Dota 2 31st October Patch – Content Analysis

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The Dota 2 Halloween patch has arrived straight onto the main client bringing the Diretide event to the world of Dota 2. As usual the patch contains a number of hidden goodies in it so get your candy grab bag ready, it’s time to go trick or treating!

Front End Changes

Hero Models Broken Down

This week Lion gets the breakdown treatment, getting him ready for cosmetic items.

Lion’s Model

Default Parts

Lion’s Default Weapon
Lion’s Default cape
Lion’s Default Hat
Lion’s Default Shoulders
Lion’s Default Demon Arm

Base Model

UI Updates

The Dashboard and In Game UI have been spruced up with some Halloween goodness.

Dashboard UI

The dashboard UI has been updated with a new halloween background.

In Game UI

All of the action panels have been updated with a blooded, Halloween style.

Hero & Item Icons

Centaur has received a new hero icon:

New Icons


Old Icons


We also have a new icon for when the Tranquil boots are activated:

Dota 2 Store Update

The patch also brought us the long awaited Windrunner items, a few Halloween sets and a Baby Roshan courier.

Windrunner Bundle

There is a Windrunner bundle with every single Windrunner item they’ve added in this update.

Windrunner’s Items:

Anti-Mage’s Slayer Set

Death Prophet’s Corpse Set

Invoker’s Dark Magic Set

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

More tutorial string updates.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_GoldEarned"    "You've earned enough gold Dragon Knight!  Return to the merchant."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_BuyGauntlets"    "You appear to be burdened with coin from dispatched Kobolds.  Let me help, purchase the Gauntlets of Strength."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitIntro"    "I spy Keeper in battle over yonder west!  We'll need more gold to take on Razor, let's go help!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitReminder"  "Remember you only earn gold from getting the last hit on a creep!  Come back when you have enough gold and I'll have some new items for you."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_LastHitFollow"  "This way!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_HitGoldEarned"  "You've earned enough gold for a new item.  Head back to the merchant!"

Strings for the Halloween Diretide gamemode.

    "npc_dota_roshan_halloween"                      "Roshan"
    "npc_dota_goodguys_siege_diretide"                  "Roshling"
    "npc_dota_creep_goodguys_ranged_diretide"              "Diretide Witch"                        
    "npc_dota_creep_goodguys_melee_diretide"              "Diretide Ghoul"
    "npc_dota_badguys_siege_diretide"                  "Roshling"
    "npc_dota_creep_badguys_ranged_diretide"              "Diretide Crawler"        
    "npc_dota_creep_badguys_melee_diretide"                "Diretide Zombie"
    "ent_dota_dire_candybucket"                      "Dire Candy Bucket"
    "ent_dota_radiant_candybucket"                    "Radiant Candy Bucket"

    "dota_game_mode_8"                          "DIRETIDE"
    "FindMatchHalloween"                        "Play Diretide"
    "DOTA_HalloweenRules0_Title"                    "DIRETIDE: CANDY CHAOS"
    "DOTA_HalloweenRules0_Text"                      "Gather more candy than the enemy team to win this fabulous prize!"
    "DOTA_HalloweenRules1_Title"                    "DIRETIDE: SUGAR RUSH"
    "DOTA_HalloweenRules1_Text"                      "Defeat Roshan to win this fabulous prize!"

    "DOTA_Chat_Rune_Pumpkin_Spotted"    "[ALLIES] <font color='#FF7D40'>Pumpkin</font> rune here!"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_Ability_item_halloween_candy_corn"                  "Greevil Taffy"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_item_halloween_candy_corn_Description"            "Use: Deposit the candy in your bucket to give all heroes on the map gold and XP, or use it to satisfy a rampaging Roshan's sweet tooth. Get the highest candy in your bucket to win a prize! Carrying candy makes you less healthy, and decreases your max HP."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_item_halloween_candy_corn_Lore"                "A strange looking candy, made out of Greevil cream and gummy vitamins."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_item_halloween_candy_eaten"                  "Greevil Treats Consumed"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_item_halloween_candy_eaten_Description"            "Gaining %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_STATS_STRENGTH_BONUS% Strength, %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_STATS_AGILITY_BONUS% Agility, and %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_STATS_INTELLECT_BONUS% Intelligence."

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_apocalypse"                  "Apocalypse"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_apocalypse_Description"            "Roshan launches devastating beams of incineration from the sky at all enemy heroes outside of 400 range, but within 1200 range."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_apocalypse_area_of_effect"          "RADIUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_apocalypse_delay"              "DELAY:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_apocalypse_damage"              "DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_wave_of_force"                "Wave of Force"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_wave_of_force_Description"          "After a delay, Roshan smashes the ground, causing massive radial damage in an area around him, knocking back all enemies.  The closer to Roshan the enemy is, the more damage it takes."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_wave_of_force_radius"            "RADIUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_toss"                    "Toss"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_toss_Description"              "Roshan tosses a nearby enemy unit at an enemy that is further away."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_shell"                    "Shell"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_roshan_halloween_shell_Description"              "Roshan becomes immune to physical damage, but takes enhanced magical damage for a brief time.  When Roshan uses Shell, all ability and item cooldowns are refreshed."

