        But oh wait, it’s BEEN like that this WHOLE TIME.

        • Idiot

          Fucking retards who can’t read like you are so annoying.

          *Doesn’t mean they’ll be available ingame.

          Go die in a pit of cancer you piece of shit.

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          “* There is no guarantee that any of these items are getting in or are finished.”

          This means that it might not be finished yet, it would look much better…

        • syber14

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        People haven’t had the chance to see it top-down yet, so don’t judge it until we have visuals. I agree that it looks like old bala and like it for that reason.

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          Night Stalker color theme changed to purple due to looking too much like Queen Of Pain.

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            Eduard scissor wings.

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      It looks okay without the crown.

      But the void set looked pretty bad but they still added it :c

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      Nightstalker looks like a god now, something you would imagine people kneeling before.

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      Looks badass in any case.

      • Liorren

        “Flaming Blade (Effect still missing)”

        It will look more orange when the effect is added, I imagine. I’ll be very surprised if this sword is not the reference to Ashbringer.

        • Roger

          Report this to volvo and it won’t make it into the game for being a rip-off of a WoW item

          The last thing we need are more shitty Juggernaut swords

          • Shabutaro

            Or buy it many many times in hope of new timebreaker like immortal :O

            But honesty i didn’t play WoW since BC and as soon as i saw the blade i thought “lol looks like a wow weapon”

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        BR AveN

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    • RandomGuyPassingBy

      If you look at it closely, it seems similar to Invoker’s item which is already in game. When I saw it I thought it’s Invoker getting fat and something. LOL

      • Leonardo Casagrande Rodrigues

        YEA! It so looks like that Magus Hood. Maybe it’s a shitty version made for pudge just for the lulz

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      i agree 100%

      • Kazue

        Don’t do it, If the author is dead, valve would make all the profit and then they would feel the need to approve it even more!

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      Looks too much like Silencer, changed Pudge base model colour.

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      Let us all seek and downvote that piece of shit on the Workshop, and make sure we place a comment towards the creator, ending up making him want to commit suicide.

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    oh well, last week we got a new Void set on the shop which is way worse than that Nightstalker set.

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    is it for sure that there will be a new hero release on 4th july?

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    2 months without any new heroes

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    That makes 3/3 character updates that I’ve had the pleasure of hating in the last 2 months.
    As if to put the icing on the cake they haven’t even released a single new Hero in any of that time.
    Well played, new character designer- you truly fit in at Valve.

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    Holy fuck, soon enough everyone in the entire game will be 2edgy5you so they can justify putting in clown hats to lighten things up.
    Sniper looks like he’d slice the neck of the first person who cracked a joke, and the new Lion would be better fitting sitting in the jungle with the other minions.

    And pudge? Wow. Just wow Valve. Wow.
    Whoever is on art direction, needs to be fucking stabbed.

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    Why does naix infest don’t kill it’s own creep and gain hp from it

  • capawesome

    They ruined my precious Lion. RIP :(

    • Александър Цанков

      I want the old look as an Item set….I’m missing him already…

  • catowar Meowson

    bad patch but at least the new song is nice

  • Dragon

    volvo why you take more than a month to release heroes

    • Doomroar

      to make the ones in-game more fabulous of course, that takes time…

  • Viper

    omg that NS cosmestic @@

  • RJ

    Still no Luna items :(

  • AntoxaGray

    Invoker Pudge :d

  • Fivey

    and the award for Worst Item Set Ever goes to…… (drum roll)
    Night Stalker!!!!!!!

  • KumaChang!!

    Been waiting for anuxinamoon’s Luna set and Baldomar Announcer Pack…

  • Paz

    I’ll never understand this..if you guys simply don’t like the upcoming items,DON’T BUY THEM ..

    • Doomroar

      but to see someone else in game using that shit is already quite bad on itself…

  • Rodius

    That NS and Pudge items look so freaking BAD. Don’t add them Volvo!

  • Александър Стоилов

    No hero again? The game is starting to rot ….

  • World

    Okay guys, let’s come back to WC3 Dota 6.78c… volvo finished. he fucked one of our most interesting games. Good game, Well played :'(

    • Александър Стоилов

      i agree, i will go back to WC3 …

    • Land

      lol. yeah, sure. you will play pixelcraft dota just because no new heroes where release. all this moaning for just new heroes? most haters doesnt even know how to play well with one hero, they just want a new hero just because they want a new hero. fucking kids

      • The Voice of Reason

        Kid are you, i pwn in wc3 dota as abaddon but this retards cant release him for 1,5 years. How am i suppose to play if my hero is not released?
        Moron child.

  • Sheezie

    I thought the fireworks means the aphotic shield exploding :l

  • Octo-Hat!

