Dota 2 23rd May Patch – Content Analysis

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      1. Front End Changes
        1. Changelog
        2. Hero Portrait Updates
          1. Vengeful Spirit
        3. Hero Animation Updates
          1. Phantom Assassin’s Animations
          2. Weaver’s Animations
        4. New Cosmetic Store Items
          1. Beastmaster’s Items
          2. Chaos Knight’s Items
          3. Clinkz’s Items
          4. Leshrac’s Items
          5. Lycanthrope’s Items
          6. Phantom Assassin’s Items
          7. Razor’s Items
          8. Rubick’s Items
          9. Weaver’s Items
        5. New Cosmetic Custom Couriers
          1. Maximilian the Beetlebear
          2. Yonex’s Rage
          3. Shagbark
        6. New League Passes
          1. RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 3
          2. Dota 2 Canada Cup
          3. American Dota League
        7. Visual Updates
        8. UI Updates
          1. Dashboard UI
      2. Back End Changes
        1. Updated Strings
        2. HUD Skin Changes
          1. Stash UI
        3. Unreleased UI Updates
          1. Guild UI
        4. Smeevil Courier Update
        5. Unreleased Heroes Update
          1. Abaddon
        6. Updated Sound Files
          1. Night Stalker’s Sound Effects
        7. Tutorial Map 2 Assets
          1. Sniper’s Hut
          2. Other Props
      3. Low Violence Content
        1. Low Violence Ability Icons
          1. Axe’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          2. Bane’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          3. Bloodseeker’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          4. Bounty Hunter’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          5. Broodmother’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          6. Centaur’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          7. Dark Troll Warlord’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          8. Dazzle’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          9. Doom’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          10. Huskar’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          11. Invoker’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          12. Lich’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          13. Lifestealer’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          14. Lone Druid’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          15. Necrolyte’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          16. Necronomicon’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          17. Phantom Assassin’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          18. Pudge’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          19. Pugna’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          20. Queen of Pain’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          21. Shadow Demon’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          22. Shadow Fiend’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          23. Skeleton King’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          24. Spectre’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          25. Ursa’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          26. Warlock’s Low Violence Ability Icons
          27. Witch Doctor’s Low Violence Ability Icons
        2. Low Violence Item Icons
          1. Basher’s Low Violence Item Icon
          2. Ethereal Blade’s Low Violence Item Icon
          3. Mask of Madness` Low Violence Item Icon
          4. Morbid Mask’s Low Violence Item Icon
          5. Urn of Shadow’s Low Violence Item Icon
          6. Vladmir’s Offering’s Low Violence Item Icon
        3. Low Violence Hero Portraits
          1. Ancient Apparition’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          2. Bane’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          3. Clinkz’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          4. Doom’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          5. Huskar’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          6. Lich’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          7. Lifestealer’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          8. Night Stalker’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          9. Pudge’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          10. Pugna’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          11. Shadow Demon’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          12. Shadow Fiend’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          13. Skeleton King’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
          14. Undying’s Hero Portraits
          15. Visage’s Low Violence Hero Portraits
        4. Low Violence Models (In Game)
          1. Ancient Apparition’s Low Violence Model
          2. Bane’s Low Violence Model
          3. Clinkz’s Low Violence Model
          4. Doom’s Low Violence Model
          5. Huskar’s Low Violence Model
          6. Lich’s Low Violence Model
          7. Wifestealer’s Low Violence Model
          8. Night Stalker’s Low Violence Model
          9. Pudge’s Low Violence Model
          10. Pugna’s Low Violence Model
          11. Shadow Demon’s Low Violence Model
          12. Shadow Fiend’s Low Violence Model
          13. Skeleton King’s Low Violence Model
          14. Undying’s Low Violence Model
          15. Visage’s Low Violence Model
      4. Materials Update
      5. Particles Update
      6. Predictions For The Next Hero

This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived a bit behind schedule due to the ongoing International 2013 Eastern Qualifiers, it comes with a number of bug fixes, UI updates and other hidden goodies. You can view the full changelog here.

I may be biased but I bloody love this little guy to bits.

Front End Changes


– Elder Titan: Fixed Natural Order not upgrading on Elder Titan.
– Elder Titan: Fixed Ancestral Spirit waking up units that were hit by the Spirit Stomp.
– Elder Titan: Fixed Ancestral Spirit having the wrong radius while returning after it expired.
– Fixed Shadow Blade incorrectly revealing its owner on secondary attack types if they occurred after the fade time.

– The combat log is now localized.
– The Watch tab will now default to the Tournaments sub-tab if there is a live match.
– Added an automatic “(idle)” tag in Rich Presence for players that are AFK.
– Tournaments are now sorted by their last game played.
– Fixed a bug where notifications of item purchases didn’t work if the courier did the purchase.
– Fixed bug where chat ban notifications weren’t displaying hours left correctly.

– Reduced memory usage.

– Updated Nightstalker ultimate sound and made it global for teammates.
– Fixed Mana Leak target sound.
– Fixed Dust sound.

Hero Portrait Updates

Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit has had her in game Scaleform video card portrait updated to reflect the quality of her new model.

New Portrait


Old Portrait


Hero Animation Updates

A couple of minor animation updates in this week’s patch for Weaver’s new cosmetic item set and Phantom Assassin’s base animations.

Phantom Assassin’s Animations

Phantom Assassin now has an animation for her default loadout stance.


Weaver’s Animations

Weaver has a couple of animations for his new Armoured Exoskeleton set. A teleport animation and a custom ulti animation.

Teleport Animation (The wings flap):


New Cosmetic Store Items

We have a number of new cosmetic store item sets in this week’s patch, including the first custom set of summon wolves and ultimate wolf for Lycan.

Beastmaster’s Items

Tribal Stone Set







Model Viewer Shots



Chaos Knight’s Items

Dark Ruin Set








Model Viewer Shots




Clinkz’s Items

Crypt Guardian’s Set








Model Viewer Shots




Leshrac’s Items

The Thorns of Sundering Set







Model Viewer Shots




Lycanthrope’s Items

Form of the Great Grey Set








Model Viewer Shots




Custom Summon Wolves





Custom Ultimate Wolf Form





Phantom Assassin’s Items

Nimble Edge Set








Model Viewer Shots




Razor’s Items

The Twisted Arc Set








Model Viewer Shots




Rubick’s Items

The Spellbinder’s Shape Set







M0del Viewer Shots




Weaver’s Items

Armored Exoskeleton Set







Model Viewer Shots




New Cosmetic Custom Couriers

We have a bundle of new custom couriers in this week’s patch including one face you might recognise .

Maximilian the Beetlebear

This courier comes bundled with the new Raidcall D2L League Pass.


“High on the steppes of Druud, stormcrafters are known to press beasts of burden into their service. Rare though is the stormcrafter who dares try and control the pugnacious steambear. That the young bear Maximilian now travels unaccompanied is proof that the domestication process did not go well. For the stormcrafter.”

Standard Courier




Flying Courier



Yonex’s Rage


“In the blood-mists of the fiercest of battles, the dragon finds its true calling… the call of Invictus Gaming.”

Standard Courier




Flying Courier





“Shagbark is a trusty forest familiar who lives for the thrill of delivery. Fond of secrets and artifacts, he hopes you’ll never finish farming.”

