Dota 2 8th May Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived bringing the much demanded Solo queue feature which allows players to queue avoiding the chance of running into pre-made parties along with other hidden goodies. You can view the full changelog here.


Front End Changes

New Cosmetic Store Items

This week’s Dota 2 patch has added a single new set to the store, the first item set for Tusk.

Tusk’s Items

The Arctic Hunter Set









Model Viewer Shots










Solo Matchmaking

In an effort to improve the matchmaking experience Valve have now added a new option that has been in demand for a while. It is a solo matchmaking option that allows you to queue up and be matched with other solo queue players avoiding the chance of running into pre-made parties like the normal matchmaking queue has at the moment.


New League Passes

Another League Pass was bundled in with this week’s patch, it is currently missing ticket artwork.

Dota 2 Super League

“Ten top teams from home and abroad compete for two months in Shanghai, China for a total prize pool of 1.05 million yuan.”

Awaiting Artwork.

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

More updates to the tutorial map 2 strings.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_BridgeOut"    "Tidehunter got away.  He was out of range of your normal attacks but your <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>ultimate ability</b></font> has much longer range.  We'll need some more experience...nnOh!  This way!"

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TeleportBlock"  "Seems as though the way back is blocked.  Suspicious.  No matter, we can <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>teleport</b></font> our way out of here!nnTo do that though we'll need to upgrade the courier to a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Flying Courier</b></font> so we can get the item!nnGo ahead and upgrade the courier."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TeleportBuy"    "Now we'll need a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Town Portal Scroll</b></font> from the shop."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TeleportCourier"  "Now have the courier bring it to you using the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Deliver Items</b></font> button."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TeleportChannel"  "With the courier on its way, there's something you need to know about teleporting.  Town Portal Scroll is a <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>channeled</b></font> spell so you need to stand still while using it.  If you move, it will cancel the cast."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TeleportUse"    "Use the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Town Portal Scroll</b></font> by hitting <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%!item_tpscroll%</b></font> and then <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>left-click</b></font> the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>tower</b></font> on the minimap."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TeleportCenter"  "Center the view on yourself by hitting <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%+dota_camera_follow%</b></font> twice or use the <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>minimap</b></font>.nnI better get a move on!"

The unreleased “New Player Pool” has been renamed to “Limited Heroes”.

    "game_mode_13"                        "LIMITED HEROES"

More strings for the unreleased guild system, references to guilds having multiple user roles, offices & members.

    "guild_founded_date"      "Founded %s1"    

    "guild_roster_role_gm"      "Guild Leader"

    "guild_member_usermenu_promote_guild_leader"  "Promote to Guild Leader"
    "guild_member_usermenu_promote_officer"      "Promote to Guild Officer"
    "guild_member_usermenu_demote_officer"      "Demote to Guild Officer"
    "guild_member_usermenu_demote_member"      "Demote to Guild Member"
    "guild_member_usermenu_kick"          "Remove from Guild"
    "guild_member_usermenu_disband"          "Disband Guild"

Guild response strings.

    "DOTA_GuildInviteResponse_Success_Header"  "Invite Accepted"
    "DOTA_GuildInviteResponse_Success_Message"  "You are now a member of %s1!"

    "DOTA_GuildInviteResponse_Failure_Header"          "Accepting Invitation Failed"
    "DOTA_GuildInviteDeclineResponse_Failure_Header"      "Declining Invitation Failed"
    "DOTA_GuildInviteResponse_Failure_Message"          "Unknown error.  Please try again."
    "DOTA_GuildInviteResponse_Failure_Message_NoPermission"    "You do not have permission to join %s1."
    "DOTA_GuildInviteResponse_Failure_Message_Too_Many_Guilds"  "You are already a member of the maximum allowable number of guilds."
    "DOTA_GuildInviteResponse_Failure_Message_TooManyMembers"  "%s1 is already at the maximum number of members."

    "DOTA_GuildPromote_Confirm_Header"        "Confirm Guild Promotion"
    "DOTA_GuildPromoteLeader_Confirm_Message"    "Promote %s1 to Guild Leader of %s2?"
    "DOTA_GuildPromoteOfficer_Confirm_Message"    "Promote %s1 to Officer of %s2?"

    "DOTA_GuildPromote_Success_Header"        "Promotion Successful"
    "DOTA_GuildPromoteLeader_Success"        "Successfully promoted %s1 to Guild Leader of %s2."
    "DOTA_GuildPromoteOfficer_Success"        "Successfully promoted %s1 to Officer of %s2."
    "DOTA_GuildDemoteOfficer_Success"        "Successfully demoted %s1 to Officer of %s2."
    "DOTA_GuildDemoteMember_Success"        "Successfully promoted %s1 to Member of %s2."

