Dota 2 11th April Patch – Content Analysis

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The Dota 2 test client has once again received a new patch, this week’s patch contains no new heroes which is not surprising seeing as last week was vacation time for Valve but that’s not to say this patch is light on content, we’ve quite a lot of goodies tucked away in the files.

Front End Changes

The front end changes are pretty minor this week with the focus of this patch being bug fixes and improvements.

Socialize Tab aka Team UI

The Dota 2 team/clan system looks like it’s almost ready to deploy, in the test client you now have the ability to form a team but you can’t use the team matchmaking yet.

Creating a team, you can have up to seven team members (five for a match with two reserves):

You can set the team name, tag and a logo:

Confirmation of the creation of your team:

The team page layout:

You can’t invite players who are offline:

You can only invite players who are online and are inside the Dota 2 client:

You’ll receive a confirmation when the player accepts your invite:

The team leader can kick players from the team:

You can disband the team, players will only be allowed to create/disband a total of five teams at this moment in time:

Team with more members, also the team will have its own dedicated chat tab:

Updated Animations

We’ve a number of animations updates this patch with the inclusion of another type of animation, “run_haste” for when the haste rune is used.

Beastmaster’s Model Update

Beastmaster now has a running haste animation.

Dazzle’s Model Update

Dazzle has received two new animations, a running haste one as well as a running chase animation.



Huskar’s Animation Update

Huskar now has a injured running animation.

Shadow Shaman’s Animation Update

Shadow Shaman also has a running haste animation.

Back End Changes

As to be expected we’ve quite a few back end changes in this patch.

Updated Strings

A few minor new strings in this patch, most notable is a string for “Loot Dropped”.

We’ve a new string for showing if someone randomed a hero and one for the new random draft gamemode.

    "DOTA_Chat_Random"        "%s1 has randomed %s2"  
    "DOTA_Chat_RD_YourTurn"      "%s1's turn to pick"

We’ve a string for the killcam which tells you what your killer is “Wielding”, you can see the new unreleased killcam here.

    "DOTA_MiniKillcam_Wielding"    "%s1 is wielding:"

Updates to the configuration menu which will allow you to select a specific audio device for Dota 2 to use.

    "OS_Default_Device"    "Windows Default Device"
    "UI_DEFAULT_SPEAKERS"    "Windows Speaker Config"
    "UI_Speaker_Device"    "SOUND DEVICE"

The unreleased team matchmaking will have a button to allow you to view the team, not sure whether it is your team or the enemies team (most likely the latter).

    "ui_teammatchmaking_view_team_button" "View Team"

An updated ability string for Luna.

    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_luna_lunar_blessing_aura"        "Lunar Blessing"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_luna_lunar_blessing_aura_Description"  "Increasing damage by %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_PREATTACK_BONUS_DAMAGE%."

And a string making reference to “loot dropped”, this string falls under the match details header which is used when viewing a match from yours or someone else’s game history (same place you download replays from basically).

    "loot_dropped"            "Loot Dropped"

Updated Subtitles

This week we’ve a new set of subtitles for the unreleased Gyrocopter.

Which includes a rival line for Techies:

“gyrocopter_gyro_rival_11″ “gyrocopter: Hey Techies, next time try launching your explosives!”

