Dota 2 7th November Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 test patch brings a number of bug fixes, UI improvements and other hidden goodies. You can view the full changelog here.

Front End Changes

Hero Models Broken Down

Batrider and Puck are this week’s heroes to be broken down to get them ready for cosmetic items.

Batrider’s Model

Default Parts

Batrider’s Head
Batrider’s Cloak
Batrider’s Belt
Batrider’s Mount

Base Model

Puck’s Model

Default Parts

Puck’s Wings
Puck’s Tail
Puck’s Antennas

Base Model

Hero Animation Updates

We’ve another set of custom animations made for one of the cosmetic item sets.

Death Prophet’s Animations

Similar to how Anti-Mage and Windrunner both got custom animations for item sets, Death Prophet now also has custom animations for her Halloween Corpse Maiden set.

She has custom attack, injured and ability animations for her Crypt Swarm, Silence and Exorcism spells.


UI Updates

We’ve some more UI updates in this patch.

Dashboard UI

You can now use the cosmetic item tool to preview a courier in it’s flying form:

It’s now possible to play the “Reverse Captain’s Mode” in private lobbies:

In Game UI

The game will now detect if you’re not feeding audio into your mic and the icon will change:

League Passes

We now have a league pass for the reverse captain mode tournament, atoD 2.

“atoD 2 features 8 top North American and European teams. Using Reverse Captain’s Mode, teams will surely play unconventional heroes and sabotage each other’s lineups.  With some of the proceeds going to the prize it’s the first tournament to include a direct way for fans to increase the prizepool.”

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

More updates to the tutorial strings.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Move"        "Hey, Dragon Knight!  Over here!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_MoveHow"      "<font color='#EE0000'><b>Right Click</b></font> to move where you want to go. Move to the highlighted location!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_MoveCam"      "Move to the position north across the bridge!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_MoveCamHow"    "You can move the camera in several ways:n- <font color='#EE0000'><b>Move your mouse</b></font> to the edge of the screen.n- With the <font color='#EE0000'><b>%+forward% %+moveleft% %back% %+moveright%</b></font> keys.n- By holding down your <font color='#EE0000'><b>Middle Mouse button</b></font> and dragging."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Warning"      "We've heard an enemy Dire Hero named <font color='#EE0000'><b>Razor</b></font> is attacking our remote outposts. We need you to find and eliminate him. An allied Radiant Hero, <font color='#EE0000'><b>Keeper of the Light</b></font>, left earlier, so see if you can meet up with him first."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Attack"      "Attack this Dire creep by <font color='#EE0000'><b>right clicking</b></font> on him."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_AttackWave"    "Incoming!  Help us defend against the incoming Dire creeps!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Camp"        "Follow us Dragon Knight!  There's a watchtower up ahead!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampLevel"    "You've gained a level helping defeat all those creeps!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampLevelHint"  "Click the <font color='#EE0000'><b>LEVEL UP</b></font> button above your portrait and select your first skill, <font color='#EE0000'><b>Breathe Fire</b></font>."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampInvade"    "I hear something... look out!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampUseBreath"  "Hit your <font color='#EE0000'><b>%dota_ability_execute 0%</b></font> key to starting casting <font color='#EE0000'><b>Breathe Fire</b></font>, and then <font color='#EE0000'><b>Left Click</b></font> on an enemy to target it!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampFinish"    "We'll hold this watchtower. You should press on and find Razor.nnYou'll need some more experience, and better equipment to face him!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_ShopAttract"    "Psst! Buddy! Want to buy a health potion?"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_ShopOpen"      "Welcome to my shop! Hit <font color='#EE0000'><b>%toggleshoppanel%</b></font>, or click the <font color='#EE0000'><b>SHOP</b></font> button to browse my wares!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_BuyShield"    "<font color='#EE0000'><b>Right click</b></font> on the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Stout Shield</b></font> to purchase it.  The <font color='#EE0000'><b>Stout Shield</b></font> can be found under the Armaments tab."

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_InspectShield"  "The <font color='#EE0000'><b>Stout Shield</b></font> is a passive item, you do not need activate it to gain its benefit.  Mouse over the shield in your inventory to view its bonuses.nnPurchase the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Healing Salve</b></font> when you're ready to proceed.  It can be found under the Consumables tab."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_UsePotion"    "Healing Salves are <font color='#EE0000'><b>Active Items</b></font>, so you need use them on a target. <font color='#EE0000'><b>Left-click</b></font> on the Salve in your inventory to get a targeting cursor, then <font color='#EE0000'><b>left-click</b></font> on yourself to drink it."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_PostPotion"    "Be careful not to take damage while the potion regenerates you, or it'll break the healing effect."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_BuyClarity"    "Buy a <font color='#EE0000'><b>Clarity</b></font> potion.  It'll be useful on your adventure by allowing you to quickly regenerate mana over time.nnIn addition to clicking on the item, you can also hit <font color='#EE0000'><b>%!item_flask%</b></font> to use Clarity (each inventory slot has a key assigned to it). Hitting <font color='#EE0000'><b>%!item_flask%</b></font> twice will immediately use it on yourself."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_GoCreepingFollow"  "The Kobolds are to the south.  Let's go!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_GoCreeping"    "I've got another useful item for you, but you'll need to earn some money first. I've seen some kobolds off in the woods over there, and I bet there's a good bounty on their heads."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CreepingLevel"  "You've earned another level!  Click the <font color='#EE0000'><b>LEVEL UP</b></font> button and select <font color='#EE0000'><b>Dragon Blood</b></font>.  This will increase your armor (reducing the damage done by enemy attacks) and increase your health regeneration."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_GoldEarned"    "You've earned enough gold Dragon Knight!  Return to the merchant when you're ready to proceed."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CreepingAllDead"  "Well done!  You've earned enough gold and destroyed the Kobold threat.  Return to the merchant and see about that new item."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_BuyGauntlets"    "I see you're burdened with fresh coin from dispatched Kobolds.  Looks like you have enough to purchase the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Gauntlets of Strength</b></font>."

