Dota 2 10th October Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived bringing some bug fixes and introduces Magnus and Meepo into Captain’s Mode. It also promises that there are “Lots of stuff happening behind-the-scenes”. For those of you who don’t want to wait then read this week’s content analysis for some spooky spoilers. You can view the full changelog here.

Front End Changes

Hero Animation Updates

We’ve more cosmetic item animations for Windrunner in this patch and some new cosmetic item animations for Anti-Mage.

Anti-Mage’s Animations

Anti-Mage now has animations for an unknown cosmetic item set called “slasher”.

Slasher Attack Alt02

Slasher Victory

Bonus GIF

Windrunner’s Animations

We’ve some more animation updates for Windrunner, specifically more animations for her new cosmetic items.

All of these new animations are for the upcoming Sparrow Hawk set.

Sparrow Hawk Idle Alt

Sparrow Hawk Focus Fire

Sparrow Hawk Powershot Cast

Sparrow Hawk Run

Sparrow Hawk Shackleshot

Bonus GIF

Necronomicon’s Update

The Necronomicon units have had an update with new some new textures and ability icons.

Necronomicon Archer

The Necronomicon Archer has had an update to his textures and ability icons.

Ability Icons





Comparison Sliders

Level 1:


Level 2:


Level 3:


New Textures

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Old Textures

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Necronomicon Warrior

The Necronomicon Warrior has an update to his textures.

Comparison Sliders

Level 1:


Level 2:


Level 3:


New Textures

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Old Textures

Level 1:

Level 2:

Level 3:

Necronomicon – In Game

The Necronomicon units have also been given a new spawn effect:

New models in action/in game:

Hero Models Broken Down

We’ve some more of the older existing heroes` models broken down to get them ready for cosmetic items.

Nightstalker’s Model

Default Parts

Nightstalker’s Wings
Nightstalker’s Armor
Nightstalker’s Tail

Base Model

Base Model (Night Time)

Razor’s Model

Default Parts

Razor’s Weapon
Razor’s Head
Razor’s Armor
Razor’s Bracers
Razor’s Robe

Base Model

Hero Portrait Updates

With the recent texture updates for multiple heroes, we’ve now had some portrait updates to take into account these changes.

Anti-Mage’s Portrait

Batrider’s Portrait

Bestmaster’s Portrait

Visual Updates

Meepo’s net has had an update to the casting animation and the effect.

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

More updates to the tutorial strings.

    "DOTA_TutorialBody_SupportItems_RingOfBasilius2"  "The item can be toggled. When turned off, the aura won't give your friendly creeps the bonus armor.  Turn it on when you want to make summoned units more powerful or push a lane.  The ring's aura will still affect allied heroes."

New strings for a “Team List” tab and the tournament team profiles.


Chat channel searching strings.

    "chat_search_channel_msg_01"                "Searching %1 channels"
    "chat_search_channel_msg_02"                "There are no %1 chat channels with this name."

New strings for the egg/essence system, the eggs will be “infused” with the essence, which will most likely change the courier’s effect colour.

    "DOTA_EggEssence_Confirm"    "Are you sure you want to infuse the egg with this essence? This action cannot be undone!"

Strings for “Essence Levels” attributes, most likely for the eggs.

    "Attrib_URYBEssenceLevel"          "( URYBEssenceLevel: %s1 )"
    "Attrib_OPGBEssenceLevel"          "( OPGBEssenceLevel: %s1 )"

Fall/Halloween Map Update

We’ve a number of new unused props, materials, spooky sound effects and other things that suggest that we will most likely be seeing a Fall version of the Dota 2 map for the Halloween period. Most likely with an event linking in the mysterious eggs.

Fall Textures

New Radiant base plate with fall textures:

Fall leaves:


Dragon Statue


Graveyard Fences




Sound Effects

There are also some spooky ambient sounds for a new soundscape that will be most likely used on the fall version of the map.

























Unreleased Custom Announcers

There are references and artwork for Pyrion Flax’s Announcer Pack that is now on the workshop, obviously these were not suppose to be in the files, whoops?


    "DOTA_Item_Announcer_Pyrion_Flax"    "Announcer: Pyrion Flax"
    "DOTA_Item_Desc_Announcer_Pyrion_Flax"    "DO NOT SHIP THIS ITEM TO PUBLIC."

