Dota 2 5th December Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived bringing some gameplay, audio and misc fixes along with a huge batch of hidden goodies. You can view the full changelog here. Ho ho ho.

Front End Changes

Hero Models Broken Down

This week’s patch sees Undying’s and his Flesh Golem’s models both being broken down ready for cosmetic items.

Undying’s Model

Default Parts

Undying’s Bracer
Undying’s Helmet
Undying’s Armor
Undying’s Shoulder Armor

Base Model

Flesh Golem Base

Hero Texture Updates

We’ve a triple hero texture update in this week’s patch.

Death Prophet’s Updates

Comparison Slider




Model Viewer Shots

In Game Shots

Silencer’s Updates

Comparison Slider


Model Viewer Shots

In Game Shots

Wisp’s Updates

Model Viewer Shots

In Game Shots

Hero & Ability Icon Updates

Along with the material updates, the three heroes also got updated ability icons.

Death Prophet’s Icons

New Icons



Old Icons



Silencer’s Icons

New Icons



Old Icons



Wisp’s Icons

New Icons



Old Icons



Hero Portrait Updates

We also have a number of Scaleform video portrait updates in this patch.

Anti-Mage’s Portrait

Broodmother’s Portrait

Death Prophet’s Portrait

Drow Ranger’s Portrait

Silencer’s Portrait

Wisp’s Portrait

UI Updates

We’ve a small UI update for the item hoarders.

Collection Catalog

The store page now has a collection tab that will display all of the cosmetic items, couriers, tools/pennants etc currently in Dota 2. The collection catalog can be filtered using hero names, rarity and type.

Items that are not owned will be greyed out:

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

Strings referencing to “Chat Phrases” and settings.

    "DOTA_ChatPhraseSelect"    "Select a Phrase"
    "UI_ChatSettings"      "Chat Settings"
    "UI_ChatPhrases"      "Chat Phrases"

There’s now a string for gifting items.

    "DOTA_Chat_ItemGifted"      "%s1 received the gift %s2 from %s3!"

More tutorial string updates.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_CourierBuy"    "While we're here let's pick up a Courier as well.  Couriers are great for picking up items you have in your stash and bringing them to you in the field."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_CourierDeploy"  "The Courier is an active item and needs to be deployed.  You can deploy the Courier by hitting %!item_courier% twice quickly, or right-clicking."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_CourierMovement"  "Hi little guy!  You can control the Courier as well when you need to have items picked up and delivered to you.  Select it with left-click and order it to move with right-click like you would with yourself.  Careful guiding the courier as they have no ability to defend themselves."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_CourierEnd"    "Feel free to move the Courier around town a little.  When you're done select yourself using %+dota_camera_follow%.  %+dota_camera_follow% will always select your hero."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_MapIntro"      "Sniper!  I report from our southern outpost!  The enemy moves on the tower there!  Here's a map of the location!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_MapExplain"    "Your minimap contains an overview the map you and your allies can see.  The tower that is under attack now is far to the south and we'll need some haste to get there in time..."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TeleportBuy"    "Ahah!  Teleportation!  Obviously.  Teleport Scrolls allow you to teleport between friendly buildings.  Purchase a Teleportation Scroll from the Shop."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TeleportUse"    "One note before using it, you have to stand still while channeling the spell or it will be cancelled.nnLeft-click on the Teleport Scroll and then left-click on the friendly tower to the south on the mini-map."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TeleportCenter"  "I'll meet you down there.  You can center the view on yourself by hitting F1 twice or left-clicking the desired area on the mini-map."

Shredder has now been renamed to Timbersaw :(

    "npc_dota_hero_shredder"      "Timbersaw"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shredder_whirling_death_Description"        "Timbersaw whirls extremely sharp edges, damaging enemies and destroying trees around him in an area.  If an enemy hero is affected, it loses some of its primary attribute for a short duration.  Whirling Death will deal Pure damage if a tree is cut down in the process."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shredder_timber_chain_Description"        "Timbersaw fires a chain that embeds itself in the first tree it hits, pulling him towards it.  Any enemy in the path takes damage."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shredder_reactive_armor_Description"        "Each time Timbersaw is attacked, he gains increased health regen and armor."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shredder_return_chakram_Description"        "Returns the Chakram to Timbersaw."


Strings for the unreleased guide system.

