Dota 2 16th May Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has been delayed a little with the ongoing Western Dota 2 International qualifiers happening right now. The patch contains a few new features, bug fixes and a long awaited announcer pack. You can view the full changelog here.

The forecast calls for pain like rain, and it's monsoon season.

Front End Changes

Hero & Creep Animation Updates

We have some animation updates for one of the existing heroes and some more custom animations for the Radiant Melee creep’s appearance in the second tutorial map.

Doom’s Animations

Doom’s Eye of Omoz sword now has it’s own set of custom attack animations as well as a loadout animation.

Loadout Animation


Attack Animations



Radiant’s Melee Creep

We have some more updates for the Radiant melee creep, these animations will be used in the upcoming second tutorial map.




In Game Store Item Icon Changes

We have some updates to the Bottle store icon in this week’s patch.

Bottle Icons

New Double Damage Bottle


Old Double Damage Bottle


New Small Bottle (1x Charge)


Old Small Bottle (1x Charge)


New Cosmetic Store Items

This week’s Dota 2 patch has provided us with a new type of cosmetic set, similar to the couriers that upgrade their effect with the amount of matches you view that come bundled with league passes we now have an item set that levels up with the amount of matches view.

Queen of Pain’s Items

This Queen of Pain set comes bundled with the Premier League season 5 pass and will level up depending on how many matches you have viewed.

The Wicked Succubus Set





Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



New League Passes

We have a few new league passes, two of which come bundled with extra items.

RaidCall EMS One Summer 2013


“The RaidCall EMS One Summer 2013 features teams from all over the world in a battle for 39,000 US dollars in prize money. Established teams and challengers meet in four cups, followed by group stage playoffs and live event finals – giving you dozens of great matches casted by TobiWan and others.”

StarSeries Season VI


“Broadcast in 4 different languages with v1lat and TobiWan as headliners and a grand prize of $22,500 this should be the best StarSeries yet! The keystone of StarSeries is its LAN finals, held in Kiev Cybersport Arena. Includes an exclusive in-game Starladder HUD Skin.”

Powered Star HUD



Click to enlarge:


Premier League Season 5


“In cooperation with Norton, TPL returns with a new format. 8 best teams from Europe fight for entry to the $15,000 SuperCup by contesting each other in smaller cups. This ticket grants you entry to a total of 8 knockout tournaments, Stone Ruin HUD and the Wicked Succubus evolving set.”


The Queen of Pain set displayed above and a Chaos Knight themed HUD Skin.

Stone Ruin HUD

“Beware the chaos of ages past. Included with Premier League Season 5 pass.”



Click to enlarge:


UI Updates

The broadcaster system for Dota TV has been updated and the private lobbies now allowed for a total of six different broadcaster groups. We also have some minor updates to the community page.

Broadcaster UI

Private lobby redesign to take into account the increase of broadcaster slots.


The broadcaster slots now have a leave option once you’re in the channel.


The broadcaster select UI has also been increased in size.


Community UI

The order on the community UI has been rearranged, there is now a “Featured Games” tab on the unreleased Guild system and we now have a general “Overview” page.


Tutorial UI

We have some more updates to the in game tutorial system, there is now a quest log button which will open up a new UI displaying all of the text mentioned in the tutorial.



Unit Renames

Elder Titan’s Ancestral Spirit has now been renamed to “Astral Spirit”.


Back End Changes

Updated Strings

Elder Titan’s unit rename.

    "npc_dota_elder_titan_ancestral_spirit"      "Astral Spirit"

The lore for a number of Enigma’s abilities has been updated/changed.

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_enigma_malefice_Lore"                    "Strange gravities pull at the core of those who would oppose you, holding them in place."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_enigma_demonic_conversion_Lore"              "Enigma is capable of drawing aspects of himself from other dimensions - the result is a trio of dark eidolons that hunt the corporeal plane."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_enigma_black_hole_Lore"                  "The ground trembles as Enigma channels his ultimate vortex of destruction, a singularity with the power to end worlds."

New strings for the “Featured Games” & “Featured Farmer” sections in the unreleased guild system.

    "Guild_FeaturedGamesDescription"  "A selection of the best games recently played by Guild parties."

