Dota 2 April 26th Patch – Item Icons Update

April 26th, 2012 by Cyborgmatt Leave a reply »

The Dota 2 item icons have been updated once again, you can see a full comparison between the the old, new and updated versions of the icons in the table below.

Feedback for these icons can be provided on the Dota 2 Dev forum here: Item Icon Feedback

Item Name New Icon (Updated) New Icon Old Icon
Abyssal Blade
Ancient Janggo
Arcane Boots
Armlet Active
Belt Of Strength
Battle Fury
Black King Bar
Blades Of Attack
Blade Mail
Blade Of Alacrity
Boots Of Elves
Bottle Doubledamage
Bottle Empty
Bottle Haste
Bottle Illusion
Bottle Invisibility
Bottle Medium
Bottle Regeneration
Bottle Small
Dagon 2
Dagon 3
Dagon 4
Dagon 5
Demon Edge
Diffusal Blade
Diffusal Blade 2
Energy Booster
Ethereal Blade
Flying Courier
Force Staff
Greater Crit
Hand Of Midas
Heavens Halberd
Helm Of Iron Will
Helm Of The Dominator
Hood Of Defiance
Invis Sword
Lesser Crit
Magic Stick
Magic Wand
Mask Of Madness
Medallion Of Courage
Mithril Hammer
Monkey King Bar
Mystic Staff
Necronomicon 2
Necronomicon 3
Null Talisman
Oblivion Staff
Ogre Axe
Orb Of Venom
Phase Boots
Point Booster
Poor Mans Shield
Power Treads
Power Treads Agi
Power Treads Int
Power treads Str
Quelling Blade
Radiance Inactive
Recipe Scroll
Ring Of Aquila
Ring Of Aquila Active
Ring Of Basilius
Ring Of Basilius Active
Ring Of Health
Ring Of Protection
Ring Of Regen
Rod Of Atos
Sange And Yasha
Shivas Guard
Smoke Of Deceit
Sobi Mask
Soul Booster
Soul Ring
Staff Of Wizardry
Stout Shield
Talisman Of Evasion
Town Portal Scroll
Tranquil Boots
Tranquil Boots Active
Boots of Travel
Ultimate Orb
Ultimate Scepter
Urn Of Shadows
Veil Of Discord
Vitality Booster
Void Stone
Ward Observer
Ward Sentry
Wraith Band
  • JosuE

    Thanks for table comparission

  • Robby Sonnenberg

    They look…improved. But I still don’t like some of them. Over-time I think they’ll be tweaked and polished up enough to be accepted by everyone. A lot of the changes are good and make sense, like Void Stone actually being a stone, rather than a ring.

    • Radicalsocial

      They’ll never be accepted by everyone. You’re not going to like every item, then again… Making a judgement having only seen them a few minutes is tad hasty… After a week or so you’ll forget what the old ones look like. Personally i find every single new icon an improvement, as the old ones as a whole just looked out of place, the quality of the images rather poor.

  • Alejandro Matute

    Wow the really take the feedbacks well, Much better now. But Satanic still so bad what is that? 

    • Michael Knopp

      I think it’s supposed to me some sort of jaw made into a sword, perhaps going by the fact that it gives a crazy amount of lifesteal? That’s my best theory. 

  • N.g. Triet

    Headdress is fine, Rapier is fine, Ultimate Orb and Venom Orb are fine. The only thing need more work is Gem. Black King Bar is absolutely Superb, Well Done Vavle.

  • VenomancerMaster

    Rapier looks like a baseball bat. Satanic just looked like a dried fish.

  • Lol

    Boots of elveskin aren’t boots

    • Kritz

       Elves’ Boots are like that, windrunner uses those kinds of boots.

      • snuxeroo

         Thats funny, since windrunner is an INT hero :)

        • Kritz

           I mean she wears it ingame, and not itemwise

        • facepalmer

          :facepalm: she’s an elve you moron.

          • facepalmer

            elf* typo

  • Nova5729

    Luv it ! especially the dagon , SnY and meka new look  😉

  • Eric A Ranieri

    I still don’t get what the satanic is :S

    • Mark Vincent Cocjin

      I think it’s a jawbone of a monster.  Maybe you can carry it on the end of a staff?

  • Matt White

    I liked the non-updated tango, now it looks boring again.

  • Derp

    I still don’t get it why they have to make everything smaller.
    The bigger the the items are the easier they are to recognize in the shop. Why can’t Valve understand this. As good as they look in full view, they look cluttered in the shop in-game.

    And why change everything?

    Veil of Discord looked perfectly fine before all the updates. Together with Stout Shield, Boots of Travel, Point Booster, Mystic Staff, Blade mail, Blades of Attack, AC and Battlefury.
    Never should’ve changed any of them.

