Dota 2 6th March Patch – Content Analysis

March 8th, 2013 by Cyborgmatt Leave a reply »

This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived bringing a number of bug fixes, new item sets and some hidden goodies. You can view the full changelog here.


Front End Changes

Hero Models Broken Down

As we saw with Skywrath mage the other week we have another one of the unreleased hero models broken down already for cosmetic item support.

Elder Titan’s Model

The unreleased model for Elder Titan has already been broken down.

Default Parts:

Elder Titan’s Weapon
Elder Titan’s Bracers
Elder Titan’s Hair
Elder Titan’s Shoulders
Elder Titan’s Back Totem

Lina’s Fiery Soul of the Slayer

Included in this patch is a new type of cosmetic item, Lina’s Fiery Soul of the Slayer is a throwback to her original rendition giving her a similar style to how she looked in her first set of concept art.

“It has often been said that Lina’s hair was touched by fire, though few know the truth of this claim. In Lina’s youth, as her natural talents first began to smoke and smolder it was her fiery hair that told the tale of the storm to come. With time and training, her skill and control of the flame was enough to suppress the searing display. Yet on occasion, when her ire grows and tempers flare, the full measure of Lina’s burning spirit threatens to unleash its wrath.”


The item has also been tagged with a new “Arcana” rarity and will be presented with a custom music stinger plus the symbol below if it drops in the game you are in.


Fiery Soul of the Slayer’s Backpack Image


Alternative Icons

The item also changes some of Lina’s hero, minimap and ability icons.

Minimap Icon (Alt vs Original)

lina_alt1 lina

Dragon Slave (Alt vs Original)

lina_dragon_slave_alt1 lina_dragon_slave

Fiery Soul (Alt vs Original)

lina_fiery_soul_alt1 lina_fiery_soul

Hero Icon (Alt vs Original)

lina_alt1 lina

In Game Portrait


Alternative Particles

Lina’s Fiery Soul of the Slayer also comes with new ambient fire effects, making her burning visual appearance much more intense. There are also particles for a custom Dragon Slave effect.



Alternative Sound Effects


Model Viewer Shots


In Game Shots

Loadout preview


In Game







New Cosmetic Store Items

Bounty Hunter’s Items

Hunter in Distant Sands Set










Model Viewer Shots




Leshrac’s Items

Twisted Wisdom Set









Model Viewer Shots




Phantom Lancer’s Items

Feathered Naginata Spear


Riki’s Items

Riki now has a Sange and Yasha bundle with two daggers in it.




Rubick’s Items

The Inscrutable Zeal Set









Model Viewer Shots




Windrunner’s Items

Featherfall Set










Model Viewer Shots




Kunkka’s Custom Ward


Existing Cosmetic Item Changes

We have a couple of changes to existing cosmetic items in this patch.

Rubick’s Councilor Set

Rubick’s recently added Councilor’s Complete Raiment Set has now been updated to add an extra item to the set, a custom head piece.


Pudge’s Dragonclaw Hook

Pudge’s Dragonclaw Hook has had its particle effect fixed returning to a custom chain effect.


New League Passes

WePlay Dota 2

“WePlay.TV proudly presents the WePlay Dota 2 League, brought to you by Logitech, Western Digital, and Inno3D! Beginning this March, thirty-two of Western Dota’s best will duke it out online for $20,000 in cash & gear prizes with professional commentary from Beyond the Summit and WePlay.TV.”


Armageddon Dota 2 Grand Slam!

“The battle between the best Dota 2 teams in Asia is on! Watch as they game fiercely to win a chance to be sponsored by the big names in corporate alliance!”


GEST Dota 2 – 2013

“The Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament is sponsored by Gigabyte and hosted by DotaTalk. The winners of 8 GMPGL qualifiers from South-East Asia will compete against one another for another cash prize of $1500. The winners will compete against the Top Chinese Teams for another $1500.”


UI Updates

We have some more updates to the dashboard UI in this week’s patch.

Profile Page

The profile page now allows for you to feature other items such as couriers as well as your favourite hero and their cosmetic items.


Items like the couriers can also be previewed by clicking on them in featured box.


This includes weapons.


Back End Changes

Updated Strings

After using the in game hero build tool, if that guide is lacking votes you will now be presented a dialog to vote on it.

    "DOTA_UI_please_rate_build"  "Please rate this hero build:"

We now have a new server region and matchmaking queue that will be arriving in the future in South Korea.

