Dota 2 16th Feb Patch – Content Analysis

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Mother of god, where do I start. This week’s patch is bloody massive, Zoid was not joking when he said I would have a lot of work to do.

Anyhow, my prediction streak is still on track, Obsidian Outworld Destroyer has arrived to take care of the AM pickers. 

Front End Changes

We’ve one updated portrait this week, Windrunner’s, she now opens her mouth slightly and has some updated shadowing (looks a lot better in motion).

The shop now has a “grid” mode:

A bunch of heroes have received “injured” animations:

  • Anti-Mage
  • Axe
  • Beastmaster
  • Broodmother
  • Clinkz
  • Death Prophet
  • Doom Bringer
  • Enigma
  • Lina
  • Sand King
  • Shadow Shaman
  • Skeleton King
  • Venomancer

Broodmother’s injured animation (kill it with fire):

Valve have also started working on an extra set on animations referred to as “run_angry” or “run_chase”. At a guess these animations will kick in when chasing a fleeing hero.

The following heroes received chase animations this patch:

  • Anti-Mage (run_angry)
  • Axe (run_chase)
  • Beastmaster (run_chase)
  • Broodmother (run_chase and run_chase_web)
  • Death Prophet (run_chase)
  • Doom Bringer (run_chase)
  • Enigma (run_chase)
  • Sand King (run_chase)
  • Shadow Shaman (run_chase)
  • Skeleton King (run_chase)
  • Venomancer (run_chase)

Broodmother’s “run_chase” animation:

Pudge gets a new animation for when he gets a kill:

Tiny 01 has two new tree animations, a tree growl animation and a new tree toss animation:

Pugna has two new portrait animations:

Omniknight has some new animations, specifically the way he holds the hammer (two hands instead of one):

Warlock has a new alternative attack animation (his textures are bugged in HLMV):

Common ward spots will now have a texture showing where they are ingame:

Back End Changes

A ton of back end changes this week. I’ll start off with the new strings.

Confirmation of some upcoming/future heroes:

    "npc_dota_hero_brewmaster"      "Brewmaster"
    "npc_dota_hero_shadow_demon"    "Shadow Demon"
    "npc_dota_hero_lone_druid"      "Lone Druid"
    "npc_dota_hero_chaos_knight"    "Chaos Knight"

Phantom Lancer’s, Brewmaster’s, Shadow Demon’s and Chaos Knight’s strings:

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_spirit_lance"                "Spirit Lance"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_spirit_lance_Description"          "Casts a magical spirit lance on a target enemy unit that damages and slows, while a Phantom is summoned to attack the unit."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_spirit_lance_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_spirit_lance_duration"            "SLOW DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_spirit_lance_movement_speed_pct"      "%MOVEMENT SLOW:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_spirit_lance_illusion_duration"      "ILLUSION DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_spirit_lance_illusion_damage_in_pct"    "%ILLUSION DAMAGE TAKEN:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_spirit_lance_tooltip_illusion_damage"    "%ILLUSION DAMAGE DEALT:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_doppelwalk"                "Doppelwalk"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_doppelwalk_Description"          "Renders Phantom Lancer invisible, while generating a duplicate image to confuse enemies."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_doppelwalk_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_doppelwalk_duration"            "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_doppelwalk_movement_speed_pct"        "%BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_doppelwalk_illusion_duration"        "ILLUSION DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_doppelwalk_illusion_damage_in_pct"      "%ILLUSION DAMAGE TAKEN:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_doppelwalk_tooltip_illusion_damage"    "%ILLUSION DAMAGE DEALT:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_juxtapose"                  "Juxtapose"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_juxtapose_Description"            "Phantom Lancer's attacks have a chance to create illusions to confuse enemies."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_juxtapose_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_juxtapose_proc_chance_pct"          "%CHANCE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_juxtapose_max_illusions"          "MAX ILLUSIONS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_juxtapose_illusion_duration"        "ILLUSION DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_juxtapose_illusion_damage_in_pct"      "%ILLUSION DAMAGE TAKEN:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_juxtapose_tooltip_illusion_damage"      "%ILLUSION DAMAGE DEALT:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_phantom_edge"                "Phantom Edge"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_phantom_edge_Description"          "Phantom Lancer hones his abilities.  Juxtapose receives an increased chance, higher max illusions, and the Juxtapose illusions can now create their own illusions.  Phantom Edge also increases Phantom Lancer's magic resistance."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_phantom_edge_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_phantom_edge_magic_resistance_pct"      "%MAGIC RESISTANCE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_phantom_edge_illusion_dupicate_chance"      "JUXTAPOSE CHANCE BONUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_phantom_lancer_phantom_edge_juxtapose_bonus"        "JUXTAPOSE MAX BONUS:"

