Dota 2 – Cosmetic Items Preview

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I have been busy testing a few bits and bats this weekend and I can now show you some previews of potential upcoming cosmetic items for Dota 2.

Dota 2 Cosmetic Items

We already have a few of the cosmetic item models for Dota 2, either from when the beta leaked or when Valve accidently shipped a patch with them in. Remember this is just a small preview and items listed here are work in progress and may or may not be added into Dota 2 and do represent the final quality of the items, they’re all old/WIP models with low quality textures etc.

Juggernaut’s Cosmetic Items Preview

Going off the item schema, Juggernaut is going to have a lot of different items/sets of cosmetic items, a few of the models for these items showed up in one of the patches a while ago and were quickly removed after Valve noticed.

Juggernaut’s In Game Screenshots

Juggernaut’s Model Viewer Screenshots

Juggernaut’s Items

The Three-Fold Mien of the Boar God mask.

The Seven-Sealed the Fur bracer.

The Twelve-Tusks the Cape of Boars cape.

The Four-Fangs the Swordbreaker sword.

Windrunner’s Cosmetic Items Preview

Another one of the items that turned up in that patch was a hood for Windrunner. The hair glitching through the hood is a bug which you can ignore for the time being.

Windrunner’s In Game Screenshots

Windrunner’s Model Viewer Screenshots

Tidehunter’s Cosmetic Items Preview

Tidehunter’s cosmetic items are still currently in the files, he has an alternative texture for his base model which is referred to as Orca Tidehunter and he also has a whale hook model for replacing the anchor.

Tidehunter’s In Game Screenshots

Tidehunter’s Model Viewer Screenshots

Axe’s Cosmetic Items Preview

Axe’s cosmetic items were seen originally in the leaked beta client, the items are all untextured and don’t fit properly, very WIP, just basic shape modelling for the moment.

Axe’s In Game Screenshots

Axe’s Model Viewer Screenshots

Axe’s (Updated) Cosmetic Items Preview

I have managed to get some older models and textures working in game, it gives you a bit more idea of what Axe’s cosmetic items will look like.

Axe’s (Updated) In Game Screenshots

Axe’s (Updated) Model Viewer Screenshots

The physics on his weapon do not work in the model viewer, also it isn’t textured.

Anti-Mage’s Cosmetic Items Preview

Anti-Mage currently only has one cosmetic item which is a model version of the Manta Style item which he wields instead of his normal weapons.

Anti-Mage’s In Game Screenshots

Anti-Mage’s Model Viewer Screenshots

Kunkka’s Cosmetic Items Preview

Kunkka has a number of cosmetic item models (hats, spy glass, harpoon, tooth necklace and a peg leg). At the time of original post I was missing a few of these models but thanks to Terin I have them now.

Kunkka’s In Game Screenshots

He’s missing a foot and it isn’t possible to get a lot of his cosmetic items working in game yet, see the model viewer screenshots below for the rest of his items.

Kunkka’s Model Viewer Screenshots

Tricorne hat:

Bicorne hat:


  • Kyousuke Maeda

    AM’s weapon WTF!

  • Poodididi

    These look bad, and should not be in DotA. Keep everything looking the same, I dont want to die to a hero because I didn’t know who it was because of his cape.

    Mod Edit: Removed the derogatory remark.

    • Blablabal

      Your THAT stupid to be confused by cosmetic?

      • the_bunny


        • Josh A Hillary

          Why is this the only grammatical error people on the internet point out?

          • Jonathan Goldman

            Because if you’re going to call somebody stupid, at least make sure you’ve got your own shit together.

          • Pickupsticks

            Implying grammar/spelling is a good method of telling when someone has “their shit together” 😀

          • Badspleling


          • Supbrah

            Go to bed Ogre Magi.

          • Kirves

            I perfectly understood you, though. That’s what communication is for. Anyone arguing against your “poor spelling” is just being a contrarian. It’s hip now-a-days to criticize people’s grammar simply for the sake of criticizing people’s grammar.

          • Guest

             Yes, it is. If you run around insulting someone else calling them stupid without even being able to spell stupid, you probably don’t have your shit together.

          • Kirves

            Your post is fallacious (tu quoque).

        • DrQuint

           I like to think those are intentional

    • binOsbi

      What the..?