    "DOTA_UI_guide_select_title"  "SELECT A GUIDE FOR %s1"
    "DOTA_UI_guide_select"      "Change guide"
    "DOTA_UI_guide_header_draft"  "%s1 DRAFT GUIDE"
    "DOTA_UI_guide_header_subs"    "%s1 GUIDE SUBSCRIPTIONS"
    "DOTA_UI_guide_header_top"    "TOP RATED %s1 GUIDES"  

Medusa’s default parts.

    Medusa's Bow
    Medusa's Veil
    Medusa's Chest Armor
    Medusa's Bracers
    Medusa's Tail

Shredder’s default parts.

    Shredder Driver's Hat
    Shredder's Claw
    Shredder's Chainsaw
    Shredder's Shoulder Armor
    Shredder's Exhaust Pipe

Unreleased UI Updates

We also have a few unreleased UI updates in this patch.

Guide System

There’s now a Scaleform UI file for the guide system, suggesting that this may be arriving sometime in the near future.

Store Featured Item

There’s also an unused panel for a featured item in the in game store.

Tutorial Map Minimap

The tutorial map now has a temp minimap overlay.

HUD Skins

The first references to HUD skins are now in, Valve have provided a sample set in which people can use to build their own version.

Custom Actionpanel Sample



Custom Inventory Sample

Custom Scoreboard Sample

Day/Night cycle image:

Top UI bar:

Winter Update

The Winter updates continue to roll in with a beautiful winter minimap, props and gamemode icons.

Winter Minimap

Winter Map

Here’s a quick sneak peak at the Winter version of the map, please note that this is still missing a number of effects etc and is not how the final version will look.

Winter Particles

We also have a range of particles for the Winter map, ranging from snow footsteps, kicking up snow to the heroes and creeps having a cold/chill breath effect.

Winter Gamemode Icons

There are also a few new item, hero and minimap icons in this patch which are most likely for a Winter gamemode.

Greevil Whistle

I always dreamed of being the pied piper of the Greevils.


Who doesn’t like presents?!

Greevil Hero & Minimap Icon


Greevil Animations

The Greevil now has a large range of new animations, referenced as “Miniboss” animations.


Unreleased Cosmetic Items

References to a new cosmetic item in this patch for Faceless Void.

Faceless Void’s Items

Faceless Void is going to have some type of Battlefury item, currently only the textures for the model are in game, not the model.

Unreleased Custom Couriers

The first team courier has arrived, Na’Vi’s courier is now in the files.

Na’Vi Courier

Standard Courier

Flying Courier

Updated Sound Effects

We’ve some more updated/new sound work in this patch.

Death Sound Effects

Tiny now has some death sound effects for when he dies.





UI Sound Effects

The inventory UI now has a number of new sound effects for moving equipment around the backpack, using chests etc.


Riki’s Voice Work

Riki now has voice work for the missing lane callouts.




Shredder’s Sound Effects

Shredder has a sound effect for his chain retracting.


Other Changes

Some other minor misc changes in this patch.


The Shopkeeper’s bird, Roquelaire, whose model turned up recently will be used in the interactive tutorials to guide new players into the world of Dota 2.

Material Updates

Medusa’s Materials



Shredder’s Materials





Tuskarr’s Materials

Particles Update

Shredder’s Particles

Predictions For The Next Hero

What do you call a blind reindeer? No eye deer.

Just kidding. Mehdusa

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  • No1Known

    Cyborg the old and new comparison slider is still wrong!

  • No1Known

    Cyborg the old and new comparison slider is still wrong!

    • Cyborgmatt

      What? Looks fine here.

      • RoADartz

        Fine here as well.
        New heroes will come in christmas patch most probably. A couple I suppose.

      • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

        it doesn’t load for Wisp, but that’s not a biggie.

        • YoyoNine

          Not that it doesn’t load, but wisp has no model. only visuals.

        • Blutsense

          It’s because Wisp has absolutely NO model. He is made out of particles

  • JukePlz

    YAY! Christmass

  • Reader

    I just wanted to make a quick point and that is NO ONE cares about the new map skins, if there are still lines of unreleased heroes. People priorities new heroes and game maps rather than a snowy map or a hollowness map.

    • Gorn Moody

      shut up, new map is awesome

    • HerpaDerp

      hey guyzzzzz i say no one cares because i know everyone and everyone thinks like me cuz im the one who’s always right yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


      Please dont assume you know anything about what other people like I for one enjoy the map skins and game modes.

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      it is important because it will be part of the new mini game.

