Dota 2 24th October Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 update has arrived bringing the arrival of the four-legged Druud, Centaur Warrunner. As well as Centaur’s arrival, there are also the usual goodies hidden away in the patch. You can view the full changelog here.

Front End Changes

New Hero

Centaur Warrunner

Bradwarden, the Centaur Warrunner. 

“It’s said that a centaur’s road is paved with the corpses of the fallen. For the one called Warrunner, it has been a long road indeed. To outsiders, the four-legged clans of Druud are often mistaken for simple, brutish creatures. Their language has no written form; their culture lacks pictographic traditions, structured music, formalized religion. For centaurs, combat is the perfect articulation of thought, the highest expression of self. If killing is an art among centaurs, then Bradwarden the Warrunner is their greatest artist. He rose to dominance on the proving grounds of Omexe, an ancient arena where centaur clans have for millennia gathered to perform their gladiatorial rights. As his fame spread, spectators came from far and wide to see the great centaur in action. Always the first to step into the arena, and the last to leave, he composes a masterpiece in each guttering spray, each thrust of blood-slickened blade-length. It is the poetry of blood on steel, flung in complex patterns across the pale sands of the killing floor.

Warrunner defeated warrior after warrior, until the arena boomed with the cheering of his name, and he found himself alone, the uncontested champion of his kind. The great belt of Omexe was bestowed, wrapped around his broad torso, but in his victory, the death-artist found only emptiness. For what is a warrior without a challenge? The great centaur galloped out of Omexe that day with a new goal. To his people, Warrunner is the greatest warrior to ever step into the arena. Now he has set out to prove he is the greatest fighter who has ever lived.”



Model Viewer Shots

In Game Shots

Hero Texture Updates

We’ve some more texture updates for multiple existing heroes.

Dark Seer’s Updates

Following on from last week’s Dark Seer test model, we now have a new Dark Seer model breakdown with his new textures.

Comparison Slider




New Textures

Old Textures

Kunkka’s Updates

Kunkka has received a complete new set of textures and an update to his base model in this patch.

Comparison Slider




New Textures

Old Textures

Lich’s Updates

Lich has had a minor texture update to his base model.

Comparison  Slider


New Textures

Old Textures

Luna’s Updates

Some minor texture updates for Luna’s mount and equipment.

Comparison Slider


New Textures

Old Textures

Hero Models Broken Down

We’ve some more hero model break downs to prepare them for cosmetic items.

Dark Seer’s Model

Default Parts

Dark Seer’s Spikes
Dark Seer’s Hat
Dark Seer’s Bracers
Dark Seer’s Loin Cloth
Dark Seer’s Neck Armor

Base Model

Centaur Warrunner’s Model

Default Parts

Centaur’s Axe
Centaur’s Horns and Hair
Centaur’s Upper Armor
Centaur’s Belt Buckle
Centaur’s Trophies
Centaur’s Bracers
Centaur’s Tail

Base Model

Kunkka’s Model

Default Parts

Kunkka’s Boots
Kunkka’s Hands
Kunkka’s Sword
Kunkka’s Hair
Kunkka’s Spyglass
Kunkka’s Shoulder Guard

Base Model

Hero Ability Icons Update

As well as the common patch trends of breaking down hero models, updating textures etc Valve are also making the revisiting older heroes` ability icons and updating them with new art another weekly trend.

Bane’s Icons

Bane has a new icon for cancelling his Nightmare ability.

New Icon

Enchantress` Icons

New Icons


Old Icons


UI Updates

We’ve a couple of UI updates in this patch.

In Game UI

The spell button states have been updated with a new visual style.

No abilities have been learnt:

Choosing an ability to learn:

One ability has been levelled, none of the others have been:

Ability has been activated:

Ability is on cooldown:

Dashboard UI

The dashboard UI has a new feature to restrict party invites to friends only, helpful for the popular streamers:

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

Once again we’ve a bunch of strings for the tutorial system that is being worked on.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_Quests"        "QUESTS"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_TaskCompleted"    "Completed!"

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Move"        "Hey, Dragon Knight!  Over here!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_MoveHow"      "RIGHT CLICK to move where you want to go. Move to the highlighted location!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_MoveCam"      "Move to the position north across the bridge!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_MoveCamHow"    "You can move the camera in several ways:n- Move your mouse to the edge of the screen.n- With the %+forward% %+moveleft% %back% %+moveright% keys.n- By holding down your middle mouse button and dragging."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Warning"      "We've heard an enemy Dire Hero named Razor is attacking our remote outposts. We need you to find and eliminate him. An allied Radiant Hero, Keeper of the Light, left earlier, so see if you can meet up with him first."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Attack"      "Attack this Dire creep by right clicking on him."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_AttackWave"    "Incoming!  Help us defend against the incoming Dire creeps!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Camp"        "Follow us Dragon Knight!  There's a watchtower up ahead!"

