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In the build up to the third International Dota 2 tournament Valve has now added an Interactive Compendium which is a virtual passport that keeps you up to date with The International and gives you unprecedented access to the tournament as it develops. You can view the full announcement here.


The Interactive Compendium


“Use the International 2013 Interactive Compendium to keep up to date on this year’s tournament action. Includes a free Smeevil courier.”

The Book

Purchasing the Interactive Compendium will add a new section to your player player, clicking this button will launch an ingame digital copy of the compendium.


Hitting the button will launch the book which you will have to physical turn the pages with using your mouse in the bottom right corner.







Player Profiles

So I heard you like stats…


Interactive Predictions

Compete with other fans for fun and bragging rights by predicting match outcomes and stats.





All Star Match

Vote for 10 of your favorite players from any team and the winners will play in a showmatch at The International.


Upgrade Your Smeevil

As the tournament evolves, so too will your courier. Reveal new features for your courier by spectating The International matches, granting you new ways to customize its appearance and show off to your friends.


International Prize Pool

The $1.6 million prize pool for The International is now just the beginning. For every purchase of an Interactive Compendium, 25% of the price will go directly into the prize pool.


The compendium also has stretch goals to reward players for their support:

Stretch Goal – International Battle Booster

“Use this item to increase the rate at which you earn Battle Points by 125% until the end of the International. Additionally, you will grant other players a stacking 25% bonus to their Battle Points rate.”


More Coming Soon

The Compendium is a living document. From the Qualifiers to the Grand Finals, it will continually grow and evolve as The International progresses, adding new prizes, new polls, and new ways to interact with the tournament.


The Smeevil Courier

“Tis said among artisan and warrior alike that there is no finer servant than a trusty smeevil.  However, a hero who chooses a smeevil as their courier may soon find these clever critters taking new forms in order to gain assistants of their own. Inspired by the great battles they bear witness to, a smeevil may become emboldened to press ever more exotic beasts to their cause.”


As the tournament evolves, so too will your courier. Reveal new features for your courier by spectating The International matches, granting you new ways to customize its appearance and show off to your friends.



Standard Courier – Model Viewer Shots






Standard Courier – In Game Shots







Flying Courier – Model Viewer Shots





Flying Version – In Game Shots






Courier Upgrades

Similar to some of the previous tournament couriers, Smeevil will track the amount of International games you have watched and will upgrade the courier’s effect based on the amount of games you have watched. For those of you that won’t be able to catch the games live you will be able to watch the replays in order to increase your total games viewed count.

PS: Watching the qualifier games will also count to this view count.


There will also be the possibility of unlocking a range of different colours for your Smeevil courier.





Watching The International – Dota TV

As always Dota TV access for the International will be free and available to everyone who owns a copy of Dota 2 or the Dota 2 Spectator client however owners of the compendium will also have the opportunity to receive International 2013 item drops during live matches, these item drops will be active starting with the Western qualifiers and running all the way throughout the rest of the qualifiers and main tournament.


Available Now

The International 2013 Interactive Compendium is available now in the Dota 2 store for $9.99/£5.99/€7.99 and comes with a free Smeevil courier which is ready to use straight away.


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  • Okoo

    Awesome! Another great idea from Valve! gj!

  • kachunka

    courier looks a bit crappy really :(

    • John

      It’s going to evolve. It’ll look better but I actually quite like the look right now

  • skeleton dick

    yolo swaggins

  • Shomy

    Does anybody knows would be Dota 2 Internation free for watch via Steam?

    • Havocked

      Yes it is free just like last year. you can even watch the the international WITHOUT a Beta key.

      • Joseph Wilson

        Who does not have a beta key?

        • Havocked

          Youll be suprised. Lol.

      • Shomy

        Nicee,thank you, Yea,I know that the International 2012 was enabled live streaming for any steam user.

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      in dota2 everything is free and without any BUGS…………….