  • Daltron

    Oh the puns

  • JukePlz

    Sorry, just had to post something before some tard said “FIRST!”

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    More psy to the silencer )

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    yay christmas

  • EJ

    Prediction for next hero? Null or Tuskar?

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    The pun in the prediction section is the greatest one I’ve seen.

  • AceHarding

    Thank you.

  • Jerico Cruz

    Personally I don’t like the purple silencer :/

    • Memz

      It’s horrible!

    • 4RealZ

      I think its so fucking awesome!!!!!! It’s purple goddammit :D:D:D:D:D

      • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

        yea its purple that’s why we didn’t like it.

        • jkAS

          it looked too much like dragon knight so they had to change it for clarity of casuals

          • ReziuS

            And they chose the gayest and most overused color in the game so far.

          • frajus

            its not gay. you just dont understand magic, son. 😐

          • Don Roberto Querijero

            i agree its not gay.. but for real? there hundreds of colors that could match yellow why the heck would they pick purple?

          • James Collins

            Well purple is the complementary colour of yellow… but it does look a little strange on silencer, a little too flat me thinks?

          • Don Roberto Querijero

            it is the complementary color of yellow I know but purple is overly used.. He does look like magneto though but even Magneto doesn’t wear yellow with purple

          • MassStalker

            It’s probably the least used color in the game.

          • DeadScarab


          • MassStalker

            It’s not the same color, those you’ve mentioned is more dark purple, while this is light pink.

          • DeadScarab

            I though we were talking about purple? well then… let’s add Dazzle and Layana

          • Frank

            Hey dipshit they use blue way more

          • DeadScarab

            Silencer isn’t nor was he ever blue(unless you count his model in w3) so why would you even bring this up?

          • gu


          • ChiggerLemon

            Honestly, it didn’t at all. They look completely different.
            1 is AM’s 2.0 aka masterace, the other is a black guy witha sword who animorphs into dragons, something we wished we could all do when we were kids.

          • emanuel reuter

            fuck you,magic is awesome.

        • Brent Wentzel

          More gay colours plz :3 ♥ ♥

      • Liew

        Purple is the colour of royalty during the Roman Ages..

        • emil0

          I think its Pink color on Silencer 😀

    • piripi

      It’s just awful :/ can’t understand why they have taken that decision

      • albator7

        awfull when zoomed, but not really in fact when normal view…

    • Marcin Pelzner

      LOL it’s kind of nerf for him, isn’t it? ;DD

    • Damian

      no one does :/ , it’s a barney ¬¬

    • agareth

      its green and purple. Soon every hero in dota2 will be purple.

  • Giannis Theofilidis

    i really hate new silencer

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    Tuskarr is here for Christmas! Hooray

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    They must asd Tuskar <3
    That's will be sooooo fun.

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    silencer – facepalm!

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    Incoming “OMG NO HERO” shit storm.

  • King Tarquin

    In which, we slowly scrolled down to the favorite section of the blog – predictions. #Suspense

  • Havocked

    lol at Cyborg having “no idea” for hero predictions

    It seems to be a NO new hereos next week either. However I expect a huge “Christmas” like day with them releasing 3-4 heroes at once with a new map. With Valve saying MERRY CHRISTMAS

    I really hope they give us Tuskar, Shredder, and Medusa and just as a BIG suprise that Winter Wyvern new hero (in dota 1) just to fit the “winter theme”, that would be epic lol

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      because in the last few weeks, he predicted Medusa will be released but Valve didn’t.
      but still, my hopes are still up for having 2 or 3 heroes this December.

    • Ist

      You really think that Valve will release 3-4 heroes and winter mode? 😀

      It’s 100% sure because Valve did same on Haloween with Naga + Slark + Centaur + Diretide…. Oh wait.

      • Havocked


        • Dread

          A real present would be Soul Keeper ^^

    • RodIshiCi

      I am guessing 1 or 2 heroes at max in whole december. Sure, they have Medusa more than ready and could’ve released her already and they could get Troll Warlord, Shredder and even Bristleback ready if they wanted to, but I don’t see that happening.
      To think that back in august, if they told me all heroes would be in by the end of 2012 I’d totally believe it. But since october they seem to be prioritizing other aspects else than new heroes. A good ammount of model breakdowns for making those heroes able to fetch some money, some good ideas mechanics, eyecandy etc.

