Dota 2 7th June Patch – Mini Content Analysis

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To finish off the week we have had a small patch deploy straight onto the main Dota 2 client which has added a number of cosmetic itemsets, animation updates and some behind the scenes changes.


Front End Changes

Hero Animation Updates

We have a couple of new animations in this patch for the older existing heroes.

Jakiro’s Animations

Jakiro now has a loadout animation.


Outworld Destroyer’s Animations

Outworld Destroyer now has a loadout animation.


Tuskar’s Animations

Tuskar has a couple of new animations for his Frostiron Raider set.

Loadout Animation


Teleport Animation


Courier Retirements

Two of the older existing couriers have been retired from the Dota 2 store, chests and random drops. These two couriers have now been made immortal and will no longer be obtainable outside of trading.

This also includes unusual versions of the courier which have been increased to an immortal item rarity as well.

Stumpy – Nature’s Attendant


Trusty Mountain Yak


New Cosmetic Hero Items

We have a number of new itemsets in this week’s patch from the Dota 2 workshop.

Chen’s Items

Gemmed Armor of the Priest Kings Set

“Trust in faith, but wear good armor.”










Model Viewer Shots




Crystal Maiden’s Items

Frostiron Sorceress Set








Model Viewer Shots




Enchantress` Items

Aspects of Summer Set








Model Viewer Shots




Tuskar’s Items

Frostiron Raider Set









Model Viewer Shots




UI Updates

A minor UI update in this patch. An error dialog for the VTrace system.

Error UI

The VTrace system was recently added to Team Fortress 2 to help debug FPS issues by capturing extra data on frame drops into a VTrace stream. It is most likely that this same system we will be used in the near future to help debug any FPS issues users have been experiencing in Dota 2.


Back End Changes

Updated Strings

Dota 2’s cosmetic items now support multiple styles, similar to Team Fortress 2.

    "DOTA_UnlockStyle"                  "Unlock Style"
    "DOTA_UseStyle"                    "Select Style"

The range of known Smeevil combinations.

    "Smeevil_Style_Default"    "Green Smeevil"
    "Smeevil_Style_Red"      "Red Smeevil"
    "Smeevil_Style_Yellow"    "Yellow Smeevil"
    "Smeevil_Style_Purple"    "Purple Smeevil"
    "Smeevil_Style_Red_Mammoth"  "Red Smeevil and Mammoth"
    "Smeevil_Style_Yellow_Bird"  "Yellow Smeevil and Bird"
    "Smeevil_Style_Purple_Crab" "Purple Smeevil and Crab"

Strings for the new Smeevil styles and unlocking system.

    "DOTA_SelectStyle"      "Select Style"
    "UnlockStyle_PreReq_Confirm"  "Unlocking this style will consume %s1 %s2(s) and requires that you have the %s3 style unlocked. Are you sure you want to unlock this style?"
    "UnlockStyle_Confirm"      "Unlocking this style will consume %s1 %s2(s). Are you sure you want to unlock this style?"
    "UnlockStyle_Attrib_Confirm"  "Are you sure you want to unlock this style?"
    "UnlockStyle_NotUnlocked"    "This style cannot be applied. You have to unlock it first."
    "UnlockStyle_Failed_PreReq"    "This style cannot be unlocked. You need to unlock the prerequisite style %s1 first."
    "UnlockStyle_Failed_CantAfford"  "This style cannot be unlocked. You need to must own %s1 %s2(s) to pay for the unlock."
    "UnlockStyle_Failed_CantAffordAttrib"  "This style cannot be unlocked. You do not meet the attribute requirements."
    "UnlockStyle_Succeeded"      "The style has been unlocked and may now be applied to the courier."
    "UnlockStyle_PreReq_List"    "- Own %s1 %s2(s)"
    "UnlockStyle_PreReq_List_Style"  "- Own %s1 %s2(s)n- Have unlocked the style '%s3'"
    "UnlockStyle_PreReq_Attrib"    "- Have %s1 %s2"
    "UnlockStyle_Requirements"    "To unlock this style you must:"
    "UnlockStyle_Requirements_Consumed"    "Item requirements will be consumed as a part of the unlock cost."
    "Econ_Style_Info_Header"  "Styles:"
    "Econ_Style_Info"      " - %s1"
    "Econ_Style_Info_Locked"  " - %s1 (Locked)"
    "Econ_Style_Info_Unlocked"  " - %s1"
    "Econ_Style_Desc"      "Current Style: %s1"

The Queen of Pain set that comes with the Premier League’s latest league pass also supports selecting between the different styles/levels.

