Dota 2 28th November Patch – Content Analysis

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After a quick turkey break the patching of Dota 2 returns, this week’s Dota 2 update brings a number of fixes, bot updates and an updated look to our friendly neighborhood spiderwoman, Broodmother. You can view the full changelog here.

Front End Changes

Hero Model Updates

It turns out that plastic surgery isn’t limited to humans with this week’s patch demonstrating that even a spider can get a face lift.

Broodmother’s Model

Broodmother’s model has had a bit of work done on her face, she now looks 10x more scarier.

Hero & Minimap Icons

Her hero and minimap icons are also been updated to reflect her new look.

New Hero & Minimap Icons


Old Hero & Minimap Icons


Comparison Slider


Model Viewer Shots

In Game Shots

Visual Updates

We’ve a particle update for the Midas item. Using the item will now trigger the new particle effect and also a new sound effect.

UI Updates

A minor update to the Dota 2 in game profile UI in this week’s patch.

Dota Profile

Clicking on a hero name in your “Heroes Played” list will now filter your game history for the games you’ve played with that hero.

An option to clear the hero filter can be found at the bottom:

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

The work on the tutorial system continues, another big batch of new strings this week.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_Begin"      "Sniper!  I see you've once again found yourself in an advantageous position hunting down these enemy creeps."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_RangedIntro"    "You have a ranged weapon giving you a distinct advantage in this situation where that melee creep cannot immediately retaliate."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_RangedAttack"    "Attack the creep and he'll come running."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_RangedChase"    "You've got his attention, finish him off."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_RangedLastHit"  "As with melee, a <font color='#EE0000'><b>last hit</b></font> will earn you bonus gold and experience.  Practice killing these creeps and earn enough experience to reach <font color='#EE0000'><b>level two</b></font>."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_AreaAssign"    "Nice job!  Level up and choose <font color='#EE0000'><b>Shrapnel</b></font>."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_AreaLearn"    "To use <font color='#EE0000'><b>Shrapnel</b></font>, hit <font color='#EE0000'><b>%dota_ability_execute 0%</b></font> and <font color='#EE0000'><b>left click</b></font> where you want to place the effect."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_AreaIncoming"    "Look out!  There's more!  Use <font color='#EE0000'><b>Shrapnel</b></font> to help fend them off."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_AreaUse"      "Sniper!  Use <font color='#EE0000'><b>Shrapnel</b></font> on the enemy creeps to help us clear them out!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_AreaFriendly"    "Don't worry, Shrapnel will only damage enemies in its area of effect."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TowerHelp"    "Sniper Sniper Sniper!  We need your help!  The tower defending the town is under attack."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TowerGoTo"    "These creeps are everywhere it seems.  This way!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TowerDefend"    "Help us defend the tower!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TowerThanks"    "Thanks for your help Sniper.  These enemy creeps have been launching attacks on us all day but we don't know where they're originating from."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TowerExplain"    "You probably noticed this friendly tower helping to defend against the enemy creeps.  They're important to the defenses in the area and can do a lot of damage while still standing."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_TowerGearUp"    "If today has been any indication there's probably more to come.  Why not gear up a little while you can."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_StashBuy"      "I'd recommend some boots to improve your movement speed.  We're not near a merchant but we can still purchase items at the shop.nnOpen the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Shop</b></font> using <font color='#EE0000'><b>%toggleshoppanel%</b></font> or left-clicking the Shop button."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_StashBuyBoots"  "Purchase the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Boots of Speed</b></font>."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_StashExplain"    "The stash will keep your boots safe for you until you can pick them up.  As patient as you usually are let's go and get them now."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_StashGo"      "This way Sniper!  There's a shop nearby."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_StashRetrieve"  "Ah! Sniper, nice to see you again.  I've got your boots here.  When you're close hit the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Grab All</b></font> button on the stash to pick up your boots."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_CourierBuy"    "While we're here let's pick up a Courier as well.  These little guys are great for picking up items you have in your stash and bringing them to you in the field."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_CourierDeploy"  "The Courier is an active item and needs to be deployed.  Hit %!item_flask% and we've now got a Courier!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_CourierMovement"  "You can select the courier by clicking on it move it around like you would yourself.  Careful guiding the courier as they have no ability to defend themselves."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_CourierEnd"    "Feel free to move the Courier around town a little.  When you're done select yourself using F1.  F1 will always select your hero."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_MapIntro"      "Sniper!  We just received a report from our southern outpost that the enemy moves on the tower there too!  Here's a map of the location!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_MapDescribe"    "Your minimap contains an overview the map you and your allies can see.  The tower that is under attack now is far to the south and we'll need some haste to get there in time..."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_MapScrollBuy"    "Ahah!  Teleportation!  Obviously.  Teleport Scrolls allow you to teleport between friendly buildings.  Purchase a Teleportation Scroll from the Shop."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_MapScrollUse"    "One note before using it, you have to stand still while channeling the spell or it will be cancelled.nnLeft-click on the Teleport Scroll and then left-click on the friendly tower to the south on the mini-map."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M2_MapScrollSuccess"  "I'll meet you down there.  You can center the view on yourself by hitting F1 twice or left-clicking the desired area on the mini-map."