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_BoughtGauntlets"  "That should give you a good start.  I have more items for you but first you'll need more gold."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitIntro"    "There's a <font color='#EE0000'><b>Circlet</b></font> in the shop to further boost your attributes.  I spotted a battle to the west where we can earn enough gold to purchase that <font color='#EE0000'><b>Circlet</b></font>."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitHowTo"    "In battle with others, you need to get the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Last Hit</b></font> on a creep to earn bonus gold."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitReminder"  "Remember you only earn gold from getting the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Last Hit</b></font> on a creep!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitFollow"  "This way!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitGold185"  "Well done, you've earned enough gold for the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Circlet</b></font>.  Let's return to the merchant!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitCirclet"  "Welcome back!  Buy the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Circlet</b></font> to further boost your attributes. Move your mouse over the attributes next to your portrait below to see the benefits from higher attributes."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitBracer"  "Surely you'll need more before you face Razor though.  I'd recommend some <font color='#EE0000'><b>Bracers</b></font>.  Bracers are an <font color='#EE0000'><b>Upgraded Item</b></font>, which requires one or more items and a <font color='#EE0000'><b>Recipe</b></font>.  Return when you've earned 190 gold and I'll show you how."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitAgain"    "Back to the battle!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitAttack"  "Moving to cancel an attack is a good way to timing a <font color='#EE0000'><b>Last Hit</b></font>."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitGold190"  "You've earned enough gold to buy the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Bracer Recipe</b></font>!  Return to the merchant when you're ready."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitRecipe"  "You're back! Purchase the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Recipe</b></font> to craft the bracers from your <font color='#EE0000'><b>Circlet</b></font> and <font color='#EE0000'><b>Gauntlets</b></font>.  To do so, open the Shop and click <font color='#EE0000'><b>UPGRADES</b></font>. Then click on the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Bracers</b></font>.  This will show you all the items required to craft the bracer.  You already have them, so all you need is the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Recipe</b></font>."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitComplete"  "Notice your <font color='#EE0000'><b>Circlet</b></font> and <font color='#EE0000'><b>Gauntlets</b></font> have been consumed to create the upgraded <font color='#EE0000'><b>Bracer</b></font>, which will provide a greater attributes bonus, and free up space in your inventory."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_UltBegin"      "Those Bracers provide a good attributes bonus but we need one more thing, your ultimate ability, Elder Dragon Form."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_UltLevelReq"    "There's more Dire creeps this way we can get some experience from.  Keep leveling until you've reached level six."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_UltLevel"      "That'll do it!  Level up and choose Edler Dragon Form."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_RazorBegin"    "Look out!  Razor is here!  Use your Elder Dragon Form and attack him."    

    "DOTA_Quest_MoveTo"          "Head for the gate"
    "DOTA_Quest_FindKeeper"        "Find Keeper of the Light"
    "DOTA_Quest_FindRazor"        "Defeat Razor"
    "DOTA_Quest_DefendCamp"        "Use <font color='#EE0000'><b>Breathe Fire</b></font> to defend the watchtower"

    "DOTA_Quest_ClearNeutral"      "Clear <font color='#EE0000'><b>three</b></font> neutral camps"
    "DOTA_Quest_EarnMoney2"        "Earn 185 gold and buy a <font color='#EE0000'><b>Circlet</b></font>"
    "DOTA_Quest_EarnMoney3"        "Earn 190 gold and buy <font color='#EE0000'><b>Bracers</b></font>"
    "DOTA_Quest_LevelUlt"        "Reach Level Six"

Slark’s ability descriptions have been updated.

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_pounce_Description"              "Slark leaps forward, grabbing the first hero he connects with.  That unit takes damage and is leashed to Slark, and can only move a limited distance away from Slark's landing position."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_essence_shift_Description"          "Slark steals the life essence of enemy heroes with his attacks, draining each of their attributes and converting them to bonus Agility."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_shadow_dance_Description"          "When used, Slark hides himself in a cloud of shadows, becoming invisible (attacking, casting spells, and using items do not reveal Slark).  Additionally, when not visible tot the enemy team, Slark gains bonus movement speed and health regeneration."


