Dota 2 – The Glorious Greeviling Greevil Guide

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For those of you wanting to take part in the great battle of the Greeviling but are stuck pondering on what Greevil combination you want to use then here’s a Greeviltastic Guide for you!

10/10, Would Skate Again

The Glorious Greeviling Greevil Guide

With this quick and easy guide you’ll be a Pokemon Greevil Master in no time!

Greevil Colour aka The Greevil’s Ultimate

The base of your Greevil will revolve around what colour you decide to make your egg, depending on what colour you make your Greevil will determine what ultimate it has. Also the level of the egg (the amount of essences you’ve fed into it of that colour) will be taken into account and will dictate what level the ultimate is.

Naked Greevil

For those of you that don’t own a Greevil you will given a “Naked Greevil” to use in the round. This Greevil will be awarded with two random spells and a random ultimate from the entire list of spells which will change whenever you die and respawn.

Blue Greevil

If the majority of the essences in the egg are Quas (blue) then you’ll have a Blue Greevil and your Greevil’s ultimate will be Greevil Hole.

Greevil Hole (Enigma’s Black Hole)

“CHANNELED – Summons a vortex that sucks in nearby enemy units.  Enemies affected by Greevil Hole cannot move, attack, or cast spells.  The closer units get to the center, the more damage is dealt.”

Essences Required (Majority Blue = Blue Egg = Greevil Hole)

Dota2_BlueEss = Level 1 Greevil Hole

Dota2_BlueEssDota2_BlueEss = Level 2 Greevil Hole

Dota2_BlueEssDota2_BlueEssDota2_BlueEss = Level 3 Greevil Hole

Yellow Greevil

If the majority of the essences in the egg are Wex (yellow) then you’ll have a Yellow Greevil and your Greevil’s ultimate will be Greevilust.

Greevilust (Ogre Magi’s Blood Lust)

“Incites a frenzy in a friendly unit, increasing its movement speed and attack speed.”

Essences Required (Majority Yellow = Yellow Egg = Greevilust)

Dota2_YellowEss = Level 1 Greevilust

Dota2_YellowEssDota2_YellowEss = Level 2 Greevilust

Dota2_YellowEssDota2_YellowEssDota2_YellowEss = Level 3 Greevilust

Red Greevil

If the majority of the essences in the egg are Exort (red) then you’ll have a Red Greevil and your Greevil’s ultimate will be Greevilaguna Blade.

Greevilaguna Blade (Lina’s Laguna Blade)

“Fires off a bolt of lightning at a single enemy unit, dealing massive damage.”

Essences Required (Majority Red = Red Egg = Greevilaguna Blade)

Dota2_RedEss = Level 1 Greevilaguna Blade

Dota2_RedEssDota2_RedEss = Level 2 Greevilaguna Blade

Dota2_RedEssDota2_RedEssDota2_RedEss = Level 3 Greevilaguna Blade

Orange Greevil

If the majority of the essences in the egg are a balance of Exort (red) and Wex (yellow) then you’ll have an Orange Greevil and your Greevil’s ultimate will be Greevil Slam.

Greevil Slam (Earthshaker’s Echo Slam)

“Shockwaves travel through the ground, damaging enemy units.  Each enemy hit causes an echo to damage nearby units.”

Essences Required (Majority Balance of Red/Yellow = Orange Egg = Greevil Slam)

Dota2_RedEss+Dota2_YellowEss = Level 1 Greevil Slam

Dota2_RedEssDota2_RedEss+Dota2_YellowEssDota2_YellowEss = Level 2 Greevil Slam

Dota2_RedEssDota2_RedEssDota2_RedEss+Dota2_YellowEssDota2_YellowEssDota2_YellowEss = Level 3 Greevil Slam

Purple Greevil

If the majority of the essences in the egg are a balance of Exort (red) and Quas (blue) then you’ll have an Purple Greevil and your Greevil’s ultimate will be Greevil Nova.


Greevil Nova (Venomancer’s Poison Nova)

“A spreading ring of poison that does damage over time to enemy units.  Poison Nova’s effect cannot bring units below 1 HP.”

Essences Required (Majority Balance of Red/Blue = Purple Egg = Greevil Nova)

Dota2_RedEss+Dota2_BlueEss = Level 1 Greevil Nova

Dota2_RedEssDota2_RedEss+Dota2_BlueEssDota2_BlueEss = Level 2 Greevil Nova

Dota2_RedEssDota2_RedEssDota2_RedEss+Dota2_BlueEssDota2_BlueEssDota2_BlueEss = Level 3 Greevil Nova

Green Greevil

If the majority of the essences in the egg are a balance of Wex (yellow) and Quas (blue) then you’ll have a Green Greevil and your Greevil’s ultimate will be Greevil’s Attendants.


Greevil’s Attendants (Enchantress` Nature’s Attendants)

“A cloud of wisps heals Enchantress and any friendly units nearby.  Lasts 10 seconds.”

Essences Required (Majority Balance of Yellow/Blue = Green Egg = Greevil’s Attendants)

Dota2_YellowEss+Dota2_BlueEss = Level 1 Greevil’s Attendants

Dota2_YellowEssDota2_YellowEss+Dota2_BlueEssDota2_BlueEss = Level 2 Greevil’s Attendants

Dota2_YellowEssDota2_YellowEssDota2_YellowEss+Dota2_BlueEssDota2_BlueEssDota2_BlueEss = Level 3 Greevil’s Attendants

White Greevil

If the majority of the essences in the egg are a balance of Quas (blue), Wex (yellow) and Exort (red) then you’ll have a white Greevil and your Greevil’s ultimate will be Greevilication.


Greevilication (Omniknight’s Purification)

“Instantly heals a friendly unit and damages all nearby enemy units.”

The White Greevil is a more unique situation because it is only possible two have a Level 1 or 2 White Greevil.

Level 1 Greevilication =




Level 2 Greevilication =




Black Greevil

If your egg has been tainted with a Shadow Essences (black) then you’ll have a black Greevil and your Greevil’s ultimate will be Greevil Golem.