Unreleased Hero Updates

Medusa now has files for her subtitles and game sound phonemes.

Medusa’s Subtitles

  "Language"    "English"
    "medusa_medus_spawn_01"    "medusa: Medusa!"
    "medusa_medus_spawn_02"    "medusa: The Gorgon!"
    "medusa_medus_spawn_03"    "medusa: Unblinking, I rise."
    "medusa_medus_spawn_04"    "medusa: Gorgons, I'll avenge you!"
    "medusa_medus_spawn_05"    "medusa: Sharpening my fangs."
    "medusa_medus_begin_01"    "medusa: Tremble, vermin, before the stony gaze of the Gorgon."
    "medusa_medus_begin_02"    "medusa: Their deaths will be swift and cold as stone."
    "medusa_medus_begin_03"    "medusa: Gaze upon Medusa's beauty, and despair!"
    "medusa_medus_firstblood_01"    "medusa: First blood, and it came so easily."
    "medusa_medus_firstblood_02"    "medusa: First blood -- I like to start with dessert."
    "medusa_medus_move_01"    "medusa: Yesssss!"
    "medusa_medus_move_02"    "medusa: Quick as a snake!"
    "medusa_medus_move_03"    "medusa: Slithering."
    "medusa_medus_move_04"    "medusa: Sssssss."
    "medusa_medus_move_05"    "medusa: Hissssss."
    "medusa_medus_move_06"    "medusa: Sliding."
    "medusa_medus_move_08"    "medusa: For honor."
    "medusa_medus_move_09"    "medusa: Run, vermin."
    "medusa_medus_move_10"    "medusa: Tremble."
    "medusa_medus_move_11"    "medusa: Gorgons, guide me!"
    "medusa_medus_move_12"    "medusa: Rush."
    "medusa_medus_move_13"    "medusa: Serpentine."
    "medusa_medus_move_14"    "medusa: Crawling."
    "medusa_medus_move_15"    "medusa: Silent as a snake."
    "medusa_medus_move_16"    "medusa: Hsssss."
    "medusa_medus_move_17"    "medusa: Yessss!"
    "medusa_medus_move_18"    "medusa: Fight for honor."
    "medusa_medus_move_19"    "medusa: Ssssss."
    "medusa_medus_move_20"    "medusa: Sssssssss."
    "medusa_medus_move_21"    "medusa: Right."
    "medusa_medus_move_22"    "medusa: Ssss."
    "medusa_medus_move_23"    "medusa: Right."
    "medusa_medus_move_24"    "medusa: I know, right?"
    "medusa_medus_attack_01"    "medusa: Attack!"
    "medusa_medus_attack_02"    "medusa: Attack!"
    "medusa_medus_attack_03"    "medusa: Cut you down like chaff!"
    "medusa_medus_attack_04"    "medusa: Fall before me!"
    "medusa_medus_attack_05"    "medusa: None can resist!"
    "medusa_medus_attack_06"    "medusa: Gorgons' honor!"
    "medusa_medus_attack_07"    "medusa: Look me in the eye."
    "medusa_medus_attack_08"    "medusa: Stay where you are."
    "medusa_medus_attack_09"    "medusa: Meet my gaze."
    "medusa_medus_attack_10"    "medusa: Lock eyes with a Gorgon!"
    "medusa_medus_attack_11"    "medusa: Cower."
    "medusa_medus_attack_12"    "medusa: Gorgonzola!"
    "medusa_medus_attack_13"    "medusa: Fight."
    "medusa_medus_attack_14"    "medusa: After them!"
    "medusa_medus_cast_01"    "medusa: Let my beauty still your breath."
    "medusa_medus_cast_02"    "medusa: Come, my pets, your feast awaits."
    "medusa_medus_cast_03"    "medusa: I am the last thing you'll see."
    "medusa_medus_manashield_01"    "medusa: Mana Shield!"
    "medusa_medus_manashield_02"    "medusa: Mana protect me!"
    "medusa_medus_manashield_03"    "medusa: Mana shield me!"
    "medusa_medus_manashield_04"    "medusa: Shield!"
    "medusa_medus_manashield_05"    "medusa: Shield up!"
    "medusa_medus_manashield_06"    "medusa: Impervious."
    "medusa_medus_manashield_07"    "medusa: Shield up!"
    "medusa_medus_mysticsnake_01"    "medusa: Mystic Snake!"
    "medusa_medus_mysticsnake_02"    "medusa: Watch your cousin fly, my pets!"
    "medusa_medus_mysticsnake_03"    "medusa: Play, my pet!"
    "medusa_medus_mysticsnake_04"    "medusa: Snake's kiss!"
    "medusa_medus_mysticsnake_05"    "medusa: Bring me mana!"
    "medusa_medus_mysticsnake_06"    "medusa: Fetch me some mana!"