Standard Courier




Flying Courier



New League Passes

We have a few new league passes in this week’s patch, one of which comes bundled with a courier.

RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 3

“The RaidCall Dota 2 League (D2L) is a 7-week online Dota 2 league featuring the top eight Dota 2 teams in the West battling it out for a portion of the $10,000 seasonal cash prize and the opportunity of competing live at DreamHack Valencia.”


Dota 2 Canada Cup

“The Dota 2 Canada Cup is back featuring defending champions WAND and runners up AWT Happen? Casters include Kawa, NYJohn and more! ”


American Dota League

“AMERICAN DOTA LEAGUE features the best teams in North and South America competing for $10,000 in a month and a half long league.”


Visual Updates

The Dire flag/base logo has been updated.

New Dire Logo

team_banner_dire_new team_logo_dire_new

Old Dire Logo

team_banner_dire_old team_logo_dire_old

UI Updates

We have a couple of updates to the Dashboard UI in this week’s patch.

Dashboard UI

The Rich Presence system now has support for when a user is AFK on the main menu, their RP will automatically change to “Main Menu (Idle)”.


The Tournament list is now sorted depending on when the last game was played.


Back End Changes

Updated Strings

We now have some references to “Guild Parties”, a feature that will allow you to quickly party up with the rest of your guild mates.

    "guild_lfm_count"        "%s1 Guild Parties looking for more players"
    "guild_lfm_count_none"      "No Guild Parties looking for more players"
    "guild_lfm_create"        "Start New Guild Party"
    "guild_lfm_title"        "Guild Party Finder"
    "guild_lfm_subtitle"      "Find a party that's looking for more members, or create your own!"
    "guild_lfm_join"        "Join Party"
    "guild_lfm_selection_header"  "Which Guild would you like to play with?"
    "guild_lfm_findparty"      "Find Guild Party"
    "guild_lfm_looking_cancel"    "Cancel"
    "guild_lfm_looking"        "Party is Open to Guild '%s1'"

More guild messages.

    "DOTA_GuildLeave_Confirm_Header"        "Confirm Leave"
    "DOTA_GuildLeave_Confirm_Message"        "Really leave %s1?"

    "DOTA_GuildLeave_Success_Header"        "Success"
    "DOTA_GuildLeave_Success"            "You have left %s1"
    "DOTA_GuildOpenPartyError_Header"  "Error"
    "DOTA_GuildOpenPartyError"      "Failed to start finding a party with guild %s1.  Please try again."

There will soon be a “Team Cup” option which will allow you to back a favourite team and player which you can earn points for by winning matches and earn them rewards.

    // Team Cup
    "DOTA_TIP_TC_Title"        "TEAM CUP"
    "DOTA_TIP_TC_Desc"        "Earn rewards for your favorite team and player!nSelect your favorite team and player below, and whenever you win a matchmaking game, you'll earn some points for them. Every week we'll give rewards to the teams and players with the highest scoring fanbase!"
    "DOTA_TIP_TC_FavTeam"      "FAVORITE TEAM"
    "DOTA_TIP_TC_FavPlayer"      "FAVORITE PLAYER"
    "DOTA_TIP_TC_Lock"        "Lock My Selection"

More animation support is on the way for the in game Workshop tool.

    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_BackLeftIdle"      "BACK LEFT IDLE"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_LeftIdle"      "LEFT IDLE"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_RightIdle"      "RIGHT IDLE"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_BackRightIdle"      "BACK RIGHT IDLE"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_BackLeftAttack"      "BACK LEFT ATTACK"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_LeftAttack"      "LEFT ATTACK"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_RightAttack"      "RIGHT ATTACK"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_BackRightAttack"      "BACK RIGHT ATTACK"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_Center_Desc"      "Consider this as the center animation.  It will be combined with left and right versions of the same animation so that the unit can smoothly track another units position"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_BackLeft_Desc"      "This is a complete animation that must have the same number of frames as your center version.  However the unit should twist to aim 179 degrees to the left.  I.e. the bottom of the model should remain facing forward but the upper part should rotate almost completely backwards to the left."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_Left_Desc"      "This is a complete animation that must have the same number of frames as your center version.  However the unit should twist to aim 90 degrees to the left.  I.e. the bottom of the model should remain facing forward but the upper part should rotate directly to the left."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_Right_Desc"      "This is a complete animation that must have the same number of frames as your center version.  However the unit should twist to aim 90 degrees to the right.  I.e. the bottom of the model should remain facing forward but the upper part should rotate directly to the right."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_BackRight_Desc"      "This is a complete animation that must have the same number of frames as your center version.  However the unit should twist to aim 179 degrees to the right.  I.e. the bottom of the model should remain facing forward but the upper part should rotate almost completely backwards to the right."

The Workshop import list has been updated again.

    "DOTA_Import_Lycan_Ult"    "Shapeshift Form"
    "DOTA_Import_Lycan_Ult_Desc"    "Lycanthrope's Shapeshift Form requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Jugg_Ward"        "Healing Ward"
    "DOTA_Import_Jugg_Ward_Desc"      "Juggernaut's Healing Ward requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Pugna_Ward"        "Nether Ward"
    "DOTA_Import_Pugna_Ward_Desc"      "Pugna's Nether Ward requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Forge_Spirit"        "Forge Spirit"
    "DOTA_Import_Forge_Spirit_Desc"      "Invoker's Forge Spirit requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_WD_Ward"        "Death Ward"
    "DOTA_Import_WD_Ward_Desc"      "Witchdoctor's Ward requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Tusk_Sigil"        "Sigil"
    "DOTA_Import_Tusk_Sigil_Desc"      "Tusk's Sigil requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Golem"        "Undying Golem"
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Golem_Desc"      "Undying's ultimate form requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Tombstone"        "Undying Tombstone"
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Tombstone_Desc"      "Undying's Tombstone requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Zombie"        "Undying Zombie"
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Zombie_Desc"      "Undying's ultimate form requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_ShadowShaman_Wards"        "Shadow Shaman Wards"
    "DOTA_Import_ShadowShaman_Wards_Desc"      "Shadow Shaman's Wards requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Gyro_Missle"        "Homing Missle"
    "DOTA_Import_Gyro_Missle_Desc"      "Gyrocoptor's Missle requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_NP_Treant"        "Treant"
    "DOTA_Import_NP_Treant_Desc"      "Nature's Prophet's Treant requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Enigma_Eidolon"        "Eidolon"
    "DOTA_Import_Enigma_Eidolon_Desc"      "Enigma's Eidolon requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Warlock_Golem"        "Golem"
    "DOTA_Import_Warlock_Golem_Desc"      "Warlock's Golem requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Serpent_Ward"        "Serpent Ward"
    "DOTA_Import_Serpent_Ward_Desc"      "Shadow Shaman's Serpent Wards requires a single model."


Some of the trigger messages have been updated/reworded.