    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_roshan_halloween_fed"                    "Roshan is Full!"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_roshan_halloween_fed_Description"              "Roshan just ate some candy, you can't feed him yet!"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_halloween_roshan_begging"                  "Give Roshan Candy!"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_halloween_roshan_begging_Description"            "You have 3 seconds to give Roshan candy!"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_roshan_halloween_angry_buff"                  "Roshan's Anger"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_roshan_halloween_angry_buff_Description"            "Roshan's current level of rage!"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_roshan_halloween_candy_buff"                  "Roshan's Candy"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_roshan_halloween_candy_buff_Description"            "Roshan's eaten this much candy!"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_roshan_halloween_shell"                    "Shell"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_roshan_halloween_shell_Description"              "Roshan is immune to physical damage but taking 400%% enhanced magic damage!"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_halloween_truce"                        "Truce"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_halloween_truce_Description"                  "You can't get hurt by other players!"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_candy_bucket"                        "Candy Collected"

    "DOTA_Chat_RoshanWantsCandy"  "Roshan wants <font color='#7FFF00'>CANDY</font> from %s1!"

    "dota_play_diretide_tab"                    "FIND DIRETIDE MATCH"
    "sugar_rush_hof"                        "SUGAR RUSH HALL OF FAME"
    "sugar_rush_hof_label"                      "These players killed Roshan in the shortest time ever on %s1 at %s2"
    "findmatchhalloween"                      "FIND DIRETIDE MATCH"
    "dota_play_diretide_phase_1_title"                "CANDY CHAOS"
    "dota_play_diretide_phase_1_descr"                "* Compete against the enemy team in collecting the most candy.n* Collect candy from Roshlings and deposit it in your Candy Bucket.n* Go on a raid and steal the enemy's candy from their bucket.n * When the timer expires the team with the most candy wins!"
    "dota_play_diretide_phase_2_title"                "THE TRICKSTER AWAKENS"
    "dota_play_diretide_phase_2_descr"                "* All this ruckus has awoken Roshan from his slumber.n* He will target a random hero and bully them for candy.n* Keeping a piece of candy in your inventory is recommended as failure to feed Roshan willnresult in death."
    "dota_play_diretide_phase_3_title"                "SUGAR RUSH"
    "dota_play_diretide_phase_3_descr"                "* After 20 minutes Roshan will be stuffed and you will be left candyless.n* You must team up with the enemy and go after Roshan to reclaim your candy.n * Defeating Roshan will reward you with items and delicious candy.n* The fastest Roshan slayers will be immortalized in the Diretide Hall of Fame!"

References to “Custom Animation Set” attributes.

    "Attrib_AnimationMod"          "This item modifies the hero's animations."
    "Attrib_CustomPowershot"        "This weapon has a custom Powershot animation."
    "Attrib_ItemSetAnim"          "This item unlocks custom animations when worn with other pieces of the set."
    "Attrib_ItemSetAnimBonus"        "Custom Animation Set"

Strings for the Egg error messages.

    "DOTA_EggEssenceResponse"        "Madness! The egg cannot possibly contain more energy of this type.nTry using a different kind of essence."
    "DOTA_EggEssenceResponse_Corrupted"    "The egg has become irreversibly corrupted by darkness.nYou cannot imbue it any further."

Halloween Roshan is called Roshanboo.

    "npc_dota_roshanboo"              "Roshanboo"

There is a new unusual courier effect for Halloween.

    "Attrib_Particle44"              "Diretide Corruption"

Halloween Treasure Chest

The Halloween event also has it’s own Treasure Chest.

Ghastly Treasure of Diretide

Diretide Treasure Key 

Loot List

The Halloween chest also has a bonus chance of giving the player an egg as well as something from the loot list.

Trident of the Sea Stalker

Sash of Death’s Bride

Brooch of Death’s Bride

The Soul Reaper

Ghost Orb of the Planeswalker

Heirloom of the Temple Priestess

Lantern of Death’s Last Light

Twisted Lightbringer

Hellish Gemstaff

Baby Roshan

Halloween Greevil Eggs

The mystery Greevil Eggs are also part of the Halloween patch, every player will receive a free one for successfully defeating Roshanboo in the Diretide mode. (Players can also buy additional eggs from the store)

The Greevil Eggs have nine Essence slots which can be filled using Essences that drop from playing Diretide matches.

The Essences

As covered in the previous content analysis posts there are a number of Essences available to use on the Eggs.

Quas Essence

Wex Essence

Exort Essence

Shadow Essence

Unusual Essence

The Greevil Eggs

All eggs start off as a Natural Greevil, depending on what essences are fed to the egg determine which kind of Greevil you will end up with.

There are a range of different Egg names depending on how many Essences are fed into them.