    "DOTA_Guild_FeaturedGames"      "Featured Games"
    "DOTA_Guild_FeaturedFarmer"      "Featured Farmer"

The Backpack Expander text has been updated to reflect that it provides a total of an extra 128 slots.

    "DOTA_BackpackExpander_Confirm" "Are you sure you want to expand your backpack by 128 slots? The backpack expander will be destroyed upon use."

Unit names for a number of new entities.

    "npc_dota_roquelaire"      "Roquelaire"
    "ss_roquelaire"          "Roquelaire"
    "tgt_r4_shopkeeper_speech"    "Shopkeeper"
    "tgt_r3_shopspeech"        "Shopkeeper"
    "tgt_r4_secretspeech"      "Shopkeeper"

The in game Workshop importer tool will soon have support for custom particles.

    "DOTA_ItemTest_Particles_Title"    "PARTICLES"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Particles_Desc"    "This model will have a particle system attached to it in-game for gameplay purposes. This is the .DMX, .SMD, or .FBX file that contains vertices specifying how the particle system should be attached."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Particles_Help"    "Particle Help"

The Workshop unit import list has been updated to cover some new units.

    "DOTA_Import_Lycan_Ult"    "Shapeshift Form"
    "DOTA_Import_Lycan_Ult_Desc"    "Lycanthrope's Shapeshift Form requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Jugg_Ward"        "Healing Ward"
    "DOTA_Import_Jugg_Ward_Desc"      "Juggernaut's Healing Ward requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Pugna_Ward"        "Nether Ward"
    "DOTA_Import_Pugna_Ward_Desc"      "Pugna's Nether Ward requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Forge_Spirit"        "Forge Spirit"
    "DOTA_Import_Forge_Spirit_Desc"      "Invoker's Forge Spirit requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_WD_Ward"        "Death Ward"
    "DOTA_Import_WD_Ward_Desc"      "Witchdoctor's Ward requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Tusk_Sigil"        "Sigil"
    "DOTA_Import_Tusk_Sigil_Desc"      "Tusk's Sigil requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Golem"        "Undying Golem"
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Golem_Desc"      "Undying's ultimate form requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Tombstone"        "Undying Tombstone"
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Tombstone_Desc"      "Undying's Tombstone requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Zombie"        "Undying Zombie"
    "DOTA_Import_Undying_Zombie_Desc"      "Undying's ultimate form requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_ShadowShaman_Wards"        "Shadow Shaman Wards"
    "DOTA_Import_ShadowShaman_Wards_Desc"      "Shadow Shaman's Wards requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Gyro_Missle"        "Homing Missle"
    "DOTA_Import_Gyro_Missle_Desc"      "Gyrocoptor's Missle requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_NP_Treant"        "Treant"
    "DOTA_Import_NP_Treant_Desc"      "Nature's Prophet's Treant requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Enigma_Eidolon"        "Eidolon"
    "DOTA_Import_Enigma_Eidolon_Desc"      "Enigma's Eidolon requires a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Warlock_Golem"        "Golem"
    "DOTA_Import_Warlock_Golem_Desc"      "Warlock's Golem requires a single model."

The International Compendium will now display a “Gifted From” tagline when you give/trade one away to someone.


The Low Violence hero list has been updated, this is a list of heroes who need to be altered/changed to pass classification in China.

"LowViolence"        "1"

Shadow Fiend
Skeleton King
Ancient Apparition

Low Violence Textures

We have some alternative “lv” aka “Low Violence” textures in the patch this week, these changes are required for the Chinese client.

Lifestealer’s Textures

Lifestealer’s jaw is going to be replaced with a metal mask and the blood on his skin has also been removed.

Metal Mask Texture


Body Texture (Blood Removed)


The tabard and chain textures have also been cleaned of any blood.

lifestealer_lv_tabard_color lifestealer_lv_manacles_color

Unreleased Announcer Packs

After being on the workshop for a number of months we now have a copy of the Pyrion Flax announcer pack in the files. The pack comes bundled with a standard announcer and a megakills announcer.

Pyrion Flax Announcer Pack


Pyrion Flax Megakills Pack


Unreleased HUD Skins

We have another batch of unreleased custom HUD skins in this week’s patch.