      Personally, after more than 1000 games, I’m getting tired to wait to play with my favorite hero (Techies), specially after knowing he’s even below in priority than recently released heroes in Dota 1, plus the recent pace on new heroes release (guess I’ll sit out for some more weeks until they port another hero into dota 2).

      • Noppanat Khaoyai


  • what?pls

    what is file name for model of navi courier?

    • Blutsense

      navi_courier.png or navi_courier_large.png

  • Steel_speed

    In what folder you find a courier?

    • Blutsense

      steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 test/dota/pak01_dir/resource/flash3/images/econ/courier

  • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

    hmmm. i don’t know if that Prediction for new hero is for the winter patch or for Tuskarr.

    • Havocked

      If you hold your cursor over the picture you will see the joke Cyborg has written and he says “No eye deer” which means NO IDEA.

      • AmbientSky

        And if you do the same to the picture below you will see that he actually still predicts Medusa.

  • Dain Sta Barbara

    Love this patch! Shredderrrrrrr.

    • Sovereing


  • htgtmd

    Thanks for the great update, as always

    but Goblin Shredder renamed Timbersaw
    Notrom turned from traditional red to purple
    Wisp from traditional blue to teal

    a shot to the heart

  • Draco

    Ok why did they ruin silencer?
    Wtf is that?

  • A random guy

    Silencer – Why… just … why?

  • fu1234

    troll warlord no update

  • Sal

    WTF purple silencer? i don’t approve of this shenanigans

  • Jonathan Dumaine

    Am I the only one that thinks they are taking the whole contrasting or analogous color schemes too far? Sometimes it’s nice to have variety that breaks the color rules (i.e., old silencer/dp).

  • Moop

    Is there any way to make these models not stick? I’d prefer to have my old models

  • danostrowski

    I think “Timbersaw” is a good name. :)

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      first time i heard that word.
      i’m sure there will be some who would rage on changing Shredder’s name to Timbersaw.

      • Xbord

        im that guy 😀

        • Yes

          I am also that being.

      • kavlaris kavlaros


    • Eric Tarrayo

      If he was the Goblin Shredder, why not just make it Keen Shredder then? Becoz i have a feeling that hes the same kind as Sniper, Tinker and Clockwerk.

  • raingame

    dat ui photoshop filter

  • BorisGotAnAk

    Why make new heroes when you can change colours of old heroes which makes them even look like shit? =D

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      hahaahaha. that gay Silencer.

  • Madstercoaster

    The comment ratings have been reset, what a joke.

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  • Shabutaro

    Krob? … well.. it’s ok..
    Silencer? … uhm.. cosmetic items to change color please? Seriously WHY?!

    • Irish King

      Valve has explicitly said that cosmetics are to fit in the color theme of heroes. So, unless Valve changes his colors themselves, there will be no other way to see him in a different color unless you somehow mod your game which I do not advise.

  • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

    at least now i know that Shredder will be called Timbersaw

  • Pooh

    Custom UI? Oh noes, in b4 brocorn-themed community streams.
    Are you sure these are not just a UI for winter mode?

  • VII.

    I for one like the color-switch between silencer and Krobe.

    But i must add that i really find it disturbing to still not see ANYTHING on ABADDON :/. So many people enjoy to play him and there is absolutly nothing on his progress yet. Sad.

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      Abaddon? he’s not yet being developed.
      he’ll be developed in 2013 and so does the others who still doesn’t have anything.

    • Guest

      Abaddon will probably be the last heroe to be released in Dota 2.

    • Wyss Neto

      Abaddon will probably be the last hero to be released in Dota 2.

      • kavlaris kavlaros


        • GosuGoyu

          lol dude they made you a game that you can play for free and youre mad at them? you should be kissing their asses. I bet you havent bought 1 item to contribute 1 dollar to the makers of this game and you call them FAKING DOTA 2 TEAM? I say faking ungrateful you! Shame on you sir!

  • aaa

    what about drow’s textures? i’m sure they have been change.

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      then what is the change to drow’s model?

  • president

    Animation set of new NaVi and Sheep couriers!

  • slightly disgruntled

    I’ll be honest I <3 Valve…. but changing Silencer to purple and Shredder's name to Timbersaw??! …. Oh well I suppose there's some master plan… as long as they don't change Tidehunter's color to red and his name to the Kool-Aid guy…then I'll be fine 😉

  • sneakykebab

    Oh wow, I thought purple silencer was a bug at first. Oh well we will get used to it I think. Nice to see some work done on Tuskarr, my favorite hero.

