Dota 2 3rd October Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived bringing us a bundle of joy with the arrival of the predicted Magnus, parity with the Dota 6.75 + 6.75b changes plus a ton of hats, beards, swords and other cosmetic goodness (150 new cosmetic items to be precise). You can view the full changelog here.

Front End Changes

New Hero

This week’s patch brings the mighty Magnataur, Magnus.


Magnus, the Magnataur. 

“The master-smiths of Mt. Joerlak agree on only a single point: that the horn of a magnoceros is more precious than any alloy. And of all such horns, the largest and sharpest belongs to the beast they call Magnus. For half a generation, Magnus took easy sport goring hunters come to claim the treasures of his kin. Each time he would return to his cave with hooves and horns stained red, until his Matriarch urged him and all their kin to seek refuge to the north beyond the shadow of the mountain. But Magnus scoffed, having never failed to defend his people. The magnoceri would stay, he decided, for a magnoceros does not believe in chance… nor does it ever change its mind. But when Mt. Joerlak erupted without warning, and half his kin perished in the fire and ash, Magnus changed his mind after all. The survivors pushed north, until they reached a blockade watched over by a hundred hunters armed with bow and steel. Magnus expected no less. He led his fiercest brothers and sisters in a charge against their enemies, and fought with a ferocity matched only by the fire-spewing mountain at his back. Meanwhile the magnoceros elders, mothers, and calves vanished into the drifts. The master-smiths are divided about what happened next. Some say Magnus reunited with his kin, while others claim he suffered mortal injuries and expired alongside the body of his Matriarch. Neither theory is correct. Magnus did vow to rejoin his kin…but only after seeking out those responsible for the eruption of Mt. Joerlak and watching them die upon his horn, for a magnoceros does not believe in chance.”



Model Viewer Shots

In Game Shots

Hero Texture Updates

No fun allowed in this week’s hero texture update with Anti-Mage hitting the gym.

Anti-Mage’s Updates

The revisit to Anti-Mage’s texture work has provided him with a pretty beefy update, just showing the difference between an hero that was implemented for the first International compared to the quality that we see with all of the latest additions to Dota 2’s hero pool.

Comparison Slider


New Textures

Old Textures

No Fun Allowed

In Game Shots

Hero Models Broken Down

We have a few more hero models that have been broken down in this patch including some slight tweaks to Anti-Mage’s base model.

Anti-Mage’s Model

Anti-Mage now has an updated part list and a fresh base model with the chest now being a separate piece of armour.

Default Parts

Anti-Mage’s Head
Anti-Mage’s Armor
Anti-Mage’s Arms
Anti-Mage’s Belt
Anti-Mage’s Glaives

Base Model

Lich’s Model

Default Parts

Lich’s Dress
Lich’s Neck Rock
Lich’s Bracers
Lich’s Horns

Base Model

Lina’s Model

Default Parts

Lina’s Jewelry
Lina’s Hair
Lina’s Sleeves
Lina’s Dress

Base Model

Magnus` Model

Magnus` model has arrived already broken down and is ready for cosmetic items.

Default Parts

Magnus’s Hair
Magnus’s Horn
Magnus’s Bracers
Magnus’s Belt
Magnus’s Weapon

Base Model

Spectre’s Model

Default Parts

Spectre’s Hat
Spectre’s Dress
Spectre’s Wings

Base Model

Hero Ability Icon Updates

Continuing the trend from last week’s update we have another bundle of ability icon updates for the existing heroes.

Axe’s Ability Icons

New Icons


Old Icons


Beastmaster’s Ability Icons

New Icons


Summon’s Abilities:


Old Icons


Summon’s Abilities:


Chen’s Ability Icons

For the 6.75 parity, there’s now a spell icon for Test of Faith’s secondary teleport ability.

New Icons

Leshrac’s Ability Icons

Some updates for Leshrac’s new icons that arrived last week.

New Icons


Old Icons


Sniper’s Ability Icons

New Icons


Old Icons


Sniper’s portrait was also updated.

New Portrait

Old Portrait

Weaver’s Ability Icons

New Icons


Old Icons


Visual Updates

We’ve a visual update for one of the existing heroes in this patch.

Weaver’s Swarm

The visual effect for Weaver’s Swarm ability has been updated and now includes a worm type alien model that is used for latching onto the enemy. It is the same creature as seen in Weaver’s updated ability icon.

The Model

In Game

UI Updates

The Dota 2 team system that has been in development for a while now and restricted to testers and professional teams only is now available to everyone.

