Dota 2 17th October Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has swooped in to provide us with even more hidden goodies, with the arrival of Halloween just around the corner the final preparations for the Dota 2 Halloween event are in bulk with this patch. You can view the full changelog here.

Front End Changes

Hero Texture Updates

More texture updates for one of the older existing heroes, Dark Seer.

Dark Seer’s Updates

There is a new test model for Dark Seer which makes use of some new, updated textures. These updated textures are not being used in game yet and will most likely arrive when they have finished breaking down his new model.

Comparison Slider


New Textures

Old Textures

Hero Models Broken Down

Just one hero broken down in this week’s patch but I expect to see Dark Seer broken down as soon as next week.

Leshrac’s Model

Default Parts

Leshrac’s Armor
Leshrac’s Head
Leshrac’s Tail
Leshrac’s Arms

Base Model

Hero Ability Icon Updates

We’ve a couple more ability icon updates in this week’s patch.

Enchantress` Ability Icons

New Icon

Old Icon

Phantom Assassin’s Ability Icons

New Icon

Old Icon

Visual Updates

The Aegis now wobbles and hops about, I wonder if there is something inside of it?

Bonus GIF:

UI Updates

We’ve a few UI updates in this patch.

In Game UI

You can now right click on a castable item like Arcane Boots, Mekansm, Smoke etc and alert your allies that you want to cast it:

This will print the notification in chat (similar to the item and rune pinging) and also ping on your heroes` location:

Dashboard Chat UI

The chat channel searching feature has now been implemented:

Community Tab UI

The Socialise tab has now been renamed and replaced with a community tab, this new community category is home to the existing Team system, Team browser and a new “Hall of Fame” tab.

New Tab:

The new “Hall of Fame” tab that will feature a different group of high skilled players each week:

Teams that have taken part in a league and/or tournament will be available to see on the new team browser:

Replay Highlights

There’s now a new “Replay Highlights” feature that will let you watch the best moments from a match with a click of a button.

After downloading a replay you’ll now be able to watch it normally or as a highlight reel:

Watching the replay as a highlight reel will break down the best parts of the match and present each one of them with their own introduction:

For those of you who like to see the backend workings, using the dota_highlight_reel_debug “1” command will allow you to see a debug print out for the clip:

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

New string for the item pinging new feature.

    "DOTA_Chat_Item_Alert" "[ALLIES] Gather for <font color='%s1'>%s2</font> here."

More updates to the tutorial strings.

    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Move"        "Hey, Dragon Knight!  Over here!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_MoveHow"      "RIGHT CLICK to move where you want to go. Move to the highlighted location!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_MoveCam"      "Move to the position north across the bridge!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_MoveCamHow"    "You can move the camera in several ways:n- Move your mouse to the edge of the screen.n- With the %+forward% %+moveleft% %back% %+moveright% keys.n- By holding down your middle mouse button and dragging."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Attack"      "Attack this Dire creep by right clicking on him."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_AttackWave"    "Incoming!  Help us defend against the incoming Dire creeps!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_Camp"        "Follow us Dragon Knight!  There's a camp up ahead!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampWin"      "We've taken the camp!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampLevel"    "You've gained a level helping defeat all those creeps!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampLevelHint"  "Click LEVEL UP and select DRAGON BREATH."
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampInvade"    "I hear something... look out!"
    "DOTA_Tutorial_M1_CampUseBreath"  "Use DRAGON BREATH on the enemy!"

String for the item casting alert:

    "DOTA_InventoryMenu_Alertable"      "Alert Allies"  

New Team Matchmaking strings:

    "DOTA_Lobby_GatherTeam"      "Gather Team"
    "DOTA_Lobby_DisbandTeam"        "Disband Team"
    "DOTA_Team_Invite_Matchmaking"  "You have been summoned to gather for a Team Matchmaking game!"
    "DOTA_Team_Invite_MMTitle"    "Team Matchmaking"
    "DOTA_Team_Invite_Inviter"    "Invited by:"

Strings for the new “Hall of Fame” system:

    "social_hof_tab"        "HALL OF FAME"
    "social_halloffame"      "The Week’s Hall of Fame"
    "social_hof_farmer"      "FEATURED FARMER"
    "social_hof_players"    "FEATURED PLAYERS"
    "social_hof_players_desc"  "These players have shown exceptional skill with the specified hero for the week starting %s1."
    "social_hof_comingsoon"    "COMING SOON!"
    "social_hof_gpm"        "GPM: %s1"
    "social_hof_unavailable"  "Hall of Fame is currently unavailable."
    "team_list_requesting"    "Requesting Team List..."
    "team_list_unavailable"    "Team list unavailable"
    "team_list_search"      "Search all teams that have participated in a league or tournament."
    "established"        "Est."