  "Language"    "English"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_spawn_01"    "gyrocopter: Gyrocopter!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_spawn_02"    "gyrocopter: Let's go for a spin!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_spawn_03"    "gyrocopter: Got 'er oiled up and loaded!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_spawn_04"    "gyrocopter: I'll start the checklist."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_spawn_05"    "gyrocopter: Spin 'em up!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_spawn_06"    "gyrocopter: Get yer rotors running!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_begins_01"    "gyrocopter: So much for my reitrement!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_begins_02"    "gyrocopter: So much for being retired..."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_first_01"    "gyrocopter: First blood! Now that's how it's done, kids!  He he he he he!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_01"    "gyrocopter: Sir!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_02"    "gyrocopter: Sir!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_03"    "gyrocopter: Yes, sir!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_04"    "gyrocopter: Yes, sir!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_05"    "gyrocopter: C'mon."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_06"    "gyrocopter: Yeah, yeah..."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_07"    "gyrocopter: Rotating!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_08"    "gyrocopter: All systems nominal."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_09"    "gyrocopter: Got my bearings."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_10"    "gyrocopter: Trajectory confirmed."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_11"    "gyrocopter: Maneuvering."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_12"    "gyrocopter: Deploying."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_13"    "gyrocopter: Affirmative."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_14"    "gyrocopter: Affirmative!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_15"    "gyrocopter: Bingo!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_16"    "gyrocopter: Roger!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_17"    "gyrocopter: Repositioning!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_18"    "gyrocopter: Diverting!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_19"    "gyrocopter: Wilco!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_20"    "gyrocopter: Whassat?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_21"    "gyrocopter: Whassat?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_22"    "gyrocopter: Whassat?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_23"    "gyrocopter: Whassat?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_24"    "gyrocopter: Speak up!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_25"    "gyrocopter: Quit yer mumblin'!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_26"    "gyrocopter: What?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_27"    "gyrocopter: Ahhyewewowewowilot…"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_28"    "gyrocopter: Bahsupizah…"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_29"    "gyrocopter: Meeeeoooooooowwwwnnn!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_30"    "gyrocopter: Eeeooooownnn!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_31"    "gyrocopter: Sshhhhhhzzzoooo!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_move_32"    "gyrocopter: Mmmmmw!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_01"    "gyrocopter: Attack!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_02"    "gyrocopter: Attack!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_03"    "gyrocopter: Fangs out!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_04"    "gyrocopter: C'mon you whippersnapper!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_05"    "gyrocopter: Turn and burn!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_06"    "gyrocopter: Expect some turbulence."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_07"    "gyrocopter: Got 'em!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_08"    "gyrocopter: Open fire!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_09"    "gyrocopter: I have visual!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_10"    "gyrocopter: Hostile identified."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_11"    "gyrocopter: Cleared hot!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_12"    "gyrocopter: Engaging!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_13"    "gyrocopter: Engaging!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_14"    "gyrocopter: Locked and loaded!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_15"    "gyrocopter: C'mere you!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_16"    "gyrocopter: Ahyesuflaym…"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_17"    "gyrocopter: Frasaquacker…"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_18"    "gyrocopter: Gagagagagagaga!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_attack_19"    "gyrocopter: Bang! Bang! Bang!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_cast_01"    "gyrocopter: Gonna break your beak!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_cast_02"    "gyrocopter: Incoming!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_cast_03"    "gyrocopter: Heads up!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rocket_barrage_01"    "gyrocopter: Rocket barrage!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rocket_barrage_02"    "gyrocopter: Fireworks!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rocket_barrage_03"    "gyrocopter: A light show!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rocket_barrage_04"    "gyrocopter: Raining hell!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rocket_barrage_05"    "gyrocopter: Fire everything!