    "medusa_medus_mysticsnake_07"    "medusa: Mystic Snake!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_01"    "medusa: Split Arrow!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_02"    "medusa: Arrows, pierce!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_03"    "medusa: Arrows, seek!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_04"    "medusa: Arrows, bite!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_05"    "medusa: Arrows, fly!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_06"    "medusa: Pierce!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_07"    "medusa: Seek!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_08"    "medusa: Bite!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_09"    "medusa: Fly!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_10"    "medusa: Five strikes!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_11"    "medusa: Fly, my fangs!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_12"    "medusa: Split Arrow!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_13"    "medusa: Arrows, bite!"
    "medusa_medus_splitshot_14"    "medusa: Pierce!"
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_01"    "medusa: Stone Gaze!"
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_02"    "medusa: Be stone."
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_03"    "medusa: Be still, be stone."
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_04"    "medusa: Petrify."
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_05"    "medusa: Freeze."
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_06"    "medusa: Heart of stone."
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_07"    "medusa: Behold my beauty!"
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_08"    "medusa: Fall into my eyes."
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_09"    "medusa: Fear my gaze."
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_10"    "medusa: Feel my eyes upon you."
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_11"    "medusa: Look at me when I kill you."
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_12"    "medusa: Stone got your tongue?"
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_13"    "medusa: Heart of stone."
    "medusa_medus_stonegaze_14"    "medusa: Behold my beauty!"
    "medusa_medus_failure_01"    "medusa: Oh, crap!"
    "medusa_medus_failure_02"    "medusa: Curses!"
    "medusa_medus_failure_03"    "medusa: Turn the mirror to the wall."
    "medusa_medus_failure_04"    "medusa: Quiet, my pets."
    "medusa_medus_failure_05"    "medusa: Unworthy of a Gorgon."
    "medusa_medus_failure_06"    "medusa: The serpent is chastened."
    "medusa_medus_levelup_01"    "medusa: Stronger with every skin I shed."
    "medusa_medus_levelup_02"    "medusa: Unblinking."
    "medusa_medus_levelup_03"    "medusa: With power comes vengeance."
    "medusa_medus_levelup_04"    "medusa: It won't be long now, sisters."
    "medusa_medus_levelup_06"    "medusa: My resolve strengthens."
    "medusa_medus_levelup_07"    "medusa: Power is the only beauty."
    "medusa_medus_levelup_08"    "medusa: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "medusa_medus_levelup_09"    "medusa: Ah, the wind in my serpents!"
    "medusa_medus_levelup_10"    "medusa: Power is beauty."
    "medusa_medus_kill_01"    "medusa: You blinked first."
    "medusa_medus_kill_02"    "medusa: That'll teach you to try outstaring a snake."
    "medusa_medus_kill_03"    "medusa: So puny, I hardly had to unhinge my jaw."
    "medusa_medus_kill_04"    "medusa: A kiss, and then good-night."
    "medusa_medus_kill_05"    "medusa: Come, give us a kiss."
    "medusa_medus_kill_06"    "medusa: Die, as all love dies."
    "medusa_medus_kill_07"    "medusa: My beauty fills your dying eyes."
    "medusa_medus_kill_08"    "medusa: There is no heart colder than mine."
    "medusa_medus_kill_09"    "medusa: Don't resist the cobra, little bird."
    "medusa_medus_kill_10"    "medusa: I'm surprised you lasted this long."
    "medusa_medus_kill_11"    "medusa: I thought you'd last longer."