    "Wraps_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style0"    "Small Wraps"
    "Wraps_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style1"    "Medium Wraps"
    "Wraps_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style2"    "Large Wraps"
    "Wings_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style0"    "Small Wings"
    "Wings_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style1"    "Medium Wings"
    "Wings_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style2"    "Large Wings"
    "Horns_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style0"    "Small Horns"
    "Horns_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style1"    "Medium Horns"
    "Horns_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style2"    "Large Horns"
    "Dirk_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style0"    "Small Dirk"
    "Dirk_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style1"    "Medium Dirk"
    "Dirk_Of_The_Wicked_Succubus_Style2"    "Large Dirk"

Unreleased Treasure Chests

We have a new community chest in this patch, the loot list is currently unknown.

Treasure of Incandescent Wax

A new community chest with an unknown loot list.

“A chest that seems to be burning endlessly. The contents are unknown.”





Smeevil Upgrades

As part of the International 2013 Compendium the Smeevil has earned himself a number of new upgrades due to the community reaching stretch goals. We now have a bit more insight into what upgrades we can expect in the future.

As part of today’s update the description box for the default green Smeevil courier that comes bundled with the Compendium, there are now a list of new “Styles” that are locked.


Right clicking on the Smeevil in the backpack will allow you to access a new “Select Style” UI.


With the new style selection UI we are now aware of the range of different upgrades we will be able to achieve for our Smeevils.

Green Smeevil

Requires a Compendium. This is the base Smeevil style.



There are three new additional colours (Red, Yellow and Purple) that can be unlocked by owning a “Smeevil Treat”.

Red Smeevil

Requires 1x Smeevil Treat.



Yellow Smeevil

Requires 1x Smeevil Treat.



Purple Smeevil

Requires 1x Smeevil Treat.



Another upgrade that will be available for the Smeevil will be the choice of three different mounts depending on your Smeevil colour (Mammoth, Bird or Crab) that can be unlocked by owning a “Critter Egg”.

Red Smeevil and Mammoth

Requires 1x Critter Egg and the “Red Smeevil” style unlocked.



Yellow Smeevil and Bird

Requires 1x Critter Egg and the “Yellow Smeevil” style unlocked.



Purple Smeevil and Crab

Requires 1x Critter Egg and the “Purple Smeevil” style unlocked.



Smeevil Treat & Critter Egg

At this moment in time the requires in order to gain a Smeevil Treat or Critter Egg have not been made public.

Smeevil Treat

“A tasty snack used to unlock new Smeevil styles.”


Critter Egg

“A magical egg used to unlock new Smeevil styles.”


Unlocking A Style

Depending on what Smeevil upgrade you are unlocking, the Smeevil Treat or Critter Egg will be consumed in the process.



Materials Update

We have no new materials for the unreleased heroes.

Particles Update

We have no new particle updates for the unreleased heroes.

Predictions For The Next Hero

I was looking for something else but this one made me laugh.

  • Asad Ali Shah

    Thanks for the blog post. Really appreciate what you are doing for the community

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  • axel

    i like that view count

  • Voker

    Something tells me that matt is done with the predictions XD

    • Doomroar

      you crazy? that is clearly a techies prediction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Luffydude

      Yea… I just hope we can get Abaddon and LC before TI3

      • LG Rodrigues

        If Valve doesn’t release at least Abaddon (who is more advanced) between June and July, then that means they are just holding him and Legion back so that we can buy more Compendiuns and vote on them later on.

        But I trust Valve, it’s one of the best companies out there in the market, they don’t do things just for money (I am looking at you Capcom) and that doesn’t sound like something they will do with Dota 2. So I still think they will release Abaddon and Legion ibefore July ends, but beware that as soon as august arrives, no more heroes until the TI3 is over.

        • Luffydude

          Except no one would vote for those so that doesn’t make sense. Everyone would just vote for Techies or the strongest contender anti Techies which is most likely Ember .

          Last year Valve went on a hero releasing spree which ended with triple pack Nyx, Kotl and Visage and then didn’t release anything for around 4 months. A patch with 2 heroes would need to come right this week or it simply won’t come due to being to close to TI3

          • Talek R. Julian

            according to /r/dota2 terrorblade is going to give techies a run for their money

          • Savo

            Agree, Last year T12 ended on August 11 and they released the next hero in somewhere mid of September. So its now or never before T13.