    "npc_dota_hero_phantom_lancer_bio"                        ""
    "npc_dota_hero_phantom_lancer_hype"                        "Ability 1!nnAbility 2!nnFurther abilities!"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_thunder_clap"                "Thunder Clap"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_thunder_clap_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_thunder_clap_Description"          "Slams the ground, dealing damage and slowing the movement speed and attack rate of nearby enemy land units."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_thunder_clap_radius"            "RADIUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_thunder_clap_duration"            "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_thunder_clap_damage"            "DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_thunder_clap_movement_slow"        "%MOVEMENT SLOW:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_haze"                "Drunken Haze"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_haze_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_haze_Description"          "Drenches an enemy unit in alcohol, causing his movement speed to be reduced, and causing his attacks to have a chance to miss."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_haze_duration"            "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_haze_movement_slow"        "%MOVEMENT SLOW:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_haze_miss_chance"          "%MISS CHANCE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_brawler"              "Drunken Brawler"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_brawler_Lore"            ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_brawler_Description"        "Gives a chance to avoid attacks and to deal critical damage."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_brawler_dodge_chance"        "%DODGE CHANCE"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_brawler_crit_chance"        "%CRIT CHANCE"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_drunken_brawler_crit_multiplier"      "CRIT_MULTIPLIER:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_primal_split"                "Primal Split"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_primal_split_Lore"              ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_primal_split_Description"          "Splits the Pandaren Brewmaster into elements, forming 3 specialized warriors, adept at survival. If any of them survive until the end of their summoned timer, the Brewmaster is reborn.nnSCEPTER UPGRADABLE: Decreases cooldown and increases power of warriors."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_resistant_skin"              "Resistant Skin"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_resistant_skin_Lore"            ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_resistant_skin_Description"        "Protects against damaging damage."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_hurl_boulder"            "Hurl Boulder"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_hurl_boulder_Lore"          ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_hurl_boulder_Description"      "Throws a boulder at a unit, doing damage and stunning it."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_hurl_boulder_damage"          "DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_hurl_boulder_duration"        "STUN DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_spell_immunity"            "Spell Immunity"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_spell_immunity_Lore"          ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_spell_immunity_Description"      "Immune to spells."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_pulverize"              "Pulverize"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_pulverize_Lore"            ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_pulverize_Description"        "Provides a chance to do a small AoE damage proc."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_pulverize_damage_inner"        "DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_pulverize_radius_inner"        "RADIUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_earth_pulverize_chance"          "%PROC CHANCE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_dispel_magic"            "Dispel Magic"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_dispel_magic_Lore"          ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_dispel_magic_Description"      "Damages summoned units in a small radius."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_dispel_magic_damage"          "DAMAGE TO SUMMONS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_dispel_magic_radius"          "RADIUS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_cyclone"                "Cyclone"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_cyclone_Lore"            ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_cyclone_Description"          "Encloses a unit in a tornado, removing it from the battlefield."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_cyclone_duration_hero"        "HERO DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_cyclone_duration_unit"        "NON-HERO DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_wind_walk"              "Wind Walk"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_wind_walk_Lore"            ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_wind_walk_Description"        "Provides temporary invisibility.  Bonus movement speed and attack damage when invisible."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_wind_walk_bonus_damage"        "BONUS DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_wind_walk_bonus_movement_speeed"    "BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_storm_wind_walk_duration"          "DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_fire_permanent_immolation"          "Permanent Immolation"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_fire_permanent_immolation_Lore"      ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_fire_permanent_immolation_Description"    "Burns nearby enemy units."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_fire_permanent_immolation_damage"      "DPS:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_brewmaster_fire_permanent_immolation_radius"      "RADIUS:"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_disruption"              "Disruption"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_disruption_Description"        "Sends the target away for 2.5 seconds. On returning two copies or it are made under your control."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_disruption_illusion_duration"    "ILLUSION DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_disruption_illusion_outgoing_damage"  "%ILLUSION DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_soul_catcher"          "Soul Catcher"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_soul_catcher_Description"    "Curses a random enemy in the radius to take greatly increased damage. Can hit a disrupted enemy."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_soul_catcher_bonus_damage_taken"  "%BONUS DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_soul_catcher_radius"        "RADIUS:"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_shadow_poison"          "Shadow Poison"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_shadow_poison_Description"    "Deals damage on hit and again when the effect ends. Deals 1/2/4/8 times the stack damage based on the number of stacks on the target. Additional stacks cause 50 damage each."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_shadow_poison_stack_damage"    "Stack Damage:"