    "medusa_medus_kill_12"    "medusa: Balancing the scales."
    "medusa_medus_kill_13"    "medusa: You'll make a fine addition to my rock garden."
    "medusa_medus_kill_14"    "medusa: I'm having a good hair day."
    "medusa_medus_kill_15"    "medusa: Hmm hmm hmm ha ha ha!"
    "medusa_medus_rival_01"    "medusa: Never run your finger through my hair."
    "medusa_medus_rival_02"    "medusa: I thought my gaze might turn you to flesh."
    "medusa_medus_rival_03"    "medusa: From stone to statue."
    "medusa_medus_rival_04"    "medusa: Even stone is not immune to my fangs."
    "medusa_medus_rival_05"    "medusa: You slither like an amateur."
    "medusa_medus_rival_06"    "medusa: Meet a real snake, you eel."
    "medusa_medus_rival_07"    "medusa: You're still wet behind the ears."
    "medusa_medus_rival_08"    "medusa: Wriggle back to the water, little fish."
    "medusa_medus_rival_09"    "medusa: You rolled snake-eyes."
    "medusa_medus_rival_10"    "medusa: Snakes on a plane!"
    "medusa_medus_rival_11"    "medusa: Oh, look — a petrified forest!"
    "medusa_medus_rival_12"    "medusa: The slithering god fails at last."
    "medusa_medus_rival_13"    "medusa: Sink like a stone into the depths."
    "medusa_medus_rival_14"    "medusa: Leave the snake magic to the experts, Shaman."
    "medusa_medus_rival_15"    "medusa: I know a thing or two about working stone."
    "medusa_medus_rival_16"    "medusa: Oh, I mistook you for a fire hydra."
    "medusa_medus_rival_17"    "medusa: Ice cracks, the same as stone."
    "medusa_medus_rival_18"    "medusa: Shame I can't look you in the eye."
    "medusa_medus_rival_19"    "medusa: Mortality suits you, Zeus."
    "medusa_medus_rival_20"    "medusa: What a failure of a god."
    "medusa_medus_rival_21"    "medusa: Tell your brothers I said hello."
    "medusa_medus_rival_22"    "medusa: Oh, Zeus."
    "medusa_medus_rival_23"    "medusa: Oh, Phoenix, I should have known you'd go out with a bang."
    "medusa_medus_rival_24"    "medusa: Didn't you know snakes are cold-blooded?"
    "medusa_medus_ally_01"    "medusa: Stone already, Tiny?  I like that."
    "medusa_medus_ally_02"    "medusa: Stone-cold heart.  My kind of man."
    "medusa_medus_ally_03"    "medusa: Let's drain these fools of mana."
    "medusa_medus_ally_04"    "medusa: Outworld Destroyer, let's see who steals them first."
    "medusa_medus_ally_05"    "medusa: Snake bite, grave chill."
    "medusa_medus_ally_06"    "medusa: Visage, shall my pets play with yours?"
    "medusa_medus_ally_07"    "medusa: Stone already.  My work is done."
    "medusa_medus_ally_08"    "medusa: Reptiles rally!"
    "medusa_medus_ally_09"    "medusa: Ah, Venomancer.  We both traded beauty for power."
    "medusa_medus_ally_10"    "medusa: We well know, Venomancer — beauty fades, but power lasts forever."
    "medusa_medus_ally_11"    "medusa: You're here too, Zeus?"
    "medusa_medus_ally_12"    "medusa: Zeus on the loose!"
    "medusa_medus_ally_13"    "medusa: Zeus!  You here already?"
    "medusa_medus_ally_14"    "medusa: I should have known you'd be here, Zeus."
    "medusa_medus_lasthit_01"    "medusa: Tiresome vermin."
    "medusa_medus_lasthit_02"    "medusa: Die a rodent's death."
    "medusa_medus_lasthit_03"    "medusa: The snake succeeds."
    "medusa_medus_lasthit_04"    "medusa: Impudent upstart."
    "medusa_medus_lasthit_05"    "medusa: A light snack."
    "medusa_medus_lasthit_06"    "medusa: An appetizer."
    "medusa_medus_lasthit_07"    "medusa: Kiss, kiss."
    "medusa_medus_lasthit_08"    "medusa: Snakebit."
    "medusa_medus_lasthit_09"    "medusa: A plaything for my pets."
    "medusa_medus_lasthit_10"    "medusa: You little rat."
    "medusa_medus_death_01"    "medusa: Nooo!"
    "medusa_medus_death_02"    "medusa: My snakes are stilled."
    "medusa_medus_death_03"    "medusa: I die."
    "medusa_medus_death_04"    "medusa: Curse you!"
    "medusa_medus_death_05"    "medusa: Wretched killer."
    "medusa_medus_death_06"    "medusa: My hair hisses no more."