        • Tyler

          While faith put in Valve is usually justified, please don’t begin to think they do anything if it won’t bring them in profit.

          The only reason Valve can do what they do, is they’ve go the community and the backing to basically serve what the community needs and still make a large profit off it.

        • Voker

          Sorry for the question, LC is played in competitive dota? never played that hero before :O

          • Luffydude

            He was only allowed to CM in this latest patch, seeing as there are no dota1 tournaments and he’s not in dota2 yet… answer is no

        • BerdisH

          “I am looking at you Capcom”… Hm… But I’m looking at you, EA with your endless DLC

  • Guest

    That gif is perfect for predict the next hero! Horse shitting ciggarrets and a bigger horse smoking that cigarret… can only mean techies!!!

    • Wrench

      That has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard… That’s a donkey. :p

  • Pedro Pina

    That gif is perfect to predict the next hero! Horse shitting ciggarrets and a bigger horse smoking that cigarret… can only mean techies!!!

  • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

    good thing i still have my Stumpy.

  • MierdaHueJa

    no new heroe wut is this? a ded game? vavlo has lost its based

    • Gar

      The probable reason why there are no updates on the unreleased heroes this patch is the implementation of changes introduced with 6.78 and 6.78 versions of Dota 1 into Dota 2.

  • man

    If valve is trying to make us buy for courier upgrade that would be fucking bs….then Compendium Goal would be meaningless…..

  • Mic

    A little annoyed that the Green Smeevil (my prefered colour of the four) doesn’t get a mount.

    • Krokar

      The Green smeevil with a “mount” is the courier that’s worth ALLOT!, it’s another courier

    • Grimbear13

      Same kinda upset about that ><



    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      get out faking rusians fakers

  • Dizmay

    Valve toying with us, they only care our money, pls do not buy compendium anymore, icefrog releases new heroes (Dota 1) faster than Valve, This game will never release, always stay in beta and we will never play with techies :(

    • AntoxaGray

      cool story, bro

      you can continue using your default horse courier

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      i agree. Dont forget how many people lost their money when they bought smeevil for imortal but mafia valve downgraded it to legendary.

  • Alex

    will we get the Critter egg/Smeevil treat or do we have to buy them?!????

    • Volvo

      Ofc you’ll have to buy them… is this your first day here at Doto2 Volvo wants all of your money- the game ?

      • lefunny

        Just like how you were forced to buy all of the Greeviling components, right?

    • AntoxaGray

      most probably it will be same as greeveling egg that you can get for 30 cents on market.

  • AntoxaGray

    Stumpy and Yak are so bad couriers, no wonder Valve decided to remove them from shop.

    “Immortal” tag doesn’t make item better, it just make it sellable on market.

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      yak sucks, but stumpy seems nice concept

      • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

        boar sucks too, i’d rather have the yak than the boar which is still on the store.

    • suchardine

      stumpy actually looks nice with AoV, BA and diretide effect it suits very well with his theme

    • CYborg

      yup..doesnt change much..tag is just a tag

      • OmniInsecicure

        guess what? i hav traded my stumpy and yak for 3keys each? Jelly enuf? loser no immortal

        • fuckurmom

          guess what?i just bought yak and stumpy for 1k..yeah immortals for 1k just real damn nice

        • AntoxaGray

          i got 3 dc hook and 2 tb..Jelly enuf?and yes stumpy and yak are just another tag items..their price will keep fallin and fallin..u are lucky managed to sell it for 1k ppl not even wanna buy it..u can check out at lounge

  • Noah’tak

    We’ll probably be getting one treat or criter egg and then we’ll have to buy more if we want the other styles, Valve… Oh, you!

    I was expecting this.

  • excitedFAGGOT

    SEA – morning 0600 – 1900 : 15X k player online , normal gaems take 9minute++++++++ queue (shorttest) , ai gaems take 3 minute (proof of daed gaem)

    wait its not

    SEA , 2100 – 0300 , 200k-300k player online , normal gaem take 10-35minute to find , ai games still 3 minute. wtf valve.

    meanwhile in garena ; dota 1 – take 3 minute ; as usual 5+++ games list everytime always instant full . everyday even nt on holiday , thats per room , usually have at least 4-15 room full of people (255 each room , can go more if golden member).

    SRSLY VALVE , just integrate ur fking dota 2 with garena already. SHIT!

    • sasha grey

      No wonder your name is like this !