Greevil Golem

“The Greevil transforms into a horrifying greevil golem, increasing his health regen, armor, and attack damage.  Nearby units have their armor reduced.”

Dota2_BlackEss = Level 3 Greevil Golem

Essences aka The Greevil’s Spells

Once your Greevil’s ultimate has been determined there will be space for two more extra spells. These two spells are picked randomly depending on the essences your Greevil is made up of. Each colour of essence has two spells assigned specifically to it and any colour combiniations created will also add two extra spells to the potential spell pool (eg If the egg has 1x red essence + 1x blue essence then you’ll get 1x purple essence too).

The level of the spell (which increases the spell’s stats) will be once again determined by the amount of that colour of essence used (1x Level 1, 2x Level 2, 3x Level 3 etc).

During an actual game the power/stats of these spells will also scale with  your hero level, meaning a Greevilaguna Blade will do a lot more damage when the greevil is level 20 than when it’s level 2 for instance.

For example:

A level 3 Blue Greevil is made up of 3x Quas (blue) essences. The Greevil’s Ultimate would be Greevil Hole and his two spells would be Greevil Missile (Blue Spell) and Greevice Wall (Blue Spell).

When you introduce more essences into the pool then the range of spells grows by two per colour of essence.

So a level 3 Purple Greevil is made up of 3x Quas (blue) and 3x Exort (red) essences which would also provide 3x Purple essences too.

If those are the only essences used to make that Greevil then your Ultimate would be Greevil Nova and your two other spells would be two of the following: Greevil Missile (Blue Spell), Greevice Wall (Blue Spell), Greevil Rot (Red Spell), Degreevilfy (Red Spell), Greevildict (Purple Spell) or Greevil Hook (Purple Spell).

Note: Unusual essences provide no extra spells or stats, they are only for making your Greevil looking sexier.

Blue Essence Spells

The standard Quas (blue) essences will give you the chance of getting either of these two spells:

Greevil Missile (Vengeful Spirit’s Magic Missile)

“Fires a greevilish magic missile at an enemy unit, stunning and dealing damage.”

Greevice Wall (Invoker’s Ice Wall)

“Generates a wall of solid ice directly in front of the Greevil. The bitter cold emanating from it greatly slows nearby enemies and deals damage each second.”

Yellow Essence Spells

The standard Wex (yellow) essences will give you the chance of getting either of these two spells:

Phantom Greevil Strike (Phantom Assassin’s Phantom Strike)

“Teleports to a unit, friendly or enemy, and grants bonus attack speed while attacking if it’s an enemy unit.”

Greevil Lock (Faceless Void’s Time Lock)

“Adds the chance for an attack to lock an enemy unit in time, stunning it and dealing bonus damage.”

Red Essence Spells

The standard Exort (red) essences will give you the chance of getting either of these two spells:

Greevil Rot (Pudge’s Rot)

“A toxic cloud that deals intense damage and slows movement–harming not only enemy units but the Greevil itself.”

Degreevilfy (Pugna’s Decrepify)

“A powerful banishing spell that slows a unit and renders it unable to attack or be attacked. Afflicted units take extra magic damage.”

Orange Essence Spells

An Orange essence will only come into existence when a Greevil Egg has at least 2x Wex (yellow) and 2x Exort (red) essence inside the egg, each level (1+1/2+2/3+3) will provide you the equivalent level in Orange essence.


Greevil Bonds (Warlock’s Fatal Bonds)

“Binds several enemy units together, causing a portion of the damage dealt to one of them to be felt by the others.”

Greevil Fury (Juggernaut’s Blade Fury)

“Causes a bladestorm of destructive force around the Greevil, rendering him immune to magic and dealing damage to nearby enemy units.”

Purple Essence Spells

A Purple essence will only come into existence when a Greevil Egg has at least 2x Quas (blue) and 2x Exort (red) essence inside the egg, each level (1+1/2+2/3+3) will provide you the equivalent level in Purple essence.

Greevildict (Witch Doctor’s Maledict)

“Curses all enemy Heroes in an area, causing them to take damage every 4 seconds and adding bonus damage for every 100 HP lost since the curse began.”


Greevil Hook (Pudge’s Hook)

“Launches a hook at a unit or location. The hook will snag the first unit it encounters, dragging the unit back to the Greevil and dealing damage if it is an enemy.”

Green Essence Spells

A Green essence will only come into existence when a Greevil Egg has at least 2x Quas (blue) and 2x Wex (yellow) essence inside the egg, each level (1+1/2+2/3+3) will provide you the equivalent level in Purple essence.

Greevil Wave (Dazzle’s Shadow Wave)

“Shadow Wave heals several allies, which in turn cause damage equal to their healing in a small area around them.  The Greevil is always healed by Shadow Wave, and it does not count toward the number of targets.”


Leech Greevil (Treant Protector’s Leech Seed)

“Plants a life-sapping seed in an enemy unit, draining its health, while simultaneously slowing it. The seed heals friendly units around it equal to the amount drained.  Pulses 4 times.”

Essences pt.2 aka The Greevil’s Stats

As well as dictating what spells your Greevil’s get, the essences also play an important part of making up your Greevil’s bonus stats.

Once again these stats are based on what colour of essences were used in the creation of your Greevil and that actual amount you gain is also determined by the amount of that essence/level of the Greevil. A Greevil made in that specific colour of essence will also be given an extra bonus boost in the stat for that essence.

It’s worth noting that when creating your Greevil during the egg stage you’ve the potential to boost the stats by adding extra essences into the spare slot.

For example, you’re making a level 3 purple Greevil using 3x Quas (blue) and 3x Exort (red) essences, you could give your Greevil an extra boost by adding 2x Wex (yellow) essences into the egg as well, making sure to only add one below the maximum amount that you already have in the egg to ensure that you don’t change the egg colour.

Note: Unusual essences provide no extra spells or stats, they are only for making your Greevil looking sexier.

