Dota 2 3rd January Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived and deployed straight onto the main client, with it only being the 3rd of January this is only a small patch to disable the Greeviling gamemode, fix some bugs and add a couple new features. You can view the full changelog here.


Front End Changes

Hero Models Broken Down

Mirana has had her model broken to down to get it her ready for cosmetic items (and custom mounts) as well as some updates to Timbersaw’s base model again.

Mirana’s Model

Default Parts

Mirana’s Bow
Mirana’s Mount
Mirana’s Headdress
Mirana’s Cape
Mirana’s Shoulders
Mirana’s Bracers
Mirana’s Quiver

Base Model


Base Mount Model


Timbersaw’s Model

Timbersaw’s model has been broken down even more with both of his braces now becoming removable items.

New Parts

Shredder’s Bracer
Shredder’s Off Hand Bracer

Updated Base Model


Hero Texture Updates

We’ve some minor texture updates for Shadow Demon in this patch.

Shadow Demon’s Textures


Hero Animation Updates

We have some new animations for a number of different heroes in this patch.

Axe’s Animations

Axe now has some force staff animations, which are different depending on whether it was his own/an allies force staff or an enemy force staff that pushed him forward.

Self/Ally Force Staff


Enemy Force Staff


Beastmaster’s Animations

Bestmaster has an animation for his loadout stance.


Undying’s Animations

Undying now has an animation for his loadout stance.


Venomancer’s Animations

Venomancer also has a loadout stance animation and he also has a new head turning idle animation.


UI Updates

We have a couple of new UI features in this week’s patch.

Announcer Previews

The announcers now have a preview option which lets you listen to a selection of preview lines.



Nightstalker O’Clock

The day/night clock cycle now has support for Nightstalker’s Darkness spell.



Shop UI

The shop UI has also been updated with some new visual effects and a banner for the secret shop.






We also now have access to a new region of servers in Australia. Enjoy your low pings Aussies.



Back End Changes

String Updates

More updates to the tutorial strings.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampInvade"    "Something's coming! Quick, Dragon Knight, cast Breathe Fire on that creep!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_KeeperIntro"    "Ah, if it isn't, don't remind me... I've got this...  I don't have this.  Oh!  Yes, of course, Dragon Knight!  Someone mentioned at one point or another you'd be on your way.  We've ourselves a bit of a hullabaloo here perhaps you can help.  You can keep the gold and I'll keep your mana in good supply as best I can."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitRecipeBuy"  "The items required for the Bracers show up near the bottom of the shop window.  You already have two of them so all you need is the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Recipe</b></font> which can be purchased automatically by <font color='#EE0000'><b>right-clicking</b></font> the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Bracer</b></font>.  You can also buy the recipe directly."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_MapExplain"    "Your <font color='#EE0000'><b>minimap</b></font> contains an overview of the map you and your allies can see.nnThe tower under attack is far to the south and we'll need some haste to get there in time..."


References to the upcoming hud skin items.

    "DOTA_Hud_Skin_Default"          "Default HUD"

Australia region strings.

    "dota_region_australia"      "Australia"
    "dota_matchgroup_au"      "Australia"


All of the announcer preview lines.

    // Announcer Preview lines
      "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Kleiner_01"    "Good grief! Your Ancient is under attack"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Kleiner_02"    "Dire's structures are cunningly fortified"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Kleiner_03"    "Well drat! Your top barracks has fallen"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Kleiner_04"    "We now have confirmation that Roshan is the latest victim..."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Kleiner_05"    "Dire's top tower is being attacked like nobody's business"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Kleiner_06"    "Victory of the most Radiant sort"