The International 2013 HUD

As part of one of the Compendium stretch goals Valve have promised a HUD, that stretch goal has now been reached and the HUD is currently being worked on.




Click to enlarge:


Driftwood HUD

“Upon a sandy shore lie the tools of victory.”



Click to enlarge:


Gear Tooth HUD

“Ingenuity powers the machinery of war.”



Click to enlarge:


Frozen Touch HUD

“There is cold wisdom in the core of winter.”

As seen on last week’s blog post however it has had a couple of updates.



Click to enlarge:


Unreleased Custom Couriers

We have some references to a Smeevil Bird which will be one of the custom mounts for the Smeevil Courier awarded for reaching one of the Compendium’s stretch goals.

Smeevil’s Bird

Most likely the courier seen in the concept art released for the Smeevil mount ideas.

  "name": "Smeevil_Bird",
  "defindex": 10184,
  "item_class": "dota_item_wearable",
  "item_type_name": "New Item",
  "item_name": "Smeevil_Bird",
  "item_description": "This new item has no description.",
  "proper_name": false,
  "item_quality": 4,
  "image_inventory": "econ/testitem_slot_empty",
  "min_ilevel": 1,
  "max_ilevel": 1,
  "image_url": "",
  "image_url_large": "",
  "capabilities": {
    "nameable": true,
    "can_craft_mark": true,
    "can_be_restored": true,
    "strange_parts": true,
    "paintable_unusual": true


Tutorial Map 2 Props

The progress continues on the unreleased second tutorial map, we have a bundle of extra props added in this week’s patch.
















Updated Sound Files

We have some next gen page turning sound effects for the Compendium and an updated Hookshot sound effect for Clockwork in this week’s patch.

UI Sound Files

“Page turning never sounded so good”






Clockwork’s Sound Files

New Hookshot Sound Effect


Old Hookshot Sound Effect


Materials Update

We have no new material updates for the unreleased heroes.

Particles Update

We have no new particle updates for the unreleased heroes.

Predictions For The Next Hero

Commander Riker is sexier than Legion Commander tbh

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      They wont come out with any new heroes until after the international. They did the same thing last year.

      • John

        That’s not true at all. We got a hero released every week from June all the way up until the end of July with a tri-hero patch last year.

        Legion Commander and Abaddon will most certainly come out before TI3 given the amount of work done on them. Still I wouldn’t expect anymore than that.

        • Savo

          Nope they are not working at all on new heroes since there are no material and particle updates in last 2 weeks.

          • Techies

            Elder Titan’s concept art CLEARLY had LC in the background.
            Like it was said earlier, in July last year, 3 Heroes were released.
            and We will get a minimum of TWO more heroes after the qualifiers are done, LC and Abaddon.
            Deal with it.

      • Havocked

        I’ve been around Dota since late 2011 lol, thats not how they did it last year not at all. They actually released 3 heroes at the end of July in one patch and then they took ONE month off… But seriously if Valve doesn’t release ANY heroes at all before TI3 I am honestly going to be pissed, because to me that means they are simply “holding” back because they want people to “gun” for the 3.2 million compendium price.

        As much as I love valve (they are my favourite company) I cant defend them on those actions at all, because it’ll all be greed!

        • asdasd

          The game itself are free, Where do you think the money come from?

          • Havocked

            But by putting a premium on “Developing” heroes it becomes “paying for heroes” in a sly and indirect way that the “masses” may not notice. Thus why I said it is “greedy”, development of the game should not be hindered simply to make more money, its why we love Valve and their Free-to-Play model is that its “cosmetic” based and not PAY FOR HEROES like another game I do not want to mention right now :)

          • Hacnar

            This is absolutely not pay for hero, you will get him no matter what, you do not have to pay. It is just that if people will pay, they will choose which hero will come sooner. This is more of pay if you want to have direct influence on development. And I cant remember any other game where community had chance to directly involve in game development.

          • Havocked

            So in your opinion the community has to cough up a total of 1.6 milliion dollars x 7.5 = 12 milliion dollars in Valves pocket just to have a “choice” in what comes first in Development? and now because of this there is a chance that Valve will hinder and slow down development of heroes that should have already been released? Shouldnt the community already have that voice and choice? Dota 1 was built on the community through its ideas and passion for the game, people tend to forget that this IS in fact a community game.