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_shadow_poison_release"        "Shadow Poison Release"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_shadow_poison_release_Description"  "Releases the poison to do damage on all effected enemies. Can damage a disrupted unit."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_demonic_purge"        "Demonic Purge"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_shadow_demon_demonic_purge_Description"  "Slows the target and removes positive buffs - Damage is dealt at the end and can hit disrupted units. Slow improves with each level."

    "npc_dota_hero_shadow_demon_bio"                    ""
    "npc_dota_hero_shadow_demon_hype"                    ""

    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_bolt"          "Chaos Bolt"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_bolt_Description"    "Throws a mysterious bolt of energy at the target unit. It stuns for a random duration and deals random damage."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_bolt_Lore"        ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_bolt_stun_min"      "MINIMUM STUN:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_bolt_stun_man"      "MAXIMUM STUN:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_bolt_damage_min"    "MINIMUM DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_bolt_damage_max"    "MAXIMUM DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_reality_rift"        "Reality Rift"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_reality_rift_Description"  "Teleports you, any images you have and the target unit to a random point along the line between the two of you. Gives you bonus attack damage for one attack."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_reality_rift_Lore"      ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_reality_rift_bonus_damage"  "BONUS DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_reality_rift_bonus_duration"  "BONUS DURATION:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_reality_rift_cast_range"    "RANGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_strike"        "Chaos Strike"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_strike_Description"  "Nessaj's mojo gives him a chance to deal bonus damage."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_strike_Lore"      ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_strike_crit_chance"  "%CRITICAL CHANCE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_chaos_strike_crit_damage"  "%CRITICAL DAMAGE:"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_phantasm"          "Phantasm"
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_phantasm_Description"    "Summons several copies of the Chaos Knight from alternate dimensions. The illusions deal full damage, but take double damage."
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_phantasm_Lore"        ""
    "DOTA_Tooltip_ability_chaos_knight_phantasm_images_count"    "NUMBER OF ILLUSIONS:"
    "npc_dota_hero_chaos_knight_bio"                    ""
    "npc_dota_hero_chaos_knight_hype"                    ""

Armlet has been renamed:

    "DOTA_Tooltip_Ability_item_armlet"        "Armlet of Mordiggian"

New server regions: “Stockholm”, “Amsterdam”:

    "dota_region_stockholm"      "Stockholm"
    "dota_region_amsterdam"      "Amsterdam"

Updates to the hero selection filter, with “Recommended Starter Heroes” and “Team’s Suggestions” which at a guess is either heroes the team has recommended or an automatic recommendation based on your team comp:

    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Filter_Starter"    "RECOMMENDED STARTER HEROES"    
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Filter_All"      "ALL HEROES"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Filter_Suggestions"  "TEAM'S SUGGESTIONS"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Checkbox_Carry"    "CARRY"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Checkbox_Initiator"  "INITIATOR"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Checkbox_Ganker"    "GANKER"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Checkbox_Support"    "SUPPORT"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Checkbox_Pusher"    "PUSHER"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Checkbox_Attack_Melee"    "MELEE"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Checkbox_Attack_Ranged"  "RANGED"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Checkbox_MyHero_Favorites"  "FAVORITES"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Checkbox_MyHero_BestAs"  "BEST"
    "DOTA_Hero_Selection_Checkbox_MyHero_Recent"  "RECENT"

Updates to the infraction system, reminding you to report abusive players and informing you if someone you reported was punished.

