Dota 2 12th June Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived bringing a large number of bug fixes, some visual updates and new cosmetic items. You can view the full changelog here.

There is no team in Axe!

Front End Changes


– Updated Puck’s face
– Updated Brewmaster’s face

– Axe: Fixed Berserker’s Call bonus armor being dispellable
– Batrider: Fixed Flamebreak being a constant 300 knockback distance instead of a variable amount (10->400) based on the distance from the center of the blast
– Beastmaster: Fixed Turn Rate on Beastmaster’s Hawk and Boar being slightly too low
– Bloodseeker: Fixed Bloodrage cast range (600->800)
– Brewmaster: Fixed Earth Primal Split Boulder manacost
– Chaos Knight: Fixed Reality Rift bonus damage sometimes proccing multiple times if you attack more than once in 1.2 seconds
– Drow: Fixed a rare bug with Trueshot Aura that could cause it to not give bonus damage
– Elder Titan: Fixed Ancestral Spirit legacy keys not working
– Jakiro: Fixed Liquid Fire damage interval happening every 1 second instead of every 0.5 seconds
– Juggernaut: Fixed some vision issues with Omnislash
– Huskar: Fixed Burning Spears counter logic getting forgotten when purged
– Invoker: Fixed Ice Wall not slowing units like Golems, Familiars, and Primal Split units
– Io: Fixed the initial Relocate not being interrupted if Io was only disable in the cast time but not when the teleportation happened
– Io: Fixed the initial Relocate not getting interrupted by Root debuffs (Ensnare, Overgrowth, etc)
– Io Fixed Relocate not revealing FoW for enemies
– Io: Fixed Relocate not showing the initial visual effect on the ground for enemies (only showed ping)
– Io: Fixed being able to return Tether Relocate with a different set of targeting rules than the initial direction (no longer allowed to return relocate a creep)
– Io: Fixed Overcharge missing a 2 second toggle cooldown
– Lifestealer: Fixed allied cast Infest killing the creeps and healing you
– Lone Druid: Fixed Battle Cry not having an aoe limit (should be 1000)
– Medusa: Fixed Mystic Snake not jumping to magic immune units
– Nature’s Prophet: Fixed being able to use Teleporation while rooted
– Nyx Assassin: Fixed Spiked Carapace charge not getting used when hurt by an invulnerable source
– Razor: Fixed Unstable Current not purging off Repel
– Shadow Fiend: Fixed casting subsequent Shadowrazes being too slow
– Slark: Fixed Shadow Dance passive buff icon updating on hero proximity while dead
– Slark: Fixed Pounce sometimes causing an allied Flaming Lasso to end early.
– Spectre: Fixed Spectre Illusions benefiting from the damage reduction portion of Dispersion
– Tidehunter: Fixed Kraken Shell working while Doomed
– Timbersaw: Fixed Timberchain ending prematurely with Stone Gaze, Diffusal Blade, etc
– Treant Protector: Fixed Living Armor being castable on magic immune allies
– Undying: Fixed Zombie units losing HP with Soul Rip

– Fixed Truestrike causing you to be unable to miss against Towers
– Fixed Roshan missing the final 500 hp/10 dmg upgrade later in the game
– Fixed Backswing behavior with Rupture, Viscous Nasal Goo, Fissure, Decay and Earthshock
– Fixed truesight being unable to be applied to sleeping/invulnerable units
– Fixed Filler buildings having no armor
– Fixed Neutral’s Frost Armor slow affecting magic immune enemies

– Added Quick Cast option to Game menu: causes all abilities to cast immediately upon keypress, targeting the cursor’s current position
– Improved UI feedback and functionality when connection to the DOTA network is lost or has not yet been established.
– Client no longer waits for connection to the DOTA network before allowing access to the UI. Features that do not require this connection are accessible.
– You can now hold control when pinging to send a “caution” ping instead.
– Added Aegis reclaim and Roshan respawn timers to the spectator popups.

– Added Ownage sounds to Storm Spirit, Axe, Nature’s Prophet, and Juggernaut Killing Spree announcers.
– Added distant tower destruction sounds.
– Added Mortal Strike sfx.
– Fixed sync on Freezing Field.

– Fixed bug allowing reports outside of matches in certain contexts
– Players receive an additional report submission if someone they report subsequently receives a communication ban

– Fixed an intermittent crash on some particle effects like medusa’s ultimate

Hero Model Updates

We have a couple of hero model updates for two of the existing older heroes, Puck and Brewmaster.

Brewmaster’s Model Updates

Brewmaster has had some plastic surgery on his face in order to provide more definition.