    "dota_region_korea"      "South Korea"

    "dota_matchgroup_icn"      "South Korea"

Strings for the new hero showcase UI.

    "item_showcase_title"                    "FEATURED ITEMS"
    "item_showcase_change"                    "EDIT FEATURED ITEMS"

    "hero_showcase_preview_tooltip"                "Inspect this hero's currently equipped items"

Arcana, the new rarity.

    // Rarity Names
    "Rarity_Common"                "Common"
    "Rarity_Uncommon"              "Uncommon"
    "Rarity_Rare"                "Rare"
    "Rarity_Mythical"              "Mythical"
    "Rarity_Legendary"              "Legendary"
    "Rarity_Ancient"              "Ancient"
    "Rarity_Immortal"              "Immortal"
    "Rarity_Arcana"                "Arcana"

New Sound Effects

New Stingers

I mean if an Arcana item is going drop it’s only accustom to make a giant deal of it.



Roshan’s Sound Effects


Batrider’s Sound Effects



Shadow Shaman’s Sound Effects





Vengeful Spirit’s Voice Work

Vengeful Spirit has two new voice lines, one ally line and one rival line.



Materials Update

Big update in this week’s patch for the unreleased heroes` textures.

Abaddon’s Materials





Bristlebog’s Materials



Elder Titan’s Materials

Elder Titan’s Base Texture:


Elder Titan’s Shoulder & Bracer:

elder_titan_shoulder_color elder_titan_bracer_color

Elder Titan’s Hair & Hammer:

elder_titan_hair_color elder_titan_hammer_color

Elder Titan’s Totem:


Legion Commander’s Materials

Racist Lady:


Legion Commander’s Sword & Bracer:

legion_sword_color legion_bracer_color

Legion Commander’s Flag & Fur:

legion_flag_color legion_fur_color

Legion Commander’s Helmet & Shoulder:

legion_helmet_color legion_shoulderpad_color

Skywrath Mage’s Materials

Skywrath Mage’s Wings:


Skywrath Mage’s Body:


Skywrath Mage’s Head & Shoulder:

skywrath_mage_head_color skywrath_mage_shoulder_color

Skywrath Mage’s Bracer & Belt:

skywrath_mage_bracer_color skywrath_mage_belt_color

Skywrath Mage’s Staff:


Particles Update

Bristlebog’s Particles








Predictions For The Next Hero

You know who you are.

No funny joke today, just wizard party.

Dota Names

Come up with a funny Dota name and win prizes? Simples.

  • Caca


  • trustjke

  • FlyingMoustache

    hair or fed

  • capawesome

    Dat Wizard Party

  • Ximp

    Careless WISPer?

    dont have twitter btw

  • Jigglypuff

    wow this is an amazing patch

  • Nazarus

    i have councilor set before they add the head? i must buy the head?

    • hafiz / حفيظ

      it will be in your inventory, so no need to buy

  • ReevoH

    kunkkas wards are amazing

  • mep69

    lol this patch is bad

  • jojo

    legion is going to be a woman?! i actually kind of like that idea.. lol


      Yeah, the “Wait, wasn’t it using the bigot knight with the giant Ixmike stache from the campaign?” reaction was the first thing that hit me.

    • Wolfwyr

      Hardcore racist feminist

    • Direclaw

      Racist bitch

      • jojo

        mmm.. i dont understand why people are calling me racist, and feminist… come on people that is not racist in any way, and i also never said that she should be in the kitchen or that females are weak. I actually like that she’s going to be female since there aren’t that many females that can actually carry. D:

        • Doomroar

          they are not calling you a racist feminist bitch, they are calling that the hero, tresdina who original model on wc3 dota was a male human racist bastard.

          but now he? she can be sexist too and have a mustache for the good old days! those responses are going to be hilarious or boring as fuck, it depends on volvo sense of humor.

    • Amo

      We need a female str hero.

  • NameYeah

    Damn, that Rubick set is bad…

    • mic

      Damn, that Rubick set is bad ass!

    • Uguu Wizard

      Ribbit ribbit, noob.

    • russia good

      He looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

  • koko


  • Kahmu

    One could think they’re intending to release several heroes at once! <3

    • Ghardo

      This is valve we’re talking about. Not going to happen.
      I appreciate their effort that was put into Fiery Soul Lina but multiple heroes at the same time just ain’t going to happen lol.