    "DOTA_Quest_M2_Level2"        "Reach <font color='#EE0000'><b>Level Two</b></font>"
    "DOTA_Quest_M2_TowerDefend"      "Defend the <font color='#EE0000'><b>Tower</b></font>"

We have the first confirmation that Bristleback is now being worked on and is listed as an in game unit.

    "npc_dota_hero_bristleback"      "Bristleback"

Bristleback’s ability strings.

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_viscous_nasal_goo"          "Viscous Nasal Goo"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_viscous_nasal_goo_Description"    "Covers a target in snot, causing it to have reduced armor and movement speed.  Multiple casts stack and refresh the duration."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_viscous_nasal_goo_Lore"        ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_viscous_nasal_goo_goo_duration"    "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_viscous_nasal_goo_armor_per_stack"  "ARMOR LOSS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_viscous_nasal_goo_base_move_slow"    "%BASE MOVEMENT SLOW:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_viscous_nasal_goo_move_slow_per_stack""%SLOW PER STACK:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_viscous_nasal_goo_stack_limit"    "STACK LIMIT:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_quill_spray"              "Quill Spray"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_quill_spray_Description"        "Sprays enemy units with quills dealing damage in an area of effect around Bristleback.  Deals bonus damage for every time a unit was hit by Quill Spray in the last 10 seconds."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_quill_spray_Lore"            ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_quill_spray_radius"          "RADIUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_quill_spray_quill_base_damage"    "QUILL BASE DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_quill_spray_quill_stack_damage"    "QUILL STACK DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_quill_spray_quill_stack_duration"    "STACK DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_quill_spray_max_damage"        "MAX DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_bristleback"              "Bristleback"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_bristleback_Description"        "Bristleback takes less damage from physical attacks if attacked from the side or rear."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_bristleback_Lore"            "The self-titled ability."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_bristleback_side_damage_reduction"  "%SIDE DAMAGE REDUCTION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_bristleback_back_damage_reduction"  "%BACK DAMAGE REDUCTION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_warpath"                "Warpath"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_warpath_Description"          "Bristleback works himself up into a fury every time he casts a spell, increasing his movement speed and damage.  The first stack (base) provides larger bonuses."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_warpath_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_warpath_base_damage"          "BASE DAMAGE BONUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_warpath_damage_per_stack"        "DAMAGE PER STACK:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_warpath_base_move_speed"        "%BASE MOVEMENT BONUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_warpath_move_speed_per_stack"      "%MOVEMENT PER STACK:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_bristleback_warpath_stack_duration"        "STACK DURATION:"

More updates to Medusa’s strings.

    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_medusa_stone_gaze_Description"        "Enemies that look at you will have their attack and movespeed reduced."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_medusa_stone_gaze_slow"              "Stone Gaze"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_medusa_stone_gaze_slow_Description"        "Speed reduced by 100%%; slowing regaining speed over time."

More updates to Shredder’s strings.

