Dota 2 15th March Patch – Content Analysis

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It’s no surprise that this week’s new hero is Shadow Demon, the Dota 2 blog post from last week heavily hinted at it and his updated particles from the last patch also helped with that prediction.

Front End Changes

This week we’ve a handful of general changes, updated video portraits and new animation work.

General Changes

The courier now has a button for sending him to the secret shop:

The unused button of the interface is now being used for the share hero/unit/disable help panel:

The Necromonicon gets a new set of ability icons:

Queen of Pain’s hero icon has been reverted to the older version (left):

The health bar sheet has been updated and we now have an orange overlay bar that overlaps when targeting a unit.

Updated Portraits

We’ve a number of updated Scaleform video based portraits this week.

Lina’s Portrait

General overall improvements and makes use of her updated texture work.

Queen of Pain’s Portrait

Again multiple areas of improvement (honk honk) and makes use of her updated texture work.

Beastmaster’s Portrait

Beastmaster has had a little bit of his beard trimmed off for summer.

Updated Animations

We now have confirmation that as well as running/idle injured animations, we’re also going to get injured attack and ability animations which means a large amount of extra animation work for the current heroes in game.

Bounty Hunter’s Animations

Injured running animation:

Alternative Injured attack animation:

Enigma’s Animations

Enigma now has an idle injured animation.

Venomancer’s Animations

Venomancer also has an idle injured animation now.

Back End Changes

We’ve more updated strings this week and some new sound files.

Updated Strings

Ability strings for Meepo (Meepwn) and Ogre Magi:

    "npc_dota_hero_meepo"        "Meepwn"
    "npc_dota_hero_ogre_magi"      "Ogre Magi"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_fireblast"          "Fireblast"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_fireblast_Description"    "Blasts an enemy unit with a wave of fire. Deals intense damage and stuns for %stun_duration% seconds."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_fireblast_Lore"        ""

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_ignite"            "Ignite"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_ignite_Description"      "Drenches a target in volatile chemicals, causing it to burst into flames. The target is in immense pain, taking damage and moving more slowly."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_ignite_Lore"        ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_ignite_burn_damage"      "BURN DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_ignite_duration"      "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_ignite_slow_movement_speed_pct"    "%SLOW:"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_bloodlust"          "Bloodlust"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_bloodlust_Description"    "Incites a frenzy in a friendly unit, increasing its movement speed and attack speed."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_bloodlust_Lore"        ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_bloodlust_duration"      "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_bloodlust_bonus_attack_speed"  "%ATTACK SPEED:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_bloodlust_bonus_movement_speed"  "%MOVE SPEED:"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_multicast"          "Multicast"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_multicast_Description"    "Enables the Ogre Magi to rapidly cast his spells, giving them greater potency. Gives a chance to cast a spell multiple times in one cast. Reduces Fireblast's cooldown and mana cost, adds an area of effect to Ignite and reduces Bloodlust's cooldown and increases its area of effect."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_multicast_Lore"        ""

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_multicast_fireblast_mana_cost"      "Fireblast Mana Cost Reduced:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_multicast_fireblast_cooldown"      "Fireblast Cooldown Reduced:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_multicast_ignite_aoe"          "Ignite AOE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_multicast_bloodlust_aoe"        "Bloodlust AOE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_ogre_magi_multicast_bloodlust_cooldown"      "Bloodlust Cooldown Reduced:"

    "npc_dota_hero_ogre_magi_bio"                    ""
    "npc_dota_hero_ogre_magi_hype"                    ""

    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_ogre_magi_bloodlust"        "Bloodlust"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_ogre_magi_bloodlust_description"  "Movement speed increased by %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_MOVESPEED_BONUS_PERCENTAGE%%% and attack speed increased by %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_ATTACKSPEED_BONUS_CONSTANT_SECONDARY%%%."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_ogre_magi_ignite"        "Ignite"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_ogre_magi_ignite_description"  "You are on fire! Taking periodic damage and slowed by %dMODIFIER_PROPERTY_MOVESPEED_BONUS_PERCENTAGE%%%."