      • DarkDX

        Well, it was a pretty common occurance earlier in the beta, if I recall, even if I wasn’t actually interested in Dota back then.
        Also, Legion Commander is female? That’s new, to say the least.

      • Frostyvamp

        I hate to be that guy, but they have released multiple heroes at once. Jakiro, Huskar and batrider; Silencer and Spirit Breaker; Kunkka and Blood Seeker; Omniknight and Dragon knight.. Or we may just get one in a row for 3 weeks again. s

        • Sage

          Man just what are you people going to do when they finally catch up to DotA?
          What?! No hero EVERY WEEK?! LOL DEAD GAME!!!

          • Zuva

            They will make new heroes most likely.

          • Gabriel “Galvão” Manari

            B-but DotA doesn’t release new heroes every week.

          • Neospace

            Simple. They add TF2 characters.

          • Gray

            You can’t call it dead when they add 20 items a day.

        • Jason Lockart

          KotL, Visage and Nyx.

          • Spenser Hodum

            ck gyro pa was a 3 in a week

      • Flshift

        It happened before.. And you’re way too negative to valve :/

      • Havocked

        They use to release several heroes at a time before the International.Im hoping itll pick up again BEFORE IT3 again and have all heroes released before international 3.

      • Killgannon

        Uh….do your research before making a sweet-ass comment like that. Valve has released several heroes at once before. But “E” for effort.

      • Leonardo Fuchs Leite

        valve is alright…. steam sucks ass though.

    • peto

      maybe they hold on releasing heroes for the tournament…maybe after that.

      • Kahmu

        There are too many heroes in beta status right now. I can’t imagine Valve preparing all of them to this state and then waiting until after the TI3 which hasn’t even been announced yet.
        I guess (hope!) that they’re trying to get as many heroes done before the TI3 as possible, since they’ve made the Commander textures only within a week and are polishing the others (Elter Titan, Abbadon) pretty fast too. I really expect there will be atleast 2 new heroes in atleast two weeks from now, the others following pretty soon after that.

  • lawliet_91

    That rubick is a fucking tomberi…

  • Shomy

    You are kind of late, cyborgmatt , cccc….. I also like that idea about leggion commander being woman now.

  • Casinocaster

    Woman Commander

  • Peruvian_Assassin


  • lina

    I like how valve is working on 6 heroes at the time . Seems like no hero next week either .

    • crystalmaiden

      Quit yer whining hoe, fiery ass trick.

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      not really.

      prolly its Skywrath Mage’s release next week IMO.

  • zara

    Bristlebog is still a pig or what else ?

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      i think he’s still a boar.

    • Guest

      i think it just an ogre or what

    • Killstopher McDeer

      He’s British

  • Name

    Well,they cant just make tresdin a woman.
    It’s like making a game with bruce lee,and putting lucy liu instead.

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino


    • Doomroar

      i can see Hollywood trying to made pull that one, valve please don’t

    • Malcher

      It’s DOTA 2….it would be mediocre if they just pull the looks of legion commander from original dota…if the design works in gameplay….why not?

      • Doomroar

        well do you all remember all that bitching about respecting the lore, and that female skin for invoker that got rejected?

        how come this one is just fine? i have no idea but if we want at least some degree of consistence it would be natural to either make Tresdin male or rule 63 all the heros.

        • Thomas Price

          There isn’t enforced consistency. Look at Rubick, or Tauren Chieftan, or Brewmaster, etc etc. New takes on the hero idea are welcome alongside faithful recreations of beloved classics, in my book. Variety’s the spice of life.

        • TheAusus

          The problem with the female invoker skin is that it was basically just “Hey look, boobs!” The only female hero that is blatantly like that is Queen of Pain, but that one is understandable. The Legion Commander skins are not skimpy at all. It’s not about the change from male to female that got most people angry, it was the blatant “pornification” of the hero.

          If your memory is rusty, here is what the female invoker looked like:

          • Doomroar

            oh god it is more horrible than what i remember, how the hell did it got rejected!

  • Jone

    I didn’t saw any racist, where is it?

  • PenisBoy


    • isako

      CALM 4 hero’s no look 😀 and a new hero calm wait for the best wait calm

    • Michael Embley

      You dont have to buy them, All items afaik, Drop from games.

    • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios

      I Agree

    • MAlcher

      I prefer to have a option to buy some itens than the need to buy a hero to have the opportunity to play with it

  • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

    $34.99 only for Lina’s new arcana.

    • AntoxaGray

      All started with Armored Horse in TES: Oblivion.

  • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

    WAIT, did i just saw a woman’s face in Legion Commander’s textures?

  • Ro

    Oh God, those sets are gorgeous. 10/10 update.

  • org BEBAS

    can we still have the old lina? :(

    • Skab

      Uh, new Lina hair is a head slot item. So, yes. Yes you can.

    • Mixednutts

      Fiery Soul Lina is technically the old Lina.

  • Blutkrieg

    Can anyone tell me if Skywrath Mage is still getting a flying mount or is valve doing a half man half bird x,x cause a flying mount would be a much better choice.

    • lolomgwtf

      VS was a skywrath mage in the lore, based on her model it wont be a half bird. most likely flying mount

      • Visitrix

        Read her lore again, it says she made a deal and swapped her body for one made of spiritual shit.

  • Uguu Wizard

    Where is Legion Commanders mustach?

  • Ryan

    Nice job Matt

    So… does skywrath not have a mount?

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      look again.
      its either Skywrath is the whole thing with wings or not.

  • guyhh

    Where the fuck is techies?

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      srsly, everyone needs to stop looking for Techies, he’s going to be added very late like he’s the last one to get added.

      • guyhh

        thats retarded, why import heroes that were added WAY after techies before him? My respect for valve is getting lower every week.

        • guyhhiddumb

          cos techies is never used in tournament games ever, these others are…

          • Nice.English.Bitch

            Ooooohh, you mean like medusa, pudge,huskar,viper,dazzle and pre buff drow?

          • MAssStalker

            Most of those you’ve mentioned have been used in Tournaments, but buffs and nerfs has changed the meta-game so they are not used anymore, but problable will at one point in the future. Pudge is being used in the Asian pro scene atm.

          • GrooveMike

            Techies is used in SEA tournaments from times to times, he is not much played because it needs a terribly good player to play him… Your argument is SO invalid

          • Kostas
        • Peter

          Personally I do not count techies as real hero, its like playing in 4 and some dumb Killstealer who need big portion of luck and patience to get atleast 3x rampage in game, and I reallyenjoz that he will be the last hero x). Most of pub games are about half an hour, only few serious games are longer and what will you do if opponent team have Bigg baddass feeded carry and babysitting support with gem at his back (I mean 4+tech vs 5)?????? nothing… thats about pub…
          I will not talk about tournaments because everyone knows that, noone pick him there….

          • Doomroar

            because there is no other way to play techies that to killsteal.
            because there is no way techies can form even a decent combo with any hero ever.
            because his stats gain will never help him to survive at anything the game proposes.
            because his mechanics became obsolete the moment you buy a gem and then the only solution is to quite since there is no other use any of his spells could have.

            for all those things techies is not a real hero…

            well i call bullshit on this, techies is awesome and dynamic if you are of the ones that believes in at least one of the shitty points i wrote above, do us all a favor and relearn how to play, even more go to a class on strategy, and then join and art class to develop your imagination, because techies offers way more than just a couple of mines to kill noobs, for real im not gonna explain you how because is not my duty to teach how to play the game, but its gonna help you atleast to read the “points against techies” as a load of fact-less sarcasm which is indeed the way it was intended.

          • Peter

            Exactly…. Do not teach me… You doesnt need to:) Im just sayin, for me he is useless because I saw maybe two good players(What we should expect from pub) , But I dont underestimate his skills or his help.. I underestimate players mainly and thats the difference…. And why you complain about him that he dont have “buddy” hero… Tiny? Pudge?

          • Peter

            I played few years on garena and I saw nothing better then few rampage kills… And I dont think so now it would be different…. My expectations decreased about him So its nothing unexpected that I appreciatte that he is last…. Rather I would like to play Xin Terror Chieftan Bristle or even the two new heroes 😛

          • Doomroar

            i understand, when i was on Garena everyone sucked with geomancer (and they still do XD); But not because some people can’t success playing with a hero means that im going to exclude him from the tittle of “real hero”, and him being picked… times changes, back in the day no one liked jakiro, and now you see him every opportunity, it almost makes me scream to those hypocrites, sure he got some balances but he remains practically the same, and the same can be with techies except that techies is well loved.