Comparison Slider


New vs Old – Model Viewer Shots



New vs Old – Model Viewer Shots



Puck’s Model Updates

Puck has had it’s model updated with a redesign of the head.

Comparison Slider


New vs Old – Model Viewer Shots



New vs Old – Model Viewer Shots



New vs Old – Model Viewer Shots



Hero Icon & Portrait Updates

To match up with the modifications to the heroes above their portraits and hero icons have also been updated.

Brewmaster’s Hero Icon & Portrait Updates

New Hero Icon vs Old Hero Icon

brewmaster brewmaster

npc_dota_hero_brewmaster npc_dota_hero_brewmaster

New Portrait vs Old Portrait


Puck’s Hero Icon & Portrait Updates

New Hero Icon vs Old Hero Icon

puck puck

npc_dota_hero_puck npc_dota_hero_puck

New Minimap Icon vs Old Minimap Icon

puck puck

New Portrait vs Old Portrait


Hero Animation Updates

We have a number of animation updates for some existing heroes and more updates to the Radiant melee creep.

Radiant Melee Creep

The Radiant Melee Creep has a new cage rage animation for the second tutorial map.



Riki’s Animation Updates

Riki has a new backstab animation for his Shinobi set.


Skeleton King’s Animations

Skeleton King has a few new attack animations for his new Bonelord set.


UI Updates

We have a bundle of neat UI updates in this week’s patch.

Spectator UI

We have some more updates to the Dota TV spectator experience expanding onto the recent addition of item purchase notifications we now have notifications for the Roshan respawn timer and Aegis expiration timer.


Ingame UI

You can now hold control when pinging to send a “caution” ping instead.


Dashboard UI

The thank you dialog for successful reports has been updated and now makes reference to the fact that you now earn an extra report back if one of your reports resulted in action being taken against the player.


Settings UI

We now have an option to enable “Quick Cast” doing so will allow you to hold down alt and press an ability to immediately cast it where your cursor is placed.


New League Passes

We have a couple of new league passes in this week’s patch.

Alienware Cup – 2013 Season 1

“Na`Vi joins all nine TI3 East teams to compete for a lion’s share of the USD 60,000 prize pool. The 58-78 premium games will be casted by Beyond The Summit and special guests. Sponsored by Alienware and Mastercard. Organized by DPM Interactive.”


DreamHack ASUS ROG Dota 2 Tournament

“DreamHack ASUS ROG Dota 2 Tournament is run on the 15-17th of June at DreamHack Summer 2013, the world’s largest Digitial Festival. 16 teams will fight for 300 000 SEK. The tournament is supported by ASUS ROG and Plantronics GameCom. Casted by Draskyl and Ayesee.”


The International 2013

“Watch the top 16 teams from around the world compete in The International.”


Back End Changes

Updated Strings

Updated strings to reflect the state in which Dota 2 is currently connected.

    "GC_reconnecting"          "Restoring connection to the Dota 2 network..."
    "GC_nosteam"            "Lost connection to Steam"
    "GC_searching"            "Searching for the Dota 2 network..."
    "GC_noconnection"          "Not connected to the Dota 2 network."

Updates to the second tutorial map and quest strings.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_Intro"      "Sniper!  I found you!  The base has come under attack and we need your help.  <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Tidehunter</b></font> was spotted with some creeps attacking the defenses trying to wear us down."

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_CallOver"      "Over here Sniper!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TangoIntro"    "Oh you're a bit low on health.  What have you been up to?  Here, take these <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Tangoes</b></font>.  I've got extras."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TangoUse"      "You can use tangoes to restore some of your health.  Hit <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%!item_tango%</b></font> and then <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>left click</b></font> on a tree."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TangoRestore"    "Using a tango will increase the rate at which your health is restored for a short period.nnLet's go!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_RangedCreep"    "Your <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>ranged weapon</b></font> gives you a bit of an advantage here so you can hide behind your allies."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_RangedLevelTwo"  "There's probably more where he came from.  Explore a bit and see if you turn up a few more creeps to earn enough experience to reach <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>level two</b></font>."

    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_BuyInitialItems"      "Buy all your <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Suggested Starting Items</b></font> from the shop"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_SelectInitialAbility"  "Select your initial <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Ability</b></font>"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_Attack"          "At the river, attack your enemies' <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Mid-Lane Tower</b></font>"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_Defend"          "At the river, defend your <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Mid-Lane Tower</b></font>"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_AttackDefend_Mid"    "Attack enemies two mid-lane towers while defending yours"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_BuyCourier"        "Buy a <font face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Courier</b></font> item"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_YourTower"        "Your mid-lane tower"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_EnemyTower"        "Enemy mid-lane tower"

    "DOTA_Tutorial_Finished_Tutorial02"  "Sniper, you are a true marksman.  Long will your name be remembered!"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_Attack_Success"    "You destroyed your enemies mid-lane tower!"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_Attack_Mid_Success"  "You destroyed your enemies mid-lane towers!"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_Defend_Failure"    "Your mid-lane tower was destroyed by the enemy!"
    "DOTA_Quest_Laning_Defend_Mid_Failure"  "Your mid-lane towers were destroyed by the enemy!"