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_earthbind"              "Earthbind"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_earthbind_Description"        "Rains earthen spikes across a target area, pinning down all enemy units.  Earthbind prevents invisibility, blink, and interrupts channeling."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_earthbind_Lore"            ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_earthbind_duration"          "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_earthbind_radius"          "RADIUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_earthbind_tooltip_range"      "RANGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_poof"                "Poof"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_poof_Description"          "Drawing mystical energies from the earth, Meepo can teleport to another Geomancer after channeling for 1.5 seconds, dealing damage in both the departure and arrival locations."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_poof_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_poof_radius"            "RADIUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_geostrike"              "Geostrike"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_geostrike_Description"        "The Geomancer enchants his weapon with the essence of the earth, crushing the life from his enemies and numbing their legs. Slows target movement speed and deals damage per second."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_geostrike_Lore"            ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_geostrike_duration"          "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_meepo_geostrike_slow"            "SLOW:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_meepo_earthbind"              "Earthbind"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_meepo_earthbind_Description"        "Trapped in Meepo's net; cannot move or blink."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_meepo_geostrike_debuff"          "Geostrike"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_modifier_meepo_geostrike_debuff_Description"    "Slowed down and taking periodic damage."

Updated lobby types and confirmation of custom coop bot match settings:

    "DOTA_Lobby_coop_bot_Setup"    "CO-OP BOT SETTINGS"

    "dota_lobby_offline_practice_game"              "Solo Practice"
    "dota_lobby_quests"                      "Quests"
    "dota_lobby_tutorials"                    "Tutorials"
    "dota_lobby_mentored_play"                  "Play with a Mentor"

Added “HP Removal” to the damage type tooltip:

    "DOTA_ToolTip_Damage_HP_Removal"  "HP Removal"

Economy strings for the store/loadouts:

    "econ_new_items_title"        "YOU HAVE NEW ITEMS"
    "econ_new_items_desc"        "New items are placed into your backpack. nEquip new items in the hero's LOADOUT screen."
    "econ_tool_desc_title"        "CHANGE DESCRIPTION"
    "econ_tool_desc_label"        "Current Description:"
    "econ_tool_name_title"        "CHANGE NAME"
    "econ_tool_name_label"        "Current Name:"
    "econ_store_title"          "STORE"
    "econ_backpack_title"        "BACKPACK"
    "econ_loadout_title"        "LOADOUT"
    "econ_workshop_title"        "WORKSHOP"

Taunts will now show a message in the chat log:

    "DOTA_Chat_Taunt"        "%s1 taunts you!"

Updated Sound Files

We’ve a few updated sound files this week, including some new music.

UI Sounds

This week’s patch shipped with a “Happy Birthday” sound file, at a guess it will be used for the birthday of Dota 2’s release.


The quickbuy function now has UI sounds.

quickbuy_available.wav – Plays when you’ve enough gold to buy your quickbuy:

quickbuy_confirm.wav – Plays when you drag an item into your quickbuy:


New battle music and some layered music files:

Hero Sounds

Omniknight has new attack sounds:

Updated Response Rules & Subtitles

All of heroes now have response rules for “item drops”.

Edit: Since this patch I have uncovered an updated version of item schema which has more information on the item system, you can check that here.

Example of Juggernaut’s item drop response rules:

Response juggernaut_ItemDropIsCommonDrop
  scene "scenes/juggernaut/juggernaut_jug_happy_01.vcd" nodelay noscene 
  scene "scenes/juggernaut/juggernaut_jug_laugh_02.vcd" nodelay noscene 
  scene "scenes/juggernaut/juggernaut_jugg_drop_common.vcd" nodelay noscene 

Rule juggernaut_ItemDropIsCommonDrop_Rule
  criteria ItemDrop Isjuggernaut IsCommonDrop
  response juggernaut_ItemDropIsCommonDrop

Response juggernaut_ItemDropIsRareDrop
  scene "scenes/juggernaut/juggernaut_jug_happy_03.vcd" nodelay noscene 
  scene "scenes/juggernaut/juggernaut_jug_laugh_08.vcd" nodelay noscene 
  scene "scenes/juggernaut/juggernaut_jugg_drop_medium.vcd" nodelay noscene 

Rule juggernaut_ItemDropIsRareDrop_Rule
  criteria ItemDrop Isjuggernaut IsRareDrop
  response juggernaut_ItemDropIsRareDrop

Response juggernaut_ItemDropIsUltraRareDrop
  scene "scenes/juggernaut/juggernaut_jugg_drop_rare.vcd" nodelay noscene 