    And all the boosters should be designed after the Point Booster, because that one looked perfectly.
    Now most items look like they are screenshots of a 3D render.

    • Playerthirteen

      I thought the point/mana/vit boosters better resemble the soulbooster now rather than before.

      The changes to Stout Shield, BoTs, Blade mail, AC, BF are hardly noticeable. Why bitch about something so minor?

    • Jamesnam

      Over half the items you listed look pretty much exactly the same. And that’s because most of the items are 3d renders.

      And i don’t know what you’re talking about, the smaller icons are there to make things more recognizable. Unless your monitor sucks balls an is 18″ or something

  • SaD_Dante

    Did you switch the Aquila and Tranquil Boots active/inactive, or is that accurate?

    • Cyborgmatt

      Valve have them the wrong way around but they’re aware of it now.

  • 970

    Valve: Lets make everything shinny and flashy, bitches love shinny and flashy things.

  • Inacio

    Baconic is still looking like bacon.

  • danostrowski

    I think S+Y look worse, actually. The icon is too dark.

  • Wahid145

    chill guyz they r gonna make it ok after some updates… just w8 nd the new icons are cool

  • guest

    Battlefury is the only item in my opinion that looked better before the patch.

  • Svyaga

    Nice, when the new icons appeared i thought that most of them were very dark and the background also made them quite unreognizable, and they fixed this! Laso some items like Aghanim got more details, if they’ll continue upgrading these icons it will be great!

  • Svyaga

    Nice, when the new icons appeared i thought that most of them were very
    dark and the background also made them quite unreognizable, and they
    fixed this! Also some items like Aghanim got more details, if they’ll
    continue upgrading these icons it will be great! 

  • Nahakieri

    It looks so F2P now…

    • Cookierogue

      wtf does that mean lol

  • Mark Vincent Cocjin


    I’ve noticed that Dota2’s GUI reacts to the lights where your view of the map is currently at.  I stumbled upon it when I was panning the map really fast at the start of a match.

    If you already know this then disregard.  


  • Asd

    Some of them really sux. Reaver, Poor Mans Shield and that new Vlad’s… no comment… old Vlad’s icon is 100000000 times better

    • Playerthirteen

      That’s arguable. Old vlad’s doesn’t even look vampiric.

  • CoolRidge

    I think nearly every item is improved by a lot, and look great. Mekansm, manta, battle fury and skadi are particularly good. You people need to complain less.

  • Biologicallystructure

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  • Daveshanejoe

    Smoke of deceit doesn’t show cooldown after used. Please fix that.

  • kradtt

    Valve is ruining some items

  • PwnDota

    Spent a little while looking for this link -> – thank again cyborgmatt!

  • Maxim

    Hey Matt, do you know of a way to change icons in game? If it is somehow possible I would like to use some of old icons along with some of the new ones.

  • Destati

    I’m going to miss the painted look of most of the items. I only really like void stone, boots of elvenskin and satanic. There are so many rings in the game, it can get confusing. Void Stone now being an actual stone puts it in its own category.

    Boots of elvenskin should be renamed now that they’re no longer boots, but more of leg guards. That would also simplify what “boots” mean ingame.

    Satanic, well, no one knows what satanic is. I kind of like that though. It appears as some demon bone club thing, but no one knows for sure.

    Being able to easily identify if an item is active also helps now. Also, I see what Valve did with Dagon. Number of spikes = levels.

  • Fel

    Well, the NEW new update improved most things. Valve is really good :)
    For me I would only change the MoM and Vlad’s color scheme to resemble the old ones, but maintaining the designs. Orbs got way better.
    And satanic, i just wish to understand it! lol

  • tiDus88

    I have a suggestion. If any hero who holds a Divine Rapier, their weapon will be in gold shining color. That would be awesome xD

  • Leong Chx

    Eye of Skadi and Satanic icon need improvement

  • Gr3yFOXi

    I liked the simplicity and elegance before, the new ones are to fancy F2P MMO like especially satanic 
    Headdress are wtf… :(

  • M. Ch1ef

    aghanim’s scepter looks like two snakes fighting for a gay blue flame. Looks terrible.

  • 10kd4

    It’s looks SO F2P now? WTF that comment. Idiots. The items NOW looks amazing. A real good job from Valve, excepto for AC… I HATE THAT DESIGN (that is the same since the beginning).

    • dull

      Garbage f2p material.

  • joshuapoopy

    the potato is like tomato

  • funnyman526

    Wow i opened my dota 2 and i saw a yellow bar  between the “socialize” and the quit button, so i cliked and appears ” you have a new iten in your store” but then the store closed .___.

  • Birrywong

    Have they still got Ring of Aquila’s active/inactive backwards, or is that a typo?

  • Waileukwu

    any comparison between the newest and these three?

  • Zneezul

    I want the old icons back :( they were so much better imo.