Dota 2 20th March Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived bringing another big batch of bug fixes, visual updates and updates to the unreleased heroes. You can view the full changelog here.

Look into the Snowl's eyes and prepare to empty your wallet.

Front End Changes

Hero Animation Updates

Some minor test animation work done of Nature’s Prophet this week’s patch.

Nature’s Prophet’s Animations

Nature’s Prophet has a new animation referred to as “upper_body_taunt_test”, suggesting that work may have resumed on the in game taunts.

Do you even lift?

New Ingame Item Models

We have some more new models for the the ingame items and an update to the dust of appearance’s model.

Dust of Appearance’s Model


Quelling Blade’s Model


Stout Shield’s Model


Tango’s Model


Visual Updates

We have a couple of big visual updates in this week’s patch.

Dagon Visual Update

The visual effect for the Dagon now scales depending on what level your Dagon is at.

Eat your heart out Harry Potter. Thanks wykrhm.

Drow Ranger’s Visual Update

Marksmanship is active:


Marksmanship has been affected by the nearby enemy hero:


Lockjaw Courier

The Lockjaw courier has been updated with new texture work.

Comparison Slider


New Texture


Old Texture


Back End Changes

Updated Strings

More updates to the second tutorial map’s strings.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_MapIntro"      "Here's a map with the tower location!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_LevelUp"      "Low health?  Your ultimate ability, <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Assassinate</b></font>, is perfect!nnHeroes may learn their <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>ultimate</b></font> ability at level six.  With Tidehunter low on health you could finish him off with a single shot.  We'll need more experience though.nnLead the way northeast."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_LevelOverHere"  "Over here, I've got an eye on Tidehunter."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_LevelBridgeOut"  "The bridge is out but that's ok, we're not level six yet.nnAppears he's a little preoccupied.  Let's stick to the plan and get some more experience."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_PullBegin"    "Spotted some here.nnTry shooting them <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>once</b></font> to get their attention and <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>pull</b></font> them towards your creeps by running back here.  Allow your creeps to help take them out!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_KillTide"      "Hopefully Tidehunter is still lurking about.  Head to where we last spotted him perhaps we can still get the jump on him!nnLet's go!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_KillTideHow"    "Took the long route?nnTime to get to work.  Use <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Assassinate</b></font> by pressing <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>%dota_ability_execute 3%</b></font> and then click on <font color='#006697' face='Dota Hypatia Bold'><b>Tidehunter</b></font> across the bridge."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_KillTideComplete"  "Boom!  Nicely done, he won't be bothering us for a while."

The team disband confirm message has been updated to point out that if you disable a team you won’t be able to reuse that name, the disbanded team will be archived.

    "DOTA_TeamDisband_Confirmation_Message"              "Do you wish to disband %s1? You will not be able to undo this action or remake this team,"


The workshop submission panel now has support for supplying marketing images along with the rest of the submission files.

    "DOTA_Workshop_File_Marketing"    "Marketing Images (.psd files)"

    "DOTA_ItemTest_Marketing_Title"    "MARKETING"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Marketing_Desc"    "A .PSD file containing a selection of marketing images to use when promoting your submission. Click the Marketing Help link to see the requirements, and suggested format, of your .PSD file."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Marketing_Help"    "Marketing Help"

More updates to the Dota 2 workshop tool.

    "DOTA_ItemTest_Attachment_AttackPoint2"    "Offhand Attack Point Bone name"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Attachment_AttackPoint2_Desc"  "When an OFFHAND ATTACK animation is used instead of the base ATTACK, this attack point will be used to spawn hit effects & projectiles."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Attachment_Mouth"      "Mouth Bone name"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Attachment_Mouth_Desc"    "Specifies where on the model to place particle effects intended for the mouth of the unit."

    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_Attack_Desc"  "Attack animations must match the timing of the unit's default animations. The attack animation for this unit must be %s2 seconds long, and the attack point occurs at %s1 seconds into it."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_AttackB"  "ALTERNATE ATTACK (optional)"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_AttackB_Desc"  "An alternate attack animation to randomly play instead of the ATTACK animation. Must have the same length & timing as the ATTACK animation."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_Attack2"  "OFFHAND ATTACK (optional)"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_Attack2_Desc" "An alternate attack animation to randomly play instead of the ATTACK animation. Hit effects / projectiles will spawn from the OFFHAND ATTACK POINT attachment instead of the base ATTACK POINT. Must have the same length & timing as the ATTACK animation."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_Attack2B"  "OFFHAND ALTERNATE ATTACK (optional)"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_Attack2B_Desc" "An alternate attack animation to randomly play instead of the ATTACK animation. Hit effects / projectiles will spawn from the OFFHAND ATTACK POINT attachment instead of the base ATTACK POINT. Must have the same length & timing as the ATTACK animation."