References to “Hotkey Templates”.

    "DOTA_Settings_keybind_template"                "Reset to a hotkey template"
    "DOTA_Settings_keybind_desc"                  "Choose a hotkey template. This will reset keys for Hero abilities, Item slots and Camera control."

UI String for a new set of keybind options.


Reverse Captain’s Mode strings.

    "dota_game_mode_8"                        "REVERSE CAPTAINS MODE"
    "dota_game_mode_8_desc"                      "Same as Captain's mode except team's pick for each other"

Preview Flying string for the new courier preview system.

    "DOTA_BackpackPreviewFlying"  "Preview Flying"

Unreleased Custom Wards

We now have a number of custom cosmetic hero based wards in the files that come with two skins (observer vs sentry ward), a number of animations such as spawning, idle and dying animations and custom particles.

Bane’s Ward

Nightmare Beacon

“The terrors of battle hold many dark secrets.”



Bonus GIF

Chen’s Ward

Staff of Faith

“Seeing is believing.”

Observer Ward

Sentry Ward

Crystal Maiden’s Ward

Blueheart Spotter

“Here’s eyes in your ice!”

Observer Ward

Sentry Ward

Disruptor’s Ward

Lightning Rod

“Far sees the eye when lightning illuminates the darkness.”

Observer Ward

Sentry Ward

Lina’s Ward

Slayer’s Glare

“Why light a fire if you can’t watch it burn?”

Observer Ward

Sentry Ward

Shadow Demon’s Ward

Eye of the Ozkavosh

“Until its fall, none could escape the spying gaze of the First Dominion.”

Observer Ward

Sentry Ward

Venomancer’s Ward

Toxic Gaze

“May cause blindness.”

Observer Ward

Sentry Ward

Witch Doctor’s Ward

Witch Doctor’s Fetish

“I like to watch.”

Observer Ward

Sentry Ward

Unreleased Custom Mounts

We now have the first custom mount in the files, this one is referenced to as “bub” and is for Disruptor.

Disruptor’s Custom Mount

Unreleased Heroes Update

We’ve a number of updates for the unreleased hero Slark in this patch.

Slark’s Updates

Slark has received a number of updates in this patch.