    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_shredder_whirling_death_debuff"        "Whirling Death"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_shredder_whirling_death_debuff_Description"  "Losing 15%% of primary attribute."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_shredder_reactive_armor"            "Reactive Armor"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_shredder_reactive_armor_Description"      "Gaining 1 bonus armor and HP regen per stack."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_shredder_chakram_debuff"            "Chakram"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_shredder_chakram_debuff_Description"      "Taking damage over time and being slowed by the Chakram."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_shredder_chakram_disarm"            "Chakram Disarm"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_shredder_chakram_disarm_Description"      "You cannot attack while Chakram is in the air."

Teams are now listed as a store category, suggesting that more team items will be arriving in the future. Rumour has it that a little ferret has escaped from Ukraine?

    "Store_Teams"      "Teams"

Unreleased UI Updates

There is now a highlight reel Scaleform file which makes it look like official matches will be also getting highlight reels sometime in the near future.

Unreleased Custom Couriers

The league pass for the Defense 3 tournmanet has been added into the game, included with this ticket is a new custom courier.

Ramnaught of Underwool

“The beasts of Underwool are terrible bringers of death and destruction, demons of shadow afflicted by a black wizard’s curse that has ensured they are forever cute and fluffy.”

Standard Ramnaught

Flying Ramnaught

Unreleased Custom Announcers

The Death Prophet announcer that debuted with the Diretide event will be returning as a purchasable announcer.

Death Prophet Announcer

“A special Death Prophet announcer pack, created for the 2012 Diretide event.”

Winter/Fall Update

The texture and model updates to prepare for the Winter Wonderland version of the Dota 2 map are still ongoing, there are also some Fall textures in this patch as well.

Snow Drift/Vapour Effects

We’ve a few snow drift and vapour effects that will be used to increase the visual aspect of the map.

Snow Debris

We also have loose snow debris that will be used on ramps, rocks etc.

Trees & Flowers

We also have tree and flower textures for fall and winter versions.

Companions aka Pets

The pet model has been updated with some new textures, the model now has five different sets of skins, each one representing a different colour. Similar to how the Greevil is.

Base Pet Skin

New Pet Skins

Unreleased Heroes Update

We’ve some more updates to the unreleased heroes.


As Medusa nears closer to release, the rework of her textures has now been done and the new look has been reflected in an update to her minimap icon.

Medusa’s New Minimap Icon

Medusa’s Old Minimap Icon


Shredder’s progress is moving along with some fresh, temporary artwork and ability icons.

Shredder’s Hero Icon

Shredder’s Ability Icons


Updated Sound Effects

We have a number of sound effect updates in this patch, some new item sound effects, voice work for lion and other misc sound effects.

Item Sound Effects

We’ve a few more new sound effects for some of the in game store items in this patch.




Beastmaster’s Sound Effects



Chaos Knight’s Sound Effects




Lion’s Voice Work




Lion also got an updated sound effect for his Impale ability.


Ogre Magi’s Sound Effects





Tidehunter’s Sound Effects



Material Updates

Bristleback’s Materials

Medusa’s Materials

Shredder’s Materials

Troll Warlord’s Materials

Particle Updates

Medusa’s Particles

Shredder’s Particles

Troll Warlord’s Particles

Predictions For The Next Hero

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        except all the heroes being released are not new heroes, and Icefrog is going to continue to make heroes at the rate he wants, as Valve is a fucking great company.

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        Valve is just delaying the addition of new heroes coz after the hero pool has been complete, there’s not much anything to do except the polishes. and Valve knows that most Dota 2 users wants a hero addition.

        • huehuehue

          easier said then done considering they have lots left to do with Steam, CSGO, L4D2, TF2, Half Life, the list goes on.

          • dtunes29

            I’m pretty sure there’s a dev team specifically for dota 2. They may work around the corners for other games, but they have their own jobs.

          • Phlash

            If any of you read the valve new employee handbook that was released, you’d know that it employees are allowed to work on whichever projects they want to at whatever time.

