Dota 2 26th June Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 update has arrived bringing a large number of bug fixes, the guild system, a new look for Sniper and some more hidden goodies.

You got peeped!

Front End Changes


– Ancient Apparition: Fixed being able to heal under Ice Blast with Armlet and Morph.
– Beastmaster: Fixed Primal Roar push and slow radius being slightly too small.
– Brewmaster: Fixed Primal Split’s Pulverize damage not affecting magic immune.
– Dazzle: Fixed Poison Touch being dodgeable.
– Dazzle: Fixed Poison Touch not resetting its max slow/stun effect when refreshed on a target.
– Dazzle: Fixed Poison Touch sometimes dealing 7 damage ticks instead of 8.
– Dazzle: Fixed Shadow Wave being unable to bounce to allied invulnerable/sleeping units.
– Enchantress: Fixed Untouchable not affecting Spirit Bear and Golem.
– Enchantress: Fixed Impetus not doing damage at very large distances instead of being capped.
– Gyrocopter: Fixed a minor issue with Rocket Barrage doing 31 rockets instead of 30.
– Gyrocopter: Fixed Call Down 50% slow happening on second impact if you were already slowed by the first (instead of 20%).
– Gyrocopter: Fixed Flak Cannon hitting Familiars.
– Invoker: Fixed Ghost Walk not affecting units like Golem, Primal Split, etc.
– Kunkka: Fixed Torrent not dealing its damage over multiple instances.
– Lifestealer: Fixed Feast’s lifesteal component still happening while doomed.
– Lifestealer: Fixed Infest visual effect stuttering behind the Infested unit.
– Medusa: Fixed Splitshot missing 24 aoe.
– Necrolyte: Fixed being able to dispel Reaper’s Scythe.
– Pugna: Fixed Nether Ward degen aura not working against Magic Immune.
– Sniper: Fixed Headshot’s Trueshot component not working with Illusions.
– Viper: Fixed Corrosive Skin working against allied damage.
– Viper: Fixed Corrosive Skin being purgable.
– Witch Doctor: Fixed Paralyzing Casks sometimes ending prematurely when it’s current target goes invis or blinks.
– Witch Doctor: Fixed Paralyzing Casks ending once any target it bounces on has Linken’s Sphere.
– Tranquil Boots: Fixed heal getting dispelled when Bladefury or Repel is used.
– Tranquil Boots: Fixed showing active icon state while it is disabled on Illusions.

– Added support for forming and managing Guilds. Guild Leaders invite, kick, promote, and demote members. Officers can invite members. There’s a guild message that can be edited, a logo specified, and a chat channel.
– Added the ability to open a party to a guild, which allows members of a specified guild to freely join the party. Players can browse open guild parties that are available to them.
– Open guild parties can now have a description.
– Fixed bug allowing extra bonus report submissions.
– Capped maximum bonus report submissions at 2.

– Quick Cast keybindings added for items.
– Quick Cast bugs fixed: courier keybinding conflict and blank Invoker recipes.

– Many tweaks have been done to Directed Camera framing.
– Also tweaks to how the Director chooses shots while in the middle of a fight.

– Fixed some FoW interactions with Kunkka’s ability SFX.

– Updated to higher fidelity Sniper model.
– New Sniper model uploaded for the workshop.

Hero Model Updates

We have a massive overall to one of the existing older heroes in this week’s patch.

Sniper’s Model

Sniper’s model has been completely reworked improving the quality greatly.

Comparison Slider – Front

Comparison Slider – Back

CS: GO SDK – Model Viewer Shots





Loadout Screenshot


In Game Screenshots







Hero Animation Updates

We have some continued animation work for Tidehunter with the addition of a new Taunt animation.

Tidehunter’s Animations

We have two new animations for Tidehunter.

Laughing Taunt


Tutorial Animation – Cliff Fall

(It’s a big cliff)

You got peep'd

Hero Portrait Updates

To go along with Sniper’s new model we also have updates to his in game and Scaleform video portrait.

Sniper’s Portrait

Both sets of portraits were updated.

In Game Portrait


Video Card Portrait

New vs Old

npc_dota_hero_sniper vs npc_dota_hero_sniper


Hero Models Broken Down

We have one of the existing older hero models now broken down to prepare them for cosmetic items.

Treant’s Model

Treant’s model has been broken down however it is still currently missing from the Workshop technical requirements page.