Portrait Video


Hero Icons


Minimap Icon

Ability Icons


Portrait Background


  "Language"    "English"
    "slark_slark_spawn_01"    "slark: Slark."
    "slark_slark_spawn_02"    "slark: Nightcrawler."
    "slark_slark_spawn_03"    "slark: In I crawl."
    "slark_slark_spawn_04"    "slark: If I'd known I'd end up here, I'd have stayed in Dark Reef Prison."
    "slark_slark_spawn_05"    "slark: Oh no, you'll bait no hook with me."
    "slark_slark_battlebegins_01"    "slark: Stay out of my way and maybe you won't get hurt, but I doubt it."
    "slark_slark_firstblood_01"    "slark: First Blood! I've been wanting to say that since this all began."
    "slark_slark_move_01"    "slark: Yeah."
    "slark_slark_move_02"    "slark: All right."
    "slark_slark_move_03"    "slark: Careful."
    "slark_slark_move_04"    "slark: Don't get caught."
    "slark_slark_move_05"    "slark: Right through here."
    "slark_slark_move_06"    "slark: Psst, this way."
    "slark_slark_move_07"    "slark: Over here."
    "slark_slark_move_08"    "slark: That's right."
    "slark_slark_move_09"    "slark: More like it."
    "slark_slark_move_10"    "slark: Now you're talking."
    "slark_slark_move_11"    "slark: Go on."
    "slark_slark_move_12"    "slark: You sure?"
    "slark_slark_move_13"    "slark: Right."
    "slark_slark_move_14"    "slark: Heh heh heh, okay."
    "slark_slark_move_15"    "slark: Nice one."
    "slark_slark_move_16"    "slark: Good."
    "slark_slark_move_17"    "slark: All part of the plan."
    "slark_slark_move_18"    "slark: Right."
    "slark_slark_move_19"    "slark: Come on."
    "slark_slark_move_20"    "slark: Yeah."
    "slark_slark_move_21"    "slark: Yeah."
    "slark_slark_move_22"    "slark: Right."
    "slark_slark_move_23"    "slark: Right."
    "slark_slark_attack_01"    "slark: Come on, I won't hurt you."
    "slark_slark_attack_02"    "slark: You're mine now."
    "slark_slark_attack_03"    "slark: I got this one."
    "slark_slark_attack_04"    "slark: After em."
    "slark_slark_attack_05"    "slark: There's no escape."
    "slark_slark_attack_06"    "slark: Anywhere but here."
    "slark_slark_attack_07"    "slark: I see it."
    "slark_slark_attack_08"    "slark: Oh yeah."
    "slark_slark_attack_09"    "slark: It's a beat-down."
    "slark_slark_attack_10"    "slark: Go on."
    "slark_slark_attack_11"    "slark: Oh, hello."
    "slark_slark_attack_12"    "slark: Wriggle, wriggle, little fish."
    "slark_slark_attack_13"    "slark: Here, fishy-fishy."
    "slark_slark_attack_14"    "slark: Go on."
    "slark_slark_cast_01"    "slark: Slark's got his eye on you."
    "slark_slark_cast_02"    "slark: I'll take this one."
    "slark_slark_cast_03"    "slark: On your belly and crawl."
    "slark_slark_cast_04"    "slark: You'll be sorry when you see me."
    "slark_slark_dark_pact_01"    "slark: I call darkness from the deep."
    "slark_slark_dark_pact_02"    "slark: Honor your deal, Dark Ones."
    "slark_slark_dark_pact_03"    "slark: The dark runs deep."
    "slark_slark_dark_pact_04"    "slark: By the Dark Pact."
    "slark_slark_dark_pact_05"    "slark: Sealed in darkness."
    "slark_slark_dark_pact_06"    "slark: By the Dark Ones."
    "slark_slark_essence_shift_01"    "slark: Mine."
    "slark_slark_essence_shift_02"    "slark: Oh they weren't using this."
    "slark_slark_essence_shift_03"    "slark: This was wasted on them."
    "slark_slark_essence_shift_04"    "slark: The attributes want to be free."
    "slark_slark_shadow_dance_01"    "slark: Darkness crawls."
    "slark_slark_shadow_dance_02"    "slark: Shadows keep me."
    "slark_slark_shadow_dance_03"    "slark: I'm creeping in the shadows."
    "slark_slark_shadow_dance_04"    "slark: I only dance with death."
    "slark_slark_pounce_01"    "slark: Eeyah!"
    "slark_slark_pounce_02"    "slark: You're bound!"
    "slark_slark_pounce_03"    "slark: Caught out!"
    "slark_slark_pounce_04"    "slark: Heh, yeah!"
    "slark_slark_pounce_05"    "slark: Gotcha!"
    "slark_slark_pounce_06"    "slark: Nabbed!"
    "slark_slark_pounce_07"    "slark: Missed him!"
    "slark_slark_pounce_08"    "slark: Bah!"
    "slark_slark_pounce_09"    "slark: Got away."
    "slark_slark_pounce_10"    "slark: Slippery devil!"
    "slark_slark_pounce_11"    "slark: Eeyah!"
    "slark_slark_pounce_12"    "slark: Oh that one's slippery."
    "slark_slark_pounce_13"    "slark: Dah!"
    "slark_slark_failure_01"    "slark: Dah, caught out!"
    "slark_slark_failure_02"    "slark: Oh, someone musta tipped em off."
    "slark_slark_failure_03"    "slark: We'll try again later."
    "slark_slark_failure_04"    "slark: Bad timing that."
    "slark_slark_failure_05"    "slark: Well that went bad quickly."
    "slark_slark_levelup_01"    "slark: I'll be out of this mess in no time."
    "slark_slark_levelup_02"    "slark: Now that's payback."
    "slark_slark_levelup_03"    "slark: Now my shiv is nice and sharp."
    "slark_slark_levelup_04"    "slark: Oh this is going swimmingly."
    "slark_slark_levelup_05"    "slark: Oh this is all part of the plan."
    "slark_slark_levelup_06"    "slark: Dark Reef Rising!"
    "slark_slark_levelup_07"    "slark: He he he he he he!"
    "slark_slark_levelup_08"    "slark: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "slark_slark_levelup_09"    "slark: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "slark_slark_levelup_10"    "slark: I like it!"
    "slark_slark_kill_01"    "slark: Slark had his way with you."
    "slark_slark_kill_02"    "slark: Oh, you were an ugly one."
    "slark_slark_kill_03"    "slark: You wanted out of here, didn't you?"
    "slark_slark_kill_04"    "slark: Go on, get out of here."
    "slark_slark_kill_05"    "slark: Your body was a cage, I just let you free!"
    "slark_slark_kill_06"    "slark: You never felt my shiv, did ya?"
    "slark_slark_kill_07"    "slark: Ha!"