          • Peter

            Yep but if we look at teamfights complain what can do jakiro/ meepo / tech…… very few players can handle tech in fight and be atleast succesfull for 80% and more. So i think Valve put heroes which are more usefull in fights or they are much more often picked by pro players in tournaments (all is for good show as TI,TI2 for example). Yes tech also can make his own good “firework” show but.. how many players do that?? 😀
            Or from different side: Could you imagine that heroes like Naga or Tide would not be there and tech does? I dont 😛

          • Doomroar

            yes that’s a point but that still doesn’t mean you have to label the guy that hard as useless, just because he is difficult to play.

          • Peter

            But if in some time will someone impress me by his gameplay maybe I will change my mind….. but again…. My expectations decreased from past years on Garena so why it should be now different? :O

          • Peter

            I played few years on garena and I saw nothing better then few rampage kills… And I dont think so now it would be different…. My expectations decreased about him So its nothing unexpected that I appreciatte that he is last…. Rather I would like to play Xin Terror Chieftan Bristle or even the two new heroes 😛

  • Derpy

    Next week 4 heroes!

  • Shushkebab

    Oh damn. Could we be seeing more than 1 hero drop in the next patch?

    • JG

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Lets hope for a blow out of new heroes coming soon.

  • Glow Nevermore

    bristlebog? o.O

  • Synth

    Skyhawk, piggy and NONHUMAN SCUM are likely the next heroes?

    Lets do this man.

  • Glow Nevermore

    and what is elder titan i guess?

    • MFM

      New name for Tauren Chieftain

  • mosi

    i want to have a Duel with dat Legion

    • AntoxaGray


  • Piero Vermiglio Pimentel

    what’s that Elder titan thing about? i can’t figure what hero is that

    • Neos

      It’s Tauren Chieftain ffs

    • Thomas Price

      It has a totem. Taurens are a Warcraft trademark. It’s not a total mystery!

      • Will-am

        He looks like a yellow colour Indian Chief now.
        Black hair, yellow skin.

    • Ziggles Ardron

      Elder Titan is Tauren Chieftan.

  • Magnaliscious

    Well now.. Thanks Valve.. for not being EA and charging me extra to get that New rubick helm after i payed full prcie for the whole set.. I love Valve 😀

  • Aruarian

    You just HAVE to show off all your goodies to us common plebeians huh, Matt? Good show.

  • Bertha

    All models looks awesome.

  • Gabe Newell

    smd cyborgfatt

  • Rilus Spark

    they need to fix the bug of troll minimap icon

  • Detrimindexta

    Arcana stinger music made me orgasm.

  • Doomroar

    from ugly mustached bigot bastard, to sexy lady, legion commander what the hell… dem radical changes, well it is what it is

  • bakas

    so legion commander is going to be a female commander..? NICE!! i bet she’s going to look like luna

  • Kain Nobleman

    dear Cyborgmatt, don´t deny it! the resemblance is strikingly real! u need to make the Razor + Abaddust lovestory hit your youtube channel!

  • Axe

    Lina is on fire…..Kunkka quick cast torrent on her! A big no for female legion.

  • ‘Ploutonas Pankratios


    • sasha grey

      Well i bought it ! BANG!

    • DerpyClaus

      Well… I did.

  • Ricky Ryan

    Kitchen Commander

  • Paco

    Valve, r u trollin me?

  • karmacode

    Am i wrong or, is Legion Commander looks like a female?

    • Doomroar

      he just shaved his mustache… and undergo a sex-change LOL

  • Red

    hook animation.. awww yeaaah!

  • AntoxaGray

    STR Woman hero? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • Doomroar

      she is on testosterone, and once she grows back her mustache you will see no difference with the old racist commander

  • Genzey

    still waiting for cosmetic Aghanim’s changes….

  • Mahdi

    Whatever happened to the Queen of Pain set that was in the files last patch? It’s not even in the workshop anymore :s

  • Anderson Lima

    who’s elder titan ?

  • Tien Tien Payawal

    Natalie Portman = Legion Commander

  • Roger

    where do you get the kunkka ward?

  • Comedian of Matt

    It’s sad to see Lina alt. look with short blonde hair & yellow eyes,but her boobs are still in tact.The prediction gonna be right,but,who knows?Maybe VALVE gonna do fast release on Bog or 2 heroes release.Why ice frog suggest LC is a woman(& oh,boy,he’s released Rule 34 fan art ideas on Legion).Also VALVE is stupid on S&Y for riki.The trade price is doubled.