    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_RunInjured" "INJURED RUN (optional)"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_RunOutOfRange" "OUT-OF-RANGE RUN"
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_IdleOutOfRange" "OUT-OF-RANGE IDLE"

The workshop tool also supports submitting replacements for Bestmaster’s Boar and Hawk plus has support for Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear.

    "DOTA_Import_Boar"          "Boar"
    "DOTA_Import_Boar_Desc"        "Boars require a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Hawk"          "Hawk"
    "DOTA_Import_Hawk_Desc"        "Hawks require a single model."
    "DOTA_Import_Bear"          "Spirit Bear"
    "DOTA_Import_Bear_Desc"        "Spirit Bears require a single model."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_RunOutOfRange_Desc_SB" "This run animation will be used whenever the Spirit Bear is too far from the player to be able to attack."
    "DOTA_ItemTest_Animation_IdleOutOfRange_Desc_SB" "This idle animation will be used whenever the Spirit Bear is too far from the player to be able to attack."

Some new store based strings, suggesting that a rework of the store UI may be in the pipeline.

    "StoreCheckout_NoItems"      "Your shopping cart is empty!"
    "StoreCheckout_TooManyItems"  "You have too many items in your shopping cart!"
    "StoreCheckout_Loading"      "Checking out..."
    "StoreCheckout_Unavailable"    "Checkout unavailable at this time."
    "StoreCheckout_Canceling"    "Canceling..."

    "StoreUpdate_Loading"        "Loading the Store..."
    "StoreUpdate_NoGCResponse"      "The Store is currently closed."
    "StoreUpdate_NewPriceSheetLoaded"  "The product list has been updated to the latest version."
    "StoreUpdate_ContactSupport"    "Please contact customer support to have your Steam wallet configured."
    "StoreUpdate_OverlayRequired"    "You must enable the Steam Community in-game and restart the game to use the Store."
    "StoreUpdate_SteamRequired"      "A connection to Steam is required to use the Store."

    "StoreCheckout_Fail"        "The In-game Store is currently closed."
    "StoreCheckout_InvalidParam"    "A programmer messed up! An invalid parameter was passed to the game coordinator. Try the purchase again."
    "StoreCheckout_InternalError"    "There seems to have been an error initializing or updating your transaction. Please wait a minute and try again or contact support for assistance."
    "StoreCheckout_ContactSupport"    "There was an error with your transaction. Please contact support for assistance."
    "StoreCheckout_NotApproved"      "The game coordinator was unable to approve your transaction with Steam. Please try the purchase again later."
    "StoreCheckout_NotLoggedin"      "You must be logged in to Steam in order to complete a purchase."
    "StoreCheckout_WrongCurrency"    "This transaction's currency doesn't match your wallet currency."
    "StoreCheckout_NoAccount"      "Your Steam account is currently unavailable. Please try this purchase again later."
    "StoreCheckout_InsufficientFunds"  "You do not have enough funds to complete the purchase."
    "StoreCheckout_TimedOut"      "This transaction has timed out. Please try the purchase again."
    "StoreCheckout_SteamAccountDisabled"  "Your Steam account is disabled and cannot make a purchase."
    "StoreCheckout_SteamAccountNoPurchase"  "Steam wallet transactions have been disabled on this account."
    "StoreCheckout_OldPriceSheet"      "Your local product list is out of date. Requesting a new one."
    "StoreCheckout_TransactionNotFound"    "This transaction's id wasn't found by the game coordinator. Please try the purchase again."
    "StoreCheckout_TransactionCanceled"    "Transaction canceled. You have not been charged."
    "StoreCheckout_TransactionCompleted"  "Transaction completed!nEnjoy your loot!"
    "StoreCheckout_CompleteButUnfinalized"  "Unable to confirm success. If successful, your items will be delivered at a later date."
    "StoreCheckout_NotEnoughRoom"      "You don't have enough room in your backpack to buy that many items."
    "StoreCheckout_ContactSupport_Dialog_Title"  "Warning"
    "StoreCheckout_ContactSupport_Dialog_Btn"  "Contact"
    "StoreCheckout_LimitedQuantityItemsUnavailable"    "An item you are attempting to purchase has sold out or is currently unavailable."

Unreleased Hero Models Broken Down

The unreleased hero models for Bristlebog and Legion Commander have both already been broken down into multiple parts making them ready for cosmetic items.

Bristlebog’s Model

No base model yet but we have the default parts list.

Default Parts

Bristlebog’s Head
Bristlebog’s Back
Bristlebog’s Necklace
Bristlebog’s Bracer
Bristlebog’s Weapon

Legion Commander’s Model

No base model yet but we have the default parts list.

Default Parts

Legion Commander’s Helmet
Legion Commander’s Shoulders
Legion Commander’s Banners
Legion Commander’s Weapon
Legion Commander’s Bracers

Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We have a couple of new item sets in this patch along with a new Axe for Axe.