  • njardiss

    Matt, do you think Valve will let tournament organizers make their own compendiums for their tournaments?

    • Bot

      unlikely. The compendium shows up in your profile on the right side, which pushes all the other stuff down.

      • njardiss

        Shouldn’t be a problem to make another way to access your compendium(s).

    • Dota 2 :D

      I wish they will combine their self made compedium all into that international compedium so it’s all in one and fans won’t be busy buying too much thing and it won’t be scammed while trading

    • Dota 2 :D

      They had Pennant,maybe they can have a feature about adding pennant into that book and it would activate another courier form or what

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    dat Kappa cannot be unseen

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      Which Kappa?

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        The ONE Kappa?

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    Too bad courier looks like sh*t,otherwise good job

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      this curier sucks, if it was a pokemon i will never spend a single pokebal on it.

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        and with all that it looks better than most lol champions hahaha.

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  • Yoshi

    Question, how long do you have to be in the game for it to register as you watching the match?

    • robby sonnenberg

      If you’re in-game and watching a match, you should be counted as a viewer right away I would have to assume.

      • AernociV

        You need to watch whole game or “just highlights” to count as a game watched.

    • CrazyGitar

      You’ll be registered at any point but you can only qualify to get the random drops if you’re spectating at the time the drop occurs. E.g. if you join the game after first blood, you won’t have a chance to get the item that drops then but if there is a multi-kill later on you’ll have a chance to receive that drop.

      Hope that makes sense!

    • AernociV

      You need to watch the highlights by pressing the “watch highlights” button to count as viewed match.

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    Love this idea!

  • Havocked

    Okay time to ask this question:
    Are you Icefrog?
    OR do you work for Valve as a PR person?

    Im starting to really believe the latter

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      he is cyborgfrog icematt

  • dhg

    do you have to have the courier equipped while watching a match for it to register games viewed?

    • Jonathan

      Nope, not at all, it just has to be in your backpack :)

  • whaleye

    this blog is just ads for VALVe now. Good job selling out cyborg

    • Anon

      It’s just information, not advertisement. Thanks to Cyborgmatt, now I know what that item really is (and I’m not buying it btw).

      • I said JUST Koko


    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      cyborg sold his ass to valves good hard payment !!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikko

    Hey… so, will the smeevil get mounts too if you watch many games? cuz it says something about exotic beasts in its description

  • ekze

    Hey! That’s was my prediction for West qual! ^^

  • Jake

    Drodo the Druffin is ten times better than that…….

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  • Jaredok

    Matt, could you check new patch in HL2E2?

    It has size ~ 6GB!

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    Matt the troll..
    I actually went looking for TECHIES in the prediction pool… damn!

    • Danny Divo

      It wasn’t really there? I thought it meant techies will be available by the time TI started. Damn.

  • OnlyDarkness

    Really interesteing features. Any idea of how the courier will evolve? I’m thinking of buying it first thing tomorrow.

  • Ivan Costa

    what is the meaning of customize courier? it is his color or what?

  • chris

    lol goblin techies

  • gifMaker

    Hey Smeevils,the greevils calls & they want their jobs back.

  • grui4

    stretch goals are soo lame my slightest desire to buy it went under the bus

  • Алексей Серов

    Most Picked Hero: Techies… May be Valve want to release ALL HEROES to The International 3?

    • STR3AM

      thats not gonna happen – they will release just like 1 or 2 heros till then because the teams have to train with them

    • Skorpan

      That’s not entirely impossible.

  • Lolshto

    when International Battle Booster will be available?

    • mos

      its available now
      i have a bb for 95days

  • bluxen

    wtf mine is legendary not immortal :C

  • PelleParafin

    I wonder if the courier will be unobtainable after the international, if it isn’t this might be a good investment.

  • Lex

    I think valve now take a good play at this new kind of item. New cour, etc. Congrats

  • Seviper45

    Is the compendium gonna be sold out??