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            They have a special team for each game, 20 people to work with Dota2, 30
            other people to work with TF2 and so on (numbers are imagined, i dont
            know the exact numbers, it was just an example)

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            Actually, they don’t. As for what people observed at Valve, employees work on the projects they want, not something that’s set by upper management.

          • will

            Actually, employees are allowed to pick their projects and switch projects more or less whenever they want. So no, no special teams.

          • Liam Donald

            I think the last time we had a rough number of the TF2 “team”, it was about 5 or so. Of course, as others have mentioned, static teams should not be expected when it comes to Valve.

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            That’s cute, he thinks Valve is working on Half-Life!

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          The reason they are not rushing to release the new hero is becoz after all the dota 1 hero ported in to dota 2 there will b no more new hero for us until ice frog release a new dota 1 map ..
          and Valve is trying not to be like HoN or LoL that spam releasing hero bit no one really know hot the hell to play all those hero ..
          Btw is a very hard job to create a dota hero , texure , skill , Skin on…. thy might b doing their best job to make the hero looks perfect not some shitty hero with some idiot looks (LoL or HoN)

        • Leonard Chan

          The reason they are not rushing to release the new hero is becoz after all the dota 1 hero ported in to dota 2 there will b no more new hero for us until ice frog release a new dota 1 map ..
          and Valve is trying not to be like HoN or LoL that spam releasing hero bit no one really know hot the hell to play all those hero ..
          Btw is a very hard job to create a dota hero , texure , skill , Skin on…. thy might b doing their best job to make the hero looks perfect not some shitty hero with some idiot looks (LoL or HoN)

          • ChiggerLemon

            Ignore these idiots. They don’t realize that if we had all the heroes, there would be hundreds of bugs and glitched, and the many modes that we want wouldn’t be there. Plus it’s not like Valve only has Dota 2 to worry about…

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            They could have easily gotten Medusa out this week, I assume they will have a 3 hero release week again sometime soon.

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          dude they got shit to do
          there are a lot of things that they have to do

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          I don’t care if Valve is going to delay new heroes and have to release new dota1 maps… I just want all the old ones on dota 2, once we have all the old heroes on dota 2 im happy and I really dont care if they are going to release 2 hew heros/6 months like it was on dota1

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          if you don’t understand all the stuff that goes into adding in a new hero after reading entries here on Cyborg Matt’s blog then you are beyond all hope/saving..

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            They have released heroes that had almost nothing in the client the week before, I’m pretty sure Medusa is all but done at this point.

          • Cyborgmatt

            At least someone gets it :).

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    its been weeks since the last hero addition.

    are they trying to finish Troll and Shredder so they can release those 3 altogether in 1 patch?
    if it is, its much better than only releasing 2 heroes through the whole month of December.

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  • G7|.NaiX

    its look like medusa is fucking ugly.. damn..

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      well what do u expect from a medusa

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        Like Uma Thurman, only with snakes on the hair.
        If you look at mythology Medusa was a beautiful woman.

        • CorrectingUselessShit

          If you look at mythology you’d know: 1) That’s not entirely correct, and 2) There’s no one story for any myth, there’s always many versions. In regards to medusa she was originally thought of as monstorous (snake hair, ugly face, and not human), a true Gorgon. Though later on artists portrayed her as beautiful but deadly with snake hair and the petrifying gaze. In later versions of the myth she begins as a beautiful maiden and is transformed into a Gorgon as punishment from a jealous god.

          And here it is straight from wikipedia, “In Greek mythology Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as having the face of a hideous human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair.”

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            You should look a little farther back in Greek mythos to see why Medusa became so hideous. She was not always so.


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          Research for the win buddy. From Wikipedia: In Greek mythology Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as having the face of a hideous human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair.

          So no, not attractive.

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            Wikipedia’s a good source, as it is a community driven encyclopedia. However when you’re writing a paper for mid term or finals xD stay the fuck away from it.

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    The minimap icon kinda reminds me of Naga…. lets hope they won’t end up looking too similar now.

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      I think you are missing the point, Medusa hood will obviously be an item for her.

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    The mother is angry.