      "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_01"  "Your defenseless Ancient is being victimized"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_02"  "Dire's innocent courier has been butchered. Some animals..."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_03"  "Dire's structures are fortified, just like me"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_04"  "Rest in pieces top barracks, you will be remembered"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_05"  "Dire's bottom tower is under attack. Run little bottom tower, run"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_06"  "Dire victory, and well deserved"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_Killing_Spree_01"  "First Blood! About time"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_Killing_Spree_02"  "Double Kill"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_Killing_Spree_03"  "Jugg-like!"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_Killing_Spree_04"  "Rampage"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_Killing_Spree_05"  "Triple Kill"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Juggernaut_Killing_Spree_06"  "Unstoppable"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_01"    "The Dire have fortified their grove"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_02"    "Dire's bottom barracks no longer stand"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_03"    "The Radiant have ended Roshan"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_04"    "Radiant's middle tower is under attack. It will fall like a ripe apple"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_05"    "Your middle tower has returned to earth"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_06"    "Dire victory! Let the trees whisper tales of this hour"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_Killing_Spree_01"    "Dominating"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_Killing_Spree_02"    "Mega Kill"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_Killing_Spree_03"    "Rampage"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_Killing_Spree_04"    "Killing Spree"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_Killing_Spree_05"    "Ultra Kill"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_NaturesProphet_Killing_Spree_06"    "Unstoppable"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_01"    "Your Ancient is under attack"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_02"    "Oh look, they found the button. Radiant structures have..."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_03"    "The Dire, now with Mega Creeps"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_04"    "You'll be pleased to hear that the enemy's top barracks have fallen"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_05"    "Summon the will to defend your top tower"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_06"    "For better or worse, your top tower has been denied"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_Killing_Spree_01"    "First Blood"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_Killing_Spree_02"    "Storm-like"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_Killing_Spree_03"    "Monster Kill"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_Killing_Spree_04"    "Rampage"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_Killing_Spree_05"    "Ultra Kill"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_StormSpirit_Killing_Spree_06"    "Oh Stormy"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_01"    "Yarr! Dire's Ancient be under attack"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_02"    "Well shiver me timbers! The enemy's bottom barracks..."
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_03"    "Radiant's courier's been rather brutally murdered"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_04"    "Good as New! Now get to work"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_05"    "The Kraken has fallen to the Radiant"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_06"    "Your bottom tower be under attack"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_Killing_Spree_01"    "Dominatin'"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_Killing_Spree_02"    "Outstandin'"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_Killing_Spree_03"    "Plundered"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_Killing_Spree_04"    "Shipwreck"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_Killing_Spree_05"    "Ultra Kill"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Workshop_Pirate_Killing_Spree_06"    "Unstoppable"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_01"  "That was Axe-tacular!"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_02"  "Axe cannot help but notice that Radiant's Ancient is under attack"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_03"  "Even couriers are not safe! Hah now this is a bottle"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_04"  "Puny Radiant hides behind their fortifications"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_05"  "Axe does not pick sides; but Axe is on your side"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_06"  "Dire's middle tower has failed them for the last time"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_Killing_Spree_01"  "First Blood"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_Killing_Spree_02"  "Dominating"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_Killing_Spree_03"  "Godlike"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_Killing_Spree_04"  "Monster Kill"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_Killing_Spree_05"  "Ultra Kill"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Axe_Killing_Spree_06"  "Wicked Sick"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_01"    "Radiant's Ancient is under pressure"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_02"    "Dire's courier didn't make it"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_03"    "You do know why they call him Tiny don't ya?"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_04"    "Nobody likes to play support, yet everybody likes to win"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_05"    "Hope the Dire weren't partial to that mid tower"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_06"    "Crack your knuckles and get comfortable"

    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_Killing_Spree_01"    "That's a First Blood"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_Killing_Spree_02"    "Let's just say it's a winnin' streak"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_Killing_Spree_03"    "Eight in a row"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_Killing_Spree_04"    "And down they all go"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_Killing_Spree_05"    "Somebody's on a roll"
    "DOTA_Announcer_Preview_Bastion_Killing_Spree_06"    "Way to clean their clocks"

Unreleased UI Updates

The unreleased “featured store item” UI that I covered a few weeks ago is now in game but currently unused.

Featured Store Item


Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We have some more texture updates to the unreleased Bub mount for Disruptor.

Disruptor’s Mount – Bub


Unreleased Hero Update

We now have a in game static image from Troll Warlord’s work in progress model’s portrait card.

Troll Warlord



Updated Sound Effects

We have some new music in this patch and some sound effect work for Medusa.

Medusa’s Sound Effects

Movement Sounds


Ability Sounds

med_stonegaze.wav (oh god): 


New Laning Music

The laning music has finally made its return and has had some new music recorded for it.


Material Update

Troll Warlord now has some updated, high quality materials.

Troll Warlord’s Materials


troll_warlord_head troll_warlord_shoulder


Particles Update

Some small minor updates to Medusa’s particles in this week’s patch.

Medusa’s Particles





Predictions For The Next Hero

Why you heff to be mad?


My live stream has now switched to, you can find my new live stream here: png

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  • Luffydude

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