            Dont take this wrong way I am in total support of Valve I love them, I love Dota, I protect Dota 2 in alot of ways however this is an excusable way of treating the community in my eyes, it rubs all the wrong ways for me. I love the idea of supporting E-Sports which I already did buy purchasing the compendium however slowing down development of heroes like LC and Abaddon because they want the community to put more into the compendium really really rubs me the wrong way. They should NOT slow down any progress on heroes just for the sake of trying to get more money. Thats my problem with it.

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            Ur math is wrong dude. Valve will get 4.8M, not 12M :S

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    (I’m only asking because I’m the guy that made it, so if something weird happened with the upload that I’m not aware of I have to go whine at Valve about it ) haha

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    Can someone explain why PA’s mythical weapon (gloombalde) is in fact a mythical weapon? It doesnt have any modified animations, nor any cool particle effects..

    • Jakub Kamiński

      Because myth items dont have special effects.

      • Yuri Kulikov

        Fireborn Odachi modifies attack animations. Dooms myth sword is now gonna have attack modifiers, Wyvernguard’s Edge has attack modifiers. Pretty sure all myth weapons have 1?

        • Koko

          well no, not all, that’s what he’s trying to tell u

          • Woteeh

            Not all Mythical weapons have attack modifiers, take for instance Brewmaster’s Mythical Flail. It doesn’t have special Attack Animations or fancy particles. Even couriers like Morok, Boar, Badger, even though they’re mythical, it doesn’t mean they should have particles.

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    Is it just me, or does anyone else think the the Stone Ruin / TPL HUD looks real bad? too me it looks like Rotten wood or Pumice neither of which are very appealing materials.

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    You wanna know where he is?
    The new goals are:

    $2,000,000 – A custom HUD skin for all Compendium owners

    $2,200,000 – A Taunt item with a brand new animation for all Compendium owners

    $2,400,000 – Vote on participants in an 8 player Solo Championship (1 vs 1) at The International

    $3,200,000 – Choose the next hero we release <<====== HERE


    • Adonisds

      Valve: give us 4.8 million dollars and we release Techies

      • Jeydis

        The money goes to the tournament prize pool rather then valve.

        • Guerilla.Radio

          25% goes to the tournament prize pool, 75% goes to valve

        • TimBerLen

          Compendium cost 10$. Money add to pool per one bought compendium 2.5$. See the math? 3/4 price goes to the Valve’s pocket. I understand, programmers need to eat, and Gabe need another Ferrari … But what the hell, the community has to pay Valve $3600000 for that it can vote for the next hero … Here we have yet to mention about democracy and the voting system at all – it’s like blind are choosing the deaf.

  • Legion

    here’s the list unreleased hero

    1, Legion commander [ release date May 30 or first week of june ]

    2, Abbadon [ June ]

    no more heroes [ July ] because 2013 dota 2 International fixed bugs, more items, new Tutorial Map Released, and new material updates for new hero

    3. Abyssal Underlord

    after 2013 dota 2 International

    4, Phoenix [ September ]

    5, Ember Spirit [ October ]

    6, Soul Keeper [ November Halloween special ]

    7, Winter Wyvern [ December ]

    2014 release hero

    8, Techies

    9, Arc Warden

    More coming 6 new Heros

    Mortar Team
    Wyvern Outrider



    Ghost Revenant

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    Ta ta taram tap tap taram!

    Badabum, badabing!

    You fucked piece of shit modafaka! Useless crap!

    Go slainigs im cummings!

    Are you cereal? Fock this game! Suka blait Damoy davaj idi nahuy pizdec!

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    i tried with:

    dota_broadcaster_language 0, 6,8

    (0 should be eng, 6 rus, and 8 chinese).

    But it only works on 0 and it picks all of them, and swaps them every sec….

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    phoenix is the next hero

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    I am sorry to disappoint you guys… but last year 3-4 heroes were released in july doesn’t mean it will happen again. 3.2 million = choose next hero means they do nothing for now, but if it reaches to 3.2 million, they will do something in return of your 3-4 million dollars donation to valve. so if they release 1-2 heroes before TI3, be happy about it and dont expect more… this game will be done in 2014 probably…

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