Compendium Matchmaking tips for a Mouz vs DD game.

    "DOTA_TIP_2013_MM_Blurb_1"    "With Lone Druid and Lifestealer dominating the scene, DD brought 3 very unconventional solutions to the problem: A weaver that can kite the Lifestealer forever, a Razor that can absorb the bear and Lifestealer's damage, and a Treant to make sure no lane feels threatened. Will it be enough?"
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_MM_Rad_1"        "Mouz used the following lanes:nLone Druid Solo BottomnJuggernaut Solo MidnKeeper of the Light and Rubick supporting Lifestealer TopnMouz quickly found out that they had little kill potential in their lanes, but with some good bottle crowing and the right positioning, they were still able to find farm there. Razor's static link proved annoying to Lone Druid, forcing him to resort to pulling and occasionally jungling. Attempts at killing the top trilane failed as the combination of Weaver's shukuchi, living armor and nightmare were enough to stop any aggression and even get some counter kills. Once mid game arrived, Mouz knew they had to burst heroes down fast because DD's lineup was built around highly sustainable heroes, and while they succeeded for a while, a few unfavourable fights put them too far behind to come back successfully, and DD took the game."
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_MM_Dire_1"       "DD used the following lanes:nRazor Solo BottomnQueen of Pain Solo MidnBane, Treant Protector and Weaver TopnDD planned on utilising Razor's static link to impede Lone Druid's farm in the bottom lane, while Weaver farmed against the Lifestealer in top, using Weaver's innate mobility and the support of Treant and Bane to ensure he could win the lane. That plan succeeded, while Queen of Pain also managed to earn a lot of farm against Juggernaut in the middle. Once Bane and Queen of Pain reached level 6, they started to roam and gank Lifestealer and Lone Druid. From midgame and onwards, DD's goal was to extend teamfights as much as possible, with Razor and Weaver being very good at sustained damage, Bane and Treant being good at keeping people alive, and Queen of Pain being good at cleanup. In the end, DD controlled the game and slowly sieged mouz's base to claim victory."

Updates to the first tutorial map’s description.

    "world_map_location_desc_1"    "<i>In a lonely wood lies the camp of Dragon Knight, slayer of the great winged Slyrak, and possessor of skills beyond mortal knowledge. Yet his true potential still lies before him. The time has come for him to take up arms and train for the final battle.</i>"

Progress continues on the unreleased guild system with logo editing and disbanding now being supported.

    "guild_disband"          "Disband Guild"
    "guild_edit_logo"        "Edit Logo"

    "DOTA_GuildEditLogo_Wait_Header"                "Editing Logo"
    "DOTA_GuildEditLogo_Wait"                    "Editing Logo..."
    "DOTA_GuildEditLogo_Error_Header"                "Failed to Edit Logo"
    "DOTA_GuildEditLogo_Error"                    "A problem occurred while attempting to edit the guild logo.  Please try again."
    "DOTA_GuildEditLogo_Error_Upload"                "Failed to upload guild logo."

We have two new hero selection filters, “Solo Mid” and “Offlaner” options.

    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_AdvFilter_SoloMid"    "Solo Mid"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_AdvFilter_Offlaner"  "Offlaner"

Some more strings for the store.

    "Store_Home"        "Featured"

