Dota 2 17th July Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch introduces a number of bug fixes, UI updates, a rework for Earthshaker’s model and plenty of more hidden goodies.

There may be many earths, but there's only one Earthshaker.

Front End Changes


– Abaddon: Fixed Abaddon’s illusions applying Curse of Avernus.
– Abaddon: Fixed Aphotic Shield being dispelled.
– Abaddon: Fixed Mist Coil Heal/Damage order.
– Dragon Knight: Fixed Dragon Blood’s bonus armor not showing properly in the UI.
– Gyrocopter: Fixed the Fountain doing no damage to Gyrocopter ‘s Homing Missile.
– Io: Fixed Tether sharing mana regeneration when you have full mana.
– Io: Fixed Spirits initially spawning 250 units away instead of 150 units.
– Medusa: Fixed various spells being unable to remove the stun from Stone Gaze.
– Medusa: Fixed Stone Gaze facing requirement not taking into account distance once the debuff is added.
– Necrolyte: Fixed several specific heroes being unable to buyback for the rest of the game if they died to Reaper’s Scythe.
– Omniknight: Fixed Guardian Angel not affecting Siege units.
– Silencer: Fixed Curse of the Silent being removed by Aphotic Shield/Manta.
– Slark: Fixed Pounce’s Leash getting dispelled.
– Visage: Fixed being able to dodge Soul Assumption.
– Fixed the free courier in Mid Only not always being controllable if you selected your hero too late.
– Fixed Backswing behavior for: Soul Rip, Tombstone, Cold Feet, Ice Vortex, Chilling Touch, Enfeeble, Shallow Grave, Thunder Strike, Kinetic Field, Static Storm, Malefice, Midnight Pulse, Howl, Stifling Dagger, Static Link, Shrapnel, Psionic Trap, Whirling Axes (Ranged), Storm Bolt, God’s Strength, Wave of Terror, Venomous Gale, Shadow Word, Fatal Bonds, The Swarm, Time Lapse, Maledict, Overpower and Ice Shards.

– Added automatic detection of GG calls in tournament and practice lobby matches, which then ends the game 10 seconds later.
– In the fantasy stats dropdown, players you have on any of your teams will be highlighted and mousing over them will list which of your fantasy teams they are on.
– Guild invitations now display who’s inviting you, and how many members the guild has.
– Added a tournament drop for early roshan kills (before creeps spawn).
– Quick Cast now works on the portrait of your currently selected unit.
– Players can customize which messages appear on the Chat Wheel.
– Messages sent via the Chat Wheel appear with an arrow icon next to them.
– Calendar page now shows a list of tournament games per day.

– New Earthshaker model.
– Updates to some Earthshaker effects.
– Abilities that are configured to ignore Backswing will now continue their animation visually if they have no other orders or actions to take.
– Fixed Eclipse not always playing the missed Lucent Beam visual effects.
– Made Abaddon’s Borrowed Time effect and healing more clear.

– People who decline Matchmaking are temporarily restricted from searching for 45 seconds.
– Parties are more likely to be matched against other similarly sized parties.
– When matching parties, the matchmaker now also considers the minimum experience level on both teams rather than just the average.
– Reduced the average skill variance in games where there are 10 individual players.
– Fixed a bug in the matchmaker that was causing it to insufficiently segregate players based on win count.
– Fixed a bug that would cause excessive queue times, especially for large parties or high skill players.

– Non-default announcers will now comment on pick/ban phases.
– Windows Mixer control for Dota2 no longer resets to full volume on start up.
– Music volume floor goes to 0.
– Updated Abaddon VO.

Hero Model Updates

Earthshaker’s original model has been around since the first International and simply doesn’t compare to the standard of the hero models we are receiving now which means his model has been redone and broken down.

Earthshaker’s Model

The new model is a great improvement on his old one which can be compared below using the comparison slider.