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    As much as new cosmetic changes are concerned, I really just want the in-game laning music back. Cyborgmatt posted a fix a while ago when the music disappeared in September, but it no longer works…I really hope this gets addressed soon!

  • Drow Tribes

    To whoever childish dota2 Player who complain about “no hero this week” can you make model that represent heroes of dota 1 that already famous, make it different yet have same unique characteristics, texture for it, particle effect for it, how he/she/it should work, and how he gonna interact with other heroes, how to add that hero and won’t make the current gameplay unbalanced, if no then you rather keep your fingers away from making comment. i like how valve released their hero, valve only released hero that have reach he/she/it maturity. yet few bugs still happen, not like others “similar” that only rushing on realising new “hero” in certain times, not considering how they will affect gameplay.

    and last, for cyborgmatt, thank you for your good work, working really hard to give us updates on what the new updates brought to us in every detail

    thank you =)

    • DarkPhoenix

      To whoever childish dota2 Player who is too selfish to understand that others cant play their favourite heroes as they not released, and release order in dota2 is so diferent from dota. I mean, cmon, i have played some heroes like 7 years ago and they still not released while relatively new ones like slark, wisp or disruptor is already here. If this keeps up i will die of old age before i see my favourite heroes in dota2.

      you are welcome 😀

      • Drow Tribes

        well if i say my favorite hero is Abaddon would that make any difference? and as far as i search the news when will abaddon released, what i found? i found a list of hero release order, and he’s on last 3 in that list and the last hero will be released in other list i found. i try not to believe that list but so far that list is accurate. it’s not only you who have that problems, me too, and maybe other hundred thousands other people feel same way. i’ve played almost 9 years by now, and i have waited since dota2beta december 2011.

        look at the bright side, if you notice every hero update you will realize the newly released hero have more dazzling appearance rather than hero released when still on beta, imagine how icarus will look like, my fav. hero abaddon, and other.

        respect them who work hard developing this game, do you think that’s easy? plus with all “sweet” comment those people throw at them

        • will

          No body knows when Abaddon will be released, anyone who claims to know is a troll. It’s possible that there is leaked info for an original order for heroes to be released, but there is no reason to believe that will be followed to a T.

          However, techies is probably last due to comments made by Icefrog, and heroes coming out soon are obvious due to development.

        • kavlaris kavlaros

          I understand you guys… try to relax.. we are lucky we have all the heroes from the start and dont have to pay them anyway… think about that and you will feel better, if i was with their position i would have made all dota 1 heroes in one month…. just those faking dota 2 team are way to slow bitches……….. i still cant believe that the digital item you have paid them to buy cant be traded until 3 days must pass… you are paying them for some fake shit and they restrict you with what to do with it…

      • will

        What are you, 93?

        • Batman


    • will

      You have just as good of an idea of why we have no hero this week as anyone else. A hero not being ready is not the only conceivable reason that they wouldn’t release it. Maybe they want to do a 3 at once hero release next week?

      You complain about people complaining, and then pretend you know things you can’t know. Complaining about the patch is exactly what these comments are for. You are the one being childish pretending you understand whats going on at Valve better than anyone else.

      • Drow Tribes

        haha, to be honest i too hoping there will be triple kill next week. but that maybe have low chance, considering the material of shredder, yet the last hero of triple kill will be who? bristleback just added and troll warlord still far from complete too.

        hmm.. i don’t think my comment contain “something” that looks like i’m acting to know valve better than the the rest of you. my comment is based solely on what i have experienced, and by the analysis cyborgmatt’s brought to us. more or less you should know how they developing dota2. and as far as i concern my comment already narrowed to those complain about “no hero this week” or something sound like that, not about the balance patch.

        • emanuel reuter

          maybe they wil do what they did with treant.

    • yes

      well said
      and also for people who say dota 1 is better than dota2 fuck you retards blind deaf people

  • Gempot

    Bristleback please :(

  • theshadowgamer

    those eyes…

  • Dingus

    == The old Medusa textures atleast had normal pupils… the new red eyes are so cheesy and do not work with that blue-ish colour scheme she has…
    At least give her back her pupils and make it glow when she ulti’s not have it like this.