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rocket_barrage_06"    "gyrocopter: Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_fire_01"    "gyrocopter: Sic 'em boy!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_fire_02"    "gyrocopter: Firing and forgetting!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_fire_03"    "gyrocopter: Fox two!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_fire_04"    "gyrocopter: Here goes nothin'!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_fire_05"    "gyrocopter: It caught the scent!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_fire_06"    "gyrocopter: Dodge this!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_fire_07"    "gyrocopter: I dare you to run!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_impact_01"    "gyrocopter: Bullseye!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_impact_02"    "gyrocopter: Bullseye!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_impact_03"    "gyrocopter: Like thunder!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_impact_04"    "gyrocopter: Contact!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_impact_05"    "gyrocopter: Bet that hurt!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_impact_06"    "gyrocopter: Boom!  Ha ha!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_impact_07"    "gyrocopter: That's what you get for running!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_impact_08"    "gyrocopter: That's gotta hurt!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_impact_09"    "gyrocopter: Next time hold still, it'll hurt less."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_destroyed_01"    "gyrocopter: Hmm, guess it was a dud!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_destroyed_02"    "gyrocopter: Lucky!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_destroyed_03"    "gyrocopter: Not the boom I was hoping for!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_destroyed_04"    "gyrocopter: Worthless."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_destroyed_05"    "gyrocopter: Ah, keep it."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_homing_missile_destroyed_06"    "gyrocopter: Eh, fox five."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_flak_cannon_01"    "gyrocopter: Got enough bullets for all a'ya!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_flak_cannon_02"    "gyrocopter: Weapons free!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_flak_cannon_03"    "gyrocopter: Here, have some holes!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_flak_cannon_04"    "gyrocopter: Making it rain."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_flak_cannon_05"    "gyrocopter: It's raining bullets!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_flak_cannon_06"    "gyrocopter: I'm the rainmaker!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_flak_cannon_07"    "gyrocopter: Bullet time."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_flak_cannon_08"    "gyrocopter: The meatgrinder."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_flak_cannon_09"    "gyrocopter: Something for everybody!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_01"    "gyrocopter: And a one!  And a… two!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_02"    "gyrocopter: Meet my friends: Pain...  And Agony!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_03"    "gyrocopter: Wait for it...  There we go!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_04"    "gyrocopter: Take that!  … And that!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_05"    "gyrocopter: Launch!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_06"    "gyrocopter: Detect this!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_07"    "gyrocopter: The sky is falling!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_08"    "gyrocopter: Look up!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_09"    "gyrocopter: Fore!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_10"    "gyrocopter: Ha!  Frozen like a deer on the road!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_11"    "gyrocopter: What happened?  Your legs not working?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_12"    "gyrocopter: Well that'll teach you to hold still!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_13"    "gyrocopter: How did I miss them twice?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_14"    "gyrocopter: Eh?  Where'd they go?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_call_down_15"    "gyrocopter: Oughtta lead the target next time!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_failure_01"    "gyrocopter: Dammit!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_failure_02"    "gyrocopter: Aw, they broke lock!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_failure_03"    "gyrocopter: Aaah phooey."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_01"    "gyrocopter: Think I caught an updraft!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_02"    "gyrocopter: Smooth sailing!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_03"    "gyrocopter: Flying the friendly skies."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_04"    "gyrocopter: And they call me old timer."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_05"    "gyrocopter: I ain't old yet!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_06"    "gyrocopter: Hey!  I fixed that knocking sound!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_07"    "gyrocopter: I think I can raise my altitude now!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_08"    "gyrocopter: The sky's the limit!  I think..."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_09"    "gyrocopter: Up and away!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_10"    "gyrocopter: This bucket of bolts still has a few surprises in her!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_11"    "gyrocopter: Caught my second wind!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_12"    "gyrocopter: Ah, I wonder if this thing can do a barrel roll."