Team UI

Creating a team:

You can now specify a country which will display a flag on your team profile and a website to provide a link to the visitor’s of your team profile page:

There are now four types of logos, an overall team logo, a sponsor(s) logo image for the team profile and team base/banner logos for the in game flags:

Successfully creating a team:

Notification that the invited player accepted the invite:

Changing the team admin will give them full control of the team:

The team profile page, eventually will be updated to continue more information on the team, their match history etc.

In Game Font

The in game font on the scaleform UI has been updated to a more clearer, bolder font.

Item Icons

The item icon database has been updated with the new “Shadow Amulet” item which was added in from the 6.75 Dota patch.

League Passes

We’ve a few new league passes in this patch.


“The Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament is sponsored by Gigabyte and hosted by DotaTalk. The winners of six qualifiers from South-East Asia will face off against veteran teams for a cash prize of $1,500 and the chance to compete against two of the best Chinese teams, IG and LGD, for another $1500.


“GosuLeague delivers seasons on a monthly basis where teams of all skill levels play in different divisions. The top division is awarded with $5000 each month. Each team play two matches a week.”

Premier League

“Fueled by joint forces of TwitchTV and SteelSeries, Season 3 is the newest edition of The Premier League. Watch 10 of the best teams from both Europe and North America contend for $6,000 with 5 intense matches every week for 9 weeks. Commentary by TriumphOfMan.”

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

Some more tutorial strings have been added, work continues on the tutorial system behind the scenes.

    "DOTA_TutorialTitle_M1_Moving"    "Moving your Character"
    "DOTA_TutorialBody_M1_Moving"    "You can move your character by right-clicking where you want to go. Move to the highlighted location beside your friendly unit."
    "DOTA_TutorialTitle_M1_MovingCamera" "Moving the Camera"
    "DOTA_TutorialBody_M1_MovingCamera"  "You can move the camera in several ways:n- Move your mouse to the edge of the screen.n- With the W A S D keys.n- By holding down your middle mouse button and dragging.nnMove your hero to the highlight location to the north east."


Strings for the new “Shadow Amulet” item from the 6.75 update.

    "DOTA_Tooltip_Ability_item_shadow_amulet"      "Shadow Amulet"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_item_shadow_amulet_fade"    "Shadow Amulet"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_item_shadow_amulet_fade_Description"    "Fading into the shadows."

Updated strings for the team system.

    "Team_EnterCountry"      "Specify Country"
    "Team_EnterCountry_Desc"  "Enter your team’s country affiliation. This will be shown in your Team Profile."
    "Team_EnterURL"        "Enter Team URL"
    "Team_EnterURL_Desc"    "Enter your team’s URL. Visitors will be able to click on your URL from your Team Profile."
    "Team_EDIT_Details"      "EDIT TEAM DETAILS"
    "Team_Support"        "Support the Team!"
    "Team_Creation_Disclaimer"  "Once your Team is created, your Team Name and Team Tag are permanent."
    "Team_Browse_SponsorLogo"  "Team Sponsors.  This image will be used to display team sponsorship on a Team Profile panel. It will be resized to 250 x 150 pixels."

    "DOTA_TeamCreate_Error_TeamCreationOnCooldown"          "You have created a team recently and must wait before creating a new one."


The strings used for the new tooltips that display what kind of units the abilities can target.

    "DOTA_ToolTip_Ability_Target" "Unit Target"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Ability_Point" "Point Target"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting"  "AFFECTS:"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_Enemy" "Enemies"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_EnemyCreeps" "Enemy Creeps"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_EnemyHero" "Enemy Heroes"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_EnemyUnits" "Enemy Units"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_EnemyHeroesAndBuildings" "Enemy Heroes and Buildings"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_EnemyUnitsAndBuildings" "Enemy Units and Buildings"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_Self" "Self"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_Allies" "Allies"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_AlliedCreeps" "Allied Creeps"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_AlliedHeroes" "Allied Heroes"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_AlliedUnits" "Allied Units"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_AlliedHeroesAndBuildings" "Allied Heroes and Buildings"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_AlliedUnitsAndBuildings" "Allied Units and Buildings"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_Trees" "Trees"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_Targeting_All_Heroes" "Heroes"
    "DOTA_ToolTip_Targeting_Units"  "Units"

A “NEW MODE” string has turned up for an additional game mode, most likely a placeholder name.

    "dota_game_mode_8"                        "NEW MODE"

Resummon error for Lone Druid:

    "dota_hud_error_cant_resummon_now"        "Cannot Resummon Now"

Dempsey Pappion is credited with the doing the voice work for Magnus.