    "medusa_medus_death_07"    "medusa: My snakes are silenced."
    "medusa_medus_death_08"    "medusa: I shed my sssskin."
    "medusa_medus_death_09"    "medusa: Gorgons, I've failed you."
    "medusa_medus_death_10"    "medusa: Unblinking eyes dim."
    "medusa_medus_death_11"    "medusa: My poor pets."
    "medusa_medus_death_12"    "medusa: Vengeance thwarted."
    "medusa_medus_death_13"    "medusa: Where is the justice in this?"
    "medusa_medus_death_14"    "medusa: All for naught."
    "medusa_medus_death_15"    "medusa: Nooo."
    "medusa_medus_death_16"    "medusa: No."
    "medusa_medus_death_17"    "medusa: No."
    "medusa_medus_death_18"    "medusa: I die."
    "medusa_medus_fastres_01"    "medusa: The snake, reborn."
    "medusa_medus_fastres_02"    "medusa: The snake strikes back."
    "medusa_medus_fastres_03"    "medusa: Even a severed head can bite."
    "medusa_medus_respawn_01"    "medusa: Skin shed, I'm reborn."
    "medusa_medus_respawn_02"    "medusa: Refreshed of purpose, I return."
    "medusa_medus_respawn_03"    "medusa: Reborn for retribution."
    "medusa_medus_respawn_04"    "medusa: I return for justice."
    "medusa_medus_respawn_05"    "medusa: I will not fail again."
    "medusa_medus_respawn_06"    "medusa: Gorgons, I won't fail you again!"
    "medusa_medus_respawn_07"    "medusa: Vengeance never dies."
    "medusa_medus_respawn_08"    "medusa: There will be a reckoning."
    "medusa_medus_respawn_09"    "medusa: I'm having a bad hair day."
    "medusa_medus_respawn_10"    "medusa: The Gorgon's gaze will petrify them all!"
    "medusa_medus_rare_01"    "medusa: I traded useless beauty for the power to wreak my vengeance."
    "medusa_medus_rare_02"    "medusa: Do I mourn for my lost loveliness?  No."
    "medusa_medus_rare_03"    "medusa: I am never alone.  My pets hiss around my head, comfort and reminder of my cold and vengeful road."
    "medusa_medus_rare_04"    "medusa: Gorgons, sisters, forgive my infirmity.  I grow stronger day by day, and I will come for you."
    "medusa_medus_rare_05"    "medusa: When I was beautiful, I never knew what I was missing."
    "medusa_medus_rare_06"    "medusa: Never come between a Gorgon and her sisters.  I will turn your blood and bone to stone, and shatter you into a thousand remorseful shards."
    "medusa_medus_rare_07"    "medusa: The only real beauty is power."
    "medusa_medus_purch_01"    "medusa: New treasures."
    "medusa_medus_purch_02"    "medusa: Bejeweled as a snake."
    "medusa_medus_purch_03"    "medusa: One step closer, sisters."
    "medusa_medus_purch_04"    "medusa: Is it creepy that I have a snakeskin purse?"
    "medusa_medus_scepter_01"    "medusa: Ah, Scepter!"
    "medusa_medus_scepter_02"    "medusa: Scepter for the serpent."
    "medusa_medus_blink_01"    "medusa: Blink Dagger."
    "medusa_medus_blink_02"    "medusa: Dagger for the unblinking."
    "medusa_medus_items_01"    "medusa: Eye of Skadi."
    "medusa_medus_items_02"    "medusa: Butterfly."
    "medusa_medus_items_03"    "medusa: Linken's Sphere."
    "medusa_medus_items_04"    "medusa: Mjollnir."
    "medusa_medus_items_05"    "medusa: Black King Bar."
    "medusa_medus_items_06"    "medusa: Radiance."
    "medusa_medus_items_07"    "medusa: Heart of Terrasque."
    "medusa_medus_items_08"    "medusa: Maelstrom."
    "medusa_medus_items_09"    "medusa: Assault Cuirass."
    "medusa_medus_items_10"    "medusa: Daedalus."
    "medusa_medus_items_11"    "medusa: Manta Style."
    "medusa_medus_items_12"    "medusa: Scythe of Vyse."
    "medusa_medus_items_13"    "medusa: Divine Rapier."
    "medusa_medus_items_14"    "medusa: Very good."
    "medusa_medus_items_15"    "medusa: Brilliant."
    "medusa_medus_items_16"    "medusa: Delightful."
    "medusa_medus_bottle_01"    "medusa: Whatever will I do with you?"
    "medusa_medus_bottle_02"    "medusa: To tip the scales."
    "medusa_medus_bottle_03"    "medusa: I'll safeguard my secrets."
    "medusa_medus_deny_01"    "medusa: In your face."