Treant’s Base Model


Treant’s Default Parts

Treants’ Head

Treants’ Foliage

Treants’ Hands

Treants’ Feet

Treants’ Belt

Cosmetic Item Updates

Some minor updates to an existing cosmetic item for Omniknight to fix some bugs with the item.

Omniknight’s Items

We have had some updates to Omniknight’s Valour helmet cosmetic item.


League Passes

We have a number of new League Passes in this week’s item update.

AMD Dota2 Premier League Season 2

“The highly anticipated AMD Premier League Season Two is back. Watch as SEA’s finest teams; Tongfu, Zenith, Orange and more compete for a total prize pool of $5000. This one month of intense action will be brought to you by DotaTalk and powered by AMD.”

GEST June and July 2013

“The Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament is sponsored by Gigabyte and hosted by DotaTalk. The winners of 8 GMPGL qualifiers from South-East Asia will compete against one another for another cash prize of $1500. The winners will compete against the Top Chinese Teams for another $1500.”

Corsair Summer 2013

Corsair hosts Summer Tournament 2013 together with GosuGamers, where sixteen teams will compete for the total of $10,000 USD.”

Nexon Starter League

“Nexon Korea presents its inaugural Nexon Starter League (NSL), brought to you live by GOM TV. NSL will feature the top 8 teams advanced from Open Qualifier as they compete for a prize pool of KRW 23 million cash. The winning team will also be rewarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to TI3.”


UI Updates

We have a number of front end UI changes in this week’s patch.

Korean UI

The Nexon client now has its own splash screen warning.

Game rated PG. Game is not permitted/available for users under the age of 12.


Guild UI

The Guild UI now displays the total member count.


The Guild party system now lets you set a description when hosting a Guild party.


Settings UI

There are now keybindings in the settings UI for quick casting item abilities.


Tutorial UI

The starting Tutorial for new players will now automatically display the default preset key bindings which they can choose from.


Compendium UI

We have another batch of Compendium updates, a new page for the unreleased Player Card system and the template for all of the team pages is now in place.

Player Cards will drop like normal loot in regular and Compendium matchmaking games. Which you can choose to stamp in your Compendium or trade with other players (more further in the post).


Each of the teams heading to this year’s International will have a team page for their team name, logo, origin, accomplishments and player list with a direct link to the team’s pennant’s store page.


Cosmetic Item Images

Following on from last week’s cosmetic item set images being updated with a new style and background, we now have the same effect applied to the single item images.

Example Chest – New Image


Example Chest – Old Image


Example Item – New Image


Example Item – Old Image


Back End Changes

Updated Strings

Some more new tutorial strings.

    "DOTA_New_Player_Key_Config"    "Select Initial Configuration (You can modify settings at any time)"

    "DOTA_Tutorial_Finished_BotMatches"        "You have successfully completed 5 bot matches!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_Finished_LimitedHeroPoolGames"  "You have successfully completed 10 Limited Hero Pool games!"

Updates to the Archronicus page description strings.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page_Description1"      "Within the Archronicus are gathered the ancient texts of many cultures, drawn from across the ages, and from across the whole wide range of the contested lands. The chronicles found herein may provide a deeper understanding of the universe, its history and cosmology, but the mysteries revealed will not impact gameplay."

    "DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page_Description2"      "For those who hold the Archronicus, knowledge is earned by sword and deed; never is it gifted.  Your skill has earned you the right to read further pages."

    "DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page_Description3"      "By ink is it written, but by blood is it read.  In these chronicles, ancient truths have been gathered, copied and recopied by generations of scribes, encrypted long ago by ancient magic.  Only the worthy may unravel the secrets of the Archronicus."

Strings for the Last Hit Challenge UI.

    // Last Hit Challenge
    "LHC_LastHits"    "Last Hits:"
    "LHC_LastHitStreak"  "Last Hit Streak:"
    "LHC_Multikill"    "Multikill:"
    "LHC_Denies"      "Denies:"

The name and description for the second tutorial map.

    "map_lore_title_2"          "The Bleeding Hills"

    "map_lore_desc_2"          "For many centuries the Bleeding Hills have been known for their tarry blood—a thick, viscous fluid which flows down from the uplands, gathering in slickened black ravines to accumulate in killing pools where the bones of many ancient beasts now reside.  The slightest touch of flame will ignite these pools into an explosive blaze."

Some new guild strings.