Blue Essence Stats

The Quas (blue) essence provides your Greevil with an extra boost in the Greevil’s Magic Armour.

  • 1x Quas Essence = +8 Magic Armour
  • 2x Quas Essences = +16 Magic Armour
  • 3x Quas Essences = +24 Magic Armour
  • Blue Greevil Bonus = +32 Magic Armour
Yellow Essence Stats

The Wex (yellow) essence provides your Greevil with an extra boost in the Greevil’s Attack Speed.

  • 1x Wex Essence = +15 Attack Speed
  • 2x Wex Essences = +30 Attack Speed
  • 3x Wex Essences = +45 Attack Speed
  • Yellow Greevil Bonus = +60 Attack Speed
Red Essence Stats

The Exort (red) essence provides your Greevil with an extra boost in the Greevil’s Critical Strike Chance.

  • 1x Exort Essence = +8% Critical Strike Chance
  • 2x Exort Essences = +16% Critical Strike Chance
  • 3x Exort Essences = +24% Critical Strike Chance
  • Red Greevil Bonus = +32% Critical Strike Chance
Orange Essence Stats

The Orange essence provides your Greevil with an extra boost in the Greevil’s Move Speed.

  • 1x Orange Essence = +20 Move Speed
  • 2x Orange Essences = +40 Move Speed
  • Orange Greevil Bonus = +60 Move Speed
Purple Essence Stats

The Purple essence provides your Greevil with an extra boost in the Greevil’s Attack Damage.

  • 1x Purple Essence = +8 Attack Damage
  • 2x Purple Essences = +16 Attack Damage
  • Purple Greevil Bonus = +32 Attack Damage
Green Essence Stats

The Green essence provides your Greevil with an extra boost in the Greevil’s Health.

  • 1x Green Essence = +100 Health
  • 2x Green Essences = +200 Health
  • Green Greevil Bonus = +300 Health
Black Essence Stats

The Shadow essence (black) is only available for the black Greevil and provides a flat unique bonus to the Greevil’s Block Chance.

  • Black Greevil Bonus = +30% Block Chance
White Essence Stats

The White essence is only available for the white Seraphic Greevil and provides a unique bonus to the Greevil’s Physical Armour.

  • Level 1 White Greevil Bonus = +2 Physical Armour
  • Level 2 White Greevil Bonus = +4 Physical Armour

Closing Note

Merry Greeviling, hope you guys are enjoying the event, if you’re unsure about anything stick a quick comment below, on hit me up on Twitter etc and I’ll give you a hand.

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  • Revengz

    Awesome Guide! Thanks!

  • Pepe

    you put the same description as poison nova in natres attendant

    • Cyborgmatt

      Fixed thanks.

  • SkdragoN

    under green greevil and nature’s attendants, the info is about poison nova and needs to be fixed

    • Cyborgmatt

      Fixed thanks. :)

  • VII.

    So retarded to have a game-mode that obviously favors traders over players. Diretide was way more interesting than this Greeviling crap :(.

    • Kakkoii

      How does that favor traders? It favors players to. I “played” diretide and easily got more than enough essences for a seraphic egg. And then again for two more if I actually had 2 eggs, lol. Essences were not hard to get at all and matches are short.

      • fuck u

        What about the people who didn’t play diretide? The people that didn’t enjoy diretide, the people that just got a betakey, the people who were busy (I was on holiday and overseas for the duration of dire tide)? Im playing at the moment and its fucking frustrating. Ive played what, 6 games now (won 1…)? The first 5 was fucking stupid, nearly every game was 3+ naked greevils on my team vs pimped out greevils, and you could see the difference from the very start, we had nearly no chance..

        You shouldn’t be able to get such an advantage like that, its not a fun mode for those who have naked greevils, and that alone is absolutely fucked.If it was merely cosmetic, or maybe just different spells I wouldn’t care, but when they have significantly better stats and far better spells its just plain stupid.

        • Justin

          So like within exactly 10 games I had enough to fill an entire greevil. You are saying you can’t play somewhere near 10 games? which last less than 20min? Bro sorry DotA is not for you.

        • Rookie2171

          +1 agreed

        • Captain Obvious

          You know, each colored essence is 2 cents on Steam. The most you could spend is 18 cents. If you’re not willing to spend 18 cents, dont play the game mode. Simple as that.

          • techmonkey

            Where did you find the $.02 essences? On the Community market? I haven’t purchased anything in the last year so can’t partake, but is there another way? Hate the grind -_- just wanna have fun…

          • megafilipe

            you still need to put money on steam for that, that is just a plain simple pay to win mode no matter how much money u pay for the essences and stfu

          • mjollnir85

            Farmed all my essences and traded with friends for what I needed. Stop being a whiny little bitch and apply yourself.

          • DecayC


          • Abin

            Really? I can’t find any essences on the store.

        • Grim

          1) Pick Sniper
          2) Ignore teamfight
          3) Laugh as your team dies 4v5
          4) Steal the lasthit on greevil camp with your ulti
          5) Laugh at the enemy team

          • Sawyer

            1 Pick Pudge
            2 Pick Chen
            3 Teleport+Hook all the Greevils
            4 ????????
            5 Profit!

        • Kakkoii

          It’s still favoring “players”. People who “PLAYED” diretide. Simple as that. You didn’t like Diretide? Well that’s your own darn fault for not wanting to participate in that event. Valve is choosing to reward those people who chose to participate, by making their prizes more useful than just couriers. There is no way to make it fair for everyone, that wouldn’t make it unfair to the people who spent time or money to earn those greevils.

          Essences are in mass abundance. Go into the trading chat and you can easily trade an uncommon/common item or three for a full set of essences. It only takes a few minutes if you actually care that much.

          Also, the last update gave naked greevils fully random abilities, so you can get good ones. And the seraphic greevil’s stats aren’t quite so OP now. And items heroes get are a bit better. So pick a good hero, like Sniper, Timbersaw, Naga, Earthshaker, Ursa, etc…

          • Rookie2171

            He didn’t said that he didn’t like it. You should read his wall of text again.