  • Gramzar

    I think the new silencer looks bad, but the map I love. Many people moaning about getting new heroes. you’ll play them once or twice then go back to playing different heroes. It’s nice to see a cosmetically changed map, escpecially this map because it looks stunning. I do hope for new heroes this december, but even then. I’m made up for the new game mode (I couldn’t stop playing diretide) and news of the team couriers (Na`Vi fanboy sorryguiz)

  • Delete this comment pls

    Look up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its another stupid patch from Valve.

  • Gramzar

    Also, he does have a prediction for the new character. Use yo eyes f000000lz

  • Skorpion

    I don’t think its fair for valve to create custom couriers just for Na’Vi, they should at least create one for each team who took part in the International. Or for each Winner of the Internationals. (Na’Vi and IG)

    • MassStalker

      Not to be rude, but use your brain, they aren’t just going to release a Na’Vi courier, they’ll get a lot of flame for doing that.

  • Forebilden

    winter map is so good, last week i said “hope theres an effect when heroes walk in the snow and when they breath, that would be so sexy” And now there is, Valve always read my mind <3 And the Name Timbersaw is awesome.

  • Comedian & reminder to matt.

    LOL,this update is funny,i wonder what hero announcer will be for winter(Possibility: AA,CM,Lich,1/2 Jakiro).LOL Silencer is gay now(sry.for being silencer fan),but hey,silencer isnt the only purple.OMG,Na’Vi couriers are cuttest creatures.LOL wut,Greevils are gonna be enemys or playable hero in this game mode?I like the medusa prediction refrence.Also Matt,Update you unreleased hero staus,Slark is already out.

  • Kunal Borse

    So….so u mean we dont have medusa and we are going to have a shit hero next week which wont even be a pick in pro mathces ….. u guys will waste time on making retarded heroes like Tuskar but u wont release Medusa which is one of the best carry in game ….. Another weak of useless update

  • Jesmen Yeoh

    I actually like the new skin for the heroes. The silencer is not so nice in model view but when I look at the in-game view, it is quite ok.

    Love the new inventory sorting system and looking forward to the guide system…

  • StabbyStab

    Winter is coming

  • John.

    New purple Silencer is fucking horrible. Why? it doesn’t make sense.

  • John.

    Dammit, I’m really mad about the new silencer. it’s freaking awful.

  • Reiter

    o.o silencer…purple…valve I don’t hate homosexual people, but this is too mutch for my eyes…I hope he comes back in RED!!!

  • Aiacos

    No eye deer, Neither?

  • Darkrash

    Yay! 😀 They are beginning to make Tuskarr!
    Once again exelent job Cyborg! :)

  • Svitivec

    silencer is ugly and we want hero!! gtfo with enything else


    Meh. The purple silencer update is not that bad. He resembles an int hero more now with his color. Also, why did the snake eat a box? wouldn’t it tear his insides?

  • Greenie

    The new death prophet is awesome. Also silencer looked too much like Dragon Knight before so this change is good. Im sure if it was purple before and now changed to red and people would have learned to know him as purple they would now be saying “OMG why red, such a girl colour” instead of “OMG purple gay colour”: Grow up.

    • MassStalker

      You just wrote 3 different messages, with 3 different opinions of this update, WTF?


    I say calm the fuck down to the people that always insists on getting new heroes. This isn’t S2 or Riot. Valve takes their time to carefully make these heroes unique from each other so that we get a more balanced game, aesthetically and logistically. So calm the fuck down.

    • MassStalker

      I agree, people should calm down, but i must say, Valve isnt making heroes’ abilities, they do not balance the game, Icefrog does. Valve just makes the models and textures and ofcourse, fix the bugs, when heroes are in the picture.

    • Nebula

      well then medusa better look ******* awesome and not a garbage neutral creep like magnus.

  • william Dw

    new silencer is magneto??? someone give him a REAL helmet

  • F3x111TsSL

    no new heroes ( again ((( that Valve….

  • Josue Jang

    So Mr. Cyborgmatt predictions are Dusa + Tuskar ? 😀

  • bacarysagna

    How the **** my shredder (Timbersaw) become purple? Damn you valve.

  • lalalalal

    i think they did silencer reskin on paint.