    "guild_member_count"      "%s1 Members"

    "guild_lfm_selection_subtitle"  "You can select any Guild shared by you and all your party members.  Members of that guild will be able to join your party.  You can close your party to that Guild at any time."

    "guild_lfm_party_description"  "Enter party description here"
    "guild_lfm_open_time"      "Opened %s1:%s2"

References to unused keybindings for the “Fantasy Points” system.

    "DOTA_Fantasy_Points"        "FANTASY POINTS"

    "DOTA_SpectatorStatsFantasy"    "Spectator Fantasy Stats"

    "DOTA_SpectatorDropdown_Fantasy"      "Fantasy Scores"

    "DOTA_Passport_TOC_Fantasy"        "Fantasy Dota"
    "DOTA_Passport_TOC_Fantasy_Rules"    "Rules"
    "DOTA_Passport_TOC_Fantasy_Teams"    "My Teams"

Strings for the upcoming player card system.

    "DOTA_Tooltip_Player_Card_Description"      "Name: %s1nAge: %s2nCountry: %s3nTeam: %s4nRole: %s5"
    // Fantasy pages
    "DOTA_TIP_F_BuyAnother"      "BUY ANOTHER TEAM"
    "DOTA_TIP_F_BuyAnother_Desc"  "You can purchase as many additional teams as you like until 10 minutes before the countdown timer expires."

    // Player Cards Challenge Page
    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Title"      "Player Cards"
    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_How_it_works_title"      "HOW IT WORKS"
    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_How_it_works"      "Player cards representing the participants of The International will drop as loot in regular and Compendium matchmaking games. Collect your favorite players and stamp them into your compendium to earn rewards!"

    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Coming_Soon"    "Coming Soon"
    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenges"      "PLAYER CARD CHALLENGES"

    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_0"    "Stamp one complete teamnReward: ???"
    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_1"    "Stamp five complete teamsnReward: ???"
    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_2"    "Stamp all Player CardsnReward: ???"
    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_3"    "Stamp this randomly selected team: %s1nReward: ???"
    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_4"    "Stamp this randomly selected team: %s1nReward: ???"
    "DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_5"    "Stamp any Mythical Player CardnReward: ???"

Strings for the TI3 teams accomplishments for their Compendium pages.

    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_0"  "The International Champions 2012n5th-6th The International 2011n1st G-League 2012 Season 2n1st World Cyber Games 2012"          // ig
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_1"  "7th-8th The International 2012n1st AMD Premier League Season 1n3rd G-League Season 2n1st World Cyber Games 2012 Dota"        // tongfu
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_2"  "7th-8th The International 2012n3rd G-1 Chamions League Season 4n3rd G-1 Chamions League Season 5n1st WCG 2012 Asian Championship"  // orange
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_3"  "1st DreamHack Summer 2013n1st G-1 Champions League Season 5n1st WePlay Dota 2 League Season 1n1st The Premier League Season 4"    // alliance
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_4"  "1st Thor Open 2012n2nd The Defense Season 3n2nd Star Ladder Series Season 5n3rd-4th DreamHack Winter 2012"              // fnatic
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_5"  "1st Raidcall Dota 2 League Season 2n1st Curse Invitationaln2nd The Premier League Season 4n3rd-4th DreamHack Dota 2 Invitational"  // team liquid
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_6"  "The International Champions 2011nRunner-up The International 2012n1st EMS One String Finalsn1st Star Ladder Star Series Season 4"    // navi
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_7"  "5th-6th The International 2012n2nd AMD Premier League Season 1n2nd Gigabyte Dota Mastersn1st It's Gosu Monthly Madness Asia"    // zenith
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_8"  "1st Ritmix Russian Dota 2 Leaguen2nd DreamHack Dota 2 Invitationaln2nd RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 2n2nd Curse Dota 2 Invitational"  // dignitas
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_9"  "1st The Defense Season 3n2nd The Premier League Season 3n2nd Ritmix Russian Dota 2 Leaguen3rd Star Ladder Star Series Season 5"    //
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_10"  "4th The International 2012n2nd G-1 Champions League Season 4n4th G-1 Champions League Season 5n2nd World Cyber Games 2012"    // dk
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_11"  "2nd G-League 2012 Season 2n1st Gigabyte E-Sports Challengen2nd 2013 GEST Challenge 1"              //
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_12"  "1st The Asia 2012n1st GEST Season 1 Apriln3rd AMD Premier League Season 1n1st WCG 2011 Asian Championship"    // mufc
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_13"  "9th-16th The International 2012n2nd The Defense 2n1st GosuLeague Season 3n3rd-4th EMS One Spring Final"      // mouz
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_14"  "3rd The International 2012n1st G-1 Champions League Season 4n1st The Asia 2012n1st Gigabyte Dota 2 Masters"    // lgd
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_15"  "2nd DreamHack Summer 2013n5th-8th EMS One Spring Finals"    // quantic
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamAccomplishments_16"  "2nd The International 2013 Qualifiers"              // rattlesnake