    "TE_FIRST_BLOOD"              "First Blood"
    "TE_GAME_END"                "Victory"
    "TE_MULTI_KILL"                "Multi Kill"
    "TE_HERO_DENY"                "Allied Hero Denial"
    "TE_AEGIS_DENY"                "Aegis Denial"
    "TE_AEGIS_STOLEN"              "Aegis Stolen"  
    "TE_MK_DOUBLE_KILL"              "Double Kill"
    "TE_MK_TRIPLE_KILL"              "Triple Kill"
    "TE_MK_QUAD_KILL"              "ULTRA KILL"
    "TE_MK_QUINTUPLE_KILL"            "RAMPAGE!"
    "TE_DESC_FirstBlood"            "%s1 of %s2 scored first blood against %s3 of %s4 on %s5."
    "TE_DESC_GameEnd"              "%s1 defeated %s2 with a score of %s3 to %s4 on %s5."
    "TE_DESC_MultiKill"              "%s1 of %s2 scored a multi kill against %s3 on %s4."
    "TE_DESC_DoubleKill"            "%s1 of %s2 scored a double kill against %s3 on %s4."
    "TE_DESC_TripleKill"            "%s1 of %s2 scored a triple kill against %s3 on %s4."
    "TE_DESC_QuadKill"              "%s1 of %s2 scored an ULTRA KILL against %s3 on %s4!"
    "TE_DESC_QuintupleKill"            "%s1 of %s2 scored a RAMPAGE, killing every member of %s3 on %s4!"
    "TE_DESC_HeroDeny"              "%s1 of %s2 denied his ally %s3 on %s4."
    "TE_DESC_AegisDeny"              "%s1 of %s2 destroyed the Aegis of the Immortal, denying %s3 its use on %s4."
    "TE_DESC_AegisStolen"            "%s1 of %s2 unexpectedly snatched the Aegis of the Immortal, denying %s3 its use on %s4."

View tracker for the new Raidcall courier.

    "Attrib_Raidcall"            "RaidCall Season %s1"

Mouz has been officially added to the TI3 invite list for their victory in the Western qualifiers.

    "DOTA_TIP_2013_Team_13"    "mousesports"
    "DOTA_TIP_2013_TeamCountry_13"  "Germany"

Updates to the combat log strings in order to support localisation.

    "dota_combat_log_hits"        "%s1 hits %s2 for %s3 damage %s4"
    "dota_combat_log_hits_with"      "%s1 hits %s2 with %s3 for %s4 damage %s5"
    "dota_combat_log_is_hit"      "%s1 is hit for %s2 damage %s3"
    "dota_combat_log_is_hit_with"    "%s1 is hit with %s2 for %s3 damage %s4"
    "dota_combat_log_heals"        "%s1 heals %s2 for %s3 health %s4"
    "dota_combat_log_minion_heals"    "%s1's %s2 heals %s3 for %s4 health %s5"
    "dota_combat_log_healed"      "%s1 is healed for %s2 %s3"
    "dota_combat_log_killed_by_minion"  "%s1 is killed by %s2's %s3"
    "dota_combat_log_killed_by"      "%s1 is killed by %s2"
    "dota_combat_log_killed"      "%s1 is killed"
    "dota_combat_log_receives_buff_from"  "%s1 receives %s2 buff from %s3"
    "dota_combat_log_receives_debuff_from"  "%s1 receives %s2 debuff from %s3"
    "dota_combat_log_receives_buff"      "%s1 receives %s2 buff"
    "dota_combat_log_receives_debuff"    "%s1 receives %s2 debuff"
    "dota_combat_log_loses_buff"      "%s1 loses %s2 buff"
    "dota_combat_log_loses_debuff"      "%s1 loses %s2 debuff"
    "dota_combat_log_illusion"      " (Illusion)"


HUD Skin Changes

We have some minor updates to the HUD Skin template, we now have separate images for the stash section allowing for more customisation.

Stash UI




Unreleased UI Updates

We have some unreleased UI updates with more progress being made on the upcoming Guild system.

Guild UI

The Guild system is actively being worked on and we can now start to see the first stages of the guild UI being implemented.





Smeevil Courier Update

The Compendium Smeevil courier which is soon to receive some custom mounts as a reward for hitting one of the Compendium Stretch goals, we now have two more mounts reference in the files a “Smeevil Crab” mount and a “Smeevil Mammoth” mount. Both have been seen on the concept art.


We also have a particle effect for the Smeevil now, the strength of this effect in game will be based on the amount of views you can earned by watching the Western, Eastern and Main International 2013 event.



Unreleased Heroes Update

We have a minor update to Abaddon’s progress in this week’s patch.


Abaddon’s voice script:


Lord of Avernus.
This place appears like a vision in the mist.
I ride as the haunted mist wills.
From House Avernus, I set forth.

[Battle Begins]
The coils of life and death now bind us all.
The fog of war is no match for the mist of fate.

[First Blood]
First Blood! An offering worthy of the House Avernus.

I ride.
Such power.
I travel with the mist.
Chosen of Avernus.
So it goes.
I see.
The mist moves.
So be it.
Like shapes in mist.
I should say so.
Well studied.
I see the way.
I just might.
I might at that.
More than likely.
As counselled.
Very cunning.
So I have sworn.
Things are rarely as they seem.
To the fray.

On them.
Mark me well.
Follow me.
Ride onward.
From the mist.
By the House Avernus.
Who goes there?
To the foe!
Run them down.
Fly, my steed.

[Casting a Spell]
By what right do you tread here?
You have called death upon yourself.
The eyes of mist have seen you.

Take shelter.
A shield of power.
A shield impenetrable.
Wrapped in the mist.
Blessed of Avernus.
Aphotic Shield.

Come at me.
Come, I dare you.
Go ahead.
Throw in against me.
I'll take your worst.
Just try it.
Your weapons betray you.
That harms me not.
Do that again.
What harms you, heals me.
Throw in against me.

Death for you, life for me.
The coil of death ensnares.
Coil and recoil.
Coil keep you.
Coil of healing.
Coil of life.
By my right.
My life is mine to spend.
Reclaimed for Avernus.

The mistblade bites.
Foe to all.
Join in.
Here, friends.
Take this dog down.
None shall mourn you.
Down with you.

[Failing to Kill] (Currently used as the lines said when Hexed/Voodoo)
The House Avernus will disown me for that.
Have I fallen from the grace of the Avernal mist?

[Leveling Up]
For the House Avernus!
The spectral fist fills my soul to overflowing.
I can scarce contain such power.
All this was promised me, and more.
The murk of Avernus floods my veins.
Look upon the Lord of Avernus and beware.
Deep I drink from the font of fate.
New power stirs within.
Very epik. :-)
A dark thirst slaked.
The mist chose me, it is not mine to command.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm.

[Killing an Enemy]
Such ignoble blood taints the soil where it spills.
An offering unworthy of the House Avernus.
Your fate was foreshadowed in the mist.
The murk of oblivion reclaims you.
In the mists of time you are but a blur.
To die at a noble hand is no guarantee of a noble death.
Drink deep of the mist as it turns to black.
The mist is your master.
I will see you in the shadow of Avernus.
Drowned in the Font of Avernus.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm.
Ha ha ah ah aha haha ha ah ha ha.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Mm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

[Killing a Rival]
(SWM) You gave up too much for your honor, Dragonus.
(ET) Back into the mist of ages, Elder Titan.
(AbyssalUnderlord) I put you under, lord.
(LC?) You cannot best what you can barely see.
(Phoenix) That Phoenix flew too close to the mist.
(WinterWyvern) Winter comes to an early end.
(Xin) We've stamped your spark out, Ember Spirit.
(NyxAssassin) Another emissary of Nyx, crushed.
(Silencer) What's that, Silencer? I couldn't hear you.
(DeathProphet) Death lied to you about your fate, Prophet.
(Lion) You'll never lay a finger on me again, Lion.
(BaneElemental) An evil mist enshrouds the elemental.
(ShadowShaman) Did you not see me in the shadows, Shaman?
(Axe) I swept away your Red Mist Army, Axe.
(Necrolyte) Back you go, into the miasmal fog.
(Bloodseeker) You should have sought me in the mist, Bloodseeker.