    // Store banners -- also used for Playtab
    "StoreBanner_Header_Compendium"        "The International Interactive Compendium"
    "StoreBanner_Text_Compendium"        "Now includes the Valor HUD Skin, a 125% Battle Bonus, and more!"
    "StoreBanner_Header_ArcticHunter"      "Arctic Hunter Set"
    "StoreBanner_Text_ArcticHunter"        "Knuckles cracked and ready!"
    "StoreBanner_Header_PyrionFlax"        "Pyrion Flax Announcer Pack"
    "StoreBanner_Text_PyrionFlax"        "Boosh!"
    "StoreBanner_Header_Itsy"          "Itsy"
    "StoreBanner_Text_Itsy"            "The eyes have it."
    "StoreBanner_Header_Shagbark"        "Shagbark"
    "StoreBanner_Text_Shagbark"          "His bark is worse than his bite."
    "StoreBanner_Header_SkywrathRetribution"  "Retribution Set"
    "StoreBanner_Text_SkywrathRetribution"    "Listen to your better angels."
    "StoreBanner_Header_Raidcall3"        "RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 3"
    "StoreBanner_Text_Raidcall3"        "Includes exclusive courier, Maximilian the Beetlebear"
    "StoreBanner_Header_CompendiumHUD"      "Stretch Goal 3 Reached, Valor HUD Skin released"
    "StoreBanner_Text_CompendiumHUD"      "Now included with the International Compendium"
    "StoreBanner_Header_HUDSkins"        "HUD Skins now available in The Dota Store"
    "StoreBanner_Text_HUDSkins"          "Choose your look. Share with style."
    "StoreBanner_Header_TuskFrostiron"      "Frostiron Raider Set"
    "StoreBanner_Text_TuskFrostiron"      "From the snowy wilderness!"
    "StoreBanner_Header_CMFrostiron"      "Frostiron Sorceress Set"
    "StoreBanner_Text_CMFrostiron"        "A gift from the great white north."
    "StoreBanner_Header_MedusaForsaken"      "Forsaken Beauty Set"
    "StoreBanner_Text_MedusaForsaken"      "Let her beauty still their breath."
    "StoreBanner_Header_ChenGemmedArmor"    "Gemmed Armor of the Priest Kings Set"
    "StoreBanner_Text_ChenGemmedArmor"      "Bring judgement to your foes!"
    "StoreBanner_Header_EnchantressAspects"    "Aspects of Summer Set"
    "StoreBanner_Text_EnchantressAspects"    "Bask in the sunshine!"

    "Playtab_Quiz_Title"            "The Shopkeeper's Quiz"
    "Playtab_Quiz_Subtitle"            "Test your Dota 2 item knowledge!"

An item will now have an extra tag on when it is renamed or has it description changed.

    "Attrib_Renamed"    "This item has been renamed.nOriginal name: "%s1""
    "Attrib_CustomDesc"    "This item has a user written description."

Tooltip strings for the player cards.

    "DOTA_Tooltip_Player_Card_Favorite_Heroes"    "Tournament Picks in 2013"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_Player_Card_Featured_Match"    "Featured Match ID: %s1"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_Player_Card_Description"      "Name: %s1nAge: %s2nCountry: %s3nRole: %s4"

Unreleased Cosmetic Item Sets

We have a number of new item sets in this week’s patch.

Axe’s Items

The Red Conqueror Set








There is no team in Axe!

Model Viewer Shots




Lina’s Items

The Phoenix Bloodline Set







Model Viewer Shots





Pudge’s Items

Insanity Set



Model Viewer Shots






Skeleton King’s Items

Regalia of the Bonelord Set



Model Viewer Shots




Sniper’s Items

Gunslinger Set

Model Viewer Shots





Treasure of Incandescent Wax

We are now aware of what the contents of the latest community chest holds.





Loot List

The Blood Shard

Skeleton King


In Game Shots


Model Viewer Shots





Model Viewer Shots



Falcon’s Rise

Skywrath Mage


Model Viewer Shots


The Azure Shroud

Skywrath Mage


Model Viewer Shots


Smashing Brawler’s Shirt



Model Viewer Shots



Brawler’s Hard Helm



Model Viewer Shots


Blade of Chaos Incarnate

Chaos Knight


Model Viewer Shots


The Peacebringer



Model Viewer Shots


The Shell Slicer



Model Viewer Shots


Scythe of Pestilence



Model Viewer Shots



Scythe of Sacrifice

Phantom Assassin


Model Viewer Shots



Blade of the Black Rider

Chaos Knight


Model Viewer Shots


Eye of the Eyrie

Skywrath Mage


Model Viewer Shots


Graveheart Staff



Model Viewer Shots



Skywrath Sentinel



Model Viewer Shots


Augury’s Guardian



Model Viewer Shots


Unusual Courier List

The chest will also have a rare chance of unboxing one of the following couriers with a special unusual effect unique to this series of chest.

  • Fearless Badger
  • Enduring War Dog
  • Mighty Boar
  • Morok’s Mechanical Mediary
  • Skip the Delivery Frog
  • Speed Demon
  • Tickled Tegu
  • Baby Roshan
  • Prismatic Drake
  • Cluckles the Brave
  • Nimble Ben
  • Kupu the Metamorpher
  • Porcine Princess Penelope
  • The Llama Llama

Player Cards

We now have a number of new player cards for the unreleased Compendium player card system, can you collect them all and complete your compendium? GOTTA CATCH EM’ ALL.