Axe’s Items

The Vindicator (In the new Treasure of Rarities chest)

“A sharply bladed axe, terrible and wicked.”


Model Viewer Shots



Chen’s Items

Chen’s Buttercup mount is now finished and is part of the Treasure of Rarities chest.


Keeper of the Light’s Items

Empowered Vestments of the Gods Set

“With these vestments, Keeper of the Light rides forth from the Primordial harmony.”








Model Viewer Shots



Riki’s Items

Unknown Riki Set



Spirit Breaker’s Items

Heavy Armor of the World Runner Set







Model Viewer Shots




Unreleased Treasure Chests

We have a number of new treasure chests in this week’s patch along with a mysterious “Bonus Gift”.

Treasure of the Cursed Wood

“A gnarled chest formed of a dark, still-living wood. The lock glows with cursed runes.”

The fourth chest containing a set of community made items.


Unique Cursed Wood key required to open the chest:


Loot List


Treasure of Rarities

“You will need a Treasure Key to open this chest. You can pick one up at the DOTA 2 Store. Each chest series comes with a different selection of possible loot.”

(No artwork yet)


Loot List

Either a strange item from this list:

Fashion of Yoskreth


Hair of the Dark Magic


Cape of the Dark Magic




Grand Blade of the Demigod


Fireborn Odachi


Or one of these rarer items:

Diretide HUD Skin


Frostivus HUD Skin


The Vindicator




Buttercup’s Barding


Bonus Gift

“A gift for being awesome! Open it up to receive a prize.”


Loot List


Unreleased Custom Couriers

There are a few unreleased couriers now in the files as well.

Nimble Ben

“Transdimensional Delivery Boy”

Standard Version



Flying Version



Princess Penelope the Porcine

Standard Version



Flying Version






“Servant of Selemene” ^__________^

Standard Version



Flying Version



In Game




Unreleased Heroes Update

A small update to Bristlebog with the addition of his ability icons in this patch.

Bristlebog’s Update

Bristlebog now has a set of completed ability icons.

bristleback_viscous_nasal_goo bristleback_quill_spray bristleback_bristleback bristleback_warpath

Updated Sound Files

We have some new menu music in this patch along with some other minor sound files for the diffusal blade and the Boar courier.

New Menu Music

We now have some music for the world view.


In Game Item Sound Effects

The Diffusal Blade now has an in game sound effect.


Boar Courier Sound Effects















Viper’s Sound Effects

Viper’s poison attack now has a sound effect.


Unreleased Tutorial Maps

We now have a basic overview of the second tutorial map.


Materials Update

Bristlebog’s Materials

Updated weapon texture.


Skywrath Mage’s Materials


Particles Update

Bristlebog’s Particles






Elder Titan’s Particles






Skywrath Mage’s Particles








Predictions For The Next Hero

I'm seriously running out of Mystic Flare GIFs. Volvo pls.

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    I hope a Dire themed tutorial will come. All of these tutorials are set on the Radiant side of things.

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      and that was a trial anyway…

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    1) SkyWrath
    2) Bristlebog
    3) Elder titan


    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      yeah, that’s what they’re hinting when they released funny avatars for those 3, it means they will release 3 heroes in 1 patch soon, hopefully its next week.

    • researchfordays

      It’s happened multiple times before, brood, qop and skel king were all in one patch. One week after that patch bat husk and jak were all released. A couple of months later pa, gyro, and ck were all released together. nyx, kotl, and visage were released together most recently. That makes 4 triple hero release patches in total.

      • Havocked

        yep I remember those… Been here since Jan 2012. Man I swear they released more heroes in the 1 month before the IT2 (before the month cutoff) than the last 8 months!

        I actually said after IT2 we would have the entire hero pool by early 2013. Fuck was I wrong on that prediction!

        • augaga

          I bet that valve is planning to release all heroes before TI3 so they can show it as dota 2 offical launch.

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    -some idiot

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      Look, all I want to know is when I can expect Techies, and I need to know that he will be in next week’s update.

      • someonewhoreadsdota2blog

        Many months ago, perhaps over a year ago, Valve released a statement of Icefrog’s to the effect of saying that techies was possibly going to be reworked or completely removed from the game. Either way Icefrog says if he is released he will be the last hero released.

        Source: Dota 2 official blog from a year or so ago.

        • 2milho

          there’s nothing wrong with techies. people just need to learn how to play with him. not the stupid standard “i’ll waste the game setting traps for some1 to step and DIE LOL!”
          6 second AOE stun? 600 dmg AOE nuke that hits towers? sound overpowered. not to mention denying kills and dealing massive aoe dmg at the same time, the sniper-remote mine with absurd damage…
          I used to carry a game with techies (no kidding) or turtle the shit out of everyone untill my hardcarry was overfarmed.
          to me techies is one of the hardest heroes to master in the game, side by side with invoker and other badass heros.
          miss those days so much…

          • Njdnik

            the problem with techies going into dota 2 doesnt seem to be anyway he´s played or how annoying he is, the problem is that his bombs last more than the spectators mode in-game delay, so what would happen is that people could just tell the players where the bombs are located..