Rule juggernaut_ItemDropIsUltraRareDrop_Rule
  criteria ItemDrop Isjuggernaut IsUltraRareDrop
  response juggernaut_ItemDropIsUltraRareDrop

Lycanthrope now has his subtitles:

  "Language"    "English"
    "lycan_lycan_spawn_01"    "lycan: Lycan!"
    "lycan_lycan_spawn_02"    "lycan: A wolf in man's clothing."
    "lycan_lycan_spawn_03"    "lycan: Who keeps the company of wolves?"
    "lycan_lycan_spawn_04"    "lycan: The rogue wolf comes."
    "lycan_lycan_battlebegins_01"    "lycan: Ha! The savagery starts now."
    "lycan_lycan_battlebegins_02"    "lycan: The trails will run red."
    "lycan_lycan_firstblood_01"    "lycan: First Blood! Ha ha hah! But far from the last."
    "lycan_lycan_firstblood_02"    "lycan: First Blood! I am the alpha wolf."
    "lycan_lycan_move_01"    "lycan: Yes!"
    "lycan_lycan_move_02"    "lycan: Uh!"
    "lycan_lycan_move_03"    "lycan: Ah!"
    "lycan_lycan_move_04"    "lycan: The wolf runs."
    "lycan_lycan_move_05"    "lycan: So you say."
    "lycan_lycan_move_06"    "lycan: Hunting."
    "lycan_lycan_move_07"    "lycan: As it please you."
    "lycan_lycan_move_08"    "lycan: Onward."
    "lycan_lycan_move_09"    "lycan: Of course."
    "lycan_lycan_move_10"    "lycan: I lope to battle."
    "lycan_lycan_move_11"    "lycan: Fealty to none."
    "lycan_lycan_move_12"    "lycan: On the trail."
    "lycan_lycan_move_13"    "lycan: Call to battle."
    "lycan_lycan_move_14"    "lycan: Indeed."
    "lycan_lycan_move_15"    "lycan: As must be."
    "lycan_lycan_move_16"    "lycan: Ah, my instincts are keen."
    "lycan_lycan_move_17"    "lycan: Beware the wolf."
    "lycan_lycan_attack_01"    "lycan: Attack!"
    "lycan_lycan_attack_02"    "lycan: The wolf is at your door."
    "lycan_lycan_attack_03"    "lycan: Tooth and nail."
    "lycan_lycan_attack_04"    "lycan: Rip your throat."
    "lycan_lycan_attack_05"    "lycan: Wolves need no armor."
    "lycan_lycan_attack_06"    "lycan: For the honor of my house."
    "lycan_lycan_attack_07"    "lycan: In my father's name."
    "lycan_lycan_attack_08"    "lycan: I rip your flesh."
    "lycan_lycan_attack_09"    "lycan: Rent asunder."
    "lycan_lycan_attack_10"    "lycan: Shredded."
    "lycan_lycan_attack_11"    "lycan: In savage fury."
    "lycan_lycan_cast_01"    "lycan: Careful now, I bite."
    "lycan_lycan_cast_02"    "lycan: I've taken a Lycan to you. Ha ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_cast_03"    "lycan: On your trail."
    "lycan_lycan_ability_howl_01"    "lycan: Arp arooo!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_howl_02"    "lycan: Awoooo!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_howl_03"    "lycan: Awoooo!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_howl_04"    "lycan: Awoooo!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_howl_05"    "lycan: Awoooo!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_revert_01"    "lycan: I change my coat but not my ways."
    "lycan_lycan_ability_revert_02"    "lycan: I am but man once more."
    "lycan_lycan_ability_revert_03"    "lycan: Arr. Back to this."
    "lycan_lycan_ability_shapeshift_01"    "lycan: Lupine attack!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_shapeshift_02"    "lycan: Lycanthropy!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_shapeshift_03"    "lycan: Metamorphosis."
    "lycan_lycan_ability_shapeshift_04"    "lycan: The wolf released!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_shapeshift_05"    "lycan: Raaaarrr!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_shapeshift_06"    "lycan: Grrrraar!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_shapeshift_07"    "lycan: Grrrraar!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_shapeshift_08"    "lycan: Arrr rarr!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_shapeshift_09"    "lycan: Shapeshift."
    "lycan_lycan_ability_shapeshift_10"    "lycan: Unleashed!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_summon_01"    "lycan: Wolves, to me!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_summon_02"    "lycan: My pack assembles."
    "lycan_lycan_ability_summon_03"    "lycan: Gather, wolves!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_summon_04"    "lycan: In the company of wolves."
    "lycan_lycan_ability_summon_05"    "lycan: Now my wolves will feast."
    "lycan_lycan_ability_summon_06"    "lycan: Gather, wolves!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_failure_01"    "lycan: Rarf!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_failure_02"    "lycan: To no avail!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_failure_03"    "lycan: Naaah!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_failure_04"    "lycan: Arr!"
    "lycan_lycan_ability_failure_05"    "lycan: Gah!"
    "lycan_lycan_level_01"    "lycan: A shift in power!"
    "lycan_lycan_level_02"    "lycan: Metamorphosis!"
    "lycan_lycan_level_03"    "lycan: The honor of my house increases."
    "lycan_lycan_level_04"    "lycan: My territory expands."