Player Images

Included in the files is now a shot of almost all of the professional players that will be attending The International 2013 with the exception of a few MIAs still.

LGD Gaming



MIA: Brax



MIA: FATA, paS, qojqva




Invictus Gaming


Team DK

MIA: X!!



MIA: Net, Ohaiyo, kYxY


Team Liquid

MIA: Korok



MIA: EGM, s4, AdmiralBulldog



MIA: TFG, FzFz, Ling, dabeliuteef


Team Dignitas

MIA: Fogged, Aui_2000, Waytosexy, Sneyking


Quantic (aka DD.Dota)



MIA: Banana



MIA: NS, KSi, Crazy, Illidan


Team Zenith

MIA: Ice



MIA: Luo, Icy, NEO


Smeevil Updates

We now have particle effects for the other coloured versions of the Smeevils.

Purple Smeevil Effect


Red Smeevil Effect


Yellow Smeevil Effect


HUD Skin Updates

Some of the older existing HUD skins now have new preview images in order to help the players get an idea of what the HUD looks like before using it. We also have the first set of custom loadscreens as well.






Loading Screen


Frozen Touch





Gear Tooth




Loading Screen


Jungle Ruin





Loading Screen







Loading Screen


Updated Sound Files

We have a number of new sound files in this week’s patch.

Tutorial Map 2 Sound Effects







Tower Distance Sound Effects





UI Sound Effects





Axe Announcer – New Lines














Juggernaut Announcer – New Lines



Nature’s Prophet Announcer – New Lines







Storm Spirit Announcer – New Lines





Pirate Announcer – New Lines











Sniper’s Voice Work – New Lines



Abaddon’s Sound Effects








Skeleton King’s Sound Effects




Materials Update

Abaddon’s Materials

Abaddon’s Cape and Helmet:

abaddon_cape_color abaddon_helm_color

Abaddon’s Mount:


Abaddon’s Weapon:


Other Changes

There is now a “Squid” version of the team base floor plate.


Particles Update

We have no new particle updates for the unreleased heroes.

Predictions For The Next Hero

Yes, this is what Dota 3 looks like.

Dota 2 GIFs

Just a quick message here about a new site I have launched called Dota 2 GIFs. It’s basically going to be a mass archive of all the Dota 2 related (good) GIFs. Feel free to submit your own GIFs through the website.


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        Also, they can still simply bann Abaddon from being picked in ti3, oh well, moron.

        • Yuchi

          That’s not the problem,

          Its the lead up to TI3

          because whilst practicing, the teams will run into players who will play as the new heros and this will in effect force the pros to learn to counter a whole new hero, and will loose valuable time, which they could be spending perfecting their skill…

          That’s my theory at least

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            Because all pro teams practice in PUBS. Yea, right…

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            Playing a game and “practice” are entirely different. Practice games for instance are not streamed in an effort to conceal team strats.

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            Or the new heroes are simply removed from Tournament Format Captain’s Mode and everyone wins. People get to pub with new hero, pros get to finish their biggest tournament of the year with minimal upset.

            Granted, Valve probably has ten thousand things on their plate at the moment and I’m sure making this patch as bug-proof and solid as possible is probably taking the majority of their resources.

          • Steelo

            The game and the champs that aren’t in dota 2 yet have been in dota 1 for years. They should know how to play/counter them.

          • Bara Elang

            the word is HERO not “CHAMP”..

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            This has already been stated before for the retards who cant read (sorry to be mean like that, but this is true): They can release heroes on track even through the International, but they dont for confusion’s sake. During the International, they run on TOURNAMENT MODE, aka tried-and-true Dota 2. Regular games run on LATEST MODE, aka updated Dota 2. Make your own lobby and pick your version, or play a pub game for isntant latest mode.

          • Will

            I agree with your sentiment, but the fact of the matter is Valve has stated no new heroes until after international. They want to focus on making sure the game isnt buggy. We don’t want any headless invoker during TI3 games.

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        They play ” Captain Mode” in TI3 not “All-Pick”, so yeah, new heroes can be played in pub regardless of TI3.

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        His post is a troll, have you not learned this yet?

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    Hi Sir, sorry for the off-topic, but i’m having a problem using Model Viewer (Alien Swarm or CS:GO). It is when i replace files (Step for Notepad++) the result is always 0 occurrence. Because of this, when i load a certain model (.mdl), it appears in a pink and black boxes. I already contact you thru email a couple of times sir. I hope you can help me. I also read some comments about other people having this kind error. Thank you.

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    By the way, stop using quickcast on ixmike! Its just too stronk!