[Meeting an Ally]
(Techies) Tell me where to walk and not to walk, Techies.
(TB) Come, friend, let us fill their souls with terror.
(Zet) Waste not your energy, Zet, but wield it well.
(Dazzle) Dazzle, no foe would be pleased to see us two together.
(Dazzle) The powers of ill reprieve are joined in us, Dazzle.
(BountyHunter) The coffers of Avernus will open if the hunt goes well today.
(Weaver) Weave for us a victory in battle.
(PA) Your phantom presence is always welcome.
(Axe) Axe, a fellow fighter of the mist.
(Tiny) I see you've thrown in with us, Tiny.
(Sven) Honors to you and to the rogue's code you follow.
(Morphling) There is no better ally than one who shifts like the tides of war.

[Getting a Last Hit]
A trifle.
Souls into gold.
A fair conversion.
Nice rate of exchange.
For the House Avernus.
Bow to your lord.
A tribute to my house.
Pennies for the font.
Death for life.
It ends.

May the haunted mist take me.
How can such a thing be?
I thought you missed.
Black mist, black curtains.
A murk so dark.
And I left no heir!
Avernus, forgive me.
Unworthy of the Font.
Call me lord no more.
Flee, my steed.
I have been overmastered.
Bury me in my ancestral home.

[Ressurecting Fast (Aegis/Buyback]
Death and I, we have an understanding.

Baptized in the font Avernus, death means something different to me.
The mist parts and I am born anew.
The Lord of Avernus is reborn.
From the murk I emerge.
We ride out refreshed.
The mist conceals and then reveals.
I drank deep from the font and am renewed.
A noble rebirth.
I have enriched my understanding of death.
Life and death have lost a little of their mystery.

For the House Avernus!
A noble expense for a noble cause.
Any power can be acquired for a price.

[Specific Items]
Ah, scepter.
A noble and lordly scepter.
Blink Dagger!
Blink and you'll be missed.
Pipe of Insight.
Shiva's Guard.
Drum of Endurance.
Scythe of Vyse. 
Assault Cuirass.
Heaven's Halberd.
Heart of Tarrasque!
Arcane Boots!

[Bottling a Rune]
Await the day.
Time will tell.
A power concealed.

Oh no.
You dare not.
Not so.
Twas never thus.
I say not.
You thought I missed.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Ha ha.
Oh no you di'nt.
Ha ha ha.
Hm hm hm.
Hm hm hm hm.

[Missing Lanes]
Missing top.
Missing middle.
Missing bottom.

[Receving an Item] 
I am hardly deserving of such fortune.
Here is a turn of fortune the Font did not disclose.
I claim this prize for the House Avernus.

[Acquiring Aegis of Immortality]
Death dispelled like a vapor.

[Haste Rune]
Let us run on to our fate.

[Double Damage Rune]
Double damage!
Two deaths bearing down.

[Regeneration Rune]
The font forever renewing.

[Illusion Rune]
Do you trust what you see in the mist?

[Invisibility Rune]
The haunted mist conceals us.

[Attempting to cast a spell/item on cooldown]
Not yet.
Not yet.
Not yet.
I'm not ready.
I'm not ready.
I'm not ready.
It's not time yet!
It's not time yet!
It's not time yet!

[Attempting to cast a spell/item without mana]
Out of mana!
Out of mana!
Out of mana!
No mana!
No mana!
No mana!
Not enough mana!
Not enough mana!
Not enough mana!

With gratitude.
You have my thanks.
I'm under attack!

[Taunting (INTHEBAG)]
 I have known from an early age, since the Avernal Font's first and greatest revelation, that this one would be in the bag.

[Shitty and Crummy Wizard]
Crummy wizard!
Shitty wizard!

My great House Avernus has fallen to ruin.

Just as the haunted mist foretold.


Gruuh gruh.
Ugh uh.

Gr uh.


Ha hah aha ha ha ha ha ha.
Hm hm hm hm hm.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
He he he he he he he he.

Updated Sound Files

We have a new ability sound effect for Night Stalker.

Night Stalker’s Sound Effects

Night Stalker has a new sound effect for when he casts Darkness, it is played to all of his allies as well.


Tutorial Map 2 Assets

Heavy focus continues on finishing the second tutorial map, we have another bundle of completed prop/asset models.

Sniper’s Hut


Kunkka’s rum to keep you warm on those long nights:


The sign seen above contains the release date of Techies.

Not really…


Other Props



















Low Violence Content

Readers of last week’s blog post will remember that I posted a list of heroes who were listed to have a Low Violence version of their model, I have now acquired this content and can show you the modifications that have been made.

Low Violence Ability Icons

Most of the changes made to the ability icons have either been to remove blood or skulls. Both of which are not allowed on the Chinese client.

Axe’s Low Violence Ability Icons

axe_culling_blade axe_battle_hunger

Bane’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Bloodseeker’s Low Violence Ability Icons

bloodseeker_rupture bloodseeker_blood_bath

Bounty Hunter’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Broodmother’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Centaur’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Dark Troll Warlord’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Dazzle’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Doom’s Low Violence Ability Icons

doom_bringer_scorched_earth doom_bringer_lvl_death

Huskar’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Invoker’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Lich’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Lifestealer’s Low Violence Ability Icons

life_stealer_consume life_stealer_feast life_stealer_infest life_stealer_open_wounds life_stealer_rage

Lone Druid’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Necrolyte’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Necronomicon’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Phantom Assassin’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Pudge’s Low Violence Ability Icons

pudge_flesh_heap pudge_rot pudge_meat_hook pudge_dismember

Pugna’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Queen of Pain’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Shadow Demon’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Shadow Fiend’s Low Violence Ability Icons

nevermore_dark_lord nevermore_shadowraze1 nevermore_shadowraze2 nevermore_shadowraze3

Skeleton King’s Low Violence Ability Icons

skeleton_king_vampiric_aura skeleton_king_critical_strike skeleton_king_hellfire_blast

Spectre’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Ursa’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Warlock’s Low Violence Ability Icons


Witch Doctor’s Low Violence Ability Icons

witch_doctor_paralyzing_cask witch_doctor_death_ward

Low Violence Item Icons

We also have a number of item icons that have been modified.

Basher’s Low Violence Item Icon


Ethereal Blade’s Low Violence Item Icon


Mask of Madness` Low Violence Item Icon


Morbid Mask’s Low Violence Item Icon


Urn of Shadow’s Low Violence Item Icon


Vladmir’s Offering’s Low Violence Item Icon


Low Violence Hero Portraits

Changes that have been made to the hero’s models or textures have also been reflected in their updated hero icons and portraits.

