Dota 2 4th July Patch – Content Analysis

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The hero release spree continues with this week’s Dota 2 test patch giving us Disruptor and Undying. You can view the full changelog here.

Front End Changes

New Heroes

Another double hero patch this week bringing the arrival of Disruptor and Undying. 


“High on the wind-ravaged steppes of Druud, a gifted young stormcrafter called Disruptor was the first to unlock the secrets of the summer squalls. Constantly under assault from both seasonal storms and encroachment from civilized kingdoms to the South, the upland Oglodi have for centuries struggled to subsist atop the endless tablelands. They are the fractured remnant of a once-great civilization—a fallen tribe, their stormcraft strange and inscrutable, cobbled together from scraps of lost knowledge which even they no longer fully understand. For those on the high plain, weather has become a kind of religion, worshiped as both the giver and taker of life. But the electrical storms that bring life-sustaining rains arrive at a cost, and many are the charred and smoking corpses left in their wake.

Although small for his kind, Disruptor was fearless, and driven by an insatiable curiosity. While still unblooded and without a stryder, he explored the ruins of the ancestral cities—searching through collapsed and long-moldered libraries, rummaging through rusting manufactories. He took what he needed and returned to his tribe. Adapting a coil of ancient design, he harnessed the power of electrical differential and now calls down the thunder whenever he wishes. Part magic, part craftsmanship, his coils hold in their glowing plates the power of life and death—a power wielded with precision against the landed castes to the South, and any interlopers who cross into ancient Oglodi lands.”


Model Viewer Shots:

In Game Shots:


“How long has it been since he lost his name? The torn ruin of his mind no longer knows.

Dimly he recalls armor and banners and grim-faced kin riding at his side. He remembers a battle: pain and fear as pale hands ripped him from his saddle. He remembers terror as they threw him into the yawning pit of the Dead God alongside his brothers, to hear the Dirge and be consumed into nothingness. In the darkness below, time left them. Thought left them. Sanity left them. Hunger, however, did not. They turned on each other with split fingernails and shattered teeth. Then it came: distant at first, a fragile note at the edge of perception, joined by another, then another, inescapable and unending. The chorus grew into a living wall of sound pulsing in his mind until no other thought survived. With the Dirge consuming him, he opened his arms to the Dead God and welcomed his obliteration. Yet destruction was not what he’d been chosen for. The Dead God demanded war. In the belly of the great nothing, he was granted a new purpose: to spread the Dirge across the land, to rally the sleepless dead against the living. He was to become the Undying, the herald of the Dead God, to rise and fall and rise again whenever his body failed him. To trudge on through death unending, that the Dirge might never end.”


Model Viewer Shots:

Model Viewer Shots (In Flesh Golem Form):

Model Viewer Shots (Minions):

Model Viewer Shots (Tombstone):

In Game Shots:

Also Undying likes Gummy Vitamins.





And his Flesh Golem does as well:





UI Updates

We’ve a few minor UI updates in this patch as well as a new “Featured Hero” option for the player profiles.

Featured Hero

You can now select a hero to show up on your profile as your “Featured Hero”, this hero will be displayed in the same fashion as how the loadout editor works, showing any cosmetic items you’ve equipped.

Replay Skill Level

The replay skill level adjustment from last week’s patch is now reflected in the UI.

Apply Team

In preparation for the upcoming competitive team system, there’s now an option for applying your team to the current private lobby.

The option to apply your team to the lobby:

After applying the team:

Buy Back Notification

A new UI animation is now played when a player buys back, below their top bar portrait the gold buyback symbol will slide down showing you quickly which hero bought back.

Backpack Icons

The unusual paint tool now has a proper backpack icon:

The International 2012 ticket’s icon has been updated:

Profile Tickets

The tickets purchased by the users now show up on their player profile pages.

Visual Updates

We also have a couple of visual updates in this patch.

Pause Effect

Pausing during the game will now apply a desaturation effect:

Wisp’s Tether

The end of Wisp’s Tether’s boundary is now shown off by a different effect.

Normal boundary:

Edge of the boundary:

Rubick’s Static Remnant Skin

The skin used for when Rubick steals Storm Spirit’s Static Remnant has been updated.