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      • rear

        Well seeing that some of the audioclips is like 3 seconds short makes it impossible for me to lower it before its ended.

        • sasha grey

          Well mate now you know right ? so decrase the volume before pressing play. As simple as this !

          • rear

            Thats one of two problems, you can’t, you need to first press play then lower it, the sound will start playing automatically before you even have time to lower it.

          • Talek R. Julian

            … so lower the volume of your computer….

          • sasha grey

            Lower the volume of your headet ! Oh c’mon seriously -_-

    • Dave

      I have it worse. For me when I click play the soundfiles just simply disappear for no reason and only some of them work. I don’t know if that’s because firefox doesn’t like it, or I need some kind of a plug-in, but it’s annoying as hell.

      • capawesome

        That always happens to me. I can listen to one or two but as soon as one just disappears on me the others go too.

  • Rhenz


  • Mx_Paladin

    Dat Runescape GIF

  • Samaritan

    Really like some of the new cosmetics, especially the new Skeleton King set, makes him look really cool.

    On that note, there are way too many new cosmetics for Doom and PA lately.
    How about something for Troll Warlord?

    • Pyre

      to be fair, most of those items look way better ingame than grabbed out of the modelviewer, that doesn’t support any of the effects or lighting as you have it ingame.

  • yuridam

    no loading screen for compendium HUD?

  • Name

    “player cards”
    Because we all want small pics of ugly pricks.

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      i agree completely.

    • Pepeluza

      you deserve the internet

  • Kappa


  • Wisest Main is Back

    Yay! I was so waiting for another fucking axe for Axe or same looking sniper set!
    Where is Naga’s cuirass? Can you think with your brain instead of your wallet at least once?

    Jayson Pudge seems legit tho.

    Also that gif should buy aganim, it will let you borrow little more time…

  • gforce

    those are pictures taken from last year’s International, that’s why a lot are MIA

  • Ncro

    new puck face sucks

  • gustav steenkamp

    When is this update coming because I didn’t had a update for 2 days now

  • Matthew

    So when does this patch come out?

    • broadway

      its out for the dota 2 test client already. but it will come for the main dota 2 client most likely tomorrow.

  • Derp


    bremaster diffrent is the eyes,what DA FUQ

  • capawesome

    That Sniper set is fucking garbage as is that Bristle shirt. This game is quickly accumulating TF2-style shit items with every patch. I give it a year from now before it looks as stupid as TF2 does now.

    • Pepeluza

      sadly, it looks so.

    • Yautja

      No shit, Sherlock!
      This game was made to be like RagFortress 2 =) (yeap, you read it correct, RagFortress 2).
      Only for cosmetics and random kids playing with no sense at all, everything to the company earns tons of money with crazy fanboys buying tons of cosmetics just to say they are better than you for having it.
      I’m out of this shit, peace for ya.

      P.S.: You give one year? It is already stupid as TF2.

      • Valdar

        It’s really fascinating how guys like you rage about pretty much everything, despite the fact the cosmetic items mean completely nothing in a game like this. Don’t like them? Don’t buy them! Simple as that, don’t start raging about them. The game is free to play, Valve has to get some money from it, so it’s the small bad. Imagine if it would be a pay to win game… Be grateful of the fact that you can play this game for free, have fun playing it, and if those cosmetics make you angry, don’t read the detailed informations about them! Not good for your health 😛
        Anyways, peace out!

        • capawesome

          It’s easier to say don’t buy them but everyone who doesn’t STILL has to see them and that’s why people have a problem with ugly shit like this making it’s way into the game. It seems Valve is slowly starting to look away like they did with TF2 even with their “art guidelines” in place.

        • tyr

          Valve didn’t made them, it’s the community, well so to say the community themselves made dota 2 like this, probably so assholes from dota 1, hon, and lol doesn’t migrate do dota 2, it’s good if most pretentious haters quit dota so we dont have to meet jerks in every match.

    • Dashwolf

      anuxi is the cancer. she made that shirt, along with the other 9 items in that new chest. all disappointing.

      • Fred

        vlad the implyer, the other big workshop guy, made the shirt, and the hat, and even a monocle for bristleback.

        • capawesome

          I can’t stand that guy’s stuff. Not to mention he’s been caught a number of times stealing other artists’ designs.

    • Havocked

      None of these items are officially in. Plenty of times you see stuff like this pop up on cyborgmatts blog but actually never makeit into the game. Lets hope its the same case here.

  • bpb

    Synderen, I would. No homo.

  • Bluxen

    hai sexy

  • Mod Mark

    Matt, you play runescape?