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_level_13"    "gyrocopter: He he he he he he he he he he he he he he!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_01"    "gyrocopter: Stay outta my skies!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_02"    "gyrocopter: I belong in the sky, and you belong in the ground."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_03"    "gyrocopter: I am dangerous!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_04"    "gyrocopter: And stay down."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_05"    "gyrocopter: Enjoy your nap!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_06"    "gyrocopter: Pfft.  Kids."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_07"    "gyrocopter: Ratatatatatatat!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_08"    "gyrocopter: Ha!  Let's do that again!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_09"    "gyrocopter: Throttle back, hotshot."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_10"    "gyrocopter: That worked?  That worked!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_11"    "gyrocopter: Force me into retirement will they?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_12"    "gyrocopter: Ha ha haaaah!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_13"    "gyrocopter: Ha-ha haaah!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_14"    "gyrocopter: You remind of someone."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_15"    "gyrocopter: That'll learn ya!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_16"    "gyrocopter: You remind me of my old boss.  Rot in hell!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_kill_17"    "gyrocopter: He he he he!  I still got it!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_01"    "gyrocopter: Only enough room in these skies for one lunatic, Bats!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_02"    "gyrocopter: Shame you didn't have two crash helmets!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_03"    "gyrocopter: And they call me a buzzard!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_04"    "gyrocopter: Did your arms get tired, Dragon Knight?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_05"    "gyrocopter: Ah go waste your omens on someone younger."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_06"    "gyrocopter: So that's what you were warning me about."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_07"    "gyrocopter: Ha!  Beat you to it Phoenix!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_08"    "gyrocopter: Those scopes are no match for my view!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_09"    "gyrocopter: Too bad Tinker.  You're my kind of nut!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_10"    "gyrocopter: All those gears don't work so well with rockets lodged in 'em, huh?"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_11"    "gyrocopter: Hey Techies, next time try launching your explosives!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_12"    "gyrocopter: Next time try launching your explosives!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_13"    "gyrocopter: A hundred times my age and you're still a fool!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_14"    "gyrocopter: Consider that an intervention!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_15"    "gyrocopter: Ah keep your sparks to yourself!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_16"    "gyrocopter: Well I suppose that's one way to clear the air."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_17"    "gyrocopter: Slither your way outta that!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_rival_18"    "gyrocopter: Your hair gives me the creeps!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_ally_01"    "gyrocopter: Holy shit, it's Viper!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_ally_02"    "gyrocopter: Be my wingman, Batrider!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_ally_03"    "gyrocopter: Heh hey, it's Jakiro!  And Jakiro's copilot."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_ally_04"    "gyrocopter: Hell of a flying machine you got there Dragon Knight!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_ally_05"    "gyrocopter: Outworld eh?  Ah, can't say as I've been there."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_ally_06"    "gyrocopter: Whatever you do Phoenix, don't sneeze."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_ally_07"    "gyrocopter: Pour on the heat, Phoenix!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_ally_08"    "gyrocopter: Can I borrow some powder, Sniper."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_lasthit_01"    "gyrocopter: Flying ain't cheap!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_lasthit_02"    "gyrocopter: Kill confirmed."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_lasthit_03"    "gyrocopter: Kill confirmed."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_lasthit_04"    "gyrocopter: Hot damn!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_lasthit_05"    "gyrocopter: They're like ants from up here."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_lasthit_06"    "gyrocopter: Youngin'."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_lasthit_07"    "gyrocopter: C'mon, I barely breezd you."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_lasthit_08"    "gyrocopter: That wasn't even the good ammo!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_lasthit_09"    "gyrocopter: There's my pension."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_lasthit_10"    "gyrocopter: Boola-boola!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_01"    "gyrocopter: No!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_02"    "gyrocopter: No!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_03"    "gyrocopter: Uha uha hh, uuha uha hh…"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_04"    "gyrocopter: Got a loose nut behind the cyclic..."