Hero Model Updates

Skeleton King’s hero models has been broken up into multiple parts in order to prepare him for cosmetic items.

Skeleton King’s Model Updates

Skeleton King’s model has been broken up into multiple pieces, he now has separate models for his: cape, guantlet, head, shoulder and weapon.

Skeleton King’s base model:

Hero Animation Updates

We’ve a few animation updates for the existing heroes this week and some more new animations for Rubick’s custom stolen spells.

Death Prophet’s Animations

Death Prophet now has teleport scroll animations, teleport and teleport_end.

Teleport Animation:

Doom’s Animations

Doom has received a number of new animations: attack1_injured, attack2_injured, idle_injured, teleport, teleport_end and spawn.

Spawn Animation:

Dragon Knight’s Animations

Dragon Knight also has some new animations: teleport, teleport_end and spawn.

Spawn Animation:

Rubick’s Animations

Rubick continues to receive animation updates, with even more stolen spell animations.

Lion’s Finger of Death Animation:

New animations:

Anti-Mage’s Blink, Mana Void.

Queen of Pain’s Shadow Strike, Blink, Scream of Pain, Sonic Wave.

Viper’s Viper Strike.

Night Stalker’s Void, Crippling Fear, Darkness.

Axe’s Culling Blade.

Pudge’s Dismember.

Bane’s Brain Sap, Fiend’s Grip.

Lion’s Earth Spike, Mana Drain, Finger of Death.

Custom Courier Updates

The Enduring War Dog courier has been updated with an alternative skin.

Enduring War Dog Courier

The Enduring War Dog now has an extra skin, the extra skin looks like it’s intended to been shown off during The Defense tournament matches.

The courier also has a custom particle effect (which are normally used on the unusual couriers):

New Shopkeeper

The Dire’s secret shopkeeper has now been updated with animations and has implemented into the game.

Cosmetic Items Update

We’ve a texture update for one of the existing cosmetic items.

Juggernaut’s Items

Juggernaut’s Grand Claive of the Unshamed has had its textured updated.

New Texture:

Old Texture:

Back End Changes

Updated Strings

We now have confirmation that Slark is being worked on:

    "npc_dota_hero_slark"        "Slark"

Slark’s ability strings:

    // SLARK
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_dark_pact"                  "Dark Pact"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_dark_pact_Description"            "After a short delay, Slark sacrifices some of his life blood, purging negative debuffs and dealing damage to enemy units around him and to himself.  Slark only takes 50%% of the damage."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_dark_pact_Lore"                ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_dark_pact_delay"              "DELAY:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_dark_pact_radius"              "RADIUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_dark_pact_total_damage"            "DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_pounce"                    "Pounce"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_pounce_Description"              "Slark leaps forward, grabbing the first he connects with.  That unit takes damage and is leashed to Slark, and can only move a limited distance away from Slark's landing position."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_pounce_Lore"                ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_pounce_pounce_distance"            "DISTANCE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_pounce_pounce_damage"            "POUNCE DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_pounce_leash_duration"            "LEASH DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_pounce_leash_radius"            "LEASH RADIUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_essence_shift"                "Essence Shift"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_essence_shift_Description"          "Slark steals the life essence of enemies with his attacks, draining all their attributes and converting them to bonus Agility."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_essence_shift_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_essence_shift_agi_gain"            "AGILITY GAINED:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_essence_shift_stat_loss"          "ALL ATTRIBUTE LOSS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_essence_shift_duration"            "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_shadow_dance"                "Shadow Dance"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_shadow_dance_Description"          "Slark hides himself in a cloud of shadows, becoming invisible, gaining bonus movement speed and regeneration while not seen by enemies.  Attacking, casting spells, and using items do not end Shadow Dance."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_shadow_dance_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_shadow_dance_duration"            "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_shadow_dance_bonus_movement_speed"      "%BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_slark_shadow_dance_bonus_regen_pct"        "%HEALTH GAINED PER SECOND:"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_slark_pounce_leash"              "Leashed"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_slark_pounce_leash_Description"        "Leashed to Slark, can only move a limited distance away."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_slark_essence_shift"              "Essence Shift"          
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_slark_essence_shift_Description"        "Stealing %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_STATS_AGILITY_BONUS% agility."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_slark_essence_shift_debuff"          "Essence Shift"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_slark_essence_shift_debuff_Description"    "Losing %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_STATS_AGILITY_BONUS% of each attribute."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_slark_shadow_dance"              "Shadow Dance"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_slark_shadow_dance_Description"        "Gaining %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_MOVESPEED_BONUS_PERCENTAGE%%% bonus movement speed and regerating %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_HEALTH_REGEN_PERCENTAGE%%% of max HP per second."