    • Skab

      They’re fine. You can’t honestly sit there and tell me that you can’t tell who any of those heroes are just by looking at them.

      They’re going to happen. The game is going to use the Workshop, so fans will get to make items as well, so even more will happen.

      Accept it. Get over it. Move on.

      • guest

         Thanks to these the game will be free. Get over it.

      • Workapproachingon

        Shutdown your mind!
        Its not working Its Not Its not!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tractorel

      It’s a *COSMETIC* item preview.

    • Dicktator

       Holy shit are you seriously going to tell me that you aren’t going to recognize fucking Windrunner with a tiny red cape wich has the exact same color as her hair ?

      Why don’t you just admit that you’re short on money, so because you can’t afford 0.50 cents items you’ll cry because others will get them.

      Also Juggz is looking sick as fuck

      • iAxX

        Thank you for saying exactly what I had in mind.

      • Sanket Parab

        I would rather spend $60 and buy the game and not have free-loading trolls ruining my games everyday.
        Better yet, keep the game paid AND keep the in-game store. Gets rid of the noobs and keeps everyone happy.

    • Peter N

      While I understand where he is coming from, since sometimes in HoN the hero models are completely changed, it seems they will just be adding/changing armour and weapons for DotA, which is totally acceptable and I doubt would even be possible to confuse people.

      • Loveless

        If you are surprised when one of the five heroes, that you know are on the enemy team because it is visible from many different menus, kill you and then rage about how you couldn’t recognize them… You have problems.

        I mean think about the Pokemon shadows in the TV show, you ALWAYS knew who it was once you got familiar with them all.

        • Kirves

          A single tear came out at that Pokemon reference.

    • Alex Ghost Jones

       How can’t you recognize the heroes ?

    • Michael

      I have to disagree with you. You can easily tell which hero is which still. The only one I can see being a little further out there is the orca skin for Tidehunter, and even then he has the same shape and style as Tidehunter. Valve worked heavily on silhouettes being identifiable in Team Fortress 2 so people knew who they were fighting against, what team that person was on and what that person was using weapon-wise. Team Fortress 2 has been a heavy testing ground for Valve, so they will use what they’ve learned there and apply it to Dota 2.

    • You’re a scrub

       You’re a fucking idiot.

    • Ralestus

      Really? They shouldn’t add cosmetics because you are too stupid to recognize Wndruner with a different cape? How the fuck do you expect them to make money without a cosmetic store? Would you rather them just sell heroes?

    • Pwny

       You totally wouldn’t be able to tell what hero spins around with his sword like a madman.

    • Crafg

      I agree. We can spot them who they are as of now but on the gameplay, we have other things to be concerned about and we may have missed out who and what our foe when we accidentally confront them.

      There’ll be a lot of heroes around with new cosmetics and that would really create a big confusion. Unless if it is a game 1 vs 1, but the problem is, it is 5 vs 5.

      I do agree with you. These cosmetics must be STOP. Please maintain the ORIGINAL. Some models I see are too over designed make it look odd (and fugly).

      No offense. I’m just a great fan of the Originals.

    • Cyborgmatt

      Congratulations, you made me facepalm.

    • Workapproachingon

      Facepalm is mmonsterkillll

    • Bunker Buster

      u mad cuz u bad

  • Nightmare

    2 mantas on AM

    • Suhov

      SO, if you need 2 Mantas for AM, ypu’ll need 2 boots aswell? 😉

  • Kevinriz9r

    i like more pls

  • Matheusdelucenaemello

    i liked jugger and wind, AM with the manta on hands i didnt like, i think the weapons is the trademark of AM and you take it off. Axe i didnt like too. just a critic. I like your work, i trying help

    • Jokes

      Then.. dont use em? Holy shit

    • John Kelly

      This guy thinks CyborgMatt made these.

      • James

        Cyborgmatt FTFY 

      • Streetfarm

         Alot of people do. Check previous content analysis post’s comments.

        • hmmm

           Ppl are pretty retarded. They dont like to thing too much. That is why in usa there are safety labels on everything.

          • stfu_hmmm

             Says the dude who can’t spell properly.