Hero Portraits

New vs Old

earthshaker earthshaker


Comparison Slider

SFM Model Viewer Shots




In Game Shots











Full sized version


Hero Models Broken Down

To go along with Earthshaker’s updated model it has also been broken down.

Earthshaker’s Base Model

Default Parts

Earthshaker’s Belt

Earthshaker’s Totem

Earthshaker’s Bracers

Base Model


Hero Visual Updates

Since last week’s post some of Abaddon’s abilities has had visual updates, along with more updates in this week’s patch.

Abaddon’s Updates

Abaddon’s Borrowed Time effect has been updated to make it much larger and noticeable.


The healing applied under Borrowed Time will now show a green colour healing aura.



Aphotic Shield has been updated since last week’s post and now scaled much larger and has a spike effect applied to it.


New League Passes

We have a new league pass for the Neolution GosuCup.

Neolution GosuCup

“Neolution GosuCup is a monthly cup where 4 of the top Asian teams compete for a prize pool of $1000. This cup runs for 5 months and is hosted by”


New Team Pennants

Team Fnatic now has a Pennant that will be available to purchase in the Dota 2 store in order to help support the team.

Fnatic’s Pennant



UI Updates

We also have a bundle of UI updates in this week’s patch.

Dashboard UI

Players who decline a match are now blocked from finding another match for 45 seconds.


The Guild Invites UI will now display who is inviting you and how many members are in that guild.


In Game UI

The game will now automatically detect GG calls in private and tournament games and will initiate a 10 second countdown that will end the game and blow up your Ancient. This can be cancelled by any player on the team.



Chat UI

The chat wheel functionality has been updated to support a wide range of new messages which can be customised in the settings panel.


Each phrase can be swapped out for one of the predefined ones and can also be bounded to individual keys.


All the phrases will be translated into the languages Dota 2 supports so your message will always make sense.


Game is hard indeed.


The current time phrase is useful for Aegis timing.


The chat wheel messages are now shown in game with an arrow in front of their message.


You can see the full range of phrases below:

The Categories:

    "dota_chatwheel_header_positioning"      "Positioning"
    "dota_chatwheel_header_status"        "Status"
    "dota_chatwheel_header_enemy"        "Enemy"
    "dota_chatwheel_header_lane"        "Lane"
    "dota_chatwheel_header_items"        "Items"
    "dota_chatwheel_header_neutrals"      "Neutrals"
    "dota_chatwheel_header_misc"        "Misc"
    "dota_chatwheel_header_flavor"        "Flavor"

The Messages:    

    "dota_chatwheel_message_Ok"          "Okay."
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Care"        "Careful!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_GetBack"      "Get Back!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_NeedWards"      "We need wards."
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Stun"        "Stun now!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Help"        "Help!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Push"        "Push now"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_GoodJob"      "Well played!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Missing"      "Missing!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Missing_Top"    "Missing top!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Missing_Mid"    "Missing mid!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Missing_Bottom"    "Missing bottom!"