      • excitedFAGGOT

        fk off russian

    • Yuki

      Hmm yes. I wonder where have ya been. It’s not like I dont get a game
      within 5 mins waiting time or anything. Nothing like that at all when I
      was playing on SEA. It’s not like I dont find a match within 5 mins or
      anything in Australia server, definitely not. It’s not like Australia
      has less players than SG, definitely not. So, where have ya been?

      • excitedFAGGOT

        read: from 2300-0300 where ppl should sleep , but ppl online here(at this time , flooood of games) . wtf?

        u dont understand dont you?

    • Lance

      You need better internet and English lessons.

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino


      don’t blame Valve if you have an internet connection that is very slow.
      fyi, MM only takes 2-6 minutes to find a match, co-op bot only takes 1-3 minutes to find a match.
      so think carefully next time and consider your internet connection slow first before making a stupid rant like this.
      if you don’t want to play Dota 2 on Steam, then go back to WC3 DOTA and Garena.

      and do you even know that Valve is not Cyborgmatt, so why post this here?
      what a fail.

      • huehuehue

        He trolled u cos u mad.

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    Omg CM hair thing is so cute! I want one to wear!

    • Musicist


    • kk

      Looks incredibly blah.

      Lower class insipid hairstyle.

      • PelleParafin

        Invoker, is that you?

        • IAmStaka


  • Uhh…

    I actually own one of those donkeys…

  • TheYellowBird

    Already that smeevils sucks a bit, better option would be to have a possibility to choose color and mount, not only a pair. And why does green smeevil not have option with mount…

    • Roflman

      The green smeevil got a turtle mount last year.

      • TheYellowBird

        Yea, but I do not have last year Murrisey the Smeevil, I have this year compendium one.

        • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

          yeah it seems kinda unfair in some way.
          why don’t Volvo just give the green Smeevil a different mount than Murrisey the Smeevil has.

          • Alfax

            Volvo is unfair. I want free cars.

  • dyno900

    If they’re gonna make us pay for the smeevil upgrades then Valve lied,
    they said watching the games and matches will increase your smeevil level or something

    • Nyx Nyx Nyx

      I hope we will get 1 egg and 1 treat for free.

      • Bland

        Yeah no, you don’t get kicked in the balls then suddenly like them because they decide to give you a hand up.



        • Guest

          Taunt , smeevil , HUD , Battle Bonus ,…. all just for 10$ . ARE U RETARDED ?

          • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

            not to mention the Immortal item which is one of the rewards of compendium’s goals.

    • frostyvamp

      watching games does actually increase your smeevil level. the smeevil has an effect around it; depending on its colour, (green). it looks pretty cool.

      this is addons for the smeevil, non-dependant on level.

    • TooMuchStoopidHere

      They didn’t lie. The views affect the particle effect of the courier, not the upgrades.

      The upgrades are probably done with the compedium points you got.

      And of course extra smeevil upgrades will always be sold in the market.


    Something tells me that its going to be “u have to get me a motherfucking key to get a new stage for your ugly smeevil”

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      It seems that every one will get a treat + egg for free, and if he wants more treats/eggs he will have to buy from store.

      • AntoxaGray

        store? lol no. Market.

  • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios


    (W) 20 KEYS

    cyborgfrog i expect you to be my first customer… as stumpy is Nature Prophets courier…

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      actually there’s 2 couriers for Nature’s Prophet and the other one is Shagbark.

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  • broadway

    i would like to see arc warden in dota 2. but still cool analysis matt, i like what youre doing for the community. even though its not very exciting if valve doesnt release new heroes :< and oh: BEST GIF EVER! XD

  • Dave

    Good thing I have stumpy, he was the first and only special courier I got (apart from the Greevils) and I wanted to get him especially. :)

  • CptTrolololo

    I bet it’ll be droppable just like greevil eggs and essences.

  • Typhox

    I dont understand the part about Outworld Destroyer – who is actually Outworld Devourer ‘s “new” animation. Not only looks it exactly the same as before, also in the loadout, you can only see half of the hero.

  • Herp a Derp

    Is it me or is Cms chest just a wee bit too low?

  • Renan Luigi

    “You need to must own 1 Smeevil treat(s) to pay (…)”

    >>need to must

  • Welran

    Green smeevil should get the panda mount! So it will be cutest courier ^_^

  • darrel

    i dont know what is the use or importance of vtrace can you explain it to me ???? can this software can improve the ping???? ,, or just for network mapping???

  • Yautja

    The more news I see about Dota2.. the less I like it.. ):