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_05"    "gyrocopter: Mayday!  Mayday!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_06"    "gyrocopter: Grounded."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_07"    "gyrocopter: Lost rotor control!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_08"    "gyrocopter: Rough air ahead!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_09"    "gyrocopter: We have uh oh, over."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_10"    "gyrocopter: Damn kids!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_11"    "gyrocopter: I think I swallowed a bug.  Oh!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_12"    "gyrocopter: I regret nothing!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_13"    "gyrocopter: Oh no!  Not again!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_14"    "gyrocopter: Um.  Shit."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_15"    "gyrocopter: Eject!  Eject!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_16"    "gyrocopter: Um.  Shit!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_death_17"    "gyrocopter: Ah!  You sons of bitches!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_fastres_01"    "gyrocopter: You can't keep me grounded!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_01"    "gyrocopter: You can't keep a good pilot down!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_02"    "gyrocopter: Back in the air!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_03"    "gyrocopter: All patched up."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_04"    "gyrocopter: Hey, any crash you can walk away from is a good one!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_05"    "gyrocopter: Dustoff!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respanw_06"    "gyrocopter: Back from retirement!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_07"    "gyrocopter: Sky-worthy once more!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_08"    "gyrocopter: Ancient, this is Gyrocopter requesting a flyby."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_09"    "gyrocopter: At home in the clouds."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_10"    "gyrocopter: Whew!  I was on the ground for a second there."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_11"    "gyrocopter: Reloaded and ready."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_respawn_12"    "gyrocopter: I'm getting too old for this horse shit."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_purch_01"    "gyrocopter: Well it's nice, but it's not a beanie."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_purch_02"    "gyrocopter: There goes my pension."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_purch_03"    "gyrocopter: Huh.  Stuff costs more than it used to."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_blink_01"    "gyrocopter: Blink Dagger!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_blink_02"    "gyrocopter: The skies are mine!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_scepter_01"    "gyrocopter: Ah!  Scepter!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_scepter_02"    "gyrocopter: A new airstrike beacon!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_bottle_01"    "gyrocopter: Stowed for later!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_bottle_02"    "gyrocopter: Luggage."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_bottle_03"    "gyrocopter: I love souvineers."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_01"    "gyrocopter: Denied!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_02"    "gyrocopter: Denied!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_03"    "gyrocopter: Uh-uh-uh!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_04"    "gyrocopter: Uh-uh!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_05"    "gyrocopter: Get off my lawn!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_06"    "gyrocopter: You can't have it!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_07"    "gyrocopter: Mine!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_08"    "gyrocopter: Mine I say!  It's mine!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_09"    "gyrocopter: This ain't yours!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_10"    "gyrocopter: Ha ha ha!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_11"    "gyrocopter: Denied."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_12"    "gyrocopter: Denied!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_13"    "gyrocopter: Mahhh denied!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_deny_14"    "gyrocopter: Denied!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_defeat_01"    "gyrocopter: No!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_defeat_02"    "gyrocopter: Defeated!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_defeat_03"    "gyrocopter: Well, back to the drawing board..."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_victory_01"    "gyrocopter: Yes!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_victory_02"    "gyrocopter: Victory!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_victory_03"    "gyrocopter: Great!  We won!  Now leave me alone."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_victory_04"    "gyrocopter: He he!  Mission accomplished!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_missing_01"    "gyrocopter: Missing top!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_missing_02"    "gyrocopter: Missing middle!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_missing_03"    "gyrocopter: Missing bottom!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_immort_01"    "gyrocopter: Immortality!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_immort_02"    "gyrocopter: Engineering genius!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_haste_01"    "gyrocopter: Haste!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_haste_02"    "gyrocopter: Afterburners!