Dota 2 2nd August Patch – Content Analysis

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This week’s Dota 2 patch has arrived straight on the main client bringing a number of bug fixes, UI updates and other hidden goodies. You can view the full changelog here.

Front End Changes *

Hero Texture Updates *

We’ve another set of texture updates for one of the older heroes.

Windrunner’s Updates *

New Textures:

Old Textures:

In Game Shots:

With her updated textures, Windrunner also has a new portrait to go with them:

Hero Models Broken Down *

We’ve a large number of existing hero models being broken down in this patch to prepare them for cosmetic items.

Anti-Mage’s Model *

Default Parts:

Anti-Mage’s Head

Anti-Mage’s Shoulder

Anti-Mage’s Arms

Anti-Mage’s Belt

Anti-Mage’s Glaives

Base Model:

Chen’s Model *

Default Parts:

Chen’s Staff

Chen’s Mount

Chen’s Helmet

Chen’s Bracers

Chen’s Shoulder Armor

Chen’s Mount Armor

Base Model:

Chen’s Mount (Has an armour slot):

Lycanthrope’s Model *

Default Parts:

Lycan’s Blades

Lycan’s Head

Lycan’s Armor

Lycan’s Fur

Lycan’s Belt

Base Model:

Necrolyte’s Model *

Default Parts:

Necrolyte’s Sickle

Necrolyte’s Beard

Necrolyte’s Headdress

Necrolyte’s Vestments

Base Model:

Zoomed In:

Outworld Destroyer’s Model *

Outworld Destroyer’s model has broken down even more with his head now being split up between the base head and his horns, leaving two new slots:

Obsidian Destroyer’s Horns

Obsidian Destroyer’s Head


Phantom Assassin’s Model *

Phantom Assassin has also had some extra break down work done, with her head and helmet now being disconnect, leaving two new slots:

Phantom Assassin’s Helmet

Phantom Assassin’s Head

Head + Helmet:

Rubick’s Model *

Default Parts:

Rubick’s Staff

Rubick’s Cape

Rubick’s Shoulder Armor

Base Model:

Treant Protector’s Model *

Default Parts:

Treants’ Head

Treants’ Foliage

Treants’ Hands

Treants’ Feet

Treants’ Belt

Base Model:

Windrunner’s Model *

Default Parts:

Windrunner’s Head

Windrunner’s Bow

Windrunner’s Shoulder Pads

Windrunner’s Cape

Windrunner’s Quiver

Base Model:

Hero Animation Updates *

We also have a number of animation updates, including a new set of custom stolen spell animations for Rubick.

Beastmaster’s Animations *

New Animations: teleport, teleport_end, spawn.

Teleport Animation:

Bounty Hunter’s Animations *

New Animations: run_haste, victory, defeat, teleport_in, teleport_end, spawn.

Victory Animation:

Broodmother’s Animations *

New Animations: broodmother_teleport, broodmother_teleport_end.

Teleport Animation:

Clinkz’s Animations *

New Animations: teleport.

Teleport Animation:

Enchantress` Animations *

New Animations: run_haste.

Running Haste Rune Animation:

Lifestealer’s Animations *

New Animations: lifestealer_teleport, lifestealer_teleport_end.

Teleport Animation:

Necrolyte’s Animations *

New Animations: teleport, teleport_end, spawn.

Teleport Animation:

Rubick’s Animations *

New custom stolen spell animations:

Crystal Maiden’s Crystal Nova, Frostbite and Freezing Field.
Shadow Fiend’s Shadowraze and Requiem of Souls.
Omniknight’s Purification, Repel and Guardian Angel.
Windrunner’s Shackleshot, Powershot and Windrun.
Venomancer’s Venomous Gale, Plague Ward and Poison Nova.

Omniknight’s Repel Animation:

Shadow Shaman’s Animations *

New Animations: spawn, shadowshaman_teleport, teleport_end

Teleport Animation:

UI Updates *

We’ve a number of UI updates including a full revamp of the Captain’s Mode spectator interface.

Tournament UI *

Notification for the watch tab:

Notification on the actual tournament page:

The match rating system is now live, the rating will be displayed on the recent games list for that tournament:

Open a tournament match’s detail page will also show the rating and allow you to rate it:

The spectator controls box will also show the rating and allow you to rate the match:

Lobby UI *

The private games lobby now has an option for enforcing a bonus time penalty:


The broadcaster slots are now classed as “channels” and allow for multiple broadcasters to cast over one channel, very useful for casters who have a co-caster with them:

Once in game the spectators will be presented with a box for selecting which broadcaster group they want to use:

Captain’s Mode UI *

The captain’s mode spectator UI has been completely revamped. The new UI makes use of the entire screen space, the built in team system and the hero card selection system.

Start of the game, Radiant’s turn to ban:

Dire’s turn to ban (you can hover over icons (eg. the bans) to see more information):

Part way through the picking/banning process:

The picks are complete and the teams are ready:

Back End Changes *

Updated Strings *

Notification string for new store items:

    "new_store_items"    "NEW STORE ITEMS"

The “Boots of Elves” has finally been renamed to something other than boots, “Band of Elevenskin”:

    "DOTA_Tooltip_Ability_item_boots_of_elves"      "Band of Elvenskin"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_item_boots_of_elves_Lore"              "A tensile fabric often used for its light weight and ease of movement."