Dempsey Pappion - Magnus, Nyx Assassin, Visage

Killeater events for the new strange modifiers.

    "KillEaterEventType_Faceless_MultiChrono"    "Multi-Hero Chronospheres"
    "KillEaterEventType_Faceless_ChronoKills"    "Chronosphere Kills"
    "KillEaterEventType_Ursa_MultiShocks"      "Multi-Hero Earthshocks"
    "KillEaterEventType_RoshanKills"        "Roshan Kills"

References to a Halloween version of Roshan..

    // General
    "BaseClass"          "npc_dota_roshan_halloween"  // Class of entity of link to.
    "Model"            "modelscreepsroshanroshan.mdl"  // Model.
    "SoundSet"          "Roshan"          // Name of sound set.
    "ModelScale"        "1"
    "Level"            "30"
    "IsAncient"          "1"
    // Abilities
    "Ability1"          "roshan_spell_block"  // Ability 1.
    "Ability2"          "roshan_bash"      // Ability 2.
    "Ability3"          "roshan_slam"      // Ability 3.
    "Ability4"          "roshan_inherent_buffs"  // Ability 4.
    "Ability5"          "roshan_devotion"    // Ability 5.
    "Ability6"          ""            // Ability 6 - Extra.
    "Ability7"          ""            // Ability 7 - Extra.
    "Ability8"          ""            // Ability 8 - Extra.

    // Armor
    "ArmorPhysical"        "3"      // Physical protection.
    "ArmorMagical"        "75"                  // Magical protection (percentage).

    // Attack
    "AttackCapabilities"    "DOTA_UNIT_CAP_MELEE_ATTACK"
    "AttackDamageMin"      "65"    // Damage range min.
    "AttackDamageMax"      "65"    // Damage range max.
    "AttackDamageType"      "DAMAGE_TYPE_ArmorPhysical"
    "AttackRate"        "1"      // Speed of attack.
    "AttackAnimationPoint"    "0.3"    // Normalized time in animation cycle to attack.
    "AttackAcquisitionRange"  "150"    // Range within a target can be acquired.
    "AttackRange"        "128"    // Range within a target can be attacked.
    "ProjectileModel"      "ranged_goodguy" // Particle system model for projectile.
    "ProjectileSpeed"      "1000"    // Speed of projectile.

    // Bounty
    "BountyXP"          "1789"    // Experience earn.
    "BountyGoldMin"        "105"    // Gold earned min.
    "BountyGoldMax"        "600"    // Gold earned max.

    // Bounds
    "BoundsHullName"      "DOTA_HULL_SIZE_HERO"      // Hull type used for navigation/locomotion.
    "RingRadius"        "110"
    "HealthBarOffset"      "400"

    // Movement
    "MovementCapabilities"    "DOTA_UNIT_CAP_MOVE_GROUND"      // Type of locomotion - ground, air
    "MovementSpeed"        "1000"    // Speed
    "MovementTurnRate"      "0.8"    // Turning rate.

    // Status
    "StatusHealth"        "7500"    // Base health.
    "StatusHealthRegen"      "20"    // Health regeneration rate.
    "StatusMana"        "2000"    // Base mana.
    "StatusManaRegen"      "10"    // Mana regeneration rate.

    // Team
    "TeamName"          "DOTA_TEAM_NEUTRALS"      // Team name.
    "CombatClassAttack"      "DOTA_COMBAT_CLASS_ATTACK_LIGHT"
    "CombatClassDefend"      "DOTA_COMBAT_CLASS_DEFEND_STRONG"
    // Vision
    "VisionDaytimeRange"    "1400"    // Range of vision during day light.
    "VisionNighttimeRange"    "1400"    // Range of vision at night time.

    // Inventory
    "HasInventory"        "1"


Something new has turned up in the item schema, references to mysterious eggs filled with magical energy.

Mysterious Egg

“You aren’t sure how this egg appeared in your pack! It seems to hunger for magical energy.”

The first egg appears to be a “Greevil” egg, that will possibly award a “Greevil” courier.

The other eggs look a lot more different, not very egg shaped and are labeled as “essences” of different colours, with three of them making references to Invoker’s three main abilities: Quas, Wex and Exort.

Quas Essence

Wex Essence

Exort Essence

Shadow Essence

Unusual Essence

Who knows what is in store for these eggs, I’m not eggactly sure myself.

Unreleased UI Updates

The interface for the tutorial system is now being worked on.

Unreleased Strange Modifiers

We’ve a few new strange modifiers in this patch.

Faceless Void’s Strange Modifiers

Strange Modifier: Chronosphere Kills
“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also count the number of enemy Heroes you’ve killed inside your Chronospheres while wearing it as Faceless Void.”