The Socialise tab has been renamed to “Community”:

    "dota_dashboard_category_socialize"                "COMMUNITY"

There’s a string referencing to a “Dota Guides” system and a “Suggested Skill”:

    "DOTA_Guide_Suggested_Skill"        "Suggested Skill"  

Halloween Update

Another big bundle of updates to the Halloween version of the Dota 2 map which I now believe will also feature a custom gamemode specifically made for this version of the map.

Halloween Map

The Halloween version of the Dota 2 map is referred to as “Dire Tire”, v12 of this map has now shipped with the test client and it’s possible to load this up to take a look at the progress so far.

* The map is still work in progress and a number of effects etc are still missing.

Radiant Shots

Dire Shots

Zoomed Shots

Halloween Minimap

The Halloween version of the map already has a minimap overview for it. (The green parts are Kryptonite to keep Superman away)

Halloween Props

We’ve a few new models/props for the Halloween map in this patch.

Halloween Creeps

As well as Halloween Roshan, there are also going to be custom creeps in the Halloween map/gamemode.

Radiant Siege unit for the Halloween map (Model maybe temporary):

Dire Siege unit for the Halloween map (Model maybe temporary):


“Halloween Chaos Unit” (Model most likely temporary):

Halloween Sound Effects

As well as the big bundle of Halloween Sound effects from last week’s patch, we also have some new Roshan Halloween Stingers.




Halloween Particle Effects

We also have some custom particle effects for Halloween.

“Candy Fed”

Nom Nom.

“Cursed Rapier”

All I want for Christmas is a cursed? Rapier.

“Candy Projectile Explosion”

Sounds dangerous.

“Water Splash”

For the bloody river.

Halloween References

There are references to “Roshanboo Costumes”, specifically two Halloween costumes:

"Roshanboo Costume - Dracula"

"Roshanboo Costume - Frankenstein"

The Greevil courier that is linked in with the mystery eggs now has references to a large range of custom parts:

Greevil - Ears 1, Ears 2, Hair 1, Hair 2, Horns 1, Horns 2, Horns 3, Nose 1, Nose 2, Nose 3, Tail 1, Tail 2, Tail 3, Teeth 1, Teeth 2, Teeth 3, Wings 1, Wings 2, Wings 3

Halloween Gamemode

Clue #1

Inside the Scaleform UI files there are status icons for what appear to be Halloween Baby Roshan icons with either a yellow, green or red arrow shaped icon behind them.

The Icon:

The fact that these icons are built into the HUD suggest that a new gamemode made specifically for the Halloween map maybe on the table.

Clue #2

The pumpkin bucket model seen below is found in the “Props_gameplay” folder suggesting that it’s not just a spare prop for the map like the coffins etc and it also has an animation called “pumpkin_bucket_givecandy” and there’s a texture for candy in the files but no model, suggesting that candy may take some kind of roll in this gamemode. The pumpkin bucket also directly references to a “Halloween Roshan”, with the textures for the bucket being in a folder that doesn’t exist yet “models/creeps/roshan_halloween/roshan_pumpkin_color”.

“halloween_candy_color” texture, which is inside the “Props_gameplay” folder suggesting that it will have some kind of gameplay impact:

Clue #3

The new Halloween stingers reference directly to Roshan selecting a target and a “Trick or Treat” start, along with a “Sugar Rush” (Roshan + candy = mega Roshan?).

Clue #4

The Halloween map’s minimap has two green glowing sections in either team’s forest, suggesting that something maybe hiding in there.

Clue #5

The Halloween Particle file has effects for a projectile exploding candy and cursed rapiers, these references would fit perfectly into a custom gamemode.

Clue #6

The normal Radiant melee and ranged creeps now have a new “relax” animation that allows them to sit down, with the Halloween map most likely going to use custom creep models as well it may be whise for the old creeps to sit this one out?

Unreleased Custom Couriers

More updates to the Baby Roshan in this patch.

Baby Roshan

The Baby Roshan model has now been added into the files.

“He’s just a little guy! He doesn’t know any better.”

Standard Courier

Flying Courier

Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We’ve two new item sets in this patch, which are most likely Halloween related sets.

Anti-Mage’s Items

In last week’s patch I covered some new animations for Anti-Mage, specifically they were for an item set called “Slasher”, the models for that set are now in the files.

Death Prophet’s Items

Death Prophet has a corpse dress set, looks very Halloween like.

Unreleased Heroes Update

We’ve some more updates to the unreleased heroes in this patch.

Centaur Warchief

Centaur Warchief has had a few updates in this patch.