    "medusa_medus_deny_02"    "medusa: Denied."
    "medusa_medus_deny_03"    "medusa: Uh-uh."
    "medusa_medus_deny_04"    "medusa: Dear me, no."
    "medusa_medus_deny_05"    "medusa: Nothing for you."
    "medusa_medus_deny_06"    "medusa: You lose."
    "medusa_medus_deny_07"    "medusa: How does failure taste?"
    "medusa_medus_deny_08"    "medusa: Tipped the scales."
    "medusa_medus_deny_09"    "medusa: Score one for the serpent."
    "medusa_medus_deny_10"    "medusa: The serpent, supreme."
    "medusa_medus_deny_11"    "medusa: You cannot best the Gorgon."
    "medusa_medus_deny_12"    "medusa: You knew I was cold-blooded."
    "medusa_medus_deny_13"    "medusa: Ha ha ha hsss sss sss!"
    "medusa_medus_deny_14"    "medusa: Ha ha!"
    "medusa_medus_deny_15"    "medusa: Ha ha!"
    "medusa_medus_deny_16"    "medusa: Denied."
    "medusa_medus_deny_17"    "medusa: Nothing for you."
    "medusa_medus_deny_18"    "medusa: Ha!"
    "medusa_medus_deny_19"    "medusa: Huh huh!"
    "medusa_medus_deny_20"    "medusa: Huh sss!"
    "medusa_medus_deny_21"    "medusa: Denied."
    "medusa_medus_lanemissing_01"    "medusa: Missing top!"
    "medusa_medus_lanemissing_02"    "medusa: Missing middle!"
    "medusa_medus_lanemissing_03"    "medusa: Missing bottom!"
    "medusa_medus_itemcommon_01"    "medusa: Fit for a Gorgon."
    "medusa_medus_itemmoderate_01"    "medusa: Look, my pets — a new trinket."
    "medusa_medus_itemrare_01"    "medusa: Worthy of a god's daughter."
    "medusa_medus_immort_01"    "medusa: Immortality!"
    "medusa_medus_immort_02"    "medusa: A true Gorgon now!"
    "medusa_medus_haste_01"    "medusa: Haste!"
    "medusa_medus_haste_02"    "medusa: Quick as a snake!"
    "medusa_medus_doubdam_01"    "medusa: Double damage!"
    "medusa_medus_doubdam_02"    "medusa: Quail before me!"
    "medusa_medus_regen_01"    "medusa: Regeneration!"
    "medusa_medus_regen_02"    "medusa: A new skin grows."
    "medusa_medus_illus_01"    "medusa: Illusion!"
    "medusa_medus_illus_02"    "medusa: Nobody look at anybody!"
    "medusa_medus_illus_03"    "medusa: Sisters three, once more."
    "medusa_medus_invis_01"    "medusa: Invisibility!"
    "medusa_medus_invis_02"    "medusa: You can't vanquish what you can't see."
    "medusa_medus_notyet_01"    "medusa: Not yet."
    "medusa_medus_notyet_02"    "medusa: Not yet."
    "medusa_medus_notyet_03"    "medusa: Not yet!"
    "medusa_medus_notyet_04"    "medusa: I'm not ready."
    "medusa_medus_notyet_05"    "medusa: I'm not ready."
    "medusa_medus_notyet_06"    "medusa: I'm not ready!"
    "medusa_medus_notyet_07"    "medusa: It's not time yet."
    "medusa_medus_notyet_08"    "medusa: It's not time yet."
    "medusa_medus_notyet_09"    "medusa: It's not time yet!"
    "medusa_medus_nomana_01"    "medusa: Out of mana."
    "medusa_medus_nomana_02"    "medusa: Out of mana."
    "medusa_medus_nomana_03"    "medusa: Out of mana!"
    "medusa_medus_nomana_04"    "medusa: No mana."
    "medusa_medus_nomana_05"    "medusa: No mana."
    "medusa_medus_nomana_06"    "medusa: No mana!"
    "medusa_medus_nomana_07"    "medusa: Not enough mana."
    "medusa_medus_nomana_08"    "medusa: Not enough mana."
    "medusa_medus_nomana_09"    "medusa: Not enough mana!"
    "medusa_medus_thanks_01"    "medusa: Thanks."
    "medusa_medus_thanks_02"    "medusa: My gratitude is yours."
    "medusa_medus_thanks_03"    "medusa: You have my thanks."
    "medusa_medus_thanks_04"    "medusa: Thanks."
    "medusa_medus_underattack_01"    "medusa: I'm under attack!"
    "medusa_medus_inthebag_01"    "medusa: Now, where did I put my snakeskin bag? Because this one, my friends, is in it!"
    "medusa_medus_crumwiz_01"    "medusa: Crummy wizard!"
    "medusa_medus_shiwiz_01"    "medusa: Shitty wizard!"
    "medusa_medus_lose_01"    "medusa: Nooo!!!"
    "medusa_medus_lose_02"    "medusa: Defeated!"
    "medusa_medus_lose_03"    "medusa: I bring shame upon the Gorgons."
    "medusa_medus_lose_04"    "medusa: Failure chills the coldest heart."