Ancient Apparition’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

npc_dota_hero_ancient_apparition ancient_apparition


Bane’s Low Violence Hero Portraits



Clinkz’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

clinkz npc_dota_hero_clinkz


Doom’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

doom_bringer npc_dota_hero_doom_bringer


Huskar’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

huskar npc_dota_hero_huskar


Lich’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

lich npc_dota_hero_lich


Lifestealer’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

life_stealer npc_dota_hero_life_stealer


Night Stalker’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

night_stalker npc_dota_hero_night_stalker


Pudge’s Low Violence Hero Portraits



Pugna’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

pugna npc_dota_hero_pugna


Shadow Demon’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

shadow_demon npc_dota_hero_shadow_demon


Shadow Fiend’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

nevermore npc_dota_hero_nevermore


Skeleton King’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

skeleton_king npc_dota_hero_skeleton_king


Undying’s Hero Portraits



Visage’s Low Violence Hero Portraits

visage npc_dota_hero_visage


Low Violence Models (In Game)

The changes listed above are already in place and can be used in game, these low violence versions will be used in any area that requires them.

Ancient Apparition’s Low Violence Model


Bane’s Low Violence Model


Clinkz’s Low Violence Model


Doom’s Low Violence Model


Huskar’s Low Violence Model


Lich’s Low Violence Model


Wifestealer’s Low Violence Model


Night Stalker’s Low Violence Model



Pudge’s Low Violence Model


Pugna’s Low Violence Model


Shadow Demon’s Low Violence Model


Shadow Fiend’s Low Violence Model


Skeleton King’s Low Violence Model


Undying’s Low Violence Model



Visage’s Low Violence Model


Materials Update

We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes.

Particles Update

We have no new particle updates for the unreleased heroes.

Predictions For The Next Hero

Bearded (Legion) Commander Riker is even more sexier

  • Dementtia


  • TEST

    1st BITCH 1ST

  • Konstantine

    Wifestealer? 😀

    • Luthor


  • Rominawe

    Omg how can that piece of shit shagbag could be added to the game!? its horrible. GG WP VALBO KEEP ADDING COSMETICS AND NEVER FIX SHIT OF YOUR CRAP MUTE SYSTEM

    • MrDucky

      Im glad you are muted.

    • KAPPA

      I guess you are muted. Well, you deserve that. Mute system is fantastc, so is Shagbark. IMO the best courier, on par with Drodo and new mounted Smeevils.

      • Rominawe

        lool you stupid cunts, im not even muted and shagbag is shit. the system is exploitable and automated, no one checks the reviews and after 3 or more reports you get automute, sounds fantastic right? i dont know when dota 2 community became the carebear family, fucking pussies need to man un a bit and not cry if someone call you a feeding noob.

        • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

          i agree

        • Rainu

          Ah yes, truly your astounding skills of rhetoric have convinced us all about the validity of your points. Never before have we seen such well though out arguments being presented in such an eloquent manner. Well done, sir!

        • FeelinSuppa

          If you aren’t muted and never has been, why do you care? And no, nobody have to endure some childish assholes flaming during their games, this make the game unfriendly for new players. Try to get out a little bit, take some fresh air and stop being a hater. Have a nice day!

          • asdf

            I’m not him but automated, forced system hurts teamplay because communication with your team heavily hindered even if its not you who is muted, and don’t even start that someone who was once muted is not worthy to be communicated with…
            Frankly speaking i see nothing wrong with old system, you know, we always had an option to ignore someone, there always was that little button next to someones name on scoreboard… So why force this on players instead of letting them choose when they are offended…
            About shagybrak imo he fits furion theme, imo he fits much more than that flying bear, octopus or midget carrying a pig couriers…

          • asdf

            much more was a bad word, he just fits, these other two don’t

          • Doomroar

            that midget with the pig is definitely out of place.

        • Woldor

          2 reports, abusable. Pick one you stupid cunt.

        • fgdyh

          You are the only stupid cunt here. Also, everything you said confirms that indeed you ARE muted, and rightfully so. The “carebear family” is better than a bunch of nolife assholes like you that the community used to be before in any possible way. And it is you who needs to man up and stop whining like a pussy about your teammates feeding. Judging by what you said, more often than not it’s your fault. Also, Shagbark is good, stop those pitiful trolling attempts.

    • Kappalicious

      I agree, shagbark looks horrible, I dont have anything against Anuxi or Cyborgmatt but meh. also, nothing wrong with the mute system. lol. just came here to say shagbark looks shit.

      • Tequoia

        Shargbark DOES look like shit, honestly, i like np, i like cyborgmatt, i like anuxi’s items, but it just looks ugly and i might even say it’s worse than the squid.

        • wuuthrad

          explain why it looks shit to you, you sound like retard asking for a fight if you only say shitty words.

      • Randolph Lee

        I think Shagbark looks amazing. One of the cutest looking couriers imo.

      • kefdr

        What in the right mind can anyone assume shagbark looks horrible?

        If anything, it’s one of the best designed couriers compared to whats out there.
        Creative, cute, and a polished design it is.

    • ggbp

      Your a horrible troll and deserved that mute ban. Go suck moms tit and try again playing.

    • A dood

      If you get muted, that’s what you get for playing a pub game with a bunch of ragers. I know that you cant leave, but just be quiet and let the ragers rage. Play the best you can, and leave them to the shittalking.
      I play with a small community, maybe you should join one too. But of course people that I play with/against are smarter than you IMO.

  • Bosshog

    i really like the skele king low violence

  • hurr furr

    yay techies for third next hero

  • Davydboy

    Definitely thought that upside down sign said “shotguns to the beta testers”

  • yammramm

    Skeleton King Low violence model is just AWESOME!

    • Versian

      Yeah, i’d like to know if it’s possible to use that model regularly. I find it loads better than current SK.

    • anonymous

      oh c’mon we should make a petition to implement these chinese models for us too, they are way better.

      • anonymous

        and also why china got free items?! i want them too!

        • Doomroar

          the law ask for to be, to protect the Chinese people from outrageous violence, and in the other hand they get this dope redesigns.

      • Lingo56

        They should make it an option in the settings “Enable Low Violence”

        • Golnarth

          Lowviolence “1”

          Figure it out

          • Lingo56

            Well yeah but I’m pretty sure Valve wouldn’t keep it so you can only access it though the console.

    • Boomer

      How the fuck can anyone think this. The low violence models are shit.

      • Commie

        Maybe he’s chinese.

        • Kwxk

          Dont judge all chinese. Judge the CHINA CHINESE

      • HavingOpinions

        Because opinions…?

        I prefer most of the models, especially the N’aix update.

        The only ones I’d rather not be changed are Lich, the pugna mask.

        If they added a particle effect to banes stomach, that’d be cool.

        • wuuthrad

          that bane looks like getting a beer-belly… or was it just the angle? XD

    • Konstantine

      that SK like Lich King <3

    • f

      its the worst

  • Moudada

    Maximilian the Beetlebear -> special effect?

  • o.O

    masks.. masks everywhere..