  • Bip Bippadotta

    I think Valve planning to release Dota 2 before Int 3 thats obvious… just look their progress and chronical order of hero releases. (sry for bad english)

    • vaan13

      wait a lot of nerds thinks that game will be released 2014…….

  • beau_Zhani

    I think they’re gonna realise 1 hero in a week during 4-5 weeks in a row.

  • Ashteron

    Next level item rarity drop sound:

  • noidea

    who is the elder titan or who should he be ?

  • SomeBody I used to Know

    So Elder Titan is TC from DotA
    and legion commander is a chick.

  • qwert

    Holy bazinga, Valve are you crazy dudes, 26 euro for lina skin?

  • uguu

    No more of this leaves and feather crap.

  • IAmStaka

    this lina thing is TOOOOOO DAMN EXPENSIVE

  • Bunga

    Yes!!!! Skywrath mage will not have mount, will have WINGS!!!

  • oyrusward

    that’s anbu rubick…

  • chris

    Why don’t they stop the focus on the store and focus on releasing the heroes. Especially if they want to increase their PR for the upcoming international

  • Netnicolas

    Valve is shit, keeps spitting on the face of the DotA fans. Weeks working on cosmetics (nice ones by the way) instead of working on bug-fixes and releasing heroes.

    Now Tresdin is some random bitch? That’s about it for me.

    • Random

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • ThisNameIsMyName

      Oh, how dare they make a free game for Dota fans!
      Fuck those assholes for taking creative liberties to avoid copyright issues!

  • Winter Warden

    what does that eddie murphy picture means?

  • dadad

    How about you release a new hero instead of releasing a stupid expensive Lina set ?

  • Sadam

    Lady Legion Commander’s Duel can change the name to One Night Duel LOL and the 3rd skill shud be name Period Attack or Orgasm Strike ! XD

  • Paulo

    no one want see this post 2 days after patch your fat.

  • Winter

    Rubick set is awesome, lina is nice, abaddon is piece of shit and female legion commander is… surprising i must say.
    But i feel like valve spit in the face of all people who’s fav ourite heros are Abaddon and Legion Commander. Shame.



    • Doomroar

      maybe they make him an oversized succubus so they have 2 female strength heroes…

  • Kossolax

    IMO, Elder Titan could be Tauren Chieftain. Think about “back totem” thing

  • why change item quality sudden

    pls change pudge hook back into mystical item,is no point to change it into immortal item…

  • albator7

    This Lina set must be the original one.

  • Ez

    so Tobi’s real identity is commander Rubick with rennigan!

  • Felipe Rodrigues Celestino

    Wait wait wait wait…..
    wait wait…..

    Legion Commander is gonna be a girl?!
    Okay… Now THAT’S some changes….
    Kinda liking the idea, but only on release to really know.

  • PelleParafin





  • er the great

    Legion Comandress????? Oh My GODDAMN this!!!!

    abaddon riding a bird…then this….

    i hate this goddamn sex fantasies with heroes…

  • Alex

    Legion Commander a woman? Man, that is a crap, make the knight one….

  • Razvy

    I need ya Legion Commander.

  • Slam

    Wait whos elder titan o.o

  • Hadryel

    brace yourself, Dragonus, Bristelback and Lord of Avernus are comming…

  • Visitrix

    There seems to be a bug, it said my friend was playing Skywrath Mage, but he was playing Lina.
    Here’s a pic

    • Nameless one

      Oh come on, he’s just messing up with custom statuses. Thanks to it, I can show up and say, that I’m playing as Abaddon, for example

      • Visitrix

        Oh shit, yeah. I completely forgot they were added.

  • Jason Hare

    They only released multiple heroes only because of the internationals and they had to quickly add them before august.

  • Solace

    New DC hook Chain looks terrible compared to old one.

  • dadad

    We will never see “new” heroes until next year

  • Gecko

    Rule 63 on Legion Commander

  • dsfsfsd

    bristle”bog” XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD please fail more in renaiming heroes valve you are doing it well since

  • Gabriel

    I rlly think it will be like CK,Gyro and the other one patch,multiple releases,i think

  • Frederico Peres

    Abaddon’s mount has died. Skywrath Mage felt sorry for him and gave away his own: “I just need the wings, you can take the rest.”