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_regen_01"    "gyrocopter: Regeneration!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_regen_02"    "gyrocopter: Repairs in a jiff!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_illus_01"    "gyrocopter: Illusion!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_illus_02"    "gyrocopter: As fragged, plus three!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_illus_03"    "gyrocopter: Attack formation!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_invis_01"    "gyrocopter: Invisibility!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_invis_02"    "gyrocopter: Silent running."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_notyet_01"    "gyrocopter: Not yet."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_notyet_02"    "gyrocopter: Not yet."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_notyet_03"    "gyrocopter: Not yet!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_notyet_04"    "gyrocopter: I'm not ready."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_notyet_05"    "gyrocopter: I'm not ready."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_notyet_06"    "gyrocopter: I'm not ready!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_notyet_07"    "gyrocopter: It is not time yet."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_notyet_08"    "gyrocopter: It's not time yet!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_notyet_09"    "gyrocopter: It's not time yet!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_nomana_01"    "gyrocopter: Out of mana."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_nomana_02"    "gyrocopter: Out of mana."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_nomana_03"    "gyrocopter: Out of mana!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_nomana_04"    "gyrocopter: No mana."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_nomana_05"    "gyrocopter: Eh no mana."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_nomana_06"    "gyrocopter: No mana!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_nomana_07"    "gyrocopter: Not enough mana."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_nomana_08"    "gyrocopter: Not enough mana."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_nomana_09"    "gyrocopter: Not enough mana!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_thanks_01"    "gyrocopter: Thanks!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_thanks_02"    "gyrocopter: Thanks from above."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_underattack_01"    "gyrocopter: I'm under attack!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_inthebag_01"    "gyrocopter: It's in the bag.  Then I'm going home."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_crumwiz_01"    "gyrocopter: Crummy wizard!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_pain_01"    "gyrocopter: Neh!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_pain_02"    "gyrocopter: Doh!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_pain_03"    "gyrocopter: Ey!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_pain_04"    "gyrocopter: Ah!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_pain_05"    "gyrocopter: Huh!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_pain_06"    "gyrocopter: Ooo!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_pain_07"    "gyrocopter: Dah!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_pain_08"    "gyrocopter: Eeaah!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_pain_09"    "gyrocopter: Hoooh no!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_pain_10"    "gyrocopter: Aaaaoow!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_anger_01"    "gyrocopter: Nyeehh."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_anger_02"    "gyrocopter: Mmmmmph!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_anger_03"    "gyrocopter: Eysupenmbans!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_anger_04"    "gyrocopter: Yaah!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_anger_05"    "gyrocopter: Huh."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_anger_06"    "gyrocopter: Rrrr!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_anger_07"    "gyrocopter: Why you rrr!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_anger_08"    "gyrocopter: Yeooooww!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_anger_09"    "gyrocopter: Heyurbrz!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_happy_01"    "gyrocopter: Ooooahhh!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_happy_02"    "gyrocopter: Eh he heeooo!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_happy_03"    "gyrocopter: Ahh!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_happy_04"    "gyrocopter: Ah that's the stuff."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_happy_05"    "gyrocopter: Ohh!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_happy_06"    "gyrocopter: Aaah!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_happy_07"    "gyrocopter: Aaahh!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_01"    "gyrocopter: He he he!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_02"    "gyrocopter: He he he he!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_03"    "gyrocopter: Ah he he he!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_04"    "gyrocopter: Ah ha!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_05"    "gyrocopter: Wah ha!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_06"    "gyrocopter: Ha!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_07"    "gyrocopter: Ho!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_08"    "gyrocopter: Ha ha!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_09"    "gyrocopter: Ho ho ho!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_10"    "gyrocopter: Eh he he he he he he he!"
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_11"    "gyrocopter: Ah ha!  Wah haha ha ha!  Ah ha hhuh."
    "gyrocopter_gyro_laugh_12"    "gyrocopter: Ahh huh!  Eh!  Ah ha ha!"