    • Obir


    • beeps

      Juggernaut should be wearing “The Mask”

  • Shuichi Asukai

    most of the low violence sucks f*ck china -_____- how the fuck pud low violence is not scary anymore, naix, clinkz, AA, Bane, SF just look weird super weird

    • PelleParafin

      Good thing only China will be using these models. We will still keep the older models and ability icons.

      God forbid a Chinese person sees a skull or a bit of blood, they might just get spooked to death.

      • Fred

        The Chinese are convinced, just like ultraconservative Americans, that violence in video games leads to things like the shootings in Columbine and Newtown.


          china has pure cunts and faggots they cant see shit and blood all they see is their mom’s tits

  • rumblator

    fuck all low violence shit! im violent and my family is violent and i eat and breath violence!!!!!!

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      ahahahahh i agree

    • haaayo

      i wonder if he pees blood

  • renekton

    what do u guys care? low-violence models are for china or people who want it

  • Svyaga

    OMG just add this naix mask as an arcana item with changing ability icon skills and etc. to the original dota :3

    And Skeleton King looks awesome too

  • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

    only skeleton king is way better.

  • Stainless

    Lifestealer and Skeleton king’s low voilence models look awesome. I’d really love it if Valve were to add them as cosmetics in the non-chinese version *cough* *cough*

    • Doomroar

      so you are one of those wifestealers destroyers of homes eh? you bastard!

  • L.

    Wifestealer’s Low Violence Model

    Wait a second…Wifestealer?!

  • Dave

    MORTAL COMBA… I mean, DOTA 2!

    Chinese doctors don’t perform surgery, because they couldn’t learn anatomy thanks to the censorship.
    And we also don’t need to worry about the shortage of fossil fuels, Oilseeker is here to rescue us!

    Okay, for a serious question, I really don’t see the difference on Night (dude) stalker. And I can don’t even know why the red face paint on Huskar was a problem.

    P.s.: Also, Congratulation on Shagbark getting featured. 😉

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      fak the faking shagbark

    • MasaMainio

      That Pudge is… umm… an american now?

      • Fred

        He’s still an Aussie. Note the bad dental health.

  • unHuman

    China has recive free hats. 8(

  • Andreas Birgersson

    The Clinkz model is pretty good as well! I think they have done a good job on the low violence models! + Shagbark!!! :DDDDDD!!!! FInally!

  • Bal0r

    SHAGBARK! Fuck the smeevil!
    btw. the low violence versions look a lot better!

  • uXMAN

    is it me or the Shadowfiend looks way cool in low violence mod :”S

  • Luffydude

    Some of the Low Violence skill icons actually look better than the originals but yea I wouldn’t like to move to china with some of the really bad hero models…

  • Dragokrux

    So, basically, “low violence” means the heroes aren’t allowed to have faces, LOL.
    O China u silly

    • ajeb2


    • HaTK

      They’re not allowed to have blood and bones.

    • naiG

      bones and blood aren’t allowed in china but they can peel out the skin of a living animal… oh poor chinese they don’t like violence…

      • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

        the faking chinese eat dogs and animals and they are scared of some screen pixels..

        • Chung Van Dao

          The government and a minority of people are different entities you idiot. The gamers don’t care it’s the government that introduces retarded laws. Also don’t we all eat animals you hypocrite?

        • Johnny

          Because dogs are “better” animals than cows? What the..
          Indians gonna hate you.

          • Guest

            I am offensive and and Find this Indian

          • flamy

            I am offensive and I find this Indian

      • Chung Van Dao

        It’s not the people you twat. It’s the stupid govt.

        • bashyourass

          it’s the same you people in china has 10% to 0% morality faggot :) get your facts right lol

          • microlipse

            and you dont even know the difference between a Chinese and Vietnamese name…educate yourself first. And tbh, his reasoning can be applied to most country. Saying … (China, America, England…) sucks doesn’t mean every single individual in that country sucks. And btw, since you claimed that the information you provided is “fact”, may I have the source?

          • Ricko Metzelder

            You Americans mow down pre-school kids with assault rifles. Different cultures might also have different interpretations of morality, so don’t try to force yours onto others you sneering Anglophone.

        • Matindas Prasetyo

          LOL he cant reply because his facts came from his mom

      • Ricko Metzelder

        You Americans mow down pre-school kids with assault rifles, so don’t cast stones at others please.

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      they do have faces.
      its just most of them are part of either Mortal Kombat or TMNT.

    • troller][

      ppl in china dont see qop and other female heros as a abusive onces lol !!! they love to see those tities but not skulls lol ……..seriously funny and retarded ..idiots..:)

  • Otter

    Low violence Lich looks an awful lot like Subzero.

    • roggle

      Your soul is mine

  • broadway

    skeleton king and shadow fiend look better imo. and the naix mask should be a cosmetic for the real game! but without the bloodloss, but still the icon-changes!

  • N o D

    Are they gonna really use the name “Frostmourne”? I’ll be surprised if they use it without being sued by Blizzard.

    On low violence texture, I feel bad for the Chinese folks out there who will be playing it. I hope they’ll have an option to choose to turn off/on these feature.

  • RipperRoo

    are teeths forbidden in china or what are these changes ?? srsly :S

    • Forebilden

      naked skeleton skulls

  • Dave

    What is the difference on Night dude, I compared it with the Dota 2 wiki yet I can’t seem to notice it.

    • Caio Brighenti

      Red things on his head were apparently blood

      • Dave

        Thanks, I see it now, but seriously that was a problem to somebody in China? Pretty lame. It doesn’t look like a wound/blood at all.

    • Golnarth

      Red wounds on sides of head

  • Lykrast

    Man, the SK model is just AWESOME !!! I wish we could have items to have that !

  • George Welch

    For those dying to know the difference in the nice stalker low violence model.
    The difference is that the original had wounds on the body, often revealing red muscle underneath. The low violence model turned the red into blue making them look like scars i guess?

  • Marc

    Thanks for sharing.
    And Shadow Fiend is a duck on L.V.!

  • gabarko

    Shadow demon and lich ARE FUCKIN SICK! M.K.

  • KeanHuang Cheah

    Low Violence is wasting time for developing. If you want low violence in a killing game you better go play The Sims.

    • Pilusica

      pretty sure the low-violence is for places like china and australia

      • PizpotGargravarr

        I don’t see any reason why they would need to release this low violence version in Australia, there’s nowhere near that level of game censorship here- unless you were speaking generally rather than specifically about Dota 2 (which I assume you were, now that I think about it).
        In any case, there was a problem, in that there used to be no R18+ rating for games, and so something like the new Mortal Kombat game couldn’t be released, but that rating was introduced at the start of this year, so all is well.
        There has always been a MA15+ restricted rating which allowed the vast majority of games to be released unedited though (and certainly would have been more than enough to cover Dota 2)

    • Wellow

      They can’t release it in China unless they do this. For the Chinese market, it isn’t a waste of time.

  • wulgus

    so Low Violence for AA is to give him full luscious lips?

    • Responder

      That because normal AA face look like he dosen’t breath or talk

  • Lance Corporal Rivaille


  • Claptrap

    You can use the low violence stuff by setting “-lv” as a launch command for the test client.

  • letmetellyousomething

    omg it isnt kid game what the fuck is low violance ? did they scared of hero’s ?