    "medusa_medus_lose_05"    "medusa: All for nothing.  Gorgons, I have failed you."
    "medusa_medus_lose_06"    "medusa: Find me a mirror, and I'll end it all."
    "medusa_medus_lose_07"    "medusa: Hide my face, my pretty pets."
    "medusa_medus_win_01"    "medusa: Yessss!"
    "medusa_medus_win_02"    "medusa: Victory!"
    "medusa_medus_win_03"    "medusa: Victory warms the coldest heart."
    "medusa_medus_win_04"    "medusa: Load up all the vanquished for my rock garden."
    "medusa_medus_win_05"    "medusa: That's what triumph tastes like, my pretty pets."
    "medusa_medus_pain_01"    "medusa: Uh!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_02"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_03"    "medusa: Ooh!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_04"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_05"    "medusa: Oof!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_06"    "medusa: Uhf!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_07"    "medusa: Ah!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_08"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_09"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_10"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_11"    "medusa: Uhh!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_12"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_13"    "medusa: Uhnss!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_14"    "medusa: Sss!"
    "medusa_medus_pain_15"    "medusa: Ssss!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_01"    "medusa: Huh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_02"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_03"    "medusa: Uhh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_04"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_05"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_06"    "medusa: Hnh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_07"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_08"    "medusa: Hhh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_09"    "medusa: Uuuhh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_10"    "medusa: Nnnnh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_11"    "medusa: Hhhhh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_12"    "medusa: Hnh!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_13"    "medusa: Ssss!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_14"    "medusa: Tsss!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_15"    "medusa: Sss!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_16"    "medusa: Sss!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_17"    "medusa: Rrrrss!"
    "medusa_medus_anger_18"    "medusa: Unh!"
    "medusa_medus_happy_01"    "medusa: Ah."
    "medusa_medus_happy_02"    "medusa: Ah."
    "medusa_medus_happy_03"    "medusa: Ah."
    "medusa_medus_happy_04"    "medusa: Ah."
    "medusa_medus_happy_05"    "medusa: Oh ah!"
    "medusa_medus_happy_06"    "medusa: Ssss."
    "medusa_medus_happy_07"    "medusa: Ah ssss."
    "medusa_medus_happy_08"    "medusa: Sssss."
    "medusa_medus_happy_09"    "medusa: Ah."
    "medusa_medus_laugh_01"    "medusa: Ah ha ha ha!"
    "medusa_medus_laugh_02"    "medusa: Ha sss!"
    "medusa_medus_laugh_03"    "medusa: Ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "medusa_medus_laugh_04"    "medusa: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "medusa_medus_laugh_05"    "medusa: Hmm hmm hmm ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "medusa_medus_laugh_06"    "medusa: Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm!"
    "medusa_medus_laugh_07"    "medusa: Hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm!"
    "medusa_medus_laugh_08"    "medusa: Ssss sss sss sss sss!"
    "medusa_medus_laugh_09"    "medusa: Ha ha ha ha ha ssssss!"
    "medusa_medus_laugh_10"    "medusa: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"