Strange Modifier: Multi-Hero Chronospheres
“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also count the number of your Chronospheres that hit at least two enemy Heroes while wearing it as Faceless Void.”

Roshan’s Strange Modifiers

Strange Modifier: Roshan Kills
“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also count the number of times you’ve killed Roshan while wearing it.”

Sven’s Strange Modifiers

Strange Modifier: Multi-Hero Cleave Kills
“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also count the number of times a single Cleave kills multiple enemy Heroes while wearing it as Sven.”

Strange Modifier: Multi-Hero Storm Hammers
“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also count the number of your Storm Hammers that hit at least two enemy Heroes while wearing it as Sven.”

Ursa’s Strange Modifiers

Strange Modifier: Multi-Hero Earthshocks
“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also count the number of your Earthshocks that hit at least two enemy Heroes while wearing it as Ursa.”

Unreleased Cosmetic Items

The patch notes boast an addition of 150 cosmetic items, the items below are the ones I believe that Valve have picked to enter the store along with some of the items I have previously covered over the past few weeks.

Axe’s Items

Blood Seeker’s Items

Bounty Hunter’s Items

Brewmaster’s Items

Clinkz’s Items

Dragon Knight’s Items

* Dragon Knight looks a bit different in game compared to the model viewer.

Drow Ranger’s Items

Faceless Void’s Items

Invoker’s Items

Juggernaut’s Items

Morphling’s Items

Omniknight’s Items

Phantom Lancer’s Items

Windrunner’s Items

There is still a large bundle of Windrunner items that don’t have their models in yet, at a guess they’re saving the rest of her content for a future patch along with her treasure chest. (Or they’ll arrive when the live patch is released.) Either or I hope it’s soon.

Unreleased Custom Couriers

We’ve work on a new unreleased custom courier, a baby roshan courier :3.

Baby Roshan

We’ve now have material files for a “Baby Roshan” courier, no model yet.

Updated Sound Files

We’ve a number of updates to the sound files in this patch including the arrival of the axe announcer and killing spree lines.

Axe Announcer

Axe’s announcer and killing spree lines are now in and they sound bloody great. (Axe agrees with this statement)

You can listen to the full announcer pack here.

You can listen to the full killing spree pack here.

Rubick’s Voice Work

Rubick’s voice work has been refiltered to normalise the volume.

Spirit Breaker’s Voice Work

The word “Magnataur” was removed from Spirit Breaker’s Magnus rival line:

Materials Update

We’ve some more material updates for the unreleased heroes.

Medusa’s Materials


Slark’s Materials

Particles Update

We’ve no new unreleased hero particles in this patch but we do have some new cosmetic item particles and some particles for the tutorial system.

Item Particles

We’ve some item particles for the new Shadow Amulet item.

Cosmetic Item Particles

We’ve some more cosmetic item particles in this patch.

Drow Ranger’s Item Particles

Bow string particle effect for Drow’s new Royal Guard bow.

Phantom Assassin’s Item Particles

Tutorial Particles

There is one particle in the “newplayer_fx.pcf” particle file and that’s a sleeping animated particle which will most likely be used in one of the tutorials and possibly for sleeping neutrals in the future?

Predictions For The Next Hero

My post International 2012 prediction streak is still on going and I believe it is time for a Warchief to enter the frame, with that I’ll be picking Centaur Warchief as my prediction for the next hero released.

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    “NEW GAME MODE”!!!!! – Please either be ALL RANDOM in matchmaking
    Some cool new game mode from Dota 1, like LoD, OMG, CP or something different from the “norm”

    • Kakkoii

      The problem with a truly all random mode is that you can end up with one team that’s full of int supports, while the other team has some gankers, carries and a support. There’s no way they can win unless the other team happens to be extremely bad.

      Single Draft is basically all random. You only get 3 different heroes to choose from, 1 strength, 1 agility and 1 int hero to pick from. So it’s all random, but it’s your choice of main stat type so things can’t be completely imbalanced. (But they should make that mode so you can’t see what your opponents pick until the picking phase is over)

      • I might like dicks.

        I think people are aware of what AR is since it’s been a popular mode for years.

      • vadoff

        It doesn’t matter, it’s incredibly fun. It’s been one of the most popular dota modes aside from -ap for a reason.

      • vadoff

        It doesn’t matter, it’s incredibly fun. It’s been one of the most popular dota modes aside from -ap for a reason.

        • Reaki

          Its incredibly fun when you are playing all casual dota with no real skill ingame. Its awfuly unfair and boring when the teams actually know what are they doing.