  • Responder

    My respond to this madness:

    TF2 = hats,DOTA 2 = cosmetics,Chinese DOTA 2 = cosmetics with mask.

    Also,Pugna & SF look like birds , SD & lich look like Bane & SK look like the new Lich king

  • GeekAndProud

    It’s not surprising some of the low violence models/icons look better than the current ones because most of the heroes/icons pertain to heroes that havent had much work on them since the beta was released. Skeleton King for example hasn’t had any cosmetic changes since the beta started.

  • ddddssds


    • Responder

      Unless you live in China

  • LuKaZ

    Some low violence models are better than the normal ones X>X

    • Responder

      Like who?

      • AvailableNickPlease

        U guys are really SEEING the changes because they are static, a photo, which is unreal. IN-game mostly movement makes changes undetectable, so dont worry!

  • techieslover


  • AntoxaGray

    Low Violence Ancient Apparition? Really?

  • Nikko Sula

    I don’t like the new model pudge

  • asdf

    sucks to be a Chinese, though few models were looking nice after censoring, still i wouldn’t want these few over many more.

  • Hachibi_Riki

    Valve please do not change low violence model plz, i think old model better than low violence model or have mode not using low violence model it will be good.


    • Kaemon

      The “Low Violence” models and icons are only for the Chinese Client, since laws in China don’t allow the depiction of Skulls or Blood (amongst others) in videogames.
      Its similar how WoW, back in the day, was forced to make different undead models (that didn’t show bones) to be allowed to release the game in China.

      • Hachibi_Riki

        Oh only Chinese ,i didn’t read all description sry thanks for explain :)

  • asdf

    pudge looks so bad after censoring

  • asdf

    and shadowfiend

  • Optimus Prime!

    Transformers assemble!

  • EmirSc

    shadowdemon the panty sniffer.

  • EmirSc

    Lich sub-zero edition.

  • Anon

    Low Violence = Badass masks for everyone.
    Clinkz looks way scarier, and I can’t possibly imagine how AA, Bane, Lich, Visage etc could be considered “violent”. Chinese…

  • Skips


  • Averax

    Is there an equation for the Smeevil Courier or is it brightness set after watching a specific number of matches. EG: Brightness=Matcheswatched*10 or is it 3 matches is low brightnesss 5 is mid and 8 is high?

  • vifte

    pudge could finally afford a doctor

  • Srour


    also, that shadow fiend got some serious hate from the designer.

    he looks horrid.

    • Use a fucking K

      Did you just use a “c” for Kombat?

      Heathen, get out.

  • Shomy

    That Low violence SK , and LIch models are pretty better then originals:) , I wish we can chose some models diffrent in normal clients without China”s because i want that 2 models 2!

  • A dood

    SK low violence is ok.
    They made bane look like he’s fat.
    I dont see what changed on Visage or Undying’s Regular model.
    Pudge got a tailor to patch himself up.
    Add a mask = low violence achieved. Chinese logic.

  • Char’s Zaku

    That shadow demon = bane

  • Denalpaca

    Is this Mortal Kombat? Now every1 has masks, they look pathetic, i wont play those heros anymore

    • nek

      it’s only in china

    • Axl22

      HAHA, WOW

  • Senor Chewtoaster

    So Clinkz is now a demon archer

  • Jake

    That’s just about the stupidest thing on Dota 2. The heroes all look like fucking Bane from TDNR. Look’s really dumb. The Chinese could go to hell for all I care. Don’t mess with the heroes!.

    • carlos holguin holguin

      thats the models that chinense are gonna use.. not us… relax kid

  • Gecko

    There is still hope :’)

    [Meeting an Ally]
    (Techies) Tell me where to walk and not to walk, Techies.

  • thL

    No new materials on Techies? Wasted Patch.

  • melsh

    when are the new items coming in??

  • Magnaliscious

    Some of the new models are pretty awesome SK, clinkz, lich…. the others.. not so much *ahem naix, AA,Bane…

  • Havocked

    Straight out if next week we do not get any hero particles worked on or a hero released I will know Valve is literally holding back until they can or cant reach that compendium goal and by god will I be pissed. This last 2-3 weeks they have the excuse of “china port, and eastern + western qualifiers” … Next week theyll have jack shit.

    While im still glad it shows they are putting a lot of work in the game, they better not be holding back for whatever reason.

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      the fakers already holding back, if you just remember some time last year was 3 heroes per week.

  • psychosexy

    The bottle of rum in one of those props photos has a label which comes from×620.jpg

  • Nevermore

    Shadow Fiend is a Raven

  • ASshunta

    Pudge looks fucking disgusting on low violence….

  • guest


  • er the great

    Bane’s Low Violence icon is fatter than Pudge….. -_-

  • er the great

    Lion raped Abbadon????

    Abbadon : You’ll never lay a finger on me again, Lion.


  • Victor Lee

    =_=”……………Skulls Blood and Bones r allowed in China!And Chinese player s slove the original designa,but Chinese General Administration of Press and Publication hates blood so much [include our country flag n gowd damn red scarves ..].That’s why Perfect World n Valve do these shitty models and icons.sorry for my poor english.

  • LueTheRipper

    As a Chinese citizen, i have to say, we LOVE violence just like everyone else in the world….It is our government that is faking and afraid of violence, plz dont mix it up.

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      u elect your goverment faking china guys

  • SHT

    Cartoon SHADOW FIEND. GAY!

  • DesuCat

    This is the worst shadowfiend model, I have ever seen. I hope the characters in TI will not be using these, right?

  • Gary Chan Chuen

    did i just see wifestealer XD


    make low sexual content on lina,cm,ta,drow and QOPPPPP also..XD

  • RysiekMienta

    Will there be a way to enable those low violence models? Those models look like they actually put work to them :<

  • Jorse

    How come no shagbark in store?

  • Yamyam

    Who is Zet From Abaddon responses?

    “(Zet) Waste not your energy, Zet, but wield it well.”

    • Arbaras

      Zet is Arc Warden

  • Gonan

    So low violence version is basically “every one is Bane from Batman version”?

  • David Imel

    Skeleton King is now Normal King.

  • nigga

    i can seriously laugh at those chinese client models ROFL FUCK ASIANS

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      fak the faking asians

  • Wisest Man That Ever Lived

    Surprisingy, they look pretty good! (xept clinkz). But hey, Bloodseeker without blood is something ridiculous. Wtf he is going to seek for?

  • R1

    its funny, but for me many on low violence models looks with even more violence. GOOD JOB VOLVO!

  • Bur4k

    There is nothing that shows that SK is a Skeleton with the low violence

  • ChiRo

    Based on the amount of views you can earned. Gotta check spelling m8!

  • Odin

    LOL “Wifestealer”

  • Nguyễn Thanh Tùng

    Poor SF, and Bane have a fucking fat belly :))

  • Erick Tikk

    Wifestealer haha lol’d hard

  • FlanGG

    Beastmaster is feeling like Dovahkiin o_O

  • Derp

    Lol clinkz looks spooky as hell now. Also I want that fucking Metalstealer and Metal king!!!