    "lycan_lycan_level_05"    "lycan: I am the alpha wolf."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_01"    "lycan: Ha! That was a mauling."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_02"    "lycan: Tasty morsel."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_03"    "lycan: You die by the House of Ambry."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_04"    "lycan: You fought well and true."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_05"    "lycan: Tis no dishonor."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_06"    "lycan: May your house long record your name."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_07"    "lycan: Thrown to the wolves. He he he he heh."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_08"    "lycan: Avengement is mine."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_09"    "lycan: In my father's name I strike you down."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_10"    "lycan: I shake your corpse in my jaws."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_11"    "lycan: My claws bathe in your blood."
    "lycan_lycan_kill_12"    "lycan: The alpha wolf is your omega."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_01"    "lycan: Shapeshift your way out of that!"
    "lycan_lycan_rival_02"    "lycan: You shift into death."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_03"    "lycan: Even shapeshifting can't help you now."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_04"    "lycan: Were you bear conjured into man, or man conjured into bear?"
    "lycan_lycan_rival_05"    "lycan: Ha, bears are no match for the cunning of wolves."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_06"    "lycan: What bears do with strength, a wolf does with cunning."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_07"    "lycan: I'm glad it was you, Lone Druid."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_08"    "lycan: You always were a shifty bastard."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_09"    "lycan: Look who's silent now."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_10"    "lycan: You were no master of me."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_11"    "lycan: You crumble like the kingdom of Slom."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_12"    "lycan: Your pelt shall make a fine rug."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_13"    "lycan: One eye is better than none."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_14"    "lycan: All those eyes and you didn't see me coming."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_15"    "lycan: Tis no treason to kill a tyrant king."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_16"    "lycan: When you strike a king's neck, you better take his head."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_17"    "lycan: The day has eyes. Night, ears. The wolf, teeth."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_18"    "lycan: Ah… I mark your snow."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_19"    "lycan: Stop complaining. You're already a skeleton for God's sake."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_20"    "lycan: A boar is a wolf's natural prey."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_21"    "lycan: Your sacrifice shall not be forgotten."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_22"    "lycan: It pains me to kill you, brother, but it had to be done."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_23"    "lycan: You'll collect no bounty for my pelt."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_24"    "lycan: I send you back to Seventh Hell!"
    "lycan_lycan_rival_25"    "lycan: You were a disgrace to the Pyrexae!"
    "lycan_lycan_rival_26"    "lycan: Are you an air wolf?"
    "lycan_lycan_rival_27"    "lycan: What unnatural freak is this?"
    "lycan_lycan_rival_28"    "lycan: Even you should fear the full moon."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_29"    "lycan: The night needs nobility, not a beastly fairy tale."
    "lycan_lycan_rival_30"    "lycan: Behold the night's new ruler!"
    "lycan_lycan_ally_01"    "lycan: We shapeshifters should stick together."
    "lycan_lycan_ally_02"    "lycan: Ah, Lone Druid, a kindred spirit."
    "lycan_lycan_ally_03"    "lycan: Run with me brother."
    "lycan_lycan_ally_04"    "lycan: Welcome to the pack."
    "lycan_lycan_ally_05"    "lycan: We are pack brothers now."
    "lycan_lycan_lasthit_01"    "lycan: Lone wolf."
    "lycan_lycan_lasthit_02"    "lycan: I take that."
    "lycan_lycan_lasthit_03"    "lycan: Mine now."
    "lycan_lycan_lasthit_04"    "lycan: Dearly paid."
    "lycan_lycan_lasthit_05"    "lycan: For the wealth of my house."
    "lycan_lycan_lasthit_06"    "lycan: Gold for me."
    "lycan_lycan_lasthit_07"    "lycan: Nobly done."
    "lycan_lycan_death_01"    "lycan: No!"
    "lycan_lycan_death_02"    "lycan: I cry wolf."
    "lycan_lycan_death_03"    "lycan: Lay my pelt beside a fire."
    "lycan_lycan_death_04"    "lycan: I was endangered."
    "lycan_lycan_death_05"    "lycan: Was I a wolf who dreamed he was a man?"
    "lycan_lycan_death_06"    "lycan: The House of Ambry is no more."
    "lycan_lycan_death_07"    "lycan: I join my father."
    "lycan_lycan_death_08"    "lycan: Noble by birth, humbled by death."
    "lycan_lycan_death_09"    "lycan: Wolves shall howl my dirge tonight."
