Dota 2 5th October Patch – Mini Content Analysis

October 6th, 2012 by Cyborgmatt Leave a reply »

As well as the main patch from earlier this week we’ve also had another smaller patch today to the Dota 2 test client, although I say smaller it actually has a whole bundle of cosmetic goodness stuffed inside it.

PS: I bloody love Acorn hats.

Front End Changes

Hero Animation Updates

We’ve an animation update in this patch for Treant.

Treant Protector’s Animations

Treant now has an animation for his living armour ability seeing as it is no longer a passive ability.

Praise The Sun


Hero Ability Icon Updates

Beastmaster’s Ability Icons

Minor adjustment to one of Beastmaster’s reworked ability icons. I’ll leave it to your imagination to work out why it was changed.

New Icon

Old Icon

Back End Changes

Unreleased Cosmetic Items

Following on from the big cosmetic item patch we got earlier in the week, we now have another big bundle of unreleased cosmetic items in this patch.

Disclaimer: There’s no guarantee that any of these items will make it into the game, some of them may be work in progress items and will most likely look better in game due to the fact that the CS GO SDK model viewer I use is missing half of the shaders, particle effects and more that Dota 2 would apply, hence why things may look a bit different.

Broodmother’s Items

Chen’s Items

Crystal Maiden’s Items

Drow Ranger’s Items

Faceless Void’s Items

Juggernaut’s Items

Kunkka’s Items

Lone Druid’s Items

Naga Siren’s Items

Nature’s Prophet’s Items

* Shades not included.

Outworld Destroyer’s Items

Ogre Magi’s Items

Phantom Assassin’s Items


Pudge’s Items

Pugna’s Items

Queen of Pain’s Items

Shadow Shaman’s Items

Skeleton King’s Items

Sven’s Items

Templar Assassin’s Items

Tidehunter’s Items

Ursa’s Items

Warlock’s Items

Windrunner’s Items

Windrunner also has a number of custom animations for her cosmetic bows, ranging from new attack animations to full on new poses as seen below in the first two images showing off the Sparrow Hawk’s set loadout animation.

Materials Update

No new materials for the unreleased heroes in this patch.

Particles Update

New generic item cosmetic particle for Bounty Hunter:

Predictions For The Next Hero

Copy & pasted from the previous content analysis:

My post International 2012 prediction streak is still on going and I believe it is time for a Warchief to enter the frame, with that I’ll be picking Centaur Warchief as my prediction for the next hero released.

  • LegendWyn

    The new Sven’s item looks ugly though, Mask of Madness, but it’s good to see some quality cosmetic items for others (Windrunner’s items are nice)

    • Big Let Down

      stupid idea for Valve to even consider putting in cosmetics that are completely the same as in game items, especially without even changing the name. First of all it confuses newer players while also stereotyping one item to a certain hero (SnY Riki, Blink Dagger Axe, Force Staff Crystal Maiden, etc). This will likely limit people’s ability to make independent decisions about their item builds; they will build an item just because they have a cosmetic for it. Not to mention the hypocrisy from Valve; a TF2 workshop item ( was initially rejected because it was based off a piece of concept art from the original Pyro design, the item was later accepted after being significantly altered. Yet Valve lets cosmetics into Dota 2 that are complete copies of real in game items. How about these authors make something original for once instead of rushing as many poor quality items into the workshop as possible in a desperate money grabbing attempt. Basing your cosmetic off of an in game concept is fine and encourages creativity, instead of boring stuff we see in the item icons every game.

      • azrO| binOsbi

        If new players still haven’t learned the fact that COSMETIC items do not alter the game play, its their own idiocy.
        That hat was rejected because Valve did not create the Team Fortress mod: they only made Team Fortress 2. The original models are owned by Quake, and were used in the original Team Fortress Mod. DotA 2 can use the blink dagger, sange yasha etc, designs because they made it themselves. For example they used Dr.Klieners’ voice for one of the announcers, because they made the character.

        • Barrogh

          You probably missed his point a bit. It’s not about confusing new players about impact of cosmetic items, it’s about imprinthing the ideas that such and such items are a must on these heroes and something. Not that those items are bad on those heroes, sure… Though I remember the time when getting SnY on Riki was a sure way to get Auto-da-fe treatment from people 😀
          Anyways, not a big deal.

        • Liam Donald

          Actually, two of the more senior members of Valve (Robin Walker and John Cook) were part of TF Software: the team behind the original Quake mod. Technically they weren’t working for Valve at the time, but they were when they made Team Fortress Classic, which is where the Pyro class wears a hazmat suit (for certain models). The Pyro in Quake Team Fortress bears no resemblance to the Hazmat Headcase—in fact, many of the models in the Quake mod were custom made.

  • htgtmd

    Thanks for the update

    Here comes robot Broodmother… go figure

  • dudewhat

    Like half of these items are theme-breaking and don’t belong in Dota 2 (especially the acorn hate, sorry matt). I hope Valve doesn’t start down the slippery slope into a full on TF2 experience.

    • John Rambo

      Pretty much this. Senseless broodmother items just as Ursa “Cowboy”… others are just ugly but fit on DOTA2 Style.


      I feel the same, but at the same time you do run into:

      “How many bows can they give Drow/Windrunner….”

      types of aspects also.