    "slark_slark_kill_08"    "slark: You took the bait."
    "slark_slark_kill_09"    "slark: You should've hid when you saw me coming."
    "slark_slark_kill_10"    "slark: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "slark_slark_kill_11"    "slark: Ha ha!"
    "slark_slark_kill_12"    "slark: Ho ho ha ha ha ha!"
    "slark_slark_rival_01"    "slark: You think you're deep, I'll show you deep."
    "slark_slark_rival_02"    "slark: Sometimes the little fish eats the big fish."
    "slark_slark_rival_03"    "slark: I can't hear you."
    "slark_slark_rival_04"    "slark: I was under you the whole time, drilling holes in your hull."
    "slark_slark_rival_05"    "slark: Where you're going, you won't need any eyes."
    "slark_slark_rival_07"    "slark: Oh look, another shackle-dragger."
    "slark_slark_rival_08"    "slark: I know your type, Riki. Common sneak thief."
    "slark_slark_rival_09"    "slark: You call that sneaky?"
    "slark_slark_rival_10"    "slark: You want to bleed me? I'll bleed you."
    "slark_slark_rival_11"    "slark: Just let me carve in my initials."
    "slark_slark_rival_12"    "slark: Fine assassin you turned out to be."
    "slark_slark_rival_13"    "slark: Don't track me down if you can't finish the job."
    "slark_slark_ally_01"    "slark: I've got your back, Tidehunter. I promise not to stab it."
    "slark_slark_ally_02"    "slark: Well hello, Pudge. That's a hell of a fish hook."
    "slark_slark_ally_03"    "slark: I knew a Slithereen just like you doing hard time in Dark Reef."
    "slark_slark_ally_04"    "slark: Guess my head's not worth enough for you, Gondar."
    "slark_slark_ally_05"    "slark: Don't listen to the critics, Naga, I love your voice."
    "slark_slark_ally_06"    "slark: Go on, Siren, sing em a sweet lullabye."
    "slark_slark_ally_07"    "slark: Riki, just keep a low profile and we won't have any trouble."
    "slark_slark_ally_08"    "slark: Throw off your shackles, friend."
    "slark_slark_lasthit_01"    "slark: Fish fingers."
    "slark_slark_lasthit_02"    "slark: Hey, sport."
    "slark_slark_lasthit_03"    "slark: Don't mind if I do."
    "slark_slark_lasthit_04"    "slark: I'll take that."
    "slark_slark_lasthit_05"    "slark: Small fry."
    "slark_slark_lasthit_06"    "slark: Pay up."
    "slark_slark_lasthit_07"    "slark: Give it here."
    "slark_slark_lasthit_08"    "slark: Lend me a fin?"
    "slark_slark_lasthit_09"    "slark: I'll take that."
    "slark_slark_lasthit_10"    "slark: I don't mind if I do."
    "slark_slark_death_01"    "slark: No!"
    "slark_slark_death_02"    "slark: Ah, no cell can hold me."
    "slark_slark_death_03"    "slark: Shived!"
    "slark_slark_death_04"    "slark: Where'd you come from?"
    "slark_slark_death_05"    "slark: Better swim for it."
    "slark_slark_death_06"    "slark: Fish outta water."
    "slark_slark_death_07"    "slark: Throw me back!"
    "slark_slark_death_08"    "slark: You caught your limit."
    "slark_slark_death_09"    "slark: But I hadn't spawned yet!"
    "slark_slark_death_10"    "slark: Oh that's a change of plans."
    "slark_slark_death_11"    "slark: Somethings you can't plan for."
    "slark_slark_death_12"    "slark: I shoulda had a Plan B."
    "slark_slark_fastres_01"    "slark: You think you caught me? Ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "slark_slark_respawn_01"    "slark: The light hurts my eyes."
    "slark_slark_respawn_02"    "slark: It's never dark enough."
    "slark_slark_respawn_03"    "slark: The air's so thick I'm choking on it."
    "slark_slark_respawn_04"    "slark: I broke out!"
    "slark_slark_respawn_05"    "slark: The worst day fishing is still better than the best day of being dead."
    "slark_slark_respawn_06"    "slark: Let me out of here."
    "slark_slark_respawn_07"    "slark: Respawn and die..."
    "slark_slark_respawn_08"    "slark: Griefer madness..."
    "slark_slark_respawn_09"    "slark: Free again!"
    "slark_slark_respawn_10"    "slark: Escaping death is easy when you've broken out of Dark Reef."
    "slark_slark_rare_01"    "slark: Alone is best but sometimes you need mates. Worse comes to worst, you can always eat em."
    "slark_slark_rare_02"    "slark: Plots and plans coming to nothing when you're teamed with a bunch of loudmouths and losers. That's why when it was my time to make a break from Dark Reef Prison, I worked alone."
    "slark_slark_rare_03"    "slark: My worst nightmare. It's a dream I have. I'm in a square cell, glass walls, just me and a little castle. I'll take Dark Reef over that any time."
    "slark_slark_purch_01"    "slark: I punched a lot of tickets for this."
    "slark_slark_purch_02"    "slark: Oh I earned this the hard way."
    "slark_slark_purch_03"    "slark: I'm taking a big risk buying this."
    "slark_slark_scepter_01"    "slark: Oh, scepter!"
    "slark_slark_scepter_02"    "slark: Scepter, you know what to do."
    "slark_slark_blink_01"    "slark: Blink dagger!"
    "slark_slark_blink_02"    "slark: This is the only blinking I'll be doing."
    "slark_slark_items_01"    "slark: Oh yes, Orb of Venom."
    "slark_slark_items_02"    "slark: Butterfly."
    "slark_slark_items_03"    "slark: Vanguard."
    "slark_slark_items_04"    "slark: Basher."
    "slark_slark_items_05"    "slark: That's right, Scythe of Vyse."
    "slark_slark_items_06"    "slark: Mask of Madness."
    "slark_slark_items_07"    "slark: Sange and Yasha."
    "slark_slark_items_08"    "slark: Maelstrom and down they go."
    "slark_slark_items_09"    "slark: Black King Bar."
    "slark_slark_items_10"    "slark: Oh that's perfectly Satanic."
    "slark_slark_items_11"    "slark: Eye of Skadi."
    "slark_slark_items_12"    "slark: Mjollnir."
    "slark_slark_items_13"    "slark: Monkey King Bar."
    "slark_slark_bottle_01"    "slark: All put you in lockup."
    "slark_slark_bottle_02"    "slark: In you go."