    "DOTA_GuildKick_Success_Header"          "Removal successful"
    "DOTA_GuildKickMember_Success"          "Successfully removed %s1 from %s2."

    "DOTA_GuildDisband_Success_Header"        "Disband Successful"
    "DOTA_GuildDisband_Success"            "You have disbanded %s1"

    "DOTA_GuildDemote_Confirm_Header"        "Confirm Guild Demotion"
    "DOTA_GuildDemoteOfficer_Confirm_Message"    "Demote %s1 to Officer of %s2?"
    "DOTA_GuildDemoteMember_Confirm_Message"    "Demote %s1 to Member of %s2?"

    "DOTA_GuildKick_Confirm_Header"          "Confirm Guild Removal"
    "DOTA_GuildKick_Confirm_Message"        "Remove %s1 from the guild %s2?"

    "DOTA_GuildDisband_Confirm_Header"        "Confirm Guild Disband"
    "DOTA_GuildDisband_Confirm_Message"        "Really disband %s1?nnNo Guilds will be able to use this Guild's name in the future.nnTHIS IS A PERMANENT ACTION AND CAN NOT BE UNDONE."

    "DOTA_GuildRoleChange_Success_Header:"          "Success"

    "DOTA_GuildRoleChange_Failure_Header"          "Failed to change Guild role"
    "DOTA_GuildRoleChange_Failure_Message"          "Unknown error.  Please try again."
    "DOTA_GuildRoleChange_Failure_Message_NoPermission"    "You do not have permission to perform this role change."
    "DOTA_GuildRoleChange_Failure_Message_NoOtherLeader"  "You cannot change to that role because there is no other Guild Leader."

Solo match strings.

    "findsolomatch"                        "FIND MATCH SOLO"
    "find_solo_match_description"                "Find a match consisting of other players who have all queued without being in a party."

    "dota_finding_match_solo"                    "Finding solo match... [%s1]"

The International 2013 Assets

We now have a copy of all the logos for the teams that will be taking part in TI3 & the TI3 qualifiers.

Team Logos

absolutelegends alliance

dddota dignitas

dk eg

empire firstdeparture

fnatic iccup

ig lgd

lgdint liquid

mineski mithtrust

mousesports mufc

navi neolution

orange qpad

rattlesnake risingstars

roxkis tongfu

vici vp



One of the test pennants has returned to the files which suggests that the pennant system may be returning for TI3.


pennant_team416900  pennant_team416900_icon

Tutorial Map 2 Assets

We have a number of new assets and props for the second tutorial map.






































Unreleased Custom HUDs

We have a number of unreleased custom HUDs from the Workshop community now in the files.

Deepest Depths

“Within the coldest depths one must be clever and adaptable, or become food for one that is.”


In Game Preview (Click to enlarge):



“The thrum of war, the stomp of hooves, the bloodstained earth, grim forces move.”


In Game Preview (Click to enlarge):


Tempest Wing

“Those who fail the skies face nothing but a very long fall.”


In Game Preview (Click to enlarge):


Acid Essence

“This new item has no description.”


In Game Preview (Click to enlarge):


Frozen Touch

“This new item has no description.”


In Game Preview (Click to enlarge):



“This new item has no description.”


In Game Preview (Click to enlarge):



“This new item has no description.”


In Game Preview (Click to enlarge):


Treasure of the Malignant Amanita

The 5th Dota 2 Community supported Workshop chest now has a loot list and is unboxable.


Loot List

The Cursed Crescent


Hammer of the Skygods




Stalwart Sentinel


Eye of Omoz


The Tear of Agony


Unreleased Heroes Update

We have some more references towards one of the current unreleased heroes, Legion Commander.

Legion Commander

The default hero parts for Legion Commander are now in the schema which suggests she could possibly be close to completion.