  • Feeding a Quas, Wex or Exort Essence into the egg will increase the Essence count for that type by one, with a maximum of three per Essence.
  • It’s possible to mix the Quas (Blue), Wes (Yellow) or Exort (Red) Essences together, which will mix the Essence colours together changing the resulting Greevil colour. Eg: mixing Quas and Wes Essences would give you a green Greevil.
  • The Shadow Essence will turn your egg into a “Dreaded” egg (Black Egg/Greevil) and remove any existing Essences you have already fed into it. “The egg has become irreversibly corrupted by darkness.”.
  • The Unusual Essence increases the “Unusual Power” of the egg which is represented by a glowing ring around the egg, with an extra ring for each extra Unusual Essence you feed into it.

The Egg Names/Types (The number represents the level of the egg and the amount of Essence required, eg The Merciless Egg (“EggName_Red3″) would require 3x Exort Essences:

    // Egg Names    
    "EggName_Red1"      "Ferocious Egg"
    "EggName_Red2"      "Brutal Egg"
    "EggName_Red3"      "Merciless Egg"
    "EggName_Yellow1"    "Anxious Egg"
    "EggName_Yellow2"    "Eager Egg"
    "EggName_Yellow3"    "Spirited Egg"

    "EggName_Blue1"      "Stubborn Egg"
    "EggName_Blue2"      "Resolute Egg"
    "EggName_Blue3"      "Determined Egg"

    "EggName_Green1"    "Covetous Egg"
    "EggName_Green2"    "Greedy Egg"

    "EggName_Orange1"    "Ravenous Egg"
    "EggName_Orange2"    "Voracious Egg"

    "EggName_Purple1"    "Cruel Egg"
    "EggName_Purple2"    "Wicked Egg"

    "EggName_White1"    "Blessed Egg"
    "EggName_White2"    "Seraphic Egg"
    "EggName_Black1"    "Dreaded Egg"
    "EggName_Natural"    "Imbued Egg"
    "Hatch"          "Hatch the Egg"

The “Dreaded Egg” corrupted by the Shadow Essence:

Increasing the “Unusual Power” using Unusual Essences will increase the amount of rings that glow around the egg:

Natural Egg

Red Egg

Yellow Egg

Blue Egg

Green Egg

Orange Egg

Purple Egg

White Egg

Black Egg

The Greevils

The Greevil couriers are made up of a number of different parts ranging from different ears, eyes, hair, horns, nose, tails, teeth and wings. They will also come in a range of different colours depending on how you infused your egg.

Base Model

This is the base model of the Greevil without any parts loaded in. The Greevil has four sets of animations, a “naked” animation set and a “Level 1/2/3″ animation set. Suggesting that the higher you have levelled your egg will determine which set of animations it will use.

Bonus Booty Shakin’ GIF:

Red Greevil

Yellow Greevil

Blue Greevil

Green Greevil

Orange Greevil

Purple Greevil

White Greevil

Black Greevil

Halloween Announcer

The Diretide event also came with it’s own announcer, voiced by Death Prophet.

You can listen to all of the lines here.


Poem Verses:

Verse #1:

Verse #2:

Verse #3:

Verse #4:

Verse #5:

Verse #6:

Halloween Roshan

The Diretide event also makes use of a custom Roshan model who carries around a pumpkin bucket full of candy. He also has a few different costumes.

Roshan’s Angel Costume

Roshan’s Frankenstein Costume

Roshan’s Dracula Costume

Other Changes

We have a few other smaller changes in this week’s patch.

Roque Laire

The Shopkeeper’s bird, Roque Laire now has a model in the files. At the moment it’s temporary using Beastmaster’s bird’s textures.

The model has idle, flying and landing animations.

Diretide Source Filmmaker Background

The background used in the Diretide trailer made in Source Filmmaker was also left in the files.

Autumn Dota 2 Map

There is now a minimap overview for a map called “dota_autumn” suggesting that some of the Diretide map textures etc will remain and be used for an Autumn version of the map. (The blood river etc will most likely be removed).

Unused Halloween Content

There is an item icon and particle effect for “Cursed Rapiers” which were most likely were suppose to be part of the Halloween event but may have been held back to ensure that other things were finished on time.

Halloween Rapier Icon

In Game Effect

Materials Update

We’ve a few material updates for the unreleased heroes including the first set of initial materials for Shredder.

Medusa’s Materials

Shredder’s Materials


Troll Warlord’s Materials

Particles Update

We’ve some more particles for the Slark in this week’s patch and a new unusual courier effect.

Courier Particles

We’ve one new set of particles for an unusual Halloween courier effect.

Unusual Halloween Courier Particle

The new unusual effect is known as “Diretide Corruption”.

Slark’s Particles


Predictions For The Next Hero



A couple of shoutouts/notes in this week’s blog post.

London Sounds Exposed

My friend Jimo is hosting the three year anniversary of the London Sounds Exposed show on DI hardcore, there is going to be giveaways and “other good shit”. You can view the full details here. Facebook Page

I now have a Facebook page up which I’ll be using to post content on that is too long for Twitter. (It will automatically tweet when I make a post so you won’t be missing any thing).

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