Materials Update

A couple of material updates for the unreleased heroes in this patch.

Medusa’s Materials

Slark’s Materials

Particles Update

We’ve some particle updates for the cosmetic items and unreleased heroes in this patch.

Cosmetic Item Particles

Windrunner’s Sparrow Hawk set now has some particle effects.

Windrunner’s Particles

Hero Particles

We’ve some particle updates for Centaur Warchief.

Centaur Warchief’s Particles

Predictions For The Next Hero

Legs = Centaur Warchief.

No Legs = Medusa.


A couple of shoutouts in this week’s post.

Dota Insight

I popped by the Dota Insight podcast again to catch up with them after I bumped into them at The International 2 and I promised I would pop back on.

You can listen to that here.


Dotaboss released a new Dota 2 song this week, it’s well worth checking out. (Please don’t kidnap me HON)

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      To die.

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        Epic reply ever.

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    • Lyniker Bryan


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    1st 😀

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    Thank you, very nice work !

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    I wonder when they will get around to making avernus or other usefull heros like pit lord :/

  • Havocked

    Good job Cyborg

    Hoping for a triple hero patch with the new map next week


    (medusa and slark fit the “scary” theme” )

    • Jonathan Linets

      AoE Double Edge also fits the “scary” theme 😀
      But yeah, I really hope for a triple patch. They’ve delayed it quite a bit.

    • Lance Gray

      a macho centaur is just as scary

    • vaan13

      i hope its true my friend….

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    halloween! cant wait ._/.

  • Name

    Oh I am so ready for the Fall map. Give it to me Valve.

  • ClasH!

    Why new cosmetic items (all alike) for always the same heroes, and no NEW HEROES? :(

  • ClasH!

    Why new cosmetic items (all alike) for always the same heroes, and no NEW HEROES? :(

  • Marius

    Still no news of Terrorblade…

  • Marius

    Still no news of Terrorblade…

  • Snaps

    Does this mean that the sparrow hawk set will release with this update?

  • Snaps

    Does this mean that the sparrow hawk set will release with this update?

  • techies lover

    so, what about techies

  • techies lover

    so, what about techies

  • alxmhv

    “medusa_medus_attack_12″ “medusa: Gorgonzola!” LOL :) MB add “mmmmmmozarellaaah”

  • alxmhv

    “medusa_medus_attack_12″ “medusa: Gorgonzola!” LOL :) MB add “mmmmmmozarellaaah”

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  • Tomás Pirró


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    Medusa next week?
    SSSSSo Stoned for it, its going to Rock so Hard.

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      I’m not 100% positive what just happened in that video, but all I know is that it was fucking awesome.

      Seriously, don’t skip the Dotaboss video if you didn’t watch it.

  • nikos

    well instead of making a halloween map they could improve the matchmaking…the game is still in beta and i think it’s more important playing in EU server with people who speak english than making a custom map…but still I can’t wait for that 😀 oh and great job matt!

    • cr7

      yeah…i keep getting non english speaking russians in every eu game i play…even if they have their own server

    • fiascoqq

      So you’re just going to tell the art and sound guys to work on matchmaking? That will surely help…

      • Nikos

        well the art and sound guys (alongside with others) could work on new heroes so the game is out earlier 😛 Gabe said it will come out after all heroes are out, and i believe they can’t make it before 2013…they have 2 months and a half to release 18 heroes…

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        Like only the art and sound guys are responsible for this halloween stuff huh?

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    medusa has a rival line with phoenix!

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    They simplified medusa a bit, didn’t they?

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    Beastmaster is Bestmaster?

  • Darth Nixa

    “Bestmaster”? I know Rexxar is good, but is he really the best master?

  • ECG

    So do the animations that come with some of the new cosmetics differ in any way from the regular ones, i.e. could they make last hitting easier? I’d be surprised if they did but you never know.

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    Could someone please explain the “Legs” joke I keep seeing to me?

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    The slark will appear in the next update?

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    I cant see hero portraits, what the teams pick on games, or the top screen hero pics in game, when are they gonna fix this bug? :(

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    Good job. You really work hard and i just wanted to say thanks !