          • Kakkoii

            He is complaining about it, thus he doesn’t like it in its current state.

          • will

            No, it favors traders. It doesn’t really matter, but it definitely favors traders.

          • joejoejoe

            stop crying then and just play the regular matches jesus.

          • Alex

            You are a moron

          • megafilipe

            some kid with no argument and no opinion doesnt change the fact its pay to win yo

          • Kakkoii

            Yes, people you disagree with on the internet are automatically kids. Sound logic, yo. That’s strange that it’s pay to win, because I paid nothing and I have only lost twice out of 14 matches.

          • FoxCharge

            If it were pay to win, you wouldn’t be able to get EVERYTHING you need to make an awesome greevil, eggs and unusual essences included, after matches. Even if you lose.

          • Ellis

            If you think this is pay to win, you should try LoL and then come back

          • meesersuperman

            How can people not have essences? I have like 20 of each. If you didn’t like Diretide then you probably won’t like this mode either. Quit bitching. Essences are rediculously easy to get.

        • will

          The whole mode is stupid, try not to get too upset, the real game is much more fun anyway.

        • Ultrafou

          I didn’t play diretide and had only a naked greevil. Within two days i got two eggs and enough essences. This is still a possibility to enjoy the game mode.

          Be patient mate.

        • RETARD


        • rodskie

          TBH I find playing with naked greevil even more fun as I
          get random skills each time I die.

        • Kill!

          well i spent time on playing greeviling and i got my prize even i am unable to participate in diretide because i got my betakey in the last week of november now i have a good greevil 😛

          you can commend me 😀

      • will

        You cant “favor” both sides of a coin. The only possible argument you can make would be that it favors traders, but not enough to make a big deal about it. There is no denying that this mode at the very least slightly favors traders.

        • Kakkoii

          It could only favor them in case of 5-man stacks, where the teams have a coordinated set of different greevils with the best skill combinations possible. In random solo pubs, it favors nobody, because the matchups are random. It will be random which side has the advantage. You didn’t need to be a trader at all to get a seraphic greevil. And you still don’t know, because the crumpled prizes you get from loosing almost always drop essences.

      • SilentM4

        Actually it does favors traders, but only two kinds of players: no–lifers and lucky ones that obtained unusual and black essences. Have you ever saw an enemy team with greevils, each with three unusual essences? And your team is only made by seraphic and naked greevils? I don`t think so. Because of market ALL the players with a life will sell them to buy other games. Who is winning? People that scam others, no lifers, people who don`t know about the market and traders. Except the traders, the rest can`t even be called players.

        • Kakkoii

          And this comment proves you do not know what you’re talking about. Because if you did, you would know that unusual essences do not add any special stats or skills:

          Shadow essences, which are called Dreaded essences, only give a person access to one special ultimate that none others have. An ultimate which honestly isn’t even all that useful.

          Did you even read this damn post? It explains the skills. You’d know this if you read it.

          You didn’t need to be a “no-lifer” to get a Seraphic. And you still don’t need to be. Also, naked greevils now give completely random spells.

          The only spell that is fully decided by your egg color is the ultimate. The first two spells are chosen randomly from the pool of available spells based on what color essences you put into your egg.

    • Ken

      Holy shit stop with circlejerk complain. They nerfed seraphic and added colour specific bonuses. Learn to have your own opinion.

      • ken is a faggot

        What makes you believe it isn’t his opinion you dense piece of shit. Also, the guy is right. This mode is still imbalanced even with the “nerf”. fuck off

    • Sexfunk199

      Well, I’ve only played Dota2 for 2 months or so, therefore I never got to have an egg or essences. When playing Greeviling I noticed that the pimped greevils were better than my naked one. Even if I lost the matches, I got essences and so i saved for my Seraphic Greevil, that I got now, in a really short time.
      Now I’m hatching my second egg, and have a third one just sitting there. All of this in 2 days.
      I don’t know what’s all this fuzz about. I think there is just too much people in Dota2 that can’t take frustration by one bit.

      I also noticed that whether win or lose you can get the exact same gift. It’s just a christmas oportunity, use it!

      PS: When u play, win or lose. Be polite.

      • ShermerNatinoator

        Wrong. You have a higher chance of getting better stuff if you win the game. Hence the different names on the gifts.

        • Nope.

          Your even more wrong, Naughty presents actually hold better rewards.

          • ShadoVVwaRrior

            I just don’t know where to get an egg i have the essences. How do you get a new egg?

        • FoxCharge

          And you have statistical evidence to back you up? Because I’ve been getting everything from eggs/essences to Rare equips from the loser’s presents, and much less valuable stuff from winner’s presents.

          • Alienfreak

            So you got a mystical item from a naughty present?

            I don’t think so. Nice presents have better chances for good loot (and some don’t appear in naughties at all).

          • FoxCharge

            Yes, naughty presents CAN drop mystical items, at least in terms of equips. Possibly not couriers. The odds are much lower than nice presents, but it still happens.

          • Stormy

            I got the Death Prophet announcer and Tickled Tegu mythical courier, both from loser’s naughty presents

          • TheGreeviling

            I got a rare storm spirit mega kill announcer and 3 greevil eggs from naughty presents.

          • klemen1702

            i got unusual essence from naughty present and only shit items from nice

    • Mr. Taco

      Favors traders? I had no egg when I started playing The Greeviling and after a few hours I have obtained a Seraphic Greevil PLUS another egg and tons of essences. Play the game and quit complaining.

    • stevenshao

      “It is important to Dota’s competitive design that all players have access to all Heroes and that players can’t purchase a competitive advantage”

      A greevil can easily be identified as a special type of hero.

      Hmph. Fucking hypocrites.

      • hurrr

        It’s a good thing that greeviling isn’t what this game is about and not a competitive game.