      • Václav Pokorný

        For some reason people confuse CyborgMatt with Valve and vice versa quite often

  • rockbobby

    I don’t mind cosmetic items as long as it doesn’t go to TF2 levels of ridiculousness…

    • Mcore

      If you mean that Item Sets give bonuses then yeah I really hope not

      But if you mean how crazy the items are, then BRING IT ON.

  • Cevan

    It’s funny that AM is holding Manta styles xD

  • Workapproachingon

    Downloading Link for Juggernaut Mask

  • Workapproachingon

    Downloading Link for Juggernaut Mask

  • Jackson Thomas Kidd

    It will be hats all over again D:

  • Thealmightyjacob

    These look good. Don’t like Axe’s not sure wtf it is really. Anti-Mage literally looks like he has 2 manta styles which is cool.

  • shutterfly

    I don”t mind the cosmetics but AM gets to wield manta style? I’m not sure if want

    • Coremore

      Are you dumb? It’s not gonna be THE manta style…. He’s not gonna start out with a mid-game item just cuz the player bought the cosmetic… Shut up and think before you write

  • mr9sky

    That screenshot of Orca Tide’s ult is BADASS!!!

    Great wallpaper!

  • gray

    the jugg is cool, WR is okay… for kunkka maybe it’d be cool if it’s a real jack sparrow.. i don’t like the Am with the two axes that definitely looks like a real manta style item.. it makes him lose the aura of an ‘anti mage’ seriously.. axe’s cosmetic would be better with different color i guess, and seriously tide orca lacks of something that makes him scary. he isnt a friendly free willy IMO. just opinion :) sorry if there’s some unintended bad words

  • Matheusdelucenaemello

    OK, KUNKA LOOKS AMAZING! cyborg, you work for valve? i just wanna have sure..

    • SK.i-Net

      No, he isn’t.

  • GigaCake

    Oh yey! These’ll be super, especially alternate Juggernaut masks!

    But what’s Pudge gonna get? Hopefully not a chef’s hat or a hair net! XD

  • Kelly Ong Xiao Wei


  • Aaron

     This looks good and tasteful.

    You can see who is who, which is important!

    Still I hope for a feature to disable cosmetics client-side :)

  • DeusFerreus

    That “bicorne” is still a tricorne.

    • Cyborgmatt

      Whoops, mixed up a couple of images, thanks for pointing it out.

  • Somebody

    Needs more hats. Valve is good at making hats.

  • stranger

    i want to comment about the new dashboard and new hero picker. the dashboard looks nice but the hero picker is not a good idea. i like the old hero picker. its more simple and looks like original dota picker.

  • JacobyDakota


  • Lizard


    This statement is true.

  • Managor

    Atleast the heroes look the same unlike in HoN

  • Svyaga

     The idea of cosmetic items is not very bad, but as I can remember, there will be also different models for the skills themselves, and THIS I don’t like. Imagine having to remember every model for a single spell to just know what has been thrown on you!

    • Kirves

      AFAIK, the animation changes are only on ultimates. You should know who uses which ultimate.

  • Aiacossaiyar

    Give some option to not have the cosmetic items visible;i will complain no more

  • Ro

    duuuude, from Illidan’s Demon Edges that Magina had, now he got to some trash axes??? fail!

    I like the ideas for Alleria and Yurnero tho’

  • Gantev

    cool this means the game will be free :D:D:D:D also red riding hood wr :X



  • zzap

     lol jugger looks like hollow ichigo from bleach

  • Nightblinded


  • xantraz

    I’m actually afraid of fps drops soon after the release. Are these cosmetics have their own LODs?

  • Kirves

    IMO, they shouldn’t use weapons of items in the game, because it creates a confusing scenario where you see an Anti-Mage with manta style blades and might somehow construe that he actually has Manta Style on him. This could sort-of be problematic for new players, no?

  • SmokeBuddha

    @ workapproachingon THIS REALLY WORKS woot this jugger looks so epic 😀 tyvm, have u any more of those? i would want these axe ones, did u make these? pls contact me via mail or smth : o
    link bump it works *weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* sorry for spam and pretty useless post

  • Elfie

    I hope these are not done yet…. like the windrunner skin does not look complete… Or the anti mage skin…. inly one that looks genuinly different is the tidehunter skin and the windrunner cape :/ they need to add a lot more to these skins…

  • no life king

    what about SHADOW FIEND?!?!? i play him so much but he has no items :(