    "lycan_lycan_death_10"    "lycan: My pack fails me."
    "lycan_lycan_death_11"    "lycan: I thought you were Team Yakov!"
    "lycan_lycan_fastres_01"    "lycan: This wolf will howl again."
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_01"    "lycan: I return to hunt again."
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_02"    "lycan: To the outer wards!"
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_03"    "lycan: My birthright shall be avenged."
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_04"    "lycan: The House of Ambry rises again."
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_05"    "lycan: The wolf comes round again."
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_06"    "lycan: The wolf rises."
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_07"    "lycan: This disgrace shall be avenged."
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_08"    "lycan: This disgrace shall be avenged."
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_09"    "lycan: You can't keep a good wolf down."
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_10"    "lycan: The predator returns."
    "lycan_lycan_respawn_11"    "lycan: Ah, I rejoin the pack."
    "lycan_lycan_purch_01"    "lycan: Long I've waited."
    "lycan_lycan_purch_02"    "lycan: Finally."
    "lycan_lycan_purch_03"    "lycan: For a noble cause."
    "lycan_lycan_blink_01"    "lycan: Blink Dagger!"
    "lycan_lycan_blink_02"    "lycan: Wolf Dagger!"
    "lycan_lycan_scepter_01"    "lycan: Scepter at last!"
    "lycan_lycan_scepter_02"    "lycan: A scepter!"
    "lycan_lycan_item_01"    "lycan: Heart of Tarrasque!"
    "lycan_lycan_item_02"    "lycan: Black Wolf Bar!"
    "lycan_lycan_item_03"    "lycan: Wolf King Bar!"
    "lycan_lycan_item_04"    "lycan: Assault Cuirass!"
    "lycan_lycan_item_05"    "lycan: Vladimir!"
    "lycan_lycan_item_06"    "lycan: Helm of the Dominator."
    "lycan_lycan_item_07"    "lycan: Drum of Endurance."
    "lycan_lycan_bottle_01"    "lycan: Saved for later."
    "lycan_lycan_bottle_02"    "lycan: For when I need it."
    "lycan_lycan_bottle_03"    "lycan: This will be useful."
    "lycan_lycan_deny_01"    "lycan: Denied."
    "lycan_lycan_deny_02"    "lycan: Denied."
    "lycan_lycan_deny_03"    "lycan: Ah ah!"
    "lycan_lycan_deny_04"    "lycan: Not for you."
    "lycan_lycan_deny_05"    "lycan: Not for you!"
    "lycan_lycan_deny_06"    "lycan: A penny denied is a penny earned."
    "lycan_lycan_deny_07"    "lycan: Not on my watch."
    "lycan_lycan_deny_08"    "lycan: No gold for you!"
    "lycan_lycan_deny_09"    "lycan: Denied."
    "lycan_lycan_deny_10"    "lycan: Dee. Nied."
    "lycan_lycan_lose_01"    "lycan: No!"
    "lycan_lycan_lose_02"    "lycan: Defeated!"
    "lycan_lycan_lose_03"    "lycan: The pack is defeated!"
    "lycan_lycan_lose_04"    "lycan: A pack of lies!"
    "lycan_lycan_win_01"    "lycan: Yes!"
    "lycan_lycan_win_02"    "lycan: Victory!"
    "lycan_lycan_win_03"    "lycan: Oo-awooo!"
    "lycan_lycan_lane_missing_01"    "lycan: Top is missing."
    "lycan_lycan_lane_missing_02"    "lycan: Middle is missing."
    "lycan_lycan_lane_missing_03"    "lycan: Bottom is missing."
    "lycan_lycan_immort_01"    "lycan: Immortality!"
    "lycan_lycan_immort_02"    "lycan: Go ahead, just try to kill me."
    "lycan_lycan_haste_01"    "lycan: Haste!"
    "lycan_lycan_haste_02"    "lycan: Ah, the quickening."
    "lycan_lycan_doubdam_01"    "lycan: Double damage!"
    "lycan_lycan_doubdam_02"    "lycan: I'll kill them in half the time."
    "lycan_lycan_regen_01"    "lycan: Regeneration!"
    "lycan_lycan_regen_02"    "lycan: My flesh grows whole."
    "lycan_lycan_illus_01"    "lycan: Illusion!"
    "lycan_lycan_illus_02"    "lycan: I run in a pack."
    "lycan_lycan_illus_03"    "lycan: A pack of me."
    "lycan_lycan_invis_01"    "lycan: Invisibility!"
    "lycan_lycan_invis_02"    "lycan: The better to sneak."
    "lycan_lycan_notyet_01"    "lycan: Not yet!"
    "lycan_lycan_notyet_02"    "lycan: I'm not ready"
    "lycan_lycan_notyet_03"    "lycan: It's not time yet!"
    "lycan_lycan_notyet_04"    "lycan: Not yet!"
    "lycan_lycan_notyet_05"    "lycan: I'm not ready"
    "lycan_lycan_notyet_06"    "lycan: It's not time yet!"
    "lycan_lycan_notyet_07"    "lycan: Not yet!"
    "lycan_lycan_notyet_08"    "lycan: I'm not ready."
    "lycan_lycan_notyet_09"    "lycan: It's not time yet!"
    "lycan_lycan_nomana_01"    "lycan: Out of mana!"
    "lycan_lycan_nomana_02"    "lycan: No mana."
    "lycan_lycan_nomana_03"    "lycan: Not enough mana."
    "lycan_lycan_nomana_04"    "lycan: Out of mana!"
    "lycan_lycan_nomana_05"    "lycan: No mana."
    "lycan_lycan_nomana_06"    "lycan: Not enough mana."
    "lycan_lycan_nomana_07"    "lycan: Out of mana!"
    "lycan_lycan_nomana_08"    "lycan: No mana."
    "lycan_lycan_nomana_09"    "lycan: Not enough mana."
    "lycan_lycan_thanks_01"    "lycan: Many thanks to you."
    "lycan_lycan_thanks_02"    "lycan: Much grace to you."
    "lycan_lycan_rare_01"    "lycan: Sheep may talk peace with a wolf, but the wolf always answers the same.  No."
    "lycan_lycan_rare_02"    "lycan: Who  fears the wolf should fear the forest."