    "slark_slark_bottle_03"    "slark: Patience, patience."
    "slark_slark_deny_01"    "slark: Ha!"
    "slark_slark_deny_02"    "slark: Denied."
    "slark_slark_deny_03"    "slark: Uh uh."
    "slark_slark_deny_04"    "slark: Mine, right?"
    "slark_slark_deny_05"    "slark: Fins off."
    "slark_slark_deny_06"    "slark: Don't even think about it."
    "slark_slark_deny_07"    "slark: Give it up."
    "slark_slark_deny_08"    "slark: Nice try."
    "slark_slark_deny_09"    "slark: Get out of here."
    "slark_slark_deny_10"    "slark: Bah ha ha."
    "slark_slark_deny_11"    "slark: Denied."
    "slark_slark_deny_12"    "slark: Ha ha ha!"
    "slark_slark_deny_13"    "slark: Ha!"
    "slark_slark_deny_14"    "slark: Is it worth your life?"
    "slark_slark_deny_15"    "slark: Ah ha ha ha."
    "slark_slark_deny_16"    "slark: He he he he he."
    "slark_slark_deny_17"    "slark: Ha ha ha!"
    "slark_slark_deny_18"    "slark: Uh uh."
    "slark_slark_lane_missing_01"    "slark: Missing top."
    "slark_slark_lane_missing_02"    "slark: Missing middle."
    "slark_slark_lane_missing_03"    "slark: Missing bottom."
    "slark_slark_drop_common_01"    "slark: I've seen this somewhere before."
    "slark_slark_drop_medium_01"    "slark: I think I used to have one of these."
    "slark_slark_drop_rare_01"    "slark: Oh this makes it all worthwhile."
    "slark_slark_immort_01"    "slark: Immortality!"
    "slark_slark_immort_02"    "slark: Where’s the catch?"
    "slark_slark_haste_01"    "slark: Haste!"
    "slark_slark_haste_02"    "slark: As if I wasn't slippery enough already."
    "slark_slark_doubdam_01"    "slark: Double damage!"
    "slark_slark_doubdam_02"    "slark: Met you once, cut you twice."
    "slark_slark_regen_01"    "slark: Regeneration!"
    "slark_slark_regen_02"    "slark: Oughta take care of this fin rot."
    "slark_slark_illus_01"    "slark: Illusion!"
    "slark_slark_illus_02"    "slark: I know I can trust you guys."
    "slark_slark_invis_01"    "slark: Invisibility!"
    "slark_slark_invis_02"    "slark: How I wish I had this back at Dark Reef!"
    "slark_slark_notyet_01"    "slark: Not yet."
    "slark_slark_notyet_02"    "slark: Not yet."
    "slark_slark_notyet_03"    "slark: Not yet."
    "slark_slark_notyet_04"    "slark: I'm not ready."
    "slark_slark_notyet_05"    "slark: I'm not ready."
    "slark_slark_notyet_06"    "slark: I'm not ready."
    "slark_slark_notyet_07"    "slark: It's not time yet."
    "slark_slark_notyet_08"    "slark: It's not time yet."
    "slark_slark_notyet_09"    "slark: It's not time yet."
    "slark_slark_nomana_01"    "slark: Out of mana!"
    "slark_slark_nomana_02"    "slark: Out of mana!"
    "slark_slark_nomana_03"    "slark: Out of mana!"
    "slark_slark_nomana_04"    "slark: No mana!"
    "slark_slark_nomana_05"    "slark: No mana!"
    "slark_slark_nomana_06"    "slark: No mana!"
    "slark_slark_nomana_07"    "slark: Not enough mana."
    "slark_slark_nomana_08"    "slark: Not enough mana."
    "slark_slark_nomana_09"    "slark: Not enough mana."
    "slark_slark_thanks_01"    "slark: Thanks for that."
    "slark_slark_thanks_02"    "slark: Much obliged."
    "slark_slark_underattack_01"    "slark: I'm under attack!"
    "slark_slark_inthebag_01"    "slark: When I say a thing, you know it's true. So I'm calling it right here and now. This one's in the bag!"
    "slark_slark_inthebag_02"    "slark: Oh this one's in the bag--hook, line and sinker."
    "slark_slark_crumwiz_01"    "slark: Crummy wizard!"
    "slark_slark_shiwiz_01"    "slark: Shitty wizard!"
    "slark_slark_lose_01"    "slark: No!"
    "slark_slark_lose_02"    "slark: What? Defeated?"
    "slark_slark_lose_03"    "slark: Bah!"
    "slark_slark_lose_04"    "slark: What? What?"
    "slark_slark_lose_05"    "slark: Whatever you do, just don't drag me back to Dark Reef."
    "slark_slark_win_01"    "slark: Yes."
    "slark_slark_win_02"    "slark: Victory."
    "slark_slark_win_03"    "slark: When Dark Reef rises, I'll be waiting."
    "slark_slark_pain_01"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_pain_02"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_pain_03"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_pain_04"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_pain_05"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_pain_06"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_pain_07"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_pain_08"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_pain_09"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_pain_10"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_pain_11"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_anger_01"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_anger_02"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_anger_03"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_anger_04"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_anger_05"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_happy_01"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_happy_02"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_happy_03"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_happy_04"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_happy_05"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_happy_06"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_happy_07"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_happy_08"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_laugh_01"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_laugh_02"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_laugh_03"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_laugh_04"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_laugh_05"    "slark: "
    "slark_slark_laugh_06"    "slark: Aha hahahahahah!"
    "slark_slark_laugh_07"    "slark: Ah ha ha ha ha ha!"


