Dota 2 April Fool’s Patch – Content Analysis

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April 2nd Update:

The Dota 2 test client has had a minor update early in the week, initially this patch slipped by me until I saw someone mention about another music track being added besides the ones we got the March 27th patch so after checking through the files I found some other interesting changes.

Front End Changes

We only have a minor front end change this week which is the inclusion of more music layers.

Updated Sound Files






Back End Changes

This patch contains strings and references to a new hero, as well as a screenshot of the hero in the GFX files, similar to how we found the early Krobelus image.

Updated Strings

There are strings referencing to a new hero that I’m unaware of.

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_voracious_appetite"            "Voracious Appetite"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_voracious_appetite_Description"      "Instantly consumes a creep, therefore gaining a permanent 4 strength. Sobek will lose this strength when he dies. If used on an enemy hero, will cause them to be maimed by 25% for 3 seconds and will steal strenth on a temporary basis."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_voracious_appetite_Lore"        "Sobek takes a bite out of something tasty."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_voracious_appetite_max_creeps"      "MAX CREEPS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_voracious_appetite_strength_stolen"    "STRENGTH STOLEN:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_voracious_appetite_tooltip_duration"  "STRENGTH STEAL DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_link_of_fortitude"            "Link of Fortitude"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_link_of_fortitude_Description"      "Creates a link on an ally that will cause them to take less damage. The remaining damage is taken by Sobek. Damage taken by Sobek is converted to magical damage."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_link_of_fortitude_Lore"          "Sobek feels the pain intended for his friends."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_link_of_fortitude_ally_damage"      "DAMAGE ALLY TAKES:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_link_of_fortitude_self_damage"      "DAMAGE SOBEK TAKES:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_link_of_fortitude_breaking_point"    "LINK BREAKING POINT:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_link_of_fortitude_tooltip_duration"    "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_protective_hide"            "Protective Hide"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_protective_hide_Description"      "As Sobek's life decreases, his magic resistance is increased. For every 10% of HP he is missing, he will gain magic resistance."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_protective_hide_Lore"          "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_protective_hide_magic_resistance"    "MAGIC RESISTANCE GAINED:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_absorption"                "Absorption"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_absorption_Description"        "When cast, Sobek will drain the life of units within a 700 AoE for 5 seconds. This is a non-channeling ability. The amount drained is based on Sobek's missing hit points."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_absorption_Lore"            "Health of the living is drained into the depths of Sobek."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_sobek_absorption_max_hp_drained"      "MAX MISSING HP DRAINED:"
    "npc_dota_hero_sobek_bio"                      ""
    "npc_dota_hero_sobek_hype"                      ""

Unreleased Hero Update

Sobek already has WIP/Comedy styled ability icons, a WIP portrait and there’s even a shot of him inside one of the GFX files.


Below is the screenshot from the GFX files, the only way this could have gotten inside the file is by Valve themselves.

This week I’m trying something different, I let the guys at DotaCinema put a video together which goes into detail on his abilities etc.


Predictions For The Next Hero

There is no patch next week but I will carry on with my prediction from last week, so the next time we get an update I’m predicting that we’ll be getting Brewmaster.

April 2nd Update

Big thanks for Fruxx for the artwork, you’ll probably remember him for the Gabe Newell hero he created (see below).

KB for the icons, tooltips, overlays etc, DotaCinema for the hero concept and video, Dota 2 Wiki for playing along and Dota 2 Sounds for the fake sound clip video.

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    You LET them put together a video? That was very kind of you.

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    april fools

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    “Dota 2 29th March Patch – Content Analysis”   – Posted “April 1st”

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      Like I said, I was a bit late on the post. :)

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         ahaa thats good =) rely like him so hope he comes sooooon =D

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        Where are those alleged ability strings ? There’s nothing like that in ressourcesdota_english.txt

      • Cp_vestergaard

        Guys i just found something coooool! If you go to the dota 2 wiki then click on unreleased content you can that sobek is on the top right in the dire heroes. While it probably is just April fools crap, that crap could become something real.

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          It is an april fool joke but it woud be really cool to have a hero like sobek in the game

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    Not sure if troll….

  • Guest

    Not sure if troll….

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    Hi, Cyborg may i ask how to find these things?

    How do you dig this kind of info inside the game?

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    this may be for trolling, why would they put a hero that wasnt in the original dota

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    his eyes remind me of lazy creators on spore that are too lazy to adjust the eyes of their creations 😛

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    Even if this was an April Fools, he seems like a good tank!

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    Hah great prank ! 😀 The best part is that his skills seems logic and balanced 😉 and this style of WIP icons, exactly fits valve’s style… Masterpiece of fakes! 

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    1. maybe Valve just trolling people 2. New Skins?
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    DotaCinema said it was 100% legit.
    If it’s real, I’ll shit bricks

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      100% Legit on April Fools.


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    Checked the files, nothing.

    Also Dirge 2.0 .  Except that Dirge has a better pushing and slow.

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    this is the kind of jokes that I love, the ones who make fake anounce, or making an anounce look fake .

    If is real, I kind of like the character, this game need more tank heroes.

    If is fake, that’s a really good desing.

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    Has anyone wondered if this was posted on April 1st so that we would all think it was an April fools joke, when the real joke is it isn’t a joke? Just a thought.

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    the next hero is nightcrawler or someone we already know, dota 2 cinema is just kinda messin with us hence april fools. still love you guys

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    why no patch this week?? why??

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      Everyone at Valve is having their yearly trip to Hawaii. They’ll be back next week.

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    Can you guys let valve know we still want this hero? He has a sick model. 

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