  • ArJhay Fernandez

    nice idea bout broodmother. now why not remake some CARTOON-ish hero models (sandking perhaps..)

    • carlos ochoa

      they will!

  • Grimbear13

    I’m sad that there is no new hero, but exciting to see that a lot of materials went in this week. Haven’t heard anything of Bristleback going in yet and Shredder I never got to play him in DotA 1 so I’ll be interested to get to give him a try!

    Also to everyone thinking that they’re not rushing heroes out because they won’t have any more content to put out before then. Remember that in order to add one of these heroes they’re trying to match animation:animation from the new engine (Source) to WC3’s engine and models so that the heroes feel the same. In addition they have to match unit sizes particle effects to active effects. I mean I want the entire pool too…but I want them done right and in order to keep the game as competitive as it is everything has to stay in balance.

  • dirty

    so thats pets work like greevil as a courier?

  • Phaine

    Damn i was hoping for medusa this week so bad 1 of my fav heroes. I wont be able to play dota 2 in 2 months cuz im going on vacation. But shit will have gotten so much new stuff when i get back. Great work as always cyborgmatt

  • RoKa

    we want heroes !!

  • Connor Lawson

    @Cyborgmatt: thanks again for the entertaining AND informative blog post! I <3 YOU!

    Can we play sometime???

  • emanuel reuter


  • lol

    That patch for broodmother made her popular again soon! She looks stronger now, so many will pick her.

  • Mixednutts

    Bristleback? Bristleback!? YES!!!

  • Laus

    Van dam next hero?

  • hurrdurr

    last gif, that’s how you deal with wild boner.

  • Kkedd

    dubious about the companions/pets. I really hope it isnt a creature following you everywhere you go. Plus brood looks badass although she loses her ‘motherly’ look. other than that great job as always valve

  • LooL

    plz release 2 heroes next week please

  • Luffydude

    People are so ignorant and only care about new heroes.

    New heroes are getting new particles and stuff every week, not at the old rythm but still, the Hero Development guys are doing a way better job than the Bug Fixing department who barely do anything patch after patch and there are a huge crap load of bugs, some even easily fixable

  • informative_guy

    A thing you didn’t cover, is that ward’s counter now goes clockwise, rather than a slider

  • axe

    more axe items pls

  • Rollet Rogue

    cyborgmatt, I have a question: How long does it take for the character materials to be fully made in the caharacters design? lets take for example the picture of medusa’s materials. How long does it take for all of them to be part of medusa?

  • Rollet Rogue

    cyborgmatt, I have a question: How long does it usually take for the character materials to be made fully part of the character design? Take for example the picture of shredder’s materials. How long would it probably take to be made into shredder?

  • Rollet Rogue

    sorry if I doubleposted. You can answer only one if you want. something went wrong with my internet

  • Zoro

    Here you go Cyborgmatt,
    You’re gonna need a lot more of those.

  • 2l33t4u

    from the medusa icon, it would appear there’s a redo in progress.

    for those who didn’t know:

    the old medusa model had her wearing a sort of hood that covered her face (presumably until she ults) and the snakes kind of stuck out of the hood. I think the image of this was leaked on a chinese site a month+ ago.

    that’s probably why it’s taking so long.

  • Asif

    Hey who deleted my comment? It still does not change the fact the patch is stupid. Changing game play mechanic my ass. They are simply adding the rule set from Wc3 DotA which has been maintained for over 5 years by IceFrog.

  • Psilokilll

    Pet if isnt an “for personal use only courier” sucks imo. Can u imagine at war 10 Heros+effects+creeps+10 Pets? gonna become tooooo cosmetic game imo. Valve is ruinning the game?

  • lolololol

    hope they would remodel magnataur too. He looks like a neutral creep. effing boring.

  • Ðireclaw

    Shit, they are planning a big christmas special to delay the release of the heroes. so disappointed…

  • Alot.

    I like this Alot.

  • VII.

    Abaddon pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

  • lmao

    keep in mind these people are the same ones that instapick sniper and scream “MID OR FEED”