Unreleased Hero Portrait Updates

We’ve another batch of unreleased hero portraits, with Brewmaster’s and Phantom Lancer’s progress looking almost finished.

Brewmaster’s Unreleased Portrait

Chaos Knight’s Unreleased Portrait

Meepo’ s Unreleased Portrait

Phantom Lancer’s  Unreleased Portrait

Unreleased Custom Couriers

Another new courier this week and some updates to our old friend Stumpy and Badger.

Gryphon Courier

Doesn’t have any animations, still WIP.

Badger Courier Updates

The badger has received a new animation “idle_rare”.

Stumpy Courier Updates

Stumpy has also got a new animation “idle_headturn”.

Unreleased UI Updates

The Killcam Scaleform file has been updated, it’s not live in the game yet but the new killcam looks like it will be making use the card deck styled hero selection we’ve seen previously on the hero’s loadout page in the unreleased Dota 2 store.

Scaleform file:

In game version (obviously not finished):

Updated Sound Files

This week sees the arrival of “gank” stingers, some new UI sounds and some new/updated hero sounds as well.


We’ve some new stingers in this patch, specifically for ganking (lg/md/sm = the size of the group ganking at a guess?). For those of you that don’t know what a stinger is: “A Stinger is a very short piece of music that begins and ends within a matter of a few seconds.”





UI Sounds

A few new UI sounds, including one for when your ultimate is available which kind of made my ears bleed.




Brewmaster’s Movement Sounds






Lone Druid’s Ability Sounds




Materials Update

A bunch of material updates this week for the unreleased heroes.

Brewmaster’s Materials

Brewmaster’s Earth Spirit’s Materials

Brewmaster’s Fire Spirit’s Materials

Brewmaster’s Wind Spirit’s Materials

Chaos Knight’s Materials

Luna’s Materials

Meepo’s Materials

Ogre Magi’s Materials

Phantom Lancer’s Materials


Undying’s Materials

We’ve our first Undying material which is for his Zombie minions.

Particles Update

We’ve both, cosmetic item and hero particles updates this patch.

Cosmetic Item & Courier Particles

We’ve some more of Juggernaut’s item particles and an update to one of the courier particle files.

Juggernaut’s Cosmetic Item Particles

Expanding on from the previous cosmetic item particle found in the 21st March Patch, we now have more particle effects for Juggernaut’s other cosmetic items.

Courier Particles

A similar looking courier trail particle effect to the one we got last month.

Hero Particles

We’ve a number of unreleased hero’s particle updates, including some new additions (Medusa’s and Undying’s particles).

Brewmaster’s Particles

Luna’s Particles

Medusa’s Particles

Ogre Magi’s Particles

Phantom Lancer’s Particles

Undying’s Particles

Predictions For The Next Hero

I’m sticking with my current prediction of Brewmaster, even more so after this patch with the arrival of more texture work, movement sounds and a default item build etc.

  • JosuE

    Easter egg of Brewmaster arrived

  • JACK

    First! As well fuc*ing GJ! :)
    btw: Brewmaster and ChaosKnight <3 epic models and nice texture on panda and phantom lancer I hope next week will be released more than 1 hero.

  • Zach Leswick

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    Can't wait!
    Although I am a little sad that there is no new content for Guardian Wisp ….

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    is it just me or does wounded huskar walk with a pimp limp?

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    Injured Huskar walks like a pimp

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    Keep it up Matt, you’re a badass. 

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      You should tell VALVe that they are badass, since they made the texture. Cyborgmatt is just showing it off.

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    Thanks again cyborgmatt

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  • Buncis

    matt in my dota2 test i still not found team creation

    how to bring it up

    • Cyborgmatt

      They disabled it, it’s not suppose to be live yet.

  • Xaralampos Xanno-demeroukas

    I am also sure that Brewmaster will be in the next patch because he has the second ability that contains alcohol and in this patch says “We’ll see you again next week, you might want to get a designated driver by then.”

  • Xaralampos Xan-Dem

    I am also sure that Brewmaster will be in the next patch because he has the second ability that contains alcohol and in this patch says “We’ll see you again next week, you might want to get a designated driver by then.”

  • Typhox Lugyacci

    Matt, I think they will release Brewmaster and Gyro at once.
    Did you think of that possibility?
    The sentence “We’ll see you again next week, you might want to get a designated driver by then.” could be a hint for both of them. Don’t you think?

    • TyphoxisRETARDED

       No…. just, fucking, no.

      Use your brain retard, designated driver reference is to brewmaster who uses alcohol.

    • Scarecrow

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     “There’s trouble brewing”
    new blog post title
    yeah you were right again. brewmaster is next

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    • Cyborgmatt

      The feature hasn’t been implemented on the live servers yet.

    • Ian Verar

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  • Asif

    I could view all wins and losses of all the heroes that I have played so far but after this patch I can only view number of wins and losses for my top 3 heroes only, for all other heroes the game now displays just the number of matches played with each hero. Will this feature be reintroduced later?