      • Terradont

        Greeviling competitive? Are they even playing tournaments in this mode? It’s only meant to add a little flavour and non-competitive relief to the game, it’s not supposed to be the nee CM. You cannot really lose Greeviling, you’ll get a lesser chance of gaining a rare item, but it’s still bigger than playing regular. I haven’t payed a penny for my two greevlings, they don’t really have good spells, but I’m still having fun

    • P1 inquisitor

      TL:DR- suck it up and keep playing. It gets better.

      You should probably know that even with the best of intentions, nothing is perfect. That being said, I play as a naked greevil, and I’ve farmed a bunch of eggs and Essences for my friends to make a few kickass eggs. Why? I actually enjoy playing as a naked. Being one doesn’t make you a bad player. Maybe you don’t remember when you first started playing DotA 2, but those first 50 games suck! You get bad teams and worse players, because starting out, you’re on the bad end of te totem pole.

      Suck it up. If you don’t wanna play, then fine. Don’t. Even now, I get mad when I’m stuck in teams or facing teams with afk farmers. Do yourself a favor friend- if you’re going to complain on the Internet about something.. Try NOT to do it on a site link that teaches you how to make a good one on your own.

    • Utkan Gezer

      Definitely agree with VII. Every new game on DotA was supposed to be from the very beginning for every player. No matter what progress you had made on the previous game(s), the next game you will play should be from the scratch.
      These two events are nothing like that. These two modes (Diretide and Greeviling) are like seperate MMORPG games. Whoever likes these kind of things, they just want to play an MMORPG, they want to grind and farm for a better character that they own.
      But this is simply not how DotA is, or supposed to be.

      And “you don’t have to play this mode” is the most stupid argument in this case. It is like saying that “you don’t have to play WoW”. Well, of course I don’t have to, but this shit is invading the DotA.
      It might be fun. Maple Story is fun, too, at least, in my opinion. But that is a different game. Greeviling, also became a different game. Whether fun or not, it’s not DotA.

      I just hope that Valve quits making such grind-inducing modes, and keeps the essence of DotA on their next events. Something like little easter eggs that IceFrog used to implement. Like acquiring Aegis of Immortal giving you a christmas hat. And in my opinion, that hat brought way more fun to DotA, than these two events.

      • Stormy

        And “you don’t have to play this mode” is the most stupid argument in this case. It is like saying that “you don’t have to play WoW”.

        …no, it’s like saying that you can play WoW but you don’t have to play in the arena. Which is true. You can play WoW and not pvp and still enjoy it. Or you used to be able to; this new expansion sucks hard.

    • anonymous

      hahaha. so funny. i myself store my greevil to my friend id n play with a naked greevil. it turns to be i won 9 out of 13 games. the skill is random. that is the best part playing naked. if u so hate it then pick lina n go ks all. simple as that

  • Sal

    nice! i got an awesome wicked grevill with venge stun pudge rot and poison nova 😀

    • Cyborgmatt

      That sounds like a powerful combo, nice.

      • Sal

        Its extremely strong, i rarely lose a game with it

  • Smadn

    So how would I get : Laguna + Hook + Rot ?? ?*Help asap*

    • Cyborgmatt

      Not possible because you would need a Red Greevil to get Laguna but hook is a purple spell.

      Rot is a red essence spell so that would be possible to get if all you made was a Red Greevil or you could risk it and stick some extra essences in there.

      • Sig

        It is possible: 3 red (laguna+rot) and 2 blue (hook)

        This way you are red (ultimate) but your other 2 spells still draw (randomly) from the blue, red and purple spellpool.

        • Cyborgmatt

          Blah yeah, ignore that, let me rewrite that.

          • Pedro Henrique Zamagna

            Whats the difference between lvl 1 hook and lvl 2?it changes the damage dealt,or the hook range as well?

            thanks if you can answer this

    • Sig

      3 red (laguna+rot) and 2 blue (hook)

      This way you are red (ultimate) but your other 2 spells still draw (randomly) from the blue, red and purple spellpool.

  • Durr

    @7df6dbcd5b38fe018df1ac0d375930d3:disqus WHY U MAD BRAH?

  • wat

    What’s the difference between different levels of skills? e.g. How does a level 2 Greevilaguna Blade vary from a level 3 one?

    • Cyborgmatt

      The stats of the spell, higher level = better stats on the spells.

  • Aps

    What about the exploit earlier today?
    We are walking off without any kind of punishment?

    • Cyborgmatt

      You’re on Santa’s naughty list now.

  • negoid

    You have any info on the Golden Greevil? Does the spawn just happen randomly?

  • Doopy

    Stick a quick comment below? How about..

    What are the fucking odds of finding the “Golden Greevil” encounter in a match?

    I’ve done like 50 and I’m not getting anything but snowballs, coal, and 75% battle bonuses out of chests. Mostly nice too!

    Thanks if answered.

    • negroid

      same here ive yet to see an encounter for the golden greevil

  • Kirves

    So, if I understand correctly, this means only Purple and White Greevils are capable of getting Meat Hook?

    • Panda

      Blues and Reds too – If you have 2 Reds + 3 blues, it’s a blue greevil, but with Level 2 Hook (potentially)

    • anon

      Any color greevil can get hook. 3 yellow + 3 blue + 2 red is a green greevil who could have a level 2 hook for instance. Black greevils can also get level 3 of any spell.

  • Tarık Bir

    You wrote purple under green one Matt :) or copy pasted and forgot to change it again 😛

  • spoon

    thanks for this matt.
    do you have any knowledge on how the unusual essences effect the greevils? as i heard you can apply up to 3 essences on 1 egg. how would a level 3 egg compare to a level 1 egg using these unusual essences?

    • Noeul

      First essence gives aura. Second gives glowing eyes. Third gives a little trail when running. There’s no combat benefits as far as I know, and the visuals vary depending on the type of greevil. You can see more details in

      • spoon

        thanks alot for the reply buddy, nice to know this

  • 2cents

    It favors anyone who either puts significant amount of time into the game in the first place (I didn’t play that much diretide) or then those put money / time into the trading scheme.

    If this was an MMO I would understand the idea behind rewarding your past doings, but in these games it has been – and it should be – your skills which would be awarded.