    "lycan_lycan_rare_03"    "lycan: A peaceful man is but a patient wolf."
    "lycan_lycan_underattack_01"    "lycan: I'm under attack!"
    "lycan_lycan_inthebag_01"    "lycan: I assure you that this one is in the bag."
    "lycan_lycan_shitwiz_01"    "lycan: Shitty wizard!"
    "lycan_lycan_crumwiz_01"    "lycan: Crummy wizard!"
    "lycan_lycan_pain_01"    "lycan: Ah!"
    "lycan_lycan_pain_02"    "lycan: Rawr!"
    "lycan_lycan_pain_03"    "lycan: Grr."
    "lycan_lycan_pain_04"    "lycan: Arp!"
    "lycan_lycan_pain_05"    "lycan: Arp!"
    "lycan_lycan_pain_06"    "lycan: Ah!"
    "lycan_lycan_pain_07"    "lycan: Ah!"
    "lycan_lycan_pain_08"    "lycan: Grah!"
    "lycan_lycan_pain_09"    "lycan: Ah!"
    "lycan_lycan_anger_01"    "lycan: Grrrrr."
    "lycan_lycan_anger_02"    "lycan: Hrrr."
    "lycan_lycan_anger_03"    "lycan: Grr."
    "lycan_lycan_anger_04"    "lycan: Grrr."
    "lycan_lycan_anger_05"    "lycan: Nyeh."
    "lycan_lycan_happy_01"    "lycan: Ah."
    "lycan_lycan_happy_02"    "lycan: Ah!"
    "lycan_lycan_happy_03"    "lycan: Ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_happy_04"    "lycan: Ah."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_01"    "lycan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_02"    "lycan: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_03"    "lycan: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_04"    "lycan: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_05"    "lycan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_06"    "lycan: He he he he he he he."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_07"    "lycan: He he he he he he he."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_08"    "lycan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…heh."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_09"    "lycan:  Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_10"    "lycan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_11"    "lycan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_12"    "lycan: Mm ha ha ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_13"    "lycan: Eh he he he he he he he."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_14"    "lycan: Ah ha ha ha  ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_15"    "lycan: Ah ha ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_16"    "lycan: Eh he he he he."
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_17"    "lycan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
    "lycan_lycan_laugh_18"    "lycan: Ah ha ha ha ha ha."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_01"    "lycan: Yes!"
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_02"    "lycan: Grraf."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_03"    "lycan: Rorf."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_04"    "lycan: The wolf runs."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_05"    "lycan: So you say."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_06"    "lycan: Hunting."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_07"    "lycan: Hunting."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_08"    "lycan: As it please you."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_09"    "lycan: Onwards."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_10"    "lycan: Of course."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_11"    "lycan: I lope to battle."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_12"    "lycan: Fealty to none."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_13"    "lycan: On the trail."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_14"    "lycan: Called to battle."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_15"    "lycan: Indeed."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_16"    "lycan: As must be."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_17"    "lycan: My instincts are keen."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_move_18"    "lycan: Beware the wolf."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_attack_01"    "lycan: Attack!"
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_attack_02"    "lycan: The wolf is at your door."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_attack_03"    "lycan: Tooth and nail."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_attack_04"    "lycan: Ripped your throat."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_attack_05"    "lycan: Wolves need no armor."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_attack_06"    "lycan: For the honor of my house."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_attack_07"    "lycan: In my father's name."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_attack_08"    "lycan: I ribbon your flesh."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_attack_09"    "lycan: Rent asunder!"
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_attack_10"    "lycan: Shredded."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_cast_01"    "lycan: Careful now, I bite."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_cast_02"    "lycan: I've taken a Lycan to you."
    "lycan_lycan_wolf_cast_03"    "lycan: On your trail."