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampLevel"    "You've gained a level helping defeat all those creeps!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampLevelHint"  "Click the LEVEL UP button above your portrait and select your first skill, DRAGON BREATH."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampInvade"    "I hear something... look out!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampUseBreath"  "Use DRAGON BREATH on them!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampFinish"    "We'll hold this watchtower. You should press on and find Razor.nnYou'll need some more experience, and better equipment to face him!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_ShopAttract"    "Psst! Buddy! Want to buy a health potion?"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_ShopOpen"      "Welcome to my shop! Hit %toggleshoppanel%, or click the Shop button to browse my wares!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_BuyPotion"    "Right click on the Healing Salve and the Stout Shield to buy them. The Stout Shield can be found under the Armaments tab."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_UsePotion"    "Healing Salves are Active Items, so you need use them on a target. Left-click on the Salve in your inventory to get a targeting cursor, then left-click on yourself to drink it.nnYou can also hit the %dota_item_execute 0% key to use the item in your first inventory slot (in this case the Salve). Hitting that key twice will immediately use and target it on yourself."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_PostPotion"    "Be careful not to take damage while the potion regenerates you, or it'll break the healing effect. Meanwhile, put your mouse over the Stout Shield to see what it does. It's great for protecting you from enemy melee attacks."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_GoCreeping"    "I've got another useful item for you, but you'll need to earn some money first. I've seen some kobolds off in the woods over there, and I bet there's a good bounty on their heads."

    "DOTA_Quest_MoveTo"          "Head for the gate."
    "DOTA_Quest_FindKeeper"        "Find Keeper of the Light"
    "DOTA_Quest_FindRazor"        "Defeat Razor"
    "DOTA_Quest_DefendCamp"        "Use DRAGON BREATH to defend the watchtower"
    "DOTA_Quest_EarnMoney1"        "Earn 150 gold and buy Gauntlets of Strength"

    "DOTA_TutorialTitle_QuestSuccess"  "You Win!"
    "DOTA_TutorialBody_QuestSuccess"  "You successfully completed the quest."

    "DOTA_TutorialTitle_QuestFailure"  "You Lose!"
    "DOTA_TutorialBody_QuestFailure"  "You failed to completed the quest."

    // MidLane1v1_Tier1_Tutorial

    "DOTA_TutorialTitle_Mid1v1Tier1Tutorial"  "Mid-lane 1v1 Tier1 Tower Fight"
    "DOTA_TutorialBody_Mid1v1Tier1Tutorial"    "You will play Sniper versus a Dragon Knight enemy bot. Defend your mid-tier1 tower while destroying the enemy's mid-tier1 tower."

New strings for the party invite restriction settings.

    "UI_ALLOW_INVITES"                        "ALLOW PARTY INVITES"
    "UI_ALL"                            "ALL"
    "UI_JUST_FRIENDS"                        "JUST FRIENDS"
    "party_block_all"                        "Block invites from players not on Friends List"
    "party_block_all_disc"                      "(Can be toggled in General Area of Game Settings panel)"

Tom Chantler is credited with doing the voice work for Centaur Warrunner.

Tom Chantler - Centaur, Lion, Riki, Witch Doctor, Outworld Destroyer

Slark’s default parts are already listed/referenced in the files.

Slark's Bracers
Slark's Shoulder Armor
Slark's Cape
Slark's Hood

Halloween Update

We’ve more updates for the upcoming Halloween event in this patch.

Halloween Particles

We’ve had more updates to the Halloween particles.

“Candy Carrying Overhead” effect (for the Halloween gamemode):

“Candy Carrying Stack” count (for the Halloween gamemode):

Fog of War ghost effects:

Halloween Candy drop effect:

Halloween Candy drop effect:

Roshan has a number of new particle effects for “dismembering” as well as references to a “Roshan Wave of Force cast” effect:

Halloween Props

This week’s patch added in a few effect/particle models for the fountains and some new animated props.

Effect Models

Animated Props

Halloween Creeps

The Baby Roshan siege creeps now have a few new alternative attack, death animations and a running animation that suits the speed that the creeps will be moving compared to the previous animation.


Halloween Eggs

We now have some interface files for the mystery eggs that turned up a few weeks ago, this interface is referred to as the “Halloween Egg UI” and looks like something out of Pokemon:


The Egg UI has a number of different backgrounds:

There is also a background that looks very similar to the “Shadow Essence”.

There are also some new icons for the egg and essences in the schema:

Mysterious Egg

Quas Essence

Wex Essence

Exort Essence

Shadow Essence

Unusual Essence

Unreleased Custom Couriers

We’ve another new custom courier in this week’s patch.

Silly Dragon Courier

The Silly Dragon courier as featured on the Dota 2 Workshop has now appeared in the game files. Both the standard version and the flying version are in the files.

Standard Courier


Flying Courier


Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We have a few new backpack item icons for cosmetic item sets.

Anti-Mage’s Items

The Mage Slayer’s Set (Previously covered here):

Death Prophet’s Items

The Corpse Maiden’s Set (Previously covered here):

Invoker’s Items

Cabalist of Dark Magic Set (Previously covered here):


Other Changes

Sithil the shop keeper now has a couple of new animations.

Point animation:

Purchase animation:

Materials Update

Slark’s materials have been broken down into multiple files suggesting that he will arrive already broken down similar to how Centaur, Meepo etc were released in a broken down state already.

Slark’s Materials



Particles Update

We’ve some particles for one of the unreleased heroes in this patch and some more tutorial particles.

Tutorial Particles

The giant arrows will be used above new players in order to point out who to flame.

Slark’s Particles

Predictions For The Next Hero

Q: What did Medusa give to her husband?

A: A goodnight hiss!

Q: What does an exhibitionistic Medusa wear to the beach?

A: A pythong.

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