  • Cássio Nandi Citadin

    Enough purple heroes Valve -_-

  • qbase

    after three weeks they gave us gay silencer.. thanks valve

    • thegaysilencer

      i love the new one :)) (just kidding)

    • Farenheit is a stupid system.

      I prefere the word “Fabulous” over “Gay”, could we call him Fabulous Silencer? Thanks.

  • Emil

    The winter map looks cosy as fuck! 😀

  • MewkaKazami

    Dude you forgot that DroW got a facetuck and the orbs are removed from the default bow.

  • norl_

    silencer now gaylencer?-.-

  • Jos1x9

    I don’t like the new silencer! 😐

  • DarkDXZ

    Greevil as a hero? That’s gonna be sweet (either that or a miniboss…Seeing the animations’ names makes me think of scary stuff happening, given the skill names are also in there)

  • Александр Околокулак


  • Gecko

    If DK is the problem he can be changed to another color like golden in Dota 1 or a more brownish leather color. But Silencer has to be red like the original. He is like THE guardian of magic, and now he looks like some local bishop.

    I don’t mind the other textures, just Silencer. This is so disappointing for me… it’s like finding out your son is gay.

    Anyways, a good christmas gift should include Medusa, Troll, Shredder, Tuskarr and santa hats for everyone.

    PS: Hell, even orange suits him better.

    • MassStalker

      Are you homophobe or something, cause you use being gay as a negative thing. FYI im not gay.

      • Gecko

        Please stop being a moralfag and take an internet comment like a man, and tell me what you think about orange Silencer.

        If I had a gay son I would be disappointed at first like any manly father, but I will still love him. So as I will still play Silencer.

        • Aboria

          “moralfag” and “manly father” confirmed 12 year old.

          • Annalayaman

            And there it goes, right in a biiig full throbbing circle.

      • Hmph

        Oh look, it’s one of those normals who take “gay” and “cancer” on the internet literally.

        Shh, we don’t want to scare it away while we observe it in its natural habitat. Does it make its house out of mud or does it not make a house at all? Find out next time!

        Oh and yes, taking it up the ass is a negative thing dafty boy.

        Well, after you’re over 15 that is. And so long as you aren’t the 15 year old being pegged.

        • MassStalker

          With that reply you posted, you must be the one under 15. I have no problem with gay jokes, but using it as a negative thing is just old. Being gay was like being an outcast just years ago, but we are living in modern society where being gay is nothing to be ashamed of. And seriously, grow up, make a proper reply, make an argument why it is okay to use “being gay” as a negative thing, instead of going for this pretty immature reply.

    • kavlaris kavlaros


  • Nazarus

    when the new map wil be on?

  • klemen

    agree purple way better than red to many reds in game not enugh color in the game imo

  • theoldpowers

    WTF?!! why all is violet now? silencer, death prophet and goblin shredder!! dafaq valve, seriously

  • Luong Minh

    seriously i love valve for supporting LGBT =) LOLOL

  • Pyro

    They totally screwed up silencer.

  • Phoenix

    Awesome, all 3 texture updates is significantly worse than original ones.Good job. And silencer is worst of them all. Good job valve.
    And i loled at navi courrier’s earring.

  • VinZ

    OMG whats wrong with my silencer :((

  • PKSpark

    I think Silencer would be better with a more greyish blue, something like silver blue…

  • Shagrat

    No new heroes again and a freaking pink Silencer, are you serious?
    I’ve got nothing against the pink color but it looks horrible, why would they change his model now?

  • Davi Morais

    oque fizeram com o silencer ? ele estava bom da maneira que estava… e a

    Death Prophet também

  • digisimo

    Wisp slider comparison image is broken, please fix. Thank you!

    • Eric Tarrayo

      seriously? you cant see him?

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      he doesn’t have textures, his model is made up of particles.
      besides that, you haven’t noticed the pictures?
      coz if you look at them, nothing has changed except for their colors.

  • pudgehook

    medusa and timbersaw (lol) releasing at same time?

  • daffaq

    Why they change shredder for ‘timbersaw’. this sux so much!

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      if this sux then don’t play, as easy as that.

  • shufly16

    personally i would like it if the hero color changed to your color like they did back in warcraft3. maybe thats what there doing with silencer

  • I want to play Dota2

    Shredder/Timbersaw is so fun to play. Excited to get him in the game. Tuskar too.

  • Cvaco

    Why ? Why is the Silencer faggot now? Its disgusting what you’ve done to him.