Strings for the new broadcaster system:

    "DOTA_Lobby_Broadcast_Title"    "Broadcast Channel %s1"

    "dota_broadcaster_title"        "Select a Broadcaster"
    "dota_broadcaster_no_selection"        "No Broadcaster"

Strings for the new penalty system:

    "DOTA_Lobby_Penalty_Type_Radiant"  "PENALTY - RADIANT"
    "DOTA_Lobby_Penalty_Type_Dire"    "PENALTY - Dire"
    "DOTA_Lobby_Penalty_Level_0"  "None"
    "DOTA_Lobby_Penalty_Level_1"  "Penalty Level 1 (-20 BT)"
    "DOTA_Lobby_Penalty_Level_2"  "Penalty Level 2 (-50 BT)"
    "DOTA_Lobby_Penalty_Level_3"  "Penalty Level 3 (-90 BT)"
    "DOTA_Lobby_Penalty_Radiant"  "RADIANT PENALTY"
    "DOTA_Lobby_Penalty_Dire"    "DIRE PENALTY"

Replays will now show when they’re pending/waiting to become available:

    "MD_Replay_Pending"        "Replay Pending"

Strings for the new match rating system:

    "DOTA_Subscription_Watched" "Watched"

    "DOTA_MatchNoRating"    "No votes"
    "DOTA_MatchRatingLike"    "like"
    "DOTA_MatchRatingLikes"    "likes"
    "DOTA_MatchRatingDislike"    "dislike"
    "DOTA_MatchRatingDislikes"    "dislikes"
    "DOTA_MatchRatingText"    "%s1 - %s2"

References to a “Tournament Drop”, one example is for witnessing “First Blood” (Tobi will never win this one).

    "DOTA_TournamentDrop"        "%s1 has received a prize for witnessing %s2!"
    "DOTA_TournamentDrop_FirstBlood"  "first blood"

More strings relating to the tournament drop, with a “Tournament” item quality and description attributes for Tournament dropped items.

    // Quality
    "tournament"          "Tournament"

    "Attrib_TournamentEventDate"        "Date: %s1"
    "TE_FirstBlood"                "During %s, %s, %s [%s] scored first blood against %s [%s] at %s on %s."

Unreleased Cosmetic Items *

Following on from last week’s unreleased cosmetic item coverage, we have some backpack icon images and a couple of new item additions.

Axe’s Items *

Blood Seeker’s Items *

Bounty Hunter’s Items *

Crystal Maiden’s Items *

Dragon Knight’s Items *

Faceless Void’s Items *

Omniknight’s Items *

Skeleton King’s Items *

Sven’s Items *

Tidehunter’s Items *

Tiny Items *

Tiny has a new material set referenced as “Cave Tiny”.

Tiny 01:

Tiny 02:

Tiny 03:

Tiny 04:


Ursa’s Items *

Unreleased Custom Couriers *

Following on from last week’s update where we had textures for a couple unreleased couriers, we now have some models for those couriers.

Drodo *

Best courier ever? (Sorry Tegu :()

Lockjaw *

League Passes *

There is now an entry for an unreleased league pass for “The Internal” tournament, which was referenced in a recent interview with Erik Johnson.

“item_name”: “The Internal”

“item_description”: “This is the test tournament for the systems that will be used at The International. Watch the best Dota 2 teams in Bellevue compete for the grand prize of being hated by their coworkers.”

Updated Sound Files *

We’ve some new voice work for a couple of the existing heroes and some audio for Roshan.

Axe’s Voicework *

Axe has some new voicework, mainly new ally and rival lines.

You can listen to all of his new dialogue here.


Crystal Maiden’s Voicework *

Crystal Maiden also has some new voicework, mainly new ally and rival lines.

You can listen to all her new dialogue here.


Nightstalker’s Attack Sounds *

Nightstalker has new attack sounds:




Other Sound Files *

Roshan now has a death sound:

Other Changes *

There is a new “pedestal” model, these are used on the player profiles for the hero showcase and on the loadout page.

The new one is referred to as pedestal 2/ground:

We also have more SFM model updates, suggesting that Dota 2 SFM may be coming sometime in the future or maybe Valve are working on a new trailer to show off at TI2?

Materials Update *

We’ve no new materials for the unreleased heroes in this week’s patch.

Particles Update *

No particle updates for the unreleased heroes but we do have some new particles for one of the couriers.

Morok’s Mechanical Mediary Courier *

The flying version of the Morok courier now has it’s own particle effect, although this doesn’t appear to be working in game yet.

Predictions For The Next Hero *

Will return after The International 2012.

Shoutouts *

My friend Jimo is taking part in DI.FM’s “Summer of Hardcore”, so if that type of music is your cup of tea check it out:

An online based Dota 2 Layout Editor has just launched, it’s pretty bloody nifty:

Giveaways *

This week’s blog post comes with a little bit extra, I will be giving away a number of Enduring War Dog couriers and Dota 2 invites, these were kindly donated by the guys over at Dota 2 Traders.

As well as being a helpful resource to traders, Dota 2 Traders are also having their own giveaway with a bunch of other couriers as the prizes.

To enter the competition all you need to do is simply, when leaving a comment put your steam community id or url in there at the end as well, I will pick at random from there and will publish the list of winners next week.

Couple of rules: IP checking is enabled on the comments so no cheating and you must use some form of ID when replying, guest posts won’t be included.