Dota 2 In Game Store Update

The store continues to receive updates, these week we’ve just a couple of tweaks the backpack style and loadout page.


Updated the style of the backpack again.


The Loadout also continues to receive small updates/tweaks.

Materials Update

Once again we’ve material and icon updates for a number of unreleased heroes this week.

Chaos Knight’s Materials

Now has some very WIP textures for himself and his horse.

Lone Druid’s Materials

No new texture work but we’ve some of his ability icons.

Lycanthrope’s Materials

Lycanthrope’s wolf has had some more texture work done.

Meepo’s Materials

Progress continues to be made on Meepo’s textures and has comedy ability icons now.

Ogre Magi’s Materials

An updated texture, temporary portrait and WIP ability icons for Ogre Magi.


Sithil’s Materials

Sithil from the Dota 2 comics has started to receive some material work, at a guess he will be used at one of the side shops.

Particles Update

Progress continues on the particles of some of the unreleased heroes.

Lone Druid’s Particles

Luna’s Particles

Lycanthrope’s Particles

Treant Protector’s Particles

Predictions For The Next Hero

This week I’m going with Lycanthrope, he now has his subtitles, response rules, phonemes and his particles were updated again.

After that I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Lone Druid pretty soon as well.

See you next week. 

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    • ReziuS

      Yeah man Sithil and Quirt are totally Ogre Magi.
      That little note about how they “impersonated a hero” at the bottom of the very image you posted is obviously absolutely meaningless.

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      More like the hairdos of the Ogre Magi are inspired by Sithil and Quirt.

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