Updated Sound Files

We’ve some new sound effects for the items in this patch and Treant’s Living Armour now has a sound effect.

Item Sound Effects

We’ve more sound effects for some of the usable store items that were missing sound effects.


Treant’s Sound Effects

Treant now has a sound effect for his Living Armour ability.


Other Changes

We’ve some other minor changes in this week’s patch.

Roque Laire

The shopkeeper’s bird model for Roque Laire that I covered in last ‘s weeks blog post now has it’s own set of textures.

Comic reference:

New Textures

Ward Colours

With the arrival of custom wards the old existing wards have been updated with new textures, yellow textures for Observer wards and blue textures for Sentry wards.

Materials Update

We’ve a number of material updates for the unreleased heroes in this patch.

Medusa’s Materials

Medusa also has a minimap icon now: 



Shredder’s Materials


Slark’s Materials



Troll Warlord’s Materials

Particles Update

We’ve a big batch of particle updates in this patch.

Cosmetic Item Particles

Some of the custom hero wards that arrived in this patch already have their own particle effects.

Bane’s Ward’s Particles

Crystal Maiden’s Ward’s Particles

Disruptor’s Ward’s Particles

Lina’s Ward’s Particles

Shadow Demon’s Ward’s Particles

Hero Particles

We also have some particle updates for the unreleased heroes.

Medusa’s Particles

Slark’s Particles

Troll Warlord’s Particles

Predictions For The Next Hero

GIF Predictions, Best Predictions

  • Transformer

    Nice Matt

  • Transformer

    Nice Matt

  • Transformer

    Nice Matt !

  • Dario

    lol when i saw the first pick i was like “OMG TROLL WARLORD”

    • Dario


      • emanuel reuter

        well batrider might be a troll.

  • thL

    Oh man, why can’t we have at least a reason why they won’t start working on Techies? We need that hero in DOTA2. :/

    Great job though, Matt, thank you!

    • Anomonous

      I recall someone stating that the main problem was the spectator being able to tell and/or guess where techies is placing his mines/stun wards / tnt because there’s only a 5-minute delay between real time and spectator view.

      so either they rework techies or the whole spectator mode gets an overhaul. and it kinda looks like the easier way is to rework techies because mines last until killed, wards last for 360 seconds and tnt for 480 seconds

      now I dont mean to be rude but the right place to beg for techies release would be either the playdota forums or the dota2 dev forums.

      • Gabriel

        2 minutes delay*

      • allen

        the best thing (and easiest) would have techie’s mines invisible even to spectators.

        it’s a crude workaround but it doesn’t require changing spectator mode or techies.

        • poochop

          Even if they don’t see the mines they could just watch what he’s doing

        • Aaron

          This would be nice… or a real-time feed IF a player gives a friend/spectator the right to view their teams FOG.

          I remember the good old days of RTCW OSP where you could still spectate and not have to worry about people ghosting.

      • FlenMaster

        No this doesn’t matter. Wards last 6 minutes and the 2 minute replay delay has not caused any imbalance as to knowing where wards are 4 minutes before they expire.

      • thL

        Techies will not get reworked because of the spectator delay. It’s the same with Observer and (to lesser extent) Sentry Wards.

        It’s either simply because (as Tobi once confirmed) the VALVe guys are like the DotA community: 50% of them hate Techies, the other 50% love ’em. OR they just hate me.
        I know a lot of people are trolling around with Techies (thanks to Matt mostly) but I really want to see them in DOTA2 since they are/were my favorite hero by far and we used to pick Techies even in -cm a lot.

    • Vítor Bortoletto Junior

      No, we don’t.

    • Piero Vermiglio Pimentel

      i’ve just played a LOD against someone w/ the techies habilities, and i praise god cus we don’t have it yet in dota2

    • Vintage Hoax

      noone needs that trashheo.. also as far as i heard they gonna replace the suicide skill anyways..

  • Gonan

    So the prediction is Slark? Since the cat is pouncing?

  • Rifen

    Great Job always appreciate this stuff!