  • Techies.Fan

    But WHERE THE FUCK ARE TECHIES? AND Legion Commander?And Abbadon?

    I mean i KNOW the community has been BEGGING for all these Axe sets, but why doesnt VOLVO actually ignore what the community wants and import some heroes INSTEAD?


    Ded gaem.

    • Ezi

      You know,you ask fo techis so much but the day he realses you will play have a score of 0/24/32 and you will be sorry you ever asked for such a diffcult hero to master so pls stop asking for him you will never use him. and the game isnt dead they still updated

  • Ногамез Мыльцов

    New Puck face is anime shit. Go back to LoL. Most of the cosmetics are for the heroes who already have a lot of items.

  • Pepeluza

    Its just me of the so called “standards” of costemics are close to none nowadays?

    seriously? bristle shirt? BRISTLE ZERG/HEADCRAB HELM?

  • 0verp0wer_BR

    Sweet, the prediction is in another tab…

  • IAmStaka

    the only 2 good items are that skywrath ward and pa’s blade. the others are pure crap :) especially the bristleback items, where do i have to sign to get them removed?

    • VeeTpl

      I swear to God, I feel like initiating a petition to encourage some better quality control in new cosmetics. Problem is that Valve was approving too much of Anuxi’s stuff (even if she’s great at making those; hell, I won the Dazzle set and love it), even made a separate chest series just for her items and she has that tendency of making her submissions too EPIC or with that WOW FACTOR while DOTA2 tries to remain more streamlined and consistent in its artstyle. This set some sort of guideline for other Workshop contributors.
      I had enough of ridiculous cosmetics in LoL and Riot’s absolute lack of taste and pandering to 12-year olds, all fetishes known to man and popcultural refences; DOTA2 doesn’t need that to remain visually interesting. Or even atmospheric, for that matter (I actually do like that).
      As much as I love Valve and their games, the destruction of TF2’s art direction earned a huge disapproval from me on how they handle these cosmetics. But it’s a successful business model that proved to be very profitable – doubt Valve will deviate greatly from it. Still, our voice should be heard.

      • lel


      • Dashwolf

        alot of these items in the new chest belongs to anuxi as well. she is overhyped unfortunately imo. these items in the new chest look plain terrible.

        Anuxi_knight_head -> Smashing Brawler’s Shirt
        Anuxi_knight_armour -> Brawler’s Hard Helm
        Anuxi_knight_OffWeapon -> Blade of Chaos Incarnate
        Anuxi_knight_weap -> The Peacebringer
        Anuxi_knight_tail -> The Shell Slicer
        Anuxi_uni_weapon -> Scythe of Sacrifice
        Anuxi_uni_sleeve -> Blade of the Black Rider
        Anuxi_uni_head -> Eye of the Eyrie
        Anuxi_uni_neck -> Graveheart Staff
        Anuxi_uni_dress -> Ainidul the Eternal

        10 items from the new chest belongs to anuxi, and all of them look terrible. i dont think standards exist anymore

        • mihalceanu

          none of those items are hers , Its just a name that was probably used in the code on her chest ,and they kept it for this one aswell.

          the chaos knight axe is mine actually (and the lina set :D):

          3 of the items are from Vlad the implyer (bristle and the ck sword) and the rest are some other guys from polycount :)

          PS(shameless plug): I’m making a dragon knight set . u can sub on me if interested .


          • Dashwolf

            thanks for clarifying that, because i was pretty flabbergasted seeing those code at the first glance.

  • Ngọc Trần

    Why no luna set ? Feel sad :( :(

  • Captain Planet

    Guz chillax. There won’t be any new heroes till after TI3, if it’s anything like what happened last year with TI2

  • snow232

    That hero prediction… gonna guess it has to do with Abbadon’s ultimate, “Borrowed Time” … somehow.. Matt just likes screwin’ around with us I would like to guess, haha.

  • Salsa

    No Cpt. Bamboo on the box?

  • Cottage

    Inb4 Sniper immortal

  • tonyfarell

    GJ Mr. Cyborgmatt

  • gnegni

    no significant bug fixes, but tons of hats. and they fail with that too releasing garbage:

    worst chest ever, apart for pa, wrath, lich and wards. but still quite meh.
    who need axe or sniper items? holy shit
    give me the old puck back, he was a type, now its a common fkn fairy
    who the fuck designed this doom sword? horrible

  • Steven

    wow too many cry about no new hero?? valve take their time not ur guys
    if u complain no new hero make ur self then??? get a life kid

  • Ishka

    I already miss the old puck :(

    • Kain Nobleman

      yeah there´s something just wrong about this bug eyed one.