    This breaks the idea where Valve said “cosmetic only”. Even if it is a funmode. They’re literally trying the ice, going deeper and deeper with the whole cosmetic scheme.

    The real sad thing is that with a bit more effort put into it, the tag team idea could’ve worked so much better. Something like an OMG-mode.

    Now the only thing that was meaningful in this mode is the river that’s on ice. Even that could’ve been worked out a bit better, feels like they could’ve made a bit more spacious area for the map where you’ve got more ice on it and then the little gaps to land could be made less land-on-this-pixel like.

    • Noeul

      It was a desperation move due to time constraints on the frostivus, cut them some slack. And plus, you can get greevils and essences from playing greevilings. And also you don’t necessarily need an amazing greevil to win a match anyway. I started today without a single greevil, I was playing with stumpy equipped and now I have a full white greevil with unusual essence, the drop isn’t rare at all, it’s pretty common and you can get them from losses too. And I had my fair share of wins playing with a naked greevil. Greevils honestly don’t matter much after a bit more than 5 minutes into the game anyway.

    • FoxCharge

      All their items will be “cosmetic only” for regular game modes. What’s the big deal if there’s a casual, TEMPORARY mode where players that participated in the last casual, TEMPORARY mode have a slight head start? A lot of us have gathered enough eggs/essences to make flawless seraphics in only ~15 Greeviling matches. They literally hand them out for doing practically nothing.

  • Captain

    Quick question regarding black greevils. I want to make the most powerful black greevil that I can, do I only need one shadow essence? Or do I want say 3 shadow essence + other types? Can someone please shed some light on this? Thank you very much in advance!

    • Anon

      You can’t put other normal essences in once you put a shadow essence in, and if you put a shadow essence in an egg with other essences the other essences are erased. The exception is unusual essences which you can put on dreaded eggs.

      • Captain

        Thank you very much for the swift response. Now to farm like crazy for a shadow essence!

    • Pedro Henrique Zamagna

      You can’t add 3 shadow essence.

      Now,adding loads of colors,after adding shadow essence,i’m not sure of what happens,maybe cyborg can answer us

  • [email protected]

    what happen when you put shadow essence on a seraphic egg

    • Anon

      You get a normal dreaded egg, the existing normal essences are erased.

  • Kara

    You guys should really put this information on dota2wiki
    There’s no event page, or greevil page, or greevil courier page ;_;

    • Player13

      Or you could update dota2wiki yourself… it is a ‘wiki’ after all, and it’s not like Cyborgmatt runs that site.

  • Matt Collman

    So how many essences do I need to make a perfect blue greevil? 9 for seraphic, 8 for Oj, purp,green, and 7 for blue yellow red?

  • ombaQ

    Matt, is there any specific percent chance of finding that super greevil that gives golden greevil in game? And when does he spawn? REally need a good answer 😀 Ty!

  • Shank

    Thank you so much Cyborg! You’ve really helped me with the whole greevil making process, and I’m definetely gonna go with pure red. Decrepify + Rot + Laguna Blade owns, and it’ll be so easy to steal camps/pick off solo targets
    +CRIT! :D.

  • mitcheroo

    So is it at all possible to get Hook, Decrepify and Laguna Blade? Any help would be much appreciated

    • Nostepback

      No, Laguna blade is the ulti for 100% red. So it can only be with the other 2 base red spells.

      • Player13

        It doesn’t have to be 100% red essences (ie only 3 red essences) to get Laguna blade. As long as you have more red than any other essence, you’ll get Laguna.

        So it’s possible to get Laguna with 3 red 2 blue 2 yellow. His best shot at getting that combo is by going 3 red and 2 blue.

    • Nostepback

      Oops, right after replying (incorrectly) I found out the answer to another question I had which is relevant. A 3 red + 2 blue will be a red egg (Laguna Blade Level 3) and will give you 2 red slots, 2 blue slots, and I think 1 purple slot. Chances that your greevil has a purple spell is (1/5), two slots means (2/5). Since there are 2 purple spells (healing wave and hook) chances are again halfed. So result is 1/5 (20%) chances that a 3 red 2 blue egg will have Hook, with 100% of Laguna Blade. Good luck !

      • Player13

        Actually, you’d have 3 red slots, 2 blue slots and 2 purple slots. So your math is off.

        Guaranteed Laguna, but the chance of getting hook or decrepify are much smaller (7% for each spell slot)

        • Player13

          Shite, I’m the one with the math off. my bad. He’s correct in saying 1 purple slot, not 2.

  • brentskieee

    please do a guide about the golden greevil

    • Alienfreak

      He can’t. The golden is a drop.


    CYBORD MATT PLZ HELP!!! I can’t attach a modifier to track wards placed on my new polycount CM hat! What is this nonsense?

    • Carl

      Modifiers can only be used on strange items.

  • AntoxaGray

    Thank god grind2win is only for holiday event.

  • Potatoman

    So are the unusual essences still dropping? Ive played about 50 games so far and haven’t gotten one unusual essence

    • Player13

      Someone commented that they had one drop yesterday. Just luck of the draw…

  • DocJojo

    Thanks for the informations !
    So unusual have not effects ?
    And we can just use 1 Shadow on an egg ?
    But can we use 3 of each to have lvl 3 White, and add a Shadow ?

    • Player13

      Unusual gives visual effects – 1 unusual gives aura, 2nd unusual gives eyeglow, 3rd unusual gives glowy trail.

      Max level white is level 2, not 3. They just have the added bonus of having the most well rounded stats. But yes you can add a shadow to a 3-3-3, and you’ll get a dreaded with Seraphic stats + block.

  • Amos

    Cyborgmatt , some of the dreaded greevils have both 30% Block chance and +2/+4 physical armor. Bug or intended? Heres one guy with +4 Physical Armor and 30% block :

    • Player13

      Intended. It’s cause you get bonuses for the essences added, despite the color of the greevil. The guy probably built a Seraphic (2 or 3 of all essences) to start with, then added a black essence, which makes it default into a Dreaded Greevil, even though he spent 6 or 9 colored essences.