    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamProfile_Champ_2012"  "The International Champions 2012"
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamProfile_Champ_2011"  "The International Champions 2011"

    "DOTA_TIP_2013_Team_Pennant_Link"    "Buy a pennant for %s1 in the Dota Store"

Warning strings for the Nexon Korean client.

    "NEXON_Error" "Error"
    "NEXON_State_ShutdownLaw" "Game usage is blocked under Shutdown law."
    "NEXON_State_RestrictedID" "Game usage restricted ID."
    "NEXON_State_RestrictedAge" "Game usage is allowed for ages over 12."
    "NEXON_State_InvalidID" "ID does not exist."
    "NEXON_PlaytimeWarning" "You have played more than %s1 hour(s). Excessive usage of game might cause inconvenience in your everyday life."

Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We have a number of new unreleased single cosmetic items in this patch. Source Filmmaker’s Model Viewer was used for these shots.

Centaur Warrunner’s Items




Crystal Maiden’s Items




Lich’s Items




Pudge’s Items

Pudge’s Harvester hook now has it’s own intestine particle effect for the hook chain.

The particle effect.


Tutorial Updates

We have a range of updates to the unreleased tutorials, ranging from props to new tutorial systems and more.


We have a couple of new Radiant secret shop structures which may be for the tutorial map.



Prop Destruction Animations

These precompiled destruction animations help improve performance and quality of the destruction.




Bridge Support










Tutorial Particles

We also have some updated particle effects for the tutorial map, such as the bridge breaking effect etc.


Last Hit Challenge

We now have a UI for the last hit challenge tutorial which keeps score of your last hits, denies and the streak you are on.



Mid Lane Tutorial

Progress continues on getting these side quest tutorials ready for the release of Dota 2.




World Map

The world map will also track your overall progress through the training procedure.



Location Images

The first tutorial map location image has been updated.


We also now have a seventh location image.



We have updated descriptions for the separate pages and a new icon in the files.


“DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page1″ “Archronicus”
“DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page_Description1″ “Within the Archronicus are gathered the ancient texts of many cultures, drawn from across the ages, and from across the whole wide range of the contested lands. The chronicles found herein may provide a deeper understanding of the universe, its history and cosmology, but the mysteries revealed will not impact gameplay.”
“DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page2″ “Archronicus Page”
“DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page_Description2″ “For those who hold the Archronicus, knowledge is earned by sword and deed; never is it gifted. Your skill has earned you the right to read further pages.”
“DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page3″ “Archronicus Page”
“DOTA_Tutorial_Archronicus_Page_Description3″ “By ink is it written, but by blood is it read. In these chronicles, ancient truths have been gathered, copied and recopied by generations of scribes, encrypted long ago by ancient magic. Only the worthy may unravel the secrets of the Archronicus.”

Compendium Updates

If the Compendium wasn’t already appealing enough we are in the process of receiving another big update which will add a fantasy league/point system into the game and will also introduce the pro player cards.

Fantasy System

The Fantasy system allows the player to purchase a Fantasy page for the team he/she wants to support.

There will be two new UIs in game for tracking the Fantasy Points earned in the current game you are spectating, one via the spectator graph UI and another one via the stats dropdown box.


The Fantasy Point scoring factors will be altered depending on what role/position that player is in.

      "level"    "0.0"
      "kills"    "0.0"
      "deaths"  "0.0"
      "assists"  "0.0"
      "lasthits"  "0.0"
      "denies"  "0.0"
      "GPPM"    "0.0"
      "XPM"    "0.0"
      "level"    "0.0"
      "kills"    "0.3"
      "deaths"  "-0.1"
      "assists"  "0.0"
      "lasthits"  "0.004"
      "denies"  "0.0"
      "GPPM"    "0.003"
      "XPM"    "0.0"
      "level"    "0.0"
      "kills"    "0.35"
      "deaths"  "-0.1"
      "assists"  "0.0"
      "lasthits"  "0.004"
      "denies"  "0.0"
      "GPM"    "0.002"
      "XPPM"    "0.003"
      "level"    "0.0"
      "kills"    "0.1"
      "deaths"  "-0.05"
      "assists"  "0.1"
      "lasthits"  "0.001"
      "denies"  "0.025"
      "GPM"    "0.001"
      "XPPM"    "0.004"

Player Cards

The player card system will introduce a new item to the drops that you can earn at the end of regular and Compendium matchmaking matches. These player cards can be stamped into your Compendium or traded away with other players. The cards will also have a rarity attached to them. GOTTA CATCH EM’ ALL.