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          So far, they do have concept art for Techies guys.. It’s a start :)

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    September 2012 – Meepo
    October 2012 – Magnus and Centaur
    November 2012 – Slark
    December 2012 – Timbersaw
    January 2013 – Medusa and Troll Warlord
    February 2013 – Tusk
    March 2013 – Nothing
    December 2016 – Dota 2 Finished
    January 2017 – End of the World

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      February 2017 – Half-Life 3 released to the lifeless void

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    another courrier
    bristlebog’s textures
    skywrath materials
    elder titan’s spells
    a new axe for axe!!!!!
    a gif on predictions for the next hero :)

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      and main menu music changed one more time

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      My prediction for next week:

      New super boring common weapon for…SVEN!
      Cute courier with ultra big price
      Some boring items for heroes that already have a lot of items
      Updated Skywrath Mage spells(added one black dot!)
      Gif with Skywrath Mage.

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    Goddamn is that so difficult to release a new hero, when Valve shouldnt to invent some new ideas aboot new hero cuz icefrog did it long times ago, and Valve should only to draw this damn models, but instead they released a regular LAME axe for axe and a BOAR(!!omg) and a little prick courier w pig. Just a shame.

    • His Bushisness King George

      You are retarded. Valve DOESN’T make ANY items, they just implement models made by community, it doesn’t take any time. If they don’t release a hero that means that they are busy doing something else (second tutorial, hero models, particles, new modes…)

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        OMG! Second tutorial!?!? r u serious!??! woooooooow. so stoked for this.SECOND. TUTORIAL. the whole fucking YOUTUBE full as fuck of TUTORIALS. There r a shitload of 3d tutorial 4th and even omg 10000th tutorial.

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    The workshop tool also supports submitting replacements for Bestmaster’s Boar and Hawk plus has support for Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear.


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    And maybe they even add Legion Commander to the combo! 😀

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      yep. that’s what seems to be brewing.
      prolly sometime in April.

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            They usually put items in the game based on community ratings/votes/popularity generated from the item(s) in the workshop. Go down vote shit you think is ugly if you dont want it in the game.

          • 이로

            If there were many better cosmetic items that Valve never puts in, your argument would have better merit. Sadly what Valve puts in ARE the best cosmetics, with rare exceptions (mostly couriers and such).

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    plz let the next hero to be an elder titan !!! no matter he will be released in 1 week or 1 month, but the titan first !!!

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    They releasing items instead of heros is becouse, they have profits trough them, see shop etc…most of ppl plays for free, valve needs profit. I think thats the point.

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      Except the items are made by users not by valve. Not that valve doesn’t make money they just don’t have many if any resources allocated to making new items.

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    Look guys, Icefrog is very busy with dota 1 unreleased heroes, and Valve is… well Valve. At least you know that there will be new heroes, it sucked during the International with no new heroes. If you want to see these new heroes go here
    You just have to be patient.


    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      ugh. Icefrog is not the only one working on Dota 2, Valve has different teams working for Dota 2. zzz.

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    may i be one optimist? my prediction is: 3 hero some new items (especially for PA set and Skeleton) , and maybe even a new dota 6.78

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    Glad about KotL set being implemented but I was really hoping to see vlad’s Rubick’s Aghanim’s Scepter item.

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    So who’s Legion commander supposed to be from the first dota? Or is it new?

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      zzz. She is from DOTA 1, all of them are. try to do some research next time.


    So… no update again? FFS, Valve has to stop adding those useless cosmetic items and add heroes -___-

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  • Robert Cruz Refran
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    Just play, have fun and stop this bullshit, kids. Have patient or just take a break out of dota to find fun some other time.

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        Never played LoL… sorry to disapoint you.

  • Leonardo Fuchs Leite

    Stop making curriers and sven items and AXE items and release the last fking heros damit all.

    • Leonardo Fuchs Leite

      ALso stop raping my wallet with keys. And shitty tech support. FUCK u steam.

  • manpd22

    Guys i think it’s PHOENIX time!!!

  • annoyed

    why are people whining about so much over ‘no new heroes’? it’s a freaking free game! are you even paying them to work faster? would you work faster if you weren’t paid to do so in the first place? zzz

  • AntoxaGray

    Next hero will be Bristlelog, your wrong Cyborgmatt.

  • Carloh Here’s the new Bristleback.

  • Bacon_Hoarder

    I think that this is a very valid prediction

  • Rockefeller

    i miss skywrath