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios


  • Vu Truong An

    like some heroes go ninja/knight mode with their masks (Lich the
    Subzero, Pugna the Shinobi, SD the Kunoichi, Doom the Dark Knight),
    Ostarion becomes a distant cousin of the former Lich King, and SF gets a
    freaking crow beak (‘)>…

    • Avalokitesvara


  • BURN

    Oh god… SF n Bane become fat.. Fed to much these guys

  • bélabácsi

    these “low violence” models and icons are… crap. Seriously, why would u call skeleton king skeleton king if he isn’t even looks like a skeleton? they should probably rename these e.g.: Lich King’s cousin, Subzero’s Grandpa etcetc. And if its a “low violence” (instert Dr.Evil here) mod, then they should make the heroes unable to attack any living form, u know, because it’s violent.
    Also why did Ancient Apparation need that stupid looking mouth? I mean that his head didnt look like a skull.
    At least they got a new american hero… the Oilseeker.

  • Devin Bowen

    so…it’s just give ’em lips or cover their mouths, and remove the blood.

    What’s the difference with bane?

  • BloodyOrange

    I really don’t understand these low violence level portraits. They added mouth to some heroes (like AA), removed it from others (like Doom) and changed it for the rest (like Clinkz – which feels more aggressive than the original). What does one’s mouth have to do with violence anyway? It just looks stupid most of the time.

  • tech

    Low violence models looks like Mortal Kombat heroes

  • Aitch

    Where dafuck is Shagbark?????? He’s supposed to be in this patch, but so far they didn’t implemented him.

  • Hendhy

    cyborgmatt can u have comparison with the normal model and low violence? just side by side will do no need the slide 😀
    thanks a bunch! great work!

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      we do not need the faking shit slide

  • help

    i had some problem need u to help for fixing it…=]

    i download few int3 tournament replay,but after i click detail,it wont pop out,and its said “Request for Match ID XXXXXXXXX timed out”.

    any help on it? thank alot…=]

  • Anon

    Poor chinese people ): the pudge looks SOOO NAKED!

  • polk

    YEa the low violence models are garbage. The only thing passable is sk’s mask and that’s about it. Everything else looks really half assed are from bondage porn video.

  • Kempus

    Give shagbark a mask, there is sooooo much violence in his face, he is frightening.. o.O

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios


  • DXTN

    Some low violence are awesome, some low violence are shiet… goddamn chinese fuckers

  • Xbord

    Low violence models – shit kid models =.=

  • Dudemanguy

    Screw you china

  • Arbaras

    how on earth is this low violence thing going to work with cosmetics? Will Valve have to make a second version of all cosmetics that have blood or skulls on them that don’t have them?

    • guy above me is a retard

      bro use ur brain. they obviously just wont be available or tradeable to chinese clients

  • candelite

    after tired being a cyborg sub zero tried to become a lich.
    chaos knight married queen of pain= low-vi SKing.
    never been picked for match bane spends time in tavern, went fat by consuming too many alcohol.
    visage… he just dont give a fuck.

  • David Tan

    Hipster China…. lol

  • Goddamyourhalfarsdlaws

    Some of these low violence images still have ‘some’ kind of reference to violence. Weapon icons should be spoons, Warlock’s Fatal bonds ability should be changed to a man with a happy face, holding a balloon. I’ll have china know that Cyborgmatt is offended that his blood (its oil) is being spilled by Bloodseekers Rupture. CYBORGS HAVE FEELINGS TOO CHINA!

    As for health I wanna see all female hero’s fat. These male ones are a start.

  • Chicken

    Please tell me now that the new Night Stalker sound FX is global so I can get ready myself and not fall off my fucking chair.

  • Bahamut

    The low violence version of Nevermoore looks better than the normal version. Valve why you hate best hero?

  • Purgator

    SK: Bhu has devoured Roshan!
    CK: shopkeeper too
    SK: we must do fusion
    CK: yeah
    *See: Low violence SK

  • Neo

    so Lifestealer’s low violence name is Wifestealer? Makes sense.

  • Yogofu

    That SK Model is pretty Badass :O

  • dotaplayer

    Low Violence Shadow Fiend is so fucking good. Much better than original one. I want his head to be cosmetic item!

  • Aitch

    Shagbark missing

  • 15-91

    i have noticed one little thing about abbadon’s speech lines

    [Killing a Rival]
    (SWM) You gave up too much for your honor, Dragonus.
    (ET) Back into the mist of ages, Elder Titan.
    (AbyssalUnderlord) I put you under, lord.
    (LC?) You cannot best what you can barely see.
    (Phoenix) That Phoenix flew too close to the mist.
    (WinterWyvern) Winter comes to an early end.
    (Xin) We’ve stamped your spark out, Ember Spirit.
    [Meeting an Ally]
    (Techies) Tell me where to walk and not to walk, Techies.

  • bakkoto

    skeleton king and doom low violence models are better than the originals

  • FetusBeater

    They fucked Clinkz so hard.

  • 15-91

    i’ve noticed one little thing
    [Killing a Rival]
    (AbyssalUnderlord) I put you under, lord.
    (LC?) You cannot best what you can barely see.
    (Phoenix) That Phoenix flew too close to the mist.
    (WinterWyvern) Winter comes to an early end.
    (Xin) We’ve stamped your spark out, Ember Spirit.
    [Meeting an Ally]
    (Techies) Tell me where to walk and not to walk, Techies.
    (Zet) Waste not your energy, Zet, but wield it well.

  • yoloswag422

    Actually this AA looks kinda cool.

  • Tay

    bane really let himself go

  • Buziak

    Where I can find Shargbark ? Didn’t see him in shop ….

  • o_o


  • Gamble

    Very clever of Valve putting masks on the heroes, cuz that would mean if they change the face models of the heroes, that would mean they have to make a new face animation every time the hero speaks. Other than that, screw the Chinese Government lol. I mean, when a boy in watches National Geographic of a tiger about to kill an animal, does the TV automatically turns off? Or I wonder how they teach Chinese History how alot of people died taking control of a Dynasty? I just have one question, In Science class in China, if they have a model of a Human Skeletal System, does it have a mask too?

  • Barrogh

    Dear Cyborgmatt, this site is premier source of news on DotA2 updates indeed and we appreciate your work, and thus I’d like to propose you a little bit differnt layout to your patch details pages. Namely, it would be so much easier to navigate the page if you initially hide some of the pictures (like item-per-item set breakdowns, secondary views from different perspectives and the like) under “cut” aka “spoilers” so that people could expand them to see visuals in details without their screens being cluttered with ridiculous amount of pictures that are of no help for people who wish to check out main points first and go for details later (without content list clickery).


  • Firetech

    I have to side with China on this one. Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down my spine…

  • Beijingman

    OTGL CGU low violence model. Long live CHINA!

  • Zane Wolfe

    low violence skeleton king looks like shredder from tmnt lol

  • dt

    How can it be Skeleton King if there are no bones lol

  • Andy

    grats on new courier!!! looks awesome

  • Tenebrosi

    They look awful :C cyborgmatt, pls don’t do this

  • Midas

    Some of those low violence models and icons look seriously awesome. Lifestealer (due to the all-round model change), Nevermore, and Ostarion especially.

  • mediocrechicken

    Honestly I would like to see this as the new Bane. He’s so fat it’s funny. I also like the mask on Lich. It makes him seem more dangerous and it helps his character quite a bit as this dangerous dude who was supposed to be kept dead.