    "dota_chatwheel_message_Go"          "Go!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Initiate"      "Initiate!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Follow"        "Follow me"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Group_Up"      "Group up"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Spread_Out"      "Spread out"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Split_Farm"      "Split up and farm"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Attack"        "Attack now!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_BRB"        "Be right back"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Dive"        "Dive!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_OMW"        "On my way"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Get_Ready"      "Get ready"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Bait"        "Bait"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Heal"        "Heal"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Mana"        "Mana"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_OOM"        "Out of mana"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Skill_Cooldown"    "Skills on cooldown"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Ulti_Ready"      "Ultimate ready"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Enemy_Returned"    "Enemy returned"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_All_Missing"    "All enemy heroes missing!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Enemy_Incoming"    "Enemy incoming!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Invis_Enemy"    "Invisible enemy nearby!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Enemy_Had_Rune"    "Enemy has rune"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Split_Push"      "Split push"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Coming_To_Gank"    "Coming to gank"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Request_Gank"    "Requesting a gank"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Fight_Under_Tower"  "Fight under the tower"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Deny_Tower"      "Deny the tower!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Buy_Courier"    "Buy a courier please"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Upgrade_Courier"  "Can anyone upgrade the courier?"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Need_Detection"    "We need detection"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_They_Have_Detection" "They have detection"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Buy_TP"       "Buy a Teleport Scroll"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Reuse_Courier"    "Re-use courier"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Deward"        "Deward please"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Building_Mek"    "Building Mekansm"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Building_Pipe"    "Building Pipe"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Stack_And_Pull"    "Stack and pull please"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Pull"        "Pull creeps please"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Pulling"      "Pulling creeps"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Stack"        "Stack neutrals"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Jungling"      "Jungling"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Roshan"        "Roshan"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Affirmative"    "Affirmative"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Wait"        "Wait"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Pause"        "Pause please!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Current_Time"    "Current Game Time"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Check_Runes"    "Check runes please"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Smoke_Gank"      "Let's smoke gank!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_GLHF"        "Good luck, have fun"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Nice"        "Nice"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Thanks"        "Thanks!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Sorry"        "Sorry"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_No_Give_Up"      "Don't give up!"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Just_Happened"    "That just happened"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Game_Is_Hard"    "Game is hard"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_New_Meta"      "New meta"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_My_Bad"        "My bad"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Regret"        "I immediately regret my decision"
    "dota_chatwheel_message_Relax"        "Relax, you're doing fine"

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

New tutorial strings for the 8th location which will be the last hit challenge map.

    // Tutorial Location 8
    "world_map_location_8"        "Last Hit Challenge"
    "world_map_location_sub_8"      "Practice your last hitting against a bot."
    "world_map_location_desc_8"      "<i>The Hero who can acquire the most gold will almost certainly triumph.  Only through extensive practice can a Hero master the art of last hitting.</i>"
    "world_map_location_gdesc_8"    "This mode will help you practice: <ul><li>Combat: Fighting in a Lane</li><li>Combat: Last Hits</li><li>Combat: Denies</li></ul>"

Last hit challenge strings.

    // Last Hit Challenge
    "LHC_LastHits"    "Last Hits:"
    "LHC_HighScore"    "High Score:"
    "LHC_LastHitStreak"  "Last Hit Streak:"
    "LHC_Multikill"    "Multikill:"
    "LHC_Denies"      "Denies:"
    "LHC_ChooseLane"    "Choose a Lane"
    "LHC_EnableHelper"    "Enable Helper"
    "LHC_StartTop"      "Start Top"
    "LHC_StartMid"      "Start Middle"
    "LHC_StartBot"      "Start Bottom"

If an early attempt at Roshan is complete before the creeps spawn in a tournament game then a tournament item drop will be triggered.

    "TE_EARLY_ROSHAN"              "Early Roshan"
    "TE_DESC_EarlyRoshan"            "%s1 of %s2 got an early Roshan against %s3 on %s4."

The new Agony set for Queen of Pain will have a couple of style options.

    "DOTA_Item_Shade_of_Agony_Style0"        "Shaded"
    "DOTA_Item_Shade_of_Agony_Style1"        "Unshaded"
    "DOTA_Item_Wings_of_Agony_Style0"        "Torn"
    "DOTA_Item_Wings_of_Agony_Style1"        "Pristine"

Unreleased Cosmetic Item Sets

We have a new item set for Abaddon and Queen of Pain in this week’s patch.

Abaddon’s Items

A throwback set to his old concept art with a feathered Gryphon mount.






Queen of Pain’s Items

On this set the Hood and Wings come with two different styles.

Backpack Images








Style #1



Style #2



Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We have a number of new unreleased single cosmetic items in this week’s patch, some of which will be part of the Summer Treasure Chest.

Chaos Knight’s Items




Invoker’s Items






Kunkka’s Items

Updated from last week’s textures.


Last week’s version:


Lion’s Items




Pudge’s Items





Riki’s Items





Nature’s Prophet’s Items



* Glasses not included.