      • Ishka

        without the goitre…

  • myk

    For all those who says “DEAD GAME” fuck off! You don’t know how hard it is to conceptualize and fix bugs and reprogram the code. I assume you’re kids who all do is playing and don’t know anything about programming AT ALL…

    If you’re too pissed, then DON’T PLAY DOTA2 and play Barbie instead…

    • dota is ded gg volvo

      ded gaem

    • capawesome

      The Barbie game is Dota 2 by the looks of those cosmetics.

    • Just me

      “reprogram the code”

      What the fuck is this therm? I have degree in programming and work as engineer, yet never heard of such thing. Maybe you ment “code refactoring”?

      Also, ded game.

  • Icefrogmentation

    Can’t wait for Dota 3 and Half Life 3 😛

  • Himn

    Really hope they would bring back the loading screen art.
    For better effect plz let it be done by Kunkka 😛

    • Wisest One

      I wonder how many people think “what does this guy mean?”

    • Kunkka

      I certainly approve of that idea!

  • DisgruntledDotoPlayer

    Stop with the fucking hats and give us our new heroes already, Valve.

  • swagman

    rofl at the triple ixmike

  • maxg64

    Please update the International custom loading screen *-* also thanks for the great work

  • ScarPe

    the argument of “attending ti3″ is bullshit, as they dont have to activate avernus for CM, so the teams wont play him at all.

    i guess he is just not ready yet.

  • René Arturo Cutipa Chambi

    pls, update model sven for retrait

  • teamvolvo

    to those people asking for techies. the problem is that mines have a duration of 8 minutes, whereas the spectator view has an in game lag of 2 mins if im not wrong…. implementing the mines would mean that observers AND commentators could tell players in non-LAN competitions the locations of mines and thus give an advantage to the opposing team (btw commentators can communicate secretly with players through phones or other devices wihout leaving commentating at all)… hence no techies unless a rework or an added duration in the in game lag to observers and spectators, even commentators (which would prolly be impossible

    • Dotanote

      Wards also last longer than 2 mins. OH NO, BETTER REWORK THEM. Silly excuse for not adding techies.

  • Unfawkable

    I need a bigger resolution of that sexy Axe picture… For reasons.

  • Alexei-787

    I hope that Dota 2 don’t update, because Valve want release Abbadon in Saturday =

  • damn

    where are my lovely fnatic heads :(

  • T-Rox

    Good Things:
    Pudge set… and thanks god they changed the Abaddon mount, now i think is a dead horse and not a half chicken.

    Shit things:
    Bristleback items

  • adadad

    ded gaem

  • Miliho

    Anyone else having crash problem when trying to check player profiles from compendium?

  • Kain Nobleman

    Hmm… why does that Squid reminds me of certain Westeros house…?

  • Guest

    no hero release? absolutely disgusting!!

  • DerBarenJude

    Lol old RS Halloween animation <3

  • Me

    i can’t believe it they somehow made puck even more gay now…

  • uTorrent

    where’s the pudge set it isn’t on the store


    Some virgin guy is totally salivating on Anuxi

    • Some Virgin Guy

      Yea, i salvating on her pussy to make it wet, before i put my giant schnitzel inside.

  • Techies

    I’m done with this crap, Time for some console gaming, Cya guys in a month.

  • lovedota2
    • Phoenix

      Medusa is supposed to look ugly my friend. :)

  • Phoenix

    Hi Cyborg. I cannot see any new animation for my Riki Shinobi set. Can you plz tell the difference in the two animations?

  • bunznthighz


  • OkBroYouPro

    New Puck face fucking sucks. She was much cuter before.

  • adadad


  • Hi Im New Here

    [ALLIES] Dota2ProXx: Why Didn’t you join team fight??????
    [ALLIES] IHateDota2: Because I hate looking at you items
    [ALLIES] Dota2ProXx: Zzz

  • Raziel

    I love red smeevil, but i hate that stupid mammoth. Sigh*

  • Spyro Flux

    What the fuck is that Bristleback shirt? He looks like a pregnant woman.

  • Leo

    If the Incandescent Chest series was supposed to have an unusual effect for couriers which is unique for this series, then how come all hell has broken loose and people are getting all sort of new couriers with previous unusual effects????? this has absolutely ruined the trading arena :(

  • Wei

    That doom’s sword is obviously copied from world of warcraft, and is one of the most famous weapon in that game. How can valve doesnt know that?! Pls fix it after I get one, so that I can have another immortal item.

  • Dazzlator!

    Legion Commander???

  • Tod

    Pudge guts – will DC hook still have a bone chain or will it get the gut effect?