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Dota 2 26th Jan Patch – Content Analysis & Unreleased Heroes Update

January 28th, 2012

The guessing streak is back on track, Clinkz has arrived

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Dota 2 – Particle Editor

January 25th, 2012
      1. Screenshots

Using Alien Swarm and the built in tools it shipped with it’s possible to load the DotA 2 particle files into the Source engine particle editor. You can find a tutorial on how to load DotA 2’s PCFs into the Alien Swarm tools at the bottom of this post.


I have attached some screenshots below to show off the particle editor and some of the unreleased heroes` particles (click to enlarge).


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Dota 2 – Killcams

January 21st, 2012

The scaleform files for the “killcam” appeared in last week’s 6.73 patch and were updated in the 19/01 patch, they can now be enabled ingame using the commands:

dota_killcam_show 1
dota_sf_hud_killcam 1

As you can see from the screenshots they’re more along the lines of an kill info box than “cam”, the abilities can be hovered over to read their description and any damage taken from other sources (ie towers) will also show up.

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Dota 2 19th Jan Patch – Content Analysis

January 20th, 2012

Valve decided this was the week to end my guessing streak but as an apology they gave us Invoker.

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Dota 2 6.73 Patch – Content Analysis

January 17th, 2012

The DotA 2 6.73 patch is by far the biggest update Valve has provided so far and as always there are plenty of goodies hidden away within the updated files. Below you can find my analysis/findings from DotA 2’s most recent patch, enjoy. (PS: Click to enlarge the images)

Front End Changes

With the addition of two new heroes (Silencer and Spirit Breaker) we’ve also received portrait and model updates for a number of the existing heroes (Slardar, Huskar, Drow and Earthshaker) the latter two only receiving minor changes.

Slardar with the full head remake, Huskar with a rework to his face, Drow with a rework to her jaw, and Earthshaker with his positioning, totem and beard.

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