  "name"    "Legion Commander Helmet"
  "prefab"    "default_item"
  "item_type_name"    "#DOTA_WearableType_Helmet"
  "item_name"    "#DOTA_Item_Legion_Commander_Helmet"
  "item_slot"    "head"
  "item_description"    "#DOTA_Item_Desc_Legion_Commander_Helmet"
  "image_inventory"    "econ/testitem_slot_empty"
    "npc_dota_hero_legion_commander"    "1"
  "model_player"    "models/heroes/legion_commander/legion_commander_head.mdl"
  "name"    "Legion Commander Shoulders"
  "prefab"    "default_item"
  "item_type_name"    "#DOTA_WearableType_Shoulder_Armor"
  "item_name"    "#DOTA_Item_Legion_Commander_Shoulders"
  "item_slot"    "shoulder"
  "item_description"    "#DOTA_Item_Desc_Legion_Commander_Shoulders"
  "image_inventory"    "econ/testitem_slot_empty"
    "npc_dota_hero_legion_commander"    "1"
  "model_player"    "models/heroes/legion_commander/legion_commander_shoulders.mdl"
  "name"    "Legion Commander Banners"
  "prefab"    "default_item"
  "item_type_name"    "#DOTA_WearableType_Back_Banners"
  "item_name"    "#DOTA_Item_Legion_Commander_Banners"
  "item_slot"    "back"
  "item_description"    "#DOTA_Item_Desc_Legion_Commander_Banner"
  "image_inventory"    "econ/testitem_slot_empty"
    "npc_dota_hero_legion_commander"    "1"
  "model_player"    "models/heroes/legion_commander/legion_commander_back.mdl"
  "name"    "Legion Commander Weapon"
  "prefab"    "default_item"
  "item_type_name"    "#DOTA_WearableType_Sword"
  "item_name"    "#DOTA_Item_Legion_Commander_Weapon"
  "item_description"    "#DOTA_Item_Desc_Legion_Commander_Weapon"
  "image_inventory"    "econ/testitem_slot_empty"
    "npc_dota_hero_legion_commander"    "1"
  "model_player"    "models/heroes/legion_commander/legion_commander_weapon.mdl"
  "name"    "Legion Commander Bracers"
  "prefab"    "default_item"
  "item_type_name"    "#DOTA_WearableType_Bracers"
  "item_name"    "#DOTA_Item_Legion_Commander_Bracers"
  "item_slot"    "arms"
  "item_description"    "#DOTA_Item_Desc_Legion_Commander_Bracers"
  "image_inventory"    "econ/testitem_slot_empty"
    "npc_dota_hero_legion_commander"    "1"
  "model_player"    "models/heroes/legion_commander/legion_commander_arms.mdl"

Materials Update

We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes.

Particles Update

We have no new particle updates for the unreleased heroes.

Predictions For The Next Hero

Duel of the Dotes

International Interactive Compendium

In case you missed it earlier this week I made a blog post with some information regarding the new Interactive Compendium, full details here:


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    1.- man arrives at Mars
    2.- is developed a cure for cancer
    3.- no hint of Techies

    • capawesome

      4. People still whining about Techies.

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        How about Valve start listening to the community and release Techies then?

        • Ariks

          How about picking a real hero then ?

          • Stiko

            How about not prettending to be hardcore skilled (whilst you pretty much are quite the opposite) towards people who are simply demaning one of the subjectively most funny heroes in DOTA, you tryhard?

          • Ariks

            Why don’t you go play with bots if you want to be the only one having fun and to ruin the experience for 9 other players (as well as making the game last a minimum of 50 min) you douchebag ?

          • norl_

            wait…did you even play a game with techies in it yet?

          • Taurin

            IceFrog has even said that he was questioning whether he even wanted to add techies to Dota 2. Techies alone ruined pubs in Dota 1. Any other low win-rate hero at least discourages people from picking them if they don’t know how to play them, people don’t care if they suck with Techies, they’ll keep repicking him again and again, and lose their team games in the process. He isn’t being tryhard, he probably just doesn’t want to see Dota 2 become a shitfest.

          • CountBale

            How dare people practice a hero that they enjoy playing?

          • Dan Mikita

            Techies can be played legitimately. I win most games with Techies and I never spend any skill points for his suicide ability. It all comes down to placing your mines appropriately. And don’t forget that techies’ mines can be countered easily with a gem or sentrys. The invisibility of his mines is not much different than just a invisible hero.

          • squall_boy25

            yup read this too, hopes he goes ahead with it. Techies ruins the game and the fun for everyone in the room.

          • shufly16

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    • Duke Kingman – Lord of Gods

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    that gif used in the prediction for next hero.
    just by scrolling to that gif you can already see the word ‘Duel’ which is the ulti of Legion Commander.

    • LG Rodrigues

      Once again, you guys didn’t get it, it is in fact a duel, but beetween Legion and Abaddon (In this case Sub-Zero) which means anyone of them can come out first, that if we don’t get a double release, which would be awesome in my opinion

  • Gull

    Seems obvious enough that they’re not going to release any hero until the end of I3 :/

    • Gull

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      Not that much sure now

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    1, Legion commander [ release date May 30 ]

    2, Abbadon [ June ]

    3, Abyssal Underlord [ July ]

    no more heroes release date By August because 2013 dota 2 International

    4, Phoenix

    5, Soul Keeper

    6, Ember Spirit

    7, Winter Wyvern

    2014 release hero

    8, Techies

    9, Arc Warden

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      techies will be last IMO.