  • Pedro Henrique Nunes

    Thanks Valve for ruining Silencer. I won’t play him ever again after this stupid color change. You should learn some focus, instead of changing stupid colors, why don’t you focus on bugs and releasing new heroes?

  • Kain Nobleman

    They could’ve gone for onyx black or grey or even dark blue for Silencer, he looks a bit like… Magina in Manta Style video. Anyways i also disapprove DP’s new dress color, it just doesnt synergize as well as her older one did.

  • Aaron Greene

    TUSKAR!!! 😀

  • Foe

    Silencer Accidentally ran his clothing through the laundry with too much bleach. Now it is pink

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      ugh. purple not pink

  • chu

    omg wtf why no comparison slider for new wisp’s model?!

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      because Wisp doesn’t have textures.
      his model is made up of particles.

      • chu

        it was a joke :)

  • Mike

    Barney Entered dota 2

  • aleee

    Guys, please. The first picture, snowing means Tuskar and the second, a snake… Medusa again

  • Gingervitus

    Wow, Tuskarr materials before Abaddon, Pit Lord or Terrorblade?

  • Zlatko Soleniq

    Does the prediction means shredder

  • Name

    The changelog link doesn’t work. Could you please include the list of changes here?

  • Name

    Am I the only one to find weird that the customizable key F1 is hardcoded in the string DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TeleportCenter?

  • von

    Good color for Silence, at least he would be mistaken as DK.

    • von

      *silencer wtf

    • Visitrix

      I’ve seen this argument a lot and I just have to say there is a clear difference between DK and Silencer. DK has a completely different shield, a different helmet, different shape armour, a sword, Silencer has a fucking glaive. You could tell the difference from a glance with the old colouring so I don’t see why they changed it. Silencer looks shit now.

  • Noppanat Khaoyai

    Love new one
    Drow Ranger’s Portrait <3

  • Jesper Nissen Byg

    I don’t want to play Silencer anymore.

    • Haasva

      same, now it’s pure shit pinky tardish color of a fuckin faggot from the fucktard mother of shit dumbish poor moron fuckshit dogchild extrem pure idiot color new fuckin silencer moron fucktard.

  • RoKa

    when new team pennats come out?

  • lolipopik2



    gtg drink

  • i’m Purple now

    After the update silencer use “Global Silence” >>>> “Shut Your Mouth” he said, “i know this fucking gay, i dont need you guys told me over and over again”

    This is for real?? from glorious Red and Gold to bright Purple (almost like light pink though) and gold. Lol XD

  • VanayadGaming

    Why can’t I see the full changelog?

  • Mark Brown

    I don’t understand the minor changes to the palette of heroes instead of just working on new heroes.

  • kavlaris kavlaros

    The new silencer is very nice, i am starting to pick him cause of that. I didnt like that he was very same with dragon knight.

  • Amarbold MaRa

    Great job bro :)) Ty for everything.

  • MyonTsun

    I am fine with the new colour, but I think it would be awesome if you could just make your own custom colour schemes for characters for your profile (kind of like recolouring a character in a fighting game.)
    Anyway thanks for the updates as always, and as always I enjoyed the prediction.

  • Adrienne

    Perhaps Silencer could do with some… MUTED COLORS.

  • Devaros

    I can see changing Silencer’s colors because maaaybe he looked too much like the Blood Elf units from Warcraft 3..but..that neon of a purple? Hnnng.

  • Ildar Ishalin

    tiny_death_crumble sounds like someone shits with bricks

  • Nardo

    Poor Silencer.. looks like gay. ;(

  • Alexander

    Dammit, I hate that purple silencer.

  • agareth

    Where is my fucking mudesa, bitch? I hope you won’t fucking shrink her to a size of a fucking mouse like you did with a fucking tiny centaur. Please, respond. Sincerely,

  • Reminder to cyborgmatt

    OMG.Check the greevil animation list &try not to beleave that this is possible VALVE Pokemon(cmon,one the skill is leech seed).Sereously,Cyborgmatt update your dota2 unreleased hero status.

  • sar_farosh

    i restarted my system twice, assuming that my game cards color system has problem ! and now I know that Silencer is purple :S

  • Mario Beldea


    said no one ever

  • Maxim

    HO HO HO

    • Maxim


  • mike

    where can i download the patch from?

  • Ethan Hue

    Cyborgmatt’s prediction is wrong! It’s the first time since what, Clinkz?

  • sgtfight


  • sgtfight