    God that balanar set….. i hate u guys :(

  • confession bear

    i think the nightstalker set is okay…

  • Enlink

    i like the ashbringer sword for juggernaut

  • John

    I actually pissed myself laughing at pudge

  • devil

    Butcher: invoker, come here and lend me your hat =)).

  • Dotaguy93

    I think they wanted to make night stalker set just like the w3 look, except the head and more purple stuff. And they REALLY need to make a new earthshaker. And for Lion, I’m actually ok with that. Remember the enchantress rage when they made her face more like anime?

  • Vanilla

    Pudge looks like Invoker 😀

  • MeeboGaming

    Hello guys . This is a Side by Side Comparison made by us :

    Subscribe , like and share if you like it . We really need it .

  • Elmo

    Juggernaut = Tirion Fordring? LOL

    • Ikuti112 .

      LoL Nice find, didn’t saw that at first 😀

  • meebogaming

    HI! I make a video with lion new and old skin comparasion, is here fi you want to see it:



    Loki NS?

  • Q

    Gabe got problems with double chins: first removed from puck, now lion. They were particular and now theyre so anonymous. Next step: give wr huge boobs.
    Not mentioning those shitty cosmetics. I think they will be in the shop soon. Like the void one. GG dead game

  • AntoxaGray

    I can’t believe Valve changed good old icons to new ugly icons in backpack.

  • gviper

    I waited for set for NS for a very long time, but I’m disappointed, this set is GAY, I don’t want it.The set for NS must be more brutal, darken and scary. And no new heroes for a mouth. Cancers won’t do tutorials so they will have no effect on game. No useful updates for mouth, I’m very sad.

    • Nguyễn Trần Chinh

      Me too, waiting for very long time for NS’s set…. And this’s all…. -_-

  • Razvy

    Nightstalker renamed to King of Pain

  • hoyohoyo

    Lion looks like a DBZ minion now, that new look doesnt fit his voice and phrases anymore he needs his dewlap and horns to look like a DEMON WITCH in my oppinion…

    • Homes

      yeah I thought the same, his Voice doesnt fit the new face. Also are those horns on the new face? They look like fkn ears. And lion has some lines where he talks about his horns etc.

      • Karga

        his head doesnt fit with the body either. He is totally crap like this.


    “One of the rewards for completing the initial tutorial maps is the Archronicus, a book containing the secrets of the Techies.”

    “the secrets of the Techies.”


    • Bob Dole

      omg volvo pls

    • Scriler

      yeah, maybe they were delaying the new hero releases just to piss us off and now they come with a surprise buttechies

  • Andrew Punk

    New Lion looks like Darth Maul

  • murphy

    am i the only person who thinks the Jugg swords looks identical to the Ashbringer?

  • Gyakor-lock

    …And thats how Lion went to a doctor, to make his face better. Now we only need to change the breast size of women heroes, and her eyes too, to fit in the sh*tty meaningless asian sytle. Why???? Really, the old Lion face was original, and was perfect for a Demon Witch.

    Jug stole Ashbringer, Nightstalker now only stalks for boys in the dark, and pudge… eh, i dont wanna talk about that meat, i mean mate.

    Volvo, because of these mistakes, the only think that can redeem you is either releasing HL3 or give us some damned new heroes to play with!

    • Deatherminator

      the only hero who needs a boob job its Windrunner, unfortunatelly she is like Techies when it comes to her breasts

      • Duke Kingman – Lord of Gods

        Mmm, delicious flat chest. Dont rouch my wr.

        Lion is fucking shit btw, they keep making original heroes worse with every update.

        • Deatherminator

          if you want my humble and shitty opinion,old lion looked like a pig fat demon with that face

          • Gyakor-lock

            i agreed that he was looking like a: pig fat demon, and that was his style, original a bit, cuz u dont see such ‘pig-fat-demons’ mostly in games… but the new one is just simply (as others mentioned)… Darth Maulish (and out of original character style)

    • Karga

      I Agree. Lion was very original, now he looks like an Agility Hero.
      I really like the old Lion, one of the rare original heroes.

  • Daniel Rodrigues


  • Daniel Rodrigues

    no hero no game…

  • Parafuso

    Lion looks to much like the sorcerer brother of phantom lancer… wait…

  • llol
    • Deatherminator

      and then Gabe-N showed his Middle Finger to blizzard, where they stared to whine and cry about their incompetence

  • Play Dota2

    “Tell me where to walk and not to walk, Techies.” – Abaddon

  • oorn

    horrible new Lion face, rip lion :( he is second lancer now…… :(:( please bring back old lion face!

  • Gonzalo

    Balanar looks like a drag queen

  • Duke Kingman – Lord of Gods

    Fucking tutorial Aura? Add aura to VLADS AC AND DRUMS you idiots, like they have in dota 1.

  • Teh

    Yay! Lion no longer has the look of a twat!