Updated Backpack Images

We also have a number of new or updated backpack images for some of the older unreleased items that have been covered recently.

Centaur Warrunner’s Items




Crystal Maiden’s Items


Dark Seer’s Items




Dragon Knight’s Items


Juggernaut’s Items


Lich’s Items


Lone Druid’s Items



Mirana’s Items


Spirit Breaker’s Items



Item Sets





Compendium International Fantasy Team creation tool.


Quirt’s Summer  Treasure Chest

The contents of Quirt’s Summer Treasure Chest have now been revealed.

Item Loot List

Listed in rarity order.

Flying Desolation

Rare – Bounty Hunter


Raven Scythe

Rare – Necrolyte


Headdress of the Protector

Rare – Skywrath Mage



Rare – Slark



Rare – Phantom Assassin


Aghanim’s Basher

Rare – Brewmaster


Nature’s Grip

Rare – Nature’s Prophet


Meat Dragger

Rare – Pudge


Stone Infusion

Rare – Lion



Rare – Riki



Twin Serpent Bow

Mythical – Medusa


Spine Splitter

Mythical – Skeleton King


Unusual Courier List

One new addition to this list, Mok.

Fearless Badger
Enduring War Dog
Mighty Boar
Morok’s Mechanical Mediary
Skip the Delivery Frog
Speed Demon
Tickled Tegu
Baby Roshan
Prismatic Drake
Cluckles the Brave
Nimble Ben
Kupu the Metamorpher
Porcine Princess Penelope
The Llama Llama
Snelfret the Snail
Captain Bamboo

Unusual Courier Effect

Unnamed Lava effect.






Unreleased Custom Couriers

We have three new couriers that have appeared or have been referenced in the files which will be this year’s International couriers, similar to how we had the Lockjaw, Drodo and Smeevil Turtle Rider for The International 2012.

These three couriers are very much still work in progress.

Trapjaw the Boxhound

Currently untextured.

Standard Courier



Flying Courier



Unicorn Donkey (Unnamed)

Placeholder textures.

Standard Courier



Flying Courier


Magic Carpet Smeevil (Unnamed)

No model yet, just a texture file.


Unreleased Tutorial Updates

Progress continues on the next tutorial map, the last hit challenge.

Last Hit Challenge

    // Tutorial Location 8
    "world_map_location_8"        "Last Hit Challenge"
    "world_map_location_sub_8"      "Practice your last hitting against a bot."
    "world_map_location_desc_8"      "<i>The Hero who can acquire the most gold will almost certainly triumph.  Only through extensive practice can a Hero master the art of last hitting.</i>"
    "world_map_location_gdesc_8"    "This mode will help you practice: <ul><li>Combat: Fighting in a Lane</li><li>Combat: Last Hits</li><li>Combat: Denies</li></ul>"

You start off the map by selecting from any of the current heroes in the game. After that you will get to decide which lane you want to test your last hitting skills in and also choose whether or not to enable the last hit helper.


The last hit challenge will keep track of your high score, last hits, last hit streak, multikill and denies.


The last hit helper is a new system which will show green arrows on a creep that is in last hit range.


The arrow will slowly start to fade in when the creep starts to get to a low enough threshold where he can be last hit.



Updated Sound Files

We have an adjustment of Abaddon’s voice work and the first set of International 2013 announcer lines have started to appear.

Abaddon’s Voice Work

Example of his updated voice work:


Compared to his previous version:


Default Announcer Lines

We have a few new default announcer lines for some of the newer gamemodes.




International 2013 Announcer Lines

We also have the first set of announcer lines for this year’s International Event.





Materials Update

We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes.

Particles Update

We have no new particle updates for the unreleased heroes.

Predictions For The Next Hero

Q: Why did the Jedi cross the road? A: To get to the Dark Side.

Closing Note

The Mac & Linux version of the Dota 2 client are now ready to deploy on the main client, Dota welcomes Tux.




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