      • Rainbowguy

        i guess your name explains it.
        i heard icefrog has problems balancing techies/phoenix so yeah

        • orcokiller

          the only way to rebalance techies is changing all his skills. DON’T BALANCE HIM PLEASE

          • FLShift

            how do you know!

          • Cake

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          • Bayandur Pogosyan

            The cake is a lie.

          • Enrique Rosales

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    • CountBale

      I feel like they will release Terrorblade before TI3, maybe in place of Pit Lord? Since TB is in Captains Mode and Pit Lord isn’t…

    • Dr. One

      You’re too optimistic dude, we’ll be lucky if we get just LC before TI3.

      • LG Rodrigues

        No way, if you look at past years we always get a lot of heroes between may and july. We should get at least 4 heroes I think until TI3

        • HeLiOn

          More things came up. Lots of items added, lots of features, lots of bugs. It was easier when they only had to work on heroes. Things escalated.

          • Derrick James McKain

            They? It isn’t a single team working on a bunch of things. The team that works on heroes has always been working on heroes and mostly only heroes, nothing has changed. The net team just got bigger..

          • Ganjalf

            Yes. They’ve got people for each of these things, believe me

    • TrueNoob
      • Toal

        knowing Valve I’m sure they took the “most picked hero” if it is not in the game will be added just sayin’

    • NoSwagfag

      I think abbadon and legion will be a double release b/c the gif shows abbadon as subzero and the GIF highlighting legions ult duel.O and I think ember will be after techies

    • Synth

      Hand me Xin and I will hold to you the screams of ten thousand people in unison at the end of pub games.

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      this didn’t really happened like you thought it would be.
      Legion Commander or Abaddon will be released in June and July.
      Abyssal Underlord will be on August or September since August is TI3.

  • DragonGuard

    really? legion commander? I had hoped for Abaddon first.

    • Tatan Muñoz Silva

      you didnt understand, is a “duel” between legion commander and “Frozen” Abaddon…thats why is subzero.. in other words can be eighter… or both.

  • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

    players bought compedium with smeevil cause it was immortal only to find out that they were scummed by valve that changed it to legendary. faking valve mafia.

    • L3ros

      You can’t buy immortals, that’s the point of them being immortal, it’s probably going to change after the international

    • ChiggerLemon

      who cares loser it’s a bunch of fucking pixels that do nothing but look different

      • PelleParafin

        Such a fucking retarded argument fit for under developed idiots to say it’s ”just a bunch of pixels”.

        • gotufool

          well they r

          • PelleParafin

            They are novelty items, those ”fucking pixels” can be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

    • corin.rodger

      they will be immortal after tournament.

      • joh joh

        they will only be immortal, IF people reach the 2.6 mil goal

        • PelleParafin

          The immortal item is an entirely different item, not a courier ”upgrade”. Just because it goes from legendary to immortal doesn’t make it any more worth because just as many people have the courier.

    • PelleParafin

      Don’t worry about it, I’d buy it again just because of the RIDICULOUSLY good 3 month battle bonus. I need 3-4 matches if they are long enough to level up.

      Also, if the courier is unobtainable after the international (which is very likely) it will pay for itself in that way too, there are also more goals to unlock and you can get items when watching the international matches.

  • Brunobps

    the malignat amanita treasure not open with the key >:/// , wtf?

    • Kylar Stern

      Yea, came here wondering about that too..

      • Brunobps

        why =(

        • iddqd

          they didn’t reveal the contents either.

          • Kylar Stern

            Cyborg Matt just revealed them in this post though?

          • iddqd

            usually, chests that can be unboxed don’t say “???” for contents. just sayin’

          • PelleParafin

            Every chest said ”???” when you peek into it until the keys were introduced in the store.

          • iddqd

            This one said “???” even after.
            They finally figured out that the chest was borked and fixed it a few hours later.

  • angry_man

    Why goomba chests no open? I pay mony for goomba dicks and they not do nothing. GG valve.

  • SoundStage

    What about this year’s International couriers? They should start dropping right from qualifiers right?

  • Penguins-Aurora Got Faces

    May 17 / 24 – LC
    May 31 / June 7 – Abba
    June 14 / 28- AU
    June 28 / July – Techies


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  • orcist

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  • orcist

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  • orcist

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