The player card challenges will provide you with rewards for doing such tasks as fully completing a team.


“DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_0″ “Stamp one complete team\nReward: ???”
“DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_1″ “Stamp five complete teams\nReward: ???”
“DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_2″ “Stamp all Player Cards\nReward: ???”
“DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_3″ “Stamp this randomly selected team: %s1\nReward: ???”
“DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_4″ “Stamp this randomly selected team: %s1\nReward: ???”
“DOTA_TIP_Player_Card_Challenge_5″ “Stamp any Mythical Player Card\nReward: ???”

The player cards will be represented with an image of the player and their team overlayed on the background.

alliance dignitas

dk fnatic

ig lgd

lgdint liquid

mousesports mufc

navi orange

quantic rattlesnake

tongfu vp


Players who don’t have an image will be represented by a blank face until one is added.

dendi  vsegm

Updated Sound Files

Once again we have a batch of new or updated sound files in the patch.

Tutorial Sound Effects





The Battle 04 music has returned and will be also used in one of the tutorial maps.




Item Sound Effects

We have a new sound effect for the Tango.



Earthshaker’s Sound Effects

Fissure has a new “whoosh” sound effect.



Material Updates

We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes in this week’s patch.

Particles Updates

We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes in this week’s patch.

Predictions For The Next Hero


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    • Wisest Man That Ever Lived

      What the point of your life? To carry piece of your DNA into next generation of animals called human?

      I play for fun. Could not care less about ranking shmanking,

  • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

    ded geim

    • Shrivedh Singh


  • BombValve

    2 months without a single hero.

    • LG Rodrigues

      Today is June 27th. 56 days without a new hero and still counting… sad, just give me Abaddon and I will be happy

      • cjarvus

        when they release the game as free to play before the international 3 you will get you abaddon and also legion commander.

        • Life

          You mean I have to wait ANOTHER two months?!
          Thank you valve!
          I should never have thought that you were just sitting on your ass- oh wait that’s what they’re DOING.

          Have you even taken a look at the interface? It’s fucking atrocious, they haven’t even fixed the arrow button in the MAIN GAME.

          Look at it, it’s a pixelated fucking mess, and now they’re randomly updating heroes for no good reason despite having hundreds of MUCH BETTER THINGS they could be doing?

          You have two things to pick from and two alone.
          1. They’re idiots. Complete fucking idiots.
          2. They’re sitting on their asses like a fucking lump on a log.
          But hey, why would you NOT sit on your ass when the COMMUNITY can make things for you right?! “We’ll never update the GUI, instead we’ll add random people’s GUI skins to the game before we’re even finalized it!” -Valve ™

          But I can’t blame them for being lazy imbeciles, they’re simply following what they’ve learned from making Half Life 3- people will still kiss their ass even if they have horrid fucking business practices.

          Dead game. Back to Warcraft III.

          • Captain Planet

            How about you cool your fucking head before being a whiny bitch? There are a tonne of bug fixes that are still to be made, and bringing in new heroes only adds new bugs that need fixing. How about you stop measuring the progress of this game’s development by something as childish as demanding a new hero every week. Grow up.

          • Jmgo

            How about you stop letting people threat you like shit and demand quality? The most CRITICAL BUG IS LACK OF ORIGINAL HEROES THAT WAS IN FIRST DOTA.

          • Isei

            Yeah, the lack of heros. 100 isn’t anywhere near enough to play with. I won’t be happy until there are 12 billion, personally.

            Here’s some news: You don’t need new heros to make a game interesting. How many new classes are there to play in TF2 each year?

          • WestArcher

            We’re not asking for new heroes

            We’re asking for parity with dota 1 shitlord

          • kabras

            you don’t have the right to demand anything you obnoxious little fuck. The game is FUCKING FREE, you either play it as it is or GTFO. You can demand shit when you pay for shit, so stop with this retarded sense of entitlement and be thankful you get to play the game for free.