      So depending on whether he started with a level 1 or 2 seraphic, he’ll get +2 or +4 physical armor, on top of the dmg block from being dreaded.

  • ArRhean

    what happen if i put shadow essence on seraphic egg? same stats as normal dreaded?

  • xiiliea

    The guide only mentions adding for example, 3 blue essences to the egg. I see that the egg has many more “slots” to put essences in. What if I put like 9 essences, or even fill the entire egg with blue essences? Will it add uber lot of magic def?

    • Player13

      na, there’s a limit of 3 for any one color — you can’t add more blue after the first 3 blue essences, even with the empty slots.

      So at max it can have 3 blue, 3 red, 3 yellow, which is what makes the seraphic white Greevil.

  • Honestly?

    Diretide has spoiled you people. They put in hundreds of hours of work into an event that they didn’t have to, and all you want to do is complain about it. Don’t like it, don’t play it. With the exception of a small group, you have not paid anything for this game, so they owe you absolutely nothing.

    • slovarar

      They owe me something: a complete dota 2. Instead of wasting time with this crappy mods, they should start fixing bugs and implementing missing heroes. Community buys items + I am part of the community = they earn money while I am playing for free = If every non-paying player leaves they will lose the community and competition => paying players will leave too.

      • theSAiNT

        Entitlement much?

        You are part of a ‘community’ which buys items therefore Valve owes you a complete game? That’s like going to a concert and saying ‘I’m a fan like those guys with tickets, you should let me in!’.

        Even if you bought an item, you got what you paid for. How have you arrived at the absurd idea that anybody owes you anything?

      • sss

        They don’t owe you a shit,it’s their game and the mode is awesome so stfu

  • techmonkey

    Nice write-up, thank you it was super helpful!! Looking forwards to upgrading my egg!!

    Btw, to all of you bitching about Diretide and not having essences, I’ve been playing Greeviling just for today, and already I’ve uncovered 8 essences and 3 eggs…. In all but about 13 matches, so stop whining. Ya it’s frustrating, but even in losing games I got rewards such as 300% battle bonus, which yielded 1 unusual essence, and egg, and 2 shards in 4 games… All that running a Naked Greevil… L2P please!

  • Leriexx

    Can someone suggest of how to get Hook + Magic missle + Black hole as the pet skill. I tried reading the stuff on the top but i cannot quite understand, but i can roughly guess its gonna be purple. But just to confirm, how much of each essence do i need? Please Help TT Thank you

    • ouiop

      No, you need a blue greevil to get black hole as your ult.

      Now you want missile which is a blue spell and hook which is purple, so what you need is 3 blues and 2 reds essences, that will effectively gives you level 3 blue and level 2 red and purple.

      This way, your two spells will be among those:

      from blues:

      missile and ice wall lvl 3

      from purples:

      maledict and hook lvl 2

      from reds:

      rot and decrepify lvl 2

      Pray to the random number god you get the one you want. You can also add up to 2 yellows to get better stats but then your spells will be chosen among all the spells.

  • bjan

    So, 1 question. Are you apsolutely sure, I can use 3 of each, + Black one and then 1 Unusual to get 1 unusual effect/golem and any of 2 random spells? Thank you

  • tali

    I don’t get why so many people are complaining about this event?

    You don’t -have- to play it

    I enjoy it… i didn’t have essences when i started and granted… till i got a blue greevil to get me started to be “usefull” with black holes & magic missiles it was rather annoying…

    I have to say, the thing i love the most about this mode is that after every game, win or lose.. you’ll get -something- out of it… would be amazing if it was like that in normal dota aswell =)

  • Ybrad

    Hey Can you help me. I have a egg and lots of essences but I want to build a perfect greevil with block hole, juggers balde fury, and lots of hp and damage speed could you please give me the exact I need?

  • Shadowalk

    So if I want a Black Greevil, with phantom strike and time lock I just have to add a black essence and 1 or more yellow essences?

  • Dance

    I think that a shadow essence acts the same as adding a full amount of all the essences (gives all the stat bonuses and has the random odds to pick abilities from any of the color trees at level 3)

  • DubVulture

    How is that everyone getting at least 1 egg a day and I’m always getting fucking Battle Point Booster? Aaaaargh ;_;

    • Shank

      Because you’re playing in a party, not solo. 😀

      • Luc

        I’ve played solo plenty of times and still I get more battle points booster than anything else. Oh, and coals too. Damn coals.

        • slovarar

          me 2. It’s because we played to much dota and won there too much games. They try to punish us with crappy items, so we play more dota and let those lowbobs play a game, where they can win.

  • Avs

    Merry Christmas all you bah humbug complainers about free items for a fraction of the normal dota time.

  • Eujun

    Is it possible to get a blade fury and a greevil hole in a greevil?

    • Alienfreak


  • Btomm

    how to get greevil with phantom strike, time lock, and bloodlust skills (with stats plus )?
    whats the combine recipe?

    • Alienfreak

      read the guide?

  • kiSs

    wat spells do i get with 3 Wex + 2 Quas + 2 Exort ???

    • Alienfreak

      read the guide?

  • JuKKi

    So, how about getting all the horns and what not?
    Are they just random or how do you get them?

    • Alienfreak

      The look depends on the type of greevil

  • qwerty

    it’s a very fucking stupid question…but: WHERE THE F*CK DO I GET THESE ESSENCES?!

    • Alienfreak

      Mainly the presents.
      And some chests.

  • Shagrat

    What if I hatch an egg with 3 Exort + 1 Quas and 1 Wex? Can I get a level 3 Red Greevil with bonuses and spells from the other essences?

    • Zulwarn

      Yes! I just tried it, I used 3 exort and 1 wex and got that +15 attack speed. I regret I did not put more essence on it like 2 quas + 1 wex.