  • adad

    This game is so fucking ded

  • guy

    guys calm down valve has listen to feedback in the past and they will listen to now

  • Александър Стоилов

    the game is starting to rot… Whats the problem to release 2 heroes for the players, who give you more than 5 milion valve? And this is only from compendium….

  • Nazarus

    fireworks… lc confirmed

  • JohnDoe

    Man dont mess up the Lion like that the new head looks retarded. What the fuck is it with his 3 day beard? Either real beard or no beard, what stupid idiot moron came up with that Lion head in the first place?

    Dont touch the lion you stupid bunch of no good ppl.

  • bedlam

    what the fuck is wrong with Valve? I could easily find dozens of really cool and creative items on the workshop that never got into the game but this horrible shit gets in?

  • Kain Nobleman

    Is it just me who thinks that they totally fucked up with Lion´s new
    head? i mean it´s not even proportional to his body, his previous head
    was perfect, he looked evil and close enough to a witch… even demonic! some of these visual ¨updates¨ are just crap, honestly…

  • Atteros

    I Guess Pudge got jelly of Invokers hood.

  • Anchorman

    is anyone else having problems accessing the sniper tutorials. I go to quests but don’t see anything other than dragon knight which i have completed. Thanks

  • NoSniperQuestForMe

    I cant play the new quest ==

  • KenDrick

    Lion is supposed to be ugly, so why do you update his visual before remaking Storm Spirit which isnt supposed to be that trashy?! I miss Panda Storm from dota1 which actually looked better than Dota2’s one despite the graphic update.



  • wtf?!

    Most Retarded Night Stalker Set Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devilish1

    New Hero tomorrow?

  • Shagrat

    I’ve noticed something here..

    “Ban Phase #1 No Changes [Team A/B/A/B]Pick Phase #1 No Changes [Team A/B/B/A]
    Ban Phase #2: Changed [From Team B/A/B/A to Team A/B/A/B]
    Pick Phase #2: No Changes [Team B/A/B/A]
    Ban Phase #3: No Changes [Team B/A]
    Pick Phase #3: No Changes [Team B/A]”

    Picks/banns are favoring the dire (B) much more now, and this happens just before the International. It’s not a big deal but it might favor a team.

  • Bryan

    I have a bug with the third mission “introductio lane” someone could help me please. Where roshan and some remain middle ancients.

    Help me please



    • 1wew

      and in thet day 0 fuck were giveing,srsly the set do suck,and the game isnt dead if it was dead it wouldnt get a update

  • Karga

    The new Lion looks like a character from ‘Thundercats’. I don’t think it’s a good idea to change it that way. Lion is one of the rare heroes who has some characteristics. His throat was big and it fits with his non athletic body shape. He is a sorcerer with a powerful ability, he doesn’t need to be a bad ass AGILITY like model. I strongly believe that decision to change his look that way is WRONG.
    Other then that, everything looks fine. Yeah the balanar Head thingie is a bit weird. Pudge Hood looks also bad in the model window, but it adds some interesting value when you look at the in-game Shots. I can say, if there won’t be more releases for a while, that HooD can be as famous as ‘Rotten Stache’ if not as same as ‘DragonClaw’.
    but again… Lion change, not like this! even the head doesn’t look like it’s belonging to his body…

  • cblrtopas

    Why are all these heroes being redone to have big ugly scowling faces instead of grimaces and smiles.

    • BlackBeetleBorg

      This ain’t League of Legends!

      • Me

        And your point is?

  • Tyr

    lol that NS item set , she’s a diva so fabulous

  • Novus ordo Seclorum

    I have read the comments, and it seems nobody noticed the resemblance of the new jugg sword to the sword of World in Warcraft(Ashbringer-its a pretty known sword all around, and not just some random epic item)

    Here is it’s model

  • meebogaming

    Hi! I make a video with dota 2 tutorial, is here if you want to see it.


  • meebogaming

    HI! I make a video with sniper tutorial, is here if someone want to see it.


  • Nocti

    Waiting 60+ days for a fucking hero and still nothing all I got is a stupid rework for Lion and Sniper and some ugly sets.IM WAITING FOR 60+ DAYS what are you doing valve waiting for International or for official dota 2 launch.
    Even the Half Life 3 will released sooner.-_-

  • PickADick

    pudge wear invoker’s hood of endless intellect?

  • 2mad4u


  • Flaeing

    WEX invoker is pudge

  • KCDCzzz

    Agree with others, they completely ruined Lion’s charm. Originally one of the best designs in the game (reminded me of the witch in Little Mermaid), now it’s super generic and uninteresting.

  • Veganzza

    Predictions For The Next Hero

  • TeTSee

    oh come on now, NO prediction of what hero is next? the official DotA 2 blog post that included these updates was titled, “The coils of life and death now bind us all” Who ELSE could that be referring to!?

  • Lovo

    are we goin to get only 1 smeevil treat only????why would valve do such thing..damn it

  • fabulina