          • eL

            Good riddance asshole

    • anon

      valve is just waiting for the goal 7 of reaching 3.2 million price pool and then will let owners to choose the next hero to be released and then release the hero

      • ghiavolul

        that goal, will NEVER be reached. the end!

  • Techies

    Yeah… Who gives a shit about finishing the game.. More hats is all what we want!

  • albator7

    No news about the Compendium second objective ?
    The upgraded courier was looking nearly realeased and polished with mounture and color change, where does it go ? :c

  • Doomroar

    im not liking that new sniper, every else looks great

  • Darthnixa

    whaere teckies

  • daed gaem

    dead game.

  • Kourtos

    I think old sniper model is better :/

    • [email protected]

      What? The old one was low res, and poorly designed.

      You can see far more crisper texture , and overall quality in the new one.

      • kk

        Yup! With true QUALITY comes a grimace like a 15 year old who just found out he hates the world.
        Not to mention his face proportions just look odd, the cape is anti-gravity now, and overall extremely shitty design.
        And no, the old one wasn’t a bad design.

        Can’t wait until all the other champions look deranged like the new Puck and Sniper!
        Such amazing design, I’m in love!
        Puck doesn’t even look like the prankster he was supposed to be anymore, and now I’m going to grimace every time this sniper talks with his high pitched fun voice since the new one looks like he’d crack the skull of the first person who cracked a joke.
        No. The design is awful.

        • Wisest Man That Ever Lived

          They just making default heroes look like shit to make you buy cosmetics. Greedy bastards.

          • Anon

            Its a free game and you’re whining about them attempting to generate revenue from the game to be able to support it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…. breathe breathe… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • [email protected]

          As a 3DS MAX and Cinema 4D designer for 4 years, I can tell you the new designs did take more amount of work.
          You can argue that it isn’t pretty, but in terms of quality and complexity, you can’t argue.

          • Bland

            Oh sorry, quality = time spent now? Silly me I was under the impression that the english language had specific definitions for words and not anything pulled out at random.
            Remember kids, just work inanely long periods of time instead of intelligently and anything is true quality! Oh wait, you’re deflecting to something I wasn’t even talking about.

            No shit it has higher res assets and increased poly count, it’s NEW, did you never get the chance at being Captain Obvious in 3rd grade or something?
            See what you’re doing has a name, it’s called moving the flagpole and, shockingly enough, it’s a fallacy.
            Allow me to quote myself.
            “No. The DESIGN is awful.”
            God it’s like I’m dealing with children.
            “You can argue that the peanut butter and jelly tastes awful, but you can’t argue that it took time to make!”
            No really? REALLY? You think so?
            You’re a mental 3rd grader, but thanks for absolutely nothing of value Captain Obvious.

          • The Guy Above Is Pathetic

            How is the new design awful..? It’s literally the same design… Like.. literally the exact same design nothing has changed other than the detail increasing… Are.. are you high? s:

    • hahaha


      • Bland

        That would be you.

    • Rex

      Old Sniper is much better. I hate how they changed his personality. He looked like a fun, wise-cracking guy before. Now they made him look like a grumpy old man. The shoulder armor looks worse too.

  • tesla

    Hey Matt, what’s with the Houndeye courier? Any updates?

  • hellspawndead

    dead doto , best doto

  • svanidze

    Is it just me or Treant Protector base model looks really creepy?

  • Mizouto

    Still no Alliance Pennant ?

  • ghiavolul

    ok, going back to dota 1

  • ghiavolul

    i dont support any fucking team!!! im not interested in their pathetic little tournaments!!! and i wish they all die in plane crashes! (or car crash, better)

    • Ikuti112 .

      you mad?

      • ghiavolul

        ofc im mad idiot! i want all heroes to be playable and no more fucking cosmetics or courier!!! and i fucking want a fucking ladder!!! OFC IM MAD!!!!!!!!!

        • uTorrent

          what an idiot…

          • ghiavolul

            fuck off jerk! you are dead! stop interact with the living!

        • Shrivedh Singh

          y u hef 2 b mad?

  • maxg64

    Is the new hero the Dota 2 for Linux Client?

  • dl.vampire

    Dude what happened to el gato courier? i want that courier so bad

  • Play Dota2

    Linux release coming soon?!?!?!?