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    Первый ёпта

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    That cat shoud’ve max’d pounce asap. Look at how short the range is. Such a scrub.

    • roflroflroflroflrofl

      I think he did… you didn’t see him mess that other cat up!?

    • Rivirland

      Pounce’s range is the same at all level, and even if it did increase
      per level, it would still have stopped since it hit another hero
      (assuming the other cat is another hero). And yes, I’m fucking hilarious
      at parties!

  • ZeDemon

    The first batrider picture is gonna make me have nightmares :

  • ZeDemon

    The first batrider picture is gonna make me have nightmares :

  • gforce

    the cat says btw:

    i will hypnotize you
    give me all your cat food

  • Pedro Pina

    Stone gazing cat… pouncing cat…
    Medusa and slark are fighting to be released.

  • Ramon

    dat prediction gif xD and shredder finally!!

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    Slark then, I think valve isn’t releasing medusa ’cause cybogmatt made his predictions auhsuhsahusauuhas

    • Alan

      did you have a seizure at the end there?

      • Darth Nixa

        That’s brazilian laugh. You should be glad you never expirienced it before.

        • Nik


          • emanuel reuter

            they do not.
            only morderkaiser can achieve this holy laugh.
            we brazilians can only do the “kkkkkkk” because we are dumb

  • Cgo

    fck this shit i want dusa not slark:(

  • Psycoduck

    I’m hungry.

  • lordofsoup

    Is it me or does Slark look like meepo’s cousin?

    • posnisir

      My thoughts exactly. Looks like some kind of his deformed, other universe counterpart, just like Doppelganger is of Spiderman in the Marvel universe 😀

      • Mark P

        Maybe in the lore, one of Meepo’s fragmented selves was somehow transformed into slark? Imperfect fragmentation or something arcane. 😀

        • mr dota 1

          that may seem likely but it will ruin the old dota lore because meepo was a kobold and slark was a murloc. two completely different races

          • Liew

            but because maybe it’ll clash with the Warcraft lore or something so they’re creating something new?

    • Gu

      They should remove the hood, imo, to make them less similar. There is no use for hoods underwater anyway.

    • SAK_ATAK

      Yeah it looks like meepo on meth. I know the mines are stressful… but…. not even once man.

    • ChiggerLemon

      Yeah they both look like sleazy scumbags.

  • VII.

    Still nothing on Lord of Avernus (Abaddon)? :((((

    • Dods

      A Chinese team accidetally recorded the list of the unreleased heroes in the exact order (until now), Abbadon is the last heroes to be released and Techies is 3rd last. Thats sad!

      • Dods

        During the Intenational they recorded the list, i forgot to say

        • Darth Nixa
          • L

            except centaur was released before medusa. so the list is still flexible

          • asui

            It is just a rough pattern they follow, not exact order.

      • Pablo Rojas Vega

        Exact order? yeehh no

  • choiie


  • Name

    Next hero Medusa and Slark?

  • Gnj. Alves

    Hey. What about a GIF showing us a comparison between the old and new animation form Death Prophet and Windrunner with the entire new set? Looks like WR has a new animation from the bow and another one from the complete set.

  • Phoenix


  • Is my Name

    Medusa and Slark new heroes?Who next?

    • Patric

      Troll Warlord, and after that maybe Goblin Shredder.

  • Sephie Dela Hostria

    Shouldn’t it be Puck’s “Antennae”?

  • MistakeSpoter

    Wrong Audio link for the WD quote.

  • Chee Yu Yang

    how does reverse captain mode work?

  • scarlet

    i hope they’ll make medusa a sexy female…just like siren..hmm

  • scarlet

    i hope they’ll make medusa a sexy female…just like siren..hmm

    • emanuel reuter

      yeah sure.
      then let’s rename valve.
      name it: RIOT

  • Havocked

    Slark looks completely done SWEEET. Suprised they didnt release both of them this week. Guess they are waiting for Diretide to finish. I was fully expecting both of them to be entered as part of the “hallloween festivals” :(

  • Allan

    The yellow cat was stone gazed for awhile before the cat pounced… resembles to Medusa and Slark 😀

  • Bibokid

    what is the name of that courier?

    Is it available in store? Thanks

    • Lai

      (Something) the shitty wizard. Or something like that anyway. Matt’s mentioned it a couple of times in his older posts. Nope, it’s not out yet :)

    • Grandmaster B-Funk

      it’s the shitty wizard courier, you got it if you bought a t-shirt from the valve store, and the t-shirt has sold out

  • Imran Adzman

    Thanks Matt for the update! Can’t wait for Troll Warlord. 😀

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    Double or triple heroes next week!

  • kev

    What about the deletion of the release dates of essences when you select them in your steam inventory?

  • pimpslap

    I suppose Roquelaire will guide you in upcoming tutorials probably…
    still awesome job matt :)
    p.s. xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxx.

  • Sigh

    Obviously Slark is next, sadly. He’s more popular than medusa,not to mention he is annoying. That or they are doing a great job at hiding medusa. I guess this means ill have to wait longer, stuck with slardar and naga until then.

  • preshlen

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