      Anyways, Cent would be nice for another traditional hero since we’ve gotten ones like meepo and visage added in before him.

      • Anon

        Windrunner hasnt even gotten any bows in the store yet, are you blind?

  • Ist

    Had bad feeling about that Dragon Knight Set with Dragon Skull on Shield, it went trough. Yeah. There is too much items added in same time and quality goes to shit. Few items shouldnt come up at all. Dont make japanese style out of dota, 5m swords are looking terrible.

    Also thanks for changing Beastmaster icon, no more invisible dicks. I can feel safe playing him now. <3

    • Gu

      Lol I didn’t see any dicks and liked it better before. If that’s the reason why they changed it then wow…

    • Lance Gray

      I wonder what that hidden dick was and looked back to the old roar icon.

      WTF cannot unsee

  • lkfjgsdoi


  • lyl_bgr

    Shoooooo nicee! i want windrunner sooo badly 😉

  • Peri

    Been waiting absolutely forever for Queen of Pain items, and we finally get them. And it turns out they’re two of the most pointless items I have ever seen. You’ve got to be kidding me, Valve. why don’t you want my money ;_;

    • Barrogh

      I hope it’s just the beginning :)

  • Kirk

    Didn’t Morphling’s ability icons get a slight refresh too? Though I think it was in the previous patch but went a little unnoticed.

  • Versierd

    Rubick items :( ?

  • Meh

    you guys need to clean the sand out of your vaginas and stop whining about the items

  • AL

    Broodmother with iron parts? Are you kidding me?

    • Nikos

      I think it’s a red alert 2 reference

  • Synergy

    Robot Broodmother set? I can’t believe Valve even considered..

  • Another guy

    there are so many shitty items cyborgmatt! why !!??? why?? just seeing that golden crown 4 skeleton D: or metal brood D:

  • KillingSpree

    when did patch apply to dota 2 ?

  • el

    Lotta ugly items, esp that whale tail for tide -_- that brood mother and its iron parts is lame as well, we’re not in starcraft

    • Barrogh

      Well, at least Tide already has some good stuff.

  • Aiolos

    Guys lot of these items are “Work in progress” like CyborgMatt said it :p.

    • nope

      then why are they in the game if they are at such incomplete stages of development

      • Gengar

        …This whole blog concerns stuff put in the game but not released. There are files/materials for at least 3 heroes that aren’t complete yet.

  • AveN

    Why they hate the Robomother? Fitting into the “Lore” including many Steampunk elements! And what else no Broodmother cosmetics at all or just other colors?

    The Bird Bonnet of Chrystal Maiden reminds me of He-Man ^^

    BR AveN

  • Disappointed

    Sad to see Valve fucking up the art style of yet another game with stupid cosmetic items that either don’t fit or are just poor quality. The acorn hat is a joke, hope it doesn’t get in. Valve have a handbook for creating items for the workshop, with clear guidelines. It would be nice if they actually were strict about following them, otherwise this game is going to shit and I won’t be spending any more money on it whatsoever.

    • 513003

      geez, do want an all out serious game? It’s good that the game is funny and doesn’t take itself serious. And ffs read the disclaimer at the top. THEY ARE WORK IN PROGRESS! And if you don’t like it then GTFO we don’t want your btichy whining here.

    • Gengar

      If players like you are leaving because of cosmetic changes (that barely affect them) that have nothing to do with gameplay, I think community will only become stronger as a result.

  • C’mon Valve

    DK items are the most lore-breaking

  • klemen

    i agree most of the items are ugly or like not done (don’t fit the style of dota 2)
    IDK what they are thinking but i’m getting worried that it will go the tf2 way witch is the main reason i stopped playing it

    • Gengar

      If you stopped playing a game because of cosmetic extras, you are playing for the wrong reasons lol

  • azrO| binOsbi

    Why should items follow the lore? This isnt an RPG. Im ok for following the theme, but it seems like people don’t know what the theme is still (looking at you bitchy whiners).

  • Skurviduplo

    No new items for Axe?! Valve, what’s wrong with you??

  • Major Bob

    How can u whine about things that get into the game because enough people liked it, Further its an option to use this , u dont have to, and maybe u can even turn them off at some time, but its pretty stupid to complain about them making money with these items since Dota is F2P they gotta do it somehow. But I agree with u if u say some stuff looks bad, y, but i never saw an ugly item ingame so calm down be happy with the parts u like and dont cause so much bad emotions. 😀

  • someone

    Why is Magnataour still in “Dota 2 – Unreleased Heroes Status”?

  • RaViJ

    Next thing you know, heroes are wearing party hats and super hero capes. VALVE you are doing a good job so far, don’t fuck it up with joke cosmetics.

    • N o D

      You must be new. They already said the they will stick to a DOTA themed cosmetics.

      • Barrogh

        Then some of us don’t understand what’s DotA theme is, I presume…

  • yammramm

    If dont like the costemic items… DONT USE IT, OR BUY IT! IDIOTS…. :facepalm:

  • May

    Nice .gif!!!!

  • Erik

    WOW NO FREAKING 11 OCT UPDATE GOOD JOB …. I am pretty fucking sure the most of the heroes are already ready but thats how business works… they dont give a shit about players