          • FBF

            “No fun allowed!”
            People who queue up for -ar know what they’re dealing with. It’s a voluntary fun mode, there’s nothing wrong with it.

          • Jovan Kanevce

            you can repick

          • Tazz

            if u hate the mode don’t play it, let other ppl that enjoy it play it … don’t trash talk about it

          • Ayanar

            Dont you think they could just put these modes in and have them be outside matchmaking? Everyone versus everyone no matter the skill level.

          • Ayanar

            Dont you think they could just put these modes in and have them be outside matchmaking? Everyone versus everyone no matter the skill level.

          • Pax

            What I would do is base the matchmaking for these modes off one’s AP/SD/RD/CM rating, but not have it be effected by the match results. This ensures that people are getting placed correctly skill-wise, while also preserving the low-pressure, “just for fun” atmosphere of the game mode.

      • gforsi

        What about all random mode that includes balancing. E.g. it randoms a carry, a teamfight/initiator, a ganker and two supports. This way you wont get 5 supps vs. 5 gankers etc, but it is still all random.

        • Zaira Vicere

          Enjoy playing Spirit Breaker vs Morphling as a completely fair fight, then. Or you can just make it…all random..

          • gforsi

            Well, if u want the balancing u r pointing out then u gotta play cm and not all random. I do not get your point.

      • ZeCooL

        I have no idea why people go full retard when they hear the word “random”.
        The chance of getting a team with 5 intelligent supports is 4% (Assuming there are about 20 int supports in the game), combine this with the chance of a proper opposing team and you will get less than 1%.
        According to Quantum physics there is also a small chance of a football passing through a concrete wall when thrown at it without destroying the wall; I don’t see people going “OMG but if you throw the ball at the wall it may PASS!” though.

        • Anon

          Quantum mechanics doesnt state that. Its just a example on how absurd it is to try to explain the quantum world with macroscopic terms.

      • Polari

        I’d much rather play ar than sd. In sd the chance of getting stuck with an awful lineup is smaller but it’s still there, and when you do get it, there’s a very real chance of ending up against a super strong cm-worthy lineup on the enemy side.

        Also if you play these modes in solo pubs, in sd it’s very typical for the only player in team who got any ranged support heroes to decide to pick PA instead because that’s how he rolls. In ar getting shafted by bad players repicking good heroes is far less common.

      • ANNONNY

        If you didn’t have the experience/knowledge to play any hero you get then you probably shouldn’t be playing AR to begin with, and just stick with AP…

        Playing heroes you would never see normally and “rigged teams” made for challenges and enjoyable experiences.

        Hell, AR is something I’d rec newer players played so they could learn more heroes then their 1-4 they use every AP..

    • Havocked

      The sole reason I want All Random, OMG, or LoD mode in matchmaking is because well matchmakign can be too serious sometimes. All the modes currently in game are “No fun allowed”. Have no doubt I love playing these semi-competitive games. But sometimes you just want to kick back relax and play a “fun mode”. The 3 modes i mentioned above fit that.

      Also dont tell me to join a practice lobby. They are the worst.

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        Finally, a game without TA!

      • SkullSplitter

        I agree. I’d personally like Death Mode.

      • SkullSplitter

        I agree. I’d personally like Death Mode.


      There’s a lot of terrible players that only play AP with only 1-4 heroes they can play also..

      The lack of AR has started to seem a bit ridiculous lately…

    • Hamara

      Or at least allow disabling side lanes and neutrals in private lobbies for mid wars.

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    No Techies – No fun. Okay, that’s a lie, but it would be more fun with Techies. Thanks for the awesome work (and stream) again, Matt!

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    Btw still a good job as always, thx Matt :)

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    A “NEW MODE” string has turned up for an additional game mode, most likely a placeholder name.

    “dota_game_mode_8″ “NEW MODE”


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    I think Icefrog is trying to make the spells’ effect diverse and personalized, every player can choose how the spell looks like in the future. And what disappoints us is that they may spend much time on this, so that we can’t get new heroes as quickly as possible.

    Valve seems not have a specific plan to develop the game, they come up with new ideas occasionally, and then consider how this new idea would promote the game making the game more gorgeous.

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  • Fabrizio

    Created a team, set up a banner, a logo and everything, tried a practice lobby, none of them show up. We’re actually two in the team, maybe that’s the reason, but I didn’t see a custom banner yes so I’m wondering if the thing is implemented

    • Fabrizio

      *yet, not yes

  • buttsecks

    am i the only one wating for terrorblade and troll warlord?