  • russiantroll123

    Are you guys KIDDING with theise comments. Valve put in a game mode for you 2 get free items, and your complaining???? you get items even tho you win or loose, you get battlepoints even faster than normal. WTF is wrong with ppl in this community. Plus your playing a game witch you proberly got for free.
    On a sidenote, if you cant understand how the gamemode works and you aint winning any Greevi games…you should stop playing dota alltogether because this is a whole lot simplar than the regular game.

  • Magnus Mejlgaard

    I want to make a Greevil which has: Black hole, hook and rot/fury. How do i do that? Which essence should I Use?

  • Asfastasican

    Quick question. let’s say I want to make a Blue Greevil with as many extra stats as possible. Would the only option be 3 blue + 2 red OR 3 blue + 2 yellow? Or can i add another 1 or 2 of a 3rd color without losing the blue color? Would the extra 1 or 2 of a 3rd color change it to seraphic?

  • ali

    this guide is wrong… i just used 3x orange 3xred… got greevil slam rot and greevilfy… following your guide got me screwed.. with shit spells.. update it kindly

    • Falco Amadeus

      The ult is based on color of the greevil, the spells are based on essences given; you can end up with all red spells on an orange or purple greevil

  • raul

    what if i have 1 shadow essence. then i wanted more attackspeed and the bash/blink skill plus the ultimate of greevil golem

    if i put 3 wex essence 1 shadow essence. will it turn out to be a black greeviling and have the essence skill of the wex?

  • lolz

    how can i get mine egg ???

  • lolz

    and if i deleted one can i get another or i have to bay one ???

  • yarouchi

    this eventis nothing but shit

  • Imran Adzman

    Besides this great guide about Greeviling, anyone can give tips and tricks about this gamemode? I don’t really understand how this mode work. >.<

  • Archanfel

    No need the other essences to make Black Greevil?

    Then what’s his extra spells?

    Random? Fix?

  • 超人

    Quick Question, Building Black greevil.. have shadow essence and 3x unusal egg.. are the abilities for black greevil random or do i get to choose them?

    If yes, how? add essence before adding in the shadow essence?


  • afsdfsd

    So, if I made a blue Greevil with 2 extra red, and 1 yellow essence, would I get orange skills as well?

  • ieatmonkeys


  • Sam Dunstan

    I’m a little confused about the Dreaded Greevil. Inbuing an egg with a shadow essence overrides any pre-imbued essences, correct? How then are a Dreaded Greevil’s stats and skills determined? Do the pre-imbued essences have any effect? Thanks

  • Mrfunnyman526

    if I use a red essence in a black egg, will the greevil gain the red stats?

  • rtrtrt


  • Xiplitz

    ..everyone realizes this game mode is free and totally for fun right? Like pudge wars or any of the old minigames, it has absolutely no bearing on the real Dota, it’s just something fun and silly to do. You don’t have to take your Windrunner bows so seriously.

  • slovarar

    I played about 12 greevling games, about 30-40% winchance. All I got was crap + 1 red common, 1 yellow common and 1 blue common essence. I had already an egg from diretide, on diretide I have played about 10 games and I have gotten zero (0) essences.

    Maybe I’m just unlucky. I like the idea of greevil game, were you have to run around as a team to win the game. But its so painfull to lose again and again, just because my naked greevil gets raped like a little girl.
    For me it’s more frustration to lose greevil then normal game… In normal games I can see, if we suck or not. In greeviling I just see, that non-naked greevils make the game w/o problems.
    BTW: where can I read more about greeviling? Can’t find any information on official dota2 site or forums. How to build a seraphic greevil?

  • Andrea

    Hey! I was wondering, how to get the Purple Greevil Bonus stat as I’ve added 3 blue and 3 red essences and I only have 2 purple essences in the end. Any kind soul willing to share? 😉 Thanks in advance! 😀

  • kenji

    try 3 wex 3 exort 1 quas

    u know seraph ss is useless..
    try 3 wex 2 exort 1 quas for yellow egg..increase move speed and a good chance for u to get..I remove the other two color for better skill..if u get the other`s uselss so I just make 1 quas..because quas is stun slow ..good for u to be able to u know..movement increase and critical chance increase..too

  • Ellis

    Its funny because all of you can just ignore this and play normal games, PROBLEM SOLVED

  • I.Tlog

    I trade all my item for this mode so I have greevils WOOOH!!

  • NONE

    If you don’t like it don’t play it. simple as that.

  • Thetracker3

    Ok, So if I were to give my egg, 3 blues, 2 yellows, and 2 reds, it would get these stats:
    Blue: +32 Magic Armor
    Yellow: +30 attack speed
    Red: +16% crit strike chance
    Green: +100 Health
    Purple: +8 Attack Damage
    Orange: +20 Move speed
    Am I correct? If I’m not, please feel free to correct me, call me a noob, and/or any one of the numerous ‘insults’ involving my mother, you and sexual intercourse.

  • sniffzor

    i dont care much for these seasonal game modes, now i know alot of people probably like this very much… but come an… the game isnt even released yet, they have so much other stuff to focus on… some heroes are so broken that they are removed from captains mode… but we gotta have that greeveling crap!

  • kiko

    i already had an egg but i think that i spend it with one essence and now i have only naked greevil is there any chance that i get a new egg to make stronger greevil ?

  • TangHoYin

    I want to ask about Dreaded Greevil.if i have put 1shadow + 3unusual only. What is the spell and stats about Dreaded Greevil ?

    alos if i put 1shadow + 3unusual and 2 blue. What is the spell and stats ?

  • Guest

    I want to ask about Dreaded Greevil.if i have put 1shadow + 3unusual only. What is the spell and stats about Dreaded Greevil ?
    alos if i put 1shadow + 3unusual and 2 blue. What is the spell and stats ?

  • TangHoYin

    I want to ask about Dreaded Greevil. If i have put 1shadow + 3unusual only. What is the spell and stats about Dreaded Greevil ?
    Alos if i put 1shadow + 3unusual and 2 blue. What is the spell and stats ?

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  • Gupz

    hey guys, i have unusual naked greevil and wicked greevil

    which is better and why?