    "infraction_type_label"                  "Select a category"
    "infraction_comment_label"                "More information:"

    "DOTA_ReportReminder"                  "Don't forget to report players for bad conduct, or commend them for being fun to play with. You can do this by clicking on their name in the scoreboard at any time."
    "notify_successful_report_title"            "THANKS!"
    "notify_successful_report"            "We’ve recently taken action against one or more players you’ve previously reported for bad conduct. Thanks for your help in making the Dota 2 community a friendlier place."

    "matchmaking_low_priority_local"              "You are in the low priority matchmaking pool for %s1 due to abandoned games or player reports"
    "matchmaking_low_priority_party"              "%s1 will only allow low priority matchmaking for %s2 due to abandoned games or player repots"

More game modes and their descriptions:

    "dota_game_mode_0"                        "ALL PICK"
    "dota_game_mode_1"                        "SINGLE DRAFT"
    "dota_game_mode_2"                        "ALL RANDOM"
    "dota_game_mode_3"                        "RANDOM DRAFT"
    "dota_game_mode_4"                        "CAPTAINS DRAFT"
    "dota_game_mode_5"                        "CAPTAINS MODE"
    "dota_game_mode_6"                        "DEATH MODE"
    "dota_game_mode_7"                        "EASY MODE"

    "dota_game_mode_0_desc"                      "Everyone may pick from all available heroes."
    "dota_game_mode_1_desc"                      "Three different random heroes are offered to each player."
    "dota_game_mode_2_desc"                      "Every player gets a random hero."
    "dota_game_mode_3_desc"                      "Choose from 22 random heroes."
    "dota_game_mode_4_desc"                      "Captains alternate 1/1/1/1 ban picks. It then goes into a 1/2/2/2/2/1 hero draft."
    "dota_game_mode_5_desc"                      "Each captain removes up to 4 heroes. After that you enter the 1/2/2/ pick phase."
    "dota_game_mode_6_desc"                      "If you die, you will have to pick a new hero once you can respawn."
    "dota_game_mode_7_desc"                      "Towers are weaker, experience is gained faster, and you get more periodic gold."

More status strings for the friend’s list/profile, with references to a “Looking To Trade” state:

    "DOTA_RP_WATCHING_REPLAY"      "Watching A Replay"
    "DOTA_RP_FINDING_MATCH"        "Finding A Match"
    "DOTA_RP_ONLINE"          "Online"
    "DOTA_RP_BUSY"            "Busy"
    "DOTA_RP_AWAY"            "Away"
    "DOTA_RP_SNOOZE"          "Snooze"
    "DOTA_RP_LOOKING_TO_TRADE"      "Looking To Trade"
    "DOTA_RP_LOOKING_TO_PLAY"      "Looking To Play"

The “items_game.txt” has also been updated and now has a list of item “rarities”:



      "value"    "1"
      "loc_key"    "Rarity_Common"
      "color"    "desc_common"
      "next_rarity"    "uncommon"

      "value"    "2"
      "loc_key"    "Rarity_Uncommon"
      "color"    "desc_uncommon"
      "next_rarity"    "rare"
      "value"    "3"
      "loc_key"    "Rarity_Rare"
      "color"    "desc_rare"
      "next_rarity"    "mythical"
      "value"    "4"
      "loc_key"    "Rarity_Mythical"
      "color"    "desc_mythical"
      "next_rarity"    "legendary"
      "value"    "5"
      "loc_key"    "Rarity_Legendary"
      "color"    "desc_legendary"
      "value"    "6"
      "loc_key"    "Rarity_Ancient"
      "color"    "desc_ancient"
      "next_rarity"    "immortal"

      "value"    "7"
      "loc_key"    "Rarity_Immortal"
      "color"    "desc_immortal"

There are also references to a “Free Trial Premium Upgrade”, once again pointing to a similar system TF2 uses?

      "name"    "Free Trial Premium Upgrade"
      "prefab"    "dota_player_item"
      "item_class"    "upgrade"
      "item_type_name"    "#DOTA_Item"
      "item_name"    "#DOTA_Trial_UpgradeItem"
      "show_in_armory"    "0"

As well as string updates, there have been a ton of changes in the rest of the files, most noticeable is the inclusion of Steam Workshop Scaleform UI/GFX files:


And if we dig into the files and open the background of the Scaleform file you’ll find:

The inclusion of the Steam Workshop is a pretty big deal, it’s pretty confirms that DotA 2 will have some kind of cosmetic/item system which will most likely be made up of community submissions very similar to how TF2’s current model works.