    • Gorn Moody

      Unless there is a 400k limit so the stretch goals get reached then probably no.

  • rubey

    Cyborgmatt confirmed for TOPIT ZA DREDUHU!

  • anonymous

    why i cant opened the other page..
    its stuck at page which has written dota 2 international
    and if i click again.. book its closed 😐

  • SoundStage

    I think there must be a special symbol on everyone’s profile who owns a compendium inside the dota 2 client just to “brag”.

  • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

    smeevil ugly shit

  • KevinTurtle

    Change goal 3 ! we dont have 400k dota players to buy compendium 😐

  • mbloom

    Do you have to watch the games live to get the item drops? I’d imagine so but just making sure.

    • Random

      you imagine right

  • Sergio Gabriel Fruto

    Hey guys, one question. Can I buy the Compendium and send it as a gift to a friend ?


    • Slark

      Yes it is tradeable.

      • Sergio Gabriel Fruto

        Awesome! I´ll probably buy it for a friend then.

  • InspectorBridarshy

    So if Valve sells 400,000 units, and meets the goal for tier 3, total revenues that aren’t going to the prize pool will be 3 million. Heck, I think they can pay for the whole TI3 with the revenues from this digital item.

  • Dota_greaterthan_lol

    Im not sure how this works ..
    ” however owners of the compendium will also have the opportunity to receive International 2013 item drops during live matches ”

    do i have to check my backpack after matches ?

    how will i see what I won ?

    • Random

      the same way it is every tournament.. each time there is a multikill, first blood or won match a random spectator out of the thousands watching gets an item, his name is also announced on the screen..

      • Dota_greaterthan_lol

        only 1 Random book buyer out of “X” will get an item ?

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    • yoloswaggins

      click and drag, should be a little crease on the bottom right

  • Hawkie

    Does the International 2013 battle bonus stack with other battle bonuses?

  • spawn

    I’ve got question, do i get courier and battle bonus after clicking/using compedium first time or does it appear in my backpack after i buy it, im asking because i wanna trade some keys for it but i dont know if someone can cheat and give me just a book without courier and battle bonus

    • Aernociv

      If you trade for Compedium you get the whole pack. Courier and 95 days BB (starting now) will be in your backpack after you activate it. And the book disolves from backpack and permanently goes to your Dota Profile.

  • Garmega

    The courier gets stuff unlocked as more matches are observed. What about the people going physically? Are they going to automatically unlock everything and if not how are they going to keep track of our attendance?

  • Kevin Do

    Hi, if you trade to get a compendium do you get the courier and the bonuses as well? Thanks

    • mos

      yes , ofc

      • Kevin Do

        Thanks, I’ve been hearing that you only get the courier but the battle bonus goes to the original buyer. Possible bug?

  • Chris Hansen

    do i get battle bonus from getting the book by trading / dota2lounge?

    • Alivelqlq

      You actually get the battle bonus when you activate the book (with that action you get the courier and the book disappears and then appears in your profile. =)

  • KeanHuang Cheah

    so people who own the team pennant will no longer get item drop on live match? fkkkkkk

  • kimosabe83

    Any idea why Valve has changed the tag of the TI2013 Smeevil from ‘Immortal’ to ‘Legendary’?

  • mos

    They Reached the Goal 1 , BattleBonus are given .

  • Darthdevil

    Anybody knows if you can spectate matches live in the client or do you need a ticket for that ? If you need a ticket , how can i improve the number of spectated games if i cant spectate ?

    • Nicholas Wong

      TI3 will be FREE. no ticket purchase necessary.

  • Alexo Wolff

    im beggar, somebody ca gift me 1 of this??

  • Swing

    wanna ask the best effect of a courier is set to 100 view right?? more than that oso wont bring any nicer effect on it right?