There are now strings that refer to the “default courier”, at a guess we may be able to share custom couriers or see who purchased the custom courier:

    "Inventory_Default_Courier"        "Default Courier"
    "DOTA_Inventory_Courier_Purchaser"    "Owned By:"  

The string for the new “apply team” feature:

    "DOTA_Lobby_UserMenu_ApplyTeam"    "Apply my team to this lobby"

Strings for the new hero showcase:

    "hero_showcase_title"                    "FEATURED HERO"
    "hero_showcase_change"                    "CHANGE HERO"
    "hero_showcase_show_in_profile"                "Use this hero in my profile"

Fred Tatasciore has been credited for doing the voice work for both Disruptor and Undying:

    "DOTA_ActorCredits"          "nFred Tatasciore - Disruptor, Warlock's Golem, Spirit Breaker, Treant Protector, Undying, Ursa"


Updates to the tournament watch tab which suggest that we will be able to rate the replays in the future and see how many people have viewed them:

    "DOTA_Subscription_Website"  "Tournament Website"
    "DOTA_Subscription_Match"  "Match"
    "DOTA_Subscription_Time"  "Time"
    "DOTA_Subscription_Rating"  "Rating"
    "DOTA_Subscription_Viewers"  "Viewers"
    "DOTA_Partial_Team"      "Partial Team Used"

Unreleased Hero’s Ability Icons Updates

We’ve some more updates to the unreleased hero ability icons.

Templar Assassin’s Ability Icons



Unreleased Cosmetic Items

We’ve a bunch of unreleased cosmetic items in this patch, most of them are items from the Dota 2 workshop. *

* Disclaimer: These items are still work in progress and might never be in the game, no freaking out allowed, thanks.

Custom Announcers

There are now references to a Storm Spirit announcer pack and also references to a “Pirate Cap’n” pack from the workshop:

    "DOTA_Item_Announcer_Storm_Spirit"    "Announcer: Storm Spirit"
    "DOTA_Item_Desc_Announcer_Storm_Spirit"    ""
    "DOTA_Item_Announcer_Pirate_Capn"    ""
    "DOTA_Item_Desc_Announcer_Pirate_Capn"    ""
    "DOTA_Item_MegaKills_Pirate_Capn"    ""

Axe’s Cosmetic Items

Bounty Hunter’s Cosmetic Items

Crystal Maiden’s Cosmetic Items

Dragon Knight’s Cosmetic Items

Faceless Void’s Cosmetic Items

Juggernaut’s Cosmetic Items

Omniknight’s Cosmetic Items

Phantom Assassin’s Cosmetic Items

Phantom Lancer’s Cosmetic Items

Sven’s Cosmetic Items

Tidehunter’s Cosmetic Items

Tiny’s Cosmetic Items

The materials for the Glacial Tiny workshop submission are now also in the files.

Tiny 01:

Tiny 02:

Tiny 03:

Tiny 04:

Witch Doctor’s Cosmetic Items

Unreleased Custom Couriers

We’ve another new/unreleased courier with this week’s patch and some updates to Tegu.

Turtle Rider Courier

Tegu Courier

The Tegu courier has had all of it’s animations redone.

Materials Update

We have one set of updated materials in this week’s patch.

Templar Assassin’s Materials


Particles Update

We’ve particle updates for a couple of unreleased heroes in this week’s patch.

Naga Siren’s Particles

Templar Assassin’s Particles

Predictions For The Next Hero

Now that Valve has finished Disruptoring things, I believe that Templar Assassin will be the next hero to be released.


I have a couple of shoutouts this week.


This week’s shoutout is for Valve, in order for this patch to reach us this week it means that they’ve decided to skip taking today’s Independence Day holiday.

That’s dedication for you. Thanks Valve.


Happy Birthday Megan. :)

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