Dota 2 20th June Patch – Mini Content Analysis

June 21st, 2012 by Cyborgmatt Leave a reply »

The Dota 2 test patch I covered earlier in the week has now made its way onto the main client. There are a couple of extra additions and updates from the previous analysis.

Front End Changes

UI Updates

We’re now aware of some extra functionality the announcer selection UI provides. If a player inside of your current match has a custom announcer pack equipped, then all of the players inside of that game will be allowed to use that pack for the duration of the match.

Hero Animation Updates

More progress has been made on Rubick’s model before adding to the live client.

Rubick’s Animations Update

Rubick has gotten some new animations, which includes more custom stolen spell animations.


Beastmaster’s stolen primal roar animation GIF:

Dota 2 Store Update

As well as the items covered in the previous analysis, we’ve a couple more additions and some icon updates.

New Bundles

We’ve two new bundles in the store.

Collection of Couriers Pack

Includes the following cute and cuddly couriers:

Assembly of Announcers Pack

Includes the following often ostentatious and always amusing announcers:

New Announcers

The announcer packs now have proper icons.

Announcer: Dr. Kleiner

Announcer: Juggernaut

Mega-Kills: Juggernaut

Announcer: Nature’s Prophet

Mega-Kills: Nature’s Prophet

Back End Changes

Item Schema Updates

We’ve some more updates to the item schema, revealing more details on the strange essences and the latest series of chests.

Strange Modifiers

The “strange essences” have now been renamed to “strange modifiers”, we also have a list of what modifiers will be available and how they work. They will basically give an extra tracking attribute to an already existing strange item.

Strange Modifier: Godlikes

“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also track the number of godlike killing sprees you obtain while wearing it.”

Strange Modifier: First Blood

“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also track the number of first bloods you obtain while wearing it.”

Strange Modifier: Wards Placed

“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also track the number of wards you place while wearing it.”

Strange Modifier: Gold Earned

“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also track the number of gold you earn while wearing it. The gold earned stat will update at the end of a match.”

Strange Modifier: Gold Spent

“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also track the number of gold you spend while wearing it. The gold spent stat will update at the end of a match.”

Strange Modifier: Towers Destroyed

“Adding this Strange Modifier to a strange item of your choice will allow it to also track the number of gold you earn while wearing it. The gold earned stat will update at the end of a match.”

Treasure Chests

It appears that there are now three new sets of chests, two new series of the older (Juggernaut and Nature’s Prophet) chests and a new chest for Axe.

Bonus Item

In the prior content analysis I listed a string update referencing to chests potentially awarding an extra bonus item:

      "Econ_Additional_Crate_Drop" "In addition, this crate has a chance of containing an extra bonus item:"

The latest item schema update gives us an idea about what this bonus item maybe. The three new sets of chests now have an extra set of attributes attached to them.

        "chance"    "0.150000"
        "premium_only"    "0"
        "loot_list"    "crate_bonus_a"

The loot list for “crate_bonus_a” is:

      "75 Battle Bonus (3 Days)"    "1"

Which means that any chest coming with an “extra bonus item”, will most likely be a Battle Bonus.

Juggernaut’s Chest – Chest Series #3

Juggernaut now has a new chest with a different loot list than his previous one.

      "juggernaut_kill_eater_b"    "1"
      "strange_modifiers_a"    "1"
        "chance"    "0.150000"
        "premium_only"    "0"
        "loot_list"    "crate_bonus_a"

The loot list for this chest:

      "Four-Fangs the Swordbreaker"    "1"
      "100-Proof Jug"    "1"
      "Relic Blade of the Kuur-Ishiminari"    "1"
      "Prey-Tracker's Aspect Mask"    "1"
      "Stoic Mask of the High Plains"    "1"

You’ll notice that there’s also a “strange_modifiers_a” in his loot list, it’s most likely referring to the fact that the strange modifiers I mentioned above will come from chests.

      "Strange Modifier: Godlikes"    "1"
      "Strange Modifier: Towers Destroyed"    "1"

Nature’s Prophet’s Chest – Chest Series #4

Nature’s Prophet also has a new chest with a different loot list than his previous one.

      "furion_kill_eater_b"    "1"
      "strange_modifiers_b"    "1"
        "chance"    "0.150000"
        "premium_only"    "0"
        "loot_list"    "crate_bonus_a"

Loot List:

      "Diadem of the Goddess Enthroned"    "1"
      "Beard of Cycles"    "1"
      "Flared Wooden Crest"    "1"
      "Luxuriant Chin-Foliage"    "1"
      "Cape of Verdant Dreaming"    "1"

Strange Modifiers:

      "Strange Modifier: Gold Earned"    "1"
      "Strange Modifier: Gold Spent"    "1"

Axe’s Chest – Chest Series #5

The first new addition since the two original hero treasure chest series.

      "axe_kill_eater_a"    "1"
      "strange_modifiers_c"    "1"
        "chance"    "0.150000"
        "premium_only"    "0"
        "loot_list"    "crate_bonus_a"

Loot List:

      "Berserker's Pauldron"    "1"
      "Berserker's Helm"    "1"
      "Berserker's Belt"    "1"
      "Demon Blood Armor"    "1"
      "Demon Blood Guard"    "1"

Strange Modifiers:

      "Strange Modifier: First Blood"    "1"
      "Strange Modifier: Wards Placed"    "1"

  • AinEstonia

    In the description of ” Strange Modifier: Towers Destroyed,” you accidentally rewrote the description of “Strange Modifier: Gold Earned.” 