The alternative hero selection screen has also been updated, the heroes are not displayed in a card like format, as well as making use of the updated filtering and recommendation systems:

We also got a look at the temporary Phantom Assassin model from the selection portraits used by the alternative hero selection screen:

Moving on to the custom couriers, the Badger now has his flying model.

Juggernaut’s Dog returns, this time with wings:

This patch also contains three sound files for OD which allows him to call the missing lanes.

At a guess these are either for the bots or Valve are planning on adding an MIA buttons/key binds.


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.


Your browser does not support the audio element.

Materials Update

Looking at the textures/materials we can see a whole bunch of new content.


It looks like Valve want to redo Bane and give him a new look. I’m liking the new style.


Already has some temp comedy spell icons:




His textures look very work in progress/first pass.

Lone Druid

Some more comedy icons:


His textures are looking pretty good, I expected him to be further down the line but it’s looking like we might see him soon.


Comedy icons:

Looks very work in progress still.


A small update to one of his files.

Ogre Magi

This is the first reference to Ogre Magi being worked on in DotA 2. Very work in progress.

Phantom Lancer

Comedy icons:

A little progress has been made on him, looks pretty good.

Shadow Demon

Not comedy icons but they still look like WIP:

Bunch of material files for shadow demon, his textures/mapping look pretty complex so we can’t really tell how far this progress is.

His tail however looks like it came straight out of Saints Row 3.

Particles Update

The following heroes received updates to their particle files:

  • Bane
  • Batrider
  • Death Prophet
  • Dragon Knight
  • Invoker
  • Juggernaut
  • Leshrac
  • Life Stealer
  • Lina
  • Lone Druid
  • Luna
  • Lycan
  • Necrolyte
  • Outworld Destroyer
  • Phantom Lancer
  • Pugna
  • Sandking
  • Shadow Demon
  • Skeleton King

Below you can find some screenshot’s of the unreleased heroes particles:


Lone Druid



Phantom Lancer

Crashes the particle viewer tool.

Shadow Demon

Predictions For The Next Hero

Realistically we could be looking at a double assassin pack, or one of the more complete/newer heroes like Lone Druid or Shadow Demon.

But to stay fresh I’m going to go for a bit of a long shot and say Bane. or Lycanthrope.

Or maybe they’ll surprise us and give us a nice batch of heroes with the new test client.

See you next week. 

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    In fact, Pugna has a new talking portrait too. Just look at him in-game.

    Also, AA has a talking animation now.

  • 1337_n00b

    In fact, Pugna has a new talking portrait too. Just look at him in-game.

    Also, AA has a talking animation now.

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  • 1337_n00b

    And, by the way, Omni’s recieved an entire new set of animations. He moves, stands and attacks differently. Would be nice of you to mention it.

  • Matt White

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  • Guest

    Pugna’s portriat also got updated. Also, new sounds and Omniknight animations. 

    • Cyborgmatt

      It’s not Pugna’s actual portrait, technically it’s an animation, his ingame portrait has three different animations now.

  • Guest

     Sven got new hit sounds and animations.

  • 1337_n00b

    What the hell is up with the Warlock in your image? This is not his texture.
    By the way, there is also a new icon for the flying courier. And you should probably note how some heroes now use their Rare lines when they’re selected in Learn or just manually during the game.

    And, yeah, IMO the new Omniknight is worth mentioning.
    Jugger and Sven also got new sounds.

    • Cyborgmatt

      HLMV bug, doesn’t apply the shaders correctly on some heroes.

  • Adam Perry

    i think pugna got a new texture for netherblast, it sort of looks like his netherward but bigger.

    • Cyborgmatt

      Pugna’s particle files were updated so you might be right.

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    The “Looking to Trade” and “Looking to Play” are just showing up for the people that aren’t playing Dota, but are online. It shows their current state that they’ve put in Steam itself. (You can access “Looking to Play” and “Looking to Trade” in Steam by some special ways)

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  • Horyshet

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    Make it a bit more… elegent and a lunar theme.

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