  • Oni Neko

    Hey, I have a question if u don’t mind answering… :] My husband bought me the compendium, but it’s written underneath that you can only trade it after may 17, is there any other way to trade it? ;]

    Thanks a lot ^____^

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  • Owl

    Guys how and where can I find free Dota2 tv for views to my smeevil?

    • Kahmu

      You watch the matches insode your DotA2 client once they’re up, like spectating any usual games.

  • Rui Gomes


    • Kahmu

      You can’t

  • AernociV

    Guys VOTE THIS UP so that more of you know !!
    Dont get the courier in trading (get the Compedium) because you need the Book to customize your courier as you watch games with it. The courier customization is INSIDE the book … so unless you have it, will be stuck with the basic form of Smeevil, no matter how many games you watch with it.

  • SM

    Will there be an update this week?

    • Kahmu

      There will be.
      Patience, my son.

  • Luffydude

    Cyborgmatt both of your qualifier predictions suck

  • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

    @CYBORGMATT, isn’t that Smeevil the one who appeared in your blog post last year?

    you said it was a pet, some thought it was gonna be a free pet like the Greevils except this appeared on your blog post when Frostivus is getting updated.

    or is this different from that one??

  • dante

    This item is not available in the store at this time.

    • AntoxaGray

      temporary bug

      try from browser

  • AntoxaGray

    My personal contribution to prize is $92.5 ( 0.0000526% )

  • Dota 2 :D

    matt,can i get item drops from watching replays?

  • Dota 2 :D

    Matt,what do u think about the prize pools? will it reach pass the second one?


    My question is: Do you need the compendium in order to customize your smeevil courier in the future?

    • Eco

      Yes, inside the compendium one page is dedicated to modified yoour smeevil

  • Paulo Dela Peña

    Hi! can i ask a question? So, i bought a compendium then i want to sell the courier for another item… then i buy another smeevil courier to another person…will it still take the effect on the smeevil? or can i still customize it? thanks

  • Dota 2 :D

    Guys,it’s gonna be reaching the second goal,which rumor that the courier will either have a mount or some special effects,now that prize pool in USD was $ 1,847,872
    …’s going to 1,850,000

    Though its a good news that its about increasing 20 to 30 of compedium purchased per 2 seconds on this busy moment

  • anonym

    Compendium Courier gains additional stages
    anyone see the different after the 2nd stretch is goal?

  • Curious Black

    I have opened 2 compendium and have 2 smeevil
    If I watch a game will 2 of them have the view or just 1?

  • Malfegor

    Will I be able to watch The International 2013 when I have compendium or I will need any ticket for it? I want get watched games for smeevil, so…

  • ConfusedOne

    So what’s the point of pennants if the compendium also gives makes it so that you can get drops when viewing international games?

  • petr

    Failed to connect to server? why ? so?

  • Failed to connect to server?? whyyy?? soo?

  • Deo Vincent De Guzman

    hi can u still get item prizes even if its replay? cuz we cant watch well with the schedule.. its like 3AM starting here

  • Bai Hu

    If the predcition part is correct, will there be any prizes???

  • whybother

    Why are the games so against people that work?

  • Galafa

    How many games do you need to watch to get upgrades on the courier?

  • Nxmee

    they have reached the 2m prize but i haven’t received it, what’s up with that?

  • Iulian Pantaze

    I bout the compendium and i can’t find it on my dota profile… Can somebody help me???

    • Mario


  • Imran Adzman

    Question here. If I buy the Compendium now, would I have all the things that had been unlocked before I buy it? Like HUD, courier and stuff.

  • Icenlord

    Does anyone know if those taunts are one time use or spammable?

  • Mehmet Akın Sarıca

    if i buy now, shall i get taunts and etc. ?

  • tamulaya

    how many times can i watch a match using the compendium? newbie here

  • Dennis

    So, I went ahead and bought a second compendium coz I wanted another one of the new immortal items. Seems I can’t activate it, what do? :S