  • Александър Стоилов

    Why my dota 2 havent got that sniper model isnt updated? And dota isnt updated? today is 27…

  • Dave

    Those unreleased sets look weird. The centaur’s axe looks really impractical /unwieldy even by fantasy standards and that CM staff is out of style from the rest of her sets (and IMO too detailed). Looks more like a Skywrath Mage item anyway.

  • nigga

    im just waiting for the international to end so they can upload new heros

  • IAmStaka

    Still no new hero… Valve are getting ridicilously stupid

  • ad

    ded gaem

    • datguydosntnowhowtospell

      larn how to Spell,and the game isnt dead they are working hard,also even if a new hero comes out you will just ask for more.

      • ad

        Thats the joke nigga

      • Nikuliai

        so many people who still don’t get the “ded gaem”, it’s not a typo kid…

    • Shrivedh Singh

      Upvoted for extremely insightful comment.

  • Bob Dole

    dead game is dead

  • Mike

    Dota 2 – Side by Side Comparison . Our first video . If you like it , support us.

    Keep it like this, Matt.

  • Schochr

    At this rate, doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing any new heroes being played at TI3. Sure they might get released but not in tournament.

  • Mercury

    u hate rox.kis solo? the deaths like a feeder xd

  • GabeJewell

    I thought the whole point of paying $10 for the compendium was that we received this player information without having to collect cards for each one…?

  • Yevhene Shemet

    Linux would be super.


    T__T too long for a new hero

  • b3B|_|

    HI! i make a video with old and new Sniper skin, if you want to see it is here :


  • riccardo cremonesi


    • Captain Knorke

      Yeah because its not like that they can disable new Heroes for Captains Mode..

    • ad

      Most retarded comment ever

  • Siddharth

    Why hasn’t this update ported on the main client yet? :S

  • Phoenix

    Hi Cyborg. In a previous post set you said that Riki’s Subtle set has received a custom backstab animation. But I do not notice it. Can you please tell me what is the difference in the new animation from the old one. Thanks. :)

  • meebogaming

    Hi! I make a video with compendium tounts. is here if you want to see it:

  • Act Accordingly

    Getting tired of people bitching about how there is no new hero. Has anyone seen the compendium? Goal 7: “Compendium owners will be able to select the next Hero shipped in Dota 2.” Which if anyone had any common sense, that means that more than likely there will be a new hero at the end of The Internationals 2013, or when Goal 7 is reached. Almost all the heroes have been shipped anyways. Stop complaining about the 10 or so heroes that aren’t released yet and enjoy the game. Valve has been doing a great job with getting Dota 2 ready for release and fixing bugs to make The Internationals that much better. All you people do is want, want, want. Get over it.

  • Thunder

    Material Updates

    We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes in this week’s patch.

    Particles Updates

    We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes in this week’s patch.

    Typo in the Particles Updates?

  • Nai’x LifeStealer

    I think next hero is Legion Commander

  • Mathmad

    Did they forget the Luna set??? again…

  • 322


  • SawyerSOF


  • Razvy

    ded game

  • Nikuliai

    so the effect is on pudge’s set is on the “rope”?

  • Aria Rezaei

    fair enough for a 500 MB update

  • Ragebreak

    I wonder how rare those player card drops are going to be, I need to hoard some sexy Black^ cards.

  • derpina

    why the fuck they changing unneeded sniper’s model? fuck u valve. just fuck u

  • AntoxaGray

    New items background sucks.

    Valve wanted to make items “stand out”, it only made them less contrast and gradient takes too much attention.

  • k

    So basically what you’re saying is if I don’t give a shit about the “pro” scene or this money-grab compendium BS then this player card I just got as an item drop is basically a wasted drop. great.

    • ALI_B

      U can just trade it for a rare or two 😀

  • ALI_B

    Everybody here saying that ‘dota is dead’ and that are complaining like a whiny bitch are probably on a losing streak, butthurt as fuck.

  • John

    can’t create guild … failed to upload guild logo . what happen ?

  • Shrivedh Singh

    Keep your heroes until we get this;
    1. Linux support so I can toss this W7 nonsense
    2. Fix random “game session lost” server errors
    3. 22
    4. Major bug fixes and inconsistencies from Dota 1 as evidenced on the dev forum
    5. El Gato

    6. Twitch emoticon support in in-game chat (Kappa, BibleThump, etc)

  • KT

    Sniper looks horrible. Reminds me of my dead grandpa.