    Love you! Keep up the good work :)

    • Cyborgmatt

      It’s actually like that in the schema, so it’s Valve’s mistake.

      • Steadfast

         Cyborgmatt is never wrong…except when it comes to Treant Protector

        • Tornado

          and rubick

          • Aiacossaiyar

            And Invoker

          • Guess0

             And Mortred and Hero-less patches

  • MMOStars – ORZ

    Second. Woke up, saw update, went to 😉

  • Drulia-san

    Thanks for your blog CyborgMatt 😀 It’s interesting to know more about every update.

  • CountBale

    Will Series 1 and 2 chests still drop? And what happened to series 4?

    • Malibu Stacey

      Cyborgmatt labelled the Natures Prophet & Axe chests wrong. If you look at the item schema he pasted they’re labelled as #4 & #5 respectively.

      • Cyborgmatt


  • Tsoojkovski

    60 euro for a bunch of couriers? is Valve having trouble hanging on to the FTP model?

    • Malibu Stacey

      Yeah because you need to buy the pack to play the game right?
      Oh wait…


       over 20$ for a new Ezreal skin in LoL. Is Riot having trouble hanging on to the FTP model?

      • Playerthirteen

        Holy cow! Never new individual skins cost that much in LoL!

        • Playerthirteen


          • Irv60

             That’s a legendary skin, changes his skill particle effects, sound, voice acting and animation.

          • Nancy

            All of HoN’s ‘legendary’ skins (i.e. basically 80% of all skins) are $10 or less.

          • Fff

            You can’t really compare. S2 just keeps rushing skins that are very terrible in quality. I don’t think $20 for a skin is justified, but I can see why that particular skin is wroth it. HoN however, almost none of the skins is worth over 5 bucks and many HoN players agree. 

          • Hider

            Its a one time kinda thing, this skin has been worked on for like 9 months or something, but the skin changes pretty much everything about the char and is pretty sweet. very megaman-ish

          • Andrew Awesomeness

            Actualy it’s lame new model, that doesn’t cost 20$. I can’t belive it took 9 month to create..

          • RandomPoem

            That’s because LoL is godawful.

          • Aetos

             You mean it’s like Tiny? The extra features that make it more expensive are exactly what Tiny does.

          • Reaper

            Skins in LoL other than PFE cost $5-$10, 90% of them cost $10. Then there are legendary skins which cost $20, not many of them out though. Finally we have PFE, coming in at about $30. There are more skins like this one planned.

          • Asfastasican

            Only the “legendary” skins, a.k.a. most expensive ones with a lot of added details and voice actor work.

          • Emeegeemee

             only for legendary skins, but it all depends

          • Gues

             They usually don’t.
            That skin makes it look/talk/animate like a comply new hero,  guess they are trying to justify the price with that.

        • Jarrod Partington

           If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it.
          Basic economics, if NO ONE pays for it, the price will fall…
          Clearly if the price remains high, people are paying for it.

        • Magicpork

          this is a legendary skin and it’s far cooler than all other lol skins no wonder they’re charging a premium for it. many other skins are a lot cheaper

    • MMOStars – ORZ

      They aren’t, they know the can rip off such amounts of money due to kiddies paying any sum for cosmetics. 

    • DeadlyGrim

      You don’t really understand how the FTP model works, do you? There’s two main ways to make money off of it: 1) encouraging people to make small but continual payments on it and/or 2) exploiting whales i.e. big spenders. Keys and chests take care of 1 and bundles take care of 2.

      Valve is probably the best of the FTPers, especially with DotA. While it’s a bit annoying having items actually do something in TF2, the purely cosmetic items in DotA that you can still get in-game are a great way for Valve to make money out the wazoo without turning it into Pay-to-Win.

    • K.D.I.

      you’re not required to buy it though :/

    • Boh

       So apparently you need a custom courier to play the game. Huh, living and learning.

  • david71119

    I wish I had a key :/ Anyone has a spare one? Steam ID: david71119

  • Forestmoon

    I only wish dota 2 store would be open to china asap. We chinese players are now not accessible to the interesting items. Even a little key!!!!

  • Noj Kunnath

    “premium_only” “0”um, this is kinda scary. I hope there is no premium subscription or service.

    • MisterLurker

      It might be something like tf2, where you just need to make a single purchase in the dota 2 store

      • Meister

        Already is. Buy one item and you get a new “DLC” for Dota 2 which expands your backpack etc.

    • Cyborgmatt

      It’s either something that has come over from TF2 or most likely just use to dictate between the players have used the store once and the F2P players who haven’t.

      I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • Joe

    Do people actually buy this garbage?

  • Animalgreed

    Am i the only idiot that fell for the Announcer scam? traded a yak for a megakill announcer (didnt even know about the mega kill announcer) i feel so stupid now :(

  • Jovpsy

    Gota da dota2 now can any1 donate me a deacent pc so i can play it :S

  • 坏 李

    thanks for the nice work. Er, could you plz work out  a post about the item scheme? like every level of the item and the differences between them or with the items of the same ones from the chests in particles etc. And also the couriers with amazing particles thx

  • Udin

    can u know the chance to get items when u open boxes?

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