Hero Icon

Centaur Warchief now has a work in progress hero icon:

Ability Icons

Work in progress ability icons:


Sound Effects

He also has a few sound effects in this patch as well:




Medusa has also had a couple of updates.

Hero Icon

Ability Icons

Work in progress ability icons:



A new type of unit has was added into the unit list in last week’s patch, a “Companion” unit which used Tinker’s March of the Machines as a temporary model.

// Companion
    // General
    "BaseClass"          "npc_dota_companion"  // Class of entity of link to.
    "Model"            "models/pets/pet01.mdl"  // Model.
    "SoundSet"          "0"          // Name of sound set.
    "MovementCapabilities"    "DOTA_UNIT_CAP_MOVE_GROUND"
    "AttackCapabilities"    "DOTA_UNIT_CAP_NO_ATTACK"
    "BoundsHullName"      "DOTA_HULL_SIZE_SMALL"
    "VisionDaytimeRange"    "0"    // Range of vision during day light.
    "VisionNighttimeRange"    "0"    // Range of vision at night time.
    "ModelScale"        "1"
    "MovementSpeed"        "325"    // Speed
    "MovementTurnRate"      "1.0"    // Turning rate.

In this week’s patch the companion’s model has changed to a “pet01″ model suggesting that these companions maybe a new type of cosmetic item: Pets. (Could we be one step closer to Dota 2 Tamagotchis?)

Model Viewer Shot

In Game Shot

The in game version is scaled down a lot.

Materials Update

No material updates for the unreleased heroes in this patch.

Particles Update

Cosmetic Item Particles

We’ve more cosmetic item particles in this patch.

Bounty Hunter’s Particles

Windrunner’s Particles

The Sparrow Hawk set now has more particle effects, this time for the cape:

Hero Particles

We’ve some unreleased hero particles for Medusa in this patch.

Medusa’s Particles

Predictions For The Next Hero

So if Medusa rode into battle on the back of Centaur Warchief, does that mean she has legs?

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      • Zaira Vicere

        Oh boy, haven’t heard the word ‘entitled’ thrown around lately. I’m fine with them monetizing the game. And by all means, lock off the robo-cosmetics to the ticket system. But the second that you’re locking off GAMEPLAY features for payments I’m calling foul. And I do.

        Might not have stated myself well, such a system would be fine for the Baby Roshan but meant that I’d hate to see the entire mode locked behind a payment scheme, designed around earning a Baby Rosh.

        But if you think I’m a self-entitled spoiled brat for not wanting gameplay elements locked behind pay2play, by all means..

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          You can play Mann Versus Machine without paying for anything…what makes you think Valve would lock a game mode on a F2P game? On top of that, a F2P game that is still in beta…this isn’t EA we’re talking about here.

          • Zaira Vicere

            TF2 is F2P and ‘Beta’ hasn’t stopped them from regularly releasing paid cosmetics, I don’t see your point. MVM locked off gameplay features if you play the F2P version.

            Unlike MVM, one would assume that this Halloween Gamemode is only going to exist for the Halloween season. A week-long mode that involves buying tickets to play after MVM doesn’t sound too far-fetched to me, especially if MVM was a success.

            It isn’t EA but that doesn’t mean Valve doesn’t love money. Chests.

          • Jimo

            “MVM locked off gameplay features if you play the F2P version.”

            You could still play it. The paid version just gave you cosmetics and items for winning.

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            There was an expert difficulty in the paid version that we didn’t have as far as i know. You could find them in the servers lists as advanced2 i think.

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      It’s a completely different group of people who work on the cosmetic side. Plus these seasonal events are a good way to keep continued interest in the game.

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        ” completely different group of people who work on the cosmetic side”, so umm if the graphic artists don’t make the hero models, then who the fuck does?

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          Duties are delegated between different people, this is Valve’s biggest project and it has been for a long time now. You are talking as if there has been no work on the new hero’s since the last patch, which isn’t true at all. There is more to adding a hero then creating a model for it, that’s most likely the easiest part of the whole process.

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      Q, How much money did Dota 1 make? ZERO

      Dota 2 will make millions for valve and keeping it fresh with updates, cosmetics, new game modes, maps (like Haloween) and NEW heroes is what will keep gamers playing Dota 2.

      So the joke is on you buddy. lol

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        While not proper, he’s not incorrect.

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    They’re clearly monetizing well, which is great for valve and they deserve it, but if the game was finished and open to play to all, you would assume they would be making much more.
    In essence don’t focus on enhancements so much as in essential content such as heroes, stability (bugs) and tutorials for newbies.
    That’s my rant for this month!

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      And by targetable, I don’t mean attackable or anything, just being